The Joe Rogan Podcast that will Blow Your Mind and Rewrite History


Do you like having your mind blown?

If you do, I strongly recommend you check out The Joe Rogan Experience Episode #725, with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson, one of the most mind-blowing podcasts of all time.

What if I told you, there was a cataclysmic event that occurred between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago?

What if I told you that prior to this event, there were advanced civilizations that existed on earth, and not only that, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports these claims.

#1 podcast episode right now and one of my personal all time favorites.

— Joe Rogan (@joerogan) November 24, 2015

If I told you these things, you probably wouldn’t believe me. But what if an international best-seller/researcher Graham Hancock and geological expert Randall Carlson are both in agreement concerning these claims?

Now what if I told you both of these guys, Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson appear as guests on The Joe Rogan Experience for 3 mind-blowing hours?

Here are the Top 3 Reasons to check out The Joe Rogan Experience #725 with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson

#1. Modern Day Archaeology is Bullshit

A modern day academic archeologist might tell you that there is little evidence of advanced civilizations dating back more than approximately 12,000 years. They don’t see any correlation between ancient myths and cataclysmic events here on planet earth. Graham and Randall aren’t nearly as boring as the modern academic archeologist..

From Graham Hancock’s new book, Magicians of the Gods.

A second series of equally devastating impacts causing further cataclysmic flooding, occurred 11,600 years ago, the exact date Plato gives for the destruction and submergence of Atlantis. The Evidence revealed in this book shows beyond reasonable doubt that an advanced civilization that flourished during the Ice Age was destroyed in the global cataclysms between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago.

The evidence presented strongly indicates that archeologist are totally wrong about our history.

#2. You’re going to Learn New Things

DMT was widely available to the ancient Egpytians and there are depictions of the constellations on ancient artifacts?

Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, and Joe Rogan are all in agreement that psychedelics are an important aspect of our history. Listen to these podcasts and not only will you learn, but your entire perception of world history will probably change.

# 3. The Podcast will Introduce you to Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock

See the original article here:


By: Bradley Loves

We are at a crossroads!

Gone are the days when things just don’t seem to make sense…, and we can pass off what is happening in the world to coincidence or to chance.

The “manifestations” that we are seeing being “played out” in our reality have been purposefully CREATED!

Looking Deeper is a muscle that NEEDS to be exercised!  It is not something that each and every human being is given as a gift!

We are generally a “heart” centered people and we don’t expect that almost everything we are “told” is going to be a lie!  We like to be trusting!

Looking Deeper means having to “GROW UP”…, and having to realize that there are some really BAD people out there who have agenda’s that to a LOVING MIND are reprehensible.

A very prominent New York Psychiatrist wrote is a very popular book that chronological age…, has NOTHING to do with emotional age!  He wrote that you could indeed have a very intelligent man or woman in their 60’s who EMOTIONALLY were nothing more than children.

One of the things he wrote was:

Chronological age…, does NOT equal emotional age!

Due to the extremely traumatic way that most of the human beings have been raised in the last hundred years…, (a lot of which had to do with the Catholic Church and its abusiveness)…, huge swaths of humanity who are in their 60’s are in reality “emotionally” only 10 year olds!

They do not have the ability to THINK critically about what is going on around them…, and they do not have the ability to engage with what they see and solve the problems and find solutions.

The typical reaction of a 10 year old is to run and hide from any danger!

And yet…, NOW IS THE TIME!

We are at the cross roads and decisions have to be made!

Sticking one’s head in the sand like an ostrich is very symbolic of running and hiding from any danger.  And from my point of view…, and where I’m sitting…, that is all I can see happening with the greater portion of humanity!

In addition to the TRAUMA that is constantly being PUSHED into humanities psyche, and into the Earth’s energetic grids…, there is a constant “dumbing down” and real WAR happening in the MEDIA to persuade people that ALL of this is normal and to simply ACCEPT the explanations that are given from official sources.


LOVE is the only real solution!  But LOVE is not the type of love that only happens in the bedroom between boyfriend and girlfriend or man and wife!

THAT IS NOT REAL LOVE!   That is a poor substitute for what is an ALL encompassing feeling of compassion and unity with all other men and women.

REAL LOVE is a heartfelt desire to stop the suffering of any and every human being…, whether you know them personally or not.



REAL LOVE brings into manifestation the solutions to our problems because it does NOT sit still.

Anything you may read or hear to the contrary is BAD INFORMATION!

We are all in this together…, and what is happening on Earth right now has happened ONLY because GOOD MEN (and WOMEN) sat still and did nothing while it took place!

What happens in the next 10 years is UP TO US!

If it goes really bad…, then the only person to blame is the one you see in the mirror!  Please…, continue to try to talk to your families and everyone you know!  Keep trying to put out links and start up information blogs.

Get the word out…, and if you can’t do that…, please financially support those who ARE DOING THAT…, because those people are usually under various forms of stealth attack from the agencies who benefit from endless WAR.

CARING about what happens to others…, and helping them IS REAL LOVE!

On the other hand…, meditating all day long…, and trying to personally “ASCEND” may be personally beneficial to those who do it…, but has NOTHING to do with REAL LOVE of others on Earth (UNLESS) that person who meditates then takes ACTION to bring change into manifestation.

Personal Meditation is born out of personal interest and so is SERVICE TO SELF orientated UNLESS one goes to the next step and takes ACTION in the physical realm in order to HELP OTHERS.

HELPING OTHERS is the greatest LOVE there is!  Period…, END OF STORY!

Letting others fight their own battles…, because it’s their “KARMA” is nothing more than the cowards way of “justifying” non action.

My brothers and sisters…,

Think on these things!









By: Bradley Loves

A “strange” military tactic…, that is ages old…, AND has been “used” to conquer many other planets in the Universe, not just the Earth!

DIVIDE means to “divide” the people that you want to conquer!

DIVIDE means that you “pit” them against each other in a plethora of ways…, then you weaken them…, by having them destroy their OWN homes, shelters, businesses, families, farms, crops and every other thing that a culture or society needs to be strong!

In the simplest sense of the term…, this is what is being done to our society in almost every way you can name!  I DARE you to find me a part of the system that is NOT designed to weaken or destroy the unity of Earth’s peoples, by pitting them against each other!


Make NO mistake about it…, this is what is being done there…, End of Story!

If you can’t “see” that, ….if you can’t look past the spin, the lies and the rhetoric (which is in reality, just propaganda)  then even though you have eyes…, those eyes are BLIND.

The “EMPIRES” that are now waging WAR in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Yemen, and countless other plots of land around the world…, are in the process of: DIVIDING AND CONQUERING these areas of the globe so that they can then be very easily “moved into” and occupied by outside forces.


The tactic of pitting one man against another man…, has come from OFF WORLD…, because ONLY those who are NOT men.., and not our species could be so callous and so cold as to feel the human beings were expendable!

Who really could believe that human men could not get along with each other, and figure things out eventually after thousands of years?  The spin…, the lies…, the propaganda that tells us that we live in a world of endless waring humans…, is getting OLD…, so I recommend to my readers that you please WAKE UP!

There are OUTSIDE forces that are stirring the pot.

The ORDERS and STRATEGIES that pit one man against another…, and one culture against another ALWAYS COMES FROM OFF WORLD, or is “other dimensional!



…..We need to weaken them damn humans!  They are too strong…, and too united still!  We need to create a reason that they will fight with and against each other if we are going to easily take over their world!  – Off World Entities

Thus…, Endless Varieties of RELIGIONS have been developed and given to differing cultures in different parts of the World. Education in each culture has been co-opted and then steered so that one group thinks and believes differently than another group.

Myths and Lies are told to these people as concerns the “other” groups and cultures…, all driven by beings who WANT THE EARTH, and could care LESS about man-kind.


There are men and women living on the Earth…, who are WEAK…, and are great COWARDS!

They are scared of life, and fearful of their weakness…, so they “run” to what they see as strength and pledge their allegiance to outside forces for POWER and PROTECTION.

The politicians, the bankers, the military leaders, the secret society members, the Satan Worshipers are ALL some of the biggest cowards living on Earth, who have given over themselves to be in SERVICE to those who they see as MORE POWERFUL.

They have agreed to “betray” their fellow man…, and their own species for MONEY, POSITION and STATUS!

They have agreed to do horrible things to innocent men and women…,  and to LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL in order to live a good life in the here and now, at the expense of all of the other men and women of their own planet, culture and species.

They are NOT WORTHY to breath the same air that true human beings on Earth breath…, because they have decided (CHOSEN) to sell out…, to betray…, to turn on…, and to ultimately torture and enslave other beings like themselves…, only because they ARE COWARDS.

LOOK DEEPER and you will see this is happening NOW!

What we are seeing happening all over the planet…, no matter where you look…, and no matter what the situation seems to be…, if you could only LOOK DEEPER…, what you would see is:  DIVIDE AND CONQUER taking place.

A few articles ago…, I said the system that we live under is:  A Satanic System!

That Satanic System which is everywhere…(Banking, Religion, War, Secrecy, etc,…)  is in reality a MILITARY TACTIC being used on the ENTIRE PLANET and all of it’s people.

If WE who are living under that system…, can’t WAKE UP…, and see that this type of “system” (or way of doing things) in reality weakens all of us…, and pits us against one another…, THEN THERE IS NO HOPE for the Earth…, or for Humans.

This article is the alarm clock ringing!  This post is the call to those who have ears to hear to WAKE UP!

If you continue to give “support” to the very system that is DIVIDING and CONQUERING humans all over the planet…, then you will soon reap the consequence for your lack of action.

Talk to others!  Tell them how you feel! Look beyond what you see and hear on Television….

All my Love,





By: Bradley Loves

If you took the time to watch the most recent Interview that I posted HERE…, you would see that an American General has basically called the USA Corporation an EMPIRE!

He has also said that the entire purpose of endless WAR is to support the:

….Military – Industrial – Congressional – Complex

In his epic and historic farewell speech, President Eisenhower warned us of the:

….Military – Industrial – Complex…,

but the TRUTH of the matter is that the word “Congressional” was omitted from the speech at the last minute!  It was actually there in the speech originally!

What this really says is that there are members of CONGRESS who “know” absolutely everything that is going on…, and are USING their elected positions to help Corporations to “make money” and “fund endless WAR” all over the world FOR PROFIT!

Then, after they are done in Congress…, they move into the Defense and Weapons industry so they can earn “THANK YOU” salaries of over a million dollars per year for their service in aiding and helping to create, and continue endless WAR!

These men and women in Congress are NO BETTER THAN WHORES…, who have sold their souls and their bodies for money.

This is what I am talking about…, each time I pick up the pen (or in this case…, the type pad) and write an article or a post.

Human beings…, are selling out OTHER human beings simply for a paycheck or for money!  And there are those who now say this has become NORMAL.

When will it STOP?

They say we are supposed to be Ascending…….

In my humble opinion…, there is NO ONE on this planet that is ready to “ASCEND”…, like has been talked about for so many years now, when this type of thing is going on…..


Because on the one hand…, you have those men and women who are doing evil things to their fellow man…, and don’t care one whit about it…, and on the other hand…, you have (so-called) spiritual people including NEW AGERS…, that don’t care at all that this is happening right in front of them…, as long as THEY PERSONALLY can escape all of this by either being “SAVED” or “ASCENDED” out of this hell hole and leave it all behind them.

Forget about trying to “right the wrongs” or “fix the problems”…, oh and God Forbid…, “EXPOSE THOSE WHO ARE DOING EVIL”.

Darkness can only exist when NO ONE is willing to shine a light on it…, but in my humble opinion…, ALL OF THOSE MEN AND WOMEN who came here to “shine the light” on the Darkness and to EXPOSE IT…, are now caught in the “there is no such thing as darkness LIE”…, and therefore they have taken the light they came here to shine…., and placed it under a basket so that it doesn’t expose ANY of the darkness it is supposed to expose!

(READ:  Oh…, I’m not here to “judge” anyone…, so therefore…, I will just keep silent about all that I see going on in the world…, sit in my house and OHM all day long…, and overlook every evil thing that I see!  

Sorry to all you little kids getting raped and sacrificed.., I’m not here to help you, or expose the evil being done to you…, I’m just here to observe, and then escape as soon as I can!   I’ve got my OWN ASS to save…, so I don’t CARE about yours!)

In my opinion…, GOD JUST LAUGHS at these foolish men and women…, and says:


And all of the so-called “Ascended Masters” and “channeled entities” who are “telling everyone” to do NOTHING to help anyone on Earth…, are giggling at the effectiveness of their ridiculous lies.

Now naturally…, you have to be smarter than a rock to really understand whats going on with these entites!

Certainly they are not SAYING:

You must do NOTHING.

But, what they DO SAY in almost every message is:

Everything that ever happens to anyone is ALWAYS THEIR KARMA…,


….those people asked for what they are getting before they got here, and they KNEW it was going to happen to them, so why worry about it, just let them go through it….

So my question is this:

IF this “idea” were the TRUTH (and it is a total LIE…, just so you know ahead of time)…, then WHY would anyone EVER under any circumstances WANT to help another human being experiencing pain or in trouble….. “IF” they believed this was really the way it was?

You have to look deeper to see that this is actually a LIE!

It is a very clever lie…, to be sure…, but a LIE just the same.

And if you CAN’T SEE that this is a lie…, then you have now very sadly lost ALL connection to your heart…, and ALL connection to your humanity…, and are well on the path toward being a BORG!


That is ALL that we are here to do!  End of story!

However…, you can’t be “helping” someone else (as we are here to do)…, when you think that EVERY SINGLE THING that happens to that person who is in distress…, is something that they wanted, and so therefore, you need to stand down, stand aside and DO NOTHING!

So the real question to be answered is this one!

Why do NEW AGERS “want” to believe in this “teaching” so desperately??

I do have an answer for that too!


They really do not want to confront anyone…, nor do they really want do anything that might make waves or cause issues in their lives…, so this one “teaching” has given them complete and utter permission to DO…, exactly what they wanted to do all along…, which is NOTHING!

Covenient isn’t it?

Remember…, every “word” of this “idea” was “channeled” by someone who was getting a message from some unknown entity broadcasting on another frequency.

The SOURCE of this “idea” is dubious at best!

Still, as I go through the BLOGOSPHERE…, I see “daily” and “weekly” newly channeled messages…, REPEATING and REPEATING this teaching and idea over and over and over again!

Can you say: BRAIN WASHING?

Can you say: Programming?

Why do so many channeled entities repeat and repeat and repeat this idea…, even now over and over?  Could it be that it is not sticking in the way they want?

It’s HARD to program love and compassion out of a human being!  It needs constant re-inforcement if the reprogramming is going to take.

Those damn humans keep slipping back into compassion!  They keep going back into their hearts and helping others….., DAMN THEM!

….get out another channeled message telling them that everything that happens to others on the Earth is KARMA…, and that everyone asked for what they are getting…, and hopefully they will draw the conclusion that it is NOT NECESSARY to help anyone!

Then we can simply “walk in” and take over the place…….


The WORLD is in the condition that it is in…, because GOOD PEOPLE have been convinced that they need to do nothing!

I can’t put it any more simply or plainly!  And if tomorrow you go to your favorite Channeler…, and he/she…, REPEATS this very idea and message yet again…., or you read it in some stupid book…, like:

The RA MATERIAL that the likes of David Wilcock loves to push….


All my love,










By: Bradley Loves

To all my brothers and sisters who live their lives in LOVE…, you will KNOW what I am talking about.

LOVE and TRUTH are synonymous!  You can’t truly be LOVING or CARING and not “feel” in every bone in your body how IMPORTANT the TRUTH is!

Those  who say TRUTH is in the eye of the beholder and is “only” a perspective…, does not and can not truly know what LOVE IS!


Lies, deception, distortion, propaganda, mis-direction, and all of the super secret formats of Secret Societies and Dark Magic are TOTALLY part of the DARKNESS.

NO ONE who joins these secret and occult societies are working in the “LIGHT” as they claim…, because SECRECY= DARKNESS, and SECRECY = DECEPTION.

Too many, who are working inside the NEW AGE…, accepted the propaganda and bullshit that TRUTH is an individual perspective…, and that there is/was NO REAL TRUTH.

This is part of the foundation upon which so “many” CHANNELED MESSAGES rest!

This is why certain totally OUTLANDISH thoughts and teachings get through these men and women’s discernment FILTERS.

They have thrown away the knowledge that LOVE = TRUTH…, and that ANYONE who uses deception can NOT BE WORKING FOR LOVE OR THE TRUTH!

Obama…, has been given pass after pass from the NEW AGE!   And yet…, nothing…, nothing…, nothing…, he has EVER SAID PUBLICALLY is the TRUTH!

He lied about Osama bin Laden…, he has lied about 911…, he lied about Sandy Hook…, etc…., etc…, etc…., etc…., etc…, etc…., etc…, etc…, etc…, etc……


PERIOD.., end of story!


All other attempts either from this world…, OR THE OTHER SIDE, to justify LIES…, are nothing but Satanic/Luciferean Hot Air.

I don’t care WHO CHANNELED IT!



BOMBSHELL Report: ‘Pentagon leaders conducted a secret alliance with Assad and Putin to undermine Obama’


The Millennium Report
December 21, 2015

TMR Editor’s Note:

The Millennium Report was quite reluctant to post the first report below.  The second post is from the London Review of Books and simply recapitulates the words of investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.  His unparalleled report is as radioactive as any to come from the mainstream media (MSM) since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA’s global spying and surveillance programs.

Because Hersh, a contributor to The New Yorker, is very much a product of the CIA-controlled MSM, it is quite possible that he is being used to download information from various camps within the Pentagon, or even within the White House.  There are various reasons to disseminate this unprecedented type of report.  The most obvious is that Russia has exposed that the Obama Administration has been directly involved with arming and equipping ISIS, as well as indirectly funding the Islamic State while protecting ISIL stolen oil income lines in Syria.

Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’

This official conduct by Obama’s White House constitutes nothing less than a whole series of serious war crimes as well as high treason.  When a sitting president sits by idly as foreign terrorists are decapitating and crucifying Syrian Christians, in addition to terrorizing communities large and small throughout the Syrian, only impeachment and a war crimes tribunal are in order.  That Obama colluded with the rogue war profiteer — Turk President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan — makes his egregious crimes all the more outrageous.

Erdoğan’s Turkey: A War Profiteer That Plunders And Pillages Syria At Will

Toward that end, Seymour Hersh was given the scoop of the millennium when the Pentagon source opened up this can of worms.  Truly, it doesn’t get any more complicated and dense with intrigue.  The entire Syrian War was engineered and coordinated in the war rooms of London and Washington, Tel Aviv and Ankara.  Knowing that, and that alone, ought to inform the reader as to how this conspiratorial plot got so out of control.

The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus

The following link well explains how Russia’s entry into the Syrian theater of war busted up the Mideast geopolitical chessboard, and especially the neocon scheme for total command and control of the whole Middle East.

Russian intervention in Syria shatters Pentagon dream of Full Spectrum Dominance 

The Millennium Report

*There is one story that is even bigger than Hersh’s stunning revelations which did not come from a typical MSM propaganda outlet.  That story came from the mouth of one who is said to be the head a private CIA.

STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination


Seymour Hersh’s bizarre new conspiracy theory about the US and Syria, explained

The investigative journalist says Pentagon leaders conducted a secret alliance with Assad and Putin to undermine Obama.

by Max Fisher

Seymour Hersh speaking in 2005. Craig F. Walker/The Denver Post via Getty

Seymour Hersh, an investigative journalist famous for uncovering the 1968 My Lai massacre and the mid-2000s Abu Ghraib scandal, says there’s another scandal afoot, and it’s bigger than anything he’s previously reported. Perhaps even bigger than his story from this May alleging that the US staged its mission to kill Osama bin Laden.

In a lengthy London Review of Books piece, Hersh says that the top leaders of the Pentagon deliberately subverted American policy toward Syria, sabotaging US efforts to aid Syrian rebels and even sending US intelligence to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. From fall 2013 to September 2015, he says, US military leaders effectively conducted a secret alliance with Assad and with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom they saw as their best allies in fighting ISIS.

It is a fantastic and stunning claim. And Hersh, rather than condemning this all as what would appear to be the highest act of treason in modern American history, rather seems to portray it as necessary and appropriate. But, much as with Hersh’s now-notorious bin Laden story, it is backed up with no evidence beyond the word of one anonymous “former senior adviser” to the Joint Chiefs.

What follows is a simple guide to Hersh’s theory: what he says happened, what the article states, and how it squares with what we know.

I will be transparent with you: As with Hersh’s other recent stories, I came away deeply skeptical about his claims, particularly given what appears to be a fatal flaw in the story’s central theory. I have explained my skepticism below, but I would urge you to judge for yourself.

What happened, according to Hersh:

  • The Joint Chiefs of Staff, America’s senior-most military leaders, in summer 2013 discovered that Turkey had “co-opted” the CIA’s rebel-arming program, redirecting the US aid to extremists including Jabhat al-Nusra (an al-Qaeda branch) and ISIS.
  • The Joint Chiefs also discovered that viable moderate Syrian rebels did not exist and that the opposition consisted nearly uniformly of extremists.
  • The Joint Chiefs decided in the fall of 2013 to begin secretly “providing US intelligence to the militaries of other nations, on the understanding that it would be passed on to the Syrian army.” They sent US intelligence to Germany, Russia, and Israel, which sent it to Assad.
  • The goal of their secret alliance with Assad was to subvert Obama’s Syria efforts, prop up Assad, and aid him in destroying ISIS and other extremists.
  • In return, the Joint Chiefs asked that Assad 1) “restrain” Hezbollah from attacking Israel; 2) renew negotiations with Israel over the Golan Heights, a territory that Israel had seized from Syria decades earlier; 3) agree to accept any Russian assistance; and 4) hold elections after the war ended.
  • In summer 2013 the Joint Chiefs tricked the CIA into shipping obsolete weapons to Syrian rebels. Hersh says this was intended as a show of good faith to Assad, to convince him to accept their offer.
  • The secret Joint Chiefs alliance with Putin and Assad, we are told, ended this September when its chief architect, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, retired.

Hersh’s main thrust is to argue for an alliance with Assad and Putin

In sum, Hersh says that America’s top military leaders decided to deliberately subvert American foreign policy and form a secret alliance with Assad and Putin.

Hersh portrays this as a good thing, with the Joint Chiefs taking appropriate and necessary action to stop Obama’s dangerous Syria policy and to support Assad and Putin against ISIS. He approvingly quotes and paraphrases many sources who argue that the US should see Assad as an ally against ISIS, along with Putin. (These sources do not discuss Hersh’s allegations of a grand conspiracy.)

Most Middle Eastern analysts have long argued that Assad’s departure is a necessary first step to defeating ISIS, in part because Assad’s presence guarantees the perpetuation of Syria’s civil war, which grants ISIS fertile soil (more on this here). Hersh implies that this is dangerously wrong, and that Assad is in fact a necessary partner to fighting ISIS. (He ignores US-led peace talks to peacefully remove Assad, insisting that the US in fact seeks to topple him by force, and that this will inevitably result in a Syria dominated by jihadists.)

Hersh likewise suggests that most journalists and independent analysts are lying when they say that Assad and Putin are implicitly tolerating ISIS because the group fights anti-Assad rebels, or that Assad and Putin are bombing ISIS only minimally as they focus on anti-ISIS rebels.

The story moves quite seamlessly from alleging the secret Pentagon-Assad-Putin alliance to arguing that such a policy of allying with Assad would be wise. In fact, the bulk of the article is dedicated not to reporting on the details of this secret alliance, nor to interrogating what certainly sounds like an act of treason, but rather to arguing for the merits of allying with Assad.

Hersh’s proof for all this is the words of one unnamed “former adviser”

In his other recent articles, Hersh has drawn criticism for sourcing fantastic and implausible-seeming stories to only a handful of often-anonymous sources, who themselves show no evidence. In this story, Hersh has only one such source.

The entirety of Hersh’s allegations here are sourced to “a former senior adviser to the Joint Chiefs.” We are not told the capacity of the adviser’s role, nor how the adviser acquired this information, nor how a former adviser would know what is still happening. Hersh provides no other sources — anonymous or otherwise — who support the story.

While Hersh does quote some other people, these people say nothing in support of the story’s central allegations. Rather, he quotes them largely to bolster his argument that America should partner with Assad and Putin. For example, he quotes Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) arguing that Russia and Iran are “working toward defeating our common enemy” in Syria.

The only real evidence we have to go on, then, is Hersh’s past record. And this is what his supporters have said in the past: Hersh was right on My Lai in 1969 and Abu Ghraib in 2004, so we should trust him now. But in those and other blockbuster reports, Hersh presented more than anonymous quotes from “a former adviser.” He presented physical proof: government documents, internal reports, photographs. We are given no such proof here.

It is difficult to trust this story solely on Hersh’s record for another reason: His record over the past decade has been highly questionable. Since 2006, Hersh has reported a stream of increasingly spectacular and thinly source stories: that the US considered dropping nuclear bombs on Iran, that US special forces are secretly run by ancient Illuminati-style orders such as Opus Dei, that the US secretly trained Iranian terrorists in Nevada, that Syria’s 2013 chemical weapons attacks were a “false flag” launched by Turkey, and so on.

None of these reports has ever been confirmed. That stands in stark and concerning contrast to My Lai and Abu Ghraib, which were quickly confirmed by numerous other reporters.

Why I have a very difficult time believing Hersh’s claims here

You should read, consider, and evaluate the story on your own. But for whatever it’s worth, here are, to my eye, a few reasons why I find this story top-to-bottom very difficult to believe:

1) The fatal flaw at the heart of the story

Hersh alleges that the mastermind of this entire conspiracy was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey, whom Hersh says was horrified by Obama’s plan to arm Syrian rebels and sought to aid Assad. This claim is difficult to believe: While in office, Dempsey famously and publiclyclashed with Obama over Syria because Dempsey wanted to do more to arm Syrian rebels. Contemporaneous accounts of arguments within the White House support this, with Dempsey arguing the US should more robustly arm Syrian rebels, and Obama arguing for less.

Yet Hersh claims, with no evidence, that Dempsey was so opposed to arming Syrian rebels that he would commit an apparent act of treason to subvert those plans. Hersh makes no effort to reconcile this seemingly fatal contradiction, and indeed it is not clear Hersh is even aware that Dempsey is known for supporting rather than opposing efforts to arm the Syrian rebels.

2) The lack of any proof whatsoever

Hersh provides no proof of any kind, other than quotes from one anonymous “former adviser.” Hersh does not bother to establish why this adviser would have such information.

3) The story is fundamentally at odds with reality as we know it

The story on its face is so implausible that one struggles to imagine it unfolding even in a pulp Tom Clancy novel or on an episode of 24. It alleges that many or all (it is unclear) members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the top of American military leadership, conspired jointly to undermine their own president’s foreign policy and secretly ally America with its adversaries. The claim would go against everything we know about how the military leadership works, and would demand us to radically transform how we see the relationship between the US military and the US government — all despite the fact that there is no apparent precedent for such a conspiracy.

We are required to believe that the senior-most leaders of our military one day in 2013 decided to completely transform how they behave and transgress every norm they have in a mass act of treason, despite never having done so before, and then promptly went back to normal this September when Dempsey retired. Hersh is asking an awful lot of us, and he’s giving us little reason to trust him here except for his word. Given that the bulk of his stories for the past five to 10 years have also made bizarre claims that have never been substantiated, it is difficult to go out on a limb for him once more.


In these days…, REAL LOVE…, and TRUE CARING is indispensable to those who are here to make a difference.

Love is not just a word…, and certainly not just a feeling!  It is an energy which wants to be shared!  It wants to be “actualized” and “realized” and wants to be given away.

When love moves into your HEART…, it translates immediately into TRUE CARING!

It is an energy that motivates that being who feels it, INTO ACTION!

Love is the energy that creates positive action within a mostly negative universe.

LOVE is a free flowing river of feelings/actions that lead to the TRUTH…, and lead to the eternal goal which is PURE SOURCE.

The ONLY THING that can “block” or put a stop to the free flow of LOVE is the divisive and divided MIND!

It is my point of view…, that because most CHANNELED MESSAGES come from a plane of existence that is mostly mental…, and also in my opinion devoid of the HUMAN HEART…, they can not truly contain messages that are really LOVING.

The mental plane can IMITATE LOVE!  It can form words and sentences that talk in ways that sound loving…, but those beings living there can NOT TRULY FEEL what deep LOVE does in action!

Love could NEVER tell us to DO NOTHING when others are suffering!!

Love could NEVER tell us to DO NOTHING when others are suffering!!

Those who formulate such messages…, do NOT come from a plane of existence that understands what LOVE really is.  They think, and formulate what sounds like LOVING ideas and ideals…, and then make up stories and lies about why it is the way they say!

TRUE LOVE and CARING however can “feel” and can see though a very cleverly devised “story”.

TRUE LOVE is discerning and realizes that the Universe has many beings in it who have NO INTENTION in really helping others…, and are acting ONLY out of self interest!

Even many of the beings on the so called HIGHER PLANES are only acting out of self interest!

So for Monday…, I send everyone who reads this:





Time travel pre-identified US President Andrew D. Basiago announces 2016 candidacy to millions of potential write-in voters on Coast to Coast AM

Source: HERE


VANCOUVER, BC – Andrew “Andy” D. Basiago is a 168 IQ former U.S. Navy Lt. Commander, U.S. chrononaut, and Mars explorer whom career officers associated with the 1970s DARPA-CIA secret time travel program including CIA officer Courtney M. Hunt confirmed that U.S. government secret time travel pre-identified Mr. Basiago as a future U.S. President, as it had US Presidents George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.[1]

In a December 19, 2015 US Presidential 2016 candidacy announcement, Andrew Basiago stated that, unlike US Presidents Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton and Obama, each of whom had been pre-identified via DARPA/CIA secret time travel technology and briefed on their future U.S. Presidencies, he made a conscious moral decision to make it publicly known that the U.S. government had used secret time travel technology to identify him as a future President.

Independent U.S. Presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago

Independent U.S. Presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago

Mr Basiago, an attorney, stated he thought the drafters of the U.S. constitution had not contemplated that secret time travel could be used to acquire pre-knowledge of the outcome of an election, and thus pervert the democratic process. The American people had a right to know the impact of secret time travel on their Presidential elections, and that is why he was speaking out, even if it cost him the election, Mr. Basiago stated.

Andrew Basiago’s dramatic announcement was made to millions of potential voters over Premiere Radio Network’s flagship Coast to Coast AM. As a measure of the mainstream reach of Andy Basiago’s 2016 campaign announcement, Premiere also hosts widely-listened conservative talk shows Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck and reaches a total of 245 listeners across all networks. New Agenda for a New America: Truth, Reform, Innovation

The substance of Andrew Basiago’s campaign is based on three pillars: Truth; Reform; and Innovation in a New Agenda for a New America, expressed in 100 Proposals that will be published in the near future at his campaign website

For example, Mr. Basiago indicated key 100 Proposals may include Extraterrestrial disclosure; establishment of Planetary Teleportation; Open Source Intelligence; and Truth & Reconciliation based on the South African model.

Running as a Write In Candidate

Because it costs an estimated $ 5 million for an independent candidate to secure access on voting ballots in the 50 U.S. states, Andrew Basiago states he is running with an independent cabinet as a write-in candidate in 43 states that allow write-in votes where the voter physically writes the name of the candidate they are voting for on the ballot.

Mr. Basiago writes, “Nowhere does it [the Constitution] require that one own or have ready access to borrowing $5 million. But when Andy2016 investigated access to the 2016 Presidential ballot nationally, that is what we found. Acquiring ballot access in the 50 states now requires approximately $5 million.

“The current national scheme of ballot access, influenced if not controlled by the two major parties, is patently unconstitutional and but a monetary measure of the corruption of Presidential politics today. In 2008 and 2012, as is expected again in 2016, the two candidates nominated by the two major parties each spent $1 billion seeking the Presidency. This is a public disgrace to a country that in declaring its independence announced its national ethos to be ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’

“In a world of falsehood, only the truth abides. Andy2016 invites you to partake with us in a grand political experiment. Let us for the first time elect as President a candidate who has waged a write-in candidacy. I am running as a write-in candidate for President. Let us use my candidacy to disgrace the two major parties with a gusto equal to the disdain by which they disgrace us. Let us achieve, in 2016, a victory of public right over monetary might.

“Fortunately, fully 43 of the 50 states permit write-in votes to be cast, and the seven states that do not – Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, and South Dakota – have such small populations that they yield few electoral votes. Let us use my write-in candidacy in 2016 to hand a historic defeat to the two major parties and their corrupt candidates.”