By: Bradley Loves




Regardless of what has taken place over the last 2 or 3 decades…, many are of the opinion that their prayers for help have gone unnoticed and unanswered by GOD!

This could not be farther from the TRUTH.

Prime Creator/God has indeed heard all of the countless prayers for help!

This message is for those who are now locked in battle with the Deep State/Cabal/Illuminati!



Here is where you’ve made your mistake!

This mess is of your OWN making!  Therefore…, it can NOT be fixed using the very same type of thinking that got you into it!


The people (souls) sent into the Earth to help were NOT sent to JOIN up with you!

They were not sent to take “oaths” and “pledges” and “swear allegiances”!

They are here to CORRECT your faulty thinking – and to show you how to fix this EPIC MESS!

There are so many of them!    But YOU do not “like” how they THINK!


And…, many of them (as I am very aware) have been “identified” by YOU using advanced technology!

The alien technology available to you is very good at detecting and pin pointing and “very high vibrational frequencies”.

So.., you are aware of many of them.

But WHAT have you done??

You’ve tried to MIND CONTROL THEM!   You’ve tried to drug them!

You’ve tried to vaccinate them in order to be able to control them!

You’ve done everything except come to them humbly and ASK THEM AS EQUALS…, WHAT IT IS THAT THEY KNOW!

This…, is YOUR arrogance!  This is your faithless human nature!

Instead of “trusting” that Prime Creator might just answer your prayers and send you the help you wanted…, you assumed that these men and women would JOIN UP WTH YOUR TEAM AND TAKE ORDERS FROM YOU!

It does not work that way!

Your “thinking” is what got you into this mess!

The help you were sent (directly from God) does not “take orders” from anyone…, but GOD!

They are in communcation with Prime Creator in ways that you can not even understand or quantify!


They will not want to “sign” non-disclosure agreements…, just to keep the secrets that have allowed the Satanists and their Off-World Allies to take hold of the reigns of power just so they could almost destroy Earth and Mankind with it.

They do not want to “join” your secret societies, your fraternities, your clubs, and your groups!

They want things OUT IN THE OPEN!

They have come to help you…, but YOU have tired to take control of their lives, their finances, their families and even their MINDS because you are terrified if you come clean and open up to them as to HOW FUCKED UP YOU’VE ALLOWED THINGS TO GET…, they might tell someone!

So in order to keep the BIG SECRET (which is not really a secret) since every man women and child can see exactly how fucked up life has become here on Earth…, you’ve tried to hi-jack and control the very people Prime Creator/God sent to you!

Let me tell you this:

You are failing BIG TIME because Prime Creator will NOT be sending you MORE HELP…, when you have actually TORTURED the help he has already sent!


Why do you “act” as if you do???

Have you ever considered coming to some of the men and women you’ve identified as having very high soul vibrations and simply laying your cards out on the table and (HUMBLY) asking for help?

Have you considered not trying to CONTROL THESE SOULS through money, black-mail, threats, oaths, pledges, and sworn allegences?

Have you ever considered that maybe…, just maybe…, the severely screwed up abyss of havoc that you’ve dug here on Earth can only be filled in by some of the most loving and spiritual people because THEY REALLY DO HAVE SOME VERY IMPORTANT ANSWERS (THAT YOU NEED)…., GIVEN TO THEM BY PRIME CREATOR GOD???

Have you EVER contacted just one such soul…, set up a very “high level” meeting and then laid out all of your problems in the open (cards on the table) and said:  We know you have come to help…, here is what’s happening…, HOW CAN WE FIX IT??

Gee…, I guess you’d have to TRUST…, wouldn’t you?

Secondly…, you’d have to be WILLING to BELIEVE that PRIME CREATOR/GOD really does care and really has sent you some help.

This has already occured…, because you are “targeting” many such beings…, desperately trying to get them under YOUR CONTROL!

NewsFlash:  The ones that have truly been sent to help…, you will NEVER be able to control no matter WHAT you do to them.

They will NOT submit to “your authority”.

The ONLY real and true “authroity” is THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS!

They will die before “joining  up” with your team!

They were never supposed to “join up” with your team.

YOUR TEAM got Earth into this mess!

They are here to help you get out of it!   They are here to show you how to move forward!  They have all the facts and all the knowledge.

They are HERE…, it is up to you to come to them and humbly ASK for their help!

Heres a word of advice though:


It might go a long way to gaining their favor!

You are dealing with “very high” and “very smart” souls!   They do not take kindly to being tortured with hidden technology and secret weaponry!

And due to their COSMIC LEVEL STATUS…, they certainly do not deserve it!

If you want to meet with such a soul…, you may want to APOLOGIZE for such actions first…, and see what you can do to make it up to them to smooth over that fact that YOU BOTCHED first contact with the very help that GOD sent to you!

Something to consider for those who want to fix things here on Earth!






Remember back when I first started writing?

It was THE GREAT CON OF MAN…, that started it all!

Many people looked at that article and said that I must be “CRAZY” to think such things and to say that we are now being, and have been CONNED all of our lives!!

Well…, hows that “doubt” working out for you these days??

We’ve come a LONG WAY since the Great Con of Man.

But if you think we are done…, see the image below:


It’s ONLY the tip of the Ice-berg so far!    Maybe 2 percent!

How would you like to go even further?????




How would you like to learn all about Magnetics?

How would you like to learn all about Harmonics?

How would you like to learn about the factors of  “Dispersion” based upon ancient understanding of the LIQUID MATHEMATICAL DYNAMICS OF SPACE AND TIME.

(Vortex Math…, but on a “Quantum Level”)

We could…, but….



We as a society can never more forward a single step more until we GET RID OF and SQUASH FOREVER the rule of the Satanists among us!

I will not…, nor will any other being who came to Earth to help it, give another single tool for the Satanists to use against mankind!

They must be made to surrender to the light…, or submit and give up all of their power forever!

The problem is that there are too many people standing in the WAY!

Believe it or not…, as I’ve pointed out many times…., it is NEW AGERS…, who are literally blocking the advent of the great rise of mankind…, by blocking any and ALL ATTEMPTS at taking down the SATANIC DARK MAGICIANS!

They are apologizing for them!

They are hindering any and all attempts at taking them down – and forcing them OUT OF POWER!

They are begging everyone to just leave them alone and to forgive them for everything…, even BEFORE they have been taken out of power and neutralized so they can no longer HURT OTHERS!


I read countless channeled messages daily just so that I can see what they are hearing and being told by the channelers…, and I can tell you that there is an entire type of “cultist” religion being formed by what I call a (far left/fringe NEW AGE…, which is not even mainstream New Age any longer)

This group has nothing to do with a healthy EARTH and healthy SOCIETY!

These people are 100 percent ASCENSION CRAZY…, and would allow the entire Earth to be destroyed right in front of their very eyes…, and every other single human being to be tortured endlessly without lifting a finger…, if it only meant that by IGNORING IT ALL…, they could raise their own “vibration” one more degree!

These are not really even New Agers…, but the LUNATIC FRINGE OF THE NEW AGE!


(Which is what these people are attempting to do)


These are the “tiny children” who think that by covering their eyes while watching a scary movie…, they suddenly become “SAFER” than they were a moment earlier.

Sadly…, they are only conning themselves because like it or not…, THEY ARE IN FACT PART OF THE ENTIRE EARTH…, and can not separate themselves out of the mix.

This cartoon discribes them perfectly…, because it points out the hypocracy!  There really is no way to get around active particpation in planet Earth!

As I’ve said in many posts…, every decision is a CHOICE!   Choosing to “not act”…, is still a choice!

Choosing to “not judge” is still judging!   Why?  Because it is judging the act of judging!   It is a “judgement” about judgement!

These monkeys portray this idea perfectly!

When will people just learn that we must all face our future together and head on…, and just GET RID OF WHAT OUR REAL PROBLEM IS??

The Satanists among us is the thorn in our foot!  To move forward…, we must PULL IT OUT and GET RID OF IT!

(Oh and New Agers….., get out of the damn way)

All my love….








By: Bradley Loves


I picked up this post from a link off of KP’s website!

Thank God that I did, because apparently he has STILL not learned his lesson about CHANNELED MESSAGES!

This particular message…, which made up of “half truths”…, and “half diabolical LIES…,”….is DANGEROUS!

It rightly talks about the times that we are living in now.., but then SPINS Donald Trump into some kind of COSMIC HERO!

This is exactly what the ROGUE CHANNELED ENTITES did with Barry Soetoro!

They made him out to be a virtual SAINT – that was sent from THEM…, and as one who could DO NO WRONG!

In this way…, they conned millions of good people who read these channeled messages into BELIEVING EVERY OTHER MESSAGE THAT WAS SENT ABOUT “BATHHOUSE BARRY”!

This particular channeled being…, who ever it is…, is a ROGUE PLAYER…, and is thus using this particular channeler to MANIPULATE THOSE WHO HEAR AND READ THE MESSAGE!

Taken from THIS website!

Here is the message in question:

Yes. Hello Sophia.
Hello. Thank you for coming forward.
You are most accommodating. Coming forward is a simple thing.
To whom am I speaking?
I am Rx…
I do not know how to spell that (that which I was hearing, I had no string of letters that made any sense here). Is it okay to use these two letters, R x, to signify your name?
It is, yes. This is no problem for we do not put a great deal of stock in names. Short or long makes little difference.
Okay. Thank you. Hello Rx. Where are you from? I sense that you are male.
I am, yes. I am seeing another being interfering.
Yes. It is my cat. (We have a 3-year-old kitten, who typically sleeps until about dinner time.) He suddenly has become insistent. (Here I suspected my cat suddenly appeared due to the connection with Rx, but I can’t be sure. I began to send him a “not now” message. I also sensed that Rx was doing the same. It was a feeling I was getting and unconfirmed by Rx.)
Ah… he’s moving away. We can continue.
Yes. I will do so. I am from a galaxy beyond yours. I am here now because of the removal. It interests me.
The removal of what?
Of chains. These have massive weight to them and it is known that a herculean effort is being undertaken to remove them. Not by one man or woman, as in the Hercules legend, which by the way is more than legend, but led by one being.
 Begun, and just about completed as of this point, by the actions of one being
Your earth has waited many eons for such a being. It is one that was willing to endure slings and arrows and complete hatred, knowing he would be misunderstood. A being such as this appears to have gigantic aims in personal respects. Only, perhaps, in order to waylay those who would mistake him for weakened by ego.


This being is, of course, the USA President, who does so without payment. How much more of a sign is necessary?
He came to undue the slave system and to save the planet finally, once and for all, from its bondage by money. He does so without money as incentive. This is pure intent, which sends the strongest message to the “chain layers”. They do not know what to make of this being.
In the end there will be stories written of prophecies foretold that came to be with the placement of this being where he is now.
He is unstoppable because the force to keep him in place until the chains are gone is so much greater than that of any other. Not even he is fully aware of this force.
He will succeed.
I come forward now to get a feel for the place, through you, and also to encourage more unification.
In so many instances we see you divided. You must unite. This action alone will help your forces for good and accelerate their actions.
You must unite. As your awareness increases of who and what you are – ONE – your power does as well. It is in first awareness and then intentional removal that these chains are finally removed.
You must “get” that the bondage is only possible because you hang on to a belief that the chains are real.
That belief brings anger, sadness, separation, pain and despair. When you KNOW they are merely mental gymnastics, expertly played, you’ll see truth. Truth becomes than the solid object you hold on to and the chains, which you believe right now are heavy and solid – will disappear. This is the herculean effort mentioned earlier.
The effort necessary to unite a populace of so many billions of souls is beyond human or (that of) a single being. Yet, it is a single “thought” if you catch the meaning of my words. That thought is love. Love implies unity and oneness and the singularity.
What I want to tell you is that even love has been manipulated here. The passionate loyal human is a favorite to observe, due to his and her extreme passion. Love has been used as a tool against you.
So many thoughts are entering at once…
I will attempt to separate them but know that it is the separation that has been used to keep you weak and in bondage, so I hesitate.
There are two thoughts you are simultaneously picking up.
The first is that love weakens you. In truth, the opposite is true. The power of your emotions and physical connection to another being to whom you are connected, magnifies your creative potential in the physical plane. You will see this in “sex majik” teachings. There is raw creative energy that once tapped into will manifest extraordinary things.
The second is that love has been wound into vows of obedience and separation and denial of its persistence. This, all at the hands of religion. These things are not indications of “true love” but displays of social conformity. What results is fear around love and other and any potentially loving engagement. All of these separate.
What is extraordinary to watch, and one of the reasons I am here, is that despite all of this programming you are pulling it off!!!
This, dear, dear human, is astounding. I applaud you and will remain in awe of your super powers. I will remain, watching, until the final curtain.
What you can do to join hands throughout the show – do so. You have so much more power individually than you realize.
I will depart for now, but plan to meet me again for another joyful conversation once you’ve removed the chains.
Thank you.
Goodbye Rx


Once again…, the CON ARTISTS are at it again!


There are countless RED FLAGS inside of this article IF you know what you are looking for…, but the main one is putting President Donald Trump up on a COSMIC PEDESTAL!


This is the first MISTAKE and the first huge CON!

Now.., let me be the first to assure you…, Donald Trump is NOT…, sent from the Galaxy or from somewhere beyond it…, and he is not the “annointed one” who has come here to FREE US ALL!

He is simply a man who sees things clearly and wants to help us!

Any channeled message that EVER says otherwise is a LIE…, a CON…, and a DECEPTION!

Do not fall for it!

These ROGUE other dimensional beings have tried this once before with Obama!   And you KNOW how that turned out!!!!!!!


X…, in “majik” circles is a HEX!


Naturally…, this entity or being just “happens” to be called Rx….., HOW CONVENIENT!

Furthermore…, the most insidious portion of this message is truth wrapped inside of a huge, huge, huge, huge LIE!

Here is where that LIE starts!

Naturally…, it starts by talking about LOVE!

There are two thoughts you are simultaneously picking up.
The first is that love weakens you.
In truth, the opposite is true. The power of your emotions and physical connection to another being to whom you are connected, magnifies your creative potential in the physical plane.
You will see this in “sex majik” teachings. There is raw creative energy that once tapped into will manifest extraordinary things.
The second is that love has been wound into vows of obedience and separation and denial of its persistence.
This, all at the hands of religion.
These things are not indications of “true love” but displays of social conformity.
What results is fear around love, and any potentially loving engagement.
All of these separate.


You must “READ BETWEEN THE LINES ON THIS”…, and pick up on the very subtle stuff that it is trying to say to your SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND!

“Vows” of obediance is talking about “marriage” and the “contract” of marriage which limits many people from physically loving (sexually) each other!  It is also a “hint” at what Priests and Nuns go through because they are not allowed to have sex!

However, the final portion of this message is really talking about the “forbidden sexual love” between adults and children

Even though it does not say so…, what it DOES SAY…, points your sub-conscious mind in that direction!

First off…, it outwardly recognizes that there is such a “thing” as SEX MAGIC!

SEX MAGIC is something that is used primarily by ILLUMINATI DARK MAGICIANS!

Secondly…, in the grand Illuminati tradition…, it tells us that all RELIGION has kept us all from our own REAL POWER…, the POWER OF SEX!


I will grant you that there really IS such a thing as Sex Magic!

That part is the Truth…, but what is being said between the lines in this channeled message here is that YOU…, as a “full person” are being kept from your greatest POWER due to the limitations and restrictions being placed on your ability to CHOOSE TO SEXUALLY LOVE anyone you want to!


The words this OUT OF BODY ENTITY used to say this are:


Te New World Orders wants all of the rules and restrictions placed on having sex with children erased and gotten rid of!

This “so called” message is a subconscious way of getting you to LEAN in that direction!

As the progressives always say:  LEAN FOWARD!

Which means lean SATANIC…, lean MAGIC…, lean LUCIFERIAN!

This channeled message is a disguised commercial for Progressive Teachings hidden behind a shameless sign of support for Donald Trump!

Countless New Agers have been CONNED into believing that somehow the “use” of MAGIC…, especially SEXUAL MAGIC is really somehow a “white magic”…, but NOTHING could be farther from the TRUTH!

Remember what people like John Podesta and Marina Abromovich do with sex magic….

For GODS sake and for your own sake…, RE-READ THIS IMPORTANT POST!


I wrote this post for a VERY GOOD reason…, and that reason has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH SEX MAGIC!



There are very few who have our best interest at heart!





By: Bradley Loves


Anna von Reitz (as usual) hits the nail directly on the head!  She zero’s in on the real problem…, but…, fails to see just how EVIL the Illuminati really is…, and how what she “suggests” as an immediate course of action…, opens up the entire world for DESTRUCTION!

In one of her latest posts…, she writes this:

Picture then-President Obama and the UN Bankruptcy Trustees sitting around a conference table.

Picture Obama saying, “Well, all these land assets have just been sitting here unclaimed since 1953, why don’t we put them into the pot as abandoned assets and use all that land as collateral backing our debts?”

The Bankruptcy Trustees readily, eagerly, with great glee say, “Why, yes, that would be acceptable….if you are sure that all these vast acreages are abandoned by the original owners?”

Obama says, “Oh, yes, quite sure. The land titles were taken back in the 1930’s, released in 1954…. I don’t think there is any realistic likelihood that the heirs will show up after all these years.”

So the deal was done and all the American land assets were put up as collateral for Obummer’s debts, “securing” and underwriting all the fraud and cronyism of the 2008 meltdown.

A couple weeks later, Obama shows up again for a little discussion with “his” bankruptcy trustees, and he says, “Yeah, hey, fellas, I found all these private and personal trusts just laying around in the banking system. Most of these haven’t been accessed for fifty years. Why not take these assets as collateral, too?”

“No problem, Mr. President. We can do that. We’ll just do a little allonge in the name of the missing trustees…..”
“Right,” says Mr. Obama. “These dumb clucks were never told that these trusts exist, so what they don’t know won’t hurt ’em.”

So then, right after that, which basically means right after selling America to his Creditors— he created new Public Transmitting Utilities named after every American.

Suddenly instead of seeing mail addressed to “JOHN SMYTHE JONES” we start seeing mail addressed to “JOHN S. JONES”.

The estates have all been attached by the bankruptcy trustees, so the vermin needed a new “handle” to continue their scam of bleeding dry the clueless Americans.

But meantime, day by day, the Americans are waking up and figuring things out, and even if it seemed like a good bet to the bankruptcy trustees—-against all the odds, the Americans show up and they claim back their assets.

And not just a few people claiming back a few pieces of land or a few ESTATES.

No, the Americans show up in their long-disused Ship of State and they roll the whole shooting match back into the possession of the sovereign, unincorporated land jurisdiction States, against which no incorporated entity can transgress.

So, even if Donald Trump wanted to seize our assets and honor Mr. Obama’s deal with the corporate bankruptcy trustees, he couldn’t, because he is President of an incorporated entity which is incompetent to sue a sovereign State.

Our assets have been saved and our claims are cured and the Courts are obligated to change their legal presumptions accordingly. All of that is in motion now.

But the bankruptcy trustees and the Secondary Creditors they represent are all screaming bloody- murder: “Wait, hey, wait a minute! We’ve been swindled! Obama told us nobody knew about the land titles and the trusts. We were under the impression that none of the assets had been touched in years— that they were abandoned assets. Somebody set us up! We want blood!”

No, it was the American States and People who were swindled and misrepresented and defrauded decades ago — first by Wilson and
Theodore Roosevelt, then by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, then by Truman and Eisenhower.

They all acted as a bunch of colluding self-interested accomplices to identity theft, credit fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and genocide on paper.

And the plain fact is that they got caught, called on it, and out-gunned.

So what’s the mop up?

The corporation Donald is trying to guide out of bankruptcy isn’t going to make it. That’s not his fault. Without our “abandoned” assets on the table, it never had a prayer, anyway. And with our claims added to the claims of the Secondary Creditors, the whole shebang is doubly damned.

Imagine what happens — you are trying to claw your way out of a bankruptcy. Your Priority Creditors are presumed dead, lost at sea. So you are wrestling with your Secondary Creditors. Then your Priority Creditors show up and you already owe them so much money that the Secondary Creditors get blown off the table, down the hall and into the elevator.

Worse, all the “abandoned” assets of your Priority Creditors that you proposed to use as collateral backing your debts get whisked away, too. They are back home demanding that their assets be returned free and clear of debt.

Holy crappoli, could it get any worse?

It could get a lot better, if Donald Trump realizes that his Priority Creditors have the option to buy him out of his situation and can do so without blinking. All he has to do is help us reclaim our assets from the guilty banks and go to work for the American States and People instead of the Queen and the Pope.

Which was, if you recall, the original idea?

As the Queen and the Pope owe us a tremendous amount of money as a result of their 150 year fraud against us, and as they have no “Delegated Powers” left to exercise in our behalf, and as all their little henchmen in the Bar Associations are prohibited from holding any public office or position of trust related to us and as Westminster owes us a Treaty of “perpetual amity and peace”—–it would appear that it is time for Donald Trump to weigh anchor and get on the right side of the Public Law and all the related issues.

Incorporated entities have their advantages, but they also have their limitations.

You can see the dark clouds. You can see the confusion. You can see the paralysis. OMG, the actual Americans came home and claimed their assets…..the “dead” have risen, the Great Tribulation (tribute to Rome) is over, and we come like thieves in the night.

Only we are not thieves.

We are the actual landowners. And the Priority Creditors of both “the” United States and “the” United States of America and all their Subcontractors and all the corporations formed under their auspices since 1860.


Way to go Anna…, you called it like it is!


The Illuminati would love NOTHING MORE than if all of the people of America stopped supporting the Banks, the Infrastructure, the Military, and all that actually keeps this nation from descending into utter chaos!

This is exactly what they WANT TO HAPPEN!  They are hoping for it!

You see…, Anna…, what you do NOT KNOW…, because you have not looked into it…, is that the CABAL has been planning for this moment in history for well over 100 years!   Not just about the Banks and the Birth Certificate Fraud!

This goes OFF WORLD!

Due to Time Travel and Quantum access…, and various TREATIES signed with the most EVIL Galactic Beings out there…, the Illuminati have built an expansive network of UNDERGROUND CITIES that contain some of the most super advanced Technology ever seen!

There are over 200 under America alone…, and probably thousands across the world!   They are all connected by high speed –  Magneto Levitron shuttle tube trains that can go Mach 2 – 1400 miles per hour!

These underground cities were built with TRILLIONS of Dollars stolen from the American People!   The roads and the infrastructure of all of America has gone into ruins and disrepair over the last 50 years while these SATANISTS used all of OUR MONEY to build their escape tunnels and escape cities underground!

Due to advanced Quantum access (Time Travel) they saw this coming!

They are waiting and HOPING that we all will choose to revolt against them so that they can simply call it a day.., start dropping the bombs all over the surface of the planet and move to the UNDERGROUND as planned!

Now Anna…, Trump (and the Military that is supporting him) may indeed be in control of America…, but he does NOT control Europe, China, or Russia!   Nor does he control the leaders of many countries who SHOULD (for all practical purposes) be our allies…, like Australia, UK, Canada, or New Zealand.

Therefore…, since THESE COUNTRIES are still very much controlled by the Illuminati…, how long do you think it will be BEFORE the very cabal that we are fighting here…, Bankers and the like (that you want all of us to walk away from) here on our soil…, simply USE THE PUPPETS that they control over in Europe and China to start dropping the big ones all over the helpless people of America???

Please READ my dear Anna what Herb wrote about what they did to Rhodesia years ago!!

You see Anna.., if the ultimate GOAL of the Satanists…, is to wipe the surface of the planet clean…., then when is the BEST TIME to do that?


When the people living on the surface become totally DISTRACTED AND DISGUSTED  with the revelations of just how badly they were all conned and as you’ve said…, they start to REVOLT!

You should know by NOW the tactics of the Illuminati!

They always, always shift the BLAME for what they want to do onto the people!

So…, they have already pre-staged a huge REVOLT here in America!

Even you should be able to see it!

They have brought in millions of Mercenaries under the guise of being “migrants” and “refugees”!

They have given them food, money and housing – and these people (mostly young men) are simply living here and  are waiting for the “orders” to start creating massive havoc once they get the go ahead to do so!

You see…, THEY WANT what you want!

But…, just like with Pearl Harbor…, they need the Americans living here to BE THE CAUSE OF THE UPRISING!

Then they will throw gasoline on that fire…, call in the UN TROOPS and clean up the mess!

TRUMP and the MILITARY have a different plan!


FIRST OFF…, they want to re-build America’s INFRASTRUCTURE!

They want people to be working and have MONEY!

Just like a patient who has been in the hospital in intensive care for the last 50 years…, regular Americans are NOT in any position mentally, physically, or financially to fight against their oppressors!

As admirable as your plan (and my plan) to tell the TRUTH to the masses is…, we are not able to do it fast enough and deeply enough to make a real DENT in the Globalists plan!

Q and Trump (in my opinion) actually are doing what we WANT…, but are doing it as  MILITARY OPERATION!

Thus, they can make a huge DENT!

This (most likely) is the ONLY CHANCE that we (and the entire world) really has!


I know how you feel Anna…, I feel the same way you do!

But…, I am asking you to ADMIT (please) that there is FAR MORE GOING ON HERE…, that most people can possibly imagine, or even handle!

And…, hopefully you can concede that a BULL in a China Shop is not how we fix this problem without calling down the final assult by the Globalists!

We start slowly and do it surgically!

We cut out the CANCER cell by cell if we have to!

Anna please contact me…, and lets talk via Skype!  You and I could learn alot from each other!

My email is:





This response…, probably one of the most heart felt and wonderful comments I’ve ever gotten…, needs its own spot!  Therefore I am posting it as a stand alone piece!

Herb…, thank you so much for your input!

I recognize that you have been with me from the very beginning…, are a loyal reader and come to this blog every day!


All my love…..


In response to: THE “TRUTH” ABOUT BUILDERS… Herb wrote….



Brilliant, just brilliant and so on point.

I was born in Rhodesia and our colonial masters in London had plans for our country which did not sit well with the people. So on Nov 11th 1965, Rhodesia declared U.D.I. Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

The country decided to go it alone.

The retribution from Britain and the United Nations was swift and merciless. Total sanctions and embargoes were imposed. We could not import anything nor would our exports be accepted. They thought that we would not last long and soon capitulate.

The reverse happened. The whole country became a nation of “doers” If there were machine parts needed our guys in the metal workshops quickly fashioned a replacement.

Cars which were obsolete everywhere else were kept on the road and functioning. Much like in Cuba. There was no hunger at all as our agriculture was first rate and we were able to feed the nation and had to build silos to store the surplus.

Our black population was probably the best educated in Africa and notwithstanding shortages of textbooks were able to study and be first rate students. Our only ally was South Africa who helped us with much needed petrol (gasoline) which was rationed as it once was during WW2. Then came the media who with their lies labelled the people of Rhodesia as racists who treated the black population as slaves and took all their land.

I well remember a British photographer who not finding any children begging for food handed out some candy to the few curious youngsters. Soon a crowd of children appeared hoping to also get some candy.

So the photographer had his assistant put the candy in the trash can and soon the kids quickly retrieved it. Pictures were taken and were splashed all over the world. The caption: Starving black children rummage in garbage bins for food.

The globalists then armed the Marxists guerrillas and sabotage and farm killings and other atrocities began. A bush war as it was then called happened and all able bodied young men were conscripted to fight.

I was called up and volunteered for the medical corps so that I would avoid having to shoot people. War is not my thing. Long story short. In so called peace talks the Rhodesian government agreed to a handover of power by means of an election. We ended up with Robert Mugabe in April 1980.

He renamed the country. Now it became Zimbabwe and after a brief spell the looting and brutality began. I am currently in South Africa and hardly a day passes when I don’t meet one of my black countrymen who had escaped the deprivation and hardship in our homeland.

And as I still fluently speak the Matabele language I hear the older ones tell me sometimes how great things back home used to be. In conclusion my background of finding a way to problem solve or to be flexible and creative has been a far better education for me than spending 3 years in an expensive university studying “Liberal arts” and more recently “Gender studies”.

I am convinced that I am on a list somewhere as “a person of interest.”

This would explain a lot of things.


From Brad:  Herb, I remember Rhodesia well!   We studied about it at length in our school!  It was a GREAT country.

Sadly, because I am almost 60 years old…, most people younger than me do not even KNOW there was ever such a place as Rhodesia!

If you ask a “millenial”…, they will say…, what are you talking about…, there IS NO RHODESIA!

But you are right!

The Illuminati ALWAYS DESTROY those that go against them!

However…, that is not enough!   They don’t just destroy the country…, they DESTROY THE MEMORY OF THE COUNTRY!

They are so evil…, that they must write out of history the “thoughts” of what the Rhodesian people did!

Rhodesia was ERASED from the memory of the masses so that no one would ever DARE to try to do what they did!

One hundred years from now…, History will never admit there ever WAS a place known as Rhodesia!   The only reason the Illuminati can not yet do that today…, is because there are still people alive today…, YOU MY FRIEND…, who were there and remember it!

This is exactly what PURE EVIL DOES!

It not only destroys what it does not like…, it destroys the memory of it as well!

MIND CONTROL at is farthest limit!


Here is a word to the wise:

Anyone…., anyone at all…, who votes for a Democrat…, anyone who does not support Donald Trump in this mid-term election is effectively giving the POWER BACK to the ILLUMINATI!

They will be casting a vote for the Satanists!

If you really want to vote “democrat”…, THEN WAIT until the mass arrests have taken place and the Congress/Swamp has been fully drained!

Give Trump a little more time!


















By: Bradley Loves


Buckle yourselves up for this one…, it’s going to be all over the place!  Its partially a RANT…, and partially an informational post!  Use Caution!




In the grand scheme of our 3rd dimensional physical reality…, nothing can happen here without DO’ers!!!

Let that sink in for a second.

Now…, let that sink in for another hour or two!


What we all know of as MANIFESTATION…, (the bringing of things in physical reality) …, is a process (finally) after all is said and done…, of doing!

Yes…, much thinking and planning must come first…, but finally…, it is only a result of DOING that brings anything into reality.

Sorry New Agers…, but the RED PILL is sometimes very hard to swallow when bringing yourself out of the MATRIX!


The ILLUMINATI knows this…, and in fact…, this is the “Holy Trinty” of their esoteric RELIGION.   They just made certain that they NEVER told anyone this – and made every effort to HIDE IT from the masses.

You must first PLAN what it is that you want…, then you draw it all up on paper to get the kinks out of it…, then finally you must ACT in the physical!


Every single Luciferian knows this…, but the NEW AGE TEACHERS have told everyone (for their own reasons) that only “thinking” good thoughts…, and basically just planning for good things – is more than ENOUGH.

No need to DO ANYTHING!

But wait…, NOTHING can manifest here on Earth…, if people do not ACT to make it so!


ENTER Donald Trump!

First off…, the Illuminati are DESTROYERS!

They hate GOD…, and so they create chaos…, (destroy) and then replace what has already been created by good people…, with their own version of reality!    What they want is a Dark Reality!


Think about this!     Now think about this again!   Why is this important?


Because Donald Trump is a BUILDER!   He does not (in the overall grand scheme of his life)…, DESTROY!

What do you see him DOING (with your own eyes) omitting everything you hear about him on the Media ??

He is working to REBUILD America…..

He therefore…, can not logically be part of the Illuminati…, because if he were…, he’d spend all of his time DESTROYING, TEARING DOWN, CREATING CHAOS, and then LYING about it!

We know exactly what that looks like!  We’ve had 30 years of it!

Come on people…, we SAW Bill Clinton doing it!   We saw George Bush Jr. doing it…, we saw Barry Soetoro doing it!   We know what a destroyer looks like!

This, by the way, is just simple LOGIC!

Logic tells us (by what we can plainly see) that Trump is BUILDING a greater America…, and so therefore he is not tearing it down, pulling it apart, or destroying it.  (Even though the Media tells us differently).

Therefore…, ERGO…., he is NOT ILLUMINATI!

Does this mean he is perfect, or even fully aware of what so many of the FULLY AWAKENED PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF ??

NO!  All this means is that he is not a SATANIST!



Having spent my entire life in the field of building and “doing” construction…, I can honestly tell you that some of the smartest and brightest people in the entire world ARE BUILDERS!

They have to be!

They get FAR LESS credit in our world than they really deserve!

Solving huge problems every single day…, just to keep a project moving forward – is part of their daily job!

This is not just painting finger nails and cutting hair for a living!!


BUILDERS are DO’ers!   They are the worlds “problem solvers”.

Remember this and remind yourself of this every single day…, that nothing comes into manifestation without ACTION!

The NEW AGE had the audacity to tell us otherwise – and now we are PAYING FOR IT DEARLY!

And remember this as well…, the Democrats/Progressives (Hillary Clinton ) had the gall and the nerve to call men and women who work hard every single day to BUILD AMERICA for the rest of the people to enjoy.. (the blue collar people)…,  Deplorables!


Because she KNOWS for a fact that the most powerful people are not the Hollywood actors…, the Media personalites, or even the University Professors!

These people are WEAK!

These are the people who could never help anyone in TRUTH…, because they can not help themselves!

They are the ones who could NOT survive in the world without the BUILDERS also being here (because builders are the people who create physical and tanigible things into reality).

If you think I’m joking…, lets’ take every single Hollywood actor, CNN Anchor and (Liberal) University Professor, and put them on a deserted Island and watch them all die in less that 30 days because they can’t DO a single thing to help themselves.

In the great line up of GILLIGANS ISLAND characters…, they are the Howells, Mary Ann, and Ginger of the cast – with the Skipper, Gilligan and the real world Professor missing!

Not one of them could figure out how to survive without help from a DO’er!


Because they are “thinkers” only…, not do’ers!

They do not even know HOW to do!

This is why they gravitate to the ILLUMINATI every single time!

They are terrified at their own weaknesses and their own flaws and short comings!   They really have NO ACTUAL TALENT because all they do is talk, opinionize, and fantisize…, and so they NEED to take shelter under the floorboards of the most powerful people!


Now here is where the New World Order rubber meets the road!

Why (pray tell) are ROBOTS being created to DO almost everything that needs to be done in physical reality!  And why are the weaklings in Silicon Valley working day and night to create them?

(Even robots that can BUILD houses and buildings?)

Because the New World Order plan calls for getting RID of the men and women who are the most DANGEROUS…, which are the DO’ers!

Once these people are wiped out…, the liberal “thinkers” who don’t know how to tie their own shoes…, and thus are helpless everywhere but inside the Classroom…, will very literally need ROBOTS to DO everything for them!

But that is totally PERFECT and OKAY with the Illuminati!


Because it is the perfect enslavement system!

If you have millions of human beings who can not care for themselves…, then they will NEVER (for all of eternity) attack the Illuminati who actually own and run the robots who are taking care of them!





Donald Trump is trying to wake us all up to remember that WE have to take care of ourselves first!

(How can you save a drowning man if you yourself can not swim??)

He is trying to remind us that we all need to be DO’ers…, just like the men and women who survived through the Great Depression and only did so because they made and built everything they needed to survive on their own!

The Liberal THINKERS and UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS who have way too much time on their hands “musing” about “social justice”, “personal pronouns” and “micro-agressions” are going to be dead within a few weeks of any major Earth Changes period!

Like the countless Snow-flake Millenials that they are teaching…, they will all be triggered by tiniest of adversities, and will need a warm blanket, color crayons, and a furry puppy to hold when the very first MAJOR EARTH CHANGE takes place.


The Illuminati knows this!      They have planned for it!

They gave these people just enough FAKE NEWS and BAD SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS to make certain they could NEVER survive in a suddenly changing world…, and even “IF”  the so-called Earth Changes do happen to take place in a major way as a result of in-coming HIGHER ENERGIES…, those who want it the MOST…, are the least prepared for it!

Now…, what will happen (predictably) is that once the SH*T HITS THE FAN…, every one of these liberal protestors (who marched, mobbed, and protested simply for money handed to them by George Soros by the way)…, you know…, the highly educated WEAKLINGS…, and the trans-genders who spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME every day thinking about whether they want a penis or a vagina…, at that time will all run and gravitate to the very STRONG men and women who are actual DO’ers and BUILDERS…, in order to survive any major Earth Shift!

At that time…, their “ANTIFA” tails will be between their scrawny legs…, and like scolded little yap dogs (that know that they are beaten).., they will beg those who know how to “DO” things to give them aid, comfort, and basically care for them (if indeed Major changes began to take place here on Earth!)


This is the pure logic that all New Agers who read channeled messages FAIL to grasp!

They continue to look OUTSIDE of themselves for Saviors!

They continue to look OUTSIDE of themselves for their care and their food, and their clothes, and their housing, and their EVERYTHING!


So they pitifully look to ASCENDED MASTERS, GALACTICS, and HIGER DIMESIONAL BEINGS to “save them” only because they KNOW they could never survive in a world where they had to do for themselves!


They are secretly quite BITTER about this too!   They know that their upbringing and programming did not “prepare” them for a world where they would have to make EVERYTHING THEY NEEDED to survive…, for themselves!

Naturally they therefore want the GOVERNMENT to hurry and at all costs…., take away all the guns and LIMIT every single personal FREEDOM…, including Free Speech…, (because they are tofu eating weaklings who would never survive without a body guard in a Major Earth Shifting World)!

They could not even have a simple debate without losing it…, and needing a warm blanket to deal with the emotions of being challanged!

And so, those who CAN create the stuff needed to survive – the BUILDERS (in the Illuminati’s opinion) are quite DANGEROUS…, and will be the first ones to be gotten rid of…, for the good of the New World Order!

(Enter the Robots and Artificial Intelligence to do it all for the rest)

This is why Hillary Clinton (purposefully) called them (the builders and such) DEPLORABLES!

This is why the Illuminati and Hillary hate Donald Trump and every single human being like him!

He does not need them or their help to SURVIVE!


Hillary said this because what she and her masters (the Illuminati) want left on Earth after all is said and done, are helpless, spineless, weaklings who can not survive without them – and who are TRAINED to engage in “group-think” and do as they are told!

ENTER THE MILLENIALS who live on Social Media, and get all of their News from Google – Facebook – and Insta-gram.

Perfect little “group think” pets and puppets for the New World Order Masters to easily control and move around like little puppets on a string!

Enter also the Satanic Hollywood Actors who have been given Millions of dollars to spend their entire life PRETENDING…, and can help them to keep the Millenials Distracted and not learning anything real.

And yet the actors are slaves as well…, because they could not lift even a single board to build their own home!

It’s all right there in front of you…., IF…, you use LOGIC!

Trained…, planned…, and implemented …, WEAKNESS!

Make America Great Again is about more than just jobs!  It is about how we THINK…, and about how we SEE LIFE and OURSELVES in LIFE!

Are we WEAK or are we STRONG??

Will we survive…, or won’t we??

Now…, after having pointed all of this out…, my NEXT article will be about the possibilites of an actual Ascension.

But first things first…,

We can not drive our car to the “promised land” if we don’t even know where we are on the MAP!

KNOW WHERE WE ARE AT FIRST…, then make plans to go somewhere else!

All my love…, and please as always…, think on this….



By: Bradley Loves


We are now almost six years on from the date that shall forever live in INFAMY!


It was on December 21, 2012 that ALL (read as ALL) men and women living on Earth…, the good and the bad…, were supposed to ASCEND into a “higher” spiritual dimension!

Like so many of the great CONS that came before it…, this one was based on obscure esoteric information and pushed mainly by DARK CONTROLLERS of the New Age!

What HAS happened since December 21, 2012 is that those who Follow LUCIFER/SATAN have “ramped up” their plans for the total take over of the entire planet!

We are seeing more and more proof of their audacity and more and more proof of their AGENDA coming to the surface than ever before!

Some say it’s all because we are (somehow) still “ascending”!


It is all coming to the surface because after the great disappointment of 2012…, NO ONE is willing to stand up to and defend against PURE EVIL!

Millions and Millions of good people were PROGRAMMED…, YES PROGRAMMED to sit down like good little boys and girls and (FORGIVE) everything that everyone was doing…, no matter HOW EVIL it was!

They were told that unless they did this…, THEY COULD NOT ASCEND!

Well here we are…, six years later…, and BECAUSE THAT PROGRAMMING IS STILL RUNNING…, the LUCIFERIANS have now put their plans for a Luciferian New World Order into HIGH GEAR!


No one is standing up to them!

Every good man and women is crouched over in a corner, and cowering like a tiny child…, TERRIFIED to have a “judgemental thought”.

I’ve got to hand it to the Satanists…, they SURE KNOW HOW TO PROGRAM huge masses of people!

Gullibility and human weakness are their greatest allies!

A willingness to just BELIEVE anything…, (if it sounds good) is also a huge ally for the Satanists who know how to lie and to deceive –  (like you and I breath air!)



Many good people got “taken in” by the sheer audacity of the claim…, and others (who were duped) began to “resell” the idea as the TRUTH…, when it was simply a fictional idea placed into our minds by those who had a hidden agenda!

Some of the “good people” taken in…, were severely DEPRESSED when what was supposed to happen…, DID NOT take place at the appointed time.

See this post:

This post, written by a man calling himself Graham Dewya…, has all of the classic signs of a man that is living in TOTAL DENIAL  after having been very badly CONNED!

Read it without rose colored glasses…, and you can hear the excuse making and the “apologizing” for what was supposed to happen…, but did not!

The most RIDICULOUS EXCUSE that I’ve heard since that time – for all of this “why we all did not ascend” non-sense – is that it was actually OUR FAULT!

And, if you haven’t noticed…, this is RULE NUMBER ONE when it comes to the SATANIC WORLD ORDEER and their “talking points”.

Everything bad that happens on Earth…, is always “our fault”!

They shift the BLAME for their Agenda and their Crimes onto the very people they are cheating!

Even the Catholic Church has been selling the LIE…, (for two thousand years…,) that from the very MOMEMT we are born…, we are all sinners…, and therefore our problems are OUR FAULT!

Let me ask you this however:



All I can say is that people have got to grow up here!

It is the very same as those people who “claim” that those beings that are living in the “underground” are somehow very “spiritual” and “loving” and “technologically advanced” – when these VERY SAME BEINGS have sat on their asses and DONE NOTHING to assist the helpless and the down trodden on the surface of our planet for thousands and thousands of years!

See this post:


All I can say is – it is time to STOP believing in SANTA CLAUS…, and look at what is happening here with LOGIC!


It was a ploy to program the best men and women on Earth to “stand down” and “do nothing” while the Satanist/Luciferian Cabal took over the entire world!

Think on these things…..








By: Bradley Loves


There are many opinions as to what makes a man good!

There are also many opinions as to what makes a man great!

I once knew a man who in my opinion was one of the greatest!

He worked for Defense Contractors and finally for the Navy!

This man was a dedicated father and husband and would give anyone the shirt off his back!

His kindness was inspiring!

He wanted world peace and was religious!  He knew however that very dangerous people were working hard to destabalize the world.

However, this is NOT what inspired me about him!

What really made this man GREAT is how he protected his wife and family!

A rather small man, there was no one in the world who would get away with threatening his wife or his children!

He was as kind as the day is long, but PROTECTED with every fiber of his being…, those who depended on him!



In my opinion…, there is NO such thing as a “Spiritual Master” or “Guru”…, if these men (or women) do not, can not, and will not PROTECT those who depend upon them!

I am now almost 60 years old…, and I have watched countless men and women who travel in “spiritual circles” since I was in my late teens!

I can tell you this for a FACT…, (after having watched for over 40 years) that most (not all) of the people claiming to be the “most spiritual” are the biggest COWARDS the world has ever seen!

They are pretending to be “spiritual” because they are COWARDS!

They do not like violence, and they do not want to “fight”…, and so they CLAIM…., “spirituality”!

Yet…, they would watch a rapist attack a young child right in front of them…, and DO NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT IT!

Here is where Mark Passio and I agree 100 percent!

Here is a video of Mark Passio talking about male cowardice!

WARNING…, this is not politically correct speak!  And, to be honest I don’t agree with everything he says, BUT…, he does point out how what he calls “government”…, which I really see simply as the DEEP STATE APPARATUS (or the ELITE) have declared WAR on all of us!


In this kind of battle…, those who do not “stand up” against such men and women (The Cabal/The Elite/The Satanists) are COWARDS…, pure and simple!

As I said at the beginning of this article…, the man I once knew and who inspired me was really a GOOD MAN!

However…, if you threatened his wife or family he would have TORN YOU APART!



It would have been instant!  It would have been without hesitation…, and without worry!


This is Freedom from the mental limitations which are simply Satanic Programs running in your mind which tell you that you must always STAND DOWN and allow others to attack your family – your wife – your children!

A day is coming soon when MEN will be called upon to PROTECT what is theirs!

Mark Passio feels that most men will simply ALLOW the CABAL or the STATE to walk off with (without defending or protecting) their families…, and he’s RIGHT!

Here’s my two cents!


Furthermore…, don’t you DARE tell me you are a “spiritual master”…, “guru”…, or “religious teacher”…, if you do NOTHING to protect and keep safe from all harm those who follow and look up to you!

It’s time to call a SPADE A SPADE…, and for everyone to learn what REAL SPIRITUALITY IS!

Real spirituality is love for all who deserve it…, but when the SH*T hits the fan…, you burst into IMMEDIATE ACTION and defend the weak and the helpless without a moments notice…, and you DO IT WITH ALL THE FORCE OF YOUR BEING!


Sitting there and doing nothing in the face of GREAT EVIL  (while claiming great spirituality) is exactly how the NEW AGE has conned and decieved good men (and women) to STAND DOWN and allow their own enslavement!