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[Based on the series I just wrote, I thought this was very important! – Bradley]

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By: Kerry Lynn Cassidy


Trump announced today, a return to the Moon and Mars via NASA (never-a-straight-answer).

This is problematic because actually we are already there. And by God, he must know that by now.

So we have a President who is going along with the coverup of the secret space program. If he and his team are busy rounding up and at least according to one source shooting(!) pedophiles… then he needs to know that he has a lot more work to do to ‘drain the swamp’ as they call it.

You can’t stop pedophilia, child trafficking and human trafficking and slavery by ignoring the real source of the problem which is the off-planet (and on) races of reptilians and greys who feed on human fluids and organs. The human hybrid side of this is only the tip of the iceberg.

And the problem is systemic.

All arresting and/or shooting (as one source tells me) a few pedophiles is going to do is weed the garden and the strong ones will simply go into hiding and go deeper…. The problem remains because vampires and reptilian tendencies cannot be legislated out of existence. They are endemic to certain races. And we on Planet Earth have been invaded and infected with these tendencies.

And the invasionary forces of negative aliens are already deeply embedded here in underground and undersea bases that in theory must be taken out!

While Trumps team nabs a few token pedophiles meanwhile in Dulce and underground bases AROUND THE PLANET humans are being experimented on against their will, genetically manipulated, eaten, tortured and enslaved and sold as slaves to visiting races. This is where the real battle must be fought.

I am thinking of doing a show about what is in essence becoming a civil war in America … The two sides… I am told by a source that Trump and his group want to take back 15 trillion from Pureheart (see my interview with Paladin on history of the White hats for more on this) they may in essence be stealing from our future and the protection of the Planet and its people…because this is where the money goes.

I will invite a few good men (and women) to do a virtual roundtable and discuss this crucial issue.

Some may say returning the $15 trillion (actually it’s a lot more) to the “people” on Earth is a good thing. But we have to figure out what our true priorities are.

And this kind of discussion never happens because 95% or more are completely unwilling and unable to have such a discussion because they don’t recognize the real problem!

Money for who? People on earth? in the US? surface earth? what about the battle for the future of humanity ? So if you steal from one place to give to another do you solve anything? World hunger can be solved using the technology in use by the secret space program. We know this.

Where does the secrecy end?

Because without true acknowledgement of the issues we on Planet Earth will continue to be bystanders and victims used and abused by the chosen objectives of the Secret Space Programs and our relations with off and on Planet hidden races (both allies and enemies).

My point is who benefits and why?

As one person put it: “I don’t want the cabal developing it so they can use it to control us and kill us.” Is Trump and his team a ‘LIMITED HANGOUT?’.

This is all about the BATTLE that Trump is supposedly waging. We have multiple witness testimony documenting an invasion of the CIA a few weeks ago by Trump and his forces. Is this the real shot across the bow of a CIVIL WAR in the United States?

How can it stop at our borders when we have to deal with the real home of the Illuminati in the UK, Brussels, Europe and what about the objectives of China who are running their own secret space program? Who is your friend and who is your enemy? Do you want Trump to start a war that will kill us all?

Who is he really fighting and what does he plan to achieve? And how far can he go?

If all he does is clean up the surface while under the earth…off planet people are dying every day in conditions far worse than the camps in Nazi Germany, what does it really mean?

For example here in California there is evidence they caused the fires using LASER WEAPONS (or directed energy weapons involving particle or plasma beams).

We have video footage showing beams shot from planes even helicopters setting fire to individual homes and leaving others untouched. And this continues here while Trump and team are supposedly tracking down pedophiles to expose and burning poppy fields and heroin labs in Afghanistan.

So if he is supposedly taking charge why is this happening? I have a video showing clearly a man made high pressure system blocking the incoming moisture that could have put out the fires in California right away. Who’s allowing this to happen? What is the real priority here?

What this tells me is that he and his team obviously don’t have control of the secret space program.

And without that they are just cosmetic.

This is the topic for discussion. Take back PLANET EARTH! This is the real objective of any sane person.

Trumps moves with the part of the military that support him and they know what I am talking about. Do you?

We are already in a CIVIL WAR if our government is invading our INTEL AGENCIES and destroying their drug stashes and operations in other countries!

This is not going to be a nice little contained civil war.


Throwing a few pedos in jail or shooting them won’t solve the problem.

There is and has been an invasion all over the earth in under sea and underground bases of diabolically intentioned aliens.

They are here.

The human issue with vampirism, pedophilia = power over others and drawing power from others. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we are dealing with.

Until the people know what they are really up against they will suffer the consequences. We need a world of warriors not a world of citizen drones living and working in the dark to feed the machine.

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By: Bradley Loves



Okay, so if Freemasonry has been going around for the last 250 years, and creating all of these “fake” religions that were and are specifically designed to “secretly” lead the masses who follow them into the hands of LUCIFER…

And, if Freemasonry’s “Secret Hidden Religion” is based upon the Ancient Mystery Schools of Babylon (a Religion that existed between 4,500 and 5,000 years ago)….

Then WHO (pray tell) is behind the current incarnation of Freemasonry?



The Jesuits are an Ancient Order that at one time controlled all of Planet Earth under the leadership of Rome and the POPE.

The Pope’s “private army” at one time were the Knights Templar!

The “JESUITS” are the current incarnation of the POPE’s “private army”.

They do not follow Jesus Christ, but anwer to, and take orders from the POPE ALONE!

(I was told this personally by a Jesuit!)

If you’ll kindly remember what I said in Part Six of this series, Albert Pike gave as one of the justifications of keeping the TRUE meaning of Freemasonry away from the initiates as being the “fact” that the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR used to do it when they ran things, thus, so can we!

It is true that the Pope destroyed some of the Knights Templar, but only because they were going to expose what was really happening behind the scenes!

Many of the Knights survived, and remained loyal to the Pope.

Albert Pike said in his book: Morals and Dogma, that the Knight’s Templar practiced a hidden Religion known as Johannism!

Even though they were the Pope’s “army”, and the Pope was supposedly the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, they did not practice Roman Catholicism!

Albert Pikes says that “Roman Catholic” was always a “fake” religion meant to deceive the masses.

Thus, Johannism became the Religion of the Adepts, the Masters, or the Magicians in those days.

Johannism (like Freemasonry) was based upon the Ancient Mystery Schools of Ancient Babylon, and was thus a HIDDEN RELIGION…, just like the true meaning of Freemasonry is hidden from everyone today.

This is why Albert Pike compares the monumental deceptions of Freemasonry as necessary, just as it was necessary in the days of the KNIGHT’s TEMPLAR.



The “VATICAN” for some strange reason, has been the “seat” of absolute POWER here on Earth for almost 2000 years, and before that, it was the CEASARS of ROME.

The Vatican has enjoyed having a strangle hold on every living human being on the planet, and it is far from willing to give that CONTROL over to anyone else.

Freemasonry’s recent activities in creating wholly deceptive Religions started at about the same time as the Protestant Reformation!

It is highly likely that Freemasonry was a direct “counter move” by the Jesuits (the Pope’s army) to try to control and disrupt the flow of men and women who were moving away from the “fake” Religion they had created for the masses.

Their strategy was to CONTINUE to deceive and mis-inform the masses, while keeping them from any form of real TRUTH by side lining their desires for TRUTH with even more lies, and more deceptions through the creation of many brand NEW RELIGIOUS CONS!

Countless “new” Religions and Spiritual Groups were thusly created between 1800 and the 1950’s, all of which were founded by the Freemasons.

(This includes the “New Age Religion”, a fact of which almost every single New Ager is totally unaware).

So it is clear, at least in my opinion, that the Freemasons were acting on behalf of the JESUITS, and doing their dirty work!

As you have seen from the writings that I’ve posted from Albert Pike…, their attitude seems to be that anyone who is not with us, is against us!

Thus…, as Albert Pike said in his book:




Roman Catholicism is not a Religion…, it is instead a CON!

(A “massive” one at that)!

One of the few questions left to answer seems to be this one:

If indeed, it is the Vatican and the Jesuits who are behind the Freemasons…

And, it is also clear that the secret religion of Freemasonry is Luciferianism/Satanism…

Then,  can we be safe in concluding that the secret religion of the Vatican is also Luciferianism/Satanism??


What do YOU think??


What is it really that the VATICAN has been doing on Earth for the last 2000 years?

Have they not been secretly trying to CONTROL the entire world (through stealth and through subversion)?

This is certianly not an OVERT WAR…, but instead, it is a stealthy and a covert war!

It is a WAR through subversive means!!

It is done wholly through the use of deception and by creating a condition of POLARIZATION here on Earth.

They secretly create havoc in the world by “paying” for opposing factions to battle against one another, and thus achieve a weakened society!!

This tactic is known as: DIVIDE AND CONQUER, and according to the TERRA PAPERS…, and according to Robert Morning Sky who wrote them…, is something that is wholly REPTILIAN in it’s origins.



Thus, we now have to ask the next and most serious question of all!

Who is it that is behind the JESUITS and behind the VATICAN??

For that answer…, we actually have to return to the TERRA PAPERS!

Bek-ti, the Gray Alien that gave this information to Robert Morning Sky’s grandfather, says that “REPTILES” took over the entire Earth in a Coup a very long time ago.

They have been living here ever since that time, and have been enslaving mankind and using us for their own purposes.

They have used us just like Cattle, and have treated us with total disdain.

They claim to “own” us all like live-stock…, and the fact that all human beings Birth Certificates are traded on the New York Stock Exchange is evidence that this is still taking place even today.

It has been said that the Vatican was behind this buying and selling of humans though the use of the Birth Certificates…, but if one looks a little deeper…, I think that the VATICAN has bosses it must also answer to!


So, the Freemasons are working for the Jesuits…
And, the Jesuits are working for the Reptiles…

Well, Who are the Reptiles working for????

This remains the last and final question to be considered!


All my love….


By: Bradley Loves


This is going to be a very important part of this series!

It is important, because up until now, I’ve been showing you how FREEMASONRY has apparently created all kinds of groups and even religions that were, and are meant to lead people to some sort of deeply secret teachings!

They have apparently been doing this over the last 250 years or so!

So this “fact” brings up some very serious questions!


What Albert Pike just told us here is profoundly important!

  1. He ADMITS that Freemasonry is a RELIGION!
  2. He tells us that every single “Masonic Lodge” is a TEMPLE of that RELIGION!
  3. He further reveals that those men and women at the LOWER levels of this RELIGION have no clue what the real truth is!
  4. He tells us in no uncertain terms that they are DELIBERATELY BEING MISLED!
  5. He tells us that the “profound truths” of this RELIGION are so “lofty” that only the most ADEPT can fathom or understand them.
  6. He calls those who know the REAL truth: SAGES, ADEPTS, and the ELECT!   All others, in his opinion, DESERVE, to be misled.


Now, I don’t know about you, but this philosophy sounds highly bigoted and “ELITIST”!   It sounds like something a KING would say about lowly COMMONERS.

The only thing he has NOT told us so far is what this SECRET RELIGION IS!!



Here, PIKE finally tells us what the “Secret Religion” of Freemasonry really is all about!  It is a “COPY” of the Ancient Mystery Schools he says, that had is roots in ANCIENT BABYLON!

He then very quickly tries to “justify” exactly WHY men and women who join Freemasony at the very lowest levels are NEVER TOLD THIS!

  1. First he tells us that the “Masons” do not have any moral or ethical “problem” with LYING THEIR AS*ES OFF!
  2. They have no “moral” dilemma with either lying or deception!


What he has just said here is utterly astounding considering that it is coming from someone who just said that every single “masonic lodge” is a TEMPLE of Religion!

He “justifies” this gross penchant for deception by telling us that the “TEMPLARS” at one time kept two “versions” of Religion alive on Earth.

One version was for the “WORTHY ONES” – world leaders, adepts, kings and queens and so forth, and the other version was for the masses, (otherwise known as the commoners.)

So basically he is telling us this:


Further, he tells us what these two versions of Religion were during the days of the Templars.

JOHANNISM was the Secret Religion reserved for the “MASTERS”, or the “ADEPTS”, while ROMAN CATHOLIC was the religion handed out to the masses or the commoners!

It is quite obvious from the way he tells us this that ROMAN CATHOLICISM is 100 percent totally fake, a con, and meant to misled those who are unworthy! (In his opinion).

He lastly “justifies” one last time the need for LYING and DECEPTION by telling us that the TRUTH is too “complex” and even “deadly” to those who are not sophisticated enough to understand it!!!

(Just between you and me, it’s difficult not to “barf” while reading his condescending attitude here.  This guy is so “full” of himself that I doubt there would be room for him and another human being in a football stadium!  His EGO would take up the entire building!)

The last thing to mention here, and this is very important, is that almost every single man who has ever joined FREEMASONRY has been told that it is a “Christian” Organization!

From the very moment they JOIN UP…, they are told they are following in the path of CHRIST!   Never forget this!  But right here…, he has freely admitted that this is a CON or a LIE!  (One for which he has no apology for!)



Here is where we get the IDEA of just where the dividing line is!!

Apparently up until the 32 or the 33rd Degree, the CON is still maintained.  In other words, for the entire time it takes a Mason to rise up 32 full degrees in the “craft”…, he is being lied to and misled about the true nature of Masonry.

(For some Masons…, this may be their entire lifetime!)

However, gives us a hint that at the 32 or 33rd Degree, things start to change!  Then he asks a cryptic question which is odd coming from someone who CLAIMS to be a member of a CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION!

He says:  LUCIFER THE LIGHT BEARER!   What a strange name to give to a spirit of darkness!  Lucifer is the son of the morning! He is the one who bears the “light”!  Doubt it not!

So we are getting our very first look at what those who finally make it to the 32 and 33rd Degree find out after all that time in the lower levels!

C.W. Leadbeater goes even a step further!   He says the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry LINKS the Masons to the SPIRITUAL KING OF THE WORLD HIMSELF!

(Well, who the hell is that?   I’ve got a nagging suspicion he’s NOT talking about Jesus Christ!)


Okay, so finally here we HAVE THE TRUTH!

With the information on the last four slides, it is CLEAR that after the 33rd Degree, the Masons “switch” from being a Christian Organization to one that is totally devoted to LUCIFER!

And in the very LAST slide, none other than Helena Blavatsky makes it totally clear, (so that there is no doubt) that LUCIFER is in fact SATAN!

SATAN (she says) is the GOD of this planet, and the ONLY GOD of this planet.  (There is no other).

Now…, Helena Blavatsky is the “founder” of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT!    I don’t know how much more clear that I can make this to you as the reader!

If you don’t “get it” by now…, you just don’t want to “get it”.

Here is Helena Blavatsky standing right next to a man she claims is SAINT GERMAINE!

Every single New Age Channeling Website and Blog is CONSTANTLY running Channeled Messages from none other than SAINT GERMAINE!

So now tell me something my dear readers (if you dare)!

If all of these so called NEW AGE WEBSITES are running article after article about the messages of St. Germaine as well as other “MASTERS” then what are they really doing?


Aren’t they unknowingly pushing SATANISM onto unsuspecting and innocent seekers who don’t know enough yet to figure that out??


Haven’t I said that they are the “blind” leading the “blind”??

Finally…, it is quite clear that after reaching the 33rd Degree…, ALL of the Freemasons who “attain” that height…, seem to move into DARK BLACK MAGIC, into the CASTING OF SPELLS, and even into the CONJURING OF DEMONS!


More will be coming…

All my love….









By: Bradley Loves


When this is done, what you may be surprised to see is that all of these goups were very carefully, and methodically designed to lead as many people as possible DIRECTLY into the hands of  LUCIFER!


(And Yet, TRUE KNOWLEDGE, in their opinion, always leads the “seeker” directly back to LUCIFER)




For those who have some time…, do some RESEARCH into the HELL FIRE CLUB!  That will blow you away!

More coming!





By: Bradley Loves

What is most deeply disturbing here is not that FREEMASONRY is the “founder” of the NEW AGE movement!

And, this “FACT” has been proven, is without any doubt, and can no longer be denied!!

Instead however, it is the fact that FREEMASONRY is deely tied to SATANISM that is totally disturbing beyond any discription!

This one single fact ALONE should give every single man or woman who calls themselves a “New Ager” great pause!!

More will be coming!

Stay tuned for Part Five –

What else is FREEMASONRY responsible for??







By: Bradley Loves


It is not that the NEW AGE movement tells us that we can all be “GODS” that is suspect here in my writings, or should be of REAL CONCERN to anyone who is reading this.


…is that every single blasted person ever connected to the NEW AGE who is saying this very thing, tells us that LUCIFER is the one who has told us about this, and that it is HE who is therefore showing human beings the WAY TO GODHOOD!

This is why (in their opinion) LUCIFER is the GOD of this world, and why (in their opinion) anyone who thinks differently NEEDS TO DIE, or at the very least, have ALL TRUTH hidden from them!

Think on this deeply before you go to your next channeling session!

The “Nation of Islam” comes from a far older organization deeply connected to FREEMASONRY!

The “Ku Klux Klan” comes from an older organization connected to FREEMASONRY!!



More Coming in PART FOUR –

How ALL of this ties directly into SATANISM, which is part of the hidden and darkly magical portion of LUCIFERIANISM!







By: Bradley Loves

Why is it that every “New Age” bookstore you visit that sells books on the “Ascended Masters” is ALSO selling countless books on Wicca, Witchcraft, and Satanism as well??

Could the TWO be connected??



Coming up in PART THREE –

The Nation of Islam, it’s connections to Freemasonry, Witchcraft, the KU KLUX KLAN, and once again, ultimately SATANISM!