Preston James, Ph.D — Terror, Terror everywhere !

By Preston James, Ph.D on February 7, 2016
Exposing the real Terrorists and their methods.

by  Preston James

[ Note: This article builds on past articles on this subject. For those who haven’t read those, reading this article is likely a waste of time and it will be difficult to fit this information into their heads.

This article is written as a two-tiered piece. Those short of time can read the bold print and pass over the rest, and then finish with the conclusion. Many thanks to my sources, some still living but most passed. None of the novel information included is associated with Veterans Today in any way. I do not enjoy writing this type of article for a number of reasons not appropriate to be discussed here. But I do feel an obligation to get this information out. ]

Spook us once, that’s understandable. Spook us twice and still get away with it… and we are the fools.

It’s time to pull the curtain back and expose the real Terrorists, the Oz behind the curtain, and throw some water on the wicked witch.

It’s time to expose the War on Terror for the fraud that it is and the American police state it is producing, along with all the foreign illegal unConstitutional wars and the Hell on Earth in so many nations that have been destroyed by it.

Any American who still believes that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was done by 19 Islamic radicals using box cutters as weapons while being directed by an extremist Islamic leader in a cave in Afghanistan has been completely bamboozled.

How many times must the USG deploy a terror attack in order to keep dumbed-down mind-kontrolled Americans believing the false-narrative that Terror is everywhere and anywhere?

How many times will Americans allow themselves to be the spooked into tolerating this massive buildup of centralized police state power by believing the big government lies, false-narratives and propaganda of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM)?

It is this raw terror, the fear of being unexpected sideswiped, terribly wounded or killed in an Islamic terrorist attack or in a shooting in a gun-free zone by a patriot or domestic terrorist that has served as an excuse for the DC politicians to enact brutal laws like the Patriot Act and fight foreign wars for Israel.

And it is the CMMM that has communicated to and implanted this massive fear in the American group mind on behalf of the folks who create and deploy all the terror in the first place.

And these are the same folks who manipulate America to sacrifice its soldiers on foreign battlefields.

But who is the OZ hiding behind the curtain that must be pulled back?

It is the Khazarian Mafia, its main action agents the Israelis, the PNACers, the top NeoCons, their stateside tribal brethren the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and other traitors in the US Administration, the JCS, the USAF, NORAD and the FAA.
But it was the Mossad itself that ran the attack on America on 9-11-01 on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM, the world’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate). This is of course an act of war by Israel that has made it an enemy of the USA.

And it is this massive group fear imprinted into the American group mind by the use of sophisticated CMMM mind-kontrol that has motivated the American People to allow the USG to transform itself into an East German Stasi-style Police State in order to supposedly keep everybody safe.

This is why we are now cursed with Homeland Security (DHS), a foreign based espionage front and an evil oppressors of We The People.

And the top officials of DHS are some of the worst traitors and scum imaginable who lick the boots of their KM masters and betray their Oaths of Office and the US Constitution daily.

Those Zios who run DHS don’t give a damn about We The People who pay their salaries, as they fulfill every order of their foreign based KM masters and always put the interests of Israel and themselves first.

They are there to draw fat salaries and retirements, and to live lavish lifestyles, all because they have been willing to sell their countrymen out, violate their Oaths of Office and serve the foreign-based and world’s largest Organized crime Syndicate.

They should all be arrested and prosecuted for espionage, Sedition and Treason against America the Republic for aiding our foreign enemy Israel who attacked America on 9-11-01 and continues to buy, bribe, blackmail and human compromise our elected politicians.

But alas, there is no entity or LE anywhere in the USG that is not corrupt or who will do its job to arrest the terrorists, war mongers and drug traffickers in the USG, American Military and American Intel.

The FBI is far too corrupt, the provost Marshals won’t get involved and the US Department of Justice has become criminal itself.

Don’t look for help from the Administrator of Congress — they are completely owned and compromised, and exist to represent the interests of AIPAC and Israel.

Here is the bottom line to all this and the USG, the Congress, the High Military Command and Intel should take notice.

If you do not clean up the USG at all levels and restore the Rule of Law and the Constitution; if you allow these USG officials to continue to stage all these Gladio-style false-flag terror events in order to spook the American People into supporting all these foreign wars; if you do not reverse all these illegal unConstitutional Free Trade Agreements which is exporting most of our good jobs; and do not seal our borders to stop all this immigration that is destroying American Sovereignty; we will see our nation Balkanized and destroyed and the American Petro Dollar will fall and will no longer be the exclusive World’s Reserve Currency.

And then you will find yourselves fighting for your very lives against foreign invaders who want payback for all the evil America has done with the War on terror. By that time the US Military will be far too weak to win.

The USG claims it needs the Patriot Act, DHS and a militarized American Police in order to protect us from radical immigrant Islamics and American patriots, churchgoers, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, patriots, vets and gun owners and political dissenters.

But it is the USG itself that is the world’s biggest terrorist and war monger which serves the needs of the KM Banksters and Israel, to the exclusion of We The People.

Yes, instead of the USG keeping us all safe, the USG continues to do all the terrorizing of America. It engineers and deploys all the mass-shooting in gun-free zones using MK-Ultra type Mind-kontrolled zombies and patsies.

Expecting the USG to actually protect We The people from terrorism is actually about as sensible as expecting the fox to protect the chicken coup!

DHS exists only to oppress and tyrannize We The People and to transform America into GAZA II with Americans to become the New Palestinians to have their land stolen and then be systematically genocided.

The reason the US Administration is so obsessed with disarming America is because the KM has ordered them to do so through the wealthy powerful cutouts like Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC.

The KM realizes that unless they disarm Americans by making private gun ownership illegal, their chances of being able to complete their desired transformation of America into GAZA II are unlikely to be successful.

We now know for certain that the USG has become the world’s biggest Terror Machine and this so-called War on Terror is merely a crafty cover for all its evil machinations which include endless foreign wars on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM), Israel and the American Military, Industrial, Congressional Complex.

In his last speech in office President Eisenhower warned Americans about this real and present danger which has now come to pass.

It’s high time that the American public learn that all this terrorism is actually being done by Cutouts for the Khazarian Mafia (KM) using its embedded assets inside American Intel and the Alphabets. These assets include foreign based Mossad often sheep-dipped into American Intel and LE. This was a common occurrence during the reign of Bush1.

And it is Israeli espionage fronts like the ADL that have been training American Police to empty their clips over minor non-compliance.

Some retarded and deaf citizens have been executed by overly aggressive police over minor infractions because the victim did not even hear or understand the vicious police commands. Police that murder these civilians usually walk because their ADL/IDF anti-terror rules of engagement they are trained with have become the accepted legal norm.

The USG knows this blaming of terrorism on radical Islamics, radical home-group lone-wolfs, or militias is a monstrous lie.

In fact deep down inside these USG officials know that they must continue the big USG lies, the false-narratives and the USG propaganda or else they will be smeared, ruined, blacklisted, and even assassinated.

Yes this is known at the highest echelons in the USG but nobody dares admit it or they would be immediately assassinated, or alternatively, “arkensided” Dixie Mafia-style.

Sadly, the originating source and root cause of all this terror is the Khazarian Mafia (KM) which has infiltrated every Law Enforcement (LE) agency in America through mind-kontrolled cutouts, such as deeply-embedded Mossad agents sheep-dipped as CIA or FBI, therefore unrecognizable, deep cover assets.

Homeland Security (DHS) was set up with the sole purpose of protecting the interests of the KM and their main action agent Israel.

But also to establish and maintain sufficient fire-power to suppress any significant uprising or rebellion by the American masses who might try and boot the Zios out of America and take back their government and restore the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law and American Sovereignty.

We now know for certain that one of the main mechanisms of mind-kontrolling and gaining control over American Law Enforcement and American politicians are the legendary all expenses paid, five-star hotel junkets to Israel.

These visits involve great food and satisfying entertainment, often custom tailored to the guest’s personal degree of perversion and deviance. But its the special late night entertainment that can be sometimes quite extreme depending on the guest’s profile and previous preferences.

Once they go to sleep, the little tube comes through the wall, the puff of gas appears, the men in white suits and gas masks come in and hook up a special IV bag and contact electrodes on the skull and a half hour of sophisticated mind-kontrol is completed.

Special koolaide is served during the junket mixed in all beverages to keep the guest suggestible and sometimes hyper-sexual if compromise videos are going to be taken during the guests special entertainment if “playmates” are provided.

LE agencies get special Anti-terror training from IDF and Mossad, who work hard to impress them with the latest toys and tactics and go way out of their way to make friendships. It is these same folks who will blackmail them for these sins and take them out in a NY minute if ordered to, all for “greater Israel” and Zionism as directed by the KM.

Since our Congress and Administration passed legislation allowing the consolidation of all American LE into Homeland Security (DHS), DHS has now become extremely dangerous for all Americans.

Not only is our basic system of justice and Rule of Law gone for the average American, being only available to the ultra rich, politically connected and powerful. Our whole way of life is now being trashed and stolen from us by the KM and its Cutouts, many of whom are traitors in high positions within the USG.

This could never have happened if these USG Officials and had kept their Oaths of Office and not allowed the KM to penetrate and control all American Law Enforcement Agencies by setting up up Homeland Security (DHS) to run them all?

It could never have happened if our VP Cheney had refused to order a stand down and to allow the 9-11-01 attack on America. Instead of doing his job he betrayed his Oath of Office and all Americans and participated in 9-11-01. This is Treason, Sedition, mass-murder, terrorism and RICO crime.

The result of this is that all our LE is now organized into a single hierarchy with the KM and Israel in control of it. DHS is now functioning as an outpost for Israel in America on behalf of the KM world Zionists.

America has actually been transformed by the War on terror after 9-11-01 into a province of Israel.

We are now prisoners in what should be our own nation and victims of an elastic KM counterfeiting system where we are rented out money at pernicious interest.

This counterfeit money should have been ours in the first place instead of the KM’s, and should be completely backed by Gold and Silver, according to the US Constitution.

DHS is now positioned to be able to plan and deploy any of a multitude of different kinds of terror attacks inside America anytime it wants in order to maintain this terror narrative to keep the American people afraid and suggestible to USG’s big lies and propaganda.

And these can cover a full range of real and fake false-flags including mass-shootings in gun free zones and bombings.

DHS is now situated in such a prominent powerful controlling position that it can deploy any terror attack it wants anywhere and can now completely control any investigation of it.

This means not investigating it for real and blaming it on carefully chosen patsies using false narratives and big lies dispensed through the KM’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is the new norm. Sadly most Americans believe the massive lies false-narratives and propaganda of DHS. Fortunately that has now started to change thanks to the worldwide Internet the world’s New Gutenberg Press.

This manufactured phony War on Terror has changed American police tactics from “serving” to “aggressing”.

Instead of being there to “Protect and Serve” We The People who pay their salaries as they are legally obligated to do, the police now have a new mission. And that mission is to “Protect and Serve” the KM, the DHS, the Establishment Oligarchs, and themselves. To hell with the American People unless they are very wealthy and prominent or in the privileged political class. And in return for this they get the power, privilege, good pay and a great retirement plus many on the job perks.

Every single LE agency in America is now also penetrated and controlled by the Khazarian Mafia (KM) through DHS with all local police departments and most sheriff’s offices trained by ADL and IDF “terror consultants”. The ADL provides tuition-free training in the latest IDF anti-terror tactics and rains American Police to view the American people as either potential domestic terrorists, real domestic terrorists, regular terrorists, the same way the IDF views Palestinians.

It is now normal training for most American LE officers to view any direct noncompliance as domestic terrorism and an immediate lethal threat, and too many police are quick to shoot. They have been trained that once they start shooting, they must finish the job “until the threat is over” and empty their clips into the targeted individual.

This means in practical terms, empty your whole clip into the person, whether a man, woman or a child, then drop the clip and slam in another one. Of course the change of issued weapons from six shot revolvers to high capacity Glocks with double stack magazines has helped support this “shoot em dead completely” mentality especially when trained by ADL or Israeli IDF men claiming to be LE experts. And these ADL/IDF types are actually functioning quite often as blood-thirsty anti-goyim stone-killer types and raining the American police to have the same anti-human attitude.

Of course the fact that the CIA, the DEA and other Intel agencies traffick illegal narcotics into American for black ops money. This not only creates massive urban crime and transforms most inner urban areas into serious crime jungles after dark, but steals many souls and dirties up a lot of local, state and federal officials.

This creates a huge crime and violence problem which leads to bigger and bigger LE budgets. And DHS accepts all this with a wink and a nod and never goes after these Intel agencies for this illegal narcotic trafficking, nor ever tries to prosecute the real perps behind false-flag terror and mass-shootings in gun-free zones in America.

Local police jurisdictions have all been surrendered to DHS and the Feds in exchange for machine guns, grenade launchers, vast amounts of ammo, armored cars and sometimes duffel bags of unmarked bills.

We know this for certain because there are first hand reports from credible informants including one Sheriff in Texas who refused.

Sometimes individual police chiefs and some Sheriffs have been convinced by duffel bags of unmarked bills by US Military men who are really sheep-dipped MK ops.

Current FBI tactics have become evil because of the War on Terror.

They have always been bad, but since the War on Terror they have descended to an all time low.

Iowa’s Senator Grassley found out just how crooked and debased the FBI was and made a valiant effort to change things. He tried to get Hoovers name removed from the FBI building and shake loose evidence denied in numerous cases. he was blocked at all turns in the road and eventually got the message. Disgusted he has backed off and given up on cleaning up the FBI.

Want to know more about FBI corruption, faked evidence (a common event), then do some deep searches on Philip Whitehurst, M.D., a well respected member of the FBI WFO Crime Lab, another great American Hero who refused to go along with massive corruption at the FBI. He had to take numerous efforts typically only used by Intel to keep from being murdered by the FBI. These included data caches that would be released upon his death and create Hell on Earth for the FBI for a while with some ruined top brass who would have been arrested or would have had to at least resign or be fired.

Here are some of the current FBI tactics gained through Israeli anti-terror training going all the way back to Murrah and the first Trade Center bombing done by the FBI’s “Blind Sheik”.

The actual origins of this go back even much further, many years back to the so-called Islamic attack and murder of the Israeli athletes at the Olympics and the first Stateside terror bombing at an airport, both done by the NATO linked Gladio-Nazi “left behind army” on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

Of course we know of one good and honest FBI Director, William Sessions. He bucked the system and tried to clean it up.

Here is what was done to him to get the message across that he better back off. He was led out by his handlers right across an area of the sidewalk that was sprayed with “instant banana peel”. He fell and broke his elbow and then got the message to back off which he did. Then he was fired and wrongly smeared by President Clinton who was doing what his handlers told him to.

Some believe his successor became a cover-up agent for the Sandusky Pedophile affair scandal which allegedly went all the up to the highest echelons of the USG. Big Donors to Penn State were allegedly given access to little boys to use sexually”. The FBI not only did a poor job investigating, but actually ran the cover-up which is in place even today with a lot of young victims who were damaged for life and never recompensed in any way, although a few have received compensation since the scandal broke wide open in 2011.

One notorious case of FBI corruption involved a man on the run from the FBI. He was “holed up” in a church and was threatening to commit suicide. He had information that would expose a current major CIA operation related to a nationwide pedophilia network.

The FBI negotiated with him and convinced him his story would be heard and he would be treated fairly. One special agent went in alone and convinced him to give up his gun, which he handed to the special agent. That special agent caught the man off guard with his smooth words and then quickly put the gun up to his head and pulled the trigger and then wiped it clean. He claimed the man would not hand over the gun and had committed suicide.


Or take the Boston Bombing patsies, the Tsarnaevs. Nobody was wounded or died at the scene of this staged, faked event. The only persons who died related to this fake terror was one Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlin and their friend from Florida Ivragin Todashev. Todashev was murdered in cold blood by the FBI because he refused to lie and participate in the frame-up of the Tsarnaevs.

Both men were murdered by the FBI in premeditated cold blood. Tsarnaev was run over by the FBI, and the Florida man Todashev was shot by the remaining FBI agent after the other four special agents left the room.

It was of course claimed by the FBI special agent shooter that the Florida man Todashev made an aggressive move on him. Nobody believes this lie except for the sheeple who believe everything published or broadcast in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

What can be learned from this? If the FBI ever approaches you don’t make any fast moves, never talk to one of them alone without an attorney present, and never trust any of them ever. If the FBI ever asks you if you are carrying a gun or have one (during search warrant) and ask you to show them, do not do this because they are likely to shoot you and claim you made an aggressive move, especially if you touch the gun, uncover the gun or make a move toward it in any way.

Take the FBI’s notorious Hostage Rescue team (HRT), some seriously messed up mind-kontrolled stone-killers that especially love to murder women and children like they did at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Real tough guys when they have women and children surrounded. Of course they wouldn’t act so tough if they faced Russian Spetznaz, were pinned down by hundreds of Patriot snipers in self-defense who had enough of their sniping and murdering of civilians, or faced an A-10 Warthog or armored cars like they use. “Honed to kill” doesn’t work very well against these things.

You guys ought to be ashamed of doing the dirty work for the Khazarian Mafia private central Banksters and serving as their enforcers. Because you have been so mind-kontrolled and play your scripted part so well, you cannot see the forest through the trees of what you are really doing, why and who you really represent. And it is not We The People, that pay your salary be clear about that.

It’s time for you to pull back the curtain and examine OZ and stop serving the KM Beast. Do not accept any more illegal, unConstitutional orders like you did at Ruby Ridge and Waco. You have no legal obligation to obey the Larry Potts of the FBI anymore and may someday be held completely responsible by an angry, fed-up public that has taken its nation back from the KM.

The Weaver family terminally impacted at Ruby Ridge. This is no way to treat a former Green Beret Veteran who was stationed at Fort Bragg.

At Ruby Ridge, HRT special agent Lon Horiuchi shot Vicki Weaver through the jaw and neck and murdered her in cold blood while she was unarmed holding her baby. Eventually he was tried for manslaughter, but walked when he should have been convicted of first degree murder, along with scumbag Larry Potts who set the rules of engagement and ordered him to murder anyone who appeared outside the cabin and could be hit.

No wounding shots, just shoot to kill head shots that is the HRT trademark and your rules of engagement, and you guys know it.

Vicki Weaver had done nothing wrong and that was shown later in a court of law, Weaver had been entrapped by a crooked fed, and his notice to go to court was never sent — an age-old BATF and US Department of Just-us trick.

That night after murdering Vicki Weaver, the FBI named their base camp, Camp Vicki, and celebrated her murder, high-fiving, dancing around with some of the most evil, twisted agents who had lost their souls repeating “we are honed to kill, honed to kill”.

And we know the HRT boys took great pleasure in sniping Branch Davidians trying to escape at the back of the Church and felt no remorse at all for burning all the little children, babies and mothers alive. And we know it was the BATF that shot first after killing the children’s dogs, then they opened fire on the Branch Davidians who the fired back in self-defense. David Koresh went into town each day for breakfast and could have easily been arrested there.

The raid was just not necessary but was designed to help the BATF get funding and show their might and power. Ruby Ridge and Waco were clear evidence of tyranny and terror inflicted on the American people by an out of control USG and signaled the start of a massive program to terrorize the American people.

Here’s a good assignment for the HRT boys, if they want to redeem themselves. Go and arrest the real perps who did 9-11-01. But first surround them, harass them with high decibel sounds of rabbits and pigs being butchered, and Nancy Sinatra’s song “These Boots are Made For Walkin”, snipe them and burn them out the way you tortured, gassed and then murdered the women and children at Waco. It shouldn’t be too hard for you to do that.

All the current horrors of American LE including the evil, anti-American DHS are all due to the USG’s obsession with terrorism after Murrah, the Blind Sheik and the attack on America on 9-11-01.

And without a corrupt, bought off, blackmailed and completely compromised US Congress, Administration and Judiciary 9-11-01 could not have been deployed in the first place, nor would America have become a fascist police state, which GHWB referred to as “an iron fist in a velvet glove”.



Yes, these USG officials have failed to keep their Oaths of Office and have allowed the Alphabets to become corrupted and then taken over by a foreign entity, the KM and Israel whom they gladly serve without knowing it. And sadly it all goes back to 1913 when our Traitorous Congress and POTUS allowed America’s monetary creation and distribution system to be hijacked by the City of London private central Banksters.

The final goal of all this is for DHS to transform America into their own new Police State directly controlled by the KM and Israel, and such will best be referred to as GAZA II. Once America has been transformed into GAZA II, then Americans will become the New Palestinians and will have all their land stolen piece by piece; and American citizens will be genocided just like the Palestinians are being mass-murdered right now.

The attack on America on 9-11-01 has now resulted in almost the complete transformation of America into a Police State obsessed with terrorism of all kinds and especially domestic terrorism, which means any American dissent or attempt of We The People to take control of America back from the KM.

The facts of who actually attacked America on 9-11-01 are now indisputable and available to all with an open mind on the worldwide Internet, the world’s New Electronic Gutenberg Press. And we know Israel did it with the assistance of the US Administration, JCS, USAF, NORAD, the FAA and all the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors embedded therein, aka the PNACers and Top NeoCons. It was VP Dick Cheney who ran the stand-down and authorized the 19 defense exercises designed to confuse everyone.

Its high time we break up the CMMM monopoly and make certain that our mainstream media carry truthful reporting instead of the constant lies it now carries. In fact it cannot tell the truth right now because it only represents the wealth establishment and KM special interests, never the interest of the American people.

It is time to prosecute all those involved in attacking America on 9-11-01. And it is time to boot all the rest of the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors including the PNACers and top NeoCons, AIPAC Directors and ADL chiefs out of America and deport them back to Israel, the nation they serve and are primarily loyal to.

Don’t look to Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio to help us get rid of the DHS and drive out the KM owned and controlled Traitors in our high position of government. And it looks like all the rest of the candidates may be compromised too by AIPAC, except for Donald Trump. So far we just don’t have enough information to make a determination about him, but he has taken some promising positions.


Message from Montague on Sunday 7 February 2016

 The 7 February was always a very special day for you and I, as we celebrated my birthday on Earth. I thank you, my dear, for always making it so special for me.

What your world is facing now is AGENDA 21, THE DEPOPULATION OF THE WORLD. Their plan is first to depopulate Brazil, by poisoning the whole country. Brazil is the biggest user of pesticides in the world, so it will be easy for them to achieve this. Remember, my dear, I was very much against pesticides when I was on Earth. I foresaw the great dangers of such chemicals being unleashed indiscriminately on the Earth. Those, plus the Chemtrails, were a prescription for disaster, just as you are witnessing now. All the VIRUSES are produced in their laboratories. They are released when it is necessary to bring humanity to its knees by creating FEAR through the scare stories they release. The people who discuss matters on TV and who write what they are told to write in newspapers, are guilty of a grave criminal offence against humanity. They are as guilty as if they had physically administered the viruses themselves.

The cult that rules your world has used you to create wealth and power for them. NOW THEY WANT IT ALL. They no longer want you, in what they now consider to be their world. They planned every step of this takeover meticulously over the centuries. Every war was orchestrated by them, every illness was created by them. Money, the scourge of humanity, was created by them. They have taken humanity hostage, and you have sleepwalked into ever scam they have created for you. They were experts at selling an idea to you. You never looked for the pitfalls. They now run every government, own all banks, and own the pharmaceutical industry. They produce the food necessary for life on Earth. You were blinded to their motives, as they used language (magic speak) to confuse you, so that you handed all control to them. They use you to produce the chemicals that KILL YOU. They use you to kill humanity through the wars they create. They use you to inject poisons that will eventually kill you. You, yes you, are assisting them in their great takeover of the Earth.

All religions are part of this, though they try to hide it well. The Vatican is the Seat of Evil, forget that at your peril. The God that they worship, and encourage you to worship, DEMANDS BLOOD SACRIFICES AND SUFFERING, which THEY SUPPLY ON DEMAND. They owe their success to this God. Humans supply the blood to appease this God. The MASS that you happily attend, is but a re-enactment of the blood sacrifice, and you willingly take part in it.

What will it take for you to wake up to this EVIL that is all around you, dressed up to confuse you. They have been so successful in conning you into believing them through religion. There is one thing that you could, and should, learn from them; they stand together, they always support each other, and therein lies their strength. They promote only their own. They change their NAMES continually to confuse you. They learned to fit in to many countries; to infiltrate and destroy the structure of the country and its people. This brought them great success. You are living in a world that they have ensured you know nothing about. They have kept you in the dark about everything. They have made you dependant on them, and that, my friends, is not a good thing. They have been clever and they have been patient.

This is THE GREATEST BATTLE THE EARTH HAS EVER WITNESSED. Good against Evil, Light against Dark, call it what you will; but be assured, it is one battle that every one of you will be part of, and it is already raging all around you. This is a fight for your very existence.

This is why, my friends, I implore you to vote only for those who are not in the pockets of the Cabal. Ireland has elections this month. This is the most important election that they will have. Vote only for those who have shown themselves to be honest, who only work for the betterment of the people and the country. Voting gives you power, so use it wisely. Forget party politics, it is of the past. It is time to move on, and take back control for the people. Vote on party lines and all you get is THE SAME AS BEFORE. This is your opportunity to take back control from the Cabal. Are you up for it? Or will you sit back and allow the depopulation of the Earth without lifting a finger to stop it?

Come to terms with the fact that all the news, both in newspapers and on TV, is false and scripted by the Cabal to prevent you ever knowing the truth. So much is stacked against you. They have had so much experience of conning and controlling humanity. You, my friends, are only just waking up to it. When newsreaders and reporters understand what they are guilty of, and refuse to be part of THIS GREAT DECEPTION any longer, then you will see the whole house of cards fall. They would not have achieved so much power and success if you had not been their willing helpers. It is time to show loyalty to your own kind, as they need your support.

Please stop fighting the Cabal’s wars. Do you not see that you are part of their depopulation program. Remove those uniforms. Refuse to be a blood sacrifice to the Cabal’s God, for that is all that you are to them. You cannot avoid seeing the destruction of life on Earth all around you. It has got to be stopped and dealt with. Deal with it and help will come to you with free energy, etc. Stop being helpless slaves. Find your voice and refuse to assist in the destruction of humanity. Take back your power.

My dear, yes, they always attack the lungs. They are an easy target for them. They do it to your friend, also. He is an easy target for them. Their power is diminishing, and this is when they are at their most dangerous, as they are not good losers.

Please take some rest. Be prepared !

Together forever, your adoring, Monty.


By: Bradley Loves

Just in case it has escaped your attention…, I am going to point it out and hang a light on it.

Absolutely every article that I write IS connected and supports the ones that came before it.

It is up to you to READ all of them and to see HOW they are connected.

Every video that I post has been carefully chosen (even if made years ago) BECAUSE it supports and points out the hows and the whys of what I am writing.

I don’t know of ANY OTHER WEBSITE that does this for you!

My site is NOT a news website…, nor is it a NEWS AGGREGATE website that simply posts the daily news from a bunch of places.

My site is a “teaching” and “learning” website where I painstakingly go through hundreds of hours of articles, radio shows, interviews, and videos so that you don’t have to do it!

Therefore…, it is a MISTAKE to pick and choose which articles you think you want to read…, because each and every one of the them is intimately related in some way.

They are all “parts” of a great tapestry of the TRUTH…, which is very difficult to see because it is so VAST.

The two video’s that I have posted today are in fact both totally supportive of the last many articles I’ve written…, and there is a huge amount of information that will surprise you in them…, if you will only watch them.

As an assignment…, if you care to do it…, try to see if you can pick out HOW these videos support what I wrote!

All my love,




By: Bradley Loves

Even though the title of the article sounds quite Biblical…, and maybe even a little scary…, it is not meant to be so.

Instead…, it is intended simply as a scientific or mathematical statement!

Since having grown up on a farm…, I know just a little bit about planting seeds and gathering the harvest.  And I can tell you with utter certainty…, that not ONE TIME was a corn seed ever planted that produced a tomato!

Nor was there a bean seed planted that grew into a carrot!

I can tell you with utter clarity of memory that no radish seed ever produced a cucumber!

What I witnessed with bold understanding is that


Seeds are considered the essence of life.  Or…, to some, seeds are considered to be the beginning of life.

But this again…, is somewhat Biblical…, and could be restated in a more modern day way of looking at things.

We could…, just as easily state this idea in a more scientific and mathematical way.

Seeds are a FREQUENCY!  Or…, they hold a magnetic frequency so to speak.

What we now know about the Earth…, is that it is an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC life form…, or perhaps an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC operating system that functions very much like a machine.

You could think of a seed as an open electrical circuit…, that has not been “grounded”.  And yet…, very literally…, if you “plant the seed”…, or put the seed in the ground (more commonly known as “grounding”) the electrical circuit is complete and now ELECTRICITY is able to flow.

Due to the grounding effect, the electrical circuit is now in operation.

What is a plant…, if not a “shoot” of electricity…, bolting from the earth?

Some of you may say…, well…, what about water?   And I say this:  Everyone knows that electricity flows far better IN WATER…, that in any other medium.

This brings up many more questions…, such as:  What really is a human being if NOT a more complex ELECTRO-MAGNETIC system…, more or less tuned to the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC frequency of the Earth?

With ELECTRICITY…, and MAGNETISM…, the whole universe has come into being and is now “spinning” in operational mode.

Funny how almost every motor “spins” around an axis using copper wire wound around magnets.

From a true scientific point of view…, or mathematical…, there is NOTHING strange about the way the Earth does what it does.

It is precise…, it is perfect…, it can be planned…, AND…, believe it or not…, IT CAN BE PREDICTED!

You…, as one of the masses living on the surface of the planet have been “taught”…, or “told” by your teachers…, that almost everything that happens here…, is happening by CHANCE!

You are being told that there is NO REAL WAY to understand the universe or the cosmos.

If you jump back to the article that I wrote for you yesterday…, you’d see that I said that the educational system and the religious system was LYING to you.

Nikola Tesla…, one of the great scientific minds of the 19th and 20th centuries has been almost obscured from history only because he could see the TRUTH so clearly, that his understanding surpassed what the masses were “allowed” to know.

Thus…, his contributions to the Earth were taken…, hidden, buried…, and locked up!

This is a Cosmic CRIME…, by the way…, committed by those men and women who had NO RIGHT to interfere with the natural flow of events on the Earth.

And…, as so eloquently put above…, YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW…., they are about to “reap” the harvest of the actions they planted!

Mathematically speaking…, every thought…, every word…, and every ACTION that is “planted” into the electro-magnetic “field” (isn’t that just a huge give away too…, I mean really…, they don’t call it a FIELD for nothing)…., when you plant a thought, word or action into the field…, it HAS TO GROW!

Not only that…, but it HAS TO BEAR FRUIT!

This is not just scientific…., but also is a mathematical CERTAINTY!

Now…, coming from humble beginnings is sometimes not so bad…, and at the same time is the best way to learn…, so let a former “farm boy” tell all of the stuck up “smarty pants” out there that if you PLANT SEEDS…, then EXACTLY what you planted has to grow and will bring YOU the result!

So…, what we have happening here are things like “thoughts” …, “words”…, and especially “actions” which are literally ELECTRICALLY CHARGED…, and just like seeds…, once “planted” into the morpho-genic (morpho-genetic) “field” have to bear fruit.

We do NOT have to go to the Bible to get our basis of belief or faith in this idea…, NO…, we can actually go to REAL SCIENCE…, and real world MATHEMATICS to know that this idea is absolutely true!

“IF” you did not know this…, then I can tell you also with certainty…, that it is NOT because either science, math and even religion had no idea…., what I will say is that “YOU” were not considered worthy to tell this information to.

YOUR education was incomplete!  Knowledge was left out…, and kept from you.  Those men and women you considered heroic leaders were in fact complicit in HIDING from you the TRUTH of how things work in the world and in the Universe!

Thoughts ARE magnetic!  Words (sounds) are both magnetic and electrical.  Action (thought in motion) places the electrical and magnetic FREQUENCY of the thoughts into the “magnetic field” around us and thus just like planting a seed into the “GROUND”…, your thoughts and words are NOW GROUNDED into the morpho-genic field!

This by the way…, extending this wisdom and knowledge out to other fronts…, is the basis of MAGIC!

And remember…, from all of my “other” articles…, the word “magic” is a short version of the word:  MAG-net-IC!

For those men and women who dabble in magic are using “thoughts” “words” and “symbols” as magnetic (magic) seeds and planting them into the morhpogenic field around them in order to REAP THE FRUIT!

This of course is the knowledge that was KEPT from you…, for those who fancied themselves as: WIZARDS,   did not want the masses to ever figure out that living a happy life was as easy as simple understanding of the way the UNIVERSE around you worked and supported you.

These men and women…, (the Illuminati) CHEATED, LIED, and STOLE their way to the top of the food chain here on EARTH…, and they did it on the backs of each and every other human being living here.

Now…, the Cosmos…, seeing that THOSE were the seeds that these hapless and useless human beings planted WILL be producing the FRUIT of those actions for these men and women!

All I can say to these men and women of the Illuminati is this:  YOU STILL CAN REPENT!  YOU CAN STILL SOFTEN THE SHARP EDGE OF THE STING YOU ARE ABOUT TO REAP.

Change what you are doing!

Those beings at the very top of the pyramid ALWAYS KNEW that the COSMOS would react with “perfect” precision…, and with mathematical certainty to the sowing of these seeds!

Those who used magic…, on faith…, thinking it was some sort of DARK RELIGION based evil works (the more evil you do…, the more  benefit you get) have been conned just as certainly as the masses of innocent men and women were conned.

The fact of the matter is this: YOU DID THIS EVIL OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL!  You did it thinking that you would gain a benefit over the rest of your human brothers and sisters…, and NOW…, you will see that this was the biggest LIE EVER TOLD.

However…, do not read into this article hell…, or damnation…, or anything BIBLICAL.  Instead read into this article the perfect precision of the UNIVERSE and the perfect memory of the morpho-genic field which has been both WATCHING and RECORDING your every thought…, your every word…, and your every DEED since the day you were born!


Take some advice from a simple farm boy.

All my love to my readers today…, and to those who fancy themselves as ILLUMINATI…, think on these things.






















By: Bradley Loves

Every day we continue to engage with the world around us…, we are faced with a CHOICE!  This is a simple idea to be sure…, but still relevant in that EVERYTHING that happens here on Earth…, as a result of our interaction with the world around us is actually thus CREATED BY US.

It sounds so simple…, and yet the depth of what I’ve stated could be contemplated by Eastern Yogi’s for decades and not fully understood!

“WE” are the creators of the reality that surrounds us!

If you do not think so…, then there is nothing more for you here in this article!  Please stop reading!

Because the powers that be also KNOW FOR A FACT that reality is collectively created by the masses of people living here on the Earth…, (because they have infiltrated the mystery schools and are the holders of Ancient Esoteric knowledge) THEY NEED OUR HELP in creating the very DARK reality that they wish to experience!

“THEY” are using us as “reality generators” by getting us collectively to THINK, ACT, and FEEL in certain ways!

This also, is very simple…, can not be stated more plainly…, AND…, can not be argued with.

It is the “how are they doing this”…, part that most people don’t get…, and just like the proverbial man who can not see the “forest for the trees”…, most people are just too close to the problem to see it for what it is.

It is only when you step back from life…, and disengage from it…, and contemplate just how things are happening here…, that you will get a glimpse of what they are doing, and HOW.


  • Because as you believe…, you will think!
  • As you think…, you will FEEL
  • As you FEEL you will ACT
  • As you ACT…, you will CREATE

The cycle is complete!

We do NOT need to start with the endless line up of new technology that is the hidden form of MIND CONTROL…, why not just start out with what is both obvious and blatant and in your face and has been there for a long time now!


Think not for a moment that you or your children have been taught or told the TRUTH by public education.

The Holograhic Disclosure Videos I used to post claimed that only 4% of all knowledge that is known on Earth has been handed out to mankind!  That includes the UNIVERSITY LEVEL TEACHINGS!

The rest of all collected KNOWLEDGE…, knowledge which goes back far into Earth’s distant past and contains super advanced science and technologies…, is being hidden within the walls of the VATICAN. (Sorry to all of you die hard Catholics…, but the very Religion you so desperately cling to…AT THE VERY TOP LEVEL…, is lying to you).

According to Holographic Disclosure…, about 96% of the knowledge on Earth is being kept hidden from the masses.

No one…, no matter how sincere they are, can make a proper decision in their life, or choose (by using freewill) what they will do while here…, if THAT MUCH knowledge is being hidden from them.

But let’s not stop at Education!

Other than Education…, the powers that be thought to substitute their own “VERSION” of how things were (FILLED WITH DECEPTION AND LIES) in the form of organized religion!

I don’t care how religious you are…, you’ve got to get this…, or you choose to be blind for the rest of your life!

The “teachings” that came out of organized religion are fake…, false, and were given to you so that you would make erroneous “choices” that were faulty and would IN FACT ASSIST those who wanted a dark reality on Earth to create that reality.

Let’s repeat….

Because the powers that be KNOW FOR A FACT that reality is collectively created by the masses of people living here on the Earth…, THEY NEED OUR HELP in creating the very DARK reality that they (just a few of them) wish to experience!

“THEY” are using us as “reality generators” by getting us collectively to THINK, ACT, and FEEL in certain ways!

They are doing this through false education AND the religions that they gave us.

Can you even ADMIT to yourself that you act and behave in certain ways based on your religious beliefs and your education?????

If you can’t admit that…, then please stop reading…, there is NO HOPE for you, and you are wasting your time here.

Getting back to the title of this article:


All you need to do is watch the daily NEWS.  Just for one day…, and you will see countless “stories” on the NEWS that are laced with lies, deceptions, half truths…, and outright fabrications.

Very little if any of it is the truth!

Why then do they even put that stuff out there for you to see and hear??

Because they know that in the watching of their lies and fabrications…, your opinions will be formed…, and you will begin to believe, think, feel, and act in certain ways that are beneficial to what they want!

They know that this is how the fabric of reality is woven here on Earth…, and this is how it is created…., by collective agreement…


If “they” know this…, and are so deeply involved with working with the Earth in this way…, WHY pray tell…, is it so hard for YOU to believe this?

THIS article from my friend Dani Mckinny’s site is just a tiny sample of the propaganda that is being spread…, both on the news AND in the social media.

The aim here is to CHANGE YOUR MIND.  To alter your perceptions!

This by the way is a SATANIC practice…, but those who are involved in these types of activities don’t like to call themselves satanists…, instead they like to use the term “WIZARD”.

But then what is a “WIZARD” if not a magician…, and what is the one thing that EVERY magician will tell you (just talk to one appearing in Las Vegas) is absolutely essential to the performance of a good magician?


But oh……, wait…., what is the title of this article?


What a co-incidence!

It’s almost as if I meant to stumble upon this connection. (smirk)

Magic only works when the person who is practicing it using a very heavy dose of distraction and misdirection!

What is happening in our NEWS MEDIA as we speak is the proof of who is running the show and calling the shots…, BECAUSE NOTHING we see is the TRUTH!

ALL LIES…, ALL PROPAGANDA…, and ALL FAKE…, all the time.

And WHY?

Lets’ repeat….

Because the powers that be KNOW FOR A FACT that reality is collectively created by the masses of people living here on the Earth…, THEY NEED OUR HELP in creating the very DARK reality that they (just a few of them) wish to experience!

“THEY” are using us as “reality generators” by getting us collectively to THINK, ACT, and FEEL in certain ways!

I went to Best Buy only yesterday and was looking for some DVD’s to watch.., since I never watch television.

95% of all movies ever made are GONE from the shelves…, and the ONLY ONES available to buy are DARK REALITY based stories.

Don’t take my word for it…, GO LOOK FOR YOURSELF!

If not about Vampires…, it’s about the end of the world.  If not “alien invasion”…, it’s about super hero’s.  But even the super hero stories are getting weird now because now, because as we speak they are pitting ONE super hero against another super hero in the movies coming into theaters soon.

In the theaters as we speak…, they have a movie coming out where Batman is fighting Superman!

And another one where Iron man is fighting with Captain America!

Don’t you GET IT?     THINK!

Your super hero’s are being pitted against each other in the movies…, to show you that everything is being DIVIDED here on Earth.

It is the age old story of divide and conquer!  They are showing you… (AS REQUIRED) that they are dividing and pitting against one another in real life even those people who you would consider to be good!

They use Hollywood to tell you the story of their goals and wishes.

What is their goal from having you see such things?

Discouragement…, loss of faith, disillusionment in your hero’s!

MIND CONTROL…, PERCEPTION CONTROL on a sub conscious level.

For me to list all of the articles I have read in the last month that support this article is futile because there are so many!

Read…, and you will see them for yourself!

More will be coming!

All my love…,

















By Bradley Loves

The more time passes now…, the more able I am to “see” and sense into the so-called higher levels.  These “levels” are not so much higher…, as they are simply finer and of a different frequency.

What I mean by the above statement is that the more time passes…, the more the “unseen” levels reveal themselves to my perception overall.

The lower unseen levels are absolutely filled with beings who want to control…, who want to dominate…, and who actually feed off of the energy of human beings.

Believe me when I say that it is anything but pretty!

Because “we” who are living here on the planet are currently in a state of forgetfulness or amnesia (perhaps a better word)…, there are countless parasites lurking about who are desperate for an “energetic meal”…, and even go so far as to “stimulate” whatever emotion in an unsuspecting human that will feed them the most tasty meal.

Call them beings of opportunity…, call them scavengers…, call them what you will…, they are PARASITES.

Some call them the Archons…, some call them Demons…, other call them Djinn.

They are nothing but bottom feeders and fallen ones.

The reason that our “amnesia” factors into this equation, is that while we continue to not remember who we are…, or why we are here…, we are complacent about what surrounds us…, and therefore are basically DEFENSELESS against this unseen and ongoing ATTACK!

We have given into the fairy tale belief that it is all roses and peaches everywhere but here!

What we don’t realize is that we are really in the middle of a shooting range, and it’s been declared OPEN SEASON on humans!
Those beings who are pulling the “triggers” so to speak, are for the most part UNSEEN by our physical eyes! Not all of them want to kill us by the way…, but they all (every one of them) most certainly want to FEED ON OUR ENERGY.

Just like those pesky mosquitoes who bite and bite and would suck the blood out of a particular human for days if they could…, these UNSEEN beings feed on emotional DISTRESS.

Since human beings are not normally prone to deep emotional distress…, these unseen beings have taken it upon themselves to STIMULATE as much emotional distress as they possibly can.

The window of opportunity that they have is a slim one…, and they know it all too well.

They can not do ANYTHING to us without first telling us…, or getting our consent to their attacks in some way!
But just like any other being who wants to feed…, they will most certainly will do whatever it takes to get a meal!

Deception is their greatest tool! Another is their ability to operate on a level that is just outside of our range of sight!

Among the masses of humans who live here on the Earth.., there are those among us who are very weak in discipline, morality, courage and other divine attributes.

They are basically lazy, under achievers…, who have no real moral fiber and what they especially lack is courage!
Just like school yard bullies…, they run in packs for protection…, and are terrified of their own shadows.

What they crave most in life is POWER over others…, and even POWER over the universe in order to stop themselves from being so terrified of their own shadow and their lack of ability.

It is THESE men and women (and yes there are alot of them) who have learned how to commune with the unseen beings and have actually chosen to SERVE the unseen beings in order to benefit from that service personally!

In exchange for favors…, in exchange for power, in exchange for money, position and status…, these WEAK men and women have offered themselves up in service to many dark beings and have thus GONE AGAINST THEIR OWN SPECIES!

They have committed and are committing daily TREASON against the human race by these horrible agreements and misplaced loyalties!

This is SATANISM in it’s simplest terms!

The problem for these hapless humans is that the more they BETRAY their own species…, the less and less their hearts and souls function normally…, and the more and more they turn into complete and total psychopaths and sociopaths!

At this low level…, they are broken totally…, and usually can NOT be brought back into normal human relationships.  They are gone.

This is going on as we speak!

The higher the energy gets on Earth…, (for me) the clearer and clearer I can see, feel, and sense these parasitic beings that are operating just beyond our site and what they want…, and how they operate.

Now for the good news!  It’s something that I have learned through experience.

They can NOT hurt you without your consent!

However…, don’t stick your head in the sand just yet…, because I’m not finished with my personal revelation.

They can not hurt you without your consent…, BUT…, for the most part…, you’ve already given it to them and you don’t even know it!

As I’ve said…., these parasitic beings are working “with” many of the sociopathic humans that I told you about earlier.

They have been working with them for many hundreds if not thousands of years!
This is the problem.

By taking instructions from the dark beings…, by learning the ways of DECEPTION…, those who lack moral any fiber have enacted laws, deceptive CONTRACTS, and false teachings in such a way that without really knowing WHAT you are doing…, you have basically SIGNED CONTRACTS and AGREED in ways you don’t understand…., to allow yourself to be fed upon!!!!!

I can not state it any more plainly than that!

NO…., They can NOT hurt you without your consent…, but without knowing it…


This is why they world looks the way it does at this time.

The only thing you can do now…, since you’ve been conned, hoodwinked and fooled into giving them consent to feed on you…,   the ONLY THING…, is to be very adamant…, and to daily remove your consent to what these unscrupulous UNSEEN beings want to do to you…, which is to feed on your energy.

I have been doing that for the last year and a half…, and I can tell you that it is WORKING.

Far beyond your ability to believe that it is true…, your previous “consent”, oaths, and pledges you took to your “religion”…, your government, and your organizations is exactly what ALLOWS BAD THINGS to happen to you.

You made CONTRACTS that had “fine print”…., and you did not realize how “high up” the unseen ladder your OATH was going.

By removing and revoking all oaths, pledges, covenants, agreements, and contracts…, you actually FREE YOURSELF from potential bad experiences.

I know for a fact that I have.

Many times there are cops laying in wait just to give a ticket…, and I have felt the desperation of the unseen beings trying to ruin my day and pull from me emotional distress…, ONLY to have to “back off” at the last moment when I reaffirmed that I refused to consent to their dark plans.

You would be amazed to see just how “things” are being choreographed on a “higher level”.

I have seen for certain that it is NOT GOD who brings us any “bad” experiences…, but instead it is these stupid and useless beings who want to feed off of the tears and the pain caused to us by having something bad happen to us.

By reaching up into the UNSEEN LEVELS and “commanding” them to stand down…, and rebuking these DEMONS…, only then “must” they leave you alone.

I have found through my experimentation over the last year and a half…, that the EARTH is not for whimps!

The Dark loves whimps and those who easily give in and take whatever comes their way. They love it because without any resistance…, all of the deceptive contracts, oaths, pledges and covenants GIVE THEM PERMISSION to hurt you.

GOD has never and will never demand a CONTRACT from you!  There is no such thing on GODS level!

Only those beings who are in service to the ARCHONS talk about contracts.  That is why all Bankers and Businessmen use CONTRACTS.

IF you have heard channeled entities talking about CONTRACTS…, then those beings…, no matter how Angelic they claim to be…,  ARE IN SERVICE TO THE DARK!

GOD does not do CONTRACTS.

GOD gave us FREEWILL…, and to ask of us a CONTRACT…, is directly opposed to the gift he gave us eternally.

KNOW THIS…, and then set yourself free.

Now the second thing that you can do is to get your head out of the sand…, and to realize WHICH HUMAN BEINGS…, are in fact “working” for and with these unseen beings.

IF you are having trouble with figuring this out…, just look to positions of power and positions of AUTHORITY and who is filling them at this time!

Those who are making the most draconian and restrictive laws in every country…, and are desperate to cause as many problems to humanity as possible…., are the very ones who have joined the SATANIC CLUB.

At this time…, if you want to know who these men and women are…, many of them are in top positions in government! They are in top positions in the Media…, they are Judges and top Police Officials. Their are in the Clergy…, they are EVERYWHERE!

In these positions…, they are very useful to the “unseen” beings…, because they create chaos and mistrust through WAR…, and pit one human being against another to cause MAXIMUM EMOTIONAL DISTRESS.

Because these men and women help to create the emotional distress on the Earth that feeds the unseen beings…, they are rewarded!

It is high time that you sharpen your “pencil” of NON CONSENT.

The way you do that is to REVOKE every contract…, and every oath…, every covenant, and every pledge that you have ever made to Earthly groups…, because it is these very oaths, pledges, promises and contracts that have given the unseen beings the RIGHT…, to feed off of you!

All my love…



By: Bradley Loves

For those of you who read the small article I wrote yesterday…, and then wondered what the heck I was talking about…, remember that I told you there would be MORE coming!

I give you the story of the RED BUTTON!

Just so that you can be clear up front…, this has to do with how “consent” is being used against you…, and is even YOUR CHOICE!  There are “other” stories concerning the RED BUTTON floating around…, and ALL of them show just how stupid human beings can be when faced with a choice…, but this particular one fits my purposes.

Almost all of the people living in the world want PEACE…, or so they say.  They also want freedom, equality, love and many other things.  However…, every choice they make…, USUALLY is in direct contravention of what they SAY they want.

Thus, what they are really doing is consenting to the opposite of what they say they want.

Here’s the story:

There once was a kindly old gentlemen who was tired of people talking about ending war, and wanting disclosure and gaining peace on Earth…, but seeing the every one their choices reflected the exact opposite.

So he devised a simple box with a RED BUTTON on it…, and took it with him to the main city arena where all of the men and women were gathered.

He told them that today, and today only…, all of their desires for the ending of WAR…, and the on set of PEACE could be realized…, and all they had to do was walk up to the box and push the RED BUTTON!

Almost everyone was elated!  And every man and woman wanted to immediately come out of their seats and push the red button on the box.

However…, the man stopped them for a moment and said,
“Before any one of you comes to push the button…, you must be warned there will be consequences for this choice!  The consequences are simple…, but important to know about…, so let’s get to them.”

“First off…,” he said…, “we are currently living under a SATANIC SYSTEM…, which means that everything concerning the way we do things will have to be changed once the button is pushed!”

A young man in the front row of seats raised his hand.  “What do you mean EVERYTHING will have to be changed?  Can you give examples?” he asked.

“Yes, most certainly examples can be given.” the kind man said.

“Firstly,” he said, “ALL FORMS OF MONEY have been created and manipulated by those who follow a SATANIC RELIGION and it has used by them to control the world.  So what will have to happen is that MONEY will have to be done away with simply because it is EVIL”.

Very suddenly the people were up in arms and chattering loudly.  Many of them had lots and lots of MONEY…, and had worked hard to get it.  VERY FEW of them wanted to do away with money.

“I know what you are thinking…,” the kind man said…, “but the truth is that our entire money system is so corrupted that it can not be saved. The major banks and bankers run the world’s STOCK MARKETS like a casino gambling system.  Anyone who places money into that system can lose everything and many people actually do.

“IF THEY LOSE MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET…, THAT’S THE RISK THEY TOOK!” a young man who was good at trading stocks said.

“Yes…, but losing one’s ability to buy things and live a decent life is what causes WAR!” the kind man said.

“In addition to that…,” he added…, “for some people to own 3 Mecedes Benz cars when others have nothing to drive is inequitable!  So, we will need to redistribute the wealth so that EVERYONE has a basic living achived!”

Now people started to get ANGRY!

“I worked hard for my cars!  I’m not giving them up!” A middle aged lady who owned a Mercedes Benz, a Lincoln Navigator and a bright yellow HUM VE said.  If others did not find a way to work hard enough to buy them…, that’s their problem!”

“Yes…, the kindly old man said…, “but for so many people to own so much…, when others have nothing is what causes WAR!”

At this point about 250 people got up out their seats and LEFT the arena…, they were quite wealthy…, and loved their money.  There was NO WAY they were ever going to push the RED BUTTON.

Also many of them were bankers and financial advisors who knew they would no longer have the lucrative jobs they had if Money was done away with!

“Let the world stay the way it is…,” one of them said…, “at least I will be taken care of!”

“Next,” the kind elderly man said, “we will need to learn how to use herbs and healthy foods to heal ourselves because MOST if not all of the foods and drugs that we use are killing us.”

“This of course was designed by the very SATANIC SUPPORTERS who gave us our money.” he added.

“All drugs, drug companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals will have to go!”

Now MORE people got angry!

Many of them were Doctors and Nurses.  They worked inside hospitals and made good MONEY!  They wanted PEACE…, but NOT at the expense of their own jobs.  Others worked in factories making drugs and pharmaceuticals…, and even though they always suspected that making these drugs and pharmaceuticals was not good for people…, they NEEDED the work and so they continued to make the drugs that would hurt the people taking them.

In addition…, many of the Doctors and Nurses knew that the Vaccines they were giving people were not good for them…, but they NEEDED their jobs and so they did what they were told by their superiors…, and followed ORDERS.

They were angry because they were being asked to give up their good paying jobs and said so!

Another 150 people got up out of their chairs and left the ARENA!

Next…, the kindly old man said…, we will have to completely redo our education system.  Almost everything that is being taught is a lie!

Now the teachers and school administrators were up in arms.

“How will we survive if the schools the way they are now, are done away with?” they asked.

“It is easy to teach what we have been told to teach.  Re-learning everything will take too much time and effort!”

The kind old man sighed but kept going.

Eventually everyone in turn got up and left!  The clergy, who did not want to quit teaching their own religions…, the University Professors who did not want to quit teaching the flawed Science and History that they had been teaching, the Media personalities who did not want to give up propagating lies on the NEWS since they loved the attention of being a media personality.


Over the course of the next few hours over 10 thousand of the Cities inhabitants…, every one of them LEFT the arena!  Not one of them…, (after finding out about the changes they would have to make to their own lives…, AND the personal sacrifice they would need to make in order to bring about WORLD PEACE…, were willing to push the RED BUTTON.

Judges, Police, Politicians, City Workers, Farmers, Military Personnel, Government Agents, Factory Workers who built Military equipment or pharmaceuticals all got up one by one and LEFT.

The story is not done…, but you get the idea…..

If you think clearly about this story…, maybe you can start to make sense out of it.

You must look deeply at your OWN LIFE and see just how many of the things that you take for granted…, and do every day of your life are actually DIRECTLY IN SUPPORT of the Satanic System which has been given to us by those who control the world.

YOUR OWN HAND…, is clearly seen helping the SATANISTS achieve their global control because at this point in time…, you are UNWILLING to unplug from the system they designed so long ago.

That system was designed long ago to lead us all to GLOBAL GOVERNMENT and total enslavement in this time!


Everyone is waiting for someone else to “go first”…, or “do it for them!”

The result is a fake “hopium” being distrubuted to the masses in the form of CHANNELED MESSAGES which tell us weekly…, (just like the weekly sermons in church used to tell us) that there is always hope in the coming SAVIOR!  That there is nothing we need to do…, and if we JUST HAVE FAITH…, “soon” it will all be done for us.  And that way…, none of us will have to change anything or sacrifice anything to get what we say we want!

My friends, brothers and sisters…