By: Bradley Loves

The one thing I’ve “never” had to hear from another person while holding a conversation with them is this:

“So Bradley…, tell me how you really feel!”

Those words just do not come up in any conversations of mine because those men and women I’m speaking with already KNOW how I truly feel about any subject.

In this world where almost everyone is terrified to say what they really think…, or to express themselves…, we have to DIG DEEPER to find out why this is the case!

Historically speaking, men and women have been: tortured, tormented, killed, burned at the stake and CRUCIFIED for telling those around them what they thought and felt about certain things, or the way things were going in the world.

Millions of Catholics “mourn” the fact every year that Jesus was crucified for simply trying to bring a different point of view into the world.

CATHOLICS wail and cry that such a thing could even happen to a “good” person…, and yet apparently Saudi Arabia…, a “staunch” ally of the United States Corporation has both tried and convicted a 17 year old college student (now 21 ) who was apparently “pro-democracy” for sedition against the kingdom…, and has decided to CRUCIFY him…, on a cross!  They say he will also be beheaded…, but is that before or AFTER he is crucified???

In 2000 years…., what the hell has changed in our world IF Saudi Arabia has determined that it has the right to crucify a human being?

And WHY isn’t the entire world condemning this decision!

Perhaps the “sanitized version” 0f crucifixion that the Catholic Church puts forth (for our benefit) does not really do justice to what that process is.

Crucifixion is a very PUBLIC tormenting, and long lasting torture of a human being that is meant to create both Maximum FEAR in the people watching…, and also maximum compliance to AUTHORITY.

It is meant to be grossly humiliating for the person who is being crucified…, AND at the same time, send a “message” to the public not to cross the GOVERNMENT…, EVER!

It is for this reason…, ALL HUMAN BEINGS (even in the Roman days) are Crucified in the NUDE!

Unlike what the Church tells us…, where a modicum of decency is afforded the victim…, and they get to keep some sort of “underpants” on while hanging on the cross…, that is only a WHITE WASHING of how it really happens.

Crucifixion ALWAYS takes place in the NUDE!  Which means the person who is being crucified is stripped down completely NAKED and then hung on the cross in a very PUBLIC AREA where everyone can come and watch!

Next…, those people (and there are always some) who are happy with the government and how it does things…, are allowed and encouraged by the authorities to “throw things”  (rocks included) at the totally helpless being (who is naked with his hands and feet tied back so that he can’t defend himself) for hours and hours while he writhes in pain.

For those of you who ONLY THOUGHT this kind of ugliness could happen in ANCIENT HISTORY…, welcome to modern day Saudi Arabia!

Read THIS article, and THIS article!

A young 17 year old boy…, who ONLY wanted to speak his mind and tell others what he felt…, is scheduled to have this type of MURDER and CAPITAL PUNISHMENT done to him…, by a Government that is as INSANE..., and is as CORRUPT as any government on the entire planet.

Yet…, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is “best friends” of the United States!

Any you think I’m joking when I tell you that those running the world are SATANIC!

I DARE YOU to tell me there aren’t any men and women in Saudi Arabia who will show up and throw rocks at this completely helpless and naked boy as he hangs on a cross in a PUBLIC AREA.

Crucifixion ALSO means that once they put you on that cross…, you “hang” there for days until you die!

Oh…, and what are the latest “channeled” messages telling us?

Don’t worry…, things are getting SO MUCH BETTER!  You just can’t see it!  But we who are on the OTHER SIDE can see just how much better things are getting on your planet!


I truly wish that ALL men and women could have the COURAGE of a pea…, or a grain of sand…,  and would stand up and SPEAK THEIR MIND…, just like this young boy did!

If only half of those who sit in their homes and “OHM” all day long…, could get out into the blogosphere and really converse about how WE NEED to act…, to help to change this stuff…, it would have changed already!

Oh and finally HERE, is a recently Channeled Message…, that is a very COMMON sampling of exactly the message that they ALL CONTAIN…, which is a complete “stand down” and “do nothing” and “accept” what ever happens in your life because YOU WANTED THAT…. theme!

The ENTIRE thing is OFFENSIVE…., but Here is the most offensive part!

Sometimes you are hurt emotionally by your experiences, but be aware that all happens with your approval. Before you incarnate you speak with Higher Beings who discuss the details with you, and you inevitably agree with your life plan. You know that the sooner you clear any outstanding karma the better, as it will otherwise hold your advancement back. Karma sounds like punishment, but that is far from the truth as it is simply allowing you an opportunity to evolve where perhaps you have failed in the past. Furthermore, as you are at the end of this cycle it must be cleared if you are to progress. So it is very important that you take matters seriously if you desire to move out of the lower dimension.

In case you can’t see it…, THIS VERY THOUGHT is the excuse that EVERY NEW AGER uses to “justify” not doing anything to help any one on the EARTH who is experiencing hardship and pain as we speak! 

I DARE YOU to tell me I’m wrong!

This ONE single Channeled THOUGHT…, is why children who are being raped at 5 years old…, do not draw ANY sympathy from New Agers!


Because it’s in their life “plan” and they WANTED THAT!

That is why babies who are being RITUALLY SACRIFICED on the Alter draw no sympathy from any of the New Agers!


Because they WANTED THAT!

And FINALLY…, this is the one and ONLY REASON why Saudi Arabia…, can and will get away with a real live CRUCIFIXION in the year of 2016!

Because all of the New Agers living in the world are totally OKAY with that…, because according to this CHANNELED MESSAGE…, one thing that is OBVIOUS to them…, and that is that this boy must have WANTED THAT!














By: Bradley Loves

David Icke just covered in his latest weekly video for subscribers, one of the MAIN subjects of our time!

Here is the “preview” of his Video Cast…

David does a fantastic job in talking about how BIG this issue is…, but I’ve taken it even one step further than he has.

No one wants to hear this…, and even those who are familiar with the subject will scoff at the statement that I am about to make.

Pedophilia (sex with children) is the “engine” that runs the ENTIRE SYSTEM we have on Earth!

Read that again…, and let it sink in!

Human beings are so “shell shocked” and so “brain damaged” at how life is conducted here inside this Matrix that they can’t bear to really LOOK at what runs it all!

In the video preview above, David says matter of factly that what is called: V.I.P. Pedophile Rings are ONLY the tip of the Iceberg of a GLOBAL UNDERGROUND that is hugely involved in child traffiking and child sex.

The participants are as follows:

Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents, CEO’s of Major Corporations and businessmen at all levels, High Ranking Military Officers as well as countless military personnel, MP’s, Congressmen, Judges, Lawyers, Police, Clergy, Priests, Hollywood Actors, Hollywood Producers, directors and writers…, The Vatican, Professors, Bankers, Sports Figures and Coaches, Child Welfare Services, Teachers, Government Agencies, CIA, MI6, Secret Society Groups including Top Level Freemasons and hundreds of other “groups” who participate in and aid in covering it all up!

People who “think” that MONEY runs the world…, do not really understand what MONEY represents!

Money is ENERGY!

Energy is what runs the world!  Energy runs our current “system”…, AND I’ve tried desperately to point out to everyone that the current system that we are living under is a:


What it really boils down to is this:

There is an ongoing struggle or “fight” between good and evil going on upon the Earth that we live on.  However…, as we speak…, the current SYSTEM that we are living and working under is a BANKING LEVEL controlled system that is SATANIC!

Because of that…, we have GLOBAL MAFIA’S and GLOBAL GANGSTERS who are running around in business suits and “doing the thing” called: COMMERCE!

All we have to do is go back to our STAR WARS saga and re-watch EPISODE ONE: THE PHANTOM MENACE.

If you remember, in that movie it was THE COMMERCE GUILDS and the CORPORATE ALLIANCES who were the real villains and doing real evil in the galaxy.

And…, my oh my…, how REALITY loves to imitate fiction…, OR…, is it that in this case “fiction” was simply imitating REALITY here on Earth?

Maybe George Lucas is a far smarter man than people give him credit for!

At any rate…, here on Earth.., we’ve got real (not fictional) people who are part of a GLOBAL NETWORK OF CRIME…, and most of them are in the top most positions of power!

They (are in fact) our leaders and our so called caretakers.  And, many of them belong to Secret Societies which are all loosely connected under the Banner of Lucifereansim.

So HERE is how our “SYSTEM” really works!

Business…, or COMMERCE is being done in such a way on our planet…, such that EVERY TRANSACTION becomes a type of liquid ENERGY, accounted for through a means of measurement called:  MONEY or CURRENCY! 

Because our “money” is cursed!  And, by that I mean that it is covered by hundreds of Black Magic Symbols!  In addition to that, the practice of charging interest “usury” on money created out of thin air…., is a BLACK MAGIC PRACTICE!

Those who are “running” this system…, (a system that is easily seen as a form of real SLAVERY) are nothing more than Criminals (mobsters and gangsters).

This is why at this point it is VERY DIFFICULT to tell the difference between Bankers and Gangsters!

It is also a FACT that the Alternative Media has labeled most top Bankers as: BANKSTERS because who really CAN tell the difference at this point in time?

Just watch the NEWS, or watch Congress…, it’s obvious we are seeing criminals at work.

At this point in our history…, most businessmen have literally become mobsters of a sort.

But it doesn’t end there!  Who can tell the difference between the top levels of the Vatican and the Mob?  Or the top levels of government and the Mob?

Even those writers at VETERANS TODAY have come out with the notion (many times now) that there is such a thing as the KHAZARIAN MAFIA which is a GLOBAL ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE that is trying to take over the ENTIRE PLANET!

So far in this article then…, I’m not really saying anything that has not been noticed by many, many others besides myself!

But HERE…, AND RIGHT HERE is where everyone else stops!

They are terrified (it seems) to go even one step further down the rabbit hole…, for fear that what they find will be so horrible, that they will be FORCED to condemn themselves for NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT SOONER!

So therefore…, it can’t exist!

The truth is that the RABBIT HOLE does not stop with Gangsters and the MOB…, or Organized Crime…, which is only the surface level!

The next level down is this:

Generational Satan Worshiping Families and BLACK MAGIC!

Jay Parker AND Kathy O’Brien have told us that they were brought up in “generational” Satan Worshiping Families that practice many forms of pagan worship and Black Magic.

Jay Parker has also told us that his own mother claimed to be a witch with a lineage that could be traced back at least 4,500 years to the ancient Amalichites.

He also talked about how he was told that at least 10 to 12 percent of the ENTIRE WORLD’S population was involved in this Luciferean, or Satanic Agenda…, and that they were connected with THE BANKERS (naturally of course) and also connected with THE REPTILES…, who wanted to take over humanity.

However…, even BELOW this level…, the LAST LEVEL DOWN…, and the ENGINE THAT RUNS EVERYTHING, and makes it all possible and is what no one can believe is really that HUGE…, is this:

Child Sex…, and Child Sacrifice!

If you (the reader) were to lift up the carpet of Planet Earth right now…, and look and REALLY SEE what it is that has been swept under it…, the ONLY thing you would see is MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ADULT/CHILD SEX and CHILD SACRIFICE!   THAT IS ALL THAT IS THERE!


Here it is…, here is the WHY!

Because every system needs an ENERGY TO DRIVE IT!

Every car needs an engine in order to run it!  Every ship needs an engine…, and every plane needs an ENGINE!

The Satanic System that we are living under here on Earth…. NEEDS AN ENGINE of pure raw energy to drive it!

That raw energy must be plentiful…, it must be everywhere…, and it must be constant!  (I hope that you watched the David Icke video…, but if not…, go back and WATCH IT!)

As I said in the article (Everything Goes Into The Grids)…, there is no other way to imprison the ENTIRE Earth…, in a controlled FAKE REALITY that is both dark and demonic, without constantly FEEDING EARTHS MAGNETIC GRIDS with THE HEAVILY TRAUMATIZED SEXUAL ENERGY OF CHILDREN.

That is what makes our ENTIRE SYSTEM RUN!

This is what keeps our “world” in bondage and Enslaved!

If not for this…, we would be FREE!

See THIS article called Connecting the Dots.

And…, I also know that most of you reading this can’t understand that…, don’t believe it…, and can’t MAKE THE CONNECTION.

You can’t begin to understand, or even ask the questions WHY almost ALL people in high positions of power are desperate for and NEED to have sex with children!

What blinds most people is the idea that they have misunderstood what is really going on for so long…, that now to find out how horrible it is…, would be to have to take both blame and responsibility for not seeing it sooner!

THAT IS THE FEAR  really looking and making this connection.

Jay Parker said that ALL generational Satan Worshiping families are REQUIRED to rape their children!

Don’t you just wonder why it is not an “elective”…, but a requirement of their “religion”?

A constant flow of ENERGY must be fed into the system in order to keep it going!

Becuase WE collectively have been under a Magic Spell, and have been living under a truly SATANIC SYSTEM for so long…, no one…, can really understand what it is!

No one really gets that the ENTIRE SYSTEM from top to bottom and from front to back, and from side to side  IS SATANIC!

Most men and women do not have the capacity to get that their entire lives have been lived under the rules and regulation of a Satanic Ideal.

Because we have been “given” a religion…, and a “god”  who lives up in the “sky”…, by the very people who are themselves SATANIC…, we think the system they have given us, and are running is NOT EVIL.

If we could just really start to see what we NEED TO SEE…, and talk about what we NEED TO TALK ABOUT…, we could possibly change it!

I ask you to think on these things!


























The Silent Massacre, Part 1


Law Enforcement Complicity in Electronic TORTURE and Mind Control in America

By: Nicholas Kirkland


In recent years, scientists have learned how to locate by remote, focus on, and lock into a person’s brain to manipulate that person’s thoughts and thus his actions. Mind control assaults now loom as one of the main challenges of the 21st century. The targeted person often never discovers that he has become a mind control victim, and he ends up hurting others, taking his own life, or simply becoming another “Alzheimer” statistic. This paper discusses some of the elements of what I call Electronic Stalking and Mind Control (ESMC).

While writing this paper, the people who monitor me electronically and continually interfere with my computer and emails and tap my phones, often entered my PC to make changes in the narrative to discourage me and try to make me look crazy. Keeping the paper intact and ensuring accuracy has been a constant battle. Even now, after finishing the paper, when I go back to add a salient point, I often find that a portion has been altered or deleted. Powerful forces do not want papers such as this one written and disseminated.

Fortunately, the internet brings together targeted individuals (TIs) of electronic torture and mind control from all conceivable backgrounds. Race and ethnicity, color, gender, religion, politics, philosophical views, and all other human characteristics and thought, fade and become one as targets suffer from the same evil. This paper is written principally for those victims.

Some readers may find this paper objectionable when I talk about who initiated my ESMC and who probably continues to manage it by proxy. Nevertheless, I hope that the reader can get past those objections and read the entire content. Targeted individuals (TIs) will readily identify with what I talk about in this paper. Those who are not TIs, but who are intellectually curious about electronic and mind control assault, will learn much about a sick attack upon tens of thousands of targets that also indirectly affects everybody in lives of those targeted individuals.

The human resources and the enormous cost required to carry out electronic stalking and mind control, re-enforced in many cases by gang stalking, almost certainly limit its use to governments. Only governments can mobilize the enormous outlay of funds and successfully camouflage the use of those funds. Only governments have the sophisticated equipment and computers required for electronic abuse and mind control. Only governments can train in secrecy the cadre of handlers who administer the electronic assault and mind control activities, using deception and psychology.  Even mega corporations and businesses would not be able to carry out electronic assault and mind control in secrecy unless they did so under cover of government work and with government protection. Several countries, including the United States of America, have experimented with directed energy weaponry and mind control for many years.


I was first targeted for surveillance by the Israelis in a South American country no later than 1978. Let me back up to explain. I was working for the U. S. Government in South America when the 1973 Arab-Israeli War broke out. An historian by academic training, I started looking into the causes of the war and realized that Israel was not the poor beleaguered nation that U. S. media portrayed but instead pursued internal and foreign policies that caused most of the Middle East problems. Shortly after my “enlightenment,” pro-Israeli Americans with whom I worked started testing my views. Their attempts to intimidate me had the opposite affect. Instead of remaining quiet, I became more vocal in expressing my beliefs.

Only recently have I remembered an incident in that country that may have portended the current electronic torture and mind control. In about 1976 or 1977, for several evenings while in my bedroom before retiring I was struck suddenly with a sense of overwhelming gloom that tended toward panic. It dissipated during the night, and the following day I felt normal. In retrospect, I believe that either my mind may have already been “hooked” and unknown persons manipulating my mind or I was being targeted by some remote-operated electromagnetic force. (More on that later.)

Five years later I was assigned to a different South American country. One of the national employees who worked in my section was a Jewish woman who had worked with the Israeli Consulate before that office closed, and then she began working with the U. S. representation in that country. One day when I had a problem with a molar, I asked that person to recommend a dentist. She referred me to a German Jewish “dentist,” who supposedly did a root canal on that tooth. After retirement, in the 1990’s, I went to an American dentist with problems with the same molar on which the South American dentist had supposedly performed the root canal. The local dentist found in the tooth a tiny cylindrical pin-like object. At the time, I thought little of it. However, now in retrospect, that little object had to be a tiny “bug.” The South American dentist also wanted to place a filling in-between my two front teeth, claiming that there was decay between the teeth. He obviously intended to implant an incredibly tiny camera in that location. Thirty years later those two teeth remain perfectly sound.

I liked the employee who recommended the dentist, and at the time I had no reason at all to doubt that she was just a nice, friendly national employee who happened to be Jewish and who happened to find work with the U. S. Government. When other employees reported to me that she got to the office early in the morning to go through the papers in my desk, I dismissed those charges as simply tales manufactured out of jealousy. After I left the country for another assignment, that employee lost her job. Although I had given her excellent performance evaluations, she told others that I caused her to be fired. In actuality, I did not find out that she had been dismissed until much later. In hind sight, I believe that her guilt convinced her that I had found out about her duplicity. Apparently that employee did not stop working with the Israelis when she took the job with the U. S. Government.

In the 1970’s, Israeli Nazi hunters were still active in South America. The “dentist” probably worked with them, and the employee in my office may have also cooperated in the hunt. One of the contractors who worked with the American Government and who alternated between Argentina and the country in which I was assigned was known to be associated with that group. The U. S. Government, in fact, cooperated with and probably even funded the Nazi hunters. The “Nazis” probably included anybody who opposed Israel and its pro-Israel factions.

The minuscule device implanted by the dentist in South America in the late 1970’s may have had only limited capability. It was undoubtedly used to listen to my conversations as well as perhaps to track my movements. Since that time, however, much more sophisticated, high-tech, intelligence-gathering and mind control equipment and software have been developed, tried, and put into operation.

Over the years, I continued to speak out against Israel’s foreign policy and our support for it. In the 1970’s, I defended the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) when it was still considered a renegade group, and in 1984 I became a member of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee at a time when Americans were being led by the U. S. media down the anti-Moslem path. I never occupied an important decision-making position in the government; yet, to the Israelis, an enemy is an enemy, regardless of his rank. I articulate my thoughts, and my friends respect my opinions. Thus, I am a threat.

In 1985, I was reassigned to an African post. Several years later, on the eve of the Gulf War, when it looked like President George Bush (the elder) was going to attack Saddam Hussein, I objected to that action. Taking advantage of a process known as the “dissent channel,” in which American government employees abroad may express opposition to U. S. foreign policy, I sent several cables to the Secretary of State stating my opposition to the war and pointedly charging that the principal reason for the U. S. attacking Hussein was not to assist Kuwait but to fight a proxy war for Israel to maintain Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. However, the media had already pumped up the American public to support the so-called Gulf War. I was among only a handful of thoughtful Americans who opposed that war, and I am quite sure that my opposition became duly noted by U. S. pro-Israel factions as well as the Israelis.

My cables criticizing both the U. S. and Israel for their Middle East policies may have triggered much more advanced electronic surveillance. My hind-sight observations tell me that probably in the early 1990’s pro-Israel elements within the FBI took over my surveillance from the original perpetrators when I retired and returned to the United States, probably on the pretended grounds that I was a subversive and a suspected terrorist. Their mind control assault on me probably began in the early-1990’s and increased in intensity over the last ten to fifteen years.

When I retired in 1991, I continued to speak out against Israel in conversations with friends and in letters to editors of newspapers. I knew that elements in U. S. intelligence loyal to Israel had placed me on their “watch” list and that they were following my activities. After retiring, I continued to travel abroad occasionally, usually to Central America, where I owned property. Once when I returned to the Houston international airport from one of the trips, a rookie immigration official processed my entry. A veteran officer stood nearby. When the rookie scanned my passport and viewed his monitor, he looked perplexed. He turned to the older officer and pointed to something on his monitor that he obviously did not understand. The veteran officer took a quick look and said, “ADOD” (Advise Department of Defense).

My computer has been hacked and my phone tapped for years. A recent accidental discovery strongly suggests that the hackers and phone tappers are Federal agents or foreign agents working with the permission of U. S. intelligence. Here is what happened. One day I entered my email Sent File to copy a paragraph that I had written to a correspondent about the tiny device having been implanted in a molar while living in South America in 1978. I cut and pasted that paragraph and re-sent it. Because my computer is monitored and my emails sometimes deleted or changed, I went back to the Sent box to see if the message had actually gone out. When I opened the sent message, I was astonished to see three words encased in blue-lined rectangular boxes: ISRAEL, MIDDLE EAST, and SOUTH AMERICA.

As a former government employee, let me explain why those three areas were highlighted. Intelligence organizations in every country divide their offices into geographical areas, including Israel, Middle East, and South America. Copies of my email went to those three offices in some intelligence agency in some country. Every U. S. law intelligence agency, including the Department of State and other agencies, has personnel sections that deal with regional affairs. Whoever monitors my email spotted my references to Israel, the Middle East, and South America and marked that email for copies to be sent to those regional affairs offices. I suspect that copies not only went to U. S. intelligence agencies but also to the Mossad.

The secret monitors never imagined that I would go back into a previously sent letter to cut and paste. Finding the highlighted words was a total accident, but a very fortunate one for me, for it told me that somebody monitors my email correspondence and that he is not looking for kiddy porn, drug, and money laundering rings but for material dealing with political views. After passage of the so-called Patriot Act, anybody working with the FBI can justify monitoring a citizen’s email and tapping his phones without getting judicial approval.

Later, to make their flub-up appear to be a computer glitch or a common internet action, the same monitors encircled other words on several other letters; however, when they saw that I had not fallen for that deception, they quit doing it. In view of the fraternal cooperation between the FBI/CIA and the Mossad, the monitor of my emails could be an agent of the latter. What I do not know is the location of the person who monitors my computer, as computers can be hacked from anywhere in the world, including Monroe, Louisiana, where I live, New York City, or Tel Aviv.

Freedom of expression in the United States seemingly comes at a price. Although I have never belonged to the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Survivalists or any other radical organization, I have openly and consistently condemned Israel. As an American, I thought that I had the right to do so. Apparently I was wrong. One can publicly criticize England, France, Mexico, or any other country in the world — except Israel.

That point is supported by Israeli spokeswoman Tzipora Menache, who was reported in a February 1, 2009 article as saying, “You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we [the Israelis] control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House . . . . We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. IN AMERICA YOU CAN CRITICIZE GOD, BUT YOU CAN’T CRITICIZE ISRAEL.” But I do.

Having always considered myself a fervently patriotic citizen, I smolder at being made a surveillance target and now a target of electronic torture and mind control because of my personal and political views, especially my foreign personal and political views. If communication with radical and terrorist groups is the only object of my surveillance, that surveillance would have concluded years ago that I am not a domestic terrorist or a threat to the United States of America. That suggests that I am perceived by either pro-Israel U. S. intelligence or Israeli intelligence as a threat to Israel and thus the reason for my surveillance. The aim of Israel and its pro-Israel American accomplices is to stifle any opposition at all in the United States – and worldwide — to Israel, and American intelligence appears only too ready to lend assistance toward that objective.

This paper is not about Israel; nevertheless, I feel compelled to make several observations about Israel, as Americans will never see anything critical of Israel in the controlled mainline U. S. media:

(1) Israel often “creates” its enemies to justify its agenda, knowing full well that the United States will back it. Despite the media hype, the facts show that Israel has made no genuine effort to make peace with its neighbors. On the contrary, through its actions it has ensured continued Arab and Moslem hostility.

(2) Israel purposefully engenders the belief that it is surrounded by hostile forces, as it unites the Western world in its support and opens pocketbooks on its behalf. Indeed, the U. S. provides no-strings budget support for Israel that far exceeds the entire budgets of most developing countries.

(3) American politicians and the press tout Israel as one of the United States’ staunchest allies; yet, Israel employs spies in the United States. Several spies for Israel have been caught in the last few years and incarcerated only later to be quietly pardoned by the president or otherwise quietly released later by our government to Israel.

(4) Israel uses its pro-Israel supporters in the United States, not all Jews by any means, to promote its plans for Middle East domination using American resources. We have already fought two proxy wars for Israel and intervened in Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern and African countries in support of Israel’s foreign policy. In addition, we lost scores of American soldiers when Islamic bombers blew up barracks in two Arab countries (Lebanon and Saudi Arabia) and blew a hole in the U.S.S. Cole near Yemen because of our unswerving support for Israel.

(5) Israel is one of the biggest exporters of small arms and assault weapons, many of which end up in the hands of gang members on American streets and along the Mexican border.

A very large number of presidential political appointees are ardently pro-Israel, and they even use their diplomatic positions to back Israel’s agenda. The American ambassador in an African country in which I served, who happened to be Jewish, told newly assigned employees point blank in an initial briefing that a part of our duty would be to support Israel. I could hardly believe my ears. His remark was clearly intended for me. Knowing my political views, he may have been baiting me to openly protest his orders and thus give him reason to send me back to the United States.

That Israel views any anti-Zionist views as dangerous and attempts to silence those views is obvious. That pro-Israel organizations in the U. S. perform unlawful acts to advance Israel’s agenda is indisputable. That Israel and its U. S. backers have reason to want me and others silenced is readily evident. They are masters, however, in using misinformation and developing schemes to get others to perform their dirty work while they sit and watch several layers removed from the action.



Although it is now obvious that I had been targeted since the late 1970’s, or perhaps earlier, I did not discover it until December 7, 2005, when my assailants, or handlers, started bombarding me with electrical-like jolts, strong vibrations, and other physical torture. The first vibrations were so strong that I could hardly stand on my feet. I gradually learned that the physical electronic effects, although annoying and painful, were simply used to “soften” or “sensitize” or “pre-condition” me for the real objective – mind control. I later learned that victims are normally targeted for years before they finally realize it. Some targets suffer physical attacks for years and visit doctors frequently without realizing that their symptoms are not natural.

Four days after the electronic attack, the handlers, began “talking” to me subliminally through my brain. Of course, only I could hear their talking. At the time that the ESMC hurled me into reality, I was sixty-eight years old and in exceptional physical and mental health. Although I was initially startled by the “voice-to-brain” communication, I knew full well that I was not schizophrenic. As an historian and former government employee, I understand the value of documentation. Thus, on the very day that the electronic effects first pounded me, I started recording a detailed journal in which I recount my experiences and my thoughts concerning that topic. The journal today comprises six volumes and about a thousand pages of single spaced typescript.

I do not yet know how the perpetrators of the electronic and mind control assault “hooked” my brain by remote. I have had many inoculations, much dental work, and several minor medical procedures performed over the years in various locations. However, as the reader will later see, whatever method was used, it had been employed in my case by the early 1990’s and probably long before, perhaps even dating back to the 1970’s.

“Targets” and “Non-targets”

Shortly after starting my journal, I began researching the topic and communicating with many other victims. Almost invariably those victims, like I, had ignored signs of electronic stalking and did not realize for a very long time that they had been targeted. That is one of the techniques that the stalkers use. The electronic torture and mind control activities are “progressive.” Electronic and mind control stalkers begin very slowly and gradually increase the intensity of the electronic and mind control effects until finally they are too obvious for targets to ignore. Although many of the effects are similar, they do vary from target to target. Many of the targets, for example, do not hear the voices. Nevertheless, they are there.

Through my subsequent research and communications with victims, I learned that stalkers may target any person regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, social and economic status, religion, or age. Most of them are just plain law-abiding citizens who mind their own business. ESMC is not peculiar to only the United States. People in countries all over the world are reporting electronic and neurological assaults. However, this paper deals with only that which occurs in the United States.

Strangely and perhaps suspiciously, some Americans appear exempt from electronic harassment and mind control:

(1) Congresspersons and high ranking U. S. Government officials, including ambassadors. Lower ranking employees and ex-employees of government, however, are often targeted, especially “whistleblowers” and those discontented with the status quo. Postal workers very often become targets, which very well may explain the shooting sprees and rampages of some of those employees.

(2) High ranking state-level officials.

(3) The clergy, although members of Fundamentalist Protestant and Roman Catholic churches often become targets. Some of those victims complain that their churches may be involved in their harassment.

(4) Law enforcement officers. Although I have heard obliquely of police officers being electronically assaulted, I have never actually corresponded with or read a complaint by a law enforcement target. The exclusion also applies to prison authorities, U. S. marshals, Border Patrol, DEA, the entire U. S. intelligence community, including the Secret Service, sheriffs, and sheriff’s deputies.

(5) CEOs and very successful businesspersons.

(6) High ranking military officials. Enlisted personnel are often targets; however, I have never seen any material about officer-level personnel having been targeted.

(7) The medical community.

(8) The wealthy. I have never read anything about a millionaire having been victimized by ESMC. Most of the targets are middle-class workers, small business owners, retirees, and sometimes financially- and socially-marginal persons.

(9) Judges and lawyers. The perpetrators know that judges and lawyers possess credibility and also know the laws and would thus be able to leverage law enforcement into action.

(10) Persons with expertise in radio and electronics, who could perhaps eventually figure out what device is being used and how.

There are two logical and plausible reasons why most of those particular people are not targeted:

(A) They are a part of the conspiracy, either directly or indirectly, and thus protected.

(B) The perpetrators know that those targeted groups would possess the intellectual credibility and the power to command investigations of their attacks.

Theories and Methods of ESMC

It is indisputable that electronic and mind control assault operates by remote. That means that some object makes contact with the human body over a distance through the air. Thus, whatever method is used must operate along some type of frequency. Almost anything today can be controlled by remote using particular radio frequencies: satellites; rocket ships; less sophisticated free flying machines like military spy drones; garage doors, and indeed almost any other motorized equipment. To allow those frequencies to contact it, the human body must carry in or on it some object, substance, or characteristic that will attract those frequencies. Evidence of that is seen in a target’s being lasered while in the presence of others. In my case, certain voice inflections and tones of narrators on TV also cause jolts in my body; those sounds could only come from electromagnetic waves.

Satellites now possess amazing capabilities, all performed by remote, and they may very well be utilized in electronic assaults and mind control. In a 2001 article called Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance, John Fleming wrote about the use of satellites in ESMC assault. Discussing the realities of satellite-driven ESMC, Fleming said: “The victim’s movements will be known, his conversations heard, his thoughts picked clean, and his whole life subjected to bogus moralizing, should his tormentor diabolically use the information gained. A sadist could harass his target with sound bites, or audio messages, directly broadcast into his room; with physical assault with a laser; with subliminal audio messages that disturb his sleep or manipulate persons around him into saying something that emotionally distresses him . . . .” The GPS [Global Positioning Satellite] almost certainly figures somehow in the electronic assault and mind control activities. At any rate, that a victim can be targeted regardless of his location and movement argues that a satellite must be involved.

This paper does not explore in depth the methods used to zero in on a person’s mind. There are many schools of thought on that subject. Here are some of them.

One popular theory states that victims are implanted with microchips. Scores of patents dealing with microchips in the human body have indeed been filed, many of which, in the wrong hands, could be utilized for electronic abuse. I have read of only one person who supposedly located microchips in his body, had them surgically removed, and then had them identified. My efforts to contact that individual failed. In my opinion, his claims have not been authenticated. We know, however, that many forms of microchips have been developed for the human body, most of them capable of being controlled by remote.

Another theory believes that voices can be recorded, transferred to a computer, and the computer then used to lock onto that person’s brain. Experiments show that that can indeed be done. However, for a computer to connect with the brain requires some type of catalyst. One day when the handlers were vibrating me mercilessly, I tensed my throat, and the vibrations stopped. That caused me to remember an incident that occurred when I served in Africa in the 1980’s. One day while working in my office, the secretary from the embassy political section, the office that serves as a front for our CIA agents, called me to ask some question that anyone could have answered. I hardly knew the caller; thus, I instantly realized that the real purpose of her call was to record my voice. However, I believed that it was probably for security purposes in case of kidnap or being held hostage at some point. That our intelligence community was recording voices in the 1980’s makes me believe that there may be some validity to the theory that perpetrators of ESMC may be able to “hook” our brains by zeroing in on our voices. Voices give off distinct vibrations that are as peculiar to a person as his fingerprints and DNA.

Concerning DNA, some evidence also suggests that targets’ minds can be “hooked” if the handlers know the targets’ DNA. If that is true, targets would not necessarily have to have a microchip or other object or substance in his body to be hooked. There may be some remote device that with the aid of the GPS will locate a person and “hook” him using his DNA. If DNA can be utilized, society is in deep trouble, for obtaining DNA samples of people is a very simple matter. Even touching a glass or a can will leave useable traces of DNA.

Still another theory talks about small devices (nano-microchips) made so small that they can fit between molecules of water and other liquids and be injected into the body in shots and inoculations. Patents taken out by scientists describe that very procedure. Other theories include wiring in the ear that connects with the brain, pins that penetrate the skull, and some type of substance ingested into the body through normal food and drink.

There is also evidence that even human breath or breathing somehow figures in electronic torture and mind control. Yet, we do not know whether it has any connection with “hooking” a target’s brain. I tend to believe that the breath, or perhaps the movement caused by breathing, enables or aids the handlers’ device, for I much later found out that when I hold my breath for a few seconds, the vibrations temporarily cease.

In addition, MRI [Magnetic Resonant Imaging] machines have been successfully combined with computers and used by remote along radio frequencies to move digits and limbs, detect emotions, and “detect lying, racism, and even identify which image a person is looking at, suggesting [that] one could visualize scenes from a person’s dreams or memory” (Hospital Soup.com, June 10, 2008). The uses of a device such as that are endless if used on the brain’s wave lengths or frequencies.

Similarly, neurotransmitters can be used by remote to communicate with brain cells through electrical impulses. That device can tap into the brain’s functions that cause body movement, thought, feelings (emotions), and communication. It could probably also influence the thalamus, or the inner part of the brain, which regulates body temperature and controls urges such as eating, sleeping, and sexual behavior.

Laser guns may play a role in ESMC. A CNN news program on February 23, 2009, told that 148 incidents of lasers aimed at airplanes had already been reported since the beginning of the year. In the last incident, the laser was green in color and about the size of a pencil. If a laser beam can be focused to such a fine point over several miles of distance, imagine what it could do when trained on an individual or an object over a period of time.

Mounting evidence suggests that a substance or an object can also be introduced sexually into a target’s body to “hook” his or her brain. Several of my correspondents mention that their ESMC began after having had an intimate relationship with somebody. Those relationships may have been set-ups. Spies and undercover agents often use sex to entrap individuals. Some such object or substance could possibly be introduced into targets vaginally, orally, or anally through sexual contact.

All that said, pick a theory. In truth, we do not yet actually know how high-tech assailants capture a victim’s mind; neither do we know what instruments are used in the process. Both are highly guarded secrets shrouded in deception. In fact, there may be several methods of “hooking” the target.

Once the brain is “hooked,” it is controlled by remote using a device connected to a computer. That computer has an amazing range of capabilities. We shall later see some of those capabilities and the effects they have on the human body and mind. Whatever the device and method that may be for “hooking” the brains of the targets, I suspect that when we discover the truth – and we will – the system will probably turn out to be far less sophisticated that we imagined, perhaps a laser gun used with the GPS along a certain frequency or something similar.

Whatever the device may turn out to be, most of the symptoms in my case occur on the head, which leads me to believe that if there is an object in my body, it is probably located in that region. Here are some of the effects on my head: tinnitus (ringing in the ears); tops of ears oozing a colorless fluid; sensation of bubbles popping in mouth; salivating from the mouth at any time; pin pricks on the eyes and a loss of vision; the top of the nose coating over with a thick crust; tingling on the skin (as a result a brown spot has appeared on the right outside nostril and a sore-type depression, on the right side of my chin); clicking on my head and in my left ear; frequent, long-lasting, pin-like prick on the back of my neck; the sensation of flies crawling on my face; a psoriasis-like area on my cheek near the left eye; a very sharp sensation on or in several teeth (as if a dentist drill had hit a nerve); a heavy pounding, throbbing in the back of my head; an unnaturally intense itching in the corners of my eyes and on my eyelids; pin-like pricks in the depths of my ears that cause me to shudder violently; air that pushes my lips out as if I were snoring through my mouth; scratching of the throat, which causes either sneezing or coughing; a tingling inside my nostril that induces sneezing; blockage in my esophagus that makes it difficult to swallow; constant itching inside my nostrils that makes you want to “pick your nose;” and of course the voices that occur in my brain or ears. (More about symptoms later.)

Nicholas Kirkland


From Bradley

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MK-Ultra: Then and Now – A thorough analysis of mind control – Part 2

By: Awakened


Arizona Wilder
Arizona Wilder

Some of the MK-ULTRA victims are already chosen before birth. One of those cases is Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Greene who was programmed and trained to conduct satanic rituals by Joseph Mengele, a.k.a. the Angel of Death, from the Nazi death camps of World War II. In the three-hour whimsical Interview by David Icke, Wilder, who comes from a high-profile family related to the Illuminati, describes how she conducted rituals in which the Queen, the Queen Mother and other members of the British Royal Family sacrificed children in satanic ceremonies. She talks of the same experiences with Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton, members of the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and a host of the most famous names in the United States and the United Kingdom.

One more example is the rare and remarkable case of Kim Noble who is a trauma-based mind control survivor with over 13 alter personas. The different personas don’t know each other but they all paint. Like the other victims, she had also suffered from DID and MPD for most of her life as a result of an extremely traumatic childhood. Each one of her alters paints with a personal and distinctive style but they all have one thing in common; they reveal the cumbrous, murky world of mind control programming. From the horrendous techniques of organized, institutionalized and systematic violence, torture, and child abuse to the elaborate cultic symbolism, it is notoriously deplorable how humans can get so evil. You can see some of Kim’s revealing paintings in this Article as well as more of her work on her Website.


All these documented cases and repetitive details cannot be called conspiracies anymore. I believe it’s about time to drop the “conspiracy theorist” label which I see as a somehow derogatory term used for anyone who dares to logically and critically think for his or herself. It is only normal that after horrific stories like these one should refuse to have faith in the authorities, any authorities. Simply because it doesn’t take a genius to realize how utterly messed up our world has become. This quagmire of ghastly crimes, abhorrent coverups and sick debauchery over so many years should be one hell of a wake-up call for those who still haven’t “got it.”

This is factual evidence, yet many still choose to believe the constant lying and deceptions. Why do they do that, and how come they haven’t learned from the past or connected the obvious dots? And more importantly, how come that until now they haven’t revolted on their unjust, criminal owners?

Well, in modern psychology this phenomenon is called Cognitive Dissonance, which is the feeling of discomfort when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting cognitions: ideas, beliefs, values or emotional reactions. In a state of dissonance, people may feel disequilibrium in the form of frustration, dread, guilt, anger, embarrassment or anxiety. For example, I’m a patriot but my army is killing innocent people in other countries. Or I love my religion but the highest, oh-so- respectable religious figures are sexually abusing young children.

Those people don’t want their illusions shattered so they simply choose not to look beyond the shadows and lies and just block the information out of their heads. They keep living in denial as they become apathetic and lethargic, and they will not believe the truth even if showered with it.


A Dilbert cartoon representing cognitive dissonance - if only life was this funny

A Dilbert cartoon representing cognitive dissonance – if only life was this funny

Those are the same people who support, vote for and believe in presidents and governments that only serve as puppets to the New World Order seers who were/are behind projects like MK-ULTRA. However, the brainwashed masses are conditioned to choose any comforting lies over shocking truths. When dealing with such people, and I occasionally do, I’m always reminded by a quote from the great Mark Twain: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”


Mind Controlled Pop Stars?


So if all these atrocities did already take place and if we agree that politicians are nothing but puppets to the Illuminati, why wouldn’t celebrities also be puppets? After all, they are funded by the same people who funded the MK-ULTRA.

Every time we turn on the tel-lie-vision, false ideas, mythologies and delusions are being consciously and subconsciously implanted into the belief system portion of our brains. This happens when we listen to the radio, when we watch the news or commercials, when we enjoy a movie or a video clip. By making idols out of them, celebrities are the best mean to brainwash the masses in order to make them comply, conform and consume which is another form of mind control.

People are unconsciously indoctrinated with what’s cool, what to consume and watch and who to worship. Pop culture, big sports extravaganzas, and the mind-dumbing reality TV are nothing but hypnotizing distractions from the grim reality that the fate of humanity is in the hands of the Illuminati families and their aides. These weapons of mass distractions are also used to manipulate and steer the thinking of the masses.

Some of those mainstream celebrities are thought to be related to secret societies and mind control. But probably because this is still ongoing and also because the modern techniques used must be more advanced and undetectable, the reality may not be exposed yet. However, we can still elucidate some bizarre correlations and raise a few questions.


image: http://www.eliteagenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/aaliyahl.png

The Queen of the Damned

The Queen of the Damned

One of those eerie examples is the life and death of the singer Aaliyah. She was presented to the music industry by her backup singer mother and her uncle who was a well-known record label owner/talent manager who was previously married to Gladys Knight. Usually in MK-Ultra, it is easier to become a target for mind control if you have a parent who is already in the entertainment industry. There were “rumours” that her uncle had molested her at the age of 8. And as we’ve seen, these young-age traumas are exactly how mind control works by producing dissociative alter personas or split the mind into different personalities, eventually making mind-controlled slaves out of them.

The 14-year old Aaliyah was “introduced” to music producer and songwriter R. Kelly who was featured gazing at her on the cover of her debut album. For those that are familiar with mind control, you will know that many handlers/programmers hide behind the title of a music producer or songwriter – or anyone who works behind the scenes. R. Kelly was later arrested on 21 counts of child pornography when he had sex with teenagers and filmed them.

image: http://www.eliteagenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/fresize.jpg

Aaliyah's debut album

Aaliyah’s debut album

Again, commercialized paedophilia and organized child abuse will always be found in the core of the mind control and the Illuminati.

Ever wondered how with all the spying and surveillance do we still hear about child sex pornography and scandals involving high-profile members of the political establishment?

I know the information in this paper is a lot to take in and it could be hard to digest, but if you check the Lyrics of Aaliyah’s song “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number,” it may make a little more sense to you. Bear in mind these are the words of a teenage pop star who had fans that were 10 years old and probably even younger.
The sexualization of childhood is now a recurring theme in pop culture and if such lyrics aren’t subconscious indoctrination then I don’t know what they are.

It is believed that Aaliyah was killed/sacrificed in a plane crash, knowing that flying was one of her biggest fears and she had told her family members multiple times about it. Ultimately, this is how she ended up dying. One month before the crash, she said in an interview with German weekly Die Zeit that she had a recurring dream of her flying away from her problems.

“It is dark in my favourite dream. Someone is following me. I don’t know why. I’m scared,” she said.” Then, suddenly, I lift off. Far away. How do I feel? As if I am swimming in the air. Free. Nobody can reach me. Nobody can touch me. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Coincidence or premonition?


image: http://www.eliteagenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/brit3.jpg

Britney Spears in "I'm a slave for you". Also notice serpent symbolism here - a topic we can devote articles to, but for now we'll leave you with this sexy picture

Britney Spears in “I’m a slave for you”. Also notice serpent symbolism here – a topic we can devote articles to, but for now we’ll leave you with this sexy picture


Tantamountly mind provoking are the Disney Club averagely-talented Mouseketeers who made it to be major world-renowned pop icons like Britney (I’m a slave for you) and Aguilera. One cannot help himself from wondering how do such people make it SO big and fast without actual true talent. And how do some of them just suddenly appear everywhere in all mainstream media. Well, it’s because they may have been chosen from a very young age, just like Arizona Wilder and Brice Taylor who have estimated that there are between 2 and 10 million mind-controlled slaves living in the world today.

There were also lots of talk about Michael Jackson and how he was abused as a child and how, just like Aaliyah, he was annihilated to make a legend out of him while thriving off his post-mortem fame. M.J always feared to “die like Elvis” but again, that’s exactly what happened to him. One in Neverland, the other, decades earlier in Graceland. Ever wondered what he meant when he kept repeating in public seminars:

“It’s a conspiracy….it’s a conspiracy. The history books are ALL lies”?

After examining how mind control is achieved, it must be to so easy convince a young “subject” that Michael Jackson had molested him then show it all over the media just to frame him and screw up his life. No?

Jay Z is another star who has simply became a billionaire after that his Rocawear clothing line sported Illuminati references, including the All-Seeing Eye and the phrase “Master of the Craft,” which is used by the Masons, alongside other illuminati-related images like The Secret Handshake.

There were also talks on how Kanye West’s mother whom he was deeply attached to could have been sacrificed to keep him conditioned and traumatized.

Stars like Ashanti, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and many others have also been linked to mind control, Monarch Slaves or “Sex Kittnes”. Quincy Jones name is often cited when it comes to sex rings and slaves in Hollywood.


image: http://www.eliteagenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/lady-gaga2.jpg

lady-gaga2One more piece of the puzzle is the strange case of the robotic Lady Gaga. She could be quite the blatant tribute to mind control while making empty-headedness and incoherence – whether she acts it or not – become just another cool and fashionable thing.
The chosen alter name “gaga” itself is a synonym to demented, derailed, deranged, disordered, distraught, dotty, fatuous, frenzied, idiotic, impractical, irrational, irresponsible.

A visible sign would be her many photos and videos showing her hand covering one of her eyes, which is a link to the cultic symbolism within the Illuminati. It represents the loss of half of victim’s vision of the world – the other half being “taken out” and controlled by the handlers. In occult symbolism, the emphasis on one eye can refer to the Eye of Horus, the All-Seeing Eye, as a symbol of the occult elite that is found on each and every one dollar bill. Gaga is also repeatedly seen wearing “Baphomet” horns and Mickey Mouse clothes, hinting for Satanism and Monarch programming.

Many more similar photos of celebrities can be found on this Link.

When we really think about how such a talentless “star” making it so big just by acting the way she does, we can’t help but wonder what exactly the talent is or what are the skills required to become a gaga. Well, I’m inclined to believe that she must be playing the role of a puppet while normalizing the fact of her slavery to her young unwary fans.

Remember, those in charge don’t want a well-informed, socially aware population capable of questioning. Simply because any average critical thinker can fathom that there are many very wrong things in today’s world, and the Illuminati is behind them all. They might be operating from behind closed doors but some windows were left open for us to see; only for those who choose to seek the truth. One could say that this is only entertainment and that all these signs are just coincidences. But why are they so repetitive and not so subtle? Knowing the Illuminati’s fascination with cultic symbolism, it appears that those cited celebrities may very well be a direct product of brainwashing and mind-control. I sometimes feel that the signs are so clear that by mentioning them one is pointing out the obvious.

For now, what we can do is critically study the clues and ponder on the possible, yet highly probably, bigger picture. And by looking at some of the other pop stars in the entertainment business many more answers can be sought. For example:

  • Why was Tiger Woods on “The Mike Douglas Show” when he was just 2 years old with Bob Hope and Tiger’s father ‘Earl Wood’?
  • Why was Tupac Shakur killed weeks after recording his The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory album?
  • Why is Grand master Jay, The Run-DMC legend’s 2002 murder is still considered “unsolved”?
  • Why B.I.G’s murder was exposed in the 2002 Book by Randall Sullivan who accused the LAPD of a cover-up in the killing?
  • Were Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland and Anna Nicole Smith Monarch slaves? Why were their lives so similar and why did they die so mysteriously?

Too many unanswered questions, yet not too many people connecting the dots.
It’s important to remember that these stars are always surrounded by owners, producers, directors, choreographers and photographers who constantly tell them what to do. As we have seen earlier, in many cases the programmer or handler is someone close to the victim who is capable of triggering their programming.

image: http://www.eliteagenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/426×6001.jpg

The shooter appears to have a blank, mindless expression. He looks like a mindless drone, however his eyes are open and does appear to be "awake".

The shooter appears to have a blank, mindless expression. He looks like a mindless drone, however his eyes are open and does appear to be “awake”.

Now that I’ve put all this mind control information together, I’m almost positive that some of the “subjects” are triggered to do school shootings and the like.


In Conclusion


The ones in charge have been controlling us for centuries by operating immorally and illegally. They have committed an endless amount of crimes against humanity. With ‘In Gold Oil Drugs We Trust’ as their real motto, everyday they are finding more reasons to turn nations from free constitutional republics to Orwellian states for the sake of even more control.

As we’ve seen, to seamlessly achieve these selfish goals of world domination they need to distract, entrance and control the minds of the masses. They do so by puppeteering the politicians and the pop stars from behind closed doors, as well as with projects like MK-ULTRA and its descendants.


I personally believe that anything and everything gets interesting once you truly understand it. As I also believe that the truth will always set you free. Like I said earlier, some of the information shared herein is outrageous that it’s almost too horrific for words, but undoubtedly there is a great deal more awaiting to be exposed. And once there, you will never look at the world the same way again, EVER.

Let us remind ourselves that this is considered declassified now, which leads us to wonder what kind of other ongoing experiments and projects that we still have no idea of. We should also wonder how many more Brice, Cisco, Arizona and Kim there are. And how many still-to-be-written books will we get to read in the next few decades.

The subject of mind control is so detailed, documented and heavy that it would take several books to tackle it comprehensively. Yet, the majority of the population is too distracted to learn from history or to connect the dots. I suggest, as well as I hope, that you look up the facts yourselves and become your own researcher, simply because you will never really hear about any of this in mainstream media. You will also never fully grasp the immensity of the issue without using your curiosity in seeking and digging. By basing your reason on your own findings, you can then decide if all this madness makes sense to you. In this age of crucial, much needed change we can only alter this reality by spreading the truthful knowledge and letting more people know. For knowledge IS power. As always, stayed informed and awakened.

MK-ULTRA: Then and Now – A Thorough Analysis of Mind Control – PART 1

By: Awakened
Source: HERE
We often hear stories about mind control and human experimentation without really considering the reality behind the phenomenon. As some of you may know, the MK-ULTRA mind control program was initiated and funded by the CIA’s scientific intelligence division in the 1950s till the mid 1970s. The sole purpose of the program was the behavioral modification – or behavioral engineering – of human beings in order to be able to control and enslave them. Through these mind control techniques, subjects are first “de-patterned” by manipulating their individual mental states and altering their brain functions. This is done through E.C.T (Electro Convulsion Therapy), the administration of drugs, hypnosis, sensory and sleep deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as other various forms of torture.
Read more at http://www.eliteagenda.com/featured/mk-ultra-then-and-now-a-thorough-analysis-of-mind-control-part-1/#pcDZ6xSZUmMsL1Q8.99

As a result, and as a creative way to deal with extreme trauma, the victims’ brains would develop Multiple Personality/Personalities Disorder (MPD), or more colloquially, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID); which is when different dissociative parts of a single brain view themselves as separate persons. They are encouraged by their handler/programmer to go to that “happy place” where they cannot feel physical pain anymore. And that is exactly the desired final outcome of our planet’s decision makers – mentally controlled slaves to be used and abused.

There is also more subtle mind control in the form of slow brainwashing that takes generations, and usually the subjects are more or less unaware that any of this is happening to them. This is achieved by playing on the subconscious part of the brain using propaganda, mass media and pop culture to manipulate the masses.

In this two-part exposé we will discuss several known cases of healed MK-ULTRA/Illuminati victims in order to better understand the horrific ordeals the victims have to go through. We will also shed light and raise some questions on some pop stars who showed/show signs of possible mind control that are worth pondering on.



Let me first refresh you with what MK-ULTRA was all about and how did it come to being.

image: http://www.eliteagenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Paperclip-Scientists.gif

Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program used to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment by the United States in the aftermath of World War II (1939–45). - Wikipedia

Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program used to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment by the United States in the aftermath of World War II (1939–45). – Wikipedia

It is known that Nazi scientists were imported to the U.S right after WW II in what was known by Operation Paperclip. From 1945 to 1955, almost 1000 German scientists were granted American citizenship. Most of them were Nazi party members who had conducted experiments on humans in concentration camps and who had committed other war crimes. Scientists like, Arthur Rudolph, Wernher Von Braun, Hermann Oberth and others ended in the American military industrial complex, worked with the CIA and started NASA. Their collective work and callous mass control ideology led to MK-ULTRA.

Most of the human guinea pigs used in such experiments were mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts, prostitutes – “people who could not fight back” – as one officer put it. To be enslaved, it is required that the chosen subject be exposed to abominable torture and treatment methods in order to induce trauma. At the same time, they become dehumanized and “broken down,” hence, ready to be controlled. Through surreptitious use of drugs, E.C.T and abhorrent abuse, their past memory is capable of being altered. It is also how the programmed mind can later be triggered to be used for specific purposes.

To wipe the brains clean of “undesirable” behaviour, reprogram a new one and create new individuals, the victims would undergo the most vile and inhuman of experiments. That includes being locked in a cage as children and being beaten and raped by monkeys. That also includes being forced to drink their own urine and eat their own faeces. In some cases, the children are initially raped by their fathers or a family member who also happens to be the handler/programmer. Yes, insanely sick to say the least.
Other victims were put to chemical sleep for weeks at a time while listening to repetitive tape recorded messages to cause the depatterning and the reconditioning. Fathomably, many would lose their memory and/or sanity in the process.

A total of 44 American colleges and universities, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies and the like including Sandoz (now Novartis) and Eli Lilly and Company, 12 hospitals or clinics (in addition to those associated with universities), and three prisons have participated in MK-ULTRA. Most programs within the military industrial complex have zero oversight by congress, and the project that began in the 50s was kept secret and classified for all this time until the late 1970s. Doesn’t that just show us how powerful the elite who ran the show and who still control our world today really is?

image: http://www.eliteagenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/richard_helms_about_the_moral_issue_of_mkultra_-_no_answer.png


Source: http://mikemcclaughry.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/the-man-who-murdered-my-mother-definition-of-murder-and-drugs-that-destroy/


Even though CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MK-ULTRA files destroyed but the Freedom of Information Act was able to uncover thousands of related documents.

The common disinformation is that the project was officially halted in 1973 and that it “didn’t amount to anything” and was ultimately inconsequential to the CIA. Or so they kept repeating.

127 victims sued both the United States and Canadian governments for unwillingly taking part in the MK-ULTRA experiments at the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal under the supervision of Dr. Ewen Cameron. This “Memory Thief” had served as the President of the Canadian, American and World Psychiatric Associations, the American Psychopathological Association and the Society of Biological Psychiatry during the 1950’s. Yes, a LOT of agencies but that just shows how much MK-ULTRA was widespread. One of Cameron’s most famous subjects was Velma, the wife of a Canadian Member of Parliament, David van Orlikow who blew the lid on the subject some years later. More details about these experiments are covered in the eye-opening documentary Ewen Cameron, Memory Thief.

Those specific victims – or who and what was left from them – eventually settled out of court for $100,000 each. But, is there really a price for messing with someone’s brain and life so barbarically? And what about all those who never regained consciousness and just “lost it?”

Much later, the United States government issued a national apology about MK-ULTRA while Bill Clinton was in office. Have a look at the Video and judge for yourselves if that really sounds like a true or genuine apology. I believe that this “apology” was part of an uncanny cover story campaign to convince the population that mind control is long gone and that it isn’t used anymore.

For those who want to know more, these vicious crimes against humanity that have destroyed many lives throughout the years were covered thoroughly in the 1979 book by John Marks The Search for the Manchurian Candidate and later in 1988 in Anne Collins’ In The Sleep Room: The Story of the CIA Brainwashing Experiments.


Personally, I don’t see any rational reason to believe that mass control has come to an end. There has been growing evidence until today that it is indeed alive and well. Only now that its activities are much more covert than overt and they are being executed by different sectors of the global community. Somehow we all became test subjects. The biological, chemical and radiological weapons used today against the unwary population are still mostly unknown to us. And if Geo Engineering (Chem Trails), water fluoridation and Monsanto haven’t enraged you yet, or at least raised many questions in your heads, then you’re not paying enough attention and I suggest you start questioning anything the establishment does.

After the initial scandal of MK-ULTRA, the “ones in charge” must have learned a tough lesson and this time they will try to keep it as top secret as possible. The term “MK-ULTRA” may not be used anymore but the ideology is obviously still there. The 13 Illuminati bloodlines have always believed that it’s their right and duty to rule over the rest of us. So, I mean, it’s only logical that they still believe so and they will do all they can to safeguard, intensify and upsurge their existing supremacy.

There have been many different names like Projects Bluebird, Artichoke, Monarch and many more that will still be revealed to us in the next few decades. But controlling the masses is certainly still flourishing because simply there is no reason for it to stop. Of course there are different kinds and levels of control designed for different people. That includes individuals chosen because they are linked to certain bloodlines, pop stars or simply the unwary masses as we will see a little further.

It is also only logical to believe that after all these years of technological advancement, the techniques used must have developed exponentially. The controlled today are not necessarily patients but they are individuals with man-made DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) who are living amongst us as a kind of mental slaves. The difference is that present day victims don’t have to be tied up to beds or drugged with psychotropic drugs for months at a time which may be somehow cumbersome in today’s world. However, they can be mind-controlled using triggers, compact devices, satellite radar system and more enhanced, crazy things that we still ignore.





To better understand MK-ULTRA and mass control we have to take a closer look at those in charge. They might be working behind closed doors but I think it’s obvious to almost everyone now that they are the ones who truly “control.”

One of the disturbing facts is that a number of those mind-controlled victims are already chosen as infants. Either for belonging to some blueblood of the Illuminati which is considered “higher” than the rest of the population, and who are willingly offered by their parents to serve The New World Order. Or, like the case of many, they are “acquired” from care homes and poor parents so that they are used as guinea pigs, slaves or sacrifices. Yes, this does happen in today’s world and if you’re a real truth seeker you can find out yourself more incongruous, heart-wrenching information with very little research.

For those who are familiar with the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones and other secret societies, it’s no real secret that they rely on the occults and operate by offering sacrifices; humans and animals. They believe they receive the power of those departed souls which “enter” them upon their death, and they take part in ceremonies where they drink human blood and eat human flesh.

They also believe in opening portals between other dimensions and practice ancient and satanic rituals to reach a New World Order – of course with The Rothschild, The Rockefeller and the rest of the 13 bloodlines at its zenith.

Freaky stuff indeed but it must be somehow working for this hideous and vulturous lot, at least until now or they wouldn’t be religiously involved for centuries.

image: http://www.eliteagenda.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/queen_elizabeth_041123ca.jpg

Pagan images galore! Notice the Rosicrucian rose on the throne. How many other symbols can you see?

Littered with pagan and occult symbolism! Notice the Rosicrucian rose on the throne. How many other symbols can you see?

In fact, they are the real owners of today’s world. Not only do they run the whole show inside the U.S and the U.K from behind the scenes, but they also rule over the world and shape the course of humanity, also from behind the scenes. Queen Elizabeth II alone owns 6.6 billion acres of land worldwide which is 1/6 of the world and which is worth over $30 trillion. She is the only person who owns whole countries, and countries that are not her own domestic territory; Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, Australia and its surroundings, as well as the Falkland Islands.

And along with the rest of the elite minority they own 40% of our planet’s resources. That includes the 6 major corporations that represent 90% of today’s media, the consumer industry and production, the pharmaceutical companies and drugs, the oil, the banks and the whole monetary system, the arms and wars, and the governments and politicians. They also control the intelligence agencies and the “projects” which consequently make them the ones who truly control the minds of millions of people.

Since they dominate all of the above there is no reason why brainwashing entire nations wouldn’t be quite the simple task. In my opinion, TV, mass media, pop culture and other weapons of mass distractions are nothing but more sophisticated, advanced branches of MK ULTRA that have, slowly but surely, infiltrated every aspects of our lives. By studying the patterns around some of today’s celebrities and how they came to being, we realize that they too must be part of all this mind control insanity. We’ll talk more about that in Part 2.

We should once again ask ourselves why would the experimentation that have been going on for ages cease? Is it because of Bill Clinton’s apology maybe? And why would the Illuminati suddenly stop wanting to dominate and control even more? That’s just basic common sense here.


The Victimization


Let us now examine a few cases of some healed MK-ULTRA’d victims to get a better insight into these complex, infamous and mind-boggling (in)human experiments.

Quoting Brice Taylor from her unravelling book Thanks For The Memories … The Truth Has Set Me Free! The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s Mind-Controlled Slave.

“The technology gleaned by the American leaders, medical professionals and scientists was and still is in the form of bio-electromagnetic frequency medicine, genetic engineering, mind control, brain research, near-death experimentation, paranormal/psychic experimentation, remote viewing, time and space travel and other advanced research that make our everyday human understanding look antiquated.”

Taylor is considered one the highest level, healed survivor of MK-ULTRA trauma-based mind control to ever to go public.
Like many other mind control slaves used by the White House as a Presidential Model sex slave and by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, she had suffered from man-made artificially-induced DID. This trauma-based conditioning technique can produce many discrete personalities inside a single person as we’ve mentioned earlier. When the main personality splits into several parts with dissociative or amnesic barriers between them, these other personalities can then be programmed like a computer to perform specific tasks; either sex slave-prostitutes, couriers, or mind-files that are only accessible to the person who knows the special “codes” that will access the “program”.

Spooky and freaky stuff huh? But this is publicly made, reachable information now and thanks to the sweet internet anyone can find out much more horrifying stories.

Taylor was brave enough to author a second book about the matter “Starshine: One woman’s valiant escape from mind control.”


During her long healing process, another survivor of the Illuminati family and MK-ULTRA, Cisco Wheeler, asked her therapist:

these children in the world, do their fathers rape them?” He said, “no, good fathers do not rape their children.” The answer boggled her so she said, “I really feel sorry for these children in this world because they are not loved.” He told her, “oh but they are loved.” She then replied, “oh no, if the fathers aren’t raping their children, then they are not loved.” Cisco later commented “I thought rape was love. That’s pretty sick.”

She explains that her first time to cry was when she was told that little girls and boys are not normally raped by their fathers and that it’s not the standard of living in which we live in.

“And that upset me to such a point. And it took me a long time to understand the difference, because right is wrong, and wrong is right, that’s how you are programmed. Isn’t it something, when you really think about it? I look back on it now, and I cannot believe the ability they had to do to my mind and so many other survivors out there. To what degree they would go. Especially to children,”

“At Inucurran, they had cages on the walls. They put us in the cages and the monkeys or the apes got to take care of us. We had three of them. One fed us, one beat us, and one raped us to dehumanize us.” Cisco adds.

O’ humanity, sigh.


By: Bradley Loves


The word cause is simply defined as:

a person or thing that acts, happens, or exists in such a way that some specific thing happens as a result; the producer of an effect:

All adepts in ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE know that everything that exists starts out first as a “THOUGHT” in someones mind!  It can not be otherwise.

NO affect or effect is EVER seen or manifested unless it has FIRST been a fully formed thought PERIOD!

No accidental manifestation can possibly occur in the physical realm…, and IF you BELIEVE that there is such a thing as an ACCIDENTAL MANIFESTATION in the physical realm, you are utterly and totally mistaken!

Now…, you can BE HERE in the physical and experience AN EFFECT of someone elses mental creation…, which would be something you may NOT HAVE THOUGHT OF…,  OR WANTED!    But that experience would be the result of a continuously focused mental intent BY SOMEONE here in the physical, on either that particular, or a similar OUTCOME.

I know…, (because I’ve read such things) that there are countless CHANNELERS out there who “claim” in daily, weekly, or monthly posts that everything that happens here was CONTRACTED FOR AHEAD OF TIME!

And, unless you are totally BLIND…, (and a fool) you will see how completely out of place that word IS…, when talking about pure spirit and its relationship to SOURCE!

See below!


  1. an agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified.
  2. an agreement enforceable by law.
  3. the written form of such an agreement.

275-1325; (noun) Middle English (< Anglo-French) < Latin contractus undertaking a transaction, agreement, equivalent to contrac-, variant stem of contrahere to draw in, bring together, enter into an agreement ( con- con- + trahere to drag, pull; cf. traction ) + -tus suffix of v. action; (v.) < Latin contractus, past participle of contrahere

Synonyms:    reduce, shorten, lessen, narrow, shrivel, shrink. Contract, compress, concentrate, condense…, imply retaining original content but reducing the amount of space occupied. Contract means to cause to draw more closely together: to contract a muscle. Compress suggests fusing to become smaller by means of fairly uniform external pressure: to compress gases into liquid form. Concentrate implies causing to gather around a point: to concentrate troops near an objective; to concentrate one’s strength. Condense implies increasing the compactness, or thickening the consistency of a homogeneous mass: to condense milk.It is also used to refer to the reducing in length of a book or the like.

All of these words above indicate some sort of BINDING! 

To BIND is a term that seeks to imprison or enslave that which is bound…, not to set it free!  A BINDING is also a magical term that denotes an “effect” that has taken place upon some living being or soul that causes them to experience suffering and pain that they would NOT have normally asked for!

Why is the word CONTRACT…, (A Banking and Business Term) being used by Channelers and Channeled Entities who have NO IDEA what that word really means!

You “contracted” for this…, and you “contracted” for that…, is all I hear from these people…, who have no actual idea…, that the very word CONTRACT is basically SATANIC in its origins and in its effects!

Who on the EARTH “uses” the word CONTRACT daily and on a moment by moment basis?


And who on Earth is behind the NEW WORLD ORDER?


What religion do most of the Worlds Top Bankers follow:


Now…, can anyone…, anyone with a brain that is…, tell me WHY all of these so-called Ascended Masters are using a term (CONTRACT) which is almost solely used by the Business and Banking World to describe “our” necessary experiences here upon the EARTH?

Because…, “THEY” are also BANKERS!

Not Spiritual Masters and certainly not working for SOURCE!

As above…, so below….,  as below…, so above!

The Bankers here on Earth deal with CONTRACTS…, because the BANKERS on the higher levels also deal with CONTRACTS!

But “they”…, (those beings) are NOT GOD!     They are impostors!

There is no…, (let me repeat that), no such thing in the realm of SOURCE/PRIME CREATOR   as a “contract” that must be fulfilled!



Because it is ultimately a BINDING that is EVIL and cancels out HIS most precious gift of FREE WILL!

So please…, next time you hear a New Ager tell you that you “contracted” for this or contracted for that to happen to you…, RUN! 

RUN FAST…, or…, if they keep on saying it to you…, slap them…, and see if you can wake them up!

There is no such THING as a:   SPIRITUAL – CONTRACT!

The term itself is a huge oxymoron!

Let’s look at some oxymoron’s in our world:

  1. Fast-creep
  2. Cold-heat
  3. Soft-kill
  4. Military Intelligence
  5. Spiritual Contract

This is the best of deceptions of the New Age!

It seeks to convince you that just like here on the Earth, in the business world, and in the Banks…, somehow…,

Heaven, or the “other side” makes us sign CONTRACTS before we come here…, and tells us that somehow EVERY single thing that is/was going to happen to us in our lives has been shown to us…, and that we sign up for all of it!

Oh and by the way:


This then is the atmosphere of TOTAL error and abject stupidity where in you can get a so-called NEW AGER…, or self proclaimed deeply spiritual person to actually say that young children who have been anally raped…, “contracted for that experience” and therefore…, there is nothing they need to DO about that because they don’t want to deprive the child of what they need!

Likewise…, when babies and children are being ritually sacrificed on the Alter with huge blades being pushed into their chests and their innards cut out of them while they are still alive…,

the NEW AGER will tell you that there is NOTHING they should do or even think about that…, because that child CONTRACTED for that experince!



If I was Jesus.., and a group of New Agers came to me saying this…, I would get a switch and take it to their backsides…, just like Jesus did to the money changers inside the TEMPLE!

No child agrees to be anally raped…, and no child agrees to be Ritually Sacrificed!

Every Channeler, or Channeled Entity, that says this is even possible is NOW EXPOSING ITSELF as an agent of EVIL from the other side!


However…, the trick…, the spell, and the magic trick is that YOU…, the reader have got to figure this out for yourself.  You have to be able to realize that this is a preposterous LIE…,  and then choose to move away from it.

Other wise you are still very much under MIND CONTROL!


















By: Bradley Loves

As far as the Cabal is concerned, if they ARE EVER to get control of the planet…, they MUST GET CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

Let me repeat that… so that you can really understand and “grasp” the importance and the gravity of this statement.

If the Cabal is EVER going to get control of the planet…, they MUST GET CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

Is any of this statement a mystery to you.., is ANY of this UNCLEAR??

IF SO…, and if you are mystified…, then please watch or re-watch this video from Mark Passio describing CAUSE and EFFECT!

Although he talks about CAUSALITY being a result of 3 things, THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS and ACTIONS…, those of us who really understand the workings of the Universe KNOW that it is our THOUGHTS ALONE which lead to emotions and then finally actions.

…thoughts are causal in their nature…, and will bring forth actions into physical manifestation…, actions brought forth into physical manifestation WILL CREATE REALITY…, since reality is created by all of us in the aggregate!…..

That is why the Cabal MUST get control of YOUR…, (yes I did say that) “YOUR”…, meaning you the readers, THOUGHTS.

Anyone who does not think there is a MASSIVE and ALL PERVASIVE attempt at: MIND CONTROL, going on all over the Earth as we speak is BLIND, DEAF, and utterly ASLEEP!

Please re-read the above statement for maximum impact!

Now, let’s revisit the first part of this article again and re-read that!

As far as the Cabal is concerned, if they ARE EVER to get control of the planet…, they MUST GET CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

Let me repeat that… so that you can really understand and grasp the importance and the gravity of this statement.

If the Cabal is EVER going to get control of the planet…, they MUST GET CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

Because of the complete MENTAL FOG that has overcome almost every human being living here on the Earth…, simply writing TRUTH on the page is apparently no longer enough to get an idea into their perception, because that perception is being actively BLOCKED!

People can “read” things that are utterly world shattering on the page in front of them…, and then place NO IMPORTANCE on it what-so-ever…, as if the statement was made in some dream like realm where NOTHING MATTERS and will somehow have no effect upon them.

Now…, that we are “clear” on how emphatic I really am by making these statements, I can move forward!


Well, what does MKULTRA stand for?

MK stands for:  MIND KONTROL!   The “K” on the word kontrol is simply the German spelling of the word…, and since it was the former NAZI’s who came over to the United States as a result of PROJECT PAPER CLIP…, they named the advanced research they were working on.

So MKULTRA stands for MIND CONTROL ULTRA!  A program that has been on going in the United States of America since the 1950’s!

Now…, let me repeat that statement for maximum effect.  MIND CONTROL ULTRA is a program paid for and supported by the CIA and the US Intelligence community since the 1950’s.

What is the purpose for the huge amount of time, money and effort that has been spent on the CIA’s MKULTRA PROGRAM?

A hand anyone?

A guess?

It is a 60 year old program…, that is STILL ONGOING (even though “on paper” it was terminated and claimed to be “inactive”.)

Instead of an ACKNOWLEDGED PROGRAM…, it is now a clandestined SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAM that is UNACKNOWLEDGED.  (Although certain members of Congress most certainly KNOW and are briefed on this).

So what is it’s purpose?

It is the complete and utter CONTROL of the HUMAN MIND and thus HUMAN THINKING by any and every means possible!

The methods being used include:

  1. Deception in the Media
  2. Control through Religious Means
  3. The Complete take over of the Educational Systems
  4. Flouride being placed into the drinking water to cause metal compliance with authority.
  5. Lithium being placed into the drinking water AND into Chem Trails in order to cause the MIND to go numb and accept things without any reaction.
  6. Physical “IMPLANTS” being placed into a huge number of human beings through the NASAL cavity or into their bodies to be used as FREQUENCY receivers which then collect and receive BROADCAST WAVES from towers and satellites, which then alter human THOUGHTS and thus behavior.
  7. Astral “IMPLANTS” being placed into the “energetic bodies” of human beings which then cause a change in that person’s THOUGHTS and thus behavior.
  8. The construction of the GWEN TOWER SYSTEM of broadcast towers which use broadcast waves and frequencies to reach all men and women in the USA in order to change and stimulate their mental patterns and thus affect their THOUGHTS and thus behaviors.
  9. The “list” goes on and on…, and I could post about 50 more items……

What is the point?

Why are “they” doing this with such ALL ENCOMPASSING INSANITY?


THOUGHT creates reality!   That is how it works!  I’m sorry if I’m bursting anyone’s belief bubble…, but if you think reality is formulated in ANY OTHER WAY…, you are mistaken!

IF it is our “THOUGHTS” which create reality…, then, if there was any “group” of beings that wanted to both CONTROL and to STEER reality toward a DARK REALITY…, then they would have to (by definition) get control of all of the thoughts of the people.

Now…, there are some very loving MEN and WOMEN…, out there who may even “get this”…, and they are part of the NEW AGE.

They figure that SOMEHOW…., the CABAL…, in all of it’s “planning”…, forgot about one huge aspect of the world’s population completely and totally.

By the way… IF you believe that…, I have a bridge for sale, and I’m looking for a buyer!

The CABAL created the NEW AGE…, just as it has created EVERY OTHER RELIGION on Earth.

The NEW AGE was created as the final religion…, the final “stand down and do nothing” code that was to be instilled into the MIND SET of the population before total WORLD CONTROL could be achieved.

What is the NEW AGE if not MIND KONTROL??

People come to their computers daily to read the newest CHANNELED MESSAGE from their favorite ASCENDED MASTER…, and even though they have been “promised”….

  • intervention
  • disclosure
  • money
  • mass arrests
  • changes in governments
  • mass landings
  • new technolgy
  • the release of hidden technolgy
  • the healing of our bodies
  • the reverse of aging
  • new psychic “powers” to come “on-line”
  • the appearance of ANGELS and loved ones
  • the appearance of floating cities made of “light”
  • the assistance of a “federation of Galactic Planets”
  • the release of our planet from Quarantine
  • the placing of a NEW QUARANTINE around the entire solar system to block the CABALS SECRET SPACE FLEET from leaving, and to also keep the GALACTIC FEDERATIONS SHIPS from leaving as well!
  • The appearance of 6th dimensional Blue Bird like beings… who are “better” than all of the lower 4th and 5th dimensional beings who were actually lying to the populations.
  • And finally all of us were, and still are, being promised an ASCENSION into a higher dimension (don’t worry…, there is NOTHING you need to do to earn that) in order to finally ESCAPE this lower level where all of this is being done, seemingly against our free will!

NONE of this has ever manifested, or ever WILL manifest since it is the final stand down that was put in place to CONTROL “YOUR” MIND.

All I can say is:    What a great CON!

No wonder every loving human on the planet keeps coming back to these daily, weekly, and monthly reports coming from CHANNELED ENTITES and ASCENDED MASTERS!

I have one thing to say about this!

As far as the Cabal is concerned, if they ARE EVER to get control of the planet…, they MUST GET CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

Let me repeat that… so that you can really understand and “grasp” the importance and the gravity of this statement.

If the Cabal is EVER going to get control of the planet…, they MUST GET CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

Is any of this statement a mystery to you.., is ANY of this UNCLEAR??

Finally, what do you think Alex Jones is trying to “tell” us (all of us) with the Banner on his website??

Info Wars


My friends and family…, THINK ON THESE THINGS!

All my love,