By: Bradley Loves


All of the “truth” of what I write is out there and can easily be found and verified!



No one wants to look at it!

Human beings – having been tormented and tortured for years by the Elites (and other dimensional beings) have taken on a strategy of simply “not speaking” about the obvious…, in the hope that “they” will not be targeted and their own lives can be spared.

Anna von Reitz is one of the several writers (that one can count on a few hands) that is writing and telling us all the TRUTH about the deeply corrupted “systems” of our Planet.

Systems that for all practical purposes have gone SATANIC!


Right down to the Vatican, the Courts, Judges, Governments, etc, etc…, what she is saying in her writings is true!



Look, if you come here to read…, all I ask is that you put your “big boy” and “big girl” pants on!  Don’t be a baby!

Don’t come here…, having NEVER done any real research!

(and by that I mean several hours a day…, for several years)


Notice:  Research is NOT just reading my blog, someone else’s blog, or a New Age website.


Research is actual “boots on the ground”, getting out there and talking to people who WERE THERE and did that…, saw that…, experienced that…, and thus…,  KNOW THAT!

Research is NOT talking to some out of body entity, a Channeled message, or reading a book about channeled messages!



When I write my posts and articles they are based on…,

  • Videos that I’ve watched where REAL PEOPLE talk about their REAL EXPERIENCES.
  • Books written by real people who have talked about their REAL EXPERIENCES in print.
  • People that I myself have talked to, and have interviewed at length…, who have told me about their real lives and real experiences!

Ask Shane Bales how many hours and hours (and hours) we talked over Skype…, before I wrote a single word about what he had told me.

I put MOST OF THE WEIGHT of this blog – LOVE TRUTH…, on the people that I have talked to personally (face to face)!

And…, since I am a hairs breath from 60 years old…, that is a whole lot of people!

Having been in construction for many, many years…, I have done work for many Police, CIA, FBI, and “other” agents.

Some of them took a liking to me and told me many things they would not have told the average guy!


Because unlike what “Charles” thinks…, I am one of the nicest guys on the planet!

There is only one thing that HE (Charles) does not like about my blog since yesterday!

THE TRUTH I WAS WLLING TO TELL…, which apparently has affected his own “sub-group”!!

My guess…, since he claims not to be a troll…, so let’s temporarily give him that…, is that he is GAY!

And he took GREAT OFFENSE that I called attention to many things that he has probably heard about and experienced over the years…, BUT…, are things that make his “group” look very bad…, and so it’s all kept SECRET!

So instead of taking a good hard look in the mirror…, he lashes out and attacks immediately…, turning over the table and throwing chairs verbally!


Oh.., and by the way Charles…, I’ve hung out with enough GAY MEN over many, many years to know that when scorned or talked about in a negative way, they will PHYSICALLY AND VERBALLY ATTACK very much in the way that a female does…, (sorry women, but it’s true)…, in that they will start throwing pots, pans, and death threats and anything else that is NOT NAILED DOWN!

(It’s all about the emotions)

Men (straight men) do not act like this!

I’ve personally seen certain gay men go “FULL ON DANCING QUEEN” on another man when they think they have been “dissed” by that man…., and most normal guys just want to get out of the way when that kind of thing starts!

But Charles…, since I’ve been around it so very much…, I know what it is…, and it does not phase me!

So…, I’ve (already) been hammered by the “gayest” of the gay for saying something “politically incorrect”…, however TRUTHFUL it was at the time.

So get OVER yourself!

Your verbal tirade in the comment section…, was NOTHING that I have not seen, nor heard before (in person)…, from someone who was gay and took great offense at something TRUTHFUL that I had said.



One of my very best “gay friends” was forced to be a child prostitute when he was growing up!  His story is so terribly sad, I cried when I heard it!

Growing up in Texas, in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, this man (as a boy) was forced by his own Uncle to have sex with countless other men and boys in fancy hotels while the UNCLE took and kept the money.

He was only 11 years old when it started!

If he did not do it…, he was beaten.

He did not have a father, and his mother was divorced and married so many times, most people would not believe it.

He was an only child…, and left to his Uncle to raise…, and this is what his Uncle did to him!

The worst part of it (he told me) was having to go back to school after an entire weekend of nothing but sex with adult men, because many of the richest businessmen from all over Texas would sometimes bring their own sons with them and once in a great while he was forced to have sex with someone he went to school with, another boy who had no clue until that very moment what he did on the weekends.

He ran away from home at 15 years old…, only to be taken in by a Baptist Preacher…, who…, was ALSO GAY…, and gave him much needed shelter in exchange for…, you guess it…, SEX!

On another subject…, I don’t know how many Catholic Priests I’ve met over the years who are GAY…, and take advantage of their young parishioners in ways that are less than honorable.

So don’t EVEN think about coming here and telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about!

Charles…, one of the “best” informants of the GAY population was a MORMON BISHOP…, (another good friend of mine) who told me that behind the scenes (in secret) countless HIGHER UPS in the MORMON CHURCH loved to have sex with children.

Have you ever heard of FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints)?

Have you ever heard of WARREN JEFFS, who is now serving a term in State Prison for what he did.

Check into what these “good men” were doing!


READ THIS LOS ANGELES TIMES ARTICE ABOUT THE “LOST BOYS”   (Which is connected to Warren Jeffs Group)


After fleeing polygamist sect, boys face a new world

“I didn’t even know what the president was,” Zach Bowers says of his time on the fundamentalist compound. “I knew there was somebody over the United States, but I didn’t know they called it the president.” (Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times)

For two brothers, young refugees from a breakaway polygamist sect of the Mormon Church, new freedoms pose challenges.

By John M. Glionna


A Word to the wise CHARLES…, don’t EVER challenge me on what I know…, because if you want some REAL information about the world we all live in…, I WILL (POLITELY) BURY YOU IN IT!

If I wasn’t actually a far nicer guy than you are Charles…, I would post a dozen articles every single day for the next month on just how horribly young children are being treated by “adult men”…, many of whom are GAY, and many others who claim to be RELIGIOUS, and many others who are just plain EVIL.

Does it BOTHER YOU to hear the TRUTH for the first time in your life…?

If not…, then by all means…, KEEP COMING HERE…, because THAT is what you are going to get!


Oh and read this article…

Hollywood producer Gary Goddard accused of sexual misconduct by 8 former child actors

Eight former child actors told the Los Angeles Times that they were molested by director Gary Goddard when they were boys.

A successful former theater prodigy, Goddard returned through his 20s to direct and mentor child actors in his hometown, vowing to bring the most talented with him to Hollywood. (Dec. 20, 2017)


To the young male actors in his retinue in Santa Barbara in the 1970s, Gary Goddard was an exalted figure.

A successful former theater prodigy, Goddard returned through his 20s to direct and mentor child actors in his hometown, vowing to bring the most talented with him to Hollywood.

He attracted a constant orbit of devoted boys others referred to as the “Goddardites.”


But the seemingly idyllic setting of privilege and promise had a dark edge for several members of the theater group.

Four decades later, many of them say they have been haunted by their encounters with Goddard.



Now…, after reading above…, you’d think…, oh…, well it was only 8 kids…, but READ BETWEEN THE LINES…, this guy surrounded himself with boys all his life!

Eight boys came forward…, but it was probably hundreds who were sexually molested by this ONE GUY!

I happen to know for a FACT Charles…, that many of the young “Boy Models”…, who model important clothing lines for huge corporations are “taken off to places like NEW YORK” or “Washington DC” (without parents) so they can be do “naked photo shoots”…, without the prying eyes of their parents being anywhere nearby.

These are boys as young as 10, 11, and 12 years old!

The photos…, the pictures, the images of these boys are EVERYWHERE.

Have you ever heard of the “internet” Charles?

Have you heard of the “DARK WEB” ??

Do some damn research…, and you’ll SEE what is “out there”…, and it is far worse than you can possibly ever imagine!

As I’ve said…, what I write about on my blog is TAME…, compared to what is really out there and what is really going on!


I was told (by people in the know) that the MODELING INDUSTRY is very closely connected to the CHILD PORN industry…, and that many of the GROWN MEN (and women) who are out there scouting for “young modeling talent” (especially kids who are willing to model underwear) are really out looking for cute kids who they can hopefully convince (at some point after signing them up) to do child porn!

A man closely connected to Hollywood told me this!

GROW UP for crying out loud!

I have not even “touched” on the deep dark horrors of what you can find on the DARK WEB if you go looking!






Why do you “pretend” ??

You slink around…, watching my blog…, ad a nice comment once in a while…, but when the chips were down…, you could not help but show your TRUE COLORS!

You outed yourself!

U will come back to this level again. And the goid thing is there is no way you can be any bigger of an asshole.


Did you know that these are the EXACT same words that the mysterious HIDDEN HAND said to me, when I was able to ask him a few questions and confront him?

He said any human who “judges” anyone…, even by “judging” those who commit MURDER, the ones who judge are the “bad people”…, and not the murderer!

And certainly not the ILLUMINATI…, of which he was a part.

So, Charles…, ARE YOU ILLUMINATI as well?

You seem to be preaching “their religion”…

Let me ask you this…, because you went sooo crazy after I talked about my years of interacting with gay people… (Many of whom were my good friends)!

I was simply being HONEST!    Did you think that the deepest secrets and the hidden thoughts of such a huge swath of America was just going to remain hidden forever??

Have you ever even had any “gay friends” or “are you gay yourself”?

I’m just wondering…, because you certainly have not got a dang clue what is going on behind the scenes in that world.

I KNOW…, what I KNOW…, because I was there!   I did not “shun” people for who and what they were…, I made FRIENDS with them!   Then, after a significant period of time, they confided in me.

But I never “promised” to keep it all a SECRET!

I don’t know how many gay people over the years told me they’d rather eat rocks for lunch than be saddled down with children!

Why is THAT so hard to believe??

It’s TRUE that many (if not most) feel that way!

And you think because I put that in “print”…, now I’m a HATER?

Once again…, the pot calls the kettle black!


I don’t know how many gays over the years told me (in confidence) that their “dream date” is a 15 year old boy!

Now…, last time I checked…, fifteen year old’s are UNDER AGE!

Tell me Charles…, just which part of my post…, pissed you off so much that you think NONE of it is true?

Now…, the ONLY thing I did not do is “hang out” with Witches, Warlocks, and Magicians.


Because my dear Charles, I know what that means and where it leads!

The question on my mind…, is DO YOU?

Do you know what is going to happen to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?

If not here…, then most certainly in the After-Life??

Did you even READ the post that I copied from the Vigilant Citizen about the “Sabrina” Witchcraft Series??

Are you BLIND?

Let’s get back to HIDDEN HAND!

That guy was so ARROGANT…, that after having a ten minute exchange with the guy…, I felt I had to take a shower!

He was perfectly smug in his “knowledge” of just how the entire Universe worked…, and he mentioned that although he did not really WANT to have a conversation with us “lowers” at first…, he was forced to do it by his own superiors.

Imagine feeling THAT SUPERIOR!

He acted as if those of us who were watching his “revealings” at the time he was giving them…, were unruly brats who could not put two and two together.

YOU CHARLES…, just acted in the exact same way!


Inquiring minds want to know….

I’ve got lots of gay friends still…, and…, NONE of them would think of doing anything to harm a child.  But…, countless others I’ve met would!

Do you even get out much??  Have you seen what happens in the big city clubs??

Did you even know that in Las Vegas…, there are countless places (well hidden) where you can find children as young as 9 and 10 years old stripping naked for money in some dingy basement club where only adults are watching them?

WHO my dear Charles do you think these people are?

If there are 50…, 100…, or 150 people hanging out in some sub-basement strip club in Las Vegas where little kids strip down nude on a stage while others watch…, who do you think is paying to see this??

You don’t think gay people will go down to these basement clubs just to see younger boys strip down?  You don’t think Lesbians won’t go down to these clubs to see little girls strip??

Oh…, wait…, you don’t think such places even exist!

Yet…, you presume to LASH out a me…, because I happen to know that they do!

These places are “very” real!

It’s called CHILD TRAFFICKING Charles!  And it’s everywhere…..

Have you even been reading Q-Anon???

What I said in my post (that one you puked all over in your comment)…, was TAME…, compared to what really happens out there!

Where have you been all of your life?

I have not even begun to talk about the “dark magic” side of how children are being used.

Hollywood and the Music Industry are using innocent kids in such a way that would make most people in America want to BURN Los Angeles to the ground if they knew!

Hey Charles…, just WHO do you think is doing all of that stuff??

Straight people??

Two possibilities exist here Charles…

You are either working for the DARK SIDE…, and you came here to troll my blog!

Or..,. you are a gay man…, who has no clue as to what countless other GAYS and LESBIANS get up to…, and because of that, you took GREAT OFFENSE to what I said.., even though what I said is 100 percent truthful!

So…, which is it??

Since you attacked me so viciously…, I at least deserve an “honest” reply to this question.

Don’t even bother telling me you are “spiritual” or “religious” and that’s why you took offense…, because NO man that is spiritual or religious would have written your comment!





I would like to call attention to my readers that for the next few weeks, I am going to run a CHRISTMAS DONATION DRIVE.

Due to the extra-ordinary amount of time – many HOURS per day, that I spend on research and writing…, it is necessary to ask for help.

For those who are new here, I don’t have a “donation button” simply because I would have to UPGRADE and REGISTER this blog as a “vessel” operating in commerce in order to get that option.

They have tried many times to get me to REGISTER LOVE TRUTH with wordpress…, PAY A FEE…, and then I can have the expanded package of bells and whistles!

Since I have not actually REGISTERED “LOVE TRUTH”…, I can not get the “package” that allows me to place a donation button here.

I tried to do that, without the expanded package…, and it won’t work.

However…, because I have never REGISTERED “LOVE TRUTH”…, and I also have never surrendered my work to the QUEEN…, or to admiralty law…, which means they can’t do a damn thing about what I say here!

Have you noticed that there is now a “DROP DOWN” banner (designed specifically for this site) placed there by WORD PRESS that cover up the TITLE…,

LOVE TRUTH so that it gets hidden under the AD BANNER!

Don’t think for one second that was accidental!


They hate TRUTH…, and they HATE what I write here…, and so…, their back handed SLAP to me is to put a DROP DOWN AD BANNER RIGHT OVER THE “LOVE TRUTH” TITLE….

They are…, however…, FORBIDDEN from actually censoring me!

I have never REGISTERED THIS BLOG…, and have thus never surrendered ownership of it!


This…, they HATE as well…, because I am on to their game of “owner” – “ship”.


The SHIP IS OWNED by it’s creator…, UNLESS…, you REGISTER the ship…, which GIVES IT AWAY.

They have turned EVERYTHING into a SHIP…, yes…, even your own body!

Thus…, when your parents “registered” your name on your BIRTH CERTIFICATE with the bank…, they unfortunately and unsuspectingly handed over your body vessel …, to a NEW OWNER.

Thus…, those people now OWN the ship…, your body “vessel” …, which is why everything here on Earth is about OWNER-SHIP!

The SHIP of LOVE TRUTH (an actual vessel that I have created) has never been “registered”…, and thus I still very much OWN THIS SHIP!

Blogs that REQUIRE you to “REGISTER” your name just to join them are feeding the MATRIX…, not freeing you from it!

But more on that later.

For now…, any donations that I get will have to come from “asking”…, and not from the placement of a DONATION BUTTON!

I hope you will be willing to help and give generously over the next few weeks.

All my love….





Forgive me if I take the opportunity to answer your last comment on the main page (for the second time).  There is so much here…, it is worth unpacking!

I’ve thought about this myself as well!  

This is taking way too long…, and could it all be just a huge stall tactic or just another CON!

Yes, it does seem to be going around in circles!  So, any logical man or woman HAS to consider that this too…, the “Trump” thing could be a HUGE CON.

Yet…, if you are going to go down that road…, you ALSO have to ask yourself…, WHY THE RUSE ?

One can not POSE the question without honestly looking at ALL of the facets of what is happening here in the world!

If you even “ask” the question – you have to be prepared for ALL of the research and ALL of the potential answers!



IF YOUR “DOUBTS” are the “TRUTH” then WHY “pretend” at all?   

Why not have let Hillary Clinton do us all in? 

Why run for President in the first place??



Remember it was she and her staff who asked why they just could not do a DRONE STRIKE on Julian Assange and be done with him!

Long story short…, she hates “normal people”!

First, she really is a WITCH…, and is also a follower of the tenets of LUCIFER! 

Next she’s a Lesbian, and therefore can not really stand “men”…,  Just ask Bill Clinton about that!

Furthermore, everyone who has ever worked for her says she will explode in anger at the smallest things and eat you alive if you cross her!

Finally, as LESBIAN…, she loves having sex with both women and young girls…

So if TRUMP is there to continue with the status quo…, (continue the evil) then WHY the “fight” between he and Clinton?

Something is NOT RIGHT here.

Let’s go out on a side TANGENT HERE for a few moments to gain some clarity for the purposes of argument and discussion….

As an aside…, I’ve spent a good amount of time around lots of “gay people”…, and have made some of them my really good friends…, so I KNOW what I’m talking about.

When they think they can “trust you” and they think you are “sympathetic to their cause”…, you will find that GAY people do NOT LIKE people that are not gay.

The deepest and most UNSPOKEN truth (which you will never hear from gays or lesbians unless they really trust you) is that they wish the WHOLE WORLD was like them.

They think and feel (secretly) that people who are NOT GAY are just stupid, ignorant and EVIL! 


Now do you get why Hillary Clinton said that?   

It wasn’t her superior “intelligence” coming out from a political viewpoint that was saying that…, it was her LESBIAN SIDE…, that accidentally came to the front and stated something that ALL GAY PEOPLE THINK.

Before you argue with me on this…, hang out with and make some really deep friendships with GAY PEOPLE for a few decades…, and THEN come back and argue with me on this one because I KNOW what I am talking about.  This is 100 percent psychological and a deep part of the homo-sexual mind set!

Now, remember this as well…,

Barack Obama IS (not was) ALSO GAY!

So are people like:  

RACHEAL MADDOW, ANDERSON COOPER as well as “countless” people in the Main Stream Media – countless people in Hollywood – and in the Music Industry!

You know.., the “DEMOCRATIC POWER BASE”…..

Are you starting to “get it” ?   

They ALL HATE DONALD TRUMP…, not because he is stupid or incapable of the Office of President…, but they hate him most of all because he is NOT GAY!

They were going to have the SECOND GAY/LESBIAN PRESIDENT here in America…, and as far as “THEY” were all concerned…, it was going to continue for the rest of time!


For the deepest understanding of how “things” were really happening in Washington DC “before TRUMP”…, you seriously  have to revisit people like:

John and Tony Podesta…, and look deeply into PIZZA GATE and Comet Ping Pong!





You have to understand WHERE they were going to “take” this country…, and what their VISION of our FUTURE looked like!

Do you remember the comment that came out of Europe shortly after Trump came into the White House…, where a certain European leader said DONALD TRUMP should just try to be “more gay” and maybe people would “like him better”.

Do you realize that “most” of the European leaders are actually GAY, or lean toward that side?  Don’t you wonder WHY???

Once again.., “THEY” (and I can speak intelligently about this) DO NOT LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE!

This is historical…, and goes back to the NAZI’s and WW II where very high level German Nazi’s were GAY and deeply into DARK MAGIC.

Secondly…, (if you’ve ever hung out with them for a long time) you will find that MOST GAYS and LESBIANS do not like taking care of little children!

They see little kids as a huge bother – and as a burden to their free sort of lifestyles!

Now…, they DO however like having SEX with little kids…, they like it a lot…, BUT…, they don’t like caring for them!

Secondly…, for those who are into “MAGIC”…, and a huge number of WITCHES (who have issues with men) have turned to using MAGIC and WITCHCRAFT against them…,

…children are the best “power source” for DARK MAGIC!



Which is WHY…, they TRAFFIK in CHILDREN……


Children…, have become an IMPORTANT commodity world wide for DARK MAGIC SPELLS and for WITCHCRAFT….

What does this tell you about their level of compassion?

Now…, this is a darker side of gay people that no one who does not spend a lot of time with GAYS will ever see or hear of, because it is very hidden and kept very close to the vest!

And honestly, not everyone who is GAY or LESBIAN even knows of LUCIFER or of WITCHCRAFT!   Only those at the very TOP who are leading them!

Just like the pied piper…, there are many innocent gays and lesbians who are being LED (at the top of the ladder) by other GAYS and LESBIANS who follow LUCIFER and who do DARK MAGIC…, and have taken over the ENTIRE GAY AGENDA from top to bottom!


BUT…., you’d better be “thought of” as one of their most trusted friends before any gay will open up to you about their DISDAIN for “normal people”!

If you are like me, and not a gay…, then you’d better be so damn friendly and so dang wonderful to them…, that you are considered to be an HONORARY GAY long before they even start confiding to you on THIS LEVEL.

Now…, this goes way back in History…, do you think the NAZI’s knew this…??


Were the NAZI’s using children for DARK MAGIC SPELLS????

And…, has their form of ASTRAL MAGIC infiltrated our own MILITARY ???


What are we really “FIGHTING AGAINST” John ??

How deep does the Rabbit Hole go…, and how far has Satanism and the longing for Lucifer infiltrated every single one of our SYSTEMS?

Can this simply be “fixed” by arresting and putting a few hundred people in JAIL??

Or…, is the problem SO INCREDIBLY HUGE…, that it could take a LIFETIME to clean it up properly….

Are there hundreds of people to arrest?


Or are there now MILLIONS of people who think like this???

Now…, it’s YOUR TURN to comment!


All my love…..





By: Bradley Loves


[This was originally posted on April 30th, 2018 – It goes very well with the article I wrote and posted yesterday!

A “task” for the code breakers: What other article written much earlier “Appears” to have been REPOSTED on April 30th, 2018??  Have fun!  P.S.   Look for the “Q” connection.  It’s hiding near the Title.  This mystery article is VERY important because it TIES “THREE” posts together!  A WINK TO THE TIME TRAVELERS]



What “IF” everything that we thought was true…, wasn’t true at all?



I’m wondering if I could be so bold as to write an article so completely speculative, and so totally “out there”, that I could be forgiven if NO ONE would even look at it?

I’m wondering if I could take every single detail and dot that I’ve ever learned of…, and then boil it down to the simplest explanation possible…, no matter how outrageous the result would be and simply call it: OCCAM’S RAZOR

In the Grand Scheme of outrageous “WHAT IF” articles…, this one would probably take the prize…, and yet the logic here is so simple…, one wonders…, if it could be true!

Please don’t read the rest of this if you are extremely sensitive…, sketchy…, passionate about your beliefs…, or even easily upset. 

Maybe just this one time, a happy illusion is better than a sad truth.

The beginning:

I am sad.  I am sad because I am seeing more and more clearly that no matter what I do…, my “life” (by design) is part of a system that is evil, and there does not seem to be any way out once you are born into it!

How so?

No matter what I do here on Earth for a “job”…, the money that I ultimately earn…, is fueling the “commerce” system that is being used to fund endless Wars all over the world.

This commerce system builds countless weapons that are designed to do one thing alone – and that is to kill human beings every single day!

There is NO WAY to say that I am not part of it – because the systems of commerece are designed this way!

Just by doing to work every day.

  • By going to a “job” and by paying “taxes”
  • By participating in “commerce” (the act of buying and selling)
  • By voting…, or by supporting any particular nation on the Globe…

…the money energy that is generated by my effort is ultimately being used to KILL and to DESTROY other things.

This “system” has been set up all over the world, and is the system we all live in.  It is unavoidable and inescapeable!

The “head” of this “system” is the system of Banking and Finance -followed quickly by the “systems” of  Government and the systems of Religion in this world.

These “systems” we call in present day – “Normal Life”, however I would suggest that this “type” of living is anything BUT normal!

What is “life” anyway?

Here on Earth…, it seems as if life can be reduced most simply down to this:

…one thing feeds off of another.


What I mean by this is that in order for something or someone to live…, something or someone else must die!

Think deeply about this and there is no way around it.  We all must “feed” and whatever we feed on, has to DIE!

We can also see this “definition of life” played out in the endless WARS that are being fought all over the planet – wars that just can’t seem to ever find resolution.

I wonder at times if there was ever a time in our History when “WARS” were not being fought?  Perhaps, but when?  

This is what I wonder these days!

Is it that there are too many people living here?  No, that is far from the truth as far as my research shows.

Is it that “we” can not get along?  No, that is also far from the truth from what my research shows!

Or…, is there something else, so hidden…, so secret…, so absurd…, that no one dares to talk about it.

In order for one part of the world to live…, it seems as if another part of the world must devour itself!



Could something about our WORLD have changed so significantly from what it ONCE WAS, so that we can no longer just “live” peacefully and in harmony?

This is the very first time I’ve ever thought of  a good “reason” for the snake eating it’s tail symbol seen below!!


What if the “true” meaning of the Snake eating it’s tail…, is that in order for one part of the world to live…, another part of it must die?

This seems to me to be the ONLY logical reason for having such a symbol, and then using it in countless Old World Secret Societies and Religions.

Or, could it be that those men and women who are now RUNNING the world have actually DESIGNED OUR CULTURES AND OUR SOCIETIES so that they can never survive without eating themselves?

What if there really WAS enough “energy” to go around, but nothing we did on a daily basis actually supported that model?

Perhaps families like the Rothschilds continuously sucking money out of the system each and every day just like VAMPIRES is why it only seems as if there is not enough to go around.

Or, maybe they are here representing beings from other worlds or even dimensions who really DO siphon off energy!

(I’ve heard that each Rothschild family member has bank accounts with many TRILLIONS of Dollars each in them!)

This is more than enough money to fix every problem that the world has ever known and then some, and yet it is simply being “sat on” and doing nothing!



The simplest and most logical answer for this crazy equation still seems to be that there is a “finite” amount of energy available for life to continue…, and this “hypothesis” could ONLY be true if we are all living inside of a closed “system”…, a system where the ONLY energy that is available for life to exist – comes from, or is produced by, what is already inside of the system!

It seems to me that at least part of the Illuminati believes this to be truth!

Or, if they don’t actually believe it, they are desperate to convince the REST of us that this is the TRUTH!

And thus, every single “system” that they put into place, is a demonstration of this idea – so that we will buy into it!

Of course if our “world wide system” were actually being controlled and manipulated by Off Worlders, ET’s, or some other nefarious beings so that “OUR ENERGY” could be harvested and siphoned off…, then I do suppose that it might also look exactly like it does.

Perhaps GOD (our Creator) is giving MORE than enough loving energy for our system to be eternal…, BUT so much of that energy is being siphoned off, re-routed, and re-directed…, i.e. STOLEN (by bad actors) – that what is supposed to be sufficient energy to create and sustain a loving PARADISE – can no longer do so!

Because of this THEFT of energy, one could speculate that the more things that come to life inside of this system…, the more “death” there would naturally have to be in order to keep the system operational – if indeed a significant amount of energy were being siphoned off so that there was not enough SPARE energy to support anything NEW coming into the system.

This makes sense if one considers “death” itself as a sort of fuel or recycling of life energy that is FED BACK INTO THE SYSTEM to keep it running!

The obvious “problem” with this type of proposal is that one could never attribute this kind of “system” of finite life force, to an INFINITE GOD OF PURE LOVE!

An infinite GOD.., would have infinite energy…, and thus anything HE/SHE/IT created…, should be able to last forever!

So how is it that “we” are living in a place/space where life does not act in this way?

There are two possible answers:

A) GOD is not who HE/SHE says – and we are all being CONNED!

B) A formerly “INFINATE” and beautiful system that was originally created by GOD – has been Hi-jacked, and the “energy” that was originally supposed to be used to support US…, and to keep the Earth in an eternally beautiful and blissful state, is now, very literally being STOLEN by bad cosmic actors who have far more knowledge and far more power over cosmic things than we do.

The “need” to have things die and very quickly “recycled” may not be part of GODs plan at all…, because the very “need” to have one thing feed off of the next…, does NOT in any way – shape, or form – imply an infinite creator.

It implies a very limited amount of resources which must be continuously recycled in order to “GIVE THE APPEARANCE” of endlessness.

By having all things…, plants, animals, and humans, feeding off of each other…, in a great and profound recycling of energy…, what appears to be very old and seemingly constant – can actually be maintained for a very long period of time and “simulate” the idea of eternity in a physical environment while at the same time producing or giving off incredible energy which can be used for OTHER PURPOSES!

However…, the (still quite valid) idea that it is a closed system – remains.

This is the ONLY way this type of thing could be maintained!

By peeling back the layers of the onion…, one finally comes to the conclusion that there must be at least some (or a few) beings living on Earth who know how this closed system really works.

Most likely not human, and maybe even outside of our normal perceptions, these beings would probably be running such a system for their OWN purposes and not ours!

So let’s spell it out clearly here!  If this system we all live inside of is indeed closed…, that would mean there was someone outside of it controlling it.

That someone…, NOT being infinite, and NOT having endless energy or power of it’s own accord, therefore could NOT possibly be GOD the eternal Creator.

I find myself asking these most simple questions these days:

  • Why would GOD create something – or anything rather, only to see it die?
  • Why would plants only live for a short time…, just so they could feed animals and humans?
  • Why would animals live only for a brief period of time, only to feed other animals and humans?
  • And trust me, there ARE animals out there who ONLY eat other animals – Lions – Tigers – Wolves – and the like!

Some say…, well this is just nature, and the way it was designed – But my question is: WHY?



Let’s get back to what I originally posted above:

Why create the NEED for one animal to have to eat another?  This does NOT sound like GOD!

What we may be experiencing instead…, is something that we have not thought of…, and that this place is more like a PRISON – of sorts!

This does NOT mean it was created by “GOD” however, anyone with enough knowledge of the cosmos could have done this!

Where…, some type of entity or entities.., rather cruel ones at that…, created a very large “system” that would or could “produce” a huge amount of raw POWER.

Every single thing inside of that system would be creating power…, and a certain amount of that power…, would go back into feeding the system to keep it operational, while the rest of it gets sucked off for other reasons!

In order to achieve this…, SOULS would have to be “recycled” back into the system…., even IF they appeared to die – they would simply be sent back here to do it all over again!

If…, (and I am just speculating here) the systems ONLY purpose was to create or produce POWER…, then…, anything that happened within the system…, such as what we consider to be “life”…, would only be a “story”…, or a “con”…, in order to keep the very SOULS inside of the system pacified, and thinking there was an actual purpose to the life/birth/death game, when no such real purpose existed!

(Under the Hi-jacked version of the system at least)

You see…, what eternal SOUL would stay…, or participate if there was NO PURPOSE?

I’ve asked myself many times why there are so MANY LIES?

Why is secrecy at the very top so vital and so necessary?

Why create hundreds of religions to “explain” to the masses their ridiculous plights…, unless the truth (the simple truth) was that there really was NO WAY to EVER explain it properly?

How can you explain a lie…, or a con…, and make it sound true??

It has to get very complicated!   It has to have many ups and downs, ins and outs…, and all kinds of sick and twisted turns.   These complications are the ONLY way to cover up what can NEVER BE EXPLAINED!

An infinite God…, would never create a universe where every single thing inside of that universe must die, and worse, feed off of the other things inside of it, unless it was NEVER created by GOD to be this way, and some other force had hi-jacked it!

Infinite power, means infinite life!

Thus…, the ONLY logical explanation is that we are living inside of a creation that is NOT of GOD…, but something else entirely!

OCCAM’S RAZOR – The simplest explanation is usually to most accurate.

If “we” are all infinite Souls…, and I do believe that we are…, then the question becomes WHERE ARE WE?

Entrapped…, in some sort of inescapable PRISON…, that was created and set up by beings who created it to be self sustaining.  In other words, all of the energy needed for it’s operation comes from what’s already inside of it, and at the same time puts out enough energy for other purposes.

WHY create such a place?

This I can’t say!  But just the same…, I honestly can’t imagine a single reason that a loving GOD would ever create such a place!

You see…, it’s becoming clear to me that every single thing here is “set up” or a “set up”…, only to make us think and believe that it is NOT what it is.

From the very first moment of birth…, to the last moment of death…, we are being hugely conned!

But why?

Again…, the simplest reason seems to be the best.

The CON…, is meant to hide the fact that your entire life here (inside this system) is NOT what you are being told that it is.

And thus, every single moment of your entire life…, becomes a DISTRACTION of sorts to keep you occupied while you produce energy for something else!

No matter what…, no matter when…, no matter how…, ALL OF IT…, IS A DISTRACTION…, made to keep you thinking that “life” inside of this prison has meaning…, when it has NONE.


Something to think about!!












By: Bradley Loves


The battle for our SOULS is not only happening here on Earth!    This is only the lowest level of the Cosmic Chess Board…, and if we as human beings had not had our DNA strands criminally disconnected, we would actually be able to see and feel the battle that is raging (as we speak) on the higher levels as well!

This is why, again and again, I have always said that we are playing a Chess Game on multiple levels, and each of us have “chess pieces” on higher (unseen) levels that we have never touched or used (that could easily help us).



If you can’t “handle it” don’t read any further!

I’ve thought at length about how I would explain what I know to my readers given where they are in their understanding. I could start at the very beginning (3rd and 4th grade levels) and then move toward the end, OR, I could start near the end, and show you where we are all going…, and then fill in the spaces from here to there!

I’ve chosen to start near the end, even though I know that it will make little sense to you, so that you can perhaps see WHERE the process of what I am writing is leading.



Long before we incarnated here in what we call the “physical” level – we were being watched!

Dark entities had accessed our strengths and our weaknesses, and constructed a plan on just how to imprison us ALL on Earth – and to keep us here forever!

Each of us has been assigned (a demonic being) one that we can’t see – to follow us all throughout our lives here on Earth.

Not only can this entity see things on the physical level…, it can see things on the ASTRAL LEVEL – which gives it a huge advantage over us.

This being is very well known to those at the highest levels of Earth’s “Authority Structure”, and it “serves” them.

It works in “tandem” with the Vatican, countless Dark Forces, many Dark Brotherhoods, and other unseen forces of the lower Astral and super-natural levels of existence to ensnare and entrap us…, to tempt us and to mind control us…, in order to infiltrate, and eventually destroy our lives.

The SATANIC “system” that we see manifesting in front of our eyes here on Earth and on the physical level – is merely being “projected” and “managed” on much higher UNSEEN LEVELS that we are not consciously aware of.

This is why Jay Parker’s mother (a Witch) told him as a child that they were not concerned with the conscious mind of a human being – but instead were ONLY concerned with the sub-conscious levels of the mind.

The highest levels of:  “Government” – “Banking” – and “Religion” are there only to CON US ALL into acting and thinking in certain preprogrammed ways so that we can NEVER REALLY SEE the entities who are operating behind them, and never understand who it is that THEY TRULY SERVE.

This means that our enemies are (for the most part) “unseen” and at the same time…,  have access to levels that we can not even fathom exist.

This is WHY I was told many times now (by high level whistle blowers) that almost every “player” who gets to a very high level of Authority here on Earth, ends up being a MAGICIAN!

Whether they work at NASA, in BANKING, or in one of the worlds many GOVERNMENTS, or in what we think of as RELIGIONS…, the highest levels are always filled with DARK MAGICIANS.

These magicians are always in “contact” with the dark astral forces, the negative spiritual forces, and the malevolent forces of PURE EVIL.

They serve these unseen entities which go very high up the ladder of the cosmos…, and can be found on the LOWER ASTRAL and even the HIGHER ASTRAL planes of existence.

They can even be found as high as the MENTAL LEVELS and even on the CAUSAL LEVELS.



It is the “job” of all of these demons and unseen entities to use our “freewill” against us.  (They do not do this honestly or honorably).

Most of what they do is a HUGE CON, and they use ILLUSION, DECEIT, LIES, SUBTERFUGE, PRETENSE, and every other dark quality to get YOU to submit and surrender to them in ways you can not yet imagine.

They HIDE behind THE cloaks of legitimate RELIGION, BANKING, and GOVERNMENT only to make you think (a con) that they are honorable beings – when they are nothing of the sort.

Most of what we think of as legitimate “men” and “women” operating at the higher levels here on Earth, have willingly become a “host” for a demonic entity which rules over and controls their actions.

Thus, they are “acting” and “behaving” demonically…, because they are literally possessed by a DEMON!

These demonic entities work with countless other OUT OF BODY entities on the unseen levels in a grand battle against the people of Earth to ensnare and entrap ALL HUMAN SOULS and to deceive them into accepting that they are bad.

Jesus was very correct about this!



Most of what we as innocent human beings do as “actions” or “behavior” here on Earth, is coming from outside influences directed and concocted by these DEMONIC ENTITIES that were “assigned” to us long before we were born.

These entities who, having access to very advanced technology, an understanding of genetics, and how to manipulate our minds and central nervous systems…, have used these means AGAINST US, and have used them to get each of us to act and to behave in ways that are less than loving while living very controlled lives here on Earth.




It is not what you think…, and goes FAR DEEPER than mere control or fun and games!

They literally want “us” to take responsibility for their actions, their thoughts, and their words…, (that were forced upon us) and thus get us to BELIEVE that it was “WE” who were doing these things, and not THEM.


Since WE ALL HAVE FREEWILL and as a result of this GOD given “freewill” we could leave the Earth at any time of our own choosing, they HAD TO FIND A WAY to keep us here, and hopefully imprison us here on the Earth forever.

They had to find a way to “convince us” (CON US) into staying here of our own freewill, in such a way that would not seem as if it was deceitful or a con!

The ONLY way to achieve this is through a game of BAIT and SWITCH!

They set up the entire “religious system” that we have…, and gave us the countless rules and social conventions we have to follow!

(Of course those who are working FOR the system do not have to follow any such rules…, and never get any punishment)

They then set up the AUTHORITY STRUCTURES, the ridiculous laws and statutes (like not smoking pot) and the millions of POLICE who are literally working with and for the dark side (unknowingly in many cases) to “catch” each of us in these actions, thoughts and behaviors that “THEY” (the unseen forces) were compelling us to do.

Whether through acts of blackmail, co-erosion, mind control, bribery, threats to one’s life…, or for those who would not succumb to “outer threats” and had great courage…

…through control of the their DNA and their MIND by using high tech astral implants, satanic programming, mind control, alternate personalities, or broadcast technology like VOICE OF GOD or VOICE TO SKULL…, their goal was to get each and every one of us to DO BAD THINGS!

These things most of us would NEVER have done if not placed under these extreme circumstances!

However…, once we “gave in” and committed these various acts and behaviors…, then their “job” was to get us to TAKE FULL BLAME FOR THESE ACTIONS!


This is the “bait” and “switch” being perpetrated upon ALL MANKIND at this time.., and it is being done from the unseen and super natural levels!

The “Religious System” we have here on Earth works hand in glove with these dark Astral beings only to REINFORCE upon us the false notion that WE committed some form of wrong doing while we were here.

Religions are there to “insure” that we submit, consent, and surrender to the IDEA that we are BAD – and therefore deserve some sort of punishment!


This is all a life-long “set-up” for what is coming later…, and is coming on the HIGHER UNSEEN LEVELS after we die!

You see, when you as as a body die…, and you are left in your SOUL FORM, they are THERE as well!

They are there to convince you with subterfuge and deceit (once again) that YOU were the one that did all of these horrible things while on Earth…, and to accept their punishment.

Part of the PLAN was that they had to “get us” to believe in and to “submit to” a thing called RE-INCARNATION…, which was a way for these deviant astral beings to “recycle” our soul essences back to the Earth in an endless loop that would never end!

The would use super advanced techn0logy to WIPE our memories of previous lives to make certain that they could do this to us over and over and over again.

The entire “AUTHORITY STRUCTURE” of Earth…, from the VATICAN to the GOVERNMENT, to all of the written laws, to the Courts, to the use of money, to the Birth Certificate Fraud…, is all part of the set-up that is there to CONVINCE US once we die…, that we need to return to the Earth to make up for our “bad deeds”.



We are being USED by these demonic beings (in my opinion) as BATTERIES…, or as a power source to run a DEVIANT REALM that they created and have disconnected from GOD our loving FATHER…, and therefore could NOT EXIST…, if not for the “life energy” that they stole of each of us while we are here…, to keep it going!

The problem here is that once this is KNOWN…, no one would ever come here!

So they had to find a way to keep ALL OF US coming back here endlessly…, to once again be their fodder and once again provide their DEVIANT DARK REALM with “life energy” which would keep it operating.

This the reason for ALL OF THE DARK BROTHERHOODS on Earth.

It is the reason for SKULL AND BONES!

It is the reason for all of the SECRET SOCIETIES everywhere, and the secret they keep is that they are DARK MAGICIANS who are running a prison that “THEY” (not GOD) created in order to imprison innocent Souls.


What is the benefit of creating and running a very dark realm like this one?



In that sense…, just like Helena Blavatsky (A Freemason) said in her own book…, they are the “gods” of this realm…, and of this Earth (at the moment) because they are the ones that turned it into a prison!

Thus, because they are so perfectly EVIL…, they get to rape, pillage, plunder, and do every manner of deviant thing including eating  human flesh and drinking human blood all the while living long lives of PURE OPULENCE in huge Castles and Kingdoms because it is THEY who are helping to run this CON GAME against we the people.

They have all the money, sleep in the best beds on Earth, and have servants to wait on them hand and foot!  They have sex with little children for the fun of it, and even “hunt” naked human children in the forests of their large estates for sport!


Hollywood and the Music Industry…, as well as professional Sports are the various ways (along with Secret Societies) which men and women are groomed (and if they cut the mustard) may be allowed to JOIN UP with those in higher positions and places of control!

They are swearing OATHS and ALLEGIANCES to the unseen beings who are running this place…, and who have turned what was once a loving and beautiful planet or REALM…, into a morbid prison being run on unseen levels we can’t really even imagine!


They are very literally the enemies of GOD our loving Father…, and the enemies of all SOULS who are trying to live honestly while here on Earth.

And to that end…, I am now writing something called:


An “agreement” which will see to it that these people and the being above them are truly PUNISHED for what they have done to us while we were here.



LISTEN UP PEOPLE – NETFLIX HAS GONE SATANIC – And why not…, Barry Soetoro – aka Barack Obama – now works there!     TOLD YOU SO!

Source: the Vigilant Citizen

The Sick, Twisted Messages in “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

Aimed at teenagers, the series contains disturbing messages about Satanism, feminism, sexuality and everything in between. Here’s an in-depth look at the agenda behind Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


With the advent of streaming services such as Netflix, entertainment is increasingly consumed in the form of multi-episode series. Spanning for dozens of hours, these series do not simply tell a story, they create immersive worlds in which viewers become greatly invested. Indeed, series are not strictly about a narrative – they’re long-winded experiences that become a part of the lives of those who watch, re-watch and binge-watch them.

The first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a series aimed at teenagerscontains ten one-hour episodes. In these ten hours of content, lots of words get said, lots of messages are implied, and lots symbolism gets burned in the minds of the viewers.

And, as someone who sat through this first season (twice), I can confirm that there is a lot to unpack in there.

A few months ago, I wrote a short article titled “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Will Be Extremely Satanic, which described the overt satanic symbolism of the series’ trailer.

The trailer featured Sabrina celebrating her 16th birthday with Satan himself.

Released right before Halloween – the most important holiday in satanic circles – the series takes its young viewers into an occult adventure mixed with all kinds of social messages. Indeed, throughout these ten hours of infernal content, the viewers are taught the basics of Satanism, that witchcraft is the best way to get back at the “patriarchy”, and that cannibalism is not that bad after all.

In short, the series is the occult elite trying to brainwash children with its agenda.

The Premise

Even the intro is full of symbolism.


The series is based on the Archie Comic Sabrina the Teenage Witch. However, it was “re-imagined” to be darker and edgier … and to fit the elite’s agenda. The story takes place in the same universe as Riverdale – another series that is extremely popular with teenagers (and probably requires its own article). Both series were developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a writer who is also known for creating Glee (pure musical horror) and for writing a play entitled Say You Love Satan, which is described as a “gay demonic romantic comedy”.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina could also be described as a “demonic romantic comedy”, but it goes much further.

In the first episode, the premise is described as follows:

“In the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween, there lived a girl who is half-witch, half-mortal, who, on her 16th birthday, would have to choose between two worlds: The witch world of her family and the human world of her friends”.

The main premise is custom-made to be relatable to teenagers. It is about a 16-year-old girl who goes to high school, loves her boyfriend, and goes out with her friends. But, also, she’s a witch and her family is satanic. Throughout her infernal adventures, lots of disturbing things happen and lots of messages are delivered. Here are some of the themes exploited by the series.

Selling Satanism

In every episode of the series, the main “selling points” of Satanism are interwoven in the plot and presented in a way that is relatable to teenagers. Sabrina’s two aunts and cousin are staunch witches who yell out “praise Satan” when something good happens. However, they are not pointy-nosed harpies riding around on brooms, but likable, intelligent women who act as caring mothers to Sabrina. In fact, all witches in the series are witty, charismatic, good-looking people that are open-minded and tolerant of all kinds of lifestyles.

Witches live very long lives and age very slowly. So many perks for serving Satan.

When she was a “good Christian” Ms. Wardwell was a boring and uptight little lady. After the “concubine of Satan” took over her body, she turned into a witty, sensual, and powerful witch.

As stated above, Sabrina has a dilemma: Should she become a super-powerful witch with all kinds of cool powers? Or should she remain a lame, basic girl? This is how the series presents the “dilemma”. As Sabrina says herself: “there are so many delicious things about being a witch”.

To become a witch, Sabrina must go through a “dark baptism” and give herself to Satan. However, Sabrina has some questions which are used to educate the viewers about Satanism (well, the public relations version of Satanism). At one point Sabrina asks the High Priest of her coven:

” – But the Devil … he’s an embodiment of evil.
– Incorrect. He is the embodiment of free will. Good. Evil. Those words matter to the False God but the Dark Lord is beyond such precepts.”

Yes, throughout the series, God is referred to as the False God – an impotent and oppressive fatherly figure. To make the dark baptism even more appealing, the High Priest adds:

“In exchange for their service and devotion, witches are exempt from hell.”

Right before the baptism, the High Priest provides more Satanism 101:

“Our Dark Lord teaches us: There is no law beyond Do What Thou Wilt. Our Dark Lord asks: “Would you like to be happy, child? To be free? Free to love and hate? To be what nature meant you to be, true to her laws and yourself only?
– Yes father.
– Do you believe in Lucifer, the archangel, who preferred the loss of Heaven to the loss of his pride?
– Yes father.”

Later in the series, the viewers are taught the Satanic interpretation of the Book of Genesis.

“Did Eve die when she at the fruit, children? No. Of course not. The False God lied to Eve because he desired to keep her naked and ignorant in his garden. But our lord Satan, inhabiting a snake, gave Eve knowledge and set her free.”

As we’ll see later, Satan is often described as a liberating and empowering figure for women.

Inside the “School of Unseen Arts”, where witches learn invocations and demonology, a giant statue of Baphomet sits with “divine light” shining on it. It is an exact replica of the Baphomet statue installed by the Satanic Temple in Michigan.

The series is also full of small, twisted details. For instance, the Satanic choir of the school sings a song that begins with these words:

Always is always forever
As one is one is one
Inside yourself for your father
All is none all is none all is none

The song literally is from Charles Manson’s 1970 album “Lie: The Love and Terror Cult”.   The occult elite loves Charles Manson.

As Sabrina learns about the dark arts, she sometimes rebels against her Satanic upbringing and tries to break from it. Does she succeed? Of course not. In fact, Sabrina ends up signing the Book of the Beast (giving her soul to Satan), which turns her into a super-powerful witch. And these super-powers end up saving the entire town of Glendale. Thank you, Satan.

To make Satanism even more appealing, the series also equates it with feminism.

Satanism: An Ally of Feminism and LGBQ

Nearly all of the men depicted in the series are angry, pushy, violent, homophobic, and judgemental brutes.

When they’re not bullying Sabrina’s friend, these jocks call girls “dogs” and “prudes”.

One of the first scenes of the series shows the jocks hitting Sabrina’s friend Susie who might become a transsexual. To make things worse, the school principal, described as a misogynist, does not take action. Who will save these girls from “toxic masculinity”? Witches, of course (powered by Satan).

The message is clear:

“Since men are more physically powerful than women, witchcraft is the best way to get back at them”.

[This is the lesson children are being taught by NETFLIX….]

After using sex to lure the jocks into a cave, Sabrina and her witch friends used witchcraft to torment and humiliate them.

The witches even cast a spell to make the boys impotent for an undetermined amount of time. Take that you white males!

The father of Harvey (Sabrina’s boyfriend) is an angry violent jerk. In this scene, he’s about to punch his own son right in the face. Fortunately, a witch stops him from landing his punch with a spell. Thank you, Satan.

Many other acts of witchcraft are preceded with #metoo moments.

Ms. Wardwell needed to sacrifice a virgin to unleash a powerful spell. So she turns into a young girl and goes out with a jock who keeps forcing himself on her.


Ms. Wardwell then turns back to her older self and slashes the guy’s throat in a ritualistic matter. The message? He deserved to be sacrificed because he said something inappropriate.

The principal of Sabrina’s school is a portrayed as an oppressive and misogynist figure. Also, he is constantly horny and keeps coming on to Ms. Wardwell in a swine-like matter. She ends up eating him. Literally. As we see later, the series is big on cannibalism. But he deserved it, right? RIGHT? To be eaten?

The final, crucial moment of the season—when Sabrina goes through with signing the Book of the Beast and hands her soul to Satan—is framed as feminist power-move. Ms. Wardwell tells Sabrina:

“I know you’re scared, Sabrina. Because women are taught to fear power. Own your power. Don’t accept it from the Dark Lord. Take it. Wield it. Save your friends”.

The relationship between witchcraft and feminism also involves her non-witch friends.

WICCA School Club

To protect Susie from bullies at school, Sabrina creates a club for “women protecting women” and to fight the “culture of puritanical masculinity”. The name of the club? WICCA which stands for “Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association”.

The word “intersectional” is not random. It refers to a very specific concept in “critical theories”.

Intersectionality is a concept often used in critical theories to describe the ways in which oppressive institutions (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, classism, etc.) are interconnected and cannot be examined separately from one another. The concept first came from legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989 and is largely used in critical theories, especially Feminist theory, when discussing systematic oppression.
– Intersectionality, Definition

Combined with this concept is the name WICCA which means Pagan Witchcraft. Once again, feminism and witchcraft are mixed together in a cohesive whole to “empower” women. Sabrina even likens the school club to a witches’ coven where “sisters defend each other”.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

When Rosalind asks if the club is to “topple white patriarchy”, Sabrina answers “exactly”. So, the club is also sexist and racist? No? OK. Just checking.

Once formed, WICCA members discover that some books were banned from the school board. They make it their mission to get these books unbanned. Citing “fascism”, the club claims that “no one should decide what we can and cannot read”. The books in question: The Bluest Eye and Lolita.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

WICCA organizes a secret reading of the book “The Bluest Eye”. The club is supported by Ms. Wardwell who happens to be Satan’s Concubine.

Once again, the series refers to works and issues that are very real. The Bluest Eye is an actual novel written in 1970 by the African American author Tomi Morrison. Throughout the years, the book was banned by several school boards because it contains graphic scenes that include “rape, abuse, incest, and pedophilia”. One particular scene, which graphically describes a girl being abused by her father, was deemed inappropriate to be read by children in several States. For instance, in 2016, a school in Michigan banned The Bluest Eye because it was deemed “pornographic” and contained “negative references within the text against the Christian faith”.

WICCA also opposed the banning Lolita, a novel about a middle-aged man who becomes obsessed with a 12-year-old girl with whom he becomes sexually involved after he becomes her stepfather.

Why are they specifically fighting for and championing books involving sex with minors? Maybe because the entire series (and the occult elite that created it) is hell-bent on it.

At the moment of her dark baptism, Sabrina is still technically 15 years old. Despite this fact, the series clearly implies that her baptism involves her copulating with Satan.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Prior to her dark baptism, Sabrina wears a white wedding dress.

White wedding dresses represent the purity and the virginity of the bride. And Sabrina’s virginity was very important prior to the baptism. When she confirmed that she was still pure prior to her dark baptism, her aunt replied: “Praise Satan!”. Sabrina then asks “Why does he get to decide what to do with my body?”. Lots of sexual innuendo going on there.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Upon entering the site of the dark baptism, Sabrina’s dress magically turns to black.

Once again, the symbol of the white dress turning black appears in mass media.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Then, Sabrina is disrobed by her aunts and kneels before the High Priest – Satan’s representative on earth.

Her signing the Book of the Beast is described as the “moment of consummation” between Satan and Sabrina.

Once she enters the School of Unseen Arts, Sabrina discovers that her fellow witches are into hot, unbridled orgies where everything goes.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

In this scene, Sabrina (who just turned 16) is invited to join a witch orgy, which also includes her pansexual cousin and his boyfriend.

The series also normalizes another obession of the occult elite.

Normalizing Cannibalism

In past articles on The Vigilant Citizen, I noted that cannibalism is, for some sick crazy reason, being promoted in mass media. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is playing its part. Big time.

In the first episode, Sabrina’s aunts (who run a mortuary) receive the body of a boy who was stabbed to death. Upon looking at the cadaver, aunt Zelda sighs:

“It’s a shame they wanted an open casket—we haven’t had long pig in ages.”

The expression “long pig” is used by psychopaths to describe human flesh as food. So, Zelda wanted to eat the boy who was murdered. That’s great entertainment for our youth.

In a later episode, Zelda dreams about receiving Satan for dinner. She prepares him his favorite dish: Roasted child.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Zelda spots a child who is particularly plump and tender.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

She roasts the child. We see the kid’s head. These people are sick.

In the Thanksgiving episode, we learn that Sabrina’s coven celebrates a different holiday: “Feast of Feasts”. On this day, one “lucky” witch gets ritual sacrificed and is eaten by the rest of her coven.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Yes, Sabrina. You are seriously talking about cannibalism.

Throughout the episode, Sabrina opposes this “barbaric practice” and attempts to stop it. And she succeeds: Sabrina’s friend doesn’t get eaten. However, on the night of the Feast of the Feasts, the witches become angry and demand blood. One particularly zealous witch then slits her throat and offers her body to the coven.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Like a pack of hyenas, the coven cut open the witch and eat her raw.

In the same episode, Ms. Wardwell says that she usually “orders in” on Thanksgiving.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

When the delivery boy arrives at Ms. Wardwell’s house, she asks him to place the pizza inside. Then she kills him and eats him. Well, he deserved it. He had a smug “I totally wanna bang that MILF” look on his face. Cannibalism against the patriarchy!

Satanic rituals and symbols are mostly based on the inversion, corruption, and perversion of Christianity. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina thoroughly desecrates Christianity in many ways – from subtle references to overt blasphemy.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

The rituals of the coven (including the Feast of Feasts) take place in a church on which were painted an inverted pentagram and the words “This way to hell”. Inside, the heads of the various religious figures were cut off.

In an early episode, when Sabrina asks questions about Satan to the High Priest, her aunt interjects and says:

“Forgive her Father, she knows not what she says”.

This sentence is a distortion of Jesus saying “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” while crucified.

In another episode, aunt Zelda asks the High Priest for “spiritual guidance” and for “Satanic confession”. Then, things get … not appropriate for children.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

The confession turns into BDSM. The High Priest then adds: “Together we will suffer in exquisite ecstasy”.

Confession is a rite in the Catholic Church. The series turns it into a fetish. Also, Jesus was flagellated before bearing the cross.

Later, Sabrina tries to do Jesus-like things. When her boyfriend’s brother Tommy dies inside the mines, Sabrina decides that she should resurrect him – not unlike Jesus made Lazarus rise from the dead. However, Sabrina’s method inovlved the darkest of arts: Necromancy.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Sabrina performs a necromancy spell using the Book of the Dead, which also requires a blood sacrifice. So Sabrina slits the throat of a fellow witch.

After the ritual, Tommy is resurrected and goes back home. However, something is terribly wrong: Tommy is a soulless zombie who might kill his entire family. In the end, Sabrina’s boyfriend has to shoot his own brother in the head. So, this entire ordeal was a completely corrupt version of Jesus’ resurrection. But that’s not all.

Sabrina also wants to resurrect the witch that was sacrificed. To do so, she buried her in magical dirt called “Cain’s Pit”.

The Sick, Twisted Messages in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Cain’s Pit is identified with an inverted cross.

According to her aunt, the magical pit is made from “soil harvested from Cain’s garden and soaked with Abel’s blood”.

While this bit of dialogue might fly about a mile above the heads of most viewers of the show, it bears a deep spiritual meaning. Here’s a quick recap of the story of Cain and Abel.

In the biblical Book of Genesis, Cain and Abel are the first two sons of Adam and Eve. Cain, the firstborn, was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made sacrifices to God, each of his own produce, but God favored Abel’s sacrifice instead of Cain’s. Cain then murdered Abel, whereupon God punished Cain to a life of wandering. Cain then dwelt in the land of Nod, where he built a city and fathered the line of descendants beginning with Enoch.

The Biblical story also adds that the “earth became cursed as soon as Abel’s blood hit the ground”. It is in this cursed dirt that Sabrina’s family resurrect dead witches. Occult circles perceive themselves as descendants of Cain who built a city and a lineage by his own means, without the assistance of God.

Considering the grave and disturbing nature of the topics discussed above, it is hard to believe that this article was about a show aimed at teenagers (and probably also watched by lots of pre-teens and children). In many ways, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a typical teen series, custom-made to be relatable to them. However, on top of this basic teen-centric narrative, the series adds a thick layer of social and spiritual propaganda meant to sell very specific ideas.

All of the topics discussed above (selling satanism, witchcraft as an ally of feminism and LGBTQ, sexualizing minors, glorifying cannibalism and desecrating Christianity) have been, for years, pushed by mass media in all kinds of ways. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is clearly part of this agenda that keeps becoming more overt.

In short, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a perfect snapshot of popular culture in 2018:

It is about hating our fellow men while bowing down to Satan.