Even though it may seem that I am intense…, and that it is sometimes “hard” to take…, I want you to know how desperately I love each and every one of YOU who come here to read!

I can not describe in any proper words how much I CARE about each and every one of you…, and how much I want life to be wonderful for you!  I don’t call you friends…, but brothers and sisters!

My blog is not easy…, but the TRUTH (for those who are willing to hear) must be told and revealed!

Here is a old song…, that if listened to really sums up some of the feelings that I have:

4 thoughts on “TO MY READERS

  1. Bradley everything you write on your blog resonates with me. It makes sense. From an early age I felt that all was not as it seems. When I was 5 I told my mother that life feels like a dream. Now at the age of 60 I have realized that this dream is actually a nightmare. It’s very difficult to wake people up. But what’s the other alternative ? Once you’re awake you can’t go back to sleep again. You can’t wipe your mind of the truth and go back to living a lie. Maybe that’s why people don’t want to know the truth and start screaming and shouting like a child having a tantrum because they don’t want to think for themselves. It’s the Stockholm syndrome.


  2. DET

    Hi Bradley,
    every word you have been writing tells me you want to
    enlighten mankind but how should one convince people
    which are so programmed that they are absolutely incapable
    and loathly to try of thinking.
    When I am telling them the truth, the correct law or I prove them
    that the bill cannot be correct, because there is no valid basis, etc,
    then I must be sure to get a ticket to see a psychiatrist.


  3. purplegrip1

    Thanks so much for all the knowledge that you are passing along to us. It resonates with me as well but it keeps getting deeper and more intense. How can you know all of this with such certainty. You couldn’t have learned it all by just connecting dots. I would love to know more about you and your background and how you came to know so much.


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