By: Bradley Loves


It all starts on a “mental” level or what many Ancient Mystery Schools called the Causal Level.

Aptly named…, the “Causal Level” of creation is the place of first cause for anything that might end up in the physical world.

The Causal Plane of Existence is a totally mental level where those beings who live and exist there full time, are made up of “energy” bodies.   These bodies are not Astral.., and they are not physical…, but beyond both.

Those beings are able to create anything at the speed of thought!  Because it is a purely “energetic” realm…, everything they could want and need, comes into existence in the very same moment they think of it!

Natually, those who live in the Causal Level must have already LEARNED long ago how to control their own thoughts and their own thinking…, only because the moment they THINK something…, it happens.

So the process of CREATION on the Causal Level is simply “thinking it”.

Those are the rules for that level…, and it works every time!

The next step down from the Causal Level is the Astral Level!

This level is divided into many parts…, some of which are really good…, and some of which are really bad.

Some of the beings (but not all) that live on the Astral Level have bodies that look like ours…, but are made up of much finer substance.  They are not physical…, but they do “look” physical.

These bodies are made of non-physical substances that are more like “light”, but still act and behave in certain ways that mimic what we think of as physical.

Parts of the Astral Realm are exceedingly beautiful…, while other parts are very, very controlled by the dark.

Beings living on the Astral Level can not and do not create at the speed of thought!

One more step is required!   That second step is using:  THE WORD!

Word…, is this sense means SOUND!    Or…, even better put VIBRATIONS.

The is where all of those Cymatics Videos really will come in handy for those who have watched them.

For those of you who remember…, simply by adding a “tone” or “vibration” to a powdered, liquid, or other type of medium…, simple geometric shapes were able to occur when affected by SOUND or VIBRATION.

You could see these shapes with your own eyes.

So creation on the ASTRAL LEVEL is a two step process…., not just one.

First you must THINK of what you want…, and then you add THE WORD…, or the SOUND VIBRATION in order to “manifest” what you want.

This is how things get manifested on the Astral Level.

These are the rules for this level…, and they work every time!

The next step down from the Astral Level is the Physical Level that we are currently living in.

We all know what this level looks like… (No secrets here to reveal).

Creation on this level is a THREE STEP PROCESS.

This is called the HOLY TRINITY of    THOUGHT, WORD and DEED.

  • The first step of creation on the physical level is to think of what you want to create!
  • The next step of creation on the physical level is to speak clearly in your words what that creation should be. ( Sound Vibration Matters)
  • The Final step of creation on the physical level is to take positive physical action that is in line with your thoughts…, and with your words.

You must take ACTION!  This action must be in line with your thoughts and your words, or no creation/manifestation will occur.

These are the rules for this level…, and they work every time!

In order to sabotage our ability to create or to manifest…, the DARK OVER LORDS of the lower 4th dimensional level have put out a HUGE CON in order to trick us into never using our power.

First…, they changed all of the languages which contained real “VIBRATIONAL POWER”.  You see.., when speaking an Ancient Language…, those sound vibrations had the very same affect that you saw in the CYMATIC VIDEOS.   The proper sounds applied to matter will create geometry!  But only if we use the ANCIENT LANGUAGES.

So by confounding and changing the words we use to talk about things…, the very words we are using…, are actually creating the opposite affect of what we want.

Now…, this does not stop the process totally…, since the MIND is so powerful…, that if kept up long enough the UNIVERSE will understand what you want anyway.

Confounding language only slows the process down.

Therefore…, the final part of the three step process in CREATION/MANIFESTATION was totally deleted from the formula.

That final part was TAKING ACTION!

In this way…, our ability to escape the PRISON that was put in place for us…, was taken from us.

The prison we are locked in is a FREQUENCY PRISION!   All that it takes to get out of the prison are if enough of us (the people) start using the proper:  THOUGHTS, WORDS (SOUNDS), and DEEDS.

Once enough people do this…, the walls of the frequency prison will (MUS) totally collapse!

This is why the CHANNELED ENTITIES (Lowever Astral Level Over Lords) are LYING TO US CONSTANTLY.

They want to keep us in this prison…, and they want to keep us totally dependent on them.

Sorry New Agers…., YOU’VE BEEN CONNED.





To my Readers

I have decided to take a short, and much needed break.   The computer that I am using has most likely been hacked…, and there is far to much EMF coming off of the screen.  It almost hurts to look at it.

The only way I can continue to do this is with good health…, and so I need to take some positive action in that regard.

All of my love for a few days.

Democrat Convention in Trouble? Claim of Actors Hired to Fill Empty Seats And Clap





By Catherine J. Frompovich

Remember the children’s story about the Emperor who wore such fine clothes that no one could see them until, finally, one little kid had the integrity to say the Emperor was “balls naked”?

Well, now interpolate that story into an analogy for the Democratic National Convention that’s been playing to a half-empty audience.  The Democrats and the media are acting like the confused or demented Emperor who thought he was wearing such fine clothing that he didn’t realize his butt was bare!

If the Democrats have to advertise and are willing to pay $50 per person to sit in empty seats to cheer for Hillary, what does that tell you?  They have lost a lot of their party base!  It would appear that those who walked the political plank and left experienced a reality check on what’s really going on in party politics in the USA, however a little too late, it would seem to me.

According to an email listed on this site “Actors Needed for National Convention (Philadelphia)” states,

Looking for 700 people to be utilized as actors during the National Convention. You will be paid $50 for each night of the remainder of the convention.

On July 27, Michael Salamone said on Twitter:

The Democrats are bussing in actors to fill space after kicking half the party out. This is not a convention.  Just a con.

All the above is very disturbing because it shows how desperate the elites are to crown Hillary queen of the new world order in the USA!  Furthermore, their undemocratic actions, which the media buys into and supports, portend to what kind of takeover is sitting in the wings of history IF Hillary is forced down our collective throats as a country through even rigged voting machines!

If they are willing to be so brazen NOW, that tells how desperate they are to force Hillary Clinton into the presidency of the USA.  It’s not the people’s choice; it’s the one world order’s choice!  Do you want that?

USA, wake up!

As a country, we apparently just lost your independence and democracy in 2016 in Philadelphia, the very place where the country became an independent republic.  How ironic!

Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, “You have a republic, if you can keep it.”

Are we up to keeping the USA a democratic republic or will we allow it to taken away from us by a rogue political party apparently hell-bent on making it a gulag in the one world order’s plans for a global Corporatocracy?


By: Bradley Loves



The more that time passes by…, the more that I’m feeling just a little bit like that guy “Rock Hound”…, (Steve Buscemi) who played the hapless comic relief in the movie…, ARMAGEDDON!

After being transported up to the Asteroid that is racing toward our fair planet…, and entrusted with the “task” of getting rid of the “threat”…, he has suddenly decided to just quit what he was trying to do to “save” the planet, and has decided to “pick out” a really nice spot where he can just sit and watch all of creation come to an end in one big “blast”.

A “nice” front row seat….,   as he put it.

As the movie comes to it’s conclusion…, he is found by the rest of his crew to be “Riding the Nuke”  like an imaginary horse…, and needs to be duct taped to his seat inside the escape craft for his own protection.


I have always thought and believed that to SAVE a man from a “trap”, or steer him clear from a threat is not only GODLY…, but is DIVINE.


Earth…, needless to say, is NOT my normal type of MISSION to be sure.  It is one of those things that come along once in millions, if not billions of years.  However…, that being said…, I do have to admit.., that the “challenge” here is a formidable one.

Not impossible…, but formidable!

The problem is that very few people (if any) want to DO ANYTHING to save themselves!

Normally when you go to a planet where people need saving…, they are more than willing to take up some of the slack…, and actually assist those who took an incarnation to give them the information, and push they needed!

But NOT here!

This planet is unique in the sense that the DARK OVER LORDS that have enslaved this world from the 4th Dimension have convinced the masses that their only path to getting saved, and to being let out of their “prison” is to give total “surrender”…, and a total “submission” to what is happening to them.

Surrender to it and FORGIVE it all…., DO NOT JUDGE ANYTHING

Naturally…, this is the exact opposite of what they need to be doing!  However…, this one single DECEPTION…, that souls like myself are fighting is so comprehensive, and has been in place for so long…, that there is an actual HISTORY on this planet that is going back thousands of years and has “so-called” spiritual men and women telling the masses that by giving in, and surrendering to it all, is the way…, they “MAGICALLY” are allowed out of the trap!


So, what we’ve got…, is a handful of really dedicated souls who have come to try to make a difference here on Earth…, and WAKE UP THE SLEEPING MASSES to the fact and the idea they truly can SAVE THEMSELVES from their oppressors…., while on the other hand…, there are thousands…, if not MILLIONS of generally good souls who have been re-incarnating inside of the TRAP for so long…, that they now have a sort of genetic memory of all of the many life-times of giving in and surrendering…, and trying to escape the TRAP in the way the DARK LORDS have told them it could and should be done.

Therefore…, they are repeating the same mistake…, lifetime after lifetime…, and no one actually ever gets out of the trap…, and NOTHING ever changes here on the PLANET.

As we speak…, they are ACTIVELY working against those of us who are NEW to this Planet and have the means to help them escape!  This is the “problem” I and others like me are having with the NEW AGE!

So blind are they in their belief of “how it gets done”…, that they are willing to either shout down…, or ignore every other way of doing it!

They have been here for so long…, they have no real memory of what it takes to move forward…, or…, what the NATURAL LAWS of the COSMOS are any longer.

I have said it many times…, on my former blog…, and to those who have asked me on this one why I can be “SO CERTAIN” of what I’m saying.  My response is always the same:

This is only the 10th incarnation I’ve ever had on this fair planet…, that’s why!

I did not come here with a whole bunch of EARTH garbage, Earth LIES…, and this is how things are done here on EARTH in this current incarnation!

Now…, that is not to say that it was easy for me!  I have to admit…, I spent almost my entire childhood terrified of what human beings were doing to each other…, saying to each other…, and how they were living their lives on this planet which seemed so foreign to me that I wanted to leave it.

My parents…, (God Bless them) could not understand me…, even as a small child…, and even thought that I was broken somehow, because no matter what they tried to “teach me”…, the “programming” would just never stick.

Even at only 7 years old…, I used to laugh at my parents if they told me a “this is how life is” story…, and I knew that this way of looking at things was simply ridiculous!   Not only did I know what they were telling me was ridiculous…, I TOLD THEM SO!

Needless to say there was a lot of frustration between myself and my parents.

Most souls on the Earth have gone through thousands of lives!  And many have been re-incarnating here on the Earth for so long…, that sadly, they can no longer remember what it was like to live life in a way that is different from how it is lived here!


We’ve got thousands of souls working inside of the “NEW AGE”…, who may have been re-incarnating on the Earth for hundreds of incarnations (if not many more)…, and who have meditated like monks for dozens and dozens of lives just to get to the point where they have a quasi peaceful life here in this incarnation.

However…, what they are TELLING everyone else (the blind leading the blind) about how to ESCAPE this trap…, and the FAKE FORMULA…, that they are giving them, has been handed down to the masses through these 4th dimensional Dark Lords.

This fake formula is:  SURRENDER and SUBMISSION.


The only way out is to “actively” reclaim, and then re-establish your personal boundaries of FREEWILL!

It is NOT surrendering…, that will get you out…., but in fact STANDING UP with real courage and KNOWING who you are, that will get you out!

These DARK LORDS know this…, and that is why they tell you the opposite!

It is establishing “UNITY” in thought, word and deed that will help you get free.

This is the core KEY of manifestation in this UNIVERSE which has been very effectively hidden from everyone.

Many New Agers think that we all must “unify” with each other…, but the UNITY that the universe seeks from us is “personal unity within”!

In order to manifest anything…, a soul’s thoughts must be in line with their words…, and their words must be in line with their ACTIONS!     This is the HOLY TRINITY!

This is the BIG SECRET that the corrupt DARK MAGICIANS want to keep from you!

This is exactly WHY…, (even though they are very dark)…, they have been “given” the powers they now have by the UNIVERSE.

Even though they are DARK…, even though they are using their powers for EVIL…, they are 100 percent UNIFIED in thought, word and deed!

  1. Every dark thought they have…, they put into words!
  2. All of the words that they speak…, they put into ACTION!
  3. This completes the ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT!  This closes the loop and engages the Universe in their favor, and forces it to manifest what they want.

The NEW AGER’s…, have no MAGICAL POWER…, only because they are MISSING the last part of the formula!

New Ager’s have lots and lots of very nice “thoughts”!   And, they may even put these wonderful thoughts into words…, but this is where they stop and they go no further.



Therefore, the Universe does not see them as WHOLE BEINGS…, or as HOLY!

The Universe does not see them as being in personal UNITY within their own beings.  The critical “circuit” of power within them has not been completed, and therefore…, NO MAGIC and NO MANIFESTATION is possible for these hopelessly CONNED men and women.

You see…, over thousands of years…, and in hundreds of FAKE RELIGIONS…, the masses have been “taught” that it is far better to PRAY…, and to MEDIATE…, but after that….,    taking real physical “action” is   NOT NECESSARY!

In fact I have posted links to channeled messages which constantly tell people to sit back, enjoy the show…, and DO NOTHING!

They are even told to just SURRENDER, or SUBMIT to their lot in life…, and that this “peaceful” action is Godly! And…, if they do…, someone ELSE…, will come to save them or help them.

However…, by not TAKING PHYSICAL ACTION in their lives…, actions that are in line with their thoughts and their words…, they are not in personal UNITY…, and therefore they have not become an embodiment of the HOLY TRINITY in their thoughts, words, and deeds!

Thus…, the UNIVERSE does not see them as credible…, or sincere beings.

The Universe is waiting to see ACTION to complete the circuit of power within each soul that asks for favors or for help.


This is EXACTLY why this last part of the formula for creation was “left out” of any and all teachings within formal Religions…, and now especially has been left out of the NEW AGE teachings as well.

It is also left out of every channeled message that has ever been printed or posted…, and there is a very good reason for this.

Those who were trained in the Ancient Mystery Schools knew that anyone who wanted to be a MAGICIAN (light or dark), and wanted to have any real power here on the Earth…,  had to be first UNIFIED in thought, word, and deed…, in order to achieve anything.

Whether you are doing things that are for the GOOD of humanity…, or are doing things that are BAD for humanity…, the critical thing to know in order to be able to CREATE and to MANIFEST anything on the physical level is that ACTION is the last (AND MOST IMPORTANT) part of the three fold formula!

This is how the UNIVERSE works!  These rules are always the same whether you are doing good works or bad works!

So…, in order to keep those souls who are GOOD, from achieving any of their goals.., the DARK MAGICIANS simply conned all of the good people that prayer and meditation were all that were necessary when working with “energy”…, and that somehow physical action was not a part of the formula.

And so…, instead of telling them to complete the ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT of manifestation by becoming Unified within themselves, and by taking physical action that was in line with their thoughts and words…, they told them a complete lie…, and told them to SURRENDER.

This had the effect of nullifying and voiding anything and everything they prayed for, because the circuit of manifestation was never completed…, and the power of their thoughts and prayers fell short of creation.

Here…, once again…, is MARK PASSIO…, who explains this some of this concept in the video that I posted a few days ago.  Have a listen!















By: Bradley Loves

Finally revealed…, to the great masses of people who honestly thought that “politics” and “voting” could save their lives and save our country…, the undeniable TRUTH that it’s all a CON has been proven!

The last few weeks of blatant fraud, and criminal activity within the DNC itself, by surfacing evidence of stealing money and votes from Bernie Sanders and giving them to Hillary…,  and now at the CONVENTION by telling all of the Sanders delegates they might be arrested…, has driven  thousands and thousands of actual DEMOCRATS to walk out of their own convention!

Oh…, and by the way…, NOT ONE of the mainstream media outlets…, including FOX NEWS is reporting this fact!


Hundreds of supporters of Bernie Sanders were told they would be “arrested” if they held signs inside the convention for the man they had supported.

The DNC has turned into a MAFIA CIRCUS according to many Democrats who walked out of the convention.

The Main Stream Media has reported “none of this!”

See this link:

In addition see this video from Ben Carson’s speech at the RNC.

In addition to Saul Alinsky’s admiration for LUCIFER…, and Hillary Clinton’s admiration for Saul Alinsky…, we now have our current President Barak Obama, (the so-called “saint” of the New Age)…, who has not only endorsed Hillary…, but calls her the best choice for President.

Think about that…, Obama…, is supporting Luciferianism!


Synthetic Super Intelligence and the
Transmutation of Humankind
A Roadmap to the Singularity
and Beyond


Here is a link to a free copy of Wes Penre’s book:

This book talks about the “movement” within scientific circles to “blend” human and “robot”…, or  “Organic” and “Machine”…, into a type of Super Human Being.

As far as I can tell by quick reading…, Wes is against this…, but explains how it is happening.

This being naturally would be “hooked” into some kind of  Hive Mind…, Main Frame computer…, and most likely would end up being controlled by it!

This is the ultimate ABDICATION of personal choice and personal FREE WILL!

It is the end of everything PRIME CREATOR gave us and wanted for us!



By: Bradley Loves



I am clear that something isn’t quite right in this “world” of “OZ”, no matter how much we are “told” that everything is just fine!

Too much is happening now that there is no “logical reason for”…, except that there is a real, and yet COVERT attempt to take over the world (it seems).

The seemingly endless lies and cover ups…, that are being made daily…, just might be happening for a decades long…., ongoing agenda, that can no longer stay hidden, and is too obvious to be shrugged off any longer. What I am talking about here, is that World War II…, may literally never have ended!

Oh…, it “ended” on paper all right…, and it ended with the German people.  It ended with Japan and Italy…, and ended with all of the rest of the global players…, but it may never really have ended with the NAZI’s!

Germany was defeated, however, the NAZI’s apparently were not!  This is research that is ongoing, and is currently being done by several outstanding scholars who have come to believe this is quite true.  So, it is not news.  However, I am going to take this idea one step further than these scholarly researchers, and say that I am not convinced that WE (the world) were ever really fighting the NAZI’s at all!

The NAZI’s were just the front men for something far more intangible, and more subtle!

The WORLD WAR that we all remember, and that all of humanity was involved in fighting…, may have been fought against a FORCE that until now, had remained undiscovered and deeply hidden by certain groups or societies that were heavily involved in the practice of inter-dimensional communication.

Certain European “Rothchilds” family members have been known to say that they are in communication with Lucifer…, or a Satanic Entity of some sort.  It is well known that they run the Banking Systems…, and that it was the Banks who profited off of both WWI and WWII!

These Secret groups may also have been heavily involved in the contacting of off world ET’s, or perhaps even channeling (?) inter-dimensional beings or even demonic souls!

It is highly possible that the agenda behind giving the Germans so much “help” in the war, was due to an agreement or a promise that was made by those secrets societies directly to these entities!


The “THULE” Society, and the VRIL…, were just two examples of practicing occultists from Germany, who claimed to be in contact with ET’s.  There could have been many more spread through out Europe!

Many of Germany’s leading scientists, including Werner Von Braun himself, said that much of the super advanced information, or knowledge that the Germans were using to build formerly unheard of technologies in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s had actually come to them from “off world sources”.

So now, I have some real questions!

  1. Was the WORLD really fighting the Germans…, or…, even the NAZI’s for that matter?  Or, were we (as a world) “fighting” those behind the Germans?
  2. Knowing of course that there has always been off world hanky panky going on here…, were these guys backing the NAZI’s….,  someone “new” to the Earth, and/or unknown to the ones that were already here?
  3. If there were “inter-dimensional” beings involved with the NAZI’s…, what were they “promised” in the bargain made by the NAZI’s in return for their help?
  4. Since deals and bargains always go both ways…, what did the off worlders want from the NAZI’s that may have gone unsaid?  And, even more importantly…, were the NAZI’s even smart enough (in the 1930’s) to realize the true depth of what these “beings”  might EVENTUALLY be after, if they worked with them?


Okay…, so let’s save these questions for a moment, and let them simmer.

We all know now that the NAZI’s had developed and built secret bases down in Antarctica.  We also know now, as a result of Admiral Byrd’s “Operation High Jump”…, that a Naval Force was sent down there to “mop up” the left over’s that seemed to have gotten away from the main part of the “battle” so to speak.

And yet…, we are told that Admiral Byrd was not only defeated…, but had his “rear end”  handed to him…, and quite handily at that.  His “fleet” encountered flying saucer type craft, which not only could fly in the air (and shoot weapons)…, but could also go under the water as well.

See this link:

If indeed the Nazi’s moved their base of their operations to Antarctica well before the formal end of the war…, and it was known to the American Government that they were there (who then sent a Naval Fleet down there to take care of them)…, but then, in the process of doing so…, lost the battle…, it stands to reason that those remaining Nazi forces actually won WORLD WAR II, by remaining undefeated and keeping their Antarctic stronghold.

Since the year 1945, just over 75 years have gone by.  During that amount of time…, some of the Germany’s best scientists (those who were working on the highest priority technology, and who were actually transferred to Antarctica before the war ended) were allowed to continue to do their work in Antarctica completely un-bothered by the rest of the world for 3/4 of a century!

So now here’s an important question to consider:

What could men and women of that caliber of intelligence have achieved in 75 years of time, especially IF they were still getting help from “OFF WORLD”?


I offer you some tid-bits of information here about several things that are believed to be happening down in Antarctica!

Let’s start with this article:

In that article we find this:

Russia noticed the movements to Antarctica and the United States sent Admiral Byrd up with 3600 marines, planes, a battle cruiser and smaller vessels.

They returned in defeat and only a few words were mentioned in regards to what actually happened and how they were defeated.

The rumors spread and words of gravitic drive craft, and undersea or underice bases originated from this encounter.

From what we were informed as well as directly experienced, this was the ice-base in Antarctica where an underground base was found already constructed with very advanced technology.

Here, cloning was deployed along with mind control and temporal manipulation technology.

Soon, cloning was offered as a way to avoid assassination as well as to prolong and protect the original body in daily life.

After that, celebrities and politicians were replaced with programmed clones who could carry out the orders of the Nazi faction.

This was the beginning, the groups utilizing this technology now are no longer confined to the Nazi faction.


I want my readers to know that I have talked with enough “insiders” who assure me that “human cloning” is an on going, and top secret technology…, that was most likely a technology given to our planet by certain off world races, or maybe advanced “ancient underground” races!

I don’t think that NAZI scientists would have gotten that far in only 75 years…, however…, with help…, they might have achieved this level of ability.

What really stands out and catches my eye however is this line here:

Soon, cloning was offered as a way to avoid assassination as well as to prolong and protect the original body in daily life.

After that, celebrities and politicians were replaced with programmed clones who could carry out the orders of the Nazi faction.

What if…, this “move” that we are seeing world wide toward the openly SATANIC (and come on people…, only the BLIND can’t see it) is happening as a result of our leaders being either mind controlled or cloned in such a way that they are not in possession of their senses?

If indeed…, those who currently are our “leaders” are operating on agendas which do not serve WE THE PEOPLE…, could their “allegiance” be to either off world or underground beings we know nothing about?

Are they nothing more than radio frequency controlled “zom-bots” who will do any evil thing they are programmed to do?

If, in fact…, since we are seeing a MOVE toward the complete Luciferian take over of our culture and our societies…, we have to ask the question…, is it only coming from what Jay Parker calls:  “Generational Satanic Families”…, or…, are there yet unknown forces which are supporting them in their bid for Global Domination…, forces that we would be well advised to uncover before it’s too late?

Too many You-tube videos have talked about how most of the secret projects and programs that actually TARGET innocent human individuals with frequencies and waves, which scatter their minds and impede their ability to think clearly, so as to keep the masses from discovering what they are doing…, are being run out of bases in Antarctica.

See these links:

Click to access John%20St.pdf

So who is doing this?

Are we still “fighting” the NAZI’s…, and those forces which were never defeated?

Are they still there…, and have they been waiting patiently for a time when the entire world will be put in it’s place by what is by now SUPER ADVANCED technology?

Have we as a world SLEPT…, when we should have been PREPARING?

I invite your comments on this idea!  Help me do this research!

All my love!