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Hillary Clinton – Inducted into High Profile Witches Coven


So, have we come full circle yet? 

Have we gotten to the place where we started this EPIC SERIES – Now Twenty installments in length?

Not even close!


Below you can find the link to the very first installment, if you wish to start at the very beginning with BIGGER FISH TO FRY – PART ONE!

Getting back to Hillary Clinton and her entourage of BLACK MAGICIANS who are in full use of Aliester Crowley’s brand of deviant SEX MAGIC…, let’s take a closer look at John Podesta, a central figure in both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s lives extra-ordinary criminal lives!

WASHINGTON, DC — NOVEMBER 9: Former Clinton White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta, being interviewed for Discovery Channel’s, “The President’s Gatekeepers,” November 9, 2012, in Washington, D.C. (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)


This man served as the Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton from 1998 until the end of his Clinton’s term in Jan of 2001.  He is as “involved” in SEX MAGIC as Bill and Hillary ever were.

Larry Nichols (a man who also used to work for the Clintons), and now regrets this deeply, has had much to say about Hillary rubbing elbows with “witches covens” and other sordid criminal elements.

John and his brother Tony Podesta ran a Lobbying Firm in DC called the PODESTA GROUP until it closed down probably due to both of the brothers being secretly indicted for countless crimes on November 3rd of 2017!

This information has come directly from Q-Anon, and was given very early on in the project!  It was post #15 located here:

Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No.147434025 📁

There are more good people than bad. The wizards and warlocks (inside term) will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country. Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by 3 families (the 4th was removed post Trump’s victory).

11.3 – Podesta indicted
11.6 – Huma indicted

Manafort was placed into Trump’s camp (as well as others). The corruption that will come out is so serious that deals must be cut for people to walk away otherwise 70% of elected politicians would be in jail (you are seeing it already begin). A deep cleaning is occurring and the prevention and defense of pure evil is occurring on a daily basis. They never thought they were going to lose control of the Presidency (not just D’s) and thought they had control since making past mistakes (JFK, Reagan).

Good speed, Patriots.
PS, Soros is targeted.

Of course, you’ll all remember all of the strange and inexcusable art-work hanging in John Podesta’s home – with young children in Bondage.

Or, this picture hanging in his Office, that features human cannibalism.

Of course, what does it say about your particular “appetites” when you or your friends design, and then serve a CAKE made up to look like a naked human female, and then “stab it’s heart out and hold it up” just before you cut the cake up and serve it to your guests?

Can you say – “Human sacrifice lovers?”

Jeepers…, everyone seems to want to get a “good picture” of the woman in the red dress STABBING the heart of the cake.   It’s a “must have” keepsake…, I know I wouldn’t want to miss having that image in MY album…. (Who the F*ck are these people??)

And what does it say about the Hollywood Elites, or former California State Government Officials who just sit there watching all of this happening as if it is QUITE NORMAL?  


Will Farrel
Former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Why are they ALL wearing “white overcoats” over their suits?

Getting back to Hillary Clinton, apparently there is a “letter” written by a “Hacker” named Guccifer, that was sent to FOX NEWS…, that makes the claim that Hillary is actually a SATANIC HIGH PRIESTESS!

While incarcerated, Guccifer wrote to FOX News: lamenting a failure to expose Hillary’s highest crimes:  “Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton is one of the high priests, a goddess of this ocult, (sic) satanic, shadow group. One must see their evil and profoundly corrupt motive to understand what I am talking about.”

Guccifer’s Letter Claims Hillary a Satanic High Priestess

Here is page two of that letter:

The Romanian Authorities query that I have to be sent home “right away”  is a silly, hasty, move by the way.

I will not leave this beautiful country without saying that the GUCCIFER PROJECT was a failed project.

My will/intention was to Fully expose the Illuminati/the Council, and their crimes but I failed!

Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton is one of the High Priests, or goddess of this occult, satanic, shadow group.  One must see their evil and profoundly corrupt motive to understand what I am talking about.

Though I know I invested a great deal of time & effort trying to expose the crimes of the Rockerfellers, the Bush Klan, the Clintons, and many others, maybe my skills (or lack of skills) were NOT matching my faith.

So, I apologize in front of the unknown soldiers who struggle to take this fight against these monsters to a glorious end.  Many of them are risking their lives, while doing this behind corporate screens, from inside or outside the system.

Here below is a quote from L. Ron Hubbard Jr. about his own father, who was also a central figure in this “CULT”!

“He [L. Ron Hubbard] got hold of the book by Alistair Crowley called The Book of the Law.

He was very interested in…the creation of what some people call the Moon Child. It was basically an attempt to create an immaculate conception– except by Satan rather than by God.  

Another important idea was the creation of what they call embryo implants –of getting a satanic or demonic spirit to inhabit the body of a fetus.

This would come about as a result of black-magic rituals, which included the use of hypnosis, drugs, and other dangerous and destructive practices.

One of the important things was to destroy the evidence if you failed at this immaculate conception. That’s how my father became obsessed with abortions.”


The magical work upon which this is based is said to be derived from Bacon, Albertus Magnus and Paracelsus who were all reported in occult circles to have captured souls and placed them into brass statues.

The Hittites, the people of Asia Minor and Syria have long sought the ability to create a superman and a superwoman. The Illuminati’s inside occult history places the Hittites in their ancestry.

Clear back in 1917, long before superman appeared in comics and movies, Aleister Crowley was writing about a Superman.

The magical idea is to capture a soul from the 4th dimension.

In the book Moonchild, the villa used to produce a Moonchild was called “The Butter-fly-Net”.

The Monarch Project then which is named after the Monarch butterfly is also an allusion to the Moonchild project where Butterflies are an allusion to souls (what Christians call demonic spirits)

The actual rituals carried out to create a Moonchild are described in detail in three of Crowley’s writings. A vague description of the rituals can be seen by reading the book Moonchild.

The ritual took place at a villa nicknamed The Butterfly Net. The villa was really an occult temple laid out in sacred geometrics.

It had figures of satyrs, fauns, and nymphs. It had statues of Artemis. Lots of silver objects and crescents and 9-pointed stars were at the villa, because these objects all relate to the Moon in magic.

The woman who was pregnant was surrounded by objects related to the moon. The moon’s influence was repeatedly invoked. A small triangular silver altar to Artemis was used.

There was a sacred spring where the woman was washed. The number 9 which is sacred to the moon was used along with its square 81.

Prayers were made to Artemis, and there was the reenactment of the capture of Diana by Pan.

The woman was coached to identify herself with what is known as Grandmother Moon (in the book she simply is called the Moon or Diana) by identifying her thoughts and actions with the deities one is wanting to invoke.

The creation of the Moonchildren within the Monarch Project involves high level magic by the circle of Illuminati black magicians involved with a particular individual’s programming.

It should be noted that Grande Master and Grande Dame alters will understand demonology, but the sections (levels) of alter above them, are not informed.

One of the biggest secrets kept from most of the slave’s alters is that their System was demonized while a fetus.

First, this would give religious front alters the information they need to get them on the right track towards healing, and it could also adversely affect the programming lies of some of the front alters who don’t realize how premeditated all of the trauma and torture is.

The front alters of victims themselves remember the cover story that the moon children were produced via torture in the cages as little children.

The Illuminati have also planned that every one of the ten commandments of God will be violated in their favor with the child. They prefer the child to be born out of wedlock so that it is a bastard. This breaks God’s commandment on adultery, and also gives them more leverage to destroy the child’s self-esteem. This entire plan involves generational curses which are spoken and unspoken. During Illuminati ceremonies, Ceremonial pacts which concern having the child out of wedlock to mock God are made.

While the Illuminati destroy any godly spiritual foundation, they are creating a solid rock hard foundation of “love” (adoration or idolatry) within the new born upon which they will build the programming. The second commandment is “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain”. In the Black Mass, the names of God are invoked to get spirits with blasphemous names such as Yahweh Elohim. Most parts of the little child will never even hear the Lord’s name–he will only hear the name of his master, who will someday be presented to him as “God”. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. The child is being bonded to his future programmers. Much later, great attention will be given to set up staged events to insure that the victim being programmed hates God.


More will be coming…








Ten years ago, David Archuleta at only 16 years old, started a journey on American Idol, and finished in second place!

Here he is – singing WAY beyond his years!

IMAGINE by John Lennon


By: Bradley Loves


I had no more finished and posted Bigger Fish To Fry – 19, and started on part 20…, when I got a clear “Voice to skull” message sent into my head to – SHUT THE F*CK UP”!!

The keyboard on my “just purchased” used laptop…, 150 dollars worth then simply just froze at that very moment as if to say, “we are watching you!”

Not a single word can be typed on it now, even after rebooting.

I am using my already very hacked I pad to type this…, because the week old laptop (for me) is now useless!

I only wish I had better financial support to do this work.

My paypal is

If there are any readers out there who have some real funds they would like to donate to help save the world, please consider it.

I will try to borrow a computer to keep writing until then.

All my love….


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I guess the only thing left to cover about SEX MAGIC is how completely and totally it has “taken over” the leadership of the entire planet!

The rampant Child Sex Trafficking that is currently being done with the blessings of the CIA, the Clinton Foundation, and many other agencies is a huge indicator, as well as the rampant Pedophilia in both Hollywood and Washington DC!

This form of “base magic” has really covered the globe now, and literally “dictates” what leaders of Nations will, and won’t do.

Aleister Crowley, nicknamed: THE MOST WICKED MAN ON EARTH – has left his mark on our fair planet, and not in a good way!

What we are currently facing goes so DEEP, that most men and women could not even imagine it.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton (who many say is a “Witch”) was using DARK MAGIC to manipulate the careers of herself and her husband!

The above linked article from FULCRUM, states how Hillary Clinton was inducted into a huge Witches Coven called: THE WING.

For decades it has been rumored that Hillary Clinton practiced witchcraft and was involved with various covens throughout the years.   Most famously, former Clinton employee Larry Nichols described numerous times in which Hillary would practice witchcraft with a Californian-based coven one week and the next she would be going to church as if nothing happened.

Up until Hillary lost the election, there was thought to be a concerted effort to hide her visits to these covens. Yet, she seems to be joining self-proclaimed covens right in the open and the media. Once again, has little to say on the matter.

But, it is not just Hillary and a few of her close associates, but in effect almost anyone and everyone in the far larger Democratic circles that had taken to using BLACK MAGIC and SEX MAGIC of the Aleister Crowley type!

This includes much of Hollywood and the Music Industry!

Whether it is Jay Z and Beyonce’ – John Legend and Chrissy Teigen – Lady Gaga or Madonna…, countless Hollywood and Music Industry “stars” have taken to Aleister Crowley’s “sex magic”.


Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Stevie Wonder to Lend Voices to Hillary Clinton Campaign

Legend, Stevie Wonder to Lend Voices to Hillary Clinton Campaign

John Legend To Campaign For Hillary Clinton With Concert In Ohio

You see, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have something that is called a  “MOON CHILD”!  (They named her “Luna”)

This is right out of Aleister Crowley’s “Magical How to Manual” that even the Nazi’s were privy to as a result of much of their membership being drawn from German OCCULT lodges!

In this recent article:


I posted a link that can tell you EXACTLY what a “moon child” is!

The Moonchild rituals are the rituals to demonize a fetus.

However, the demons that are invoked are not the small ones, but very powerful ones.

In working with victims of this programming, it is clear that high level demons were placed within these people at very early ages. It is believed many of them were demonized before they were born by rituals like the Moonchild rituals.

Blood sacrifices and human sacrifices are always required for this level of magic. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a Satanist who was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. He also was a leader in a number of other Masonic rites as well as an OTO leader, a chief in Stella Matutina, and a MI-6 (Br. overseas intelligence) agent. His writings have been important within 20th century Satanism and with black magicians.

He wrote Moonchild, first published in 1917.

Then we have LADY GAGA and her “Lightning Bolt of Lucifer” Christmas Tree

And MADONNA, and her outlandishly magical “sex goddess” persona.

(Notice how the “eyes” are glowing on the masks of the Egyptian Head-dresses??)


And…, you think that no one “gets” it?  Give me a break…, we can see right through you!

Aleister Crowley took the name:  BAPHOMET!   And, L. Ron Hubbard – was his Primary Disciple in America!

Logo for the Order of the Golden Dawn


Before L. Ron Hubbard became a “MAGICIAN” he worked for the United States Navy!

This SEX MAGIC goes all over the world!!

Interesting T-Shirt of Barack Obama…, is it not??

…Like no one “gets”  how evil he is….

Arch of Baal (Molech)

Jimmy Saville with Tony Blair





White Draco Reptilian





So…, how DEEP does this really GO??



More will be coming….




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At this point in the series, I am at a cross-road so to speak.  I could go much, much deeper into the German Origins of Magic and Sex Magic (the western version brought over from the east) – and how the Secret Societies in Europe of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were desperately “spreading” these newly “rediscovered” human powers among their initiates and literally creating countless “magicians”…

Or, I could presume that my readers have understood how deeply this behavior has impacted our entire world right up to the present day!

I could presume that my readers really “get” that WHERE WE ARE NOW TODAY…,  truly began in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s with people who decided to throw away their traditional Christian Values and Faith, and instead started seeking council with OUT OF BODY ENTITIES!

Instead of staying true to the “teachings” of Christ – they moved back to the “teachings” of  MAGIC and “unknown” entities who claimed to be willing to help them.

Has my point been made?

Ultimately, I think you will find it interesting that even though Himmler was indeed using MAGIC to fight the second world war on the Astral Level, the NAZI’s ended up arresting and closing down any unrelated Secret Societies and groups which did not serve the greater German plan.

However, once the National Socialists began to crack down on the occult groups operating in Germany and the occupied territories, the Golden Dawn – under the German version of its name, Hermetische Orden der Goldene Diimmerung – was included on the list, along with Crowley’s A…A…, and Reuss’s OTO.
The Occult Reich was nothing if not thorough; thorough … and paranoid.
The list of banned societies was probably compiled by one Dr. Gregor Schwartz-Bostunitsch, a self-proclaimed authority on occult societies who entertained a consuming hatred for Freemasonry, Theosophy, and Anthroposophy, and who once counted a youthful Adolf Eichmann among his pupils.

It was probably for this reason that Himmler’s SS Magicians and their activities at Wewelsburg Castle were kept strictly secretive, since most Secret Societies involved in “magic” in Germany were being disbanded or placed under total NAZI control!

Perhaps it was Himmler who discovered just how powerful “magic” could be, and wanted it reserved as a weapon for the ELITE!

Or, it could have been that the European Aristocrats (of which Himmler was a part) wanted to control the more powerful forms of ASTRAL MAGIC – and the ability to manipulate actual time and space with VORTEXES and PORTALS – while allowing men like Crowley and others to spread the far less potent and baser form of SEX MAGIC into the public consciousness.

This type of magic, which although seemingly effective, has very temporary effects only!  And, this was even confirmed by Aleister Crowley himself!

Almost all of the Luciferian/Satanic leaning men and women in Hollywood are into this “lessor” form of MAGIC, which just like any other “drug” gives the user a temporary effect or benefit, but then another “fix” is always needed to “get more of whatever they are looking for.”

And so, just like the great radio commentator Paul Harvey used to say:



Hollywood has always been about a “deviant” or “base” form of Dark Magic!

Why was Hollywood even given such a name?  Are not all “magic wands” made from the wood of the Holly Tree, or Holly-wood?

Planned far back in time, Hollywood was always going to represent MAGIC to the masses, albeit a deviant form of magic of a fleeting and temporary nature!  And certainly NOTHING on the order of what Himmler and his SS Magicians were doing at Wewelsburg!

Now, I was informed that NASA, and those who work at JPL – are also “MAGICIANS”.  These men and women (who learned magic from the high level Nazi’s who came over in operation Paper Clip) are most likely working with the HIGHER and more potent form of ASTRAL MAGIC!

It is very likely that they also are working with VORTEX and PORTAL MAGIC, just like Himmler was – and are using that knowledge to manipulate TIME and SPACE to their advantage!

It is almost certain that this (among other things) is what CERN is up to, and that it is creating ways to manipulate both TIME and SPACE, while even possibly opening up PORTALS or GATEWAYS to other dimensions!

And…, it all started back in late 1800 Germany…, with Secret Societies who wanted to return to the “old” ways of MAGIC!

Are we as a species “better off” today as a result?


The love of Christ within man for his “brother” has almost certainly been extinguished!  (Again)

No one cares for their fellow man any longer, and all anyone seeks is MORE POWER so that they can use it to “get ahead” of everyone else!

This seeking of MAGIC has led our world back to the brink of GLOBAL DESTRUCTION – just as it was in the days of Ancient India!



There are certain “counties” in India where there is a high level of radiation!  This is not natural radiation, but radiation that is a result of a NUCLEAR WAR!

All governments are “very aware” that a Nuclear War was fought in India more than 5,000 years ago!  All of the proof they need is in the radiation levels, and they are fairly sure they know exactly when the war was fought!

The VATICAN of course knows all of this, because they have ALL of the records from the Library at Alexandria!

But WHY are they not telling us?

Perhaps, (at one time) some in the Vatican thought to “protect” mankind from itself and possibly another Nuclear War?

However, I doubt this is the case today.  It is clear that BLACK MAGIC and the worship of the BLACK SUN has crept into those who populate the VATICAN. They worship LUCIFER now, and thus care little for Christ or any of his “teachings” of Love and Compassion!

If the Pope and the Vatican cared the least about humanity…, they would release ALL hidden information and technologies, and try to put the world right once more.

Since they do not do this, then it is CLEAR they have no intention of ever helping mankind, and are suspects in the PLAN of the Globalists to depopulate the entire planet down to it’s goal of 500,000,000.

More will be coming…



By: Bradley Loves


What most people “fail” to realize about the “hidden backers” of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s – is that they didn’t really HATE the Jews, as much as they hated the “GOD” of the Jews, and his endless rules of morality!


Logo of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn


What more proof does one who is looking into history need to find to convince them that NAZISM was purely a “Luciferian attempt (created by European Royals and Elites) to form an over-throw of what they saw as a moral strangle hold that man-kind’s historical faith in “THE CHRISTIAN GOD” had placed upon the people of planet Earth?



Hitler’s entourage included the pagan ideologue Alfred Rosenberg (whom Hitler made head of the NSDAP, –NAZI Party– pro-tem, during his residence in Landsberg).
Rosenberg – a native Balt, with an abiding hatred of Soviets, Jews, and Freemasons – had appeared one day at Dietrich Eckart’s apartment in Munich and offered him his services as a “fighter against Judah.”
The two soon became inseparable and it is believed that it was Rosenberg who introduced Eckart to ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.
It was Rosenberg who agitated for the creation of a state religion based on Odinic paganism and Teutonic magic, and could be relied upon to appear at the meetings of every major Nordic, Teutonic, and Aryan society in Germany both before and after the Nazis’ seizure of power.
Rosenberg, with his impeccable credentials dating back to the early days of the formation of the Nazi Party and its baptism of blood in the Munich Putsch, was a high-profile Reichsleiter – with a blatantly pagan and anti- Christian philosophy, a philosophy which received wide coverage in the German press.
Darre was there to support this platform and, if possible, to do him one better on occasion.
Together, they traveled the nation drumming up support for an official state religion based on the worship of the Old Gods, a religion that included purifying the Aryan race of elements that were in the process of polluting it and diluting the strength of its Blood.
A “return” to the old ways…, the ways of MAGIC, and the ways of interacting with “the gods” or the “elementals” was always behind the push of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party…, because if you will remember from previous posts, the Nazi Party was actually created by the European ELITES as a way to confront the ever growing ideas of socialism and communism.
(The Elites did not want to see their “slave-labor pool” simply vanish!)
I don’t even think Hitler himself knew however, just how much he was being used and steered by men from behind the scenes!  Men who knew EXACTLY WHAT KIND AND WHAT TYPE OF MAGIC they really wanted to “unleash” upon the unsuspecting populations of Earth.
It was not merely the “magic of the old ways” and “the pagans”, but it was a MUCH DARKER form of SATANIC MAGIC and BLACK MAGIC that these European Royals and Elites wanted to unleash back into what they thought was an overly puritan and christian world!
Hitler served as the perfect “tool” for these EUROPEAN ELITES because of his natural interest in MAGIC, and because of his Aryan roots as well as his interest in past Germanic “gods”.
….Strange how it always goes back to Satanism and Black Magic, no matter what the “cover story” seems to be, or the order of the day really is.
To these ‘true believers’, sex was at once fascinating and repellent; the danger of the Jews to the Aryan man and woman was their sensuality, their ability to seduce the pure-bloods away from their duty to procreate with only blue-eyed Teutons.
One pagan and occultist who was not bothered by sexuality, however, and who made it a cornerstone of his philosophy was the English Magicianand tabloid-crowned “Wickedest Man in the World” – Aleister Crowley.
Crowley – whose life has been well and thoroughly discussed by a wide variety of authors, including himself – provides us some entrée into the German occult scene of the 1920s and 1930s.
Crowley will take us to such important German sex-cultists as Theodor Reuss, Karl Germer, Eugene Grosche, Heinrich Tranker, and Marthe Kuntzel, not to forget the British Army officer Maj. Gen. C.F. Fuller, who was once a guest of Hitler himself at the latter’s Berchtesgaden retreat to celebrate the Fuhrer’s fiftieth birthday on April 20, 1939.
C. F. Fuller – an anti-Semite and contributor to Oswald Moseley’s ‘Fascist Quarterly’, a devoted Thelemite (that is to say, follower of Crowley’s own religion) and an intimate of Crowley – was said to be the ‘only Englishman that Hitler actually liked’.
Crowley will take us on a tour of Leipzig, Munich, and the province of Thuringia, where a secret convocation of German occultists was held in 1925 to determine the future leadership of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the German sex-magic occult lodge that would eventually be suppressed by the Nazis, its members thrown into the camps.
Skipping forward in time, Aleister Crowley (called the most wicked man on Earth) did some very unusual things that would seem to casual outsiders and observers, to be very… “NEW AGEY”.
Logo for the “BOOK OF THE LAW”
Aiwass was the name of a voice that English occultist Aleister Crowley claimed to have heard on April 8, 9, and 10th in 1904. Crowley claimed that this voice dictated ‘The Book of the Law’ (or Liber Legis) to him. (Channeled)
The book contains three chapters, each of which was written down in one hour, beginning at noon, on 8 April, 9 April, and 10 April in Cairo, Egypt, in the year 1904. Crowley says that the author was an entity named Aiwass.
Aiwass communicated a scripture to Crowley in the voice of three Egyptian gods – Nuit, Hadit, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit – that became known as:
‘The Book of the Law’: the gospel of the New Age, the Aeon of Horus.
The Book of the Law’ attacks most modern religions, from Judaism to Christianity to Islam to Buddhism, and thus would have been an interesting document to the “inner circle” of the Reich.
Since most of the upper echelon of the SS, drew it’s members from the THULE SOCIETY…, a society that kept very close contacts with the members of Helena Blavatsky’s own THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY..., then it is a very “good guess” that Aleister Crowley’s “BOOK OF THE LAW” would have been of great interest to Himmler and his SS – Magicians!
Liber AL vel Legis is the central sacred text of Thelema, written by Aleister Crowley, who claimed it was dictated to him by a discarnate entity named “Aiwass”.
The full title of the book is Liber AL vel Legis, sub figura CCXX, as delivered by XCIII=418 to DCLXVI, and it is commonly referred to as The Book of the Law.
Through the reception of this book, Crowley proclaimed the arrival of a new stage in the spiritual evolution of humanity, to be known as the “Æon of Horus”…, (or more simply put…, THE NEW AGE).
The primary precept of this new aeon or “age” is the charge to “Do what thou wilt”.
The word Æon here means an era of time, and not – more correctly – a Gnostic ‘spiritual entity’.
Crowley’s occult career did not end with ‘The Book of the Law’.
In due course he penned many hundreds of tracts, pamphlets, articles, and books, all on the theme of “Magick”: spelled with a “k” to differentiate it from all other types.
When it came to Magick, Crowley was a genius.
His command of mythology, religion, philosophy, the arts, and foreign languages was (and remains) legendary.
Logo of the Ordo Templi Orientis
Crowley accepted initiations into a variety of occult lodges and societies in his time, and eventually picked up an initiation into something called the Ordo Templi Orientis, or the Order of the Eastern Temple.
This was the brainchild of one Karl Kellner, a wealthy German Freemason of high rank in a rather distaff branch of Freemasonry (the Rite of Memphis and Mizraim of John Yarker), who claimed that he was instructed in the techniques of sex-magic by a Hindu adept and two Arab magi during his travels in the East.
He introduced this concept to his associates, Theodor Reuss, Heinrich Klein, and the ubiquitous Dr. Franz Hartmann, all of whom were also high-ranking Masons in Yarker’s sect.
“Sex-magic is a loaded term with all sorts of connotations, and it is perhaps best that we discuss what Kellner – and later OTO initiates – meant by it.
Long story short is that SEX MAGIC is a type of magic that uses “human sex” as it’s power source!
Human sexual energy is very potent and is a huge surge of “energy”.  Sex “MAGIC” is a type of magic that uses this “sexual energy” as a “power source” for any number of magical spells and incantations!
Practitioners of BLACK MAGIC will often use the “sexual energy” of young  children as the POWER SOURCE in many of their “magic spells”, as is done with “Spirit Cooking”.
Marina Abromovich is not the only follower of Crowley’s SEX MAGIC in Hollywood however.
Here is Jay-Z telling the world he is a follower as Aleister Crowley as well!
Sex Magic is, quite simply, a method of sublimating sexual energy to the will of the magician in a variety of rituals, for a variety of purposes, using the sexual practice appropriate to the desired end.
Thus, everything from the missionary position to sodomy to masturbation has a magical analogue, and refers to a different quality of occult power.
The choice of partner is also a matter for some concern, and the practice of sex-magic has become so refined by later initiates of the Order that even the specific days of a woman’s menstrual cycle (for instance) each has its own occult correspondence.
The sex magicians also used a great deal of ritual – much of it familiar to magicians of other disciplines – but with some version of the sex act as the central feature.
Magic is, after all, about power; about directing energy and will to a given end.
Sex is the natural companion to this doctrine of power, for it is arguably the most potent of all human experiences.
Wed sex to magic and theoretically one would obtain a dynamo of vast occult potential.
Sex magic was certainly far and away from anything the Golden Dawn was teaching, and Crowley became intrigued by it all when Theodor Reuss – the Outer Head of the Order (OHO) of the OTO – visited Crowley in London in 1912, and accused him of revealing the core secret of the Order in a publication of Crowley’s called the ‘Book of Lies’.
Crowley, taken rather aback, replied that he could not reveal the secret of the OTO – since he had not attained the appropriate degree in the Order and had therefore never been told what the secret was.
When Reuss pointed out a revealing phrase having to do with a “Magick Rod” and a “Mystic Rose,” (elements which, in a Freudian sense, could be understood as representing the male and female genitals), Crowley had a flash of insight, and the two men came to a mutual understanding.
Crowley visited Berlin later in 1912 to obtain a charter making him the head of the OTO for Great Britain, and all of the English-speaking peoples of the world, in the process choosing as his magical name the title of that infamous Templar statue: Baphomet.
He then descended upon the rituals of the OTO with relish, rewriting them to make them more overtly sexual and incorporating his own newly minted religious ideas – which he called Thelema after the Greek word for “Will” (referring to the True Will) – into the liturgy.
It was as if a whole new world was opened up to him, for now he could make his favorite pastime – sex – not only compatible with magic but central to it.

He began to see that the whole universe of magic – the rituals, techniques, specialized language – was merely a means of presenting sexual information in a coded form.
With this sudden illumination came a profusion of small articles on sex-magic that were translated into German by Reuss’s people and published there for the first time.
These treatises discuss the occult methods to be employed during auto-erotic, heterosexual, and homosexual sex acts, and concern everything from uniting with one’s god or goddess through masturbation or intercourse, to making talismans for various purposes, and even using sex to achieve enlightenment.
Yet, while Crowley – and the members of the German occult lodges who were following this regimen – believed that every sexual act was a magical expression of the ‘Will’ – and had to be performed with procreation in sight, it is not the type of procreation that the Church had in mind.
Crowley’s ideal children were ‘magical children’, such as described in his entertaining and revealing novel, ‘Moonchild’.
Every magickal act – and this includes sex – has a purpose that must be established beforehand.
Crowley was at great pains to find a way to indulge his tremendous sexual appetite in a manner that was free of any hint of the “baser” nature of sex.
In this, he may have been searching for a way to satisfy the subconscious elements of his psyche that were linked to his fundamentalist Christian upbringing: a way of having one’s cake of light and eating it, too.
Whatever the purpose, and however successful or not he may have been, Crowley’s initiation into the Ordo Templi Orientis is the source of much of the literature by and about Crowley today.
The discovery of the existence of a sexual occultism was all the fuse this brilliant if eccentric Englishman needed to detonate the volatile compound of his great intelligence mixed with a sincere – if outlandish – spirituality.
In the modern Western world, with the sexual act pushed into the background by a fastidious Christianity, and not discussed in polite company, it was inevitable that only the most outrageous occult societies would have fixated on “sex” as the key to all other magical rites and powers in the Universe!
Thus, the popular image of the satanic altar in the Black Mass as being a nude virgin or prostitute is quite apt, or:
To be anti-christian is to be “pro-sex”.

But how does one maintain an anti-Christian stance in an environment unremittingly pro- Christian?
Either by going underground – as the occultists did, and still do – or, by going overboard.
The German lodges – such as the OTO – and the Brotherhood of Saturn – opted for the former, but the Thulists chose the other path.

Let us read the words of SS officer Otto Rahn, the enthusiastic Grail-seeker, who defines the problem for us towards the end of his ‘Luzifers Hofgesind’:
Whereas Christianity is occupied above all with Man and condemns Nature as anti-divine by abandoning it to the atheistic realms of science and technology…, Paganism believed that nature was full of gods.
All phenomena were words or actions attributed to Genies and Spirits.
In this sense one must consider it more pious, more “religious,” more “Christian” than Catholicism and Protestantism which both display a desire for domination and the imposition of an implacable Law, ideas which permeated Christianity more due to the influence of Rome and Judaism than due to the influence of Christ.’
There was even a plan in NAZI GERMANY to do away with the whole idea of matrimony as it placed an undue burden on the Aryan race, whose mission was to colonize the entire world with perfect racial specimens.
There were, after all, many more non-Aryans in the world than Aryans, and it would take time and manpower to exterminate them all.
Marriage was, in the minds of the SS pagan magicians, a bit petite bourgeois and destined for the junk heap of history but, in the meantime, sexuality was still a powerful occult tool, the manifestation in the visible world of the flow of energy moving in the unseen dimensions.
Magicians had “magickal children” on those planes, and could even create familiars and homonculi – artificial humans – using these techniques, thereby rendering the institution of marriage as a means of ensuring the future of the race rather obsolete.
Magicians already lived in the world that the Thulists were trying to create.
It was a vast one, with a multiplicity of dimensions in endless space.
Hitler, influenced by Liebenfels, Eckart and Hanussen, took a very broad-minded view of sex as well.
Indeed, he is said to have known about SA Leader Ernst Röhm’s homosexuality for years and tolerated it … a rather astounding generosity for that man in that time and place.
In fact, a great many SA men were homosexuals, which may seem surprising to some as the SA were the epitome of military machismo … and Röhm, their leader, was the ultimate fighting man.
Crowley went to America during World War I after being rejected for military service by his own government (or so he claimed).
While Adolf Hitler was fighting the Allies as an enlisted man in the trenches of France and Belgium, writing Wotanist poetry full of magical symbolism, Crowley was writing pro-German propaganda for ‘The Fatherland’, a journal published in New York by one George Viereck, who had known Crowley slightly from years before.

Crowley needed a job, and agreed to take over as editor of ‘The Fatherland’.
It seems as if Crowley was working for the Germans!
George Viereck
George Viereck – who was the illegitimate grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II – became an enthusiastic admirer of the Third Reich and essentially its chief publicist in America from his posh apartment on Manhattan’s Riverside Drive.
The Kaiser had a son in the Gestapo, and Viereck used this connection to get close to Himmler, whom he saw as a kindred spirit: a royalist who admired the old Teutonic kings and who wished for nothing so much as a restoration of the Hohenzollern monarchy.
Himmler, with his mystical worship at the shrine of King Henry I, with whom he identified, seemed simpatico; a door into the corridors of power for the scheming journalist.
During the First World War, Viereck became implicated in a plot to sabotage American factories as early as 1915 (in other words, two years before America entered the war).
This would have been about the time he encouraged Crowley to take over as editor of ‘The Fatherland’.
A briefcase full of plans for espionage, sabotage, and the invasion of the United States had been left, forgotten, by one of Viereck’s agents on the Sixth Avenue El in Manhattan in plain sight of an American secret agent who had been sent to follow them.
He picked up the briefcase and blew the story wide open.
Oddly, Viereck never spent a day in jail for his role in the elaborate plotting against his adopted country.
With the start of the Third Reich, Viereck oversaw an extensive pro-Hitler propaganda campaign and was central to German efforts to generate support among German-Americans for the Hitler regime.
Through his ‘Board of Trade for German-American Commerce’ he was also able to provide an underground rail-road for German agents fleeing South America when they became unmasked.
More will  be coming….



Mark Passio answers one of the MOST important questions that can be asked:

What happens to people who REFUSE to think for themselves and instead simply TAKE OTHER PEOPLES ADVICE – FOLLOW THEIR ORDERS – DO AS THEY ARE TOLD…

This gets at the very heart of our problem here on Earth!

Every human being MUST think deeply about what they are being “ordered” to do…, or even what they are “told” to do by their bosses for a “paycheck”.


Skip to about 3:45 in.