By: Bradley Loves

This post is something that I’ve been thinking about for some time now.  It’s a letting off of steam so to speak.

Before I start…, let’s get one thing clear…, I have the deepest RESPECT and the utmost LOVE for each and every person who comes here to read!

So…, to those who are reading this…, it is NOT about YOU!  I truly cherish my readers and supporters.

Rather…, this post is about mankind in general…, and his cowardess and apathy…, and also his unwillingness TO LEARN!

Okay…, so where to I even start?

If you took the time to watch the latest videos I’ve posted…, including the material from: Miles Johnston, Harald Kautz Vella, and Peter Paget…, then you would see that some VERY DEEP things are going on.

In april of last year…, (2014) I was doing interviews on CCN NETWORK with Dani Mckinney and Lisa Harrison on Lisa’s show called: THE ONE PEOPLE.

Back then it was clear to all three of us that the “war” going on in the middle east was more about ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY buried in the desert there than anything else.

It was about the ANCIENT PORTALS, STAR-GATES, and COMPUTER SYSTEMS that were still buried there from thousands of years ago.

I had some sources back then…, and Dani had some sources and we were diving deep into what was really going on.

Later on in 2014…, we connected all of that with the A.I…, the Chem Trails, and the Black Goo…, that were all attempts to take over  humanity by subtle means.

But…, no matter how much real TRUTH gets put out into the blogosphere…, 99.9 percent of the people reading in the “alternative media” RUN and hide from it…, with their hands over their eyes and ears going  la la la la la la la la …, don’t want to HEAR THAT!


Not only do I do hours of research every day…, but I also read dozens of alternative media blogs so that I can keep up to date with what is going on as far as what type of information is getting put out there.

All I can say is that I am flabbergasted that so FEW ALTERNATIVE MEDIA writers have picked up on the serious issues and are talking about them.

Do you really want to know what I see instead…

  • Thousands of articles about the pending RV!
  • Articles about the money and Gold Backed currencies
  • Hundreds of Channeled Messages from dubious so called Masters
  • Endless “how to Ascend” articles
  • Daily “Astrology Reports”
  • Hundreds of Distraction Articles written to “blame” our current problems on the mafia or the mob, instead of placing the blame where it belongs which is with those are NOT FROM HERE.

All I can say is that the depth of the misdirection is absolutely staggering!

And yet nothing, nothing, nothing about the real HISTORY of our planet that has been discovered, and the real DANGER of an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE takeover of all of our computer systems world wide.

In my humble opinion…, there are only a FEW DOZEN OUTLETS LEFT in the alternative media that are breaking real news and telling real truth any longer…, and NO…, the continued saga of the RV does not count!

Please watch the video’s that I posted for today and for yesterday.

The Lecture in Warsaw Poland is excellent!  Even if it had to be translated…, there is MUCH INFORMATION there.

What we are facing IS FAR MORE SERIOUS than the blogs that cover the endless channeled material would have you believe.













MONTAGUE KEEN – Jan 3rd 2016

Note from Bradley:  I was AMAZED to see this message today considering what I just wrote this morning!  The two posts are eerily alike!  No matter what people say about Veronica Keen…, her information is always very close to the TRUTH. ~ B

“In the final analysis, it is the ELITE HOUSES who have constructed the PARASITICAL SYSTEM: A GLOBAL PRISON, a prison without bars. No one can explain the DECEPTION logically. How can anyone explain a DELUSION that is so POWERFUL and OMNIPRESENT, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR MOST PEOPLE TO FATHOM ?

One of the jailers mocks, “It is only the small secrets that need protection. The BIG ONES PROTECT THEMSELVES BY PUBLIC INCREDULITY.”



“Let us not forget that anything that the PARASITAL ELETE wishes to destroy, they first DEMONISE. Think for yourself.”

“The final piece of the puzzle slots into place and completes the Ancient Cipher, encoded by the Mystery Schools, to reveal for the first time ever, the surprising location of the EARTH’S KINGDOM OF OSIRIS = ATLANTIS, THE BIRTHPLACE OF WESTERN CIVILISATION; IT IS IRELAND, LAND OF THE PHARAOHS.”

Monty guided me, once again, to “IRELAND LAND OF THE PHARAOHS” by ANDREW POWER.

There is so much in that book that is relevant to our awakening.

My dear, 2016 will be a year of action. You can no longer sit back and allow your world to be taken from you and humanity, to be wiped out. To comprehend what you must do today, you must look at the past, at how and when everything was changed and humans became mere slaves to your oppressors. You can now see clearly who your oppressors are, and the method used to hold you in darkness, helpless and totally controlled. Your eyes are open to the methods used to enslave you. Now you must act together to say, “We do not consent to your take-over of our world.”

They cannot do it without your consent and assistance. Do not give another penny to support RELIGION, as there is no truth in what they preach. Refuse to de deceived by religion for one moment longer. The moment you release yourselves from the domination of Church and State, you become a free spirit, able to see the truth for the first time. It is truly liberating.

Your light will shine brightly and attract others to you. FREEDOM is your God-given right. What you see all around you, is actually a product of FALSIFICATION and FANTASY that you foolishly bought into. In 2016, you have the power to banish all those who do not belong on Earth and who have strived to imprison the minds of humanity to enslave you. You live in a beautiful world that you are blind to. You are all victims of mind-control; otherwise ask yourselves how you could possibly have voted for those who kill your fellow man and make life on Earth a struggle to survive. You obediently vote for those who put chemicals in the air you breath, the water you drink, and the food you eat, and who, through corrupt banking, control every moment of your lives.

You can so easily take back control of your lives. Stop paying HOMAGE to those who make life on Earth almost impossible for so many. It does not matter for whom you vote, as they all obey your oppressors. It is time to take back control and restore peace. It can be done. There are four politicians in Ireland now who are taking action. They want TRUTH. Support them, as they speak their minds. By their actions, you will know them. You have a responsibility to choose the right people to take things forward.

How I would love to be on Earth right now, knowing what I know from this side of life. You need to have the courage to stand up for yourselves, and to refuse to KILL or support the destruction of your world. The PARASITES will leave when you tell them to go. You have suffered enough at their hands. The struggle to survive on Earth will STOP, the moment you come together and stop it. It is in your hands. Information is flowing from all directions, opening your eyes, and showing you clearly what was done to hold you captive. You, and only you, can set yourselves free. We can and will assist you, but first you must desire FREEDOM from your oppressors, and you must be prepared to take the necessary steps to achieve it. You would need to be blind, deaf, and dumb, not to see what is being done to destroy humanity. Be assured, they will come for you, when they wish to destroy your part of the world. They show no mercy. Look at the slaughter being carried out in front of your eyes. It cannot be condoned. It is time to tell them, “I will not be part of the destruction of humanity. I refuse to assist you to achieve your EVIL PLAN. Make this your resolution for 2016.

My dear, life is extremely difficult. They do not want minds to open to the truth. You and your ilk are being battered unmercifully.

Go forward in the knowledge that you will succeed in the end, though the road is rocky just now.

My love and support is yours, always. Your adoring, Monty.


By: Bradley Loves

Welcome to 2016!

It’s a new year…, and hopefully a new way of doing things. One of the new ways of doing things (out of necessity) is to LEARN the art of “puzzle solving” and “dot connecting”.

THIS article that I wrote called: THE PUZZLE, lays it out for you in no uncertain terms, and explains that due to DECEPTION and SECRECY…, we who are living in this realm need to be good at solving puzzles.

The first and foremost “rule” of dot connecting and puzzle solving is this:

…once you have determined beyond any logical doubts that a certain dot…, data point…., or “factoid” is legitimate and sound…, THEN…, you MUST USE that dot, data point, or factoid in EVERY EQUATION, and every problem you are trying to solve FROM THAT POINT ON.

We could call this Rule # 1…, or Principle One…, or just “common sense”…, if this is getting a little bit too mathematical for you.

The reason that I am putting this as RULE ONE..., is that I have witnessed some very intelligent people (at least I consider them intelligent), trying over and over again to solve difficult problems (problems that we are facing today) while leaving huge amounts of known data OUT OF THE EQUATION.

This is not only stupid…, but a “fools errand”.

You can’t build a “model” of explaination for a problem you are facing if you leave out some of the PRIMARY DATA POINTS!

Naturally this is why Critical Thinking is a tool that you are NEVER TAUGHT in school…, becuase this is one of the very first things that you would learn.  The Cabal does NOT want you to have this tool or this knowledge…, because if you did…, then HOW could they LIE to you?

Critical Thinking is an “art”!  It is also part of what is termed: LOGIC.

The first rule in solving a problem in LOGIC is that you must take all of the data points and consider each and every one carefully and deeply before coming to your conclusion.

Sometimes…, the conclusion sounds either ridiculous, stupid, and even may go against popular belief…, but if the puzzle solving technique that was used was sound…, then SO IS THE CONCLUSION..., regardless of how strange it may seem.

My current list of PRIMARY DATA POINTS is very long…, and growing daily.  Becuase of the way that I approach problem solving…, it is usually very easy to see what is really happening in the world around me…, and what the TRUTH actually is for MYSELF!

I do not need to go to the corrupt NEWS MEDIA to tell me what has transpired…, NOR do I need to run to some web page on the internet and write a desperate e-mail to some channeler and beg them to get in touch with some out of body ENTITY to please tell me what is happening on the planet.


Let’s look at my very long list of dots or data points, that (have been determined by myself and others) to be basically TRUE…, and therefore need to be placed into EVERY (this means every single one) EQUATION.

  1. We live in a Holographic Universe, where Reality can be created through thoughts, emotions and actions…, and these thoughts, emotions and actions are better known as:  FREEWILL CHOICES.
  2. Each and every living man, woman, and child is “very powerful” when they are born…, and contains within themselves the “power of the souce”…, which allows them to be very effective CREATORS.
  3. This “realm” of space and time that we live in…, is currently under ATTACK by outside forces that are quite negative.  These outside forces do NOT want to see human beings making their OWN choices, because this “realm” in it’s entirity has been, and is currently being “used” as a “power source” (a battery) for other realms which are dying…, and thus have NO POWER of their own.
  4. The “energy” that is created here in THIS REALM…, is literally being “sucked out”…, and is the energy that feeds theirs.
  5. Becuase our RELAM is the battery (or jumper cables) that feeds their REALM…, they do not want humans (or EARTH as a whole) to ever progress or move forward to the point of understanding that this is really what is happening to us. In other words…, they want us to ETERNALLY FEED THEIR REALM.
  6. This conceieveably could have been going on for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years now!
  7. The enemy that we face is an “out of body”, or “other dimensional” enemy, and lives at a slighty different frequency than we do…, and for that reason, for the most part…, they are unseen.

Okay…, so let’s call these the MAIN SEVEN data points…, that need to be taken into account…, BEFORE we can really understand and grasp the next set of data points…, which (once looked at in concert with the above data points) make total sense.

  1. Living among us…, and walking around in “human form” are a group of so called “Blue Bloods”…, or genitically compatible men and women who stay in full contact with these outside forces and SERVE THEM as masters, while plotting against those who appear to be their own kind.
  2. These men and women have been given the priviledge of RULING over the masses ONLY becuase they are willing to sell the masses out to the outside forces.
  3. NO HUMAN BEING ever gets to rule with real power if they are NOT willing to sell the rest of humanity out to these forces.  There are NO HERO’S in the WHITE HOUSE, on DOWNING STREET, or on any other street that houses a world leader.
  4. Those who are in the positions of “real power” know full well what is going on…, and in order enjoy their position and their power…, have CONSENTED to serve these outside forces…, and thus are “granted” the positions and the roles they have.
  5. The men and women who “rule over the masses”  for these outside forces follow what is known as an OLD WORLD RELIGION!  This Old World Religion was created for the “Blue Bloods” by the outside forces and is known as Lucifereanism or Satanism. HERE, and HERE are two Youtube Videos done by Jay Parker that explain the basics of this.
  6. Because we have men and women who live among us who are not only willing…, but DO IN FACT serve these outside forces and are playing AGAINST HUMANITY at large…, we are in serious trouble and need to work hard to uncover this and EXPOSE IT for what it is.
  7. The outside forces are Demonic…, or Archonic in nature…, and are able to “possess” humans who are willing to allow these frequency beings to use their bodies.
  8. EVERYTHING…, (and I do mean EVERYTHING) that you see happening in the world is a SCREEN that is being put in front of your eyes to keep you from seeing that this is the way it is.
  9. The NEWS MEDIA is used as a tool of PROPAGANDA…, that in NO WAY tells you the real truth…, but has been put in place to beguile and mislead you.  It is misdirection at best…, and complete and utter lies at worst. It is a bought and paid for medium that is meant to keep you docile, complacent and obediant!

Okay…, these are what I call the NINE sub-data points.  These are things that can be seen happening…, and are the WHY of the first SEVEN dots or data points.  Every part of this information flows very freely and easily upward once you look at it in the whole.

Next are the data points of what has been going on in our world (and why) in order to keep this “satanic system” in place…, in such a way that we are all basically prisoners to it!

  1. Becuase it is our “thoughts” which are the very basis of what we will create here on Earth…, MIND CONTROL has become an imperative for these outside forces and therefore MIND CONTROL has now been introduced into every part of our daily lives.
  2. The CIA has been funding MK ULTRA since the 1950’s in order to find better ways to incorporate the NEW TECHNOLOGIES into the OLD WORLD MIND CONTROL (which was used for thousands of years) that is known as TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL.
  3. Trauma based Mind Control is torture!  It is done by beating and torturing the victim so much that their “mind splits” into “alters” which can then be “programmed” by the men and women who are well versed in Old World Magic.  Trauma based Mind Control starts when the victim is very young…, and usually only a small child.  This “type” of MIND CONTROL is still being used by the BLUE BLOODS even today.
  4. RAPE, PEDOPHILIA, and RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE are some of the basic tools of Trauma based Mind Control that are used by the Lucifereans or Satanists, which according to Jay Parker (as told to him by his mother) comprise between 10 to 12 percent of the entire world’s population!
  5. That means that in the USA (which has slightly over 300 million people) there are at least 30 million OLD WORLD SATANISTS living and working in this country as we speak.
  6. This also means that if we have 7 Billion people living in the world as we speak…, that there are easily over 700 million OLD WORLD GENERATIONAL SATANISTS (men, women, and their children) who follow along with this agenda of serving the outside forces. This also means that one out of every 10 people that you know personally is one of them…, even if they have never told you so.
  7. These people KNOW for a fact that they are in league with and working for these outside forces.
  8. DECEPTION and SECRECY is one of their PRIMARY TEACHINGS, which is why they NEVER let on what they are doing.  (….”The first rule of fight club is that you NEVER talk about fight club….”     a quote from the Movie called:  FIGHT CLUB)
  9. Now instead of getting depressed about this…, and throwing in the towel…, it is important to know that 270 million people living in the USA are NOT Satanists and therefore we out number them!  There are also 6.3 Billion people living in the world who are NOT Satanists and so we outnumber them by a huge margin.
  10. The problem is that the “Satanists” are the ones who get “elected” into office and are also (sometimes but not always) the “Judges” the “Lawyers” and the “Police”.    Therefore it becomes imperative for us to recognize that those who are in the POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY…, do not deserve our respect… NOR our obediance!
  11. If, after placing all of the above data points or dots into the “EQUATION”… you can not see this…, then YOU YOURSELF are under MIND CONTROL, and are of NO USE to the goal of freeing HUMANITY because your “mind” has been over run and you can not think clearly!
  12. The 1988 Movie called: THEY LIVE…, was actually written and made to describe what was happening here on the EARTH!  HERE is a link to the 90 minute movie called THEY LIVE on Youtube which you can actually watch for free!  Please do so right away since I have noticed that within a month or so, many of my most important links on Youtube that involve TV shows and Movies have disappeared.

These Channeled and Out of Body “ENTITIES” (for the most part) have NO REAL CLUE what is really happening here on the EARTH!  If they did.., they would talk about it…, and they NEVER DO.  They pretend they know what is going to happen here…, but they are not privy to all of the information that they claim to be privy to. If they WERE in the know…, they would have KNOWN that no ascension was ever going to take place in 2012!  In addition to just not being very knowledgeable about what is happening here, if they ever were…., (some of them) are acutally working for and with the Demons and the Archons and have given their allegiance over to them!  The question then becomes how do you sort out the LIARS from those who are really trying to tell the truth?

This is the final set of dots or data points that must be taken into consideration when trying to understand ANYTHING NEW that happens here on the Earth. You can not understand anything unless you add these to the equation…..

  1. Chem-trails being placed into the air = MIND CONTROL
  2. GMO foods being produced in large quantites = Change the human DNA so as to starve, re-configure and weaken the immune sysem! (this in turn makes MIND CONTROL easier)
  3. Flouride in the water = MIND CONTROL
  4. Vaccines placed into your body = Changing your DNA and making you more susceptible to MIND CONTROL.
  5. GWEN TOWERS and HAARP are tools which propogate waves and frequencies which are there to change your moods and ultimately CONTROL YOU through these frequencies.
  6. Endless technology has been kept away from humanity and hidden because that is the ONLY WAY to control us and keep us from throwing these outside forces of control off of our backs.
  7. The ELITES and those who are in positions of power (government) have sworn allegiance to the other dimensional DEMONS and the ARCHONS, and have pledged to do their bidding and their will (in secret of course)!   Because of this…, they do not serve us…, and therefore deserve neither our obediance NOR our respect on ANY ISSUE PERIOD.
  8. Many of the “mid-level” minions of the New World Order (paper pushers, clerks and statistitions) have no idea that those above them are Satanists! They do their job for a paycheck without knowing that they are both serving and reinforcing a SATANIC SYSTEM.
  9. Secrecy and Deception (read CIA, NSA, NRO etc..) have effectively blocked all knowledge from the people and have therefore doomed humanity to continued enslavement if they are not stopped.  Those who work for these agencies will be damned after they pass from their physical bodies…, and have to face SERIOUS COSMIC CONSEQUENCES for the evil they have perpetrated upon the innocent.
  10. Those men and women who work inside super secret “agencies” like the NRO and the NSA are being RECORDED on the higher levels as we speak…, and every day…, each and every single “act” that they take in thought, word and deed that goes against humanity at large is both catalogued and documented!  These men and women will NOT ESCAPE JUSTICE like they think they will!  The equation will be balanced down to the last penny and ounce, they can be assured of that!  The Archons and the Demons know this…, but have convinced those who serve them willingly that they can somehow escape the Universal Justice System. (which is A LIE).
  11. The NEW AGE..., is 100 percent incorrect when it says there is no such things as “bad” in the Universe…, and that there are NO CONSEQUENCES FOR EVIL DEEDS being done here on Earth. (OH YES THERE ARE), but this is also part of the LIE coming from the ARCHONS and the DEMONS.
  12. Corporate America…, and those who build super secret technologies have been let in on “some” of the secrets but have continued to aid and abet these outside forces because the Capitalistic System (which is all about profit) is a SATANIC SYSTEM that is used for control…, and they do not make money unless there is a PROFIT.
  13. Lastly…, there is a super advanced and SECRET SPACE PROGRAM that has been kept under wraps which is being used to gather both information and technology for the ELITE…, and to possibley create a way for these ELITE to escape this realm or reality.  They have decided to abandon the rest of us to the control of the demons and the archons rather that UNITE with us in a battle against them.  THEY ARE PURE COWARDS who do not deserve to breath the same air that we do!

Finally, something positive!

There is a REALM of PURE LOVE!  There is a REALM of PURE JOY!  You gain entrance to this realm by creating your own entrance to it!

The lock and the key into this realm is both “magnetic” and “frequency” driven, which means that your own personal “frequency” or vibration is only the first key.  The second key is a magnetic one that includes all of your actions AND inactions on the EARTH and what you did AS ACTION OR INACTION to help humanity.

If your magnetics (polarity) is totally balanced…, meaning you have no outstanding issues to balance with regards to your thoughts, words and deeds here…, then (and only then) can you turn the second lock.

Each and every man, woman and child of the OLD WORLD RELIGION who practice Satanism…, will be locked into the lower realms of darkness for eternity UNLESS they balance out the darkness they have done with good works so that the slate becomes clean.

Every New Ager…, who has done NOTHING to help to spread the real truth…, and has simply regurgitated channeled messages to the masses, and who are therefore supporting the Satanic System becuase they are either Cowards…, or because they could profit somehow from it…, will also be locked out of the higher realms until THEY BALANCE the equation they created by helping and serving those men and women who they felt were NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

We are our “brothers” keeper.  Their pain is our pain!  Their distress is our distress!  We are ONE…, but NOT in the way the NEW AGE says.

Bombs dropping in Syria, and Yemen, and in other countries IS IN FACT OUR PROBLEM! To say that it can somehow be ignored…, because it is “their KARMA” to be living there…, and that they CHOSE THAT…, is the biggest DECEPTION OF ALL…, and that lie comes straight from Channelers of the NEW AGE!

All of my love…..















By: Bradley Loves

A loving and open society needs transparency if it is ever going to survive.  Deception is “THEE PRIMARY TOOL”…, meaning…, it is the foremost foundation of all that the dark does in this world.


I have met…, and dealt with hundreds of “apologists” for those who are deceivers and liars, and have come to the conclusion that they are as blind as they are stupid!

I read a recent blog post about how our own President wire tapped the Israeli Presidents phone conversations…, and thus “caught” him in the act of trying to kill the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Some people were elated over this.

This post claimed that this somehow made Obama a “great” president.., and though I applaud his desire to have things become transparent…, he has LIED ABOUT, and hidden hundreds (if not thousands) of other things that make him one of the worst men alive today.

Let me remind you of something very important!  Obama has LIED about the true nature of 9/11 over and over and over!


Obama lied about the so called capture of Osama bin Laden!


(Subsequent to that deceptive “event” every man on Navy Seal Team 6 lost their lives to cover up the TRUTH!)

Obama has lied about Sandy Hook!


Obama has lied about ISIS…, knowing full well that the CIA created that organization AND armed them.


I am truly sick and tired of these New Age APOLOGISTS for men and women who are nothing more than blatant and unrepentant  LIARS AND DECEIVERS!

Too many New Agers seem to feel that somehow…, there is a GRAND OPERATION going on in the background where a few “magnificent souls” (read: chosen ones) are playing double agent behind the scenes…., but in order to do their job they:

HAVE TO LIE CONSTANTLY to set us all free.

I have one word for that:


Let me say that in another way…


Let me rephrase that one last time…


That is New Age BULLSHIT! 

It is a candy cane and Santa Claus story…, that has been propagated by CHANNELERS and CHANNELED ENTITIES, and by buying into that CON…, those who do are giving men and women in high offices of responsibility a “free ticket” to LIE, CHEAT, and DECEIVE…, endlessly…., because now that deception is somehow JUSTIFIED!

Here is a story about how LIES and DECEPTION were used (by the dark) to start a war in YEMEN…, which has now claimed more lives of innocent women and children than can be counted…, AND has all but destroyed that country!


Please start to see DECEPTION for what it is:

The Primary Tool of Pure Evil!

My brothers and sisters…, I pray that you will think about this deeply!




By: Bradley Loves

Because of the endless amounts of hidden Esoteric Knowledge, the infiltration of the Ancient Mystery Schools by those who practice Lucifereanism, the rewriting of History, and the dumbing down of Earth’s populations…, life has become (of necessity) A PUZZLE.

This means that you have to actively try to figure it out!  Naturally…, this scares the pants off of those men and women who support the Luciferean agenda…, which is why LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING are not only NEVER TAUGHT in schools…, they are actively discouraged…, and as of lately…, even PUNISHED when you try to use these tools!

Can you understand what I am saying and why?  Do you see the depth of what has transpired here on Earth, and what has been done to bring us all to this point?

If you do…, if you can see the HERCULEAN EFFORT that was put into place to cause this to be…, do you suppose that the wave of a wand will fix it all?

There is NO QUICK FIX to trying to dispel ALL of the illusions that have been planted into so many human beings minds. When I wrote THIS article called: Thought is the Creative Force, I was not joking or speaking lightly about a subject which is epically IMPORTANT.

In order to get to the REAL TRUTH…, we must actively QUESTION EVERYTHING!  

Naturally this applies to:

  1. All Religions
  2. Governments
  3. The Media
  4. Teachers and Scientists
  5. Figures of “Authority”
  6. The Pope
  7. The Military
  8. Corporations
  9. Legal Systems
  10. Judges
  11. The Police
  12. Even your own family which may not know the TRUTH.

Now you may say…, well then…, if none of what I am being “told” is the TRUTH…, where do I find it?

And sadly…, Normally I would tell you to “go within”…, and listen to that still small voice of your soul!   And this IS THE TRUTH!

However these “criminals” left NOTHING TO CHANCE!  They wanted the Planet AND your SOUL so badly that they crafted and created a technological means such that when you finally got “silent” and tried to “go within” and “hear” a message…, they had one already waiting for you with the BROADCAST TECHNOLOGIES called VOICE TO SKULL.

Cleverly crafted and woven into words that sound loving…, they placed a poisonous message that told you THERE IS NOTHING YOU HAVE TO DO! 

These men and women who understand BLACK MAGIC and the conjuring of Demons from the Astral Levels…, have been feeding (paying) these Demons (with human sacrifice) to act as Knowledgeable Entities, who willingly come to those men and women who are easily misled or gullible, and tell them 50 percent truth…, laced with 50 percent lies so that everything that is said that is real will be ignored.

So therefore…, I can NOT in good conscience tell you to simply “go within” without WARNING YOU that by going within…, you will have to deal with both a technological system that is designed to LIE to you…, and a demonic element that is also waiting for you and wants to LIE to you as well!

These are the hurdles you will have to cross BEFORE you can get to the real truth!  If you “go within” with the rose colored glasses…, and the kool-aid drinking idea that there is NO SUCH THING as “bad” on the inner planes and on the inner levels…, then you are sadly walking on the edge of a cliff with banana peels on your feet for shoes!


You have GOT to use your own CRITICAL THINKING…, and YOUR MIND!  You have got to question everything you are told EVEN that which you hear from CHANNELED ENTITES!

ESPECIALLY that which you hear from CHANNELED ENTITIES!

To simply take for granted…, and believe that because what you are being told (as truth) is coming from a channeled entity, and that “that truth” is not at least 50 percent LIES…, is something ONLY a total fool would do!

When you “hear” a message…, or a “teaching” coming to you from an entity that you can’t see…, and most certainly can’t even PROVE that it is the persona that it says it is…, you have to use YOUR PURE HEART OF LOVE in concert WITH YOUR HIGHER MIND OF COMPASSION AND CARE to see if what is being said is right.

You have to ASK YOURSELF with each new message…, if I follow this teaching…, what will the result for the world be?

How will those who are suffering be affected?

Will it make life better and easier on Earth?

And most importantly…, if I am being asked to DO NOTHING…, is it possible that this is part of a STAND DOWN agenda…, so that other entities can come in and take over the very REALM in which I am currently living my life?

If you have NOT asked these questions after hearing every teaching…, then sadly…, I must inform you that you have SURRENDERED YOUR MIND to others!

I can not begin to tell you the COSMIC LEVEL CONSEQUENCE that this type of abdication of responsibility carries!

Even if these Channeled Entities are out there tempting you to believe lies.., YOU and you alone…, are the final arbiter of what you will believe.  That is why due diligence and work are necessary elements to every act you do…, even when listening to channeled messages.

If you personally TAKE ACTION…, based on something that was “told to you” inside a Channeled Message…, then YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for that action BECAUSE you did not take the time to ask all of the right questions BEFORE you simply took those words AS GOSPEL.

Also remember this:

Action can also be DOING NOTHING!

That is called: INACTION, but is always the result of a personal choice.

There has been much already written about the idea that DOING NOTHING is also a choice!  You are HERE (on Earth) to choose…, and even though there are many New Agers who think they can scam the system…, and save themselves by making NO CHOICE AT ALL in the face of great evil…, making NO CHOICE is also CHOOSING!

You can not escape the LESSONS that you are here to LEARN!  You can NOT escape the lesson that teaches that each breath you take…, and each idea you hold in YOUR MIND…, YOU (YES YOU) are helping to create the reality that you see around you!

And because of that…, YOU (YES YOU) are personally responsible for that reality.

And if that reality is ugly and you don’t like it…, then you need to DO SOMETHING in the form of an ACTION to bring about a change.

What action you need to take…, and how…, is something that you need to actively figure out.  It is something that you as a LOVING SOUL needs to discern in each and every moment, and with each and every breath.

What action you need to take is:  A PUZZLE, that only YOU (not other entities) can solve!

All my love,