Even though it may seem that I am intense…, and that it is sometimes “hard” to take…, I want you to know how desperately I love each and every one of YOU who come here to read!

I can not describe in any proper words how much I CARE about each and every one of you…, and how much I want life to be wonderful for you!  I don’t call you friends…, but brothers and sisters!

My blog is not easy…, but the TRUTH (for those who are willing to hear) must be told and revealed!

Here is a old song…, that if listened to really sums up some of the feelings that I have:


By: Bradley Loves

So who is it then that is acting on BELIEF?

Who is it that is “following orders” every day of their lives?

Should we make a list?

Every man or woman who has EVER held a job…, and did what they were “told” without thinking…acted on BELIEF!  (They did not THINK for themselves)

This is simply a nice way to say that they “acted out their PROGRAMMING“….

Honestly…, the list includes every working man and woman, in EVERY job…, in every country on the PLANET…, (except for those who willfully THINK FIRST and then always choose to disregard ANY order or directive that is immoral, lacking in compassion, and would in fact cause harm to another human being).

Here in another short clip (this one 13 minutes long) is Mark Passio showing us exactly HOW the world has turned so quickly into an MIND CONTROLLED zombie type reality!

He places the blame squarely on the NEW AGE!

The idea he talks about here is EXACTLY what I’ve been talking about and is basically BELIEF…, not “faith”…, and forbids people to “actively” think (or critically think)…, and instead just to BELIEVE!

More will be coming!

Once again…, I ask you lovingly to “think on these things”…







By: Bradley Loves

Not only is every living man, woman and child “trapped” inside of a sick world where nothing they have been “taught” is correct or true…, they truly BELIEVE that the acts, behaviors, and choices they are making are the “right” ones!

The reason this is the case…, is because there is a system of constant “support” given to every human being who makes the CHOICES that are “in line” with the false or faulty system they have been taught is real.

Once again…, it is the complete and total ABDICATION of “thinking” about the affect or the effect of their choices and falling back on the PROGRAMMING, they have gotten since early childhood…, which is the entire cacophony of data that they have been entrained to BELIEVE IN.

Make no mistake about it…, on this world…, at this time in history….,  BELIEF is your enemy…, not your friend!

“FAITH” is a different matter entirely…, because “FAITH”…, has no preconceived ideas about what is true…, or possible…, or real!

FAITH simply chooses to trust the INFINITE!

However…, FAITH in the Infinite…, will NEVER cause one to argue or “fight” about facts, figures, data, or life-style or ANYTHING…PERIOD!

95 percent of all people living on the Earth…,  do NOT ACT ON FAITH…, when making their choices!


They act only on BELIEF almost without exception!

Which means that they are ACTING without THINKING!

Get this ONE THING please!   Belief is NOT FAITH!

Acting without thinking means that your life is following A PROGRAM…, just as a computer follows a PROGRAM!

Which means that 95 percent of all people living on the Earth are IN FACT…., MIND CONTROLLED!

This can NOT be argued with!

Some of the “descriptives” that I have used for these men and women are “robots”…, “auto-bots”…, or my personal favorite:  ZOM-BOTS!

Sadly…, these brothers and sisters of mine…, and yours ACT without THINKING!

And why do you suppose “critical thinking” is never taught in any school?

Why do you suppose that following orders and never breaking any rules…, no matter how tiny an infraction is beaten into every human beings daily belief system?


Can you find fault with this?

Men and women who are “ordered” to do unholy and immoral things as a part of their “job description”…, and do what they are “told” in order to keep that job…, and continue to get a “paycheck” are in fact NOT THINKING!

Mark Passio states clearly what ORDER FOLLOWING is and means!

It is ROBOTIC…, and EVIL!

It is the abdication of thinking!

Here it is…., for about the 20th time on my blog…, the best 7 minutes you’ll ever spend of your life!

It really can’t be said any more clearly than this!

We have all been given a choice!  And my advice on this day…, and every day is this:

Choose to THINK rather than BELIEVE!

Beliefs can be faulty!  Don’t trust what you’ve been told…, and that specifically includes CHANNELED MESSAGES…, and those men and women who CHANNEL entities who can not be seen, and have no way to prove who they really are!

Instead…, use your OWN heart and mind concerning each and every choice you make…, and ask the questions that I put in place in Part ONE of this series!

All my love for now…, more will be coming!  In the meantime…, I ask you to lovingly think on these things!











Preston James – The Secret Law of Opposites

Dr. Preston James is one of the writers who I both follow and respect!  It takes alot of courage to write what he writes!  So many bloggers and web contributors take “Tiny Tims” approach and “tip toe through the tulips”….

This man has courage because he does NO SUCH THING!

If there are any writers out there who have both backbone and moral fiber…, then they TELL IT LIKE IT REALLY IS…

Here is the link to his latest!   Please give it a read!

The Secret Law of Opposites



By: Bradley Loves

I’ve waited a few days to write this.  I wanted to give everyone some time to settle down.

In order to “hear” this…, your mind is going to have to be really clear!  What I am about to say, I’ve already said…, but it NEVER sank in!

Everything that you’ve ever been told or taught IS A LIE!

The problem with saying something as seemingly ludicrous as this (even though 100 percent true) is that it can’t be grasped and understood by most people!

From early childhood every person born on this planet is PROGRAMMED!

They are programmed with belief systems that have been GIVEN to them!  Not one of these beliefs are true…, or real in any sense of the word!  In addition to the all out lies being told to the people (as if that wasn’t bad enough)…, many different countries and cultures are being told (taught) exact polar opposite VERSIONS of the programming falsehood…, so that they will want to “fight” each other over such nonsense as who is “right” when in fact…, they are BOTH WRONG!

They are both wrong in the sense that NEITHER VERSION of their “reality story” or “belief systems” that were told to them, are correct, real or true!

Now…, when I say that “nothing” you’ve been taught is true or correct…, I really MEAN THAT!

I get the feeling that many readers will think…, well yea…, (a lot of what I’ve learned)  or (some of what I’ve learned) is incorrect, but certainly not all of it.

Think again!


The movie: THE MATRIX…, was made for a reason!  It was made to show us that countless people could be “living in a dream world”…, and that everything they though was real or true…, could indeed be false…, a lie…, made up…, and incorrect!

The way the movie was formulated was perfect in the sense that it showed the character NEO…, (re-arrange the letters and you get ONE)…, waking up from what he thought was his life…, not only to find out that everything about that life was untrue…, but that he was actually dreaming it…, and that it was NOT EVEN HIS BODY that was doing the things he was dreaming!

This is about as close to what I am trying to get across as I can…, to everyone…, when I write in my blog!


Now…, I wrote something that is a real mouthful above, because it is quite telling!  The truth is different not only from what you think…, but what you BELIEVE!


95 % of all of the people in the world are living, working, acting and behaving not according to what they “think” about any one thing on a daily basis!

But instead, they are living, working, acting and behaving based upon WHAT THEY BELIEVE about everything on a daily basis!

See if you can find fault with what I just said?  It’s almost as if I just stated the obvious axiom: “everywhere you go…, there you are!”

It can’t be argued with!

The sad part about what I just wrote above is that people have “abdicated”  their FREEWILL to “think”!

Shall I repeat that?

The real question about any act, work, or CHOICE TO BE MADE…, is always:


Not “what do you believe”  !!!!

Our “beliefs” have been handed to us!  They have been given to us!  They have been taught to us!  Therefore…, they are WRONG!

EVERY time we are faced with a choice…, our FIRST responsibility is to THINK!

  1. Why should I do that…
  2. What will happen “if” I do that…
  3. Will others be hurt if I do that…
  4. Will the Earth be hurt if I do that…
  5. Will my life be made better if I do that…
  6. Will the lives of all others be made better if I do that…
  7. Will I be HAPPY and CONTENT in the long run, if I do that…

These questions need to be asked and then “thought about”!   A real being uses BOTH their mind and their heart in the process…, since the two are not separate!

The question is asked…, and the mind and the heart answer!  The answer gotten IS THE RIGHT ANSWER!


Every part of the “system” we are living under here on Earth is a LIE!

No part of it is for the good of mankind!  All of it was put here by others who did NOT have our best interest in mind!


I would right more…, but this is a very big meal on it’s own!

My brothers and sisters…, more will be coming!  But think on these things!
















By: Bradley Loves

I found this on the “REMOVING THE SHACKLES BLOG” which is Dani McKenny’s site.  She is now living in Australia and back into giving us some great information!

The United States Congress has just passed a “RESOLUTION” claiming that  “MAGIC”  (I am not making this up) …is a “rare” and “valuable” art form!

See this .pdf

Click to access BILLS-114hres642ih.pdf

Now, after all of the articles and posts that I personally have put up over the past two years talking about both  ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE and DARK MAGICIANS…, it seems as if the US Congress is scrambling to “head off at the pass”…, any and all possible rules, laws, or BLOW-BACK from the soon to be common knowledge that certain forms of DARK MAGIC was used on the entirety of HUMANITY without their knowledge or consent!


Thus they have “pre-emptively” passed a “protection” rule around ALL MAGIC as a RARE ART-FORM and a NATIONAL TREASURE!

Don’t be fooled by the addition of names like “David Copperfield” into the resolution.

Can you even get a more “official” protection clause added to something that is most definitely one of the BIGGEST TOOLS of both DARK MAGICIANS and SATANISTS?

I don’t know if you can!

National Treasure?   Wow!  So what does that mean?  Could it be that just like all of the buildings and artifacts that are listed on the National Treasure list within the USA…, “MAGIC” is now also a totally and completely PROTECTED “tangible” artifact?

Or, could it be that what they are really saying that the USE OF MAGIC…, must be protected at all costs?

Here is a link to Dani’s site where she talks about this in a video:

Here is the video on Youtube:






Justin Deschamps – Government Agents (Trolls) Hired to Argue and Cause Dissension On-line | Operation Mockingbird Never Ended

Once again…, Justin Deschamps has impressed me with his ability to hit the nail on the head!  I am posting this link to his blog because I happen to agree that this is HUGE PROBLEM!  As I stated recently…, and I will continue to state…, I “disagree” with Justin on any article or post he makes concerning David Wilcock or Corey Goode…, so in essence…, I am using my own knowledge and discernment by “picking” and “choosing” exactly what I think is important on his blog…, and what is rubbish!

Justin seems to have a very keen mind, and his ability to do research has been proven several times now in a few of his choice articles!  His only real problem…, (as I see it) is that he is still quite YOUNG, and has therefore never really been CONNED quite badly enough by someone that he put his absolute trust in, to recognize it when it is happening.

It is only when he discovers how easily someone who seems so completely honest…, can be one of the biggest con artists in the world, that he will finally jump of to the necessary level of: HIPER – DISCERNMENT that is a critical element to weeding out con artists like Corey Goode!

Until then…, I find his personal site a mixed bag of some really great stuff…, and some ridiculous rubbish!

HERE is a link to one of the GOOD ONES he’s done!

Please read…, and encourage him to continue!

All my love!

PS –

Here are several more links I’ve found on this very IMPORTANT topic!



KAY GRIGGS – AN OVERVIEW (Hour 2 – Updated and Full)

By: Bradley Loves


1 Hour – 1:15

The suggestion is made that the  entire USA (as a result of the Military) has turned into a modern day SODOM and GOMORRAH!

The conversation next suggests that not only are MOST of the top positions filled with deviants and degenerates now…, that anyone who IS ACTUALLY MORAL will probably never get put into high positions!

Kay now makes the very first connection between these “groups” and ZIONISTS.

Hour 1:15 to 1:30

In this part…, Kay gets into the “alternative” lifestyle of most of these military Colonels and Generals.  This is where she questions the morals and ethics of these men and talks about what she considers DEVIANCY or DEVIANT sexual behavior…, which includes the fact that most of the really high up Brass are “nudists”…, engage in the practice of “wife” swapping, as well as homosexual behavior with each other after the women leave!

It is this part of their “behavior” that she suggests has allowed them to turn a blind eye to the SATANIC side of the greater agenda…, i.e…, the drug smuggling…, the money laundering…, child and human trafficking…, and the break down of civil liberties in our country.

For those who are NOT turning a blind eye to all of this…, but do it with full willingness and knowledge…, then, these men are most probably Satanists themselves!

She suggests that since their “attitude” about most things is that ANYTHING goes (sex orgies and the like)…, and that this is just the way it is…, so you’d better get used to it…, it would be very difficult for men like this to have any MORAL fiber or character at all.

Remember THESE MEN are leading our military!

She talks about a man named Charles Caddok.., and others, who were tasked to get young Saudi boys drunk, and to teach them to engage in homosexual behavior, so that they could control them later in life… (these were Elite Saudi boys who had come to America to get an “education”) however, she laughs about the idea that they “ever” really went to class!

Next, she associates her own husband (George Griggs) as the man who was “partying” with these young Saudi boys, and drops the bombshell that “ALBERT EINSTEIN” was also taking part in these “boy orgies” while working for the Military.  This was going on in 1952 to 1955!

Next, she talks about how George Griggs admitted that he battered his first wife (and most probably was responsible for her death)…, and that he battered and abused her as well!

Hour 1:30 to 1:45

She talks about how all of these men first met at Universities…, were pals…, and helped each other get into very high positions, so that in the end, all of our high level positions were filled with deviants.

She talks about how most of these men were VERY WELL PAID…, and so that the “wink-wink” was that if you go along with all of this…, your life will be easy!

She talks about how Navy Seals of seal team six (she calls them the “red” team) before they get sent out on any real missions, must first do a “cold kill” to prove they CAN kill someone! (Apparently anyone will do).

Next, she very importantly talks about the letters “SS” and how they keep appearing in our Military and Governmental systems!  She relates this back to NAZI Germany and of course… “THE BROTHERHOOD”…., which is connected to OPUS DEI…, which is connected to… (you guessed it) THE VATICAN.

Hour 1:45 up to Hour 3

Another Video talking about the FULL EXTENT of the Satanic movement inside the United States today…, pops up for a moment and The book… PAWNS IN THE GAME…, by William Guy Carr is recommended as a source!  Then we get back to Kay.

Next, she states that the MARINE CORPS has turned into an “enforcement arm” of a very dark group that wants to control the United States and the Entire World!

They are basically mercenaries!

She says (incredibly) that the men who are assassins, not only get promised a good life…, but they get lots of “stock” on the stock exchange for “killing” people.

Once again…, she connects the country of Israel to most of this “nastiness”…, calling them the “middle men” and the recipients of much of the criminal money moving around the world.

At this point the Interviewer and Kay both take a break!

(Stay tuned for Hour 3 – I will finish this eventually).















By: Bradley Loves

I’ve “replaced” the 7 hour interview with a more complete copy of an 11 hour interview…, which I think is the most complete version on the web.  I replaced it for two reasons…, first what Kay has to say is vitally important…, and secondly…, I found that the 7 hour interview was being ACTIVELY blocked when you tried to access it from my website!  (HMMM)…..

(Way to go boys…, you just got caught with your pants down!)

Since this information is too important not to get out there…, (for those who have not got 11 hours to spend) I am going to spend the 11 hours for you…, and take notes!

0-15 Minutes…

Remember that this INTERVIEW took place in the year 1998…, so it is almost 18 years old already!

-Kay talks about who she is and how she met her husband and why she married him.

She says she has certain knowledge that the USA has NEVER BEEN an enemy of the SOVIET UNION or of RUSSIA…, and the at the highest level…, the Soviet Union was CREATED by the USA!

-She talks about his EXTREME problem with alcohol…, and with his strange nature.

Next she make a bold statement saying that almost all of the Upper Brass in the Army and the Marines are sexual deviants, homosexuals, and in her words very “childish” men who are very “controllable”.  All the good Generals and Colonels have been “replaced” by controllable ones!

The name of her husband is Colonel George Griggs.  Next she drops names of other Generals.  General Jim Joy…, head of the Armies Psychological Warfare…, and responsible for in humane tactics that were used against Noriega and in Waco!

General Carl Steiner…, and General Al Gray (huge homo-sexual…)

15-30 Minutes

Kay says she finds out that her husband was basically an ASSASSIN!

Kay says that at the very top ALL of the Military Brass are MASONS!  And also members of OPUS DEI!

Next she talks about the deep connection between the Military and the Mob!  She says that it is the New Jersey and Brooklyn factions of the mob most especially. She says that there is a group of “mercenaries” (Marines) who have actually become “hit men” for the mob…, and will basically kill for hire.  Also she claims that these Marines are not only under the umbrella of the Navy. She states that they can just as easily take orders from an Army General.

Next she restates that on the level of Lee Harvey Oswald (CIA and Military) that the USA is not and has NEVER been enemies of the Soviet Unioin.

She says that the man who started the OSS (Intelligence) was recruiting known Communists into the Military.  Next, she says that these top Brass are/were not really Americans nor Christians but “existentialists”…, who are very GERMAN leaning!  Then she asks:  What are they doing running our Nation?

Also she “accuses” these men of having far more affinity for the state of Isreal…, than they do for America or American People!

The next HUGE reveal is that the Judges in the courts are MILITARY OFFICERS who are following a military chain of command and taking orders!  They are NOT independent Judges!

Even in Congress…, she claims there are a lot of former MARINES.

John Warner…, Chuck Rob…, Dick Davis…, (All Marines)

She claims that the present Govenor (in 1998) for the state of Virginia was a former Army Office and was therefore TAKING ORDERS…, and following a chain of command…, even though he was apparently a Govenor!

Next she asks this:  If all of these military men, congressmen, judges and Govenors are just FOLLOWING ORDERS…, then WHO is giving those orders??????

30 -45  Minutes

She talks about how there are former military intelligence operatives implanted inside the Media…, (Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein) who can be used to keep politicians “inline”.  Other people corrupt them…, and then the intelligence people use information against them to keep them in line!

Next she talks about how “operatives” were assigned to her and were basically “CONNING” her…, saying they were going to help her…, while all the while gathering intelligence on her life!

Next is an “onscreen” statement that basically says:   Homo-sexuals are seen by the military as the most MIND controllable people there are!  And that is why these people are sought out and promoted into very high positions!

Next she reveals that her husband is/was one of the men who are part of the world wide intelligence  crowd who (by proxy) start phony wars…, assassinate people…, control the flow of drugs, etc…   ALL FOR THE GOAL OF SELLING WEAPONS and CONTROLLING THE WORLD!

Next she states that through her “husband” and his crowd…, she met huge drug lords, and other people involved in world wide crime.  She said her husband was basically so casual about it…, that it was strange.  “This is the way it is…”  He had told her at the time.

(Remember…, this man…, George Griggs was a Marine Colonel…, and was involved in huge amounts of CRIME while he was in the US military…, along with huge swaths of the US MILITARY TOP BRASS!)

Next, she talks about programs where “Young Boys”  called “rising stars” are brought under MIND CONTROL in order to corrupt them…, and TURN THEM into very BAD ADULT MEN!  (Again…, done by the MILITARY!)  This was done both in the US and all over the world.

Many of the “drugs” coming into the USA are flown in huge planes that land on MILITARY BASES!

45 – 60 Minutes

She states once again:  The world wide Drug Flow is being Controlled by Military Officers (and the CIA).  Also she states there are many banks involved in “laundering the drug money”  (cash).

Next she talks about how many of these men were part of a certain “brotherhood”!

Next online script:  Watch Video called:  Brotherhood of Darkness!

Next she talks about how “chemicals” and “biologicals” are used by certain members of the military to “kill off” those who are not in support of their “BROTHERHOOD”…

Next she connects this “brotherhood” to the GERMAN NAZI’s.

Next huge reveal is that the CHEMICAL WEAPONS that were given to Sadam Hussein were MADE IN THE USA!   Sadam did NOT make them…, the USA made them!  Next she says that people from Iraq were “trained” in the USA to build chemical plants and were also trained how to make chemical weapons!

Next she calls all of the men who are part of this “group”  members of THE FIRM!

Finally she is asked if there is ANYONE at all…, in the TOP BRASS who is not a part of this!  Her answer is that there is NO ONE who does not know about it.  Also…, they are a party to it…, by not exposing it!

She talked about the “ceremony” of initiation that every “bird colonel” must go through…, which is very much SECRET SOCIETY stuff!

She states that EVERYONE who gets that rank must do this!

(These are RITUAL SATANIC CEREMONIES that include getting the initiate really drunk and then putting them in a coffin – having anal sex with other men – etc…)



































(I will continue to update this all day long…, so check back)




CONSENT…, (Again)

By: Bradley Loves

Yep…, it’s me again…, droning on about that “same” thing that no one wants to  hear:  CONSENT.

Everyday…, in hundreds of various ways…, each man, woman, and child “consents” to the satanic system that is not only controlling their lives…, but also controlling and re-creating this reality into a dark reality.

It’s all so subtle…, due to the cradle to grave “programming” that you’ve gotten.  The CABAL waited until this very time in history to spring the TRAP that would place the Earth into an eternal prison from which there would be no escape!

And…, every living man, woman, and child that breaths is HELPING THEM!

Why is it so hard to SAY “NO”?

It is not “blindness” that causes you to obey cruel and inhuman orders…, it is LACK OF COURAGE!

That is all.

It is the lack of CARING if there is a right or a wrong to your choices!

Each moment we are all faced with choices…, and for the most part…, every day BILLIONS of us chose to ACT in ways that will hurt our brothers and sisters!

We do this for MONEY!

Money is a made-up “fiction” that we have been programmed to believe has VALUE!

We (falsely) believe that it has SO MUCH value…, that we are willing to trade it for the LIVES of other human beings!

To utter these words made me shutter…, and I’ll bet most of you did not bat an eyelash!

I’ll say it again!

“WE” are trading our action to get a “pretend fiction” …, something completely made up…, and has NO VALUE in the eyes of PRIME CREATOR…, for another thing (human lives) which has INFINATE VALUE in the eyes of PRIME CREATOR.

Do I need to repeat the above statement a third time?

Can I say it in another way that makes sense?

Shall I point out each vowel and syllable?

When a human being goes to work and “follows orders” (i.e…, does what they are told) knowing that the orders they are following go against LOVE…, and will probably end in harming another human being…

Then that person has ACTED…, has DONE AN ACTION of harm…, simply in order to keep their job…,  for which, the ONLY REASON in having such…., is for the continued SUPPLY OF MONEY!


1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4


Therefore, I will say it again!

“WE” are trading our ACTION to get a “pretend fiction”…, something completely made up AND irrelevant…, and HAS NO VALUE…, in the eyes of PRIME CREATOR.

What we are TRADING for this “pretend fiction” (money) IS human lives which has INFINATE VALUE to PRIME CREATOR!

Shall I post about a thousand articles in the news today to prove my point?

I could!

We are all participating and therefore are all complicit!

Yes…, it’s very subtle due to your programming…, but now that you KNOW!

Will you not choose to stop consenting to this behavior?

Will you simply STOP selling your brothers and sisters out for a paycheck?

When “cops” tell you that you have to write a letter of eviction to a family who has no money…, SAY NO!

When the authorities tell you to bulldoze someone’s garden…, SAY NO!

When a million other ridiculous “ORDERS” are given and YOU are the one in charge and you know a human life will be hurt as a RESULT…, SAY NO!


Choose life over money!

Yes…, you may be fired from your job!

But you just helped a human life…, which has INFINATE VALUE…, and gave up something that HAS NO VALUE in the eyes of GOD!

Do you think he misses this kind of thing?

It’s time to choose!  We are at the crossroads of salvation.

NO ONE is going to “save you” but yourself!  There is a choice to make!

Choose LIFE…, choose LOVE!

Money can not buy you into anything…, because in PRIME CREATORS EYES…, money does not exist!

Think on this…

All my love….