By: Bradley Loves

This video…, and “others” I will soon post…, are important to watch.  Not just “important”…, I would be willing to say ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE!

Now be VERY cognizant of the fact that in this first video…, Phil tells us that he is HOLDING BACK tons of information, because he was so “threatened”.

He is NOT telling us all we need to know!  He admits that he has SOLD OUT to keep his family safe…, but has made certain that information has also been preserved!

So don’t take what he is saying as the WHOLE STORY or even HALF of it!

If you’ve done as much research as I have…, you can “read between the lines” on alot of what he says starting at about the 15 minute mark!  It all gets better from there.

What he is NOT saying…, but what can be deduced…, is the REAL PAYOFF of this video.

Please watch it all.



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