One thought on “FREEMAN FLY

  1. hannacora

    Hi Bradley,
    Here is something to add to the narrative of
    Why ISIS has been so diligent in destroying monuments of antiquity!
    These 2 links will take you to see more of Dr. ASHRAF EZZAT’s material & articles:


    As many Arabic names in the Israelite book got westernized (Aaron, Joseph, Abela, Abraham, Sarah, Adam and Noah) so did the stories and the faith. In his phenomenal sculpture of Moses, Michelangelo wouldn’t have surpassed the tradition boundaries and ventured into ingenuity had he not believed Moses and his book was one of the building blocks of western culture.

    Unfortunately with this misperception (overshadowed and diluted by ingenious works of classical art and literature inspired by the Israelite book) the state of Israel has been established on Palestine (a land completely alien from the Israelite Patriarchs and their stories) with the blessings and support of the deluded western world.

    The truth of the matter is that Judaism originated in ancient Southern Arabia and Northern Yemen (why do you think Jews wear the Arabic skull cap).

    ***Daesh helps Israel conceal historical origin***

    This article was posted by Dr. ASHRAF EZZAT (Ashraf62)
    on March 24, 2015 ~ before the Russian military intervention in Syria
    (submitted by ‘The Old Sniper‘ for on 8/1/2016)

    Once the true story of the Captivity and the Arabian origin of the Israelite tribe are exposed, the whole Zionist project could crumble under the power of the historical truth.

    A body of high profile anthropologists and historians trace the Israelite tribe back to their Arabian origin in Northen Yemen. One of their amazing evidence-based findings is that Jerusalem is originally called Dar Salam/ safe house that is located near mountain Zion in Northern Yemen.

    Among those tribes were the Israelites (thieves and thugs from the very beginning).

    Not to mention that the violent Israelite theology (based on the prejudiced and tribal concept of God’s chosen people) couldn’t by any means aspire to be a universal faith (hadn’t it been for the Greeks and the Romans who deviously politicized the Israelite faith and stories)

    The Hebrew book was a local book of tribal tales aimed at an audience of the same tribes. The dissemination of its stories came after the Greek Septuagint forgery that falsely established the king of Egypt as Pharaoh of Moses (the very first steps of globalizing the local Arabian tale based on mass deception)


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