By: Bradley Loves

My loving Family.

Each “ACT” and each “THOUGHT” that we manifest and willingly participate in FORMS reality as we see it!

The “depth” of this statement of TRUTH is profound!

Only those who have really come to understand the creative forces working within the cosmos…, and have taken the TIME necessary to really learn the ESOTERIC side of things, will truly feel the ominous power of this statement.

It is comprehensive and all inclusive!  It discloses clearly the nature of what is happening on the Earth right now, and just “WHO” is responsible for what is happening here, and why we are “seeing” what we see as our reality.


As “actors” on a global stage…, it is “OUR” movements, whispers, and engagements which both affect and CREATE what we see.  It would be nice to deny this…, and most people do try!  However it is still inescapable that what we are seeing WAS CREATED BY US!

HERE is a new post by ZEN GARDNER, which talks about the complicity of the MEDIA in the entire creation of our Dystopian World.

But just how subtle does this get?


Thought is a “movement”  as well as belief.   The holding onto of false teachings, and the regurgitating of those teachings is MOVEMENT  and is powerfully creative.

Just like the subtle variations of atmospheric pressure that happen around a butterflies wings…, THINKING is also a movement!

Naturally thinking is creative…, and it is here where the NEW AGERS actually shine.  They have come to understand this concept…, this one idea, and then have immediately jumped to the most incorrect and damaging conclusion concerning it that they could!

The reason I say that is that this “idea” is ONLY the letter “A” in a long alphabet of important ideas that goes from “A” to “Z”.

Is it dangerous to know only one really deep idea out of a possible 26?

Not only is it dangerous…, the consequences of having only part of a complicated puzzle and then ASSUMING what the rest looks like could be catastrophic as we are now seeing on the EARTH!

In the run up to 2012…, the NEW AGERS got their very first taste of the ULTIMATE DECEPTION, where they were TOLD that since we were at the END of a cycle…, the entire Earth was going to ASCEND and all her inhabitants were going to magically ASCEND WITH IT!

They were told that somehow the UNIVERSE was going to “cancel” out all of the NEGATIVE CREATIONS of mankind and we were all going to be REWARDED with a new life on a higher level.  (This then was the base or foundation upon which the NEXT LIE could be built!)

Here it is…, and without the first statement above…, this next one would not STAND ON IT’S OWN.

We were then all told that there was NOTHING MORE TO DO…, and that all we needed to do was to “forgive everyone” (Especially those of the dark persuasion) and simply “ALLOW” it all to happen organically because we were all soon going to a much better place!


And so…, for a good time…, probably from 2009 or earlier…, many good hearted and good intentioned people sat quietly in their homes, hurriedly “forgiving everyone” and sitting in front of a candle while raising their “vibration” and waiting for the moment when they would ASCEND!


Those who were of the dark persuasion went into overdrive with their evil agenda and plans because now…, there was VERY LITTLE RESISTANCE to anything they wanted to do.

All of the “good” people were taken care of!   They were humbly sitting in their homes, doing NOTHING, and waiting for a SAVIOR that would never arrive.

This worked so well in the run up to 2012…, that those of the dark persuasion threw their AGENDA FROM OVER-DRIVE INTO HYPER-DRIVE!

Immediately, when the Ascension did not occur…, those who were basically sane and had simply been uncertain of what was going to happen KNEW RIGHT AWAY they had been had!

They changed their approach to the on going saga AT ONCE, and admitted they were fooled, and used the time constructively to bring out the TRUTH of that.

But the damage was done already!

Without any real resistance to the DARK NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA…, the powers that should never have been, got so far ahead the foolish “forgivers” that we are now on the very brink of that DARK AGENDA they’ve drooled over for so long.

And yet…, and still, now and here, a full 3 years later…, as we approach the end of 2015, (incredibly) there are those who are STILL WAITING for the mass ASCENSION to occur!

Just like an obedient little puppy…, waiting for his master (who has been fatally injured) to return to him…, the poor animal will not MOVE an inch for fear that he will miss his masters return!

No amount of ANY OTHER data input…, no amount of any other proof or experiences on the world stage will convince these poor MIND HACKED individuals that they were HAD!

They flock together now at their weekly channeled posts (in ever decreasing numbers) waiting for their SAVIOR…, (the ASCENSION) to remove them from all of the danger and all of the consequences of a REALITY that they most assuredly helped to create, mostly by doing NOTHING to put a stop to it.

Those who are certain that WE have to clean up this mess ourselves, are still ridiculed by these people (however even this is decreasing more and more now) as the more sane members of this fold finally give in and realize that what they were TOLD in countless channeled messages in the run up to 2012 is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN the way they were told it would.

And so it goes!

We are back to the very first statements of this post!

Each “ACT” and each “THOUGHT” that we manifest and willingly participate in FORMS reality as we see it!

The “depth” of this statement of TRUTH is profound!

Only those who have really come to understand the creative forces working within the cosmos…, and have taken the TIME necessary to really learn the ESOTERIC side of things, will truly feel the ominous power of this statement.

It is comprehensive and all inclusive!  It discloses clearly the nature of what is happening on the Earth right now, and just “WHO” is responsible for what is happening here, and why we are “seeing” what we see as our reality.


Let those who have ears to hear LISTEN!

Let those who have eyes to see LOOK!

My loving Family… think on these things!








By: Bradley Loves

I have to admit it.  Even I get depressed sometimes when I read about what is happening in the world everyday.

The ongoing saga in Syria.  The Russian plane…, the idiocy of the Turkish President, the Paris (False Flag) attacks…, and on and on it goes.

It is not that I’m  a “pessimist” and think that it can’t get better…, it’s just that with ALL of the information out there, and at ones finger tips…, I KNOW that it COULD have gotten better long ago!

It all goes back to the idea that “we” as a collective need to take positive and proper action in order to bring about a better future for all of us.

Mark Passio lays it all out in his new age Bullshit video…, a 6 hour video that I posted in this article HERE, and then actually begged people to watch it.

Jean posted the very same article on her site…, as a guest article, and I was appalled to read “some” of the comments at the bottom of the post on her site.

The loudest and longest winded detractors to what I wrote in that piece…, specifically used as their “ARGUMENTS” exactly the material that MARK PASSIO talked about in the very two videos that I posted IN THE ARTICLE!

Which means that “before” watching the video’s that I suggested watching…, one that is 6 hours long…, and the other one 2 hours long…., ( a Full 8 hours of education )… some of the commenters went on to “disagree” with what I wrote based on the very errors in thinking and understanding that were microscopically explained and talked about in the two videos posted in THAT SAME ARTICLE! 

Which means that they could not have possibly even watched them before they proceeded to comment.

All I can say is that “female” tribal leader in the movie AVATAR was right when she said this:


How can any learning ever take place if every person who reads articles and posts thinks they ALREADY have a complete and total grasp on what is happening?

Why even read an article or a post…, if you see your job as to CORRECT the writer for what was written?

This has sadly started to happen more and more in the last few decades as the NEW AGE has spawned more and more channelers and channeled information which people have taken into their minds, not just as one “possible” way to see things…, but instead as GOSPEL…, and something that can not EVER be argued with…, because it ostensibly came from “SPIRIT”.

But which spirit…, and where…, and ARE YOU SURE…, the one who is saying it is telling the TRUTH?

What “we” have done…, is to exchange one “set” of dogmatic beliefs and understandings that were given to us by RELIGION, for another set given to us by invisible channeled entities!   And in the history of RELIGION…, there was a time when the dogma and understandings could not even be QUESTIONED.

So now…, when there are those of us who “question” what is being said by those “entities” who give us our weekly dose of   (this is how it is…, just like the priests used to do while standing on the Pulpit…,) we get immediately CORRECTED by those other minds sitting in the NEW AGE medicine circle…, who tell us that we should not think for ourselves…, but instead…, REFER back to what we have been “TOLD” by the entities being channeled.

How, pray tell, is this productive…, and why should I never use my eyes…, and use my ears to see and hear what is going on around me for myself…, and then use my mind to and body to take action to correct what I see?

(It’s all just an Illusion…, and NOTHING REALLY MATTERS is what some absurd minds post as an argument…..)

But as Mark Passio tells us…, this is actually a  SATANIC TEACHING…, not a NEW AGE ONE.

Well of course it’s Satanic…, because Helena Blavatsky…, and her “group”…, including: Saint Germaine…, El Morya, Dwal Khul…, etc.  all hung out with 33rd degree FREEMASONS!

Some of these out of body beings have been termed:  ASCENDED MASTERS…, but many of their “teachings” don’t add up…, and if looked into deeply…, include many Satanic Tenets as a core part of their teachings.

Why would I “give my power away” to an out of body entity (one who may have NEVER even lived on the Earth)…, and take every word said as GOSPEL…, and simply put blind faith in it is my question.

I have eyes…, I have ears…, and I can see what is happening around me.  I can see what needs to be done if only I will look.

Once again…, I suggest you watch the video’s in the above linked article.  I would love to hear what you have to say…, but please do me (and yourself) the courtesy of at least watching the videos before trying to dispute them in the comment section.

All my love!










In yesterday’s post…, I suggested that those who are supporting the Satanic System please stop what they are doing!  In “truth” there are literally countless Americans and people ALL OVER THE PLANET in support of the Satanic System!

This has got to stop!

Here is a post brought forward from February of this year!  In it you can clearly see just how many people are truly in support of the system and have “JOBS” which are in support of it as well.


Veronica Keen just sent me an article posted on David Icke’s website, located here:


It seems that the US MILITARY just can NOT STOP torturing people!

For those of you who do not understand the bigger picture – this would indeed all seem to be insane and without purpose!

However- for those of you who have read my carefully written article: EVERYTHING GOES INTO THE GRIDS – located here:


Then you would come to the conclusion that torture has a purpose.

Admittedly the “purpose” is TOO BIG for some people who have been asleep all of their lives to wrap their minds around.  It is too much, too evil, too…, any other word you want to use to describe the ultimate end plan.

But if you take all of the little pieces of the puzzle – all of the little dots and connect them together – then just like a child’s fun-time dot connecting drawing – the picture does emerge!

Once the picture emerges – only a fool would say that the dot – connected drawing is WRONG for being what it is!  NO parent ever yells at the dot connected drawing a child finishes because he or she does NOT LIKE THE PICTURE!  That’s just silly.

So too – we should NOT YELL at the true and real dot connected picture of what is really happening in the world – once it becomes clear what that picture is – even if it is the exact oppisite of what we have been told all of our lives!

If you can go back and read each and every one of my articles – the picture is definitely there!  Just not yet totally connected!  EVERYTHING GOES INTO THE GRIDS – definitely connected a few.

I am going to point out several of the very important news stories happening in the world today – stories which SEEM totally unrelated!

Yet they are totally related and part of the same picture!

If you had visited Jean’s Blog in the last few days,

You would notice that she is posting many articles on VACCINATIONS!  She has picked up on the trend that LAWS are being written as we speak to remove any “objection” clause to vaccinations and to make them MANDATORY FOR ALL ADULTS!

See this article:


This is one piece of the puzzle!

What is the goal here?  Vaccines have two purposes:

A) To put microscopic robotic “nanites” into the bloodstream in order to create a condtion within the human being to make them susceptible to MIND CONTROL.

B) To re-damage the DNA strands which are as we speak being re-connected at a cellular level due to the COSMIC INFLUENCES of the area of space we are traveling into.

So now take a line with your pencil and draw a line from “MIND CONTROL” to VACCINATIONS!


What does MIND CONTROL have to do with what’s happening in our world?  MIND CONTROL is the only way to keep the human population from rising up against the overt take over of the Planet by very evil outside forces which have already MADE TREATIES with our despotic leaders.

Where does TORTURE fit into the equation?

Remember how I wrote in EVERYTHING GOES INTO THE GRIDS – that we have a common mind and that what happens to one of us happens to all of us?  A CONSTANT SUPPLY of torture is necessary to insure that our collective human psyche remains OFF BALANCE during the take over procedure!   Massive human torture is being applied in many places all around the world to insure that this torture “ENERGY” goes into the grids and then gets DOWNLOADED into every human mind connected to the GRID.

So NOW you can draw a line from TORTURE to MIND CONTROL to VACCINATIONS which are all part of the same larger tactic and have the same goal – TO FACILITATE THE REPTILIAN TAKEOVER OF PLANET EARTH – with the help of hybrid earth human minions who – for the reward of a luxurious life – position – power – and great wealth have sold the rest of us out!

What about the TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL that Jean posted on her BLOG SITE here:


Or a recent article I wrote about experimental MIND CONTROL located here:


Also see this article here:




For those of you who may think ANY OF THE ARTICLES  that I post are not totally inter-connected – then you are still not seeing the bigger picture!

I am personally handing to you – ONE BY ONE – every piece of the puzzle – every dot – and showing you where it goes!

Once again – for the reader to be able to “digest” or to “accept” the PICTURE AS IT IS – without blowing a mental “gasket” so to speak is the question as to whether or not they will be able to finally see the TRUTH.



Now consider what is happening in the SATAN WORSHIPING side of what the so-called ELITES are up to here:


These quite well to do men and women – living in a very “upscale” part of London called Hampstead are practicing CHILD SACRIFICE – ABUSIVE SEX WITH CHILDREN – and the drinking of human blood and the eating of human flesh!

In this Internet Radio Interview, Jay Parker, a son of two practicing Satanists (his mother and father) was TOLD by them that they KNEW they were working for the REPTILES!  They KNEW THEY WERE FEEDING THE REPTILES ENERGY by committing sacrifice and by having sex with their children.

See Video here:


So NOW please connect the dots!   Satan Worship is connected to Child Sacrifice!  Child Sacrifice is connected to FEEDING THE REPTILES with dark energy!  Having abusive sex with young children is connected to TRAMA BASED MIND CONTROL.  TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL is connected to polluting and traumatizing the entire connected – larger MIND OF HUMANITY to put humanity off balance – and make humanity more easy to TAKE OVER.

TORTURE is connected to feeding the GRIDS with TRAUMA as well.

VACCINATIONS are connected with dis-connecting our re-connecting DNA – and making humans who are not easily mind controlled into being more susceptible to mind control!

Now enter the CHEM-TRAIL AEROSOL SPRAYING which augments and enhances MIND CONTROL by making the atmosphere all around us more MAGNETIC and susceptible to ELECTRO-MAGNETIC waves which are propagated by HAARP and the GWEN TOWERS.

So now CHEM – TRAILS are connected to MIND CONTROL – and HAARP and THE GWEN TOWERS are connected to MIND CONTROL

Further more – HAARP shoots a tremendous beam of electricity directly at the high IONOSPHERE!  The high ionosphere is exactly 60 miles high above the EARTH!

But in the article – EVERYTHING GOES INTO THE GRIDS – I wrote that the upper part of the TANDEM GRID SYSTEM is exactly at 60 miles high.  I also wrote that that higher grid is an integral part of our connected MIND!

So then HAARP is shooting a beam of high voltage electricity directly at our COMMON MIND in order to SHOCK IT!

Just like the old time doctors used electroshock therapy on mental patients – now they are using electro-shock therapy on HUMANITIES COMMON MIND – by shooting HAARP upward at the Ionosphere!

So now HAARP is connected to MIND CONTROL!

Okay – so let’s take all of these seemingly unconnected and unrelated things and make sense out of it!  Let’s start with this idea:


Now let’s add:

















Each and every thing now comes together into one much larger idea and one much larger picture!  All of it fits together into one single idea –  THE ARCHONS/REPTILES WANT THE EARTH – THEY ARE GETTING READY TO TAKE IT – THERE ARE HUMAN BEINGS WHO HAVE SOLD US OUT AND ARE HELPING THEM.

This is the stuff that we need to look at!  These are the people who really need to wake up and quit their jobs!


By: Bradley Loves

The work of being spiritual (yes…, it is work) is why we came here!

The fake idea that all we have to do is to think good thoughts…, and that each one of us will individually ASCEND is a very recent channeled idea.

Naturally we want to “think” good and positive thoughts!  This goes without saying.  However…, certain “entities” have turned this idea into a ONE STOP shopping center where one idea solves ALL PROBLEMS!

This just can’t work the way in which it is being presented!

Not only do “we” need to think good thoughts…, but we must then CARRY OUT those thoughts by actual ACTIONS and then bring them into manifestation!

Having loving thoughts is “great” for the Mental Realms…, but does NOTHING for the gross physical realms that our bodies live in.

Certainly those who follow spiritual teachings have learned by now that there are several levels or dimensions which we exist in at the same time.

To have positive and loving thoughts is to clean up our lives on the Mental Level!


Now what?

Nothing positive has actually come into manifestation on the gross physical level because in order to do that…, we need to USE our physical bodies and then DO something positive on the physical level!

How hard is this to understand?

I don’t know how many people argue with me and say that BECAUSE they meditate for hours a day (or channel)…, then they ARE DOING positive things on the physical level.


They are doing positive things on a Mental and Higher Spiritual Level…, which cleans up THOSE LEVELS OF EXISTENCE!

The Earth…, and everything around us that is physical, STILL REMAINS A MESS!

I look at it this way…

If there is a pile of dirt on the floor in front of me…, I will get a broom…, and a dust pan…, and then sweep it up, and place it in the trash!

This is taking a very loving energy (the thought of cleanliness) and then using my body to put that IDEA INTO ACTION IN THE PHYSICAL.

The immediate result is a clean floor.  Something that can be measured and seen almost instantly.

If I see a pile of dirt on the floor in front of me…, and then I sit down to meditate and lose myself in the higher energies for hours…, the benefit of that effort to my own mind may be quite pleasant…, BUT THAT DID NOTHING FOR THE MESS ON THE FLOOR.

I did nothing to USE that pleasant energy to bring the “idea” of cleanliness into the physical realm, and thus there is still a huge pile of dirt existing in the physical realm, since I did not clean it up!

Now…, I ask everyone reading this post to please extrapolate this idea to the huge mess all over the planet!

Can you now see that just keeping “positive thoughts” all day long…, does nothing for the physical until WE USE those positive thoughts and put them into ACTION?

I am pointing out the “flaws” in the New Age teachings which seem to say that there is NOTHING WE NEED TO DO.

Yes…, there is a lot we need to do!

It is the Divine Action in the physical realm that makes a difference in the world.

Now you may ask…, well Bradley…, what then can I do?


The first thing you need to do is to STOP supporting the system!  Stop supporting the Satanic System!

If your “job” in any way supports the current system… then please quit that job, and get other work which does not support the system!

Tell your friends who are working at jobs who are supporting the system to quit their jobs and begin to use their positive thoughts to create a better way forward for their lives as well.

ACTION is the only way we can do this.

Many people might say…, well Bradley…, I’m AFRAID of the authorities!  If I don’t do what they say…, they might “get me”.

That thought is FEAR BASED and certainly far from positive and exactly what these spiritual people are claiming they NEVER DO anyway.

So if they are thinking this way in secret…, then how real are their claims?

Only if we are willing to “walk” our talk, will the “mess” on the planet get cleaned up most effectively.

Each of us really needs to grab a broom…, and start sweeping up in our little corner of this physical reality!

Every tiny little thing we do in the physical is up for inspection and examination.


If the honest answer is that an action your are doing is feeding or helping the system that is enslaving the world…, THEN STOP THAT ACTION!

I lovingly ask you to think on these things.










Montague Keen Sunday 22 November 2015

There are so many factions, all vying for control in your world today, and you cannot trust any of them. You have unknowingly allowed this state of affairs to happen. You forget that each one of you is a sovereign being who is entitled to be on Earth. You were conned by these interlopers, who persuaded you to hand over your power to them. Politics was their idea, as was religion and banking, all specially designed to make you servile to them. They have taken all that is rightfully yours. Now, each one of you must TAKE BACK YOUR CONSENT FROM THEM. You must use your voice to do this, if possible, in groups, as this makes it more powerful. Without your consent, religions and politics cannot function. Politics and religion are only in place to control your lives. Each day they kill you a little more, through the air, water, food and medication. Sometimes they also use guns and bombs to create fear in you. What more do you need them to do to you, before you wake up and refuse to comply with them.

What happened in Paris is but a small part of their overall game. Before you give credence to the latest bogey man, remember Osama Bin Laden. They continued to fool so many with that myth, long after he was dead and buried. They knew he was dead. Do not fall for their stories this time.

Your enemies have access to knowledge that was once yours. They removed it from you and now use it against you. I have tried, so many times, to open your eyes to the fact that there are those amongst you, who, though they may appear to look like you, are not like you. They want the Earth for themselves.
MICHAEL TSARION explains this on You Tube.

Paris, Islam, Zionism and the Red Papacy

Take this valuable information, share it, and act on it. I have always said, “nothing is as it seems.” What is portrayed in your world as good, is totally evil. They plan many more attacks like the one in Paris. These are effective, as they give them permission to curtail your freedom of movement even further. When government is complicit in killing its own people, then good men need to stand together to expose such actions. Remember, they can only act with your consent, so indirectly, you too, have blood on your hands. The reports you see on television are pure fiction. They all give the same story, as they are all obeying the commands of the cabal.

There is a move afoot to chip the US Army, to make complete robots of the soldiers. How dangerous that would be, as they could then be controlled by an Artificial Intelligence. They do not want humans on Earth. They want their New World Order.

They have manipulated your minds so that you see as NORMAL, what they do to kill and maim you. The diseases now prevalent were commissioned by them and released to destroy humanity, yet they constantly tell you that they protect you. How evil is that? You cannot afford to remain as silent, obedient slaves. You need to find your voice. That is all you need. Say loudly and clearly, “I REFUSE TO ASSIST YOU TO WIPE OUT HUMANITY AND TAKE OUR WORLD FROM US. IT IS TIME THAT THEY RETURNED TO THE PLANET WHICH THEY DESTROYED BEFORE THEY ENTERED THE EARTH. They are not welcome on Earth. Tell them to take their false religions with them. They have destroyed all that was good and wholesome on the Earth. WEALTH is what they live for. It drives them to do unspeakable things in order to acquire it. They do not have souls, nor conscience, which leaves them free to kill and steal.

Be grateful to those kind souls who take the time to meditate on the ley lines and sacred places, to release the sacred energy which will enable mankind to have the strength to remove all that is evil and corrupt. People are beginning to tell the truth. Two journalists: one, Irish, and one, German, have refused to comply with the lies anymore. They have exposed the truth. Pray that many more journalists will follow their example. This is when you know that you have got through to the masses.

Do not allow the false flags and other atrocities which the Cabal uses, to create fear in you, as this is exactly what they want. Many have chosen to sacrifice themselves in order to protect humanity and the Earth. Your enemies are many. They use many guises to hide their ill intent: religion, banking, and politics; but you, my friends, are the 99%. Without you, they are nothing.

Listen to those who explain the truth. Those who go back in history to a time when “they” came on to the Earth and took control. Once you understand, then, and only then, will you get the full picture. Together, you can stop the killing in all the needless wars that serve to destroy humanity and your heritage. Think about it. Talk about it. Act on it. It’s in your hands.

My dear, you are right. Those little laser lights that flash on you are a form of attack. They are losing their grip. This leads to mistakes. Be on your guard. Concentrate on gaining freedom for the one. It may not seem like it, but the light is extending. It is removing the influence of the dark.

Take good care of yourself, as you have work to do.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Another Post Recovered from LoveTruthArchives


By Bradley Loves

Happy Sunday to all my Brothers and Sisters

The world is full of distractions!  No matter what appears to be happening…, it is happening for a reason.  The wars and battles that we are seeing in the Middle East are happening at the behest of an ANCIENT BLACK MAGIC CULT which wants to control.

There is a much deeper reason for what is happening in the Middle East.  This reason can ONLY be seen if one is willing to step back from what is most obviously a terrible situation.

It is all about the MORPHO-GENETIC FIELD of the Planet!

It is about the “planets” energy system…, and therefore “our” energy system.

Bombs dropping, people suffering, and what appears to be CHAOS reigning, is a DESIGNED FREQUENCY, that is being placed there to keep humanity in a “state” of TRAUMA!

We really need to start seeing this for what it really is!

There is a method to the madness of the INSANE PSYCHOPATHS running things here on Earth.

They (the Psychopaths) understand things so much deeper than the average man, woman and child who are living on the surface of the planet.  They are operating with the knowledge of the ANCIENTS…, and are operating with the full Esoteric KNOWLEDGE of the Mystery Schools.

They are not “just” trying to create War and Misery…, their goals are so much greater and far reaching!


They want complete control of the Planet!  The Planet is basically a HOLOGRAM!  It is a “projected” image of all of the collective souls who are living upon the surface.  Therefore, in order to CREATE the reality that they want to have here on the surface of the planet…, they need to control the MINDS of each and every living human being who also lives on the surface of the planet.


Anyone who thinks that “reality” is a STATIC thing…, that is always present…, and can never be steered or changed…, just does not understand what our UNIVERSE really is.

Our thoughts…, are just as creative, and just as powerful as ATOMIC WEAPONS!  And, how we think on a daily basis, is just as important to the structure and fabric of our “reality” as any outside influence there is.


The Illuminati, the Cabal, (call them what you will) are already operating from a place of having in their possession ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE.  They have discovered the steps necessary to steer and to change and to mold “reality”.

They can NOT do this alone…, they NEED our help!



Each one of us has an input!  Each one of us gets a vote!  Each one of our votes is equal to that vote of every other man!

Perhaps you have always thought that the “votes” of the Illuminati or the Cabal count for MORE than yours…, and I can assure you they DO NOT!

So then WHY?   WHY?    WHY…, for God’s sake WHY, does the world look the way it does?

Each and every living man and woman has been taught, intimidated, and traumatized into THINKING IN CERTAIN WAYS that are “helping” the Cabal to create the reality that THEY WANT!

Could this be any more clear?  Could it be any more simple?  Could it be any more concise?

What we are seeing is NOT the reality that most human beings want…, but it IS the reality that those who are part of the Illuminati/Satan Worshiping Cabal want.

Mark Passio says it so concisely…, and so perfectly…, which is why I keep posting his stuff over and over…, but it is also a concept that is subtle!  Almost too subtle for most people to grasp.

It is subtle because the “SCIENCE” behind the concept is not understood clearly.

LET ME RESTATE IT AGAIN.   We all have a HUGE affect on each other!


Reality is not static…, it is not constant, it is CHANGEABLE!

What I am saying here is that IF the thoughts, dreams, and “imaginings” of all of the people living on Earth were to suddenly change tomorrow…, then the reality we see inside the HOLOGRAM would ALSO CHANGE TOMORROW!

I’m NOT kidding about this.  This is not a joke…, nor is it a speculation!


Why do you think that it is so “imperative” for the USA Corporation to have a “friend” like Saudi Arabia…, a country which is well known to be one of the most repressive regimes on the face of the planet?

A regime where be-headings and crucifixions are common place?

Did you ever think that they both NEED and WANT that regime in place because it SERVES THEM?

The “thought forms” and the “mind-set”of a place like SAUDI ARABIA, is IMPERATIVE to their larger goals of “steering” the MORPHO-GENETIC FIELD of the Planet…, and therefore the steering of REALITY ITSELF!

We’ve got to pull ourselves out of the day to day bombings, the upsets, and goings on…, and especially the TELEVISION NEWS MEDIA…, IF WE ARE EVER GOING TO SEE THE LARGER PICTURE OF WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS!

Yes, they are psychopaths at work doing horrible things…, but they are psychopaths with EXTREME KNOWLEDGE of how things work! 

And the way to defeat them is not to sit there and go “tisk tisk” at everything they are doing…, but instead to KNOW WHAT THEY KNOW…, and to see why they are doing what they are doing.

They are working on a grand energetic and frequency scale!  They are working with the electro-magnetic fields that SUPPORT the HOLOGRAM!

As an aside…, Veronica Keen is the only person I’ve ever found that is posting information from the “other side” that  ever talks about the Ley lines…, and Grids, and how our own power is being used against us.

This is why I keep posting her stuff!  It is not because she is a better Channel than all the rest of them…, it is because she is actually hitting on some of the TRUTH.

Now here is the TEN DOLLAR question for those who really like all of the other channels.  Why isn’t every channeled entity out there talking about the “Grids”, the “Ley Lines”, and the “Morpho-Genetic Field”?

It’s because their messages are FAKE.  The only way that you would know this however is to really understand the subtle workings of the UNIVERSE…, and to know how reality is created.  This is why knowledge is SO IMPORTANT TO ALL OF US. 

Instead of giving us knowledge…, the Cabal created the “NEW AGE”…, and gave us “feel good” messages which tell us NOTHING.  For all practical purposes the NEW AGE, is the new religion which keeps us coming back over and over again to “channelers” (instead of priests) every week…, who give us messages that sound good and inspires us…, but always ask us to DO NOTHING.

The “old way” of the priests was to tell us that we were sinners and that we could do NOTHING on our own to save ourselves since we were powerless. 

The “new way” is to tell us that we are very LOVED…, but that since everything is already being “taken care of”  by much HIGHER BEINGS and ET’s, then there is NOTHING we need to do, so just sit back and wait for it!

Can you see how these two are exactly the same?


It’s the same old Birthday present with a different “wrapping” on it!

Getting back to the Illuminati and the Cabal…

They see every man and woman as only a battery…, which needs to be “tweaked” in order to give off a certain “frequency” of energy and input in order to keep THEIR VERSION of reality alive and well.

This is why Mark Passio keeps telling us that WE…, yes “WE”…, have got to get the courage of grain of mustard, or better yet a pea…, and stop SUPPORTING THESE PSYCHOPATHS!

There are millions and millions of “order followers” (watch Mark Passio’s video Here), who…, for a paycheck…, and for a job…, are doing the bidding of the cabal!

How much more simply can I put it?

Each of us has a vote…, each of us has equal power to each of the richest members of the CABAL!  We have to engage in the world and this reality as if WE CARE about it.

So, if you are willing to “SELL”…, yes I did say that…, SELL your vote…, (Your desire to have a loving planet) to the Cabal for nothing more than a paycheck…, for paper dollars…, for a nice car, or groceries…, then YOU ARE MOST CERTAINLY HELPING THEM TO CREATE A VERY DARK REALITY ON THE PLANET. 

Your vote does count, and just got “sold”.

We’ve got to stop pointing fingers at everyone else, because WE…, yes WE…, are helping the CABAL with each thought of helplessness…, and each action that we perform, and each moment of our lives if we do not “THINK” correctly.

Every man and women living in the US of America is helping the USA Corporation to drop bombs in other parts of the world simply by not saying NO you can’t DO THAT!

What about a very adamant… I DO NOT CONSENT to that!

The only way to think correctly is to really come to full knowledge of what they know and what they are really up to!

Some people may think I’m a total nut for diving as deeply as I have into the Occult…, into Black Magic…, and into the dark secrets of Satanism.

I say…, that it is the most important thing that I’ve ever done, and I’m going to do more!

It has helped me to see FAR MORE CLEARLY about exactly what, why and how…, these psychopaths, are able to steer the fabric of the EARTH HOLOGRAM into a very negative reality like they are actively doing as we speak.

It makes perfect sense if you look at the BIGGER PICTURE.

The on going blood bath in Syria…, is nothing more than blood sacrifice happening in order to lower to over all frequency of the morpho-genetic field of the planet.

This helps in many ways!

  1. It “traumatizes” the minds and emotions of countless human beings.
  2. That trauma gets UPLOADED into the electro-magnetic field of the planet
  3. That trauma lowers the resonance and quality of the entire field.
  4. It causes a much lower vibration and frequency to occur on a planet wide level.
  5. The dreams of every living being on the planet is affected.
  6. And dozens of other ways not mentioned!

There is NO SUCH THING as:  Since I am not there…, it is not affecting me!

The very living energy of the planet is like a blanket that covers all of us, and we are all being affected by it regardless of where you are living physically!


What about the countless men and women building weapons, planes, tanks, guns, bombs, uniforms, and satellites, all for a paycheck?

What is THEIR VOTE DOING?  They are helping the Dark Cabal!

What about all of the men and women who join the militaries of the world to fight and kill in their wars?  What is their vote doing to our world?

What about the people who “invest” their money into the companies and corporations who are doing these things?


So…, if you are living on the surface of the planet…, then YOU ARE BEING AFFECTED by the trauma happening in the MIDDLE EAST!

Even as you sleep comfortably in your bed…, that energy of trauma is NOW AFFECTING YOU in very important ways…, and is defining the reality that you are living in and that surrounds you!

It is a download into your subtle body which you can not avoid!  You can not separate yourself out of the soup!


Pretend that you are a carrot in the soup…, and that once you get put into the soup…, that all of the flavors of every other vegetable in the soup will somehow NOT affect the rest of the soup!

You might say…

Oh…, I’m a carrot…, so the flavor (frequency) of all of these other vegetables will not have ANY AFFECT upon me as a carrot…, or on the taste of the soup since we are all different.  Their flavors (thoughts and frequencies) have to stay away from me…, because I’m a carrot…, and I’m not affected by those other vegetables!…

Is this the TRUTH?

Is this even possible?

It is time to get real about what we are doing here on Earth!  It is time to grow up!

We have to take personal responsibility for each and every moment of our lives and how our thoughts and actions are actually VOTES that are being cast out into the rest of the soup…, (the morpho-genetic field).

If your job (how you earn your money) is supporting the CABAL…, then quit your job!  Find a new one!

If not…, then YOU…, yes I did say that…, YOU are part of the problem of terribly hurting the planet!

I ask you all to think on these things!




After watching the entire Mark Passio Video on the Cult of Order Followers, I could not help but be truly moved!   I realized how many people were bullied, and unloved as children…, and who had grown up into adult life having only that pain to guide them on their life’s journey.  They had grown up in fear…, and so now they lived their adult lives in fear.  This is WHY they are “order followers”!

I’ve always realized that it takes great courage to truly LOVE, but it takes even more courage to LOVE what others did not…, the self within!

I grew up being bullied by my own parents, but whether it’s other kids or your own parents…, it’s STILL BULLYING.   The only way the world can change is if we can find the courage to LOVE our inner self.

Please watch this video…, and ask yourself if you are really living YOUR OWN LIFE, or are you just doing what you are told?   Can you live happily without FOLLOWING ORDERS?  Can you stand up for LOVE because it’s the right thing to do?  This one thing would change the entire world!

This song encapsulates all of the many feelings that a child who is repressed might feel when beaten down and never properly loved.  But can you see the strength and courage it takes to finally decide TO BE WHO YOU ARE?   To Love who you are!

Each of us must Love ourselves enough to break free of the chains that AUTHORITIES place around our necks forcing us into doing behaviors that are immoral and unjust!  We can no longer stand idly by and watch as others are tormented by unjust laws, unjust police, governments and armies!   We must CARE!

Fear and self loathing is what forces people to pick up guns, join army’s and go to war!  Feelings of abandonment were created somewhere in what should have been a loving child’s life.  Help others to see a new way forward!

Say NO, to hurting others…, say NO to following orders that cause pain in others lives!  Say NO to manifesting more injustice into a world that is already being over ridden with injustice!

My interpretation of this video is clear.

The bullies in the video are the men and women of the New World Order!  They are the Satanists!  They are ALL of the Police who are their lap dogs!  They are the CIA…, They are the NSA and all who work there!  They are the criminal FBI and all of the armies of the world who support the Criminal Bankers!  They are those who will stand trial on the HIGHER LEVELS for crimes against humanity.


The “person” being bullied are the TRUTH TELLERS…, the whistle blowers and all of the men and women around the World who love TRUE FREEDOM!