By: Bradley Loves




1) a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness

2) an effigy, an image, or a representation


Simulacrum is a false or unreal image.  It is a superficial likeness which imates or “mimmiks” something real…, but itself is wholly UNREAL!

Simulacrum comes from the Latin root simulare’  or  “simulation”.

It has to do with the idea that what is being “seen” as an “image” is NOT the real thing…, but instead a “simulated image” of something that looks real…, but is NOT!


They are “simulations” of situations which could happen…, but in fact are NOT happening,  or…, at least NOT happening for the reasons we are being told.

THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING/PYRAMID SACRIFICE.., (even though many people died) in the strictest sense of the word is SIMULACRUM.

It is an “image” of something that we are supposed to think of as ONE THING…, when it is in fact something VERY DIFFERENT!

The entire job of the Main Stream News Media is to engage the viewing public in pure SIMULACRUM!

They (the media) “simulate” conditions…, events…, and even moral outrage, in order to achieve REAL GOALS by using simulacrum or “simulations”.

If we go to an online Thesaurus…, and look for words that are “synonyms” of the word simulate…, we come up with a whole bunch of nasty words like:

  • Mimmic
  • cheat
  • concoct
  • Counterfeit
  • decieve
  • disguise
  • Exaggerate
  • Fabricate
  • Fake

That last one really encapsulates the MAIN STREAM MEDIA to a tee…, and is something of a phrase that Donald Trump has now made famous…, “FAKE NEWS”

To “simulate” anything…, is to “fake it”!


There is just no nice way to talk about “simulations” or about SIMULACRUM!

According to some very well respected researchers…, and I’m talking about the ones who have been around and been doing it for many, many years…, (Jordan Maxwell) for instance…, our entire “LEGAL SYSTEM” is nothing more than SIMULACRUM!

It is a “cheat”…, or a “lie” that is masquerading as the real thing!

It is a “simulation” of something that was at one time REAL…, but is a cheat, a copy, or counterfeit!

In addition to our world wide “LEGAL SYSTEM” being SIMULACRUM…,  our “money system” or “currency” is also SIMULACRUM!

The United States Dollar has NO REAL VALUE!

It is a piece of paper, with ink poured on it!


It is a squished part of a tree, with food coloring spilled all over it!


It is a simulation of “value”…, which has been placed there as a representation…, and is a “copy” of something that at one time actually HAD VALUE!


However, what the United States Dollar does have, is countless “MAGICAL SYMBOLS” written all over it…., and one of the very first things a person who is learning “magic” is taught right at the very beginning, is that the basis for every kind of magic…, (both dark and light) is GEOMETRY!

Here is a recent post where I talked briefly about magic and geometry!!

Now…, even though not very much is said in the above linked post about the connection between magic and geometry (besides the obvious statement that magic is based on geometry) suffice it to say that geometry is the ENTIRE BASIS of all magic period!

Magic is extremely “mathematical”…, because it uses “electro-magnetics”  or “magnetism” as the POWER behind it!

You see, if we are finally going to “disclose” what needs to be “disclosed”…, from this point of view alone…, “electro-gravitics”…, and “anti-gravity drives” would be considered to be wholly MAGICAL!


These types of exotic drives that appear to make ships “float” in defiance of gravity…, and in defiance of all normal physical laws…, use electro-gravitics…, and so to the “numbskull”.., it all appears very “magical”.

I usually don’t say more than this…, because I really do NOT want to be teaching anyone MAGIC, which is a heavy mix of electro-magnetics, geometry, and harmonics.

Magic has been used and abused for thousands of years…, and almost everyone who learns magic eventually uses it to DESTROY others and DESTROY MANKIND!

Just look what the secret space program has managed to do in a very short period of time while totally IGNORING ALL OF HUMANITY…, and FIXING NOTHING here on the Earth!!

Even “if” their very first intention was to use MAGIC to help mankind…, they…., like all others before them have been taken in by the DARK SIDE and are now using magic to SERVE ONLY THEMSELVES and are in fact as we speak, destroying others and destroying the Earth.


Getting back to SIMULACRUM…, would it interest you to know that the HUMAN MIND itself…, is an “electro-magnetic” computer system!


Shall I repeat myself?

Did this just go over the top of everyones head??

Just like the “magic” of electro-gravitics will create an “anti-gravity” or floating affect upon real things…, the “magic” of electro-magnetics will create an “anti-thinking” or floating affect upon the human mind!

Both “magics” are highly mathematical, and use tons of geometry!!

By placing countless magical SYMBOLS upon printed paper, and through the secret USE of geometry…, ALL CURRENCIES can and HAVE become a “form” of MIND CONTROL!

Most people have no idea that the money, or currency that they hold in their wallets are actually nothing more than forms of printed “magic spells”!

YES…., and now you know the rest of the story!

Can you tell me why any human being would actually KILL another human being in trade for the squished part of a tree with ink spilled on it??

……Unless their MINDS were totally GONE??

In exchange for these squished paper parts of a tree with ink spilled on them…, people are willing to:

  • Keep Secrets
  • Sign non disclosure agreements
  • Go to war and kill others
  • destroy the planet
  • destroy their own race
  • destroy their species

There is nothing most people won’t do to “GET” the currency…, and as I’ve said…, the actual “paper” that you hold in your wallet is CURSED by geometry.


Once again…, think “electro-gravitics”!

How does a space ship defy gravity??  How is it even possible to “have an effect” which defies all normal laws of nature??

How does a ship the size of an “air craft carrier” simply float in mid air??

To the those lacking in knowledge…, it’s pure MAGIC!

To those who know what “magic” is…, it’s…

  • eletro-magnetics
  • geometry
  • harmonics

Now…, what would happen if you simply applied the very same three things to currency??


What if the paper money in your wallet was literally covered with geometry??

What if your brain was being “effected” by the electro-magnetics in the air…, in cell phones, lap tops, televisions, computers, game boxes and all of the rest??

Could YOUR OWN MIND be “activated magically” to defy gravity??

Could YOUR OWN MIND be cursed to perform in a way that it normally would NOT through a mix of

  • electro-magnetics?
  • geometry?
  • harmonics?

Am I just making too much sense here??    You might call me crazy…, but WHO is the crazy one??

The ONE who calls electro-gravitics “magic” when they see a ship floating in mid air…, or the one who actually knows the science behind how it is done??


All currencies in the WORLD have been CURSED!

Your MIND no longer thinks correctly…, and you are willing to do wholly EVIL THINGS in order to get that money!



We are suddenly faced with the idea that paper currency is outdated!

We are faced with the idea that all governments should get “rid” of paper money and simply go to electronic money!!


Because the “paper curse” is a very visible sign of what is/was being done to you!  It is actual and tangible proof of what was going on…, and the MAGICIANS do NOT want you to be able to see what was actually printed on the money that you were using…, they want to get RID OF THE EVIDENCE!

Therefore…, the “cell phone towers”…, the GWEN towers…, the cell phones in your pocket, your lap top, and your television will now be the “substitutes” for the MIND CONTROL MESSAGE that you once carried in your wallet.

However…, make NO MISTAKE HERE…, the very 3 elements of the “magical” technology are STILL the same.

  • electro-magnetics
  • geometry
  • harmonics

All of which are inter-facing with YOUR MIND!


Once again we can bring up the word SIMULACRUM

A “magic spell” is in fact a mixture of geometrical shapes, images, and representations that when placed in a proper order… SAY SOMETHING TO YOUR SUB-CONSIOUS MIND.

It “activates” you on a level that you normally do NOT have control over!

You do not normally have to think about BREATHING.

You do not normally have to think about DIGESTING FOOD.

Those things just happen as if “by magic”.

However…, these body functions are also

  • electro-magnetic
  • geometric
  • harmonic

And once you know the “mathematical formula”…, you can easily change ANY of these functions!

So…, now that we have a much better idea of what SIMULACRUM IS…, the very least we can do is to apply it to the MAIN STREAM MEDIA…, and admit that what they are engaged in every single day is a form of MAGIC…, which is meant to establish MIND CONTROL over the populations.

This is known!

And when you see “signs”…, “symbols”…, certain color combinations…, or even sounds being “flashed” very quickly across your TV Screen…, then you can be a “witness” to the active MIND CONTROL that is being used on YOU through the television medium.


It is SIMULACRUM…, and it is NOT REAL…, but it’s effects are still there and YOU are still being effected!

Some things for you to think about…..

All my love….







By: Bradley Loves


I spent the evening in contemplation, as I sometimes do.

Never have I been more aware of what is happening on this planet…, and at the same time happening on other dimensions and levels.

It has become so clear to me why the “life forms” around this field of manifestion are so desperate to copy and to clone human beings.

No one understands us!

In the grand scheme of life…, as concerns the physical body…, and the “force” that operates that body…, there is NONE so grand…, as the force that is the human SOUL!

The difference between it and all other forces being like “night” and “day”.

The truth is that the human soul operates on a LEVEL that no entities, beings, demons or artifical intelligence can begin to grasp.

As a reader…, you may or may not understand.

This next part…, you will either “get”…, and KNOW…, or you will not understand…, and there is no way for me to show you.

YOU are a direct line that goes straight back to your creator!

There is none like you anywhere, on any level of creation.

The almost infinate life forms in this Universe can NOT…, and do NOT understand the human SOUL because it is a perfect “image” of the PRIME CREATOR.

It has a direct connection outside of ALL space and time and beyond ANY science directly to PRIME CREATOR.

  • For this reason, “we” are scorned.
  • For this reason, “we” are enslaved.
  • For this reason, “we” are bought and sold like cattle.


Imagine if you will…, two different beings who might “look” somewhat the same on the outside…, but on the inside they are very different.

Neither one knows what it FEELS like to be the other…, and they both operate on different levels and in totally different ways.

One being is more like a machine.  It has intelligence, but thinks in terms of computations. It has logic, but only that. It does not feel deeply because it can’t.  That is how it was made.

The other is more like a beautiful sky.  It also has intelligence, but thinks in terms of deep love and infinate emotions.  It has dreams, which can be made solid. It only feels how things are, because that is how it is made.

Both are pressed into a single field of manifestation to see how well they operate.

One operates with machine like efficiency…, and “achieves” with machine like efficiency.  It calculates and builds. It likes what it is.

The other spends time in joyous laughter, happy thoughts and delicious dreams. It “intuites”.  It likes what it is.


One “imagines”.

One follows a “blueprint”.


One creates from joy,

One mimmiks what it sees, and duplicates it.


Both are operating exactly how they are designed until something very DARK happens.

The one that operates with efficiency, very much like a machine sees that no matter how much it calcultes and achieves, and no matter how much it mimmicks and duplicates…, IT WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN IT WAS CREATED TO BE.

It has watched carefully the lifeform that laughs, dances, dreams and imagines…, and wonders why it can not BE LIKE THAT.

It becomes insanely JEALOUS of how the other life form operates.

What is worse…, is the that other life form does not seem to be able to see, nor seem to even appreciate what it is!

The first life form becomes ENRAGED over this.

This laughing, dreaming and imaginative human (that looks alot like it does) seems far “better” off and does not even CARE.


The “calculating” life form suddenly embarks on an endevour to change itself into what it can never possibly be.

It mimmiks, it copies, it analyzes, it think tanks, it projects, and it deduces…, and at the end of the day…, nothing it tries allows it to function in the way the other life form functions, because it was created differently.

Rage turns into the deepest form of HATRED…, and finally a single plan is formed to wipe out or enslave all of the precious “copies” of what it wants to be, but knows it can’t.

Years of research, years of experimentation, and years of desperate design are not successful in trying to “mimmik” or “duplicate” a version of the laughing, dreaming, and imaginative life form that the calculating and machine like intelligence can comfortably live in.

It does NOT UNDERSTAND what even makes the other life form “go”.

It does NOT UNDERSTAND what makes it operate!!

You see my dear friend…,

Our loving CREATOR gave each of us a SOUL…, which is a direct line back to that creator.

  • Through that SOUL WE OPERATE.
  • Through that SOUL WE FEEL.
  • WE feel, because our CREATOR FEELS.
  • WE LIVE, because our CREATOR LIVES.

We do not feel “special” while we are here, because we do not understand that all of the other beings are NOT MADE the way we are.

We do not understand their hatred or their jealously because we do not know what it feels like to be them.


We are made uniquely in all the Universe.


It’s time to stop devaluing who and what you are, and realize that almost every other life form is insanely jealous of your SOUL.


Because “they” do not have one that’s why.

Youl SOUL…, is the one gift that makes YOU different from all of the other life forms in the field of manifestation.


  • Your soul is why you are able to FEEL.
  • Your soul is why you are able to dream and imagine.
  • Your soul is why you are able to laugh and think happy thoughts

If you squash your feelings, if you squash your dreams, if you squash your laughter…, then you are squashing your very self.

Stop listening to the “other” life forms who want you to operate as they do.

They calculate, they achieve, they mimmick…., because THAT is how they are made.

But YOU…, are NOT made that way…, why do you “mimmick” them??

Think about this next time they “give you orders”.


Do not play in their sordid sand box any longer!

Do not follow their orders!

Do not give them your soul!





Aleister Crowley’s “INSANE” Debauchery

By: Bradley Loves


If the title to this piece sounds just a tiny bit “judgemental”…, there is very good reason for that.


Throwing out all ideas of political correctness…, we as a world have got to come to grips with what some people are all about!!

THE TRUTH will lead us there.

Taken from a website called:  Para-religion…, we get this post about Aleister Crowley, and his apparent total and unbrideled fascination with ANAL-INTERCOURSE as part of the Secret O.T.O

The structure of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), like that of Freemasonry, is based on a staged series of initiations or degrees.

The essence of the Order is in its higher degrees; (or strictly speaking), only members of these “higher degrees” are considered to be members of the O.T.O. proper.

Aleister Crowley:

“Of the Eleventh Degree [of the Ordo Templi Orientis], its powers, privileges, and qualifications, NOTHING whatever is said in any grade.

It has no relation to the general plan of the Order, is inscrutable, and dwells in its own palaces.” (Liber CXCIV, 1919)


“I am inclined to believe that the XIth degree is better than the IXth degree”, (diary entry #26 from August 1916).

Below, is a diary entry from 1913 about a boy showered with “foaming seed”.


“Oh, how superior is the Eye of Horus to the Mouth of Isis!”.

“While the other, in his orgasm, receives the waters.”

“Let it be no sin to us to have buggered the virle bum.”

“While the priest thrusts his thyrsus between boyish buttocks,

All is accomplished; come Holy Dove!” “The Equinox” IV;2, Maine 1998, 405.


Now…, here is a DIRECT QUOTE from Aliester Crowley himself…, lest there be any doubt (at all…, and for all time)…, that he did IN FACT both support, and engage in the practice of anal intercourse with young boys!

Not only do we find this out conclusively…, but we ALSO find out something very important in “esoterics”…, that had never been discussed outside of “magical circles”…

And that is exactly WHAT the “EYE OF HORUS” really is!

(As well as the “Mouth of ISIS”)


So…, to every so called “Egyptian” scholar out there who is trying to falsely tell us what the EYE OF HORUS really meant to those who were the practicing Magicians inside of the Mystery Schools…, you can now just STOP IT!

There were very few people in the world who knew magic and the hidden occult meanings of things BETTER than Crowley did.

So when ever you come across “a symbol” and are told it relates to the EYE OF HORUS…, just know what the Secret Societies consider “that” symbol to really mean”.

Now…, the “Mouth of Isis” would be the female genital…, going on what was said in Crowley’s own diary.

But read again what he says….


Meaning that he prefers anal sex to proper sex with a female, calling it vastly SUPERIOR!

But then he goes on in detail…

  • While the “priest” thrusts…..between “boyish” buttocks.
  • All is accomplished…, COME HOLY DOVE (Holy Spirit).

What he is saying is that he considers ANAL SEX with a male child to be totally a spiritual and sacred act, worthy of the coming of The Holy Spirit.


Now…, here is something of interest that will make all of the connections within these secret societies seem to come full circle.

Going back to the earlier article from The Vigilant Citizen…, we have this:


As head of the O.T.O in California, Crowley tutored many individuals who had a great impact on American Society.

One of them is Jack Parsons.

Jack Parsons, was an American rocket propulsion researcher at the California Institute of Technology.

He was one of the principal founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Corp.

His rocket research was some of the earliest in the United States, and his pioneering work in the development of solid fuel and the invention of JATO units for aircraft was of great importance to the start of humanity’s space age.

The noted engineer Theodore von Kármán, Parsons’s friend and benefactor, declared that the work of Parsons and his peers helped usher in the age of space travel.

In fact, the Parsons crater on the dark side of the moon is named after him.

“He (Jack Parsons) has been described as ‘the one single individual who contributed the most to rocket science’ and as an individual ‘who traveled under sealed orders from the US Government’” [15. Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare]

Behind closed doors, Parsons was deeply steeped in occultism and became a prominent member of the O.T.O., where he partook in rather extreme sex magick rituals.

[Note from Bradley…, this is most likely only one of the top people that Brett Stillings was talking about when he told me that ALL of the men at the very top (NASA and JPL) were into MAGIC!     Parsons was one of the very “Founders” of JPL in Pasadena, California…, and was a student and protege’ of Crowley.  But it get’s even better when Parsons takes a very deep interest in a young Navy Captain named L. Ron Hubbard]


…..Parsons took a great liking to Hubbard, who was then a U.S. Navy Captain, and initiated him to the secrets of the O.T.O.

“In a 1946 communiqué to Crowley, Parsons wrote:

‘About three months ago I met (US Navy) Capt. L. Ron. Hubbard…

Although Ron has no formal training in Magick, he has an extraordinary amount of experience and understanding in the field…

He is the most thelemic person I have ever met and is in complete accord with our principles.

He is also interested in establishing the New Aeon…

We are pooling our resources in a partnership that will act as a limited company to control our business ventures.” [18. Ibid.]


Hubbard’s Church of Scientology is today an extremely influential and well-funded sect that boasts within its ranks more than 8 million members, including high-profile celebrities like Tom Cruise, Will Smith, John Travolta and Lisa Marie Presley.


It may be of particular interest to know that there is a very secluded and well protected part of the Church of Scientology that is located in Hemet, California called:


(Which could just as easily be written: Golden Age Productions or New Golden Age Productions!)

This place is a state of the art Movie Production Facility for the Church and spares NO EXPENSE in it’s buildings or it’s architecture.

Because I was actually “there”…, (I won’t get into how)…, I will tell you that I heard several stories about L. Ron Hubbard…, from people who were actually a part of the history of the place…, and these “stories” were that Hubbard was a pedophile…, preferring young boys!

This makes total sense based upon what we have READ ABOVE!

If indeed he was deeply into SEX MAGICK as both Parsons and Crowley were…, then we would see that he would want to USE the same types of spells and rituals THEY were using to gain Power and Fame.

Here we have Hubbards own son talking about his father in an interview with Penthouse Magazine from June of 1983:

Hubbard’s son gets even MORE CLEAR….

So WHERE did all of this black Magic that Hubbards own son is talking about come from??

It came from Jack Parsons…, who started the JET PROPULSION LABRATORY in Pasadena, California!

And where did PARSONS get it from??

The O.T.O.   (Ordo Templi Orientus) that was eventually run by Crowley himself!!

NOW…, do you finally understand why all of the top brass who work for the likes of NASA and/or the Secret Space Program are considered to be “DARK MAGICIANS”??

Now do you FINALLY understand why the CIA…, the NSA…, and the FBI are actually working against the American People and the entire world as well ???

…………………Look who their “LEADERS” are…………………

Parsons himself literally could be considered the “father” of American rocket engine and solid fuel technology!

These men were highly SATANIC in their leanings.

Now…, behind ALL OF THIS (it always goes higher up) we’ve got the Jesuits…, and then the VATICAN itself.

These players are totally hidden and obscured by “word of mouth only” connections between the varying groups, clubs, and societies in the world which are NOT part of any Government or on any Record.

In other words:


Behind the Jesuits…, we get into the ALIEN connection…, and this is where everything goes OFF WORLD.

Now…, am I just crazy to wonder “why” almost all of the so called SPIRITUAL…, and off world contacts that these countless channelers are getting from the likes of MASTERS OF HEAVEN…,

…..”contacts” which can not be argued seem to come from “OFF WORLD”…..

…..say absolutely NOTHING…, ZIP…, NADA…, NIX…, NOT  A BLASTED WORD…, about the Satanic nature and the LUCIFERIAN leanings of the likes of Helena Blavatsky…, Crowley, Parsons, the Vatican, and almost every government official out there working on the Earth???

Instead…, we are told:

  • It’s all OKAY
  • Nothing “bad” is happening out there
  • Forgive it all…, (but we refuse to tell you WHAT you are “forgiving”)

Back to the article located here:

Crowley’s 1914 O.T.O System had “12” Degrees!!

It has been suggested that the XI° may not be considered in sequence between X° and Crowley’s expanded XII° of 1914…., but as the position held by the Inner Head of the Order who works privately with the O.H.O. XII°.

The title of the XI° is Baphomet.

(XII° being similar to the X° National Heads i.e. an administrative degree.)

In these circumstances the holder of the XI° would be Spiritual Head of the Order — the identity of XI° being known only to the XII° and X°’s.

Prior membership of O.T.O. is not a requirement for the XI° but presumably a 0° initiation would be conducted first.

So here we find something very strange about the 11th Degree of Crowley’s OTO.

That it stands apart from the other degrees and does not really fit between 10 and 12.

What is going on with the 11th Degree???




Here is where things start to get “really weird”…, as if they weren’t already weird enough…, and brings in the connections of “Beings from Outerspace” and the openings of Portals and Dimesions…, as related to SEX MAGICK.

The XI° in the Typhonian-O.T.O.

(The 11th Degree in the Typhonian-O.T.O)

The T.O.T.O. (or Typhonian Order) is based on intercourse during menstruation and is considered by some as the true reversal of the IX° (9th Degree) i.e. being a part of the same cycle.

The Typhonian O.T.O. is concerned with effective transmissions and communications from ‘outerspace’ for the purpose of opening Gateways.

The Typhonian ‘deities’ denote specific operations of psycho-physical alchemy which involve essences or elixirs secreted (thrown out and/or considered unclean) by the human organism.

The Typhonian XI° involves specific kalas that are entirely absent from the masculine organism.

XI° = The magical use of the sexual energies via anal sex.

[ A collection of Material can be found here. ]

There is no comparison to other O.T.O. versions, essentially because there are no group rituals or ceremonies of initiation at any stage of the degree structure.

The basis of initiation is the assimilation of direct magical and mystical working.

It follows that all initiation is in effect self-initiation.

There is a small amount of set gradework in the Typhonian O.T.O.

However, the emphasis is on the initiate charting his or her own course. There is of course the experience of others to draw upon.


You see…, as weird as it sounds…, one could say that by “debasing” and causing the extreme misuse of certain “sexual gateways” and “sexual pathways”…, the Dark Magicians are in fact using that debasement as a calling card and then SENDING IT OUT into the COSMOS!

They are in fact (and deed) MAGICALLY AND RITUALLY CALLING ON ALL DEMONIC ANGELS AND DARK BEINGS who resonate with these sexual debaucheries, to come through from other Dimensions and other Natural  Portals and Gateways into “this Dimension”.

I mean…, what else would a deeply SATANIC MAGICIAN do with these energies??

So “apparently” the 11th Degree of the T – O.T.O (toto) is ALL ABOUT (and about nothing else) the proper “magical” use of sexual energies via ANAL SEX.

(Mostly it would seem…, the “magical” sexual energies created by having sex with small “children”…, particularly boys).

Remember…, the 11th Degree of O.T.O is simply called:


Historically, the horned goat…, known as PAN…, looks alot like the current version of the Satanic Baphomet.



Here above we have PAN…, and below we have the Satanic Baphomet with young children looking on:

You see…, PAN…, was a “magical” figure who used to play the PAN FLUTE…, and who would enrapture young children…, and then sort of “hypnotize them” into following him down a dark path and away from their parents.

The ILLUMINATI/NEW WORLD ORDER is pushing this version of Satan for a very “magical reason” indeed.

The 11th Degree of the  “Ordo Templi Orientus” is all about ANAL SEX…, as we’ve seen already…, but my opinion here is that it is MOSTLY about anal sex with CHILDREN.


(Something that Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, and L.Ron Hubbard knew only all too well!)

So…, in other words, in order to “seduce” as many young children as possible into doing the SEX ACT with perverted adult men…, (which according to the OTO is a very “magical” and necessary ritual)…, the mythical figure of PAN…, has been reborn into our culture as Baphomet…, the great seducer…, or the being who once held the magical flute that gets little kids to do something that they would normally NEVER DO!

Now…, the School Systems all over America and all over the world are following suit…, and teaching very young children at 6, 7 and 8 about their genitals…, about sexual orientations…, and how boys can love boys and have sex with other BOYS! (And how that is accomplished)

This is all part of the MENTAL TRAINING needed for early acceptance concerning what the members of the SATANIC O.T.O want and need in a submissive child population in order to continue to do MORE MAGICAL RITUALS using small kids.

What is scarey is that we have countless STATE and LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES who are now placing statues of Baphomet into “Public” Buildings all under the “protection” of the Freedom of Religion.

This tells me that STATE and LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ARE NOW PART OF THE SATANIC OTO…, and are in fact “in favor” of their magical agenda of using small children in sexual rituals!

Not only that but we have Hollywood pushing Baphomet…, and other television shows that are super sexualizing young children!!

Here is a new brand new “cartoon” that is all about “sex” being shown on Netflix called: Big Mouth.

See this link:

My question is this:

  • Where are the Parents??
  • Where are the Parents??
  • Where are the “f-ing” Parents??

Oh…, that’s right…, they are listening very closely to CHANNELED MESSAGES from Demon Entities which are telling them to:

  • Not Worry
  • Not Judge
  • Remain Calm
  • Don’t get Upset
  • Allow Everything
  • Allow…, Allow…, Allow

Which means alot more Ritual Magic happening here on the Earth and Coming SOON!!!!!


What would these IDIOT …., NEW AGERS do if they realized that all of this DARK SEX MAGIC was being used to open very real cosmic portals and cosmic gateways to very real and very dark “demonic” and hellish dimensions????

WAKE THE   “******”     UP

All my love……





By: Bradley Loves


Just like everything else that is FALSE…, DECEPTIVE…, or UNTRUE…, the NEW AGE is having it’s well deserved moment to self destruct and implode due to the “1000 knives” approach, where every single hidden piece of information acts like a tiny cut!

Cloaked in “Mystery”…, for countless decades…, the NEW AGE was always seen as something good…, or wholesome…, and even HELPFUL for mankind.


Proped up by the “Jesuit” owned and directed Freemasons…, the LUCIFER TRUST…, (which was a NWO Publishing Company) simply placed Alice Bailey at the head of their Globalist front company.

Taken from Wiki-pedia

The Lucis Trust is a nonprofit service organization incorporated in the United States in 1922 by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey, to act as a fiduciary trust for the publishing of twenty-four books of esoteric philosophy published under Alice Bailey’s name, and to fund and administer activities concerned with the establishment of “right human relations”.

These include the Arcane School, a school for esoteric training, World Goodwill, Triangles, a lending library, The Beacon magazine, as well as the publishing company.

The objectives of the Lucis Trust as stated in its charter are:

  • “To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, science and art;
  • to encourage every line of thought tending to the broadening of human sympathies and interests, and the expansion of ethical religious and educational literature;
  • to assist or to engage in activities for the relief of suffering and for human betterment;
  • and, in general, to further worthy efforts for humanitarian and educational ends.”

The Lucis Trust’s publishing company was founded in the early 1920s as the LUCIFER Publishing Company.

[1] The Lucis Trust says that the name was probably chosen to honor Lucifer.[1]

The name was changed in 1925 to the Lucis Publishing Company.

In Latin lucem ferre means “to bear light” and lucis means of light. The company has headquarters in New York City, London, and Geneva.

The Trust is established in Great Britain under the title “Lucis Trust Ltd.”, in Switzerland as “Lucis Trust Association”, and in the Netherlands as the “Lucis Trust Stichting”.

In order to place a closer focus on the work of the UN, the Lucis Trust has set up a new blog,

World Goodwill at the UN, which will focus on defining new Sustainable Development Goals for humanity after 2015 when the Millennium Development Goals expire.[2]


It is clear that the LUCIS TRUST is tied directly into the United Nations through its “JESUIT” connections in New York City… (Gotham City) or the city of Batman (The Fallen Angel),

Already promoting all of the right “buzz words” coming out of the Globalist Systems like:

“Sustainable Development Goals”…, the LUCIS TRUST is actively demonstrating its total support for AGENDA 21 and AGENDA 2030!!


Alice Bailey wrote no less than 24 “esoteric” books of so called “spiritual philosophy”…, (that were published by the Lucifer Trust)…, and many of them dictated (TELEPATHICALLY) by a so called “ASCENDED MASTER” going by the name of:


The majority of the Bailey books are claimed to have been dictated telepathically to Alice Bailey by the “Master Djwhal Khul” or D.K., “The Tibetan,” an Initiate of the Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood and disciple of the Master Koot Hoomi.

Do you notice how Bailey actually connects all of her writings back to Helena Blavatsky and the MASTERS in this single photo:

….Simply by dropping the “name” Koot hoomi” ??

She further claims that her telepathic contact DJWHAL KHUL…,  was a primary student or “disciple” of Kuthumi…, and therefore we should listen to her because of Khuls connection with Ascended Masters and something that has been thrown around as:

The Trans-Himalayan Brotherhood…, also known as The Great White Brotherhood…

Have you noticed that DJWHAL KHUL was also known by the initials D-K?


Well, what in the world did Robert Morning Sky have to say about the word D-K?

The D-K or the DAK…, were the super soldiers, and elite warriors of the ASA-RRR Empire in his epic story THE TERRA PAPERS.

Now…, lest we be confused here…

The GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD is anything but great!

Taken from this very important post on: The Vigilant Citizen…, one that outlines the life story of Aliester Crowley…, (I highly recommend it) …we have this written about the Great White Brotherhood…

Perhaps Crowley’s most significant experiences of his youth were his homosexual relations which, according to his later biographer Lawrence Sutin, led him to an “encounter with an immanent deity”.

This triggered in him a great interest in occultism, secret societies and, more specifically, what he will later call Sex Magick.

Secret Societies

(Above is a young Crowley dressed in full Magic regailia)

In his late twenties, Crowley joined many esoteric groups where he was either admired and rose high in the ranks, or despised and expelled.

Inspired by Arthur E. Waite’s book, THE BOOK OF BLACK MAGIC AND OTHER PACTS, Crowley joined up with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn–also known as the “Great White Brotherhood” –in 1898.

This secret society held within its membership very elite and highly influential members of society. There he was introduced to ceremonial magic and the ritualistic usage of drugs.

Now…, hold on a minute…, here we have Crowley…, an avowed SATANIC and DARK MAGICIAN joining up with a secret order called:

THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD, which is just another name for a very secret magical society also known as The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn!

However…, that same secret group (The Great White Brotherhood) is the very group that Blavatsky (an avowed Luciferian) claims that that likes of St. Germaine, Kuthumi, and El Morya were a PART OF!!


Now let’s look at the type of man that Crowley really was…, a man his own mother called: THE BEAST.


In 1899, he (Crowley) reportedly became a member of the Old George Pickingil witches coven.

However, he was not welcomed for long as a result of his irresponsible attitude and his inclinations toward homosexuality (which was shocking at that time, even to witches).

The priestess of his coven later described him as “a dirty minded, evilly-disposed and vicious little monster!”

[3. Rosemary Ellen Guiley, The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft]

Crowley also became a high-ranking Freemason, joining several lodges and acquiring several Masonic degrees.

In his autobiography, Crowley described his attainment of the 33rd (and last) degree of the Scottish Rite in Mexico:

“Don Jesus Medina, a descendant of the great duke of Armada fame, and one of the highest chiefs of Scottish Rite free-masonry.

My cabbalistic knowledge being already profound by current standards, he thought me worthy of the highest initiation in his power to confer; special powers were obtained in view of my limited sojourn, and I was pushed rapidly through and admitted to the thirty-third and last degree before I left the country.”

[4. Op. Cit. Crowley]

With the help of prominent author and Freemason John Yarker, Crowley obtained other Masonic degrees including the 3°

In France by the Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343, 33° of the irregular ‘Cerneau’ Scottish Rite and 90°/95° of the Rite of Memphis/Misraim.

[5. Op. Cit Sutin]

According to the United Grand Lodge of England however, whose recognition is generally considered the standard for Masonic validity, none of these Masonic bodies were considered regular and he was never considered an official Freemason.

Continuing on with the article from Vigilint Citizen we find this…


“The Book of the Law”, the Thelema and the Aeon of Horus


In 1904, Crowley and his new wife Rose visited Egypt for their honeymoon. It is during this trip that he wrote his most famous book Liber Legis, The Book of the Law, which would become the cornerstone of his life.

According to his own account, Crowley’s wife led him into a museum in Cairo where she showed him a seventh century BCE mortuary stele known as the Stele of Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu (which will be later revered as the Stele of Revealing).

Crowley was astounded by the exhibit’s number: 666, the number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation.

Later during their stay in Egypt, Crowley and Rose took part in a magical ritual during which he alleges to have received a message from an entity named Aiwass. As a result of this communication, Crowley wrote the first three chapters of the Book of the Law – a mystical text which, he believed, would revolutionize the future of mankind.

“It announced the advent of a new eon in which Crowley has become the priest-prince of a new religion, the Age of Horus.

He was to formulate a link between humanity and the “solar-spiritual force, during which the god Horus would preside for the next two thousand years over the evolution of consciousness on this planet. (…)

The message from Aiwaz, whom Crowley understood to be his own guardian angel, convinced him that his mission in life was to give the coup de grace to the Age of Osiris with its moribund appendage, the Christian faith, and build on the ruins a new religion based on the law of the Thelema – Greek for ‘will’.”

[6. Peter Tompkins, The Magic of Obelisks]



“Had! The manifestation of Nuit.
The unveiling of the company of heaven.
Every man and woman is a star.
Every number is infinite; there is no difference.
Help me, o warrior lord of Thebes, in my unveiling before the Children of men!”


– The opening lines of the Book of the Law

“By his own adepts, the Book of the Law was described as containing occult formulae of cosmic scope, “some openly expressed, some veiled in the most complex web of cabalistic ciphers ever woven into a single text.”

Nor was it just a piece of “automatic writing,” said Crowley, but a clear cut message from an intelligence of superhuman power and knowledge, some extraterrestrial transcendental source, “one of the real hidden masters who would thereafter manifest to him.” [7. Ibid.]

According to Crowley’s protégé Kenneth Grant, anyone possessing the capacity for understanding the language of symbolism “will be staggered with the accuracy of the summary of the spirit of the eon”.

[8. Op Cit. Thompson]

In other words, the same way the Bible ruled over Western Civilization during the past two millenniums, the Thelema would describe the spirit of the next two thousand years.

“In the Aeon of Horus the dualistic approach to religion will be transcended through the abolition of the present notion of a God external to oneself.

The two will be united.

“Man will no longer worship God as an external factor, as in Paganism, or as an internal state of consciousness, as in Christianity, but will realize his identity with God.”

The new Aeon of Horus, based on the union of the male and female polarities, will involve the magical use of semen and ecstasy, culminating in an apotheosis of matter – “in the realization of the old Gnostic notion that matter is not dual but one with the Spirit” — symbolized by the androgynous Baphomet of the Templars and the Illuminati.” [9. Ibid.]

The Book of the Law became the basis of Thelema, which revolved around three key philosophical ideas:

1- Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law;

2- Love is the law, Love under will;

3- Every man and every woman is a star.

The unicursal hexagram, main symbol of the Thelema

It is widely believed that the saying “Do What Thou Wilt” means “do what ever you want”, therefore describing an egoistic quest for instant gratification and pleasure.

However, initiates of the philosophy disagree with this description of the axiom as they believe it is meant to be interpreted on a metaphysical level.

Thelema is Greek for “The Will”.

The main aim of this philosophy is the realization of one’s True Will, which is described as one’s “higher calling” or purpose in life, regardless of ethical or moral barriers.

“There are no “standards of Right”.

Ethics is balderdash.

Each Star must go on its own orbit.

To hell with “moral principle”; there is no such thing.”

[10. Aleister Crowley, The Old and New Commentaries to Liber AL]

Crowley incorporated these teachings into his newly-founded A.’. A.’. (Argenteum Astrum or the Silver Star), a magical order meant to be a successor of the defunct (in his mind) Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

To generate interest in his order, Crowley also published The Equinox – A Journal of Scientific Illuminism (a term borrowed from Adam Weishaupt’s Order of the Illuminati) where he divulged esoteric rituals and techniques.

His later work entitled…, Book of Lies,  captured the attention of the head of the Ordo Templi Orienti (O.T.O) Theodor Reuss, who soon made him an initiate and Grand Master of the O.T.O.

The reason given for such a recognition: his knowledge of sexual magic.


You can clearly see from what is written above that Crowley was writing for “journals and publications” that were widely read by members of the Illuminati!

The part at the very end is also telling because it tells us that as a result of the kinds of things that he was writing, he was approached by the O.T.O and asked to “join up”.

The O.T.O…., or Ordo Templi Orienti is widely known to be a wholly SATANIC ORDER with exceptionally DARK MAGICAL LEANINGS…, that include blood drinking, human flesh eating, and human child sacrifice.

So…, regardless of all of the “wonderfully fluffy” things that he was writing about finding “GOD” within himself…, LOOK CAREFULLY at what he was actually DOING with his time…, and WHO he was rubbing elbows with.

Now…, I just wonder how many “don’t ever judge anything” NEW AGERS are going to try to DEFEND Crowleys “right” to DO as he pleases…, and in order to “find the GOD within him”…, he has the right to kill little babies in Ritual Child Sacrifices??

Come on New Agers…, I DARE YOU to post a comment here and tell me that you think he has that right!


(More from the post at Vigilint Citizen)

The O.T.O’s magical and initiatory system has among its innermost reaches a set of teachings on sex magick .

One might even observe that the acronym of this order is rather phallic.

Sex magick is the use of the sex act, or the sex energies, passions or arousals it evokes, as a point of which to focus the will or magical desire in the non-sexual world.

It has been equated with the “life force” and the “kundalini”.

Through the ritualistic use of sexual techniques, inspired by Tantric schools of the East, the initiate can use the immense potency of sexual energy to reach higher realms of spirituality.

“The order had rediscovered the great secret of the Knights Templar, the magic of sex, not only the key to ancient Egyptian and hermetic tradition, but to all the secrets of nature, all the symbolism of Freemasonry, and all systems of Religion.” [11. Theodor Reuss, Oriflamme]

To set in motion the “occult forces which would result in the illumination of all by 2000 A.D.,” Crowley became convinced that his mission was to “cure the world from sexual repression”.

To achieve his goal, he determined to study every detail of sexual behavior and bring every sexual impulse up to the region of rational consciousness.

To this end he experimented with altered states of consciousness, including hashish, cocaine and opium.

Crowley would eventually introduce (not without protest) the practice of homosexual sex magick into the O.T.O. as one of the highest degrees of the Order for he believed it to be the most powerful formula.

[12. Jason Newcomb, Sexual Sorcery]

It was clear that Crowley felt the accusations against the original Templars of practising sodomy and orgies with women had been based in fact, but not understood by their detractors.

[Note from Bradley:  What is not being said in this article is that Crowley ALSO practiced, and felt that it was very necessary to engage in sex with little children…, who were very “potent”  holders of a special kind of SEX ENERGY.

Crowley felt that by having repeated anal intercourse with young boy’s and girls…, that powerful DARK MAGIC could be released and then used for the achivement of many “worthy lifetime goals”.

If we listen to Jay Parker…, this was (and still is) a very well practiced discipline (the raping of children) within generational Illuminati and Satanic Families.]


Crowley also kept with him a series of “Scarlet Women”: the best known of these was Leah Hirsig, the so-called “Ape of Thoth”.

Together they would indulge in drinking sessions, drugs and sexual magic. It is believed that Crowley made multiple attempts with several of these women to begat a “Magickal child” (see Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby), none of which reportedly worked.

He instead fictionalized his attempts in a book called “Moonchild”, published in 1929

By now…, what most readers “MUST” be starting to see is that Crowley was ESPOUSING some of the most basic “tennets” of the NEW AGE!

  • Don’t “ever” JUDGE anything
  • We are all our OWN STAR
  • GOD is within us
  • There is no such thing as “good or bad”
  • There is no such thing as “right or wrong”
  • Do as you please

And yet…, this man was wholly perverse and SATANIC to the core!

The philosophies that most New Ager’s follow to the letter…, is the perfect recipe for outrageous DEVIANTS just like Crowley to do anything they want while here on Earth.

New Ager’s actually provide the perfect cover for the most brutal and sadistic men to get away with ANYTHING.

New Ager’s become the protectors and the gate keepers for EVIL and DEBAUCHERY on Earth…, by claiming that we should all just ALLOW…, and NEVER JUDGE.

And now…, you can finally see WHY the NEW AGE was started in the first place.

Just because the average run of the mill…, NEW AGER has no clue about what their “sacred” Channeled Teachings are actually covering up in the background…, does not mean they are NOT being unwitting accomplices…

From Crowley Himself…, from one of his books on Magic, as concerns the “drinking of blood”:

Here he tells us just WHAT…, or WHO are the best victims:

The “best blood”…, for those of you who aspire to be “perfect vampires” and want to steal energy…, is the blood of a MALE CHILD of perfect innocence.

Yes…, a most “satisfactory and suitable victim”!

  • But yet.., this man CLAIMS to be “spiritual”.
  • He tells us that he wants to find GOD within himself!
  • He tells us there is no such thing as “right” or “wrong”
  • He tells that we all need to “find our OWN STAR” or take our own path.
  • He was a member of some of the highest level Secret Societies.
  • He tells us almost every single blasted thing that a very “well schooled NEW AGER would tell us…, word for word….

The men and women who continue to write for the NEW AGE are IDIOTS!

They are pushing a story line that ALLOWS very dark men and women to DO and GET AWAY WITH completely awful and horrible things here on Earth!

You can find “examples” of this every single day!

Here is a “blog post” just put up that that “pushes” an IMPORTANT message (from the beyond) by St. Germain.

Now remember…, St. Germain was most likely a member of the Great White Brotherhood while living here on Earth…, which makes him a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn…, (because they are two names for the same thing) which is a society of MAGICIANS.

When will people STOP using ASCENDED MASTERS to push the very NEW AGE TEACHINGS that allow men like CROWLEY to do some of the most horrible things in history??

All my love….



By: Bradley Loves


I’ve been debating as to whether I should continue with the Terra Papers, or instead…, start showing my readers where I’m going with this series.

I’ve decided to do a mini expose’ of what I think is really going on here on Earth.

Let’s start here:


If you had “read”  all of the Terra Papers…, you’d have realized that our Solar System is at the very “entrance” to something called the PESH METEN…, otherwise known as the 9th Passageway.

We’ve already seen in the Terra Papers that whomever controls the passageway into the center of the Galaxy becomes both extremely wealthy AND exceedinly powerful in the Galaxy.

We’ve been shown that in Ancient Days…, such control of the 9th passageway made first the SETI QUEENS…, and then the SIRIANS some of the most powerful Empires in this Galaxy.

As I’ve already mentioned…, (but didn’t get into too deeply)…, there came a point in time where the SETI QUEENS…, and even the SIRIAN KINGS lost control of this Solar System and this planet due to “internal family feuds”.

The on going war like nature of the Sirian Kings and Princes…, and their battle over the throne…, placed their entire Kingdom in great peril!

Our Solar System…, due to it’s location right near the entrance to the 9th passageway was KEY to the power structure of the throne and thus the power of the King…, and so the control of our little Solar System was KEY to gaining or keeping real power inside the Galaxy

The large water planet TIAMAT…, once situated where the large asteroid belt is now…, is an Ancient reminder that an entire planet got destroyed in a family scuffle over power.


Regardless of who eventaully ended up with control over the Earth…, (and I know I’m skipping way ahead here)…, suffice it to say that neither the SETI QUEENS nor the SIRIAN KINGS had control over Earth in the end!!

Read the TERRA PAPERS to get the rest of the story.

Instead…, it was a very mechanical/worker race of reptile like beings who were always considered to be very “low class” by the likes of the Sirians and the Orion’s both.

How they did it, I will get into in later installments.


With the rising to power of Adolph Hitler in Germany…, and the “devotion” he was giving to the likes of Madame Helena Blavatsky…, it is not difficult to at least surmise that the Empire of “ARI-AN” was trying to get the Earth back!

By subturfuge…, by stealth…, and through a very slow process of “infiltration”…, the SETI QUEENS would once again take possession of something that had once served their VAST EMPIRE.

In my opinion…, everything started after the American Civil War, starting in the late 1800’s!

That part of our History is KEY.

With the advent of certain “Secret Societies” who were not just doing things like “religious rituals” (things that had been going on for thousands of years…) but were instead involved in actual “technology” transfers…, it becomes clear that the likes of NYMZA (which started in Prussia) was most likely a “very secret” and stealthful infiltration back into our world by the SETI QUEENS.

The “Lighter than Air Ships”…, which Walter Bosly suggests used Anti-Gravity to keep them up in the air…, (instead of Helium to float around) and were secretly moving all over the American West in the late 1800’s…, is the PROOF that a huge “injection” of super advanced technology was being literally handed over secretly to certain people and certain groups on the Earth.

Tesla was involved…, and even Donald Trump’s own family was involved!!

The ARI-AN were always known as the MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, in fact that is exactly what ARI-AN means!

That meaning has not changed!!

Don’t you think it’s very interesting that Madame Helena Blavatsky…, (a so called Spiritualist)…, was suddenly having some very important “meetings” with:


Remember this:

Whether you say “masters of heaven”  or “heavenly masters” or even “ascended masters”…, it ALL means the same thing.

Hitler became a very serious devotee of Madam Blavatsky…, and began to push the idea (on the whole world) that the true owners and rightful rulers of the Earth were:


Now…, this could have been just a mere co-incidence until you look at all of the supporting information that came out at the very same time…, supporting information which is so huge…, it can’t be denied.

Hilter himself told us exactly who the Master Race WAS!

They were the ARI-AN’s…, (the ARYAN’s…, or the ORIONS).

So according to Adolph Hitler…, it was the ARYAN RACE or ORION RACE that were the true rulers of this world.

To assume that he was talking about “Germany” was simply a result of having absolutely no real “INTEL” about what was happening on the Earth at that time.

Werner Von Braun…, (A NAZI) who was moved over to the United States after WWII always maintained that “most” of the super advanced ideas and technology that the Germans were getting CAME FROM OFF WORLD!

But it gets even better!

Hitler created a super secret police force called the “SS”…, which very literally HAD to be a nod to the Ancient SETI QUEENS…, considering they were knows as the SSS.T in their own language.

Hitler became devoted to Helena Blavatsky, who had been seen as rubbing elbows and taking pictures with men who claimed to be the MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, or THE ASCENDED MASTERS.


Helena Blavatsky may have actually been a “contactee” on Earth for the SETI QUEENS due to her telepathic abilities or simply due to her DNA and who she actually was re-incarnationally.

(More on that later).

At any rate…, if you take a look at how these three men were dressed…, they look EXACTLY like men who would have been part of a ROYAL COURT.

If you remember what was said in the Terra Papers…, the SETI QUEENS…, as well as the SIRIAN KINGS were absolutely consumed with the “RIGHT TO RULE”  and the succession of Kings and Queens.

It is very likely that these men (who it is said could appear and disappear at will) were part of the SETI QUEENS royal court…, and were the QUEENS representatives here on Earth.

WHY is this a good speculation??

Let’s look at the supporting evidence:

  • Hitler was a devotee of Blavatsky.
  • Hitler claimed that the true rulers of the world were the ARI-ANS.
  • Hitler created a secret police force called: The SS
  • ARI-AN means literally MASTERS OF HEAVEN
  • Blavatsky took a picture with men who claimed to be: Heavenly Masters, or Masters of Heaven.
  • Werner Von Braun said that the NAZIS were getting technological “help” from OFF WORLD.

Just these few things alone…, screams to me that the ARI-AN’s from Robert Morning Sky’s book the TERRA PAPERS…, had returned to reclaim the Earth.

Furthermore…, Blavatsky was unapologetic about exactly WHO the GOD of the this world really was!

In her book THE SECRET DOCTRINE…, she claimed that it was LUCIFER!

Lucifer…, has traditionally been associated with the “Serpent”…, and according to Robert Morning Sky…, the SETI QUEENS were an Ancient Race of human looking REPTILES!

In fact…, Blavatsky’s own logo…, which is a Serpent swallowing it’s own tail…, and surrounding the whole…, sounds alot like beings who rather fancy the idea that they are MASTERS OF THE GALAXY…, and control most of it.

So…, even the symbol of the Serpent swallowing it’s tail…, could be a nod to the Ancient SETI QUEENS…, and the ARI-ANS.

If we STOP THINKING in fairy tale superstitions…, and old Folk Lore…, and really start to get used to the idea that at one time in this GALAXY there was super advanced technology…, and that Ancient Wars actually took place in THIS VERY SOLAR SYSTEM…, then the idea…, that the previous “owners” or “rulers” of our Solar System might show up to reclaim what was once theirs is not so far fetched.


Every real agent, or military advisor who knows something says there is a WAR going on in space!

Unlike what we are hearing from the so-called MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, (who it seems would rather keep us completely blind to this fact)…, there is an on going BATTLE for this Solar System and the Earth itself happening in space AS WE SPEAK!

And…,  for those of you who think THAT WAR is being fought to “free the people of Earth”…, I have news for you…., the people of EARTH are NOT what the War is being fought over.

I have two words for you:


The 9th Passageway!

This WAR (once again) is being fought over WHO controls the super lucrative Star Lane that feeds trade and commerce into the center of the Galaxy.

The fact that the ASCENDED MASTERS/MASTERS OF HEAVEN have told us “nothing” of this battle…, says much!


Those of us who live on planet Earth may very well be considered nothing more than an “owned HERD”.

Like a very valuable HERD OF CATTLE…, to a very wealthy cattle rancher…, the rancher does not want to see the HERD damaged.

The worst thing that could ever happen on a “cattle drive” in the old west was to have the HERD…, stampede!

At all costs…, the HERD must be “kept calm”!

The HERD is valuable…, and if and when it stampedes it could very literally destroy itself.

This is why…, at night…, after a long day of walking…, some of the cowboys would stay up all night playing the guitar softly…, or the harmonica…, to SOOTH the fearful HERD.

If the ARI-AN…, MASTERS OF HEAVEN had indeed returned…, and wanted to retake control of the Earth…, the very first thing they would be concerned with is NOT STAMPEDEING THE HUMAN HERD!


You see…, the MASTERS OF HEAVEN have a history that goes back BILLIONS of years.

They are the ones who made WAR on the Galaxy long before our Solar System even existed!

Eventually…, after ages and ages of making WAR…, they realized that MIND CONTROL…, STEALTH…, SECRECY…, and SUBTERFUGE was the better way to take control of a planet.

Confuse the populations…, distract them…, mind control them…, and divide them.

What we are seeing most dramatically in our world today is the roll out of MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY!

From Cell Phone Towers to GWEN Towers…, from Micro-waves to Elf and Scalar Waves, to ships in space and countless satellites…, a huge blanket of total MIND CONTROL has been placed over the entire planet.





What is the focus of every single “Channeled Message”?

  • Don’t Worry
  • Everything is OKAY
  • Be CALM
  • Forgive anything you SEE
  • Don’t ACT…, Don’t take any ACTION
  • Get OUT of the WAY
  • Let it ALL take place
  • We are your friends
  • We have your best interest at heart
  • We will not hurt YOU

Now…, the only reason this would make sense…, is if you really KNEW the actual HISTORY OF OUR WORLD.

To know the history of Earth…, could in fact prepare you for what is coming.

But…, our history has specifically been hidden from everyone on Earth so that NO ONE would ever know what happened here…, OR…, who controls Earth…, and how they got it.


Suffice it to say that those beings who currently control the Earth…, are indeed being CHALLANGED ON EVERY LEVEL.

And…, it is everything they can do to keep the SPACE WAR under wraps…, and keep it from spilling out into the open where everyone can see it.

Small battles on the surface of Earth are happening (as I’ve suggested) for control over natural Portals or Stargates that would allow instant travel from other planets or dimensions to our Earth) but make no mistake…, the REAL WAR being fought in SPACE is something we (as members of the HERD) have never seen.

The FACT that every so called:

ASCENDED MASTER or MASTER OF HEAVEN has omitted this information totally…, tells us one single thing.


They may in fact call themselves representatives of a “god”.

But remember…, they have always felt that they were our “gods”.

They once owned this planet…, and they ruled this Solar System as Kings and Queens.

That MAKES THEM (in their opinion…, OUR GODS).

This does not mean they are…, they just think so.

I would like to suggest here that every single human being who is following the NEW AGE…, and listens very carefully to the ASCENDED MASTERS…

Are really paying attention to the ARI-AN/ORION MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, who are representatives of the SETI REPTILIAN QUEENS.

Their job is to RECLAIM the Earth…, but not to set the people living here free…

It is simply to CHANGE THE MANAGEMENT…, and is about who runs things here on EARTH…, and is all about who gets the profit…, and who makes the money!


Every single so-called NEW AGE MESSAGE could be seen as a part of this on going struggle and battle…, and even the so-called RV or Revaluation of the Money System…, could be seen as a part of the change of Earth’s Management.

Donald Trumps election could be seen as a part of the change of Earth’s management.

Now if this is all TRUE…, why is it so important for BOTH SIDES to keep all of this totally hidden from Earth’s Human Populations??


Neither side wants the masses to know what is happening…, and there is a good reason for that.

After all is said and done…, the Human beings themselves…, could in fact CLAIM the Earth as THEIR PROPERTY!

Neither side of the battle wants to see this!

The last thing they need or want is to see a THIRD “claimant” to the very special real estate called: planet Earth.

Therefore…, the “battle” no matter how vicious it gets…, HAS TO REMAIN SECRET.

On this they both agree!

You see…, as incarnate souls…, WE COLLECTIVELY have the right to challange both the SETI QUEENS…, and THE SIRIANS…, and anyone else who claims ownership of Earth…., and even those who currently control the planet…, forcing them to hand over OWNERSHIP TO US.

This is the very reason for ALL OF THE SECRECY!

This is also why not one single blasted ASCENDED MASTER/MASTER OF HEAVEN will tell you this.

They represent the SETI QUEENS…, they represent the ARI-AN…, they represent the SERPENT BEINGS.

The QUEENS want control of the planet back…, but they do NOT want to free the HERD.

The very LAST THING they want to do is to FREE the Herd.


More will be coming…..






By: Bradley Loves


Little kids love to play with toys!   That is what kids do!

People who REFUSE to “grow up” and take repsonsiblity for themselves…, are stuck in “childhood”.

Just like little girls like to play with dolls like Barbie and Ken…,  grown ups also have “their dolls”.

These dolls are called:


Authority dolls are make believe people, who pretend to be “people of authority” and who seemingly have control over you and your life.

Because tiny little children are “programmed” from a very early age that they “must” always listen to those who are in “positions of authority”…., many children NEVER GROW UP.

These unfortunate adults (who are still just children) move on from their childhood where they have been taught that they must listen to their parents, their teachers, their Priests, and their clergy…., to totally ineffective and infantile life where they believe they MUST ALSO listen to “Grown Up Authoritie Figures” as well.

Who are these “grown up authorities” they must LISTEN TO???


  • The Media (The Newscasters on TV must be listened to and believed)
  • Politicians (Men and women in government must be listened to and believed)
  • Police
  • Judges
  • Courts
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • City Clerks
  • Govenors
  • Military

You see…, the list of “Authority Dolls” is literally ENDLESS when considering whom you might listen to and BELIEVE.

However…, not a single one of them have YOUR best interest at heart!


Every single one of these men and women actually want to CONTROL YOU…, and get PAID TO ACT AS A TYPE OF PARENT.

They do NOT care about you or your freedom.

If they did care…, then they would immedatey EXPOSE every single scam, lie, or secret that their particular branch or group is running on the masses.

There would be a “mass expose'” of the TRUTH around every corner.

As you can see…, THAT is not happening.

You see…, out of ALL of the so-called Authority Figures who go to work every single day of their lives and take a huge “paycheck”…, maybe only a hundred people out of 300 million people will ever stand up, tell YOU the truth and REVEAL exactly how we are all being scammed and lied to.

Who am I talking about??

Men like:

  • Edward Snowden
  • Julian Assange

And a few others like them in the Alternative Media.

Yes…, there are so few of them…, you can actually count them.


And those are the ones exposing the LIES!

Not one other man or woman alive can EVER make the claim that they care, and are “FOR HUMANITY” if they are not totally exposing the TRUTH of what is really happeing on our world.

You can’t be both “pregnant” and “not pregnant” at the very same time.

You are either Pregnant…, or you are NOT…, there is NO IN-BETWEEN…

So you are either exposing the LIES…, ALL OF THEM…

Or, you are hiding and keeping the lies…, ALL OF THEM.

Those who are hiding the lies and keeping them…, are:


  • The Police
  • The Military
  • The Government
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Courts
  • The Vatican
  • The Pope
  • The FBI (Yes you James Comey)
  • The CIA
  • The NSA
  • The NRO

So…, you see…, if you willingly listen to these people who are “pretending to have authority over you”…,

You are playing with DOLLS!


I think it’s time to put down the dolls and grow up…, don’t you??

All my love……





By: Bradley Loves



(Page 4)  Written by Robert Morning Sky


In the galaxy of ERIDANUS, the way of things became war, violence and turbulence.

Surfacing above other races as the Supreme Masters of War, the ‘SSS’ Beings, (so-called because of the hissing sound they made as they spoke), weathered war and chaos to seize and retain a sizable portion of the Ninth Sector of the galaxy. Though originally ruled over by Kings of repute, it was under the ‘SSS’ Queens that the Empire was to reach its pinnacle. Known as the ‘SSS-T’, the Queens and their techniques of rule became the very embodiment of Royal power.

The very name for a throne, ‘AST’, would be chilling tribute to the deadliness of the reptilian Queens.

In a galaxy of chaos and war, the SSS beings had no peer or competition. Ruthless in command, and efficient in their cruelty, the SSS-T Queens were brilliant politicians and war strategists, using events to advantage and manipulating wars to their advantage and gain.

Providing the Royals with the power to conquer and reign over their foes was a powerful military force, unmatched and unequaled by any other. Comprised of tall imposing figures, the SSS Warriors were cold-blooded warriors with frightening dragon-like faces. Though evolution had long since removed their scale-like skins, the plates on the body armor gave an impression of fierce, dinosaur beings.

Only a long ridge of bone rising from the forehead and trailing back and over the head remained to hint at their reptilian ancestry. Known as the ‘M-K’ or ‘M-G’, the appearance of the SSS Warriors alone was enough to strike fear into an opponent’s heart.

Countless wars over billions of years had taught the SSS Queens a vital lesson, an enemy or rebellious subject serves no purpose if executed. But if the brain was re-programmed, resistance was eliminated and an able body was added to the labor force. Mind control was the SSS-T Science of choice.

Referred to by other races as the ‘ARI’ or ‘Masters’, in time they would become known as the ‘ARI’ of ‘AH’ (Heaven), or the ‘ARI-AN’. Today it is known as ORION.

But though it had become the epitome of power and might, a symbol of brutal rulership and unrelenting aggression, the fates would play a curious trick on ARI-AN.

In their quest for galactic power, the SSS-T Warriors had looted the Palace treasuries of their victimized worlds. The cultural riches of conquered worlds were placed on display in the museums of ARI-AN, making the Empire the center of Ninth Sector culture and wisdom.

ARI-AN became the showcase world for Poetry and Music, Art and Dance.

It was a step, however unknowing, for the evolution of temperance in the SSS-T psyche.


It certainly is not lost on me…, that the strange reptilian queens in the story given above were known as the SETI.

Take the “SSS” sound…, and end it in a hard “T”…, and you get “SETI”.

It is also not lost on me that their entire race was knows as the ARYAN (ARI-AN)

Now…, if we take what we’ve learned about the dogma and the beliefs of the NAZI’s of WWII…, we realize that they believed deeply that the true rulers (MASTERS) of this planet were the ARYAN RACE!

This can NOT be just co-incidental!

They also (very strangely indeed) had formed a secret military police that they conspicuously named the: “SS”

Why pray tell would it be so important for them to have their “top military police” named: THE SS ?

The really simple question to follow up with now becomes…, just who the heck “IS” the ARYAN Race that Hitler was talking about??

In all honesty…, I don’t think he meant that it was the GERMANS!

If we are to consider deeply what Robert Morning Sky is telling us…, then the “idea” of a “MASTER RACE” also known as: THE ARYAN RACE…, (ones who rule the entire World) did not start with Hitler himself…, but involves some real players from Earth’s Ancient Past!!


We have already heard from countless researchers that Adolf Hitler had made “deals” with off world ET’s and other Extra-Terrestrial Beings…, (some of which looked alot like the DRACO) and had even gotten off world technology from them.

This begs the single and most important question that we have yet to ask…,

  • WHY would Adolf Hitler need to start a WAR on a planet that was “already” claimed by these off world Aryan’s as their property…, in order to “take it over”??
  • WHY would he need to be given advanced technology to do this…, by a super advanced race…, unless that race had somehow “lost” real control over something that had once been theirs in the first place!!

We’ll have to dig really deeply in order to get into this!

For now…, if we continue reading above…, the countless “links” in the basic words and phrases we see there can NOT be under-estimated.


For instance…, ARI…, simply means: MASTER…, and AH..., means: HEAVEN!

And so, to call these brutal Reptiles, who controlled so much of the 9th sector of our own Galaxy…, the “Masters of Heaven” was not really a stretch if you are just considering the meaning of the words being used.

Since they controlled so much “Galactic Territory”, they were very matter of factly… ARI-AH or…, ARI-AN = ARYAN

(Masters of Heaven).

It is also much easier to see how ARI-AN or ARYAN…, could soon come to be pronounced ORION due to the similar way the words sound when spoken.


It is also clear from what is written above that these “ORIONS” were a race that had fought many Wars in this very Galaxy (a galaxy they called: Eridanus)…, for Billions of years.

They were tall figures, (he says) with the bodies of humans…, but had “dragon like” faces.

Finally, one last clue stands out on this first page…, one that we must address before we move on to the next!

And that is this:

Even though it had taken billions of years of war to figure this out…, the Orions had found that “killing” a conquered race was far less desirable than simply RE-PROGRAMMING THEIR MINDS.

By doing this, each conquered being could then “produce” goods and services for the EMPIRE, and was far more valuable to have alive instead of simply being killed.

MIND CONRTROL…, over time…, had become the SETI QUEENS science of choice!!




Now…, it is not lost on me that we are seeing a large roll out of tons of MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY everywhere on our world…, and also RE-PROGRAMMING TECHNOLOGY as well.

Our Military is absolutely consumed with reprogramming the way people are thinking!

So WHAT is really going on here??

Could it be that the Ancient ARYAN/ORIONS…, the SETI QUEENS…, have once again regained control of our planet after a “long” absence??

If the ORION QUEENS did regain control (without a single shot being fired) then how would they have done it…, if NOT by MIND CONTROL.


This post, linked below, and written by me…, is totally filled with video links and written articles, bursting with information on NANO-TECH and MIND CONTROL and can not be over-looked as a huge piece of the puzzle:

Moving on….

This next image below shows us all of the Egyptian Words (here we go back to Egypt again) that come from the original ORION Language of the ARI (MASTERS).

I am hoping with all of my heart and SOUL…, that it is not lost on the reader that the ARI (which means MASTER)…, and AN (which means HEAVEN) considered themselves to be “exactly” that by taking the name:


  • Would it be too much for me to point out to you dear reader at this early stage in this series that:

MASTER OF HEAVEN sounds an awful lot like:

HEAVENLY MASTER…,  or…, maybe even   “ASCENDED MASTER” ??

Or, is this just too much to point out just yet?

  • Would it be too much for me to remind you that ADOLF HITLER himself was in fact a devotee of Helena Blavatsky, who just happened to have her picture taken with a few of these (so-called) ASCENDED MASTERS…, or rather should we say:


  • Would it be too much for me to point out to you that the very words: Heavenly Master or Ascended Master.., could be re-translated as: ARI-AN or, ARYAN, and very neatly fit into the story above.
  • Would it be too much for me to remind you, and to point out that the SWASTIKA (an important symbol of Hitler’s Germany and the Aryan Race) was in fact also an important part of Helena Blavatsky’s Logo??
  • (A logo that she used to represent a secret society associated with: Ascended Masters?)


Could the MASTERS OF HEAVEN…, or the so-called ASCENDED MASTERS of the NEW AGE…, be the actual representatives of the Ancient ARI-AN RACE who once ruled the EARTH so long ago?

If so…, it would mean that they were also representing the Ancient Reptilian Race that was once said to be extremely brutal and vicious in making war on a huge part of the Galaxy.

It would also mean that all of the “signs” and “symbols” connected with the serpent…, signs and symbols that were also being used by the NAZI/ARYANS would be very “logical” given exactly WHO the NAZI’s really were, and WHO they were representing here on Earth.

We will have to dig deeper to find out exactly HOW  they (the ARI-AN) lost control of the Earth in the first place (and to who)…, in order to discover why they are trying so desperately to GET IT BACK!




Though the reign of the SSS-T Queens on the Ninth Sector was seldom challenged, of great concern to the ARI-AN Queens were the movements and expansions of yet another race called ‘RRR’.

Evolved from vicious mammalian predators, the ‘RRR’ were still in the early stages of development, their thirst for expansionism unburdened by the softening that continual wars and time brought on.

For the RRR race, war was the entirety of existence, all else was meaningless. Life itself meant obedience and total commitment to the RRR Kings, anything less meant death. So quickly did they create their Empire, so ruthless were their techniques that the RRR would become known as ‘ASA’ or Over-Lords.

In the Ninth Sector, the worlds of the RRR would be known as ‘ASA-RRR’.

Led by the fearsome ‘IKU’ Warriors, a barbaric army with a fleet of deadly Starships of overwhelming fire-power, the Kings of ASA-RRR wreaked havoc on the worlds surrounding the Ninth Passageway.

The elite ‘IKU’ Forces descended on their unsuspecting targets with unmerciful and unrelenting attack, clearing the skyways of any potential resistance and totally decimating land-based strong-holds. Within moments, Warrior Ground Forces, the ‘BEH’, moved in to annihilate any and all remaining military forces.

Renowned for their practice of devouring the flesh of their enemies, the IKU and BEH became known as the ‘D-K’ or ‘T-K’, the ‘Teeth’ of the RRR.

Aggressive and ravenous, unrelenting in their expansion, the RRR Conqueror Kings began the slow, methodical take-over of the ‘PESH-METEN’ (Ninth Passageway), a crucial Star Lane.

Seizing the Passageway would give the ASA-RRR Kings control of travel into and out of the ARI-AN Empire, and that possibility was one the SSS-T Queens could not permit


Once again…, looking at the words used above…, it is interesting to note that a partiularly vicious race…, (known only as the RRR) and pronounced “uuurrrrrr” were called: ASA (AH-SAW)…, which means “Over-lords”.

So “ASA-RRR”  would thusly be pronounced:   AH-SAW-UURRRR

Now…, if you can believe this is even possible…, the ASA-RRR were even more war-like, vicious, and evil than the Orion Reptiles were.

(Which is really saying something!)

It is said they lived and died ONLY for war and battle!

(Can anyone say:    KLINGON ?)

At any rate…, this strange new “race” known only as the ASA – RRR…, which had very large “Star-Ships”…, was outthere in the Galaxy and “conquering” anyone and everyone that was less warlike and less technologically advanced than they were.

I’d like to point out here that apparently these races have never heard the NEW AGE BULLSH*T teaching about technologically advanced races always having to be “Peaceful and Loving”.


For the first time…, the 9th Passageway is mentioned here.   Known as the Pesh-Meten, it is one of the most important pieces of real estate in the 9th Sector of the Galaxy.

Although not said here (but you would know this if you had read the entire book) there are only 9 “shipping lanes” that go into and out of the very populated CENTER of our GALAXY.

These nine shipping lanes, having been very carefully mapped out are “direct routes” that are clear and free from any obstructions into the Galactic Center…, so that “hyper fast travel” can be used inside of them without the worry of “bumping” into other stars or planets.

To control one of these passage ways is to become a major player in the entire Galaxy!!

This is something that the ASA-RRR wanted badly…, and something that the ORIONS could not afford to let them have!



But the ASA-RRR Kings were a formidable power.

The Ways of War had been the driving force of their evolution. Every King had demanded much of their military forces. The Star-ship pilots’ the IKU, possessed light beams which could melt targets, cut them to pieces or disintegrate them. The elite Ground Forces, the BEH, used weapons which could emit sounds that stunned the enemy, disintegrated solid objects or could be used to transport an object from one place to another.

Ail in all, the DAK forces had in a short time become an army of devastating power. The ASA-RRR Science of War was a Technology of Death called ‘FAT’.

And from this new science, the ultimate Warship was spawned.

A planet-sized globe with the armaments of all other Starships…and even more, the Warship was dubbed the ‘RR’ or ‘AR’.

A miniature world capable of such total destruction as never before seen in the Ninth Sector, the AR of the DAK forces made the Empire a force to be reckoned with.

The rays of the sun glistening off the surface of the Death-ship made the AR shine like a bright star in the skies. Though a brilliant star was often a portent of wondrous things, this star brought only death and destruction.

As the ASA-RRR Kings continued to expand their holdings, the SSS-T Queens made a careful gesture of peace towards the conquering Kings in the hopes of resolving the dilemma before War became necessary.

The billions of years of conflict had taught the SSS-T an invaluable lesson, war brings death to the winner as well as the loser.

There were other ways to win the conflict. Victory was, in some cases, gained by taking the enemy into one’s own folds. The DAK could be won over in a more clever and devious way.

The Queens of ARI-AN called for a meeting of Royals. If the Kings of ASA-RRR pledged their loyalty to the SSS-T High Throne and submitted themselves to the service of the Throne then they would be granted control of the outer stars of the Ninth Sector. Realizing the magnitude of power in the offer extended, the ASA-RRR Kings quickly agreed to the Alliance.

The DAK forces and mighty AR Death Planet were placed into the service of the SSS-T Queens, the outer Ninth Sector was made part of the ASA-RRR Empire.  Catapulted to a place as a super power by the Alliance, the Stars of ASA-RRR soon became known as the Empire of ‘SSS-T.RRR.SSS-T’ / ‘Empire, born of the SSS-T, dying for the SSS-T’, or more simply put:

‘SS-RR-SS’    (Sirius).

With the ARI-AN Alliance to back them – the ASA-RRR Kings began yet a greater effort to conquer and seize new systems, new worlds to add to their Empire.

Solidifying their power, levying heavy tolls and embargoes on travelers on the lanes of the Ninth Passageway, the SS-RR-SS (Sirius) Empire had soon become what the SSS-T Queens had feared.

The ARI-AN Queens watched with a wary eye, the moment of betrayal must be carefully planned.

And so for a time, a tenuous peace came to exist between the two Thrones. All was well, until the era of the Monarch known as the Great AN-AN, the Elder King of ASA-RRR.


Okay…, what can I even say at this point??

Can anyone say “STAR WARS” ?

I admit there is really no way around calling it like it is.

Especially if we look at the “planet sized” battle star known as the “AR” or “RR”.

Unfortuantely…, the “EMPIRE” in this case was an almagamation of forces known as:  SIRIUS!

Never forget that!

THE SIRIUS EMPIRE  was actually  SS.RR.SS…, or a combination of both the ASA-RRR..., and the SSS.T

Meaning it was BOTH the SETI QUEENS…, and the vicious RRR.

So this is who the SIRIAN EMPIRE was!

Now can anyone tell me why we are fighting in SYRIA again?  And, perhaps trying desperately to CLOSE DOWN STARGATES LOCATED THERE??

Isn’t it just interesting that we seem to have NEW AGE representatives of the SIRIANS…, here on Earth at this point in time.

However…, in all fairness to Sheldon Nidle…, I do recall him saying that the SIRIANS that he represents have “time traveled” backward in time from a Distant Future…, and are now trying to “undo” the tremendous DAMAGE that they inflicted upon our planet.  But keep in mind that the SIRIANS were not very nice in the beginning…, and were both savage and brutal!  That is as good as any reason to not really trust them NOW.

It would also have to mean that the SIRIANS from the future are working directly against themselves who are still doing evil in the present!


Below.., we find the very first mention of our own Solar System in the story…, and we find it at a very early stage of development with ONLY two planets having formed  thus far.

Mercury…, a small insignificant rock near the SUN…, and the great Tiamat…, a water planet and a vast TROPICAL PARADISE that was much larger than our current day Earth.


The alliance with the SSS-T Empire had made the Kings of ASA-RRR more powerful than ever before and had permitted the people of ASA-RRR an opportunity to enjoy a richer style of life.

But the power of the Throne also made the life of the King more precarious. Treachery, lies and deceit surrounded the King. Assassination plots, military coups and alien invasions were the every day matters of the King. The Prince was expected to plot for his father’s demise, distant brothers and illegitimate children pretended to the Throne Kingship.

King AN-AN watched the skies for enemy attacks, and peered carefully over his shoulder at relatives and members of the royal court. Such was the life of a King of ASA-RRR, and such was the life of the Elder King AN-AN.

Seated in the Royal Court of the Great AN-AN, serving as Royal Cup-Bearer, was his brother, the Great AL-SHAR. Assisting in the governing of the Empire, the Great AL-SHAR served faithfully under his brother, the Great Elder King.

Peace reigned, the Empire prospered, until an out-break of war in the Central Stars. A series of major conflicts, known as the “Galactic Great Wars’, drew both the ARI-AN Empire and the Empire of ASA-RRR into its folds. The Great Elder King was summoned to the Palace of the SSS-T to render services as Commander of the combined M-K and D-K Warriors.

Great AL-SHAR, acting on behalf of King AN-AN remained behind in the ASA-RRR Palace. Seeing an opportunity to betray his brother, Prince AL-SHAR decided to seize control of the Central ASA-RRR Forces. The successful coup compelled the Prince to further action. He immediately dispatched an elite troop of assassins to hunt down and take the life of the Elder King.

Historical documents would tell of the death in battle of the Great AN-AN, the Hero King who gave his life while in command of his armies. But those who were in the Court of ASA-RRR knew why the King had died, and who was responsible.

Prince AL-SHAR, Royal Cup-Bearer, was now King AL-AL.

Lord Prince AN-SHAR, son of the Hero King AN-AN and heir apparent, was captured and placed into exile by the new King of ASA-RRR, his claim to the throne stripped away forever.

To insure his personal safety, the Great King AL-AL made the grandson of the Great AN-AN his own personal Cup-Bearer. Deposed Prince AN-U was both hostage and servant to his King and Uncle. Revenge would have to wait.

For now he would serve faithfully…but he would learn. Someday the Throne of ASA-RRR would be his, this he vowed!

In this time, yet another significant event would occur, one which would change forever the fate of the Ninth Sector. A new star was beginning to mature, its young worlds cooling down to form inhabitable planets. King AL-AL, recognizing a potential for untapped precious ores, and the possibility of a strategic military outpost, immediately sent a trusted and faithful administrator to lay claim to the new solar system.

Lord AL-AL-IM, Master of Genesis Sciences, had an imposing task before him, to colonize and develop a primitive planetary system.

The young sun had originally formed with only two worlds in orbit around it, one tiny inner planet, (now known as Mercury) and one larger planet, its name to eventually be ‘TIAMAT’.

In time, six more worlds would form. One pair of inner worlds (Venus and Mars), two central giants (Jupiter and Saturn), and a pair of twin planets, (Neptune and Uranus).

But it was TIAMAT, the tropical world, that would be the first planet developed by Lord AL-AL-IM in his assignment.

Already inhabited by settlers of numerous galactic star systems, TIAMAT was both a paradise and a frontier world of danger. The presence of an ASA-RRR military contingency force and a direct link to King AL-AL and the Empire of ARI-AN was welcomed by the colonists and their families. Protection and necessary supplies would now be available, TIAMAT would become a full-fledged world.

Lord AL-AL-IM began to immediately exploit the new solar system. The Sun was called ‘Bad’, ‘where Death is’. In the immediate proximity of the young sun, was the tiniest world, christened ‘MUM-MU’, ‘first born traveler’. The next world would become a military outpost. Though possessed of super-hot surface temperatures, its inner caverns gave comfortable shelter for the IKU and BEH forces. This world would become p known as ‘DAK-A-MU’, ‘place of the DAK inside’.

The Red Sands planet, next in line, was a world with air and water, trees and an environment suitable for settlers to inhabit. A good site for colonists, it also provided a much need surface land for a central military fortress. This was the world of ‘DAK-MU’, ‘place of the DAK’.

Beyond the red sands world was TIAMAT, the center of the colonization efforts of Lord AL-AL-IM.

The largest of the system’s worlds was a gigantic planet possessing gravitational forces that made it unsuitable for habitation but excellent for the production of super-metals-Under super-gravity conditions, metals could be forged into combinations impossible on other worlds. ‘BAR-BAR-U’ it was called, ‘World of Metal Metals’.

The second titan world was the most dangerous. Internal forces were highly unstable. Possessing a constant cloud of dust and rocks circling around its furiously spinning center and with gravitational forces that pulled many ships into an uncorrectable spin, the giant would be known as ‘TAR-GALLU’, the ‘Great Destroyer’. Of all the planets, the ‘Ringed One’ would prove the most dangerous.

A distance past TAR-GALLU was a large cold swamp planet, poisonous gases in its skies. ‘SHANAMMA’ would be difficult to colonize but would be ideal for Genesis experiments. The outermost world was called ‘IR-U’, a near twin to ‘SHANAMMA’ in size. IR-U was a watery world with a misty covering.

Though the task was difficult. Lord AL-AL-IM would prove successful. The extremely high gravity forces on BAR-BAR-U simplified the manufacture of ‘heavy’ metals, unstable in an environment with low gravity. Military outposts on DAK-A-MU r and DAK-MU proved secure and strong. Experimental farms on both SHANAMA and IRU showed promise. The settlements on the moons of BAR-BAR-U and TAR-GALLU were also thriving.

But TIAMAT was the crowning glory to the efforts of Lord AL-AL-IM. With the support of his King AL-AL back home, the Administrator was able to develop TIAMAT into a paradise far beyond expectation. Facilities to extract newly discovered ores were constructed. Atmospheric Conditioning Centers soon began the tedious task of transforming the skies into a more more suitable environment.

As a source of precious ores and a strategic control point of traffic on the Ninth Passageway star lanes, the new system further strengthened the strangle hold King AL-AL held on the outer Ninth Sector.

As his final project. Lord AL-AL-IM constructed a nearly perfect duplicate of the Palace of the ASA-RRR Kings’ Known as ‘Kl’ its name literally meant ‘In the Likeness of’. The new solar system of BAD had been conquered. In recognition of the efforts of AL-AL-IM, the system was called ‘ARI-DU’, ‘the Mastered Place.’ And its Lord was AL-AL-IM, the EN-GI, ‘Lord of the World in the Likeness of ASA-RRR’.

Under the premise of executing control of the star lanes of the Ninth Sector on behalf of the SSS-T Queens, AL-AL was able to control the travelers who entered the galaxy through the Passageway. By refusing travel on the star lanes. King AL-AL could prevent potential alliances with the ARI-AN from being formed. Negotiations with other galaxies were subject to the whims of King AL-AL, an intolerable situation for the SSS-T Queens.

The ASA-RRR empire could delay, or undo, all crucial SSS-T political and economic alliances. King AL-AL, had turn ARI-DU into an island outpost of phenomenal power.

And, though the Great AL-AL had further strengthened the ASA-RRR Throne, he had also weakened his position within the SSS-T Royal Court of ARI-AN. What the Great AL-AL could not foresee, what he could not suspect, was that his own future, his very survival, was hidden in the distant worlds AL-AL-IM had developed for him.

Lurking back in the Royal Palace was AN-U, the one time Prince and highly disgruntled grandson of the Great AN-AN, waiting patiently for a time in which to move against his Uncle. Choosing a day of High Celebration of DAK victories in battle, when AL-AL would not be in the Palace, the Prince acted. The loyal followers of the Great AN-AN, still angry at AL-AL’s betrayal, joined with AN-U.

Overwhelming force and lightning speed assured the Prince of an immediate success. King AL-AL, hearing of the war in the Palace, chose not to fight the Prince. Fleeing for his life, the Great AL-AL descended to his far-away Palace in the ARI-DU System. Here, a loyal following received the deposed King with the enthusiasm of thankful subjects. Refuge was found in the island outpost AL-AL had developed. Here he would be a King, still adored and still welcomed.

Back on ASA-RRR, the ex-Prince AN-U, celebrated his long awaited revenge. The throne was his, he was King AN-U.

But victory was not totally complete. The loyal Warrior forces of the Great AL-AL held fast to the new solar system. The efforts of AL-AL-IM and the resources dedicated by AL-AL to developing and exploiting the new outpost was to return a handsome reward to the Great AL-AL in the end.

Consistency in the production of heavy metals on BAR-BAR-U and continual discovery and exploitation of precious ores, particularly an abundance of gold, made the new solar system indispensable.

The strength of AL-AL’s hold on the solar system; a very strongly worded communiqué sent by the SSS-T Queens ‘asking’ that a civil war be avoided; and the vital resources brought in by the new system, all combined to give King AL-AL a very powerful position from which to negotiate a tentative truce, and a reprieve.
With the SSS-T Queens looking over his shoulder, ASA-RRR King AN-U reluctantly accepted the agreement, for the while.

For a time. King AL-AL continued to provide a steady and abundant stream of precious ores and metals to ASA-RRR- The angry AN-U accepted the shipments on behalf of the Empire of ASA-RRR and the ARI-AN Empire, but continued to look for any sign of weakness, any trouble that might give cause to bring his DAK armada down on AL-AL.

AN-U placed his own elite IKU Star-pilots, the ‘IKIKI’, into orbits throughout the solar system. Any transgression, any mistake made by AL-AL, would bring down the wrath of his Highness, King AN-U.

To further secure the solar system. King AN-U placed his own son, Prince AN-EN, in charge of the elite IKU Starships, and a special group called the ‘IKIKI’, the ‘Watchers’. His title would be ‘EN-LIL’, ‘Lord of Command’. To insure shipments of crucial resources remained intact and on time. King AN-U appointed his eldest son. Lord Prince EA, also a Master of Genesis Sciences, to the position of EN-GI, the very same position once held by AL-AL-IM.

Lord Prince EN-LIL would be based on TIAMAT, as would be his brother Prince EN-KI.

EN-LIL would travel the sky-ways, EN-KI would develop the system worlds and conduct continuing Genesis experiments on the watery world of SHANAMA, Mining, production and metallurgical operations would also fall into the realm of Prince EA’s control. In this way, the King was assured his hand would extend over AL-AL’s solar system.

And so it was for many periods. Former King AL-AL would keep his word, producing the resources and maintaining order in the Ninth Passageway, while King AN-U reluctantly allowed a once hated foe to remain in power in the Ninth Passageway. But AN-U would never forget the injury he had suffered under the hands of his uncle AL-AL. When speaking of King AL-AL’s duplicate palace, the Great AN-U always referred to it in an angry and disparaging manner.

An ‘Impure Palace’, he called it, his own Palace on ASA-RRR was the ‘Pure One’, the ARI-DU Palace was the ‘Dark One’. TIAMAT itself was the ‘World of Darkness’, regardless of its achievements.

King AN-U would never forget the torments his father had endured. The hatred of a lifetime welled up within his very being. King AL-AL would live, but he would pay for his sins against the family of AN-U.

But history was about to repeat itself. For in the very heart of ARI-DU, the grandson of King AL-AL, AL-AL-GAR, heir apparent to the Throne of the solar system, had become a far more powerful figure to the followers of King AL-AL than the the King of ASA-RRR was comfortable with.

Born to one of the IKIKI pilots, the orbiting ‘Watchers’ of AN-U, AL-AL-GAR learned early the ways of the Star-pilots and their Warships. His piloting skills developed quickly, and in short time he was granted the status of IKU ‘Master’.

He, like his father, was IKU!

But AL-AL-GAR had a plan.

After IKU training, the Prince went to the High Palace of his grandfather, ‘AM-BAHU’, ‘The Gathering Place’. He would make a strange request. Rather than rest on his laurels, the Prince asked to receive further training, only this time, in the military discipline of the elite BEH Warriors. Disciplined ground forces that were equivalent to the DAK Warriors of the skyways, the BEH were equally feared in the Ninth Sector.

Exhibiting exemplary skills, the Prince once again completed his training in short time. Rising with quickness through the ranks. Lord Prince AL-AL-GAR would earn the title ‘IKU-MAR-BEH’, ‘He is a Great One of the IKIKI and the BEH’.

But, AL-AL-GAR, an honored Master of both Warrior disciplines, was to garner one more title’. He would receive the title of ‘ZU’, ‘One who is Supreme Master’, a status given only to the most elite of Warriors, a very select handful of fighters.

The Great AN-U was worried! A Master of War dwelled far away in the Kingdom of AL-AL… and he was a Prince!

The way in which IKU-MAR-BEH had pursued his military disciplines in such a brief time revealed much to King AN-U. He remembered what AL-AL had done to him when he was Prince. And now, the grandson of AL-AL, a Prince, had suffered the very same fate at the hands of King AN-U!

AN-U was sure he knew the young Prince’s heart. He knew how angry IKU-MAR-BEH must be. King AN-U would have to take immediate steps to prevent IKU-MAR-BEH from rising to power, and possibly inciting the ARI-DU colonies to rebel.

And so a worried King AN-U moved, as his uncle had moved against him long ago. IKU-MAR-BEH was made Royal Cupbearer. Summoned to the Palace of ASA-RRR, IKU-MAR-BEH was placed in the Seat of the Cup-Bearer, a position under King AN-U where he could be constantly watched.

In an effort to appease IKU-MAR-BEH, AN-U bestowed great honors on the young Prince, but to no avail. Still the King could sense the hatred of the Prince. King AN-U knew nothing would succeed, nothing would change the mind of IKU-MAR-BEH. For this reason, he would always be on guard. King AN-U had no choice but to be diligent in watching the Prince.

But there were more troubles for the King in the faraway solar system. Lord Prince EN-LIL, AN-U’s son, the appointed Overlord of the new system, had protested his placement in a region so far from the ASA-RRR Palace. Perhaps he too would give thought to an attempt to overthrow his own father. The BEH Warriors were loyal, but they were also a powerful force and could not be ignored.

A threat could arise from a group of rebels within the IKIKI. They were loyal to AN-U but all had families in the new solar system, and Prince IKU-MAR-BEH had once been one of them. They, too, could become a threat to his rule. The worries in the Kingdom of AL-AL were many.

AN-U had hoped that the presence of his sons would help, but the feuding between them had become worse while they had been in ARI-DU. Though Overlords of their very own domains, neither Prince was happy. Each had wanted complete control, total dominion over the entire AL-AL Kingdom of ARI-DU.

Both Princes made threatening, almost dangerous, noises. King AN-U could take no chances in ARIDU. Forced to descend to the distant faraway solar system, the King was determined to put things in order. To protect himself from a coup by a vengeful Prince IKU-MAR-BEH, King AN-U took the Prince along with him on his journey.

Feeling secure, the King AN-U made his way to the worlds of discord. But as they arrived. Prince IKU-MAR-BEH asked a favor of the King. Many of IKU-MAR-BEH’s family and friends within the IKIKI had planned a welcoming for him, the Prince asked to be allowed to visit with them.

Distracted by the pending events, the Great King doubled the DAK guards around the young Prince and ordered the IKIKI ships be carefully watched. Perhaps this would placate Lord IKU-MAR-BEH for a time. Assured that the situation was well in hand. King AN-U agreed to the request.

Continuing on to the Palace in TIAMAT, the King hoped to be greeted with a solution to the battle between his sons.

But the dispute over dominion of TIAMAT, Throne World of the solar system, could not be settled. Prince ENL-LIL made it clear to his father, if he was to stay in the distant and primitive solar system, he wanted to reside in the Palace as the King of ARIDU. Prince EA argued that since he was older he was more deserving, and he was a Genesis Scientist, a Way of Discipline that was perfect for Kingship over ARIDU.

Seeing no resolution to the dilemma. King AN-U agreed to the choosing of lots to decide the fate of ARIDU. By chance Prince EN-LIL became Lord of ARIDU, the world, and ARIDU the system. Prince EA would remain the EN-GI and would continue to organize the development and recovery operations throughout ARIDU. While the decision made little difference in the resolution of difficulties, but it gave the King respite for a short time…a very short time.

King AN-U boarded the small ship which would take him up to his waiting Flagship, the Royal ,ARI- As AN-U approached the converted planet-sized Deathship, he could not have been more proud. The gleaming ship was truly a Royal craft.

But an unexpected surprise awaited the’ King.

Overwhelming the Guards assigned to watch him, the young IKU-MAR-BEH and his loyal IKIKI Warriors had captured the AR Flagship, IKU-MAR-BEH would have his revenge. As AN-U moved closer, the trap was made ready.

But a cry went out – a warning from a loyal AN-U Warrior. At the last moment, AN-U turned to flee. IKU-MAR-BEH struck quickly, damaging the ship of the King.

The forces of AN-U, outnumbered and overwhelmed, struck back.

The battle was fierce in intensity, short in duration.

The DAK Elite Royal Guard had little chance of victory, all they could only hope to do was create sufficient time to allow the King to escape. As AN-U fled into the stars on an escort ship, a final explosion and fire-ball marked the last stand of his loyal DAK defenders.

Lord Prince IKU-MAR-BEH moved quickly. With loyal IKIKI Warriors in the skyways and BEH Warriors on the planets, the takeover of the solar system was quick and decisive. Prince IKU-MAR-BEH found little resistance. The inhabitants of the AL-AL Kingdom supported his rebellion, they opposed the rule of the ASA-RRR empire. Small pockets of AN-U loyalists were captured, and neutralized. Prince IKU-MAR-BEH had won!

And in his victory, he had captured the mighty AR, Flagship of the War armada of ASA-RRR. The cries of celebration were tumultuous! Long live the Prince! Long live Mighty ZU!

The Prince was victorious. As King of the rebel kingdom he would become known as King ‘ZU-ZU’, or ‘ZUZ’ (Zeus). The capture of the AR of AN-U would earn ZU-ZU yet another name, ‘AR-ZU’, ‘Supreme Lord of the AR’. In honor of his victory, the Palace of his grandfather, previously called ‘AL AMBAHU’ was renamed ‘AL AMBAHU ZU’ or ‘AL-AMBA-ZU’ (Olympus), ‘Place-of Gathering of AL and ZU’.

The glory of the throne of ARIDU was his.

‘The Battle of AN-U and KUMARBI’, an ancient legend found on Babylonian clay tablets, describes a royal battle in the skies in which Prince KUMARBI fights with and defeats King AN-U, who flees into heaven. Before the battle is over, KUMARBI ‘bites’ AN-U in the genitals, hurting him.

The story really says KUMARBI ‘used his teeth'(DAK) on AN-U’s ‘ball of power’ (The AR).


More will be coming, and we start to “sort out” who actually controls our own Solar System…

All my love….





By: Bradley Loves





If you managed to watch the last video that I posted from Jordan Maxwell last night (one which I called “esstential” to watch)…, you would have stumbled upon some very interesting information right about at the 35 minute mark.

When talking about the history of Egypt, the Pharoah’s, and their ancient religion (which actually predates modern Judism)…, Jordan tells us about their use of “ARKS”  as a symbol of power and rulership.

He said that the ARKS were there to symbolize “CONTRACTS”…, not COVENANTS.

He then relayed that the “ARKS” were always an Egyptian idea…, and “not” a Hebrew One as we’ve been told, and originated with the Pharoahs of Egypt.

He further explained exactly how the Egyptian Pharoah’s got their power to rule here on Earth.

He made the astonishing claim that this “power” was acquired through a “CONTRACT” with their SIRIAN gods (small “g”).

(Sirian…, as in coming from the Star System of Sirius).

According to Jordan, these Sirian “gods” looked somewhat like our Earth dogs do…, having human bodies, but with dog-like heads.

Thus…, we have the countless drawings that we are able to find in Egyptian carvings of the “god” Anubis…, who had the body of a man, but the head of a dog.


Jordan restated that EGYPT itself, and it’s entire culture, actually predates  “Israel” and “Judaism” by a significant amount.

(The Sphinx is said to be almost 12,000 years old, owing to new geological evidence…, SEE – John Anthony West’s videos for these details).

If you haven’t already noticed…, the word “god”…, actually is “dog” spelled backwards, and that is just too much of a clue to be ignored.

Did you know that the star SIRIUS is more commonly called: THE “DOG” STAR?

(At least it was called that by the Ancient Eqyptians).

Now, I know what you are thinking…, there was no such thing as the ENGLISH LANGUAGE back in those days…, and so the words ‘god’ and ‘dog’ being oppisites of each other could not have been intentional…, but…, that would have to FIRST ASSUME that there are NO current influences upon our modern day culture coming from the Star System of Sirius, and I just don’t think that is the case.

(This I will get into much later.)

At any rate…, these Egyptian “ARKS” or “Golden Boxes of Power”…, were (according to Jordan Maxwell), given to each Egyptian Pharoah by their “other dimensional” or “off world over-lords” from the Star System of Sirius giving them the right to RULE the common man.

Because these off world rulers were from SIRIUS…, they were called SIRIANS!


Now, for those who pay attention to the NEW AGE……, we’ve heard a lot about the SIRIANS and their so called attempts at “helping Earth” from the likes of Sheldon Nidle…, ( a representative) and a host of other New Age Channelers.


Now…, there is something of peculair interest here!!

Where ( pray tell) does the whole world seem to be “AT WAR” in the Middle East currently and as we speak?


Let’s do some hypothetical exercises in out right speculation here….

  • Could it be possible that there are real “portals” and “vortexes” located in the country of “Syria” that lead dirctly back to the STAR SYSTEM OF SIRIUS??


Don’t you find it more than interesting that the very “enemy” that the whole world is fighting in SYRIA…, is called ISIS…, which is a direct and in your face reference BACK TO EGYPT.  (Since ISIS was an Egyptian Goddess).

Now…, even though we are at an early stage in this multi-section post (a very early stage)…, and some of these things sound quite unrelated and co-incidental…, I promise you…, that when we get to the end…, you are going to be blown away!



If we can trust what Steven Quayle has discovered in his long interviews with the American Indians…, and then “told” us about in his TRUE LEGENDS SERIES…., namely where he is given information by their medicine men and elders that out in the desert southwest of America…, there are actually top secret hidden places the Indians know about with natural Stargates, Portals, and Vortexes…, on the land.

And…., “they” know how to activate them!

Steve Quayle was given information that these medicine men “activate” these Portals every single year at the same time to “communicate” off world!

These “portals” apparently lead to other planets, systems, dimensions, and maybe even some other galaxies!

  • We have also heard testimony from Captain Mark Richards (of Space Command) telling Kerry Cassidy in her interviews with him…, that many of the battles taking place here on Earth are fought over the control of Ancient Portals…, that allow people to come and go from the Earth as easy as you walk down to the Grocery Store!
  • We heard Steve Quayle telling us in his Holocaust of Giants Documentary that he was told by the leaders of the Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo, and Apache tribes that their medicine men get together every single year and go to a secret place in the desert to “open” a very real PORTAL…, so they can talk to the people who originally put them here, and get their guidance.
  • We’ve heard Mark Richards tell Kerry Cassidy that Earth’s Government has actually used NUKES to “close Portals” to other places and dimensions in order to keep other beings from getting through them and having access to the Earth.

So…, knowing this…, my questions are:

  • Could we possibly make the case that the country of SYRIA (where all of the current battles have been on going for many years) has active portals which lead back to SIRIUS…, and that THIS is why that country was even named SYRIA in the first place??
  • Is it possible that the world’s armies are fighting there (creating a huge distraction for the human population) while other special forces are there trying to close “the portals” in order to prevent the return of the DOGS??
  • Is it possible that every major country in the WORLD knows all about this stuff…, which is why there are so many countries involved?




If the rulers of Egypt (the Pharoahs) claimed that their “authority” came to them from off world…, which was from their over-lords from the system of SIRIUS…, (as Jordan Maxwell suggested) and that the “ARK” that each Pharoah had in his possession was a “symbol” of that authority…, then the ARKS became symbols of INTER- PLANETARY AGREEMENTS…., or in banking and business terms…,


And so…, this is why Jordan Maxwell clearly stated that they were NOT…, ARKS of Covenants…, but… ARKS OF CONTRACTS!

Here again my dear readers…, we are bumping into the IDEA…, that somehow…, “GOD” (the real one) does contracts!

However…, in this particular sense as we are told…, it would be a more “legitimate” claim only because the SIRIANS themselves are NOT GODS and could never be GODS!

They are simply Real Estate “claimers”…, who by right of “CONTRACT”  (a business deal) have a right to “manage the Earth”.


So apparently…, the Channeling Community…, and the New Agers of today are NOT the first “crazies” living on Earth to claim that men have somehow made a “contract” with a god!!

The Egyptians did that first by giving their Pharoahs the ARK OF THE CONTRACT.

Funny to notice how almost every single NEW AGE BLOG…, sports all kinds of signs and symbols that come directly from ancient Egypt!!         Don’t you think?

(This is really important by the way…, and I will get into this later.)


Now…, in this case…, the “CONTRACT”  that the Ancient Eqyptians had was with their “dog” rulers (a very real race of beings) …, who “claimed” to be gods…, but were NOT.

These off world rulers were the “dog race” from the Star System of SIRIUS.

Now before you say this is NOT POSSIBLE…, there are many writings in the Ancient Texts that talk about the Anunnaki…, who were actually from the Sirian Star System originally.



In his work called the TERRA PAPERS, Robert Morning Sky (an American Indian of the HOPI nation) tells us exactly this!!

You can download a copy of the Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky at this link:


THE TERRA PAPERS are said to be an actual and accurate history of the Earth that started over a million years ago.

It talks about Earth’s very first colonies…, and how humans came here from other stars.

It talks about the rulers of the galaxy at that early time…, which was a darkly leaning Reptillian Race called the DRACO, and also talks about a young, up and coming “Battle Race” of DOG like people called the Sirians.

After having fought the Dog Race (which they described as particularly vicious)…, and not wanting to continue the the very bloody and brutal War…, the Reptillian Queens that ruled the Galaxy decided that a treaty was a better idea…, and so they made a deal with the Sirians (the Dogs)…, giving the Dog Race the Earth as it’s prize, because the “Earth” just happened to be in territory claimed by the Reptiles at the time.

Thus…, the “dogs”…, became our “gods”.



I have tons of things to say that all tie into this…, many of which are inter-related…, so please bare with me as I try to get to them all.

The Terra Papers are an essential part of my Series…, and there are about 70 to 80 pages there that I would like you to read!

When you have done so…, I will post what I really think is going on…, who the players are (and have always been)…, why the NEW AGE…, is simply a huge CON…, and why it is there…..

All of this will be coming!

All my love…….