By: Bradley Loves



At some time after you were born here on Earth…, you were declared DEAD!

Your actually physical body…, having never been LEGALLY CLAIMED by anyone (on record) was determined to be ABANDONED PROPERTY…, and lost at SEA.

In other words…, YOU DROWNED!

Because no one ever CLAIMED your body as their “property” (on record)…, the LAW OF SALVAGE comes into play.   Any entity that is licensed to operate a SALVAGE OPERATION here on Earth can CLAIM any part of your DEAD BODY (or your estate) as theirs by right of salvage if it was first determined to be ABANDONED PROPERTY.


In fact.., even before you are legally declared dead…, you can go to them and get “SALVATION” from them!

The ONLY thing left of you now (legally) on Earth is a physical copy of your DNA (which believe it or not was taken from the “after birth” that was left on the floor of the hospital room you were born in) or taken from a blood sample…., or at some other time in your life, and a Birth Certificate (A bond) which monetized the body of the once living human being.

This DNA (which is the entire “matrix” of your being) was at one time YOUR PROPERTY!     But now that you are “dead”…, it can finally be SOLD to others.

This, by the way, is where the SATANIC New World Order…, Luciferianism, the Off Worlders, Fallen Angels, and other Demonic Entities come in…, and the little known DNA trading platform, which is how Earth Human DNA (apparently one of the most valuable things in the physical Universe) has come to be bought, sold, and traded.

Used in cloning, breeding, and the creation of virtual reality slaves…, Earth Human DNA (which has been salvaged by any corporate entity “licensed” to run a SALVAGE OPERATION) is a very desirable commodity across the galaxy, and the Universe.  It is extremely unique and highly valued.

Usually a DNA sample is encased in pure gold…, before it is transported “off world”.

However…, it can NOT be “legally” bought, sold, or traded…, if the human being that it belongs to, does not consent to it!


It is so that the sale of your DNA can take place…, without the necessity of having to GAIN YOUR CONSENT for such a sale.

You think I’m kidding right!   You think I’m nuts!  Well lets just see about that, shall we….

Moving on into the even MORE INSANE WORLD of the COURTS…, we shall go into the realm of Judges (Con artists), Lawyers (Con Artists) and the Legal World, where all of this is perfectly played out in front of everyone…, and makes it OBVIOUS!


Have you ever wondered why when any “persons” attendance is required in a Court Room…, they get a “SUMMONS TO APPEAR”?

It is due to the fact that ALL OF HUMANITY (from the time they were born) have been “declared” DEAD!

There is nothing left on the surface of the Earth but FICTION…, and FICTIONAL ENTITIES!  (Your Drivers License says you are a “fiction”.)

Therefore…, since you (your body) are “legally” dead…, the ONLY WAY to actually get you into a courtroom is by means of a spiritual “summons”.

You (being dead) are nothing more than a “spirit being”…, with no legitimate corporeal form!

You…, (as spirit) must be “summoned” forth from the dead or from the spirit world!

You are summoned so that you may “Appear”!

Did you notice that you are not asked to come to the court…, nor are you asked to walk or to drive over to the Court.  Nope…, you are NOT REAL!  Therefore…, you are “summoned” and “ordered” to make an APPEARANCE at the Court.

You see…, in the courts eyes (since you are dead)…, you are a ghost!  Ghosts…, do not walk…, nor do they drive anywhere…, they simply “appear” out of nowhere.

That is why every summons carries an “order” to APPEAR!

The Court is in reality holding a “spiritual seance”… (a demonic one), and you as the ghost who is dead…, is being ordered to appear to take part in their LEGAL BATTLE.

You (being a ghost) can not…, and even if you try, have NO RIGHT to speak!

Ghosts can not speak, you see, nor can they be “heard” by the living.

That is why NO JUDGE will ever listen to a single thing YOU SAY in a courtroom…, but instead instruct you to use your LAWYER to speak for you!

The LAWYER, you see…, is a medium!

They are trained and “licensed” to be able to “speak with the dead”!

That is why ALL LAWYERS world wide MUST belong to the BAR ASSOCIATION…, in order to “practice law”.

No “attorney” can practice law inside the Admiralty Court System (the Corporate Court System) without being a member of the Bar Association First.

The Bar Association refers to TEMPLE BAR…., for it is only in the TEMPLE…, that Lawyers can learn to speak with, and for the dead!

Temple Bar…, (the world wide Association for Lawyers…, is located inside the One mile square, that is the CITY OF LONDON. (Not London proper)

The “Judge” in a Courtroom setting is the “HIGH PRIEST”

This is why they always wear BLACK ROBES!   You see…, it is ONLY a “high priest” that has the “ability” to summon a spirit…, from the dead.  This is why a judge must also be a “high priest”.

And in matter of FACT…., It is due to the High Priests “SUMMONS” that you as the “ghost” make your sudden APPEARANCE in the court!  And while it was the high priest that summoned you…, it is the Lawyer who is the medium who is able to talk with you…, and speak FOR YOU…, since being a ghost…, you can NOT speak for YOURSELF!

All of these “High Priests”…, are in fact working for the dark, and the SATANIC SIDE of the VATICAN!

They are in FACT…, working for SATAN!  (Even if “they” don’t know it)

And now…, only now…, you are totally aware of why I have written, and said…, that our entire SYSTEM from top to bottom is SATANIC!

Here is the Entrance to the City of London…, with the “symbolic” dragon holding the white shield and the red cross!


If any of this sounds LUDICROUS…, RIDICULOUS, and INSANE…, that is because it is!   However…, this is also exactly how it is being done!   You are being had!  You are being…, Conned…, hoodwinked, and stolen from!

All of this happens because YOU have given up your FREEWILL…, and handed it over to others who you thought would use it for you good.

I feel sorry for those men and women who have never been to a courtroom…, and never actually seen a lawyer, or a judge in action.

They make a complete “mockery” of the life standing in their midst!  They “act” as if it is property…, or dead!

It is the most EVIL thing that you will ever witness in your entire LIFE!   Trust me my friends…, “they know”…, and if not consciously…, then, deep in their hearts…, they do know…, that they are working for the dark side…, however…, that “fat paycheck” helps them to over come any and all guilt they may feel for “herding” living human beings through a completely SATANIC SYSTEM.

If you are EVER “summoned” to “appear” in a courtroom…, then don’t show up!  If you do…, you will be “treated” as if you are DEAD, and BY YOUR CONSENT…, and YOUR APPROVAL (given by showing up…), it will be assumed by the HIGH PRIEST…., that you agree that your rights have already been removed from you! 

The only real purpose of the “Lawyer”…, more commonly known on the “inside” as a “friend” of the court…,  is to IDENTIFY the spirit who has suddenly, and “out of nowhere” appeared…, so that the LEGAL BATTLE over the dead spirits “estate” (and property) can be decided in the world of the “living”…, which is the world of the FAKE and the world of the FICTIONAL!

In Satan’s world…, the ONLY thing that is still “living” are fictions.

Therefore…, the “living” world of Satan…., which is a complete MOCKERY OF GOD who created every thing that exists…., is the world of Corporations…, Businesses, Companies, the “Stock Exchange” and Banks!     All else in the world has already been, LEGALLY DECLARED DEAD.

If you cooperate with this in ANYWAY…, then you are IN AGREEMENT WITH IT!   Your consent has been granted by your cooperation!

The ONLY problem for these Satanists, these NWO Globalists…, is they have all of these strange “robotic” looking beings walking around on an EARTH that should be, and is supposed to be empty…, and not have anyone walking on it!

This is a REAL PROBLEM for them…, and, is one of the MAIN reasons that I suspect that they want to kill off 90 percent of the population!  It is so that their ABSURD and INSANE FICTIONAL WORLD that they have created, can become more REAL in its outward appearance!

You see…, those men and women who are left (after 90 percent of us are gone) will be forced to bow down to SATAN!  The Earth will then be declared SATAN’S WORLD…, and in Satan’s world…, anything that GOD has created will be both mocked and destroyed…, including all living things.

(That is why TRANS HUMANISM will be the only choice for those who choose to stay)  Humans will be forced to become MORE machine than human.

What God created will be both mocked and destroyed!

You can see that this has already happened in the LEGAL WORLD…, and NOW are you starting to get the picture of where the NWO is taking you?

Do you still want to sit on your couch and do nothing?

















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