By: Bradley Loves




The tree grows from the roots up!   It comes as a result of a single seed.  Truth be told, everything the tree will ever be, is held inside the seed long before we see the tree!

Long ago, I gave a huge “hint” to the TIME TRAVELERS and the “good military” on this world.

I wrote a tiny piece that was really more like a chart!   And, funnily enough, once you have a “chart” in your possession (if you are a navigator), then you can “chart” a course!

The chart was simple – and it was called: HOW CHILDREN SHOULD BE TAUGHT!

That chart appears here as a repost:



If you do…, then you have not been paying much attention to Q – Anon!  There are NO accidents and NO co-incidences in what I write…, NONE!

(Seek out the very first day that I wrote this “chart” – and you’ll see something interesting!)

The last part of the chart before the application level was this:

Master Level: (Age 16 to Age 20)

  1. Time/Space Theory and Practice
  2. Portals and Vortexes (Displacement Issues)
  3. Wave Guides and Keyholes
  4. Inter-dimensional Travel and Hidden Doorways
  5. Reality Bending and Universal Quotients
  6. Astro-Physical Phenomenon and Celestial Mechanics
  7. Healing and Body Regeneration


Now, I may not be the smartest tool in the shed, but I know one thing for certain, and that is that THIS paragraph above drew the undivided attention  and “intense scrutiny” of some very important people in Academia and Industry!

The questions on their minds were:

  • Is all of this really possible?
  • If so…, HOW do we get there?
  • How can “WE” who are living on the Earth begin to engage in something as massive as Celestial Mechanics just like the Ancients did?

So in the paragraph above in quotation…, we are looking at the FRUIT and the upper branches of a huge tree!  But…, all anyone has to do is look really closely at “The Chart” in order to see what the seed was!

Simple, concise, direct, straight forward…, sublime!

(Some day…, just one “scientist” out there is going to humble himself in front of his highly educated peers, and admit that I know what I’m talking about.)

The very first paragraph of the “chart” is the SEED for the rest of the tree!

Junior Level: (Age 4 to Age 8)

  1. Magnetics
  2. Harmonics
  3. Base Mathematics (includes simple Geometry)




Now for those who want to learn how to do ANYTHING on the highest level of the chart, you have to RESPECT THE SEED!

The seed contains everything that the entire chart needs!

Was this too difficult for you “PHD’s” to understand?  Did this go right over your “highly paid” heads?   Were even the most BRILLIANT scientists among you stumped?  If so, WHY?

You get paid millions in grants for what you do…, I get paid NOTHING…, and I give this stuff away for FREE!   Kinda makes me wonder if you people even deserve your damn “paychecks” (which you sadly use to help ENSLAVE the rest of us) and what’s worse, continue to act as if it does not matter.

I have said over and over again, that the “building blocks” of reality are these THREE simple things!    They are literally “The Seed”!

Furthermore, (getting back to the crucial idea of a seed) every single thing that you really needed to know about creating “reality” was placed conspicuously into THE TRIUMPHANT – PART ONE…, and you simply missed it!

I could spend the next 15 segments of this vital series trying to explain what was sitting right there in front of your eyes in PART ONE, and sadly some of the most highly paid people on Earth, who have TEN University degrees…, would STILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE IT!

The most significant part was this:

This becomes all too clear when you finally understand that “matter” is the very stuff of creation, while the “human mind” is the builder and the organizer of all possible versions of creation!

We did not put the colored rocks into the toy (GOD – our loving FATHER did that) – we just tu(r)ned the wheel!

Mind is the software, Matter is the data being organized into the “field”.

So, Let’s go back to the analogy of the Kaleidoscope!

In this case “matter” would be all of the fancy colored rocks inside of the drum that can be turned…, and your “mind” would literally be “your hand” or the “magnetic force” that shifts and organizes that “matter” into a viewable image!

Now…, add into the mix all of your very powerful emotions – which I have consistently defined in other writings as – “energy in motion” – and you will suddenly have a much more powerful charge or discharge (polarity) getting sent out onto the blank screen of our REALITY – and thus these far more powerful “magnetic charges” will have a much greater real time effect upon whatever it is that is being “observed”.


The TRUTH is that only GOD gives you “sight”.

Can you understand this?  SEEING comes directly from GOD, and no other!   And if you deny GOD, then you deny sight…, and thus you can NOT SEE!

Three years olds have MORE SIGHT than some grown men and women with 30 years of an advanced college education…, only because these adults actively deny GOD!

What is really telling here is that NOT A SINGLE NEW AGER…, nor any prominent CHRISTIAN for that matter – ever re-posts a single thing that I write!  They never call attention to my blog, nor do they talk about what I write!

Since they DENY what I write…, and thus deny what I know…, they are denying THE TRUTH!

It is quite clear that “They” collectively have no SIGHT – and thus they can not see!

So WHY then would you as a seeker of TRUTH ever want to listen to any of them?

This will not last forever however.

Within a decade – many people who were the most visible in the DISCLOSURE MOVEMENT will be forced to draw their attention to my writings!

They can not deny them forever!   As they open their eyes and finally SEE what is out there…, they will “see” that I already wrote about it a decade or more earlier!  And, the frosting on the cake will be when they are forced to admit that I wrote this stuff many years EARLIER!

They will finally be forced to admit that much of what I wrote is very accurate and that they actually IGNORED MY BLOG for a long time because they could not see the truth of  what I wrote at first.

They will also be forced to “admit” that they made many mistakes in mis-leading the general public only because they were basically being blinded by their own private DENIAL OF GOD OUR LOVING FATHER.


When you DENY GOD OUR LOVING FATHER…, you deny HIS SIGHT.  Only HIS sight – allows you to see THE TRUTH with perfectly clarity.




Or…, we could say that everything IS matter.  Both statements are accurate and both statements take you to the same conclusion!

Mind is the software, MATTER is the data being organized into the FIELD.


The Luciferians think that there is “TRUTH” outside of GOD!  They are deluding themselves only because they continue to disobey HIM.

They continue to have desires that are outside of GODS WILL – and so therefore they seek a way to have these desires as if GOD  is a non important factor in the calculation for their faulty equation!



Every single secret society, every secret club, every group, every dark plan and every despicable machination comes directly from their desire to HAVE WHAT GOES AGAINST GOD’S WILL!

When you seek what you must not seek, and desire to have what you can not have…, THIS BLINDS YOU TO THE TRUTH.



Every single building project starts with a STRONG FOUNDATION!

If you are building a Skyscraper…, then you must first dig deep underground and put in the BASE that will hold up the super structure!  Every builder knows this!

Because our “reality” was built on a very weak foundation…, THE LIES OF THE SATANISTS…, then the building can NOT STAND!

No EMPIRE and no REALITY can stand on weakness, and there is nothing weaker than DECEPTION!

Deception is a house of cards – and it will fall in the slightest breeze!



The only thing that can truly LAST is a Society and a Structure built on the TRUTH…, because that Society and that REALITY is built on a very SOLID FOUNDATION!

Think deeply on this…, SAVE YOU IT CAN….



Stay tuned for PART FIFTEEN…..








By: Bradley Loves


It apparently takes between 60 to 90 days to “grow” a fully developed human clone!

I’ve heard this from multiple sources in the Secret Programs.

Could THIS and THIS ALONE be the very reason that the left is not telling us that RBG is incapacitated or even worse DEAD?

In order to keep her place secure on the Supreme Court…, would the DEEP STATE go so far as to use the most advanced hidden technology available to them to replace a real human being with a CLONE…, only so that Donald Trump does not have the opportunity to replace her with a conservative judge??

The Democrats know that the 2020 election is a long shot…, but just the same…, it would be foolish for them NOT to try to clone Ginsberg if there was even a remote chance a Democrat could win the election.

As it stands even now…, most of Ginsberg work and decisions are being made by her deeply connected Illuminati/Deep State Staff.

A “clone” of Ginsberg would not even have to think very much…, just be able to say things like:  Hello and Good Morning…, and at times nod her head!

The rest of the workload could be done by Deep State proxies!

Could THIS and THIS ALONE be the only reason they do not want to tell the public the TRUTH about her condition??

Jim Stone has already debunked the “picture” they put out of Ginsberg as proof of life!

Could this mean that her CLONE is not yet ready??

See this site for news from Jim Stone


In my opinion Donald Trump and Q-anon needs to do an EXTREME PUSH to find out what is really going on with Ginsberg ONLY for the purposes of making sure that a CLONE is not soon sitting on the Surpreme Court!





By: Bradley Loves


Three years ago, I compiled a “list” of e-mail addresses of people willing to support my Blog and support my work.

Today, I am asking everyone who reads here, and who wants to do so, to forward a current E-mail address for my updated list.

This is for emergency purposes ONLY.

At some point in time, either this BLOG, or even WordPress itself, may be compromised…., and everything you see could disappear in an instant.

I have backed up all my work as well as I possibly can!  But wordpress has not responded to any of my attempts to contact them (even in e-mail)…, and apparently do not “bother” with people who do no PAY THEM big money!

In other words, “no phones calls” from the “little people” PERIOD!

If the Censorship that is blatantly happening on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms happens here on WordPress as well…, then my only way to redirect any of my readers will be through a massive e-mail campaign while I am building a new site.

So, if you wish…, please send me your e-mail for this list.

I would also ask one thing more.  Please consider that if you are on my emergency list of readers, (currently only two hundred names) that I may ask you to spread the word around to as many people as you can once a new site is up and running!

Send  your e-mails to:




By: Bradley Loves




The “Great Awakening” is probably the most misunderstood idea being passed around the spiritual community.

Everyone has their own “idea” of what it might be like…, but the TRUTH of it is very simple.

You “wake up” out of your dream-like-sleep and you finally are able to SEE the world exactly as it is.

Now…, for those of you who are saying “hurray”…, just let me describe it in detail…, so you really get the gist of what that really means.



The first part awakening is learning how to tell “fact” from “fiction”.  This is not too difficult because almost EVERYTHING is fiction!

90 percent of everything you think you know is WRONG!

Even the Christians and the New Agers.   So the first step is the throw out everything you think you know!   This means you have no sacred cows and nothing that is not above being questioned.

As you move forward in your awakening, you are slowly able to SEE just how corrupt those who run the world really are!

Your senses become heightened!

You feel much more deeply, and it is as if the lights have been turned on and the room you thought had light in it was really very DARK!

You suddenly see what you could not see before and that is that there is TRASH everywhere – all around you – and it stinks to high heaven.

It is NOT a pretty picture.

Suddenly you are much more in tune with your emotions, sympathy and empathy.

You see, psychopaths have learned how to turn these things OFF at will.  They claim these emotions are not necessary to life, but without sympathy, empathy and compassion, you are not really a human being at all…, only an empty husk.


The more and more AWAKENED you become, the more crystal clear that every single detail of how human beings are being tormented, enslaved, herded like cattle, and abused…, dawns on you!


Every single pixel of the picture is super sharp and super in focus!  You not only see it all, you see how it all started!  You see how it progressed.  You see how it got to where it is!  You see exactly WHO is involved and why.

As more time passes your mind begins to put together the exact hows, and the whys of what is making it continue.  You began to see deeply into each and every single human being and you can see ALL of their flaws, denials, excuses, justifications, cowardice, and weak mindedness.

You see that they are ALL VERY WILLING to allow it to continue!

You see that even though they SAY they want a change, they are not willing to lift a single finger to change anything…, because that would take courage!

  • You began to see the MONSTROSITY of it all!
    You began to see the perverseness of it all.
  • You began to see very clearly the HORROR of it all!

You began to see very single detail of how each man is selling out his fellow man not just daily, but on an almost moment by moment basis…, for nothing more than a paper reward of meaningless script.

Now…, there are many “spiritual people” out there who I’ve met who have never been able to SEE at this level even a tiny bit.

So…, to be quite frank…, they are NOT AWAKE!

They are still dreaming…, only the “dream” that they are having is a “good” dream.  They are choosing to dream of roses and sugar plums and fairy tales.  That way they don’t feel they really NEED to wake up.


Dreaming is NOT an “awakening”…, it is simply being able to switch your dream from a nightmare to a happier version of your sleepy time entertainment.

Naturally, what I am really referring to here is a “waking” dream…, because that is the kind of dream that everyone who is not truly AWAKENED is having.

They are “dreaming” each day…, all day long, that they are not slaves, that they are not powerless, that they have lots of choices.

And yet…, deep in their souls they know this is not the case!

And, even though they SAY they want to wake up from this happier dream…, they really don’t!

They don’t want to wake up…, because to WAKE UP…, means exactly that…, YOU WAKE UP TOTALLY…, and then you get to look around and SEE everything exactly as it is, in all of it’s ugliness.

The “spiritual community” (neither Christian nor New Ager) wants to do this.

Subconsiously they know very well that there has been horrible, horrible things going on around them for a very long time, and they willingly fell asleep in order to FORGET about that horror.  They wanted to escape from it, so they all put themselves into a self – induced COMA.

Admittedly…, I was not awake either during the first 15 years or so of my life…, but even in those early years I was “already choosing” to dream a happy dream instead of the nightmare that most human beings were choosing to have.

I found solace in GOD our loving Father and choose a happy dream because the world seemed so completely out of wack.

Then I went to college, got a job, and had to work!

This took up much time, and did not give me any time to think deeply about the dream I was actually having.

Then a “decade” or so ago…, I was told there would be an GREAT AWAKENING or an ASCENSION…, and I instinctively commanded myself to wake up from the inside.

Now my awareness has sharpened to the point where people can’t really even LIE to me any longer.

I SEE EVERYTHING VERY CLEARLY…, and it is appalling.

As time goes by, the HD “super vision” of the awakening only keeps getting more and more refined.

What is the result?

Every single tiny bit of evil, perversity, inhumanity, and darkness comes SHARPLY into focus.  You see it all, in all of it’s horror and ugliness.  And you certainly can not deny it.

You see exactly how mankind is being played, and just how bad it really is.

Now that I have basically AWOKEN…, I know why most people are not “there yet”.

They don’t want to see what I am seeing.

If they could really see it…, (and really FEEL IT) then they would feel as if they needed to do something about it.  That is why they stay asleep.

Most do not want to get there early.  In this one instance…, they feel it is better to be LATE than early.

This is one party that everyone on the entire planet wants to be FASHIONABLY LATE FOR.

Let the early party goers do all of the heavy lifting to change these horrible things…, I’ll get there just in time to drink the beer, fill my plate…, and enjoy the benefits of what they did.


This description fits both NEW AGERS and ONE DAY A WEEK CHRISTIANS alike.

Only those people who really CARE DEEPLY about GOD and mankind are willing to “awaken” early and care to take a good hard look at what is really happening out there.

But just like the NEO character in the MATRIX MOVIE…, once you’ve been awakened, then you can’t go back and suddenly “unknow” what you now know for certain.

Like Q Anon says repeatedly…, those who KNOW can not sleep at night.


Because only those who are really AWAKE can see the HD version of what is going on out there.

By HD VERSION…, I mean you are now completely aware of how it all fits together and how it all came to be…, who was involved, how they are doing it, what they are doing to keep it going…, etc.


And just like NEO…, you can’t put yourself “back” into the MATRIX and forget what you now know.

Now…, IF THIS IS NOT YOU…, and you are not yet at this level…, then I’m sorry…, YOU ARE NOT AWAKE!

You may think you are…, but something is keeping you from shaking off the sleepiness and really OPENING YOUR EYES.

I pray daily!

Because I do, God helps me to see it all…, every bit of it…., in HIGH DEFINITION.

This is why I write every day.  I do it in the hope that  few more here and a few more there will finally take the RED PILL and fully awaken.

If you are a Christian or a New Ager and you are totally “happy” each and every day…, then you are still DREAMING!

The only difference between you and Joe Six-pack is that your dream is a happier one than his.


”AWAKE” means exactly that…, you are AWAKE!


It is my opinion that 95 percent of New Agers and Christians are not awake and are still asleep, because I READ WHAT THEY WRITE EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I read the messages on their blogs and I read their channeling, and their spiritual ideas!


All of them.

If they were awake, then they would clearly SEE everything happening in the world.., all of it, and every word that they wrote would sound more like what I write…, or like what Q – Anon writes, or like what Cameron Day writes.., or Jay Parker, or Mark Passio.

They would sound like Mark Taylor does, Stephan Quayle, or like anyone else who is really raising a warning call to the masses out there.

They would NOT be still saying.., don’t worry…, it’s all good…, we all wanted this…, nothing bad is happening…, there is no evil out there.  It’s all Unicorns, super plums and fairies…..


These are the words of people who are STILL DREAMING!

Those are the words of people who are STILL ASLEEP.

Those are the words of people who really DON’T want to wake up just yet.

They want to get to the party very LATE – just so they do not have to do any heavy lifting.

They want to get to the party just in time to drink the beer and fill their plate and have a good time.

If nothing else…, this is both LAZY and SELFISH.

So…, how do you KNOW if you are awake!

Trust me…, you WILL KNOW.

  • When you too can not sleep at night thinking about how it all fits together, and you can see clearly just how EVIL these people really are, then you are awake.
  • When you feel it deeply in your bones, and want to cry out into the night for it all of the corruption to end…, then you are awake.
  • When you don’t think that the world can go one more day with all of this horror and corruption…, then you are awake.
  • When you feel deep sympathy for the entire world and you pray for GOD every day to intervene in this mess…, THEN you are awake.

Until then…, enjoy your dream!

Because that is what you are having every day…, a waking dream, nothing more.

All my love….







Could we hope?


I have no way to verify this!  But I can HOPE that it is true.



George Soros arrived at GITMO on Feb. 16th, 2019 according to a reliable Earth Alliance source.

Soros was interrogated for over 8 hours and revealed indictable evidence which should bring down some pretty big Cabal players such as Joe Biden, Danny Healy Rae (globalist Irish politician), Tim Cook, and Pope Francis.

Soros is currently sharing a cell with a low rank Cabal member named Stefan Crabb.

Crabb attacked Obama in the main canteen of the Camp 7 for informing on him and other Cabal members.

Obama is currently being kept in isolation for his own safety.

The Cabal is now split in 2 at GITMO with one gang siding with Obama and the others with Sefan Crabb who encouraged Soros to inform on all Cabal members with strong connections to Obama.

More info as it arrives…


I noticed on the Restored Republic Intel Report that “Shadow Super” was saying George Soros is now at GITMO.

It also said that he was rooming with a Low Rank Cabal person named Stefan Crabb. Allegedly this person got into a dispute with B. Obama so they had to put BO into isolation.

This all sounds ridiculous and far-fetched so I did an internet search for Stefan Crabb. I found that one of the top British Politicians in Parliament is named Stephen Crabb.

It said that he was busted in a Sex Scandal last week and had to resign from Parliament.

A few days ago he went into “total lockdown” (hiding) and has not been seen since then.

Now that is interesting.

Rod H.


By: Bradley Loves



Before Bryan Alexander was TARGETED FOR VOICE TO SKULL TORTURE…, he was visited by man from the future!

(Or, so he told me, and Bryan was being very, very serious!)

The man was perfectly calm about admitting it as well, and did it during a “job interview” Bryan was doing.

The man (from the future) was offering him a “job” with the Military and admitted that he was FROM THE FUTURE in their first meeting.

Bryan later told me that the man looked to be late 20’s or early 30’s.

Bryan did not like the military at that time, and wondered why they were so interested in him…, and it is my opinion (in hind site) that they KNEW exactly what was about to happen to him (probably as a result of THIS VERY BLOG that you are now reading)…, and tried to give him a way to save himself.

(Didn’t I say that the Military is reading this stuff???)

At the very same time, Bryan was “dating” a female in Hawaii who seemed to disappear for days and weeks at a time, only to show up very suddenly and act as if NO TIME at all had passed by!

She ALSO worked for the military – or at least so she said.

[Byran after quitting his job in San Francisco and moving to Hawaii, was looking for work and it was the Military who seemed the most interested in him, and approached him several times.]

The male time traveler (according to Bryan) seemed interested when he heard about the female military woman Bryan was dating until he  metioned her name!  The male Time Traveler turned a shade of white…, during the job interview and told Bryan to be exceedingly careful of this woman because she was NOT who she claimed to be.

It is my opinion she was also a Time Traveler – only working for another group.

She was from the “bad side” of the equation…, and was looking to disrupt what was going on.

It seems very strange to me that two Time Travelers were visiting Bryan just before he was attacked so viciously by Voice to Skull Targeting…, but that is part of the mystery of his death.

What I do know…, is that “WE THE PEOPLE” are NOT in Kansas any more TOTO!   And that is why I want people to WAKE UP and to GROW UP!

We need to get serious here, and to pull together and work very hard to root these SATANISTS out!

Nothing is going to CHANGE until we all step up and put a stop to it!





This is a good update and very supportive of Q – Anon.   It also has Praying Medic at the End!

Good Stuff!









Prayer is the highest use – and the most effective use of “sound” in the material world that there is!  Prayer to GOD – our loving Creator – or to Jesus Christ is intensely CREATIVE – and builds a “shield” around you.


Prayerful words – said with deep intent and faith in GOD – fortify the FABRIC OF REALITY around you in ways you can not possibly imagine!

Not only SOUND (Harmonics) – but also Magnetics and Geometry complete the building blocks of reality.  “DEEP FAITH” adds the “magnetic component” to the equation when prayers are being said.

The third and final ingredient is geometry and your physical “stance” while praying – upright with hands near the Heart Chakra and pointed heavenward – finish the holy trinity of:  Harmonics – Magnetics and Geometry for a proper form of prayer – and thus the “building blocks” of a new reality!




We know that by using “magnetics” and “electricity” we can actually open up “time windows” and walk right through the FABRIC OF REALITY into other places and times.


All my love…


By: Bradley Loves


For those of you who may have gasped at what I put up on my blog just yesterday…, you deserve to know the “WHY”!

The “WHY” of a thing is what actually gives you your real POWER…, and that is the one reason that you are never given any real truth on the FAKE NEWS.   That is the reason that you never get the “WHY”.


For you New Agers, and one day a week Christians…, the two groups most likely to want to “forgive” everything…, YOU have the luxury of not knowing what I know!

As Q-Anon has always said…, THOSE OF US WHO KNOW…, can not sleep at night!

THOSE OF US WHO KNOW…, have difficulty just doing the simple daily tasks and putting one foot in front of the other!

This is not “just” about the endless crimes being perpetrated against children…, it is also about SAP’s “Special Access Programs” where TI’s, “Targeted Individuals” like Bryan Alexander are literally MIND HACKED and then tortured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week WITHOUT STOPPING for as long as it takes to KILL HIM.

This kind of torture against TI’s can last many continuous years!  Even Jesus himself DID NOT SUFFER this level of prolonged torture!

So for those of you who weep every year for Jesus during Easter celebration, just imagine how much WORSE real people are suffering right now as we speak!



Just “imagine” what these monsters do to helpless little babies and children!!

YOU…, my readers have the luxury of NOT KNOWING just how deep this rabbit holes goes!

YOU still have the ability to “sleep” at night…, I DO NOT!

The very worst “deniers” of all that is happening around us, and thus the most difficult to deal with are again the Christians and the New Agers…, who write fairy tale blogs about just how “wonderful” the world is getting…, and just how FAR we’ve all advanced in our spirituality!

Trust me when I tell you that their “Demonic Handlers”…,  (Channeled Entities) are feeding them a line of pure BS!

You can add “DAVID WILCOCK” into that mess of people.

Many of them are apologizing daily for the pure evil taking place out there…, and are trying to tell you that its not a big deal!

(But they have never been through it…, have they?)

Wilcock even mentioned in one of his most recent live videos that we “should” be grateful for all of our SUFFERING here on Earth…, because “we” need that type of experience to grow faster!

I almost gagged when I heard him say that…..

I’m sorry…, but when I hear that kind of thing…, I want to get out the straight jacket and put the man or woman saying it…, INTO THE RUBBER JACKET!    Wilcock too!

NONE of these so called PUNDITS out there have first hand experience in detailing with a TI (Targeted Individual)…, I DO!

Bryan was one of the sweetest and most loving souls the world could have ever been blessed with…, and “they” literally TORTURED HIM TO DEATH!

For 18 months straight…, without a pause, and without a stop!

“They” used Voice to Skull on him 24/7 and would not even let him sleep at night.

Bryan who would not hurt a fly, told me after a year of this level of intense mental torture that he had finally changed his mind.

He had always thought that certain souls that were evil, only needed love and forgiveness to change their ways, but after what he had gone through and begged the perpetrators so STOP (and they only laughed) even HE believed that these “souls”…, not just their bodies…, but their souls as well.., NEEDED TO BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED for the good of the Universe!

They were that far GONE!

They had willingly given themselves over to DEMONIC POSSESSION!

YOU…, my readers have the LUXURY of never having dealt with the realtime fallout of what these LUCIFERIAN/SATANISTS have been doing in secret behind your backs for centuries.

They count on your naive’ belief that they should ALWAYS BE FORGIVEN…, because they see that belief as a weakness – and they also see that belief as YOUR TACIT CONSENT that they should be allowed to continue for eternity.

They believe that they are the LIONS…, and YOU are the sheep!

They have no use for you or for your morality…, for they have NONE!

They are 100 percent psychopaths who can not feel any emotion and any remorse…, and have given over the very CORE of their beings to doing pure EVIL.


Q-Anon is entirely correct!

Every single one of these people need to be eliminated!  They need a bullet!  For the good of the Earth and for the good of humanity!

But just know that Bryan (who was a TI and a very loving soul) in the end wanted to see them not only killed, but DESTROYED beyond their physical death as well!

There were no words that he could use to describe the level of satisfaction that these perpetrators were getting from torturing him with the use of hidden and advanced technology – and they TOLD HIM THAT!

So next time you visit a “lovey dovey” NEW AGE WEBSITE or read a NEW AGE CHANNELED MESSAGE…, or sit down in a easy go Christian Church…, just remember something…, these “agents” of the so called ASCENDED MASTERS and even Prechers are keeping the TRUTH of how bad it is – HIDDEN FROM YOU!

They are not telling you what these MONSTERS are really doing out there!

Just why do you suppose that is?

So this is the “WHY” of the “AGREEMENT”.


Because those of us who KNOW…, can’t sleep!

All my love…..