THE LIFE OF A “TARGET” – and something about “COURAGE”

By: Bradley Loves

For those of you who may not yet have “felt” it happening to you.., you soon may!

Control of the MIND is very important to the Khazarian Mafia/Crime Cabal that is running the planet.

In very real terms…, as each day goes by…, those of us who are standing up against the dark and Draconian system…, and who are blowing the whistle on those who are pure evil…,  are being “targeted” in multiple ways which are as despotic and criminal as you can imagine.

If you are having trouble with understanding this…, just try to imagine the type of people who worked inside the Bush administration that lobbied impossibly hard while trying to make a case that TORTURE was a very necessary thing, and did everything that they could to bring back into practice brutal and hellish torment toward men and women in their custody!

IF you can find a small level of disgust for these people…, You may just get a tiny idea about how dirty and evil these men and women are.

I myself can “FEEL” the daily pressure of the waves and frequencies that are being propagated by the technologies of MIND CONTROL in the USA!

It’s as simple as this:

Have you ever tried to have a thought…, and then FEEL that you were being actively BLOCKED from having that thought?  And that no matter how much you tried…, it was like there was a wall trying to stop you from “going there”?

Have you ever tried to retrieve a memory…, and then FEEL tremendous pressure on your mind, and know that the memory you are trying to retrieve is being actively BLOCKED in the same way?

Have you ever felt that your MIND was being very suddenly invaded by thoughts that were not necessarily yours (that were evil)…, and wondered WHERE they were coming from, and no matter how much you pushed them away…, they kept coming back with more and more force?

Welcome to the wonderful world of TECHNOLOGICAL MIND CONTROL and the BATTLE FIELD being overseen by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

Maybe now you are just starting to get a tiny idea of what CAN BE DONE with waves and frequencies that are tuned just right, and then specifically targeted at a single man or woman of interest.

The technology necessary to reach into the MINDS and THOUGHTS of humanity is here RIGHT NOW!

This is something that you are going to have to get clear on…., or the human race is doomed!

The NEW AGERS are so behind on this one issue…, and so out in left field with regards to what is happening here on the Earth at this time…, that to trust them to keep you up to date with the latest and the greatest…., will most likely prove fatal to you in the end.

In my case…, because I care so much about humanity.., doing research work and writing articles is slowing down as a result of these technologies…, and becoming harder and harder as time passes…, only because more and more “DIRECTED” energetic attacks against me are being undertaken by those who want to shut me up.

In addition…, there are “unseen” mercenaries of other dimensions that I talked about in a previous article that are VERY REAL.

Those who do the endless SATANIC RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE (the Lucifereans) are actively feeding these entities…,  and then bidding them to do their will sending them to attack innocent humans (those who are standing against their NEW WORLD ORDER TAKE OVER AGENDA) on levels that can’t be seen.

There are NO WORDS to even properly describe the level of cowardess that these Satan worshipers display in their sordid tactics, because it is impossible to describe a human being that has sunk this low!

These men and women are the epitome and definition of pure COWARDS…, who really are proving with each new evil act and breath…., that they do not deserve the life they have been gifted with.

Those who join with them and work for them…, (and take their made out of thin air money while doing their bidding) are NO BETTER THAN THEY ARE.

Most of HOLLYWOOD and the MUSIC INDUSTRY are in this category!

Too many people have been convinced by the deceptions of the NEW AGE…., that there IS NO CONSEQUENCE for actions taken here on Earth.

The NEW AGE has convinced these hapless people that this is ONLY a game…, and that there is NO DIFFERENCE between good and evil…, or dark and light.

This is a huge…., monumental…., gargantuan…., and impossible to adequately describe ERROR!

There IS A VERY REAL DIFFERENCE…, and those who take the DARK PATH…, will reap the  horrible consequences of the seeds they now sow!

The problem is this however….

Will the Earth be able to be saved by those of us who live here BEFORE these evil beings get their consequence…, or will it perish because the good people living here were too cowardly to act?

Many people who bought into the deceptions of the NEW AGE…, will soon wish they have never HEARD of the NEW AGE, and will be terribly SORRY, when they see just how much damage these faulty teachings and ideas have done to the Earth, and humanity at large!

Technology is ever rolling forward…, and soon the power of a machine to totally control everything you think, say and do…, will be a reality!

What will THOSE who are so willing to overlook evil do then?


There are some concrete examples to my rant…, not just speculations.

Let’s take a for instance!  A sort of “welcome” to my life example.

I have a fairly new laptop in my possession that was purchased to replaced the one that was most recently hacked.

Yesterday…, I also purchased a mobile Wi-fi device so that I could have an internet connection in places where it is usually not available.  I got a card which was good for 5 gigabytes of service.

I made sure it was working and then turned it OFF…, and went to bed.

This morning when I got up…, over 1.5 gigabytes of that service had been depleted…, used somehow…, while the device (which was password protected) was off.  In addition…, my new computer…, would not boot up properly this morning…, and showed a totally black screen after the boot.

Bells and whistles were going off after I again rebooted it telling me that all of firewalls had been turned off…, and it was clear that my new computer had been hacked during the night…EVEN THOUGH IT WAS TURNED OFF.

The data usage on the mobile Wi-fi device proves that it was used as the source of hack…, even though THAT DEVICE was also supposedly turned OFF.

Needless to say…, I have known for awhile that even though the NEWEST electronic devices seem to be turned off…, they are really NOT OFF…, and can be reactivated internally through back doors provided to the “government” for “security” reasons.

Naturally security has nothing to do with why these back doors are really there!

This is why Microsoft’s Bill Gates is one of the worlds most evil criminals.  He sold his soul and his honor to Dark Forces when he handed the keys of the Microsoft kingdom over to the Satan Worshipping Cabal years ago.

So my life experience is basically this:

In order to continue to write articles and bring the TRUTH to my readers, I apparently must get a new computer once every three months or so…, because that is about how long it takes to totally destroy a clean one remotely.

This is just stuff that is happening in the physical realm.

On the “unseen” levels…, there are constant ATTACKS from out of body entities who are mercenaries for the Dark Cabal…, and their Satan Worshiping buddies, which include MOST WORLD LEADERS.

As if all of that was not enough…, there are directed frequency and wave type attacks directed at my MIND while am trying to do my research and writing.., which are very easy to recognize and CAN BE FELT and ANALYZED especially since they try to impede my progress.

Isn’t is curious how the CHANNELING COMMUNITY never seems to bring this up in just one of the “millions” of weekly channeled messages!

You might want to ask one of these so called loving entities WHY they never address this type of activity in their messages, and why they seem SO SYMPATHETIC to those who are actually doing it.

Needless to say…, if I were just to “lay down” and accept that all of the evil being done in the world was OKAY…, like the NEW AGE teaches us to do…, I might be left alone.

Curious again how only those men and women who are pointing out the flaws of the NEW AGE, and the system we are living under are being ATTACKED.

Curious a third time how the thousands of Channelers seem to be “just fine”, and completely healthy…, and never come under any kind of frequency attack at all…, when it is CLEAR that these technologies DO in fact exist…, and are being used on others.

If it were not for my ability to protect myself… and use my MIND in such a way that for the most part blocks these vicious attacks…, I would probably have not survived.

The truth is that I am not only surviving…, but still continuing to do research, write and expose these things…, in the face of great adversity.


Those who have “given in” to the Cabal…, and are carrying out the Cabals “orders” could take a few lessons here concerning the difference between what it is to be a PURE COWARD…, as opposed to being someone with PURE COURAGE.

I ask you to think on these things!  All my love















This post, originally posted (Jan 18, 2015) is now more important than ever!  Still relevant…, still important…, this information has stood the test of time!




Frequency – is the “buzz word” that everyone should be most concerned with as they step up their game, and try to sort out the truth from fiction — and ultimately separate what is important from what is not!

All of the world’s “shadow militaries” most “secret” weapons are in matter of fact – FREQUENCY BASED WEAPONS.

Their most sensitive military creations these days are dealing with “waves”, “plasmas”, “vortexes” “infra-sounds”, and other frequencies too numerous to mention – which also include pills, medicines, and vaccines!

When in the form of waves – they are dealing with both “micro” and “macro”, while when infra-sounds, they are dealing with the whole gamut of ELF, ULF, VLF, UHF as well as newly created “synthetic” sound waves that can be both directed, manipulated and controlled.

When pills, etc., they are targeting your DNA — but even pills operate within a known frequency band and thus can be controlled just like a weapon!

We as a people – are under the “CONSTANT” bombardment of these waves, and thus are being exposed to the constant “attack” of these silent frequency weapons, which are literally changing the very nature of our “reality” in front of our eyes.

I wrote part one of a series: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS as an “introduction” to what is to follow this year.

From microwaves and cell towers to ground-based radar and satellites; from the infamous GWEN TOWERS to HAARP, and from the chemical dumps of aerosol spraying into our atmosphere to the planned releasing of radiation into the oceans via Fukushima, we as a people are under a massive, massive FREQUENCY ATTACK by those who desperately want or need to control us.



Donald Trump insert from 2020


Weapons that you can see are for “losers”!

Those old and outdated weapons are for the likes of ISIS, or for “patsy” false-flag perpetrators, who can then step in front of the television camera and “pretend” to shoot a guy in the head with blanks!  Those weapons, both super old and outdated are ONLY tools for the propagandists to use in order to claim we are being threatened by terrorists.

They are a:  CON – a JOKE – a LAUGH!

The “invisible” aka “hidden” weapons that are now being used against us are the updated weapons-of- choice for the worlds shadow militaries and all of the black ops of today!  Mind Kontrol: neural implants – astral implants – mood control of the masses — these things are all done to us by using weapons of frequency!

In keeping with the true nature of the DARK CABAL — or as Preston James calls them, the OCC (Organized Crime Cabal) — they truly are spineless cowards of the worst sort, who see stabbing someone in the back as preferable to an honest face to face duel!

These frequency weapons are the perfect answer for them. Remember that those who are very dark have no, or little “if any” soul left; that is to say, they have no courage and no honor and are (in my opinion) destined for the darkest parts of the Universe!

Their modus operandi is the COWARDS HANDBOOK!

They are pirates and thieves who operate in the dark of night, and only attack from the shadows. They are cold, calculating, and unflinching in their resolve to be perfectly evil. In my opinion there is NO HOPE LEFT for these souls, and their “extermination” is the best possible outcome for all of the rest of us who are still salvageable as humans!

Video Insert from 2020


I believe that this is why so many of them have become SATAN WORSHIPPERS or LUCIFEREANS.

They recognize that the only real help they will ever get now is from the already fallen ones, those already discarnate souls that are “vampiric” and have been left with no real connection to “source” as we know it. Because of this, those souls must steal the very energy they need to continue to survive as discarnate beings.

Even countless members of the military have strangely turned toward Satan Worship in the last few decades, probably realizing that the endless murders and tortures they have inflicted upon countless others have earned them a place as one of the fallen ones!

And – whether you believe me or not, Satan Worship is now a “recognized” and legitimate religion within the US Military!


And yet – after all of these very negative things that I have said about these “sick” and twisted beings – because they are “pirates” – and because all they know how to do is lie, cheat, and steal – they have now quite alarmingly come to understand some very ESOTERIC THINGS that few people have any clue about!

This knowledge that they have “stolen” by infiltration, concerns the nature of FREQUENCY and how it affects all of the COSMOS!

Q- Anon Insert from 2020



How can I explain to those who are not scientists, but instead just the regular guy and gal on the street, how something as intangible as “frequencies” can be so deadly and so threatening to their minds, lives, bodies and even their very souls?

Since most of you readers are NOT in fact scientists, this presents a problem for people like me that has profound significance.

If I were to launch into a long-winded scientific garble about the nature of FREQUENCY — ELECTRICITY — and it’s manifold affects on living organisms, well then I’ve lost 90 percent of the readers on my blog.

But slowly, it is going to have to be done — if those who need to know this — which is everyone – are going to get a clear picture of how this works — and what they are doing to us as a species.



I am going to have to ask the readers for some slack when addressing this information since so much of it depends on a very solid base of understanding of things like waves, electricity, magnetics, and the like.

It’s far easier to tell people they are in danger if you can point to a gun, or show them something very tangible that is something that they can recognize. It is far more difficult to explain the serious danger of something “invisible and hidden” that was created to be a far more sinister weapon — because it was created specifically to be both SILENT and COVERT.

This is the type of article that gets a well-intentioned person like myself LABELED as an “alarmist” or a “crazy” because NONE OF THIS can be physically seen! To many people, if they can’t see it —  it does not exist!

I wrote in PART ONE of this new series that the entire goal of the dark magicians — those who are working behind the scenes against mankind — is to manipulate the FREQUENCIES here on Earth.  You may now only be starting to get the most basic clue, or the most basic idea, of what I was talking about, and of how vast and of how pervasive this problem really is.

In addition, you may only be getting the smallest clue as to HOW magnetics becomes a truly important science to those who want to control things when dealing with frequencies!  In the grand scheme of things — you may also be able to appreciate how the word MAGNETICS got shortened to the word MAGIC simply in order to hide the true significance of just what type of power “magicians” were actually using in their “spells”.

It is important for you to know that it is ALL ABOUT MAGNETICS! Without magnetics, there would be no ability to steer, or control the Earth’s as well as our own bodies’ frequencies.

Frequencies – by their very nature are invisible — but they are certainly NOT MAGICAL in the sense that most people understand magic.

I would also like to point out that not only is the ancient science of “magnetics” hyper-important in the manipulation and the directed focus of frequencies, it is BASIC to the entire science of frequency itself.

Those who believe in the New Age understand both vibration and frequency on a certain level. They are also actively doing everything they can to raise up their frequency and cleanse their vibration!

This is a good thing – however their teachers are not being truly “honest” with them!

Those “GOD PRETENDERS” who are “instructing” them already know about the serious attempts being made to use hidden technology here on Earth to actually LOWER both the frequency and the vibration of the ENTIRE PLANET, but they may NOT be aware of the attempts to literally HACK into the frequency of their minds when their minds go silent.

Research Insert from 2020



Since the study of frequency is an esoteric science — or an ANCIENT SCIENCE — it was thoroughly studied in the “ancient mystery schools” of Egypt and Babylon.

Therefore it stands to reason that those who are the “inheritors” of this occult (hidden) knowledge — the highest members of various secret societies such as the FREEMASONS, THE JESUITS, and the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR — would have complete access to this very secret and esoteric knowledge.

It is also quite easy to understand why knowledge such as this, would be kept secret in the first place! This is the type of knowledge that could not only destroy all life on EARTH, but also all life within the galaxy, and perhaps unwrap the fabric of the galaxy itself!

This is why it was KEPT SECRET in the first place!

But as with all things that are secret, NOTHING is immune from the covert infiltration of pure evil, if that evil is desperate enough to gain that knowledge!

Over the course of the last two thousand years, all (and I do mean ALL) of the so-called secret societies have been hi-jacked by men and women with very dark intentions so that there no longer stands a viable BROTHERHOOD OF THE LIGHT, which protects knowledge like this for the benefit of Earth and it’s people.

The very knowledge that can DESTROY everything is now sadly in the hands of those who are terribly INSANE — many of whom literally want to control the entire UNIVERSE.

For us to ignore this knowledge breach is akin to asking for our own demise. To turn the other way, and to not look at this, is not only foolish – but is the LEAST RESPONSIBLE and farthest thing from spirituality that mankind as a whole can do!

Far too many people have succumbed to the brain-washing/mind control tactic that a savior will come soon, and will correct this mistake while we just continue to live our lives and continue to look on helplessly from the sidelines without ever doing ANYTHING to help ourselves!

  • Nothing could be farther from the truth!

We may get help eventually – but it will not be done totally for us.


We as responsible beings, are REQUIRED to take part in our own salvation and help withy our own saving. There is NO LESSONS LEARNED when a person, who foolishly allows their home to be over run by thieves, makes NO EFFORT to assist in the expulsion of those thieves.

The idea that ‘someone else will DO IT FOR ME’, is a mind control “stand down” tactic that has been inserted into the mental programming of human beings only so  they would DO NOTHING while the take over was being completed.


I have already laid out in PART ONE of this series the continuous distractions that are being placed in front of us on television, only so that we will CONTINUE – as a species – to do nothing, while this take over which has pretty much already occurred — goes to a whole new level.

Now, if after being told this, you as the reader, go back to watching three or four hours of television each and every day, and literally WASTING your valuable time here on Earth in the DISTRACTIONS they offer you, then nothing I can ever write will help!

This is a global problem — and to solve it requires that “all hands are on deck” to help with the solution.

Insert from 2020

The solution is that this information has to be spread — and spread to everyone who is willing to listen, anywhere they are willing to listen!

We all have e-mail lists and friends that are on those lists! We all know how to send links by now. Articles such as this one – and other important articles from sites like VETERANS TODAY should be spanning the world like wildfires!

Whether you think your friends are interested or not, send them a link!  We need to come together in UNITY – AS ONE – to stand against this covert takeover of our planet and species by saying NO – WE DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS!

If the NEW WORLD ORDER, which is the next planned version of control, gets a more firm foothold upon the planet, it is game over and it will affect every living being for the next countless millennia!

We still have time to SAY NO to this and to retrace our steps back to sanity.



The list of products and the ways these things AFFECT living organisms through their frequency is endless!  Things that you do not normally equate with frequencies – on an atomic – or genetic – or even chemically “unseen” level are in fact having very real frequency affects upon our DNA – and on all of our living and breathing tissue.

This includes all living animals: the plant life, the fish in the ocean, microscopic organisms, the air we are breathing, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

These are all AFFECTED BY FREQUENCIES on the unseen levels.

GMO’s = frequency alteration
Floride in the water = frequency alteration
Chem-trails = frequency alteration
GWEN TOWERS = frequency alteration
Mind Kontrol = frequency alteration
Psychotronic Weaponry = frequency alteration
Hard Radiation = frequency alteration
HAARP = frequency alteration
Pills, drugs, vaccines = frequency alteration
Nanites or nano-bots = frequency alteration


All of these seemingly “unrelated” things are in fact working IN TANDEM and together to actually have an AFFECT UPON all living organisms that is COVERT.

What aids in the steering and the driving of these seemingly unrelated technologies – while doing their dirty work – is APPLIED MAGNETICS and HARMONICS!



The study of magnetism and magnetic fields is something that very few scientists go into, and they are usually steered away from, because the magnetic field is actually the KEY to most of the secret and sensitive technology that the DARK CABAL HAS.

No one who goes to any University is taught the true nature of MAGNETICS or HARMONICS – because that would be giving them access to ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE that they are not supposed to have.

Therefore most of the “good stuff” – is left completely out of their very expensive education.

Sorry College Grads – you’ve haven’t been taught half of what is really known to be the truth!  Why do you think that the organization that controls all of the secret space programs in America – and also anything to do with UFOs – was originally called OPERATION MAJESTIC?

  • And why were the twelve people on that council called: THE MAJESTIC 12?

Anyone who works for this secret group has ID badges that are very clearly labeled: MAJESTIC or MAGIC for short.

These words all become inter-changeable, once you understand the cross-references to the original “MAGI” – the three wise men who purportedly were the three kings who visited the baby Jesus at his manger.

It is a play on words because historically – these MAGI were in fact old world MAGICIANS!


As the so-called “wise-men”, they were keepers of very important ESOTERIC knowledge that dates back to the MYSTERY SCHOOLS.

In those types of Ancient Schools, men would have been taught the secret knowledge of MAGIC or MAGNETICS as well as HARMONICS –  and thus would have learned all about frequencies – and would have then been given the coded name of:  MAGICIAN – aka – MAGI or just MAJI for short.

When placed into Astrological terms – the three kings – or the three wise men – are nothing more than the 3 stars in Orion’s Belt.

Together they point to the “dog star” which is the planet SIRIUS.

The word DOG is an anagram for our word GOD – where dog is simply god spelled backwards – known as mirroring – which is a favorite trick of all magicians.



In the Hollywood movie: MEN IN BLACK – the whole hidden message in the plot of the first installment was that: THE SECRET TO THE GALAXY IS HIDDEN ON ORIONS BELT.

This, again, is a “wink-wink” reference back to the three stars of Orion . . . which make up Orion’s Belt . . . which then refer us back to the 3 Kings or the 3 wise men . . . which then refer us back to the MAGI – or the MAGICIANS . . . which refer us back to OPERATION MAJESTIC itself, which does, in fact, in real life employ – THE MEN IN BLACK.

The circle is now complete – “wink-wink” – the “useless eaters” will never figure it out, or so they believe.



The DRACO LIZARD race actually comes from ORION and it is from ORION – that the DRACO LIZARD QUEENS AND KINGS have launched their take over bid of the Entire Galaxy.

Those who know about this have joined the “ranks” of the MAGI – and have become magicians in their own right – although the original black magicians living here on Earth are those very beings that came from ORION and are basically DRACOS.



The nature of HOLOGRAPHICS, and why our planet is more like a hologram than you think needs to be explained by me.  Most of my readers are probably tired of hearing me say that the Earth is a “magnetic hologram” without further elaboration.

The question we have to ask ourselves is HOW could any being or group of beings actually “imprison” another beings eternal soul and then force it to go somewhere that it did not want to go?

You’d have to think of this kind of thing in terms of being a trap – or a deliberate CON – than an outright kidnapping.

You’d first have to use some bait – to get the unsuspecting soul to want to walk inside of the trap – then you’d wipe it’s memory clean, and finally “trick” the memory-wiped soul into asking you for something that you wanted to give it — like endless incarnations on a heavily modified planet EARTH.

Naturally, if you’ve been paying attention – these dark magicians are ALL ABOUT LYING!  They see no problem with deception what so ever!





The ten-dollar question that comes to mind for anyone who actually understands this is how could anyone even begin to imprison something that is made out of ELECTRICITY and LIGHT?

Well, those with the knowledge and the capacity to do this would have to not only be very clever, but they would also have to be technologically advanced, and perhaps be “working” along side of:  OFF-WORLD magicians or Draco Reptilians.


In order to better understand this better, it might be best to know that even our own military and technology corporations on the Earth today have made great leaps forward in holographic technologies!

They are not only capable of “projecting” holographic images and seemingly living scenarios – they are doing it quite regularly now.

See this

They also have developed the ability to give us holograms of dead people dancing on television as done here with Michael Jackson:

— and interviews of living people sitting on the stage with the interviewer as a virtual hologram as was done in the case of the interview that was done with Wiki-leaks Julian Assange here:

The even more interesting tidbit of truth is that they have made great strides forward in the development of holographic projection technology, which can literally cause a hologram made out of light to feel SOLID TO THE TOUCH.



Easier than you think, and it has to do with “interference waves” which come from different angles that cause the light to create a “pattern” of spin. The light photons within the projection must “spin” in order give the affect of solidity.

See this:
And this
Finally this

So now, what is simply a “projection” of light, all of a sudden has the feel of solidity to the touch!

But it’s only LIGHT!

And, furthermore it’s only a projection!

It is also very telling that this very technology comes from a “gaming” company, one which is also highly interested in robotics – virtual reality – as well as human/computer/mental interfacing – all of which just SCREAMS the words: TRANS-HUMANIST AGENDA!



On a much larger and grander scale, in order to get anything — including “light” to spin via “interference waves”, one must first deeply understand frequency and magnetics! Both would be necessary in order to get light or light projections to behave in very strange ways.

If however, one has access to secret esoteric knowledge and the help of meddling off worlders –  then it is not impossible on a very GRAND SCALE to put LIGHT inside of a cage and to keep it there!

To do so, all one has to do is understand the true nature of electricity and light.

LIGHT IS ELECTRICAL when operating “here” in the lower frequencies and when a strong magnetic field is in operation. Inside of a magnetic field, raw electricity will always manifest as light! 

Outside of a strong magnetic field – electricity can NOT be seen as light and it becomes invisible!

LIGHT is produced by a lightning bolt here on Earth and LIGHTS UP THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD!

However, remember lighting is just electricity!

  • A single bolt of lightning can start fires, or can literally fry a human being to death!

So electricity expresses itself AS LIGHT!

(With me so far?)

Our planet has a huge “magnetic field” around it at all times which is called:

It operates within a certain bandwidth and is classified as a frequency – this is a frequency that can be measured and tracked because it fluctuates depending upon how much electrical energy it is getting from the SUN!

So our planet is literally encased within a MAGNETIC FIELD that is driven by a must larger capacitor called: THE SUN!

The SUN also manifests itself as LIGHT!   But light is not possible without electricity interacting within a magnetic field!  




There are those people – of the NEW AGE persuasion – who claim that our planet is in fact a living being – a claim which I am not able to find fault with.

I can actually “go there” and agree with this idea only because of what I know about the nature of living souls!

In order to “capture” a soul – a soul that is made of pure electricity and manifests as light, you’d first have to wrap it up inside of – or enclose it inside of a magnetic field!

Once you do this – that SOUL becomes visible light – to your eyes – aka – A LIVING AND BREATHING HOLOGRAM!



If you can encase a soul inside of a magnetic field – then just like any conventional motor that is based on the SPIN OF ROTATING MAGNETS AROUND POLES – tremendous power is generated!

Once you are able to generate this type of power – you can then harness that power and use it in any way that you want!

Again – what does this have to do with “trapping a soul?”

Well, what if you were a diabolical being – and what you wanted to do was to incarcerate or imprison the soul of an infinite and immortal being inside of a magnetic field?

How would you keep it from escaping your TRAP ??

You would simply use the power that the soul is now generating inside of the magnetic field and simply MIRROR IT – or turn it backwards in such a way that the souls own energy or electricity makes it impossible for it to escape its own magnetic field!  Thus it becomes incarcerated inside of a magnetic prison that resembles a HOLOGRAM!

So here is where things get sticky!

You might ask how we who are living here – inside of bodies – could ever be held here against our free will, or against our wishes – but the insidious nature of the way our body vehicles have been genetically manipulated by off worlders is the correct response!  

Our bodies have most of the DNA currently TURNED OFF!   

We are living in a version 3.0 of the human body vehicle and most of the really cool things a human body can do is non-functional!  It is these non- functioning parts of our DNA that allows for our own souls energy (electricity) to be used against us in such a way as to keep us wrongly imprisoned within the body vehicle – and also keep us from leaving the human body AT WILL – which is something that any FREE (as opposed to SLAVE) soul – should be able to do at any time according to its own desires.

Not only this, but any excess energy that our bodies do produce – and is not being used to keep us inprisoned inside of our severely limited bodies – can then be siphoned off and used for other nefarious purposes, for instance:




Just like in the hidden message of the movie: THE WIZARD OF OZ – a message that was always meant to be conveyed to us – WE are very clearly living inside of a FAKE REALITY.

And the very reason that we don’t recognize this is that “we” just like the characters of the movie: the scarecrow, the tin man, and the cowardly lion, have no brains, no heart, and no courage to do everything that we can do to find this stuff out for ourselves.

Therefore the EVIL WIZARD/LIZARD keeps us prisoner inside of OZ and keeps up believing in the lie.


Because we refuse to try to “find” the real men behind the curtain, the men who are using frequencies to control our reality – and instead keep chasing all of the “dis – tractions” that they simply feed to us on their: TELL-A-VISION.

However, according to COSMIC LAW, we “must” be told what is happening to us, and so they make things like this movie – THE WIZARD OF OZ – and use it to tell us what they are doing to us.



It’s all about raw power or energy!

Those that are doing this to us are the “fallen ones” or the “fallen angels” and they are doing this either by their own choice and design or by the decree of PRIME CREATOR himself.

They need our energy because THEY were cut off from GODS source energy and thus were left to slowly die in the emptiness of the void.

They are “no-longer” connected to HIS energy, which is pure LOVE — and without another source of fuel for their continued existence, they will literally END.

The “idea” of using an entire planet – or even perhaps  many planets as a direct source of harness-able fuel to continue their existence, is not without substance.

These clever, but evil beings would have to be very smart; they would have to understand the nature of the cosmos; and they would have to understand the nature of many of the esoteric sciences.

By modifying the Earth – and then enslaving billions of souls here – these beings are being “fed” by the energy production of all of the captured or imprisoned souls upon the planet.

  • Is it any wonder that they “claim” to own us all?  
  • Is it any wonder they claim that we are a herd?  
  • Is it any wonder they claim us as property?
  • Does it now make more sense when they think they need to “cull the herd” 
  • Who would do this if not someone who believe they OWN the souls living inside of those bodies?

This is not a joke: the VATICAN literally claims to own the entire planet!

Now can you see that these beings are more like VAMPIRES or PARASITES than they are anything else?

They need to feed and live off of the life of another being in order to survive!

The very energy we produce every day as we live is the energy that they are stealing from us daily!

And, I don’t need to point out that they STEAL EVERYTHING FROM US:

  • money,
  • homes,
  • children,
  • time,
  • energy.

It does not get any clearer than this my friends!

  • Ask yourself WHY these people literally eat the flesh and drink the blood of young children!


  • And why are they all pedophiles?

It is well known that young children generate far more raw “energy” that a fully-grown adult does. Their young body batteries are fully charged and have a tremendous over abundance of raw energy that allows them to run around endlessly, bouncing off of the walls and upsetting their parents.

Yes this excess ENERGY – is what the ELITE VAMPIRIC PEDOPHILES WANT to ingest!

  • They drink it in the form of blood, and eat it in the form of human flesh!

When they anally rape young children, they are “extracting” the child’s excess energy from their root chakra, and taking it into their own bodies’ energy fields in order to survive and to endlessly “regenerate” their dis-connected body, which has no connection to source.

The stories of VAMPIRES from medieval times are not without substance. They have just hidden from us who these “beings” really are – and why they do what they do.

And what do we see in HOLLYWOOD – and on all the movie screens these days, which are nothing more than the Illuminati propaganda telling us what we should believe?

  • These movies tell us that VAMPIRES are really cool people!
  • VAMPIRES have magical powers, and VAMPIRES are really just misunderstood!

The endless children’s books in the bookstores these days make vampires look both impressive and desirable. Those books are there to deceive the masses and program them into accepting the people who do such things!

If indeed all of our past Presidents and Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, and Popes and Cardinals are doing this – THEN WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE REALLY?


As usual, under COSMIC LAW these beings are always required to tell us in multiple ways what they are really doing here, and each new generation must be told anew!

Thus, the movies that HOLLYWOOD makes will never end!

However, true to their FALLEN NATURE – they will never tell us outright what they are really doing!  Instead, they will HIDE everything they want to say inside of SYMBOLS and obscure images that we don’t understand!  

Then they will CLAIM we were told – and OFFERED TO CONSENT TO IT ALL!

While it is up to us to figure each movie out, and to understand that the story they are telling us WILL NEVER CHANGE, because there is only ONE STORY – WE ARE ENSLAVED – BY THEM AS A FOOD SOURCE!


We are being used as batteries! Our energy is being harvested! And upon our death our souls are recycled back to the Earth in order to do it all over again.




As if on cue…, my spiritual brother and peer…, David Icke,  chimes in and speaks about how MIND CONTROL is a favorite tool of the CABAL.

It seems to me that those of us who are on the “same page” are almost acting as ONE…, and are supporting each others messages, as if guided by some Hidden Force of Love!

Here is the first part of his weekly video for subscribers that you can find HERE



By: Bradley Loves

We are beings of “light” that have been conned into thinking we are something less.  We are beings of energy that have come into manifestation for a “play” that has been HIJACKED by rogue elements, and now are beings “taught” that we are nothing more than solid “dirt” that somehow returns to “dirt”.

Nothing of that sort is true…, and nothing of that sort will help anyone get free from the ILLUSION they have been imprisoned in!!

As multi-dimensional beings, we have access to the powers of the MIND, and it is the FREE MIND which would allow each and every being to see their predicament and to FREE themselves.

It is for this reason, and for this reason alone that MIND CONTROL is so necessary to those who work against HUMANITY.

Those who are working against humanity are everywhere!  They call themselves the CABAL…, the ILLUMINATI, LUCIFEREANS…, etc…, but make no mistake about it…, they are your mortal enemies…, NOT your friends.

I have been patient…, I have been kind to those who just don’t want to look!  I have been extremely aware of the lies and the teachings that have led many loving people astray.

But there comes a time when those who claim they want to know the truth…, have got to be called onto the carpet for their BLATANT unwillingness to see the evil in front of them.

Those who claim they want disclosure…, and claim they want to know the truth…, can not keep INDULGING themselves in the LIES and the DECEPTIONS being presented to them by the CABAL…, and the SATAN WORSHIPERS.

If you want to “see clearly”…, what is happening…, then please, stop stepping on the glasses that people like myself…, and those others like Mark Passio, Jay Parker…, David Icke and others are giving to you!

We are showing you EXACTLY what is going on here on Earth…, and HOW they are doing it.

We are also showing you that this is a very long term, multi-generational effort to turn the world totally DARK…, and bring into manifestation and DARK REALITY that is devoid of human choice.

They are using BLACK MAGIC and sacred Esoteric Knowledge (Scientific) that used to be in the hands of Masters who ran the Mystery Schools.

Everything the CABAL is doing with their “technology” is geared to have a very pronounced affect upon the HUMAN BEING on the “unseen” energetic levels!


This is why you can not “see” what they are doing to all of us out in the open.  They are using frequency based, and energetic technology weapons…, as well as mercenary forces that exist on unseen levels to ATTACK HUMANITY.

What is it going to take for the NEW AGE airy fairies…, to final come to grips with the idea that they have been LIED TO???

What is it going to take for those men and women who COULD do something about the on going criminal acts of the CABAL to engage…, because at least they are “awake” and “aware” enough to know that there IS such a thing as the CABAL?

No matter which Alternative Media Blog site that I go to…, no one seems to care about the most basic things that are happening behind the “WIZARD’S CURTAIN.”

Just like Dorothy…, the Scarecrow, the Tin-man, and the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz movie…, everyone has their eyes focused directly toward the smoking altar…, listening to what the huge smoky and burning head saying…., totally mesmerized by what it is telling them…, when all along…., it’s a deception and…

THERE IS A MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN…, who is pulling all of the levers and the strings…, and doing  what appears to be MAGIC!

I’m waiting for just “one other” site to start telling it like it is.  Just one other site besides Mark Passio’s What On Earth Is Happening (located HERE )  to start telling it like it is.

Please wake up to what is happening around you.  Please realize that there is a REAL BATTLE going on for the minds of humanity, and that the so so-called Channeled Messages are nothing more than a CON.

Please know that even within the “NEW AGE”,  dark forces have infiltrated heavily and are spreading lies at 100 miles per hour…, and that you are being deceived if you buy into their bullshit.

We have got to get clear as to what we are trying to achieve if we are going to get there.

Waiting for a RESCUE…, is not a viable option…, because if you recall Jesus told his followers that he would RETURN.

Those men and women who lived during those days thought that he meant he would return during THEIR LIFETIMES!   Here we are…, 2000 years later and the clock is STILL TICKING….

How many of you have 2000 years to wait for a mass landing…, or an Ascension???

What will it take to get those of you who know what is going on…, to actually ENGAGE in the process of trying to HELP solve the problem?

Those who come to my website…, you can repost and reblog these messages because that will help.

I will be writing more on the collective unconscious soon.

For the time being…, please think on these things!  I ask you because I CARE!

All my love,















By: Bradley Loves

The long, lost Esoteric Knowledge of Atlantis, Lumeria, Mu and many of Earth’s former Grand Civilizations has been found!

It is being “hidden” from humanity at large…, and rests in the hands of those men who belong to SECRET SOCIETIES!  It is also being held by men and women who practice rites and rituals involved in Satanic Worship.

I know that this is not new information.  Indeed, many of my articles have touched upon this subject before…, and yet…, if I do not repeat this…, it seems that most people quickly FORGET this part of the equation when it comes to understanding any new situation that arises concerning Earths problems.

We’ve got to get this through our heads.

There is a Bible verse that says this:

….there is nothing outside of yourself that can defile you….

I would say that this verse is quite incorrect!

In fact…, I would say that it is the “active” agenda of those who practice Dark Magic and Satanic Rituals to do just that!

They are actively using every means possible to DEFILE each and every human soul, and to weaken each and every human soul far beyond what your imagination will allow you to believe is possible.

If you only could see what I see!

How far gone is our MUSIC?  All one has to do is to go HERE, to the VIGILANT CITIZEN website and there are hundreds of posts and articles showing us exactly how Satanism and ritual magic has infiltrated the music industry at large.

This is not a joke…, nor is it a con!  This is what has happened!

The “why” of what they are doing in this industry…, and how they are doing it…, could fill a book!  And for the purposes of this article…, (which I am writing before I go to work) simply can not be explained quickly.

The quick version is that this Music…, which involves “signs” and “symbols”…, is very much a part of BLACK MAGIC, and whether you believe this or not…, has little bearing on what they are doing to you!

This INDUSTRY at large…, is meant to have a very definite affect upon the collective unconscious!

More over…, it is just one of an uncountable number of ways in which “we” are being attacked on levels we are not aware of!

If you think of yourself as a “frequency” being…, a being of pure light, love, and vibration…, then you may find some help in your understanding.


It “opens” their energy up to DARK FORCES!

Here is something that I wrote 10 years ago that explains this:

What if it was magnetism which held our physical body’s energy frequencies in a particular way that “allowed” them to appear real to our physical eyes, when in fact they are nothing more than light waves? My friends…the end of the rabbit hole is nowhere in sight…it just keeps going!
Now here once again, let us ask these questions.

Do we as human beings walking around in our day to day lives have a specific defense against this? I believe we do. All human beings have the protection of their own personal magnetic shield. This is what keeps them from blending into other people in the first place. Each one of us has a protective magnetic field around our bodies called an AURA.

Aura’s can and will repel any disharmonic frequencies that are not compatible with the human being which they are protecting anywhere on the planet!

This is what magnetic shields do; because they are energy generated, they are fully functioning beams of light energy that can and
will repel anything which is non-harmonic. However, because magnetic fields do have properties of fluidity as well, they can be influenced by their hosts own internal energy wave creations.
To be clear…, I would first like to say that the ONLY way external negative energies could ever have an affect upon your AURA (which is literally your only protection against this) is IF your own internal energies are out of alignment with your highest potentials of LOVE and LIGHT.
This is NOT a very big if…., since almost everyone has been out of alignment with the highest love and light coming up to the present end of this cycle.
There is a passage in the Christian Bible which states this: There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever defile you. What is written there would be accurate only to the extent that the person who is being subjected to outer defilement is FIRST perfectly pure in thought, word, and deed at all times on a constant basis.

This person would never have a problem since their own AURA would repel every dark force it ever came into contact with.
Everyone else will ALWAYS be affected by the collective energies of the world to the extent that their own internal thoughts, ideas, and emotions have already defiled them, thus making them susceptible to even more defilement.

So, the point here is, if I indulge myself in any action, or in any direction of thinking too much, my AURA will get clouded and muddied by my own thoughts and emotions. This is when and
how other smart (DARK) forces can move through your protective shields.
Any protective mechanism that operates in the nature of waves, frequency, or fields (like your AURA) can and will be compromised when it is matched harmonically.


It might interest you to know that almost EVERYTHING that you’ve ever been taught, and think is real is a LIE!

I wonder how many of you got to watch the Movie: THEY LIVE on Youtube?

[The link was a good one when I posted it.  If you can’t view it…, try downloading TOR from the TOR PROJECT.  It’s a proxy which should allow you to view things anonymously.]

Therefore you are already basing almost all of your daily decisions on faulty information which in turn leads you as a human being to DEFILE your own energy and frequency.

So for those NEW AGERS who think they’ve got the world by the tail…, and that all is Hunky Dory…, think again!  They have been defiling their own energies and frequencies all of their natural lives just like everyone else simply because they are basing all of their decisions on things that are cons and lies!

More to come later….




The Collective Unconscious

By: Bradley Loves

There is a real battle going on as we speak!

A WAR is being waged upon humanity in such a way that many would never believe it if told the true particulars.

The battle is being fought on a level that you can’t even see!

The PLAYERS are Archons, Demons, Discarnate and Out of Body entities who have been coerced and forced into attacking humanity on the subtle levels of the Astral and Mental planes of creation.

The “ring-leaders” of this on going coercion are:

Secret Society Members, Black Magicians, Satan Worshipers, and Other Dimensional Beings who are not from Earth.

It is really hard for me to describe to you a place that is both unseen and hidden from your eyes…, yet still exists!

This place is inhabited by real beings…, who are working like “mercenaries” for the dark Cabal.

Let me repeat that…, these beings are “mercenaries” who are working for the dark Cabal!

Now…, think clearly about what we have learned about all of the wars that have happened on Earth in the past 20 years!

How does the Cabal conduct these wars?

Well, lets look at ISIS.

ISIS is a group of “hired” thugs…, “mercenaries” who are being paid by the Cabal to conduct a proxy WAR and to commit attacks and aggression upon innocent beings in order to cause maximum chaos and trauma in Syria, Iraq, and where ever else they are operating.

It is CLEAR that almost every WAR that the Cabal or “EMPIRE” has waged against WE THE PEOPLE…, and the Earth has involved using proxies and mercenaries.


The Cabal is made up of ILLUMINATI adepts who have unlimited access to Ancient Esoteric Knowledge!

Many of them are in fact BLACK MAGICIANS…, and know deeply the esoteric rites, rituals, and spells needed to conjure DEMONS, ARCHONS, and DARK FORCES!

Is it that hard to believe that IF these men and women who are as we speak USING proxy forces to maim and kill innocent human beings on the physical level…, they would not ALSO engage Demons, Archons, and Out of Body Entities to do WAR against innocent humanity on the unseen levels as well??

Especially if they had the power, the know how, and the ability to do so???

Think Bigger!

In the next few days (hopefully) I will be doing several installments of exactly HOW we are being attacked by unseen beings on the ASTRAL and MENTAL levels…, as a result of the Satanic/Luciferean Cabal creating a “mercenary” Demonic Force to weaken us just before they intend to declare a take over upon the surface humanity!

All my love,













By: Bradley Loves

Thanks to all of my loving readers for the kind concern in asking about my welfare!  I have been busy doing several things that simply took up too much of my time to get to the blog.

One of the things that I was busy with can not even be talked about, but a human life was saved as a result!  The other thing that happened was that I was offered a construction job for the first time in over a year.  Needless to say I was both over joyed, and taken aback at the same time. Maybe the “powers that were” decided that keeping me busy is a better way to shut me up!

I took the job because I’m almost broke and needed the money badly.

I got a brand new computer…, (again) because the other one got super hacked (again) and became useless.  So now I am on the (I almost lost count here) 5th laptop in about 18 months!

At any rate…, now that I have a new computer again, and several things that were dire have been taken care of…, I am back and will be more available!

All my love




By: Bradley Loves

As you believe…, so shall it be.

This is a great quote…, and yet I would ask you this:

  • How many human beings know what they believe?
  • How many human beings know what they think?
  • How many human beings know what happens in the subconscious mind?

The general thrust of my writings have been toward a solid comprehension and understanding of where “we collectively” sit in the Grand Scheme of things.

Slightly different than what you may have learned from the Great Yogi’s of old…, who taught that you could “change” your own personal destiny if you would only change your thinking…

What I am “teaching” is not an individual pursuit. Although similar in many respects to the LOVE that one might need to achieve a personal “self realization”…, what I am trying to teach and to clarify is that OUR REALITY (our collective experience) here on Earth is not simply an individual creation…, but is also created in the aggregate.

The “REALITY” that we are seeing played out in front of us on a daily basis is made by all of us together!

OUR REALITY is a RESULT of what we think and how we think!

At first glance, this might seem innocuous!  It might seem that it has no real bearing on the lives of millions of “truth seekers” who tend to think and believe that it is all about “their own individual journey”.

If we were actually living in the historical past…, where food was still pure, air and water were not tainted…, and there were no television, radio, wi-fi, and dozens of other frequency waves bombarding our minds and bodies 24/7…, then maybe we could take the advice of those “enlightened” men and women who claimed realization in the distant past…, and even wrote books about their experiences.

The TRUTH however is this:


The “formula” for making a cake back then…, IS NOT the formula for making a cake NOW!

There are very important reasons for this which are being totally ignored by those who are still trying to follow the recipe handed down to them from ages ago!

This is the incredible truth that the NEW AGE refuses to see and to acknowledge no matter how many times people like me call them onto the carpet!  There is a great LIE that is being perpetrated onto the masses at large…, who have only just began to be awakened by the “energies” that were KNOWN to be coming available to all human beings on Earth at this time.

The best analogy that I can give to show you what I am talking about is this one:

There is a very OLD MAP…, which shows a road that leads to a desired destination. (Peace and Realization)

That road goes through many ravines, over many rivers…, through some tunnels and other such obstacles.  Many years ago (when the “saints” and the “sages” were in body or physical form) this road was “intact”, and you could use it to get to this destination.

Today however…, the ravines are filled with debris, the bridges going over many deep rivers have been destroyed…, and the tunnels are being actively blocked.

What I am saying is this:  THAT ROAD IS NO LONGER USABLE!

What the NEW AGE is totally missing is the SCIENCE behind what they are trying to achieve!

It’s not really their fault…, they simply don’t UNDERSTAND the science of what they are trying to achieve. But instead of listening and learning from those who are here to help them…, they instead close their eyes and ears to those who CAME HERE to teach this…, and instead run to “out of body entities” who have NO BUSINESS interfering in our REALM.

The truth is that there is a DARK FORCE which has come upon the Earth in the form of men and women who willingly serve OTHER DIMENSIONAL FORCES that are very dark and malevolent.

Working together in secrecy, these men and women who number at about 10 percent of Earth’s entire population, have began to use SCIENCE and ancient esoteric knowledge against the rest of humanity!

This is a BIG PROBLEM for all of us.

Working together over long periods of time…, these men and women worked hard to buy, own, and control EVERYTHING, only so that (at this time in history) they would be able to control something called:  The Collective Unconscious

Because the Ancient Mystery Schools always understood the deep science behind how the Universe really worked and operated…, they “kept” that knowledge from the common man (for his own protection and the protection of the Earth).

It is well understood that even in times long past (in Egypt for instance) there were two main RELIGIONS.

There was a higher and a lower religion.

The lower religion was for the masses of people who were not ready to understand the finer workings of the Universe.  The higher religion was for the adepts at MAGIC, and for those who could handle higher truths.  These “truths” were protected and hidden inside the Mystery Schools.

What has happened is that those mystery schools have been over run and infiltrated by men and women who are VERY DARK, are practicing Satanists and have vowed to serve out of body entities in exchange for their own immortality!

The DARK now controls the ancient knowledge of the collective unconscious…, and has developed astounding technologies in order to “steer” that unconscious part of our collective into CREATING (with our help) a very dark, demonic, and satanic reality!

The SCIENCE of “how things work” can not be put into a small article like this.  It is a life time of learning and understanding.  It also takes willingness to come to terms with the idea that things can be manipulated behind your back!

THIS video, which is an interview with Jay Parker, talks about part of the SCIENCE of what is happening!  For those who can not stomach the entire video, then please load it up and go directly to 13 minutes in, and listen up to the 21 minute mark!   This is ONLY 8 minutes of your time, and Jay will tell you that what is being done by the Illuminati, is being done to affect the EARTH’S energetic and magnetic field!  This information is incredibly important.


Because you…, YES YOU!,  live and breath and exist within Earth’s energetic and magnetic field!  How do you think that you are going to “individually” ASCEND or GOD REALIZE inside of a magnetic and energetic field of pure poison??

This is the EVIL that is being done to have a overall scientific effect upon the planet in order to LOWER it’s vibration so low…, that demonic and archonic beings can totally control it.


We can no longer use the “old recipe” of individual practices for our own personal salvation and God Realization because in these new times…, THAT WON’T WORK!

The energetic and magnetic grids and fields are BEING POISONED…, and you are being affected in your sub-conscious mind whether you know it or not.

The TRUTH that Jesus brought us fits the most right here:


No longer can you just sit back and “ignore” what is happening in the world and on the planet…, go into a cave and seek your OWN PERSONAL realization because you are being foiled on the subconscious level by these DARK FORCES who know the science of how to do that.

Only by taking REAL and CONCRETE STEPS in the physical, and in the here and the now to challenge and put a stop to these men and women who serve these forces will you be able to do the practices according to the old recipe!

The NEW AGE refuses to acknowledge this!

CHANNELERS refuse to say this…, and instead tell you to look away and DO NOTHING to help these poor children who are being raped daily…, because it’s their KARMA and they “wanted that”.

My question is this:

If this is really happening…, and Jay Parker and countless others like him says that it is…, then why has the Channeling Community totally ignored this??

More importantly…, if what is being done to these children IS IN FACT having an effect on the collective (on all of us) they HOW can they tell us that we should simply over look or ignore what is happening to these children…, KNOWING the negative and adverse collateral affect it has on all of us…, even on those WHO ARE LOVING?

To say things like:

….don’t worry about what is happening around you…, just keep your vibration high…,

Totally IGNORES the science and the process of what these DARK FORCES are doing here on EARTH.

There are only two possible reasons for this:

  1. These channeled entites have NO CLUE what is really happening here
  2. These channeled entites are in fact working for the same DARK FORCES that the Satanists are working for.


For now…, what we need to do is to WORK HARD and take concrete physical action…, (NOT IGNORE) to expose all of the Satanists Worldwide!  We need to expose their practices and their rituals and their agenda!

We need to work hard to put a stop to ALL OF IT!

We do this through positive action!

Sitting in your home, and waiting for an ASCENSION to occur, will not change anything!

My brothers and sisters…., Think on these things!

All my love,