By: Bradley Loves

As it stands…, we are NOT living in a free country, a free nation state…, or even a free world, for that matter.  There is nothing “free” about any of it.

Freedom means the ability to choose WITHOUT anyone looking over your shoulder to see if you “did it right”.

Ask any “honest” five year old if they think they are free to do what they want inside their mommy and daddy’s house…, and they will tell you NO.  There are countless rules and regulations that mommy and daddy have placed upon their five year old’s behavior which are sometimes meant to keep the child safe…, while at other times simply to keep the child quiet, obedient, out of the cupboards…, and mostly UNDER CONTROL.

Because there are ELITIST men and women living on our fair planet who believe that they are far more educated…, of better “blood”…, and just all around superior…, they feel that it is “they” who must make the decisions for the unruly masses.  They see most of humanity like most parents see a five year old…, who needs rules, regulations and limitations…, and CLAIM that ALL OF IT is to keep them safe.

This is about as hypocritical and disingenuous as it can get!

It is really an out and out lie, and a con!  What these elitists really want is for humanity (as the five year old they think it to be) is to be “quiet”…, “obedient”, “out of their hair”…, and most certainly UNDER CONTROL!

This is far closer to the truth…, and those people who are NOT part of the top 1 percent are gravely mistaken about what “freedom” really is.

They think “freedom” is SAFETY!  They think freedom is ENDLESS LAWS, and an ARMY of POLICE that is ready, and willing to enforce them.

Sorry, but I really can’t help but chuckle here…, because this is so far from “freedom”…, that it’s not even on the same “map” as what we have now.

You’ve got to hand it to those who do MIND CONTROL, and have been able to bamboozle adult men and women into thinking they are free when they are not.


It means that you are allowed to choose your path, and make your mistakes, and take your “licks”.  It is the right and ability to decide how you will live your own life!  It is your right to decide even if you will “go to school” or “not go to school”…, and perhaps simply spend your childhood with a fishing pole in your hands and straw hat on your head while sitting under a tree.

Im sure there are those out there who think I’m looney for saying this because after all EVERY child needs an education (doesn’t it)?

And yet…, our “good friends” at the Rockerfeller Foundation have made certain that NO REAL KNOWLEDGE gets taught in any school in America!

They, as well as the Rothchild’s have made CERTAIN OF THIS, because an “educated public” can challenge them, and this is not what they want.  So out of one side of the “two faced” head…, they say they want to “help us”…, and out of the other side…, they do everything in their power to prevent it!

Don’t believe me, here are some pictures taken at a “Rothchild’s Party” in 1972

The Rothschild Illuminati Ball in 1972 (5)


The Rothschild Illuminati Ball in 1972 (11)

This is actually the classical definition of INSANITY!

Yes…, the constant “inbreeding” of these hapless and quite useless humans has left them quite INSANE.  In addition to their insanity…, they have become quite psychopathic and dangerous not only to us…, but to the planet and even the rest of the galaxy.

I like the “third” picture the best.., don’t you?  A naked and dismembered baby on the middle of the dining table as a party favor!

One has to wonder WHY…, more people are not ready to DO SOMETHING about this, when it is staring them right in the face ??  ?? ?? ?? ??

And yet…, the masses (which includes people like POLICE and other Agents of “LAW”) follow these insane and psychopathic Elitists where ever they seem to want to go…, not only obeying them, but protecting them no matter how many CRIMES they commit.

Once again, this is NOT FREEDOM!   You are NOT free in this country, or in any other country in the world…, so why celebrate having freedom, when you don’t.

What you do have, is a situation where there are a handful of ELITE people who think themselves ABOVE ALL LAWS, and then the rest of us who are compelled to be obedient.

For those who really can’t tell the difference, I will make a promise to you here and now!



It is not really difficult to see why this planet is under quarantine, and why most ET’s…, or higher beings want to keep humans on the EARTH…, and out of the galaxy.

I’ve said it before…, (and no one cared…, or even got it) and it is this:

Why would ANY BEING…, anywhere want to allow Earth humans to come into their domain, when WE CAN’T TAKE CARE OF WHAT WE HAVE HERE?

I’m sorry to burst the “bubble” all of the airy, fairy New Ager’s here…, BUT…, you can’t have a garden of flowers or vegetables without PULLING OUT all of the weeds that are trying to kill off the garden.

Growing up on the farm (as I did)…, I know first hand what a huge patch of weeds does to flowers and vegetables.  The bad weeds totally choke out the good stuff…, and the good dies!  I’ve seen it first hand.

I’m sorry to have to be telling you things that you should have already learned…, but that is how it really is here on Earth.


I used to spend hours on my hands and knees pulling weeds out of the garden, so the good stuff could live!

Your JOB while living here on Earth is to DISCERN what is a weed…, and what is actually good for you and for the world…, and then you MUST… (I hope I’m being emphatic enough to get the point across here)…. you MUST pull out the weeds!

What we have now, is a bunch of 2 year old adults who don’t know the difference between weeds and flowers and DON’T EVEN WANT TO KNOW!

They want to leave all of the weeds in the ground where they are…, thinking that somehow that it is GODLY to leave everything just as it is, and not “judge it”!

They have been CONNED into thinking that JUDGEMENT and DISCERNMENT are two different things when they are exactly THE VERY SAME THING!

The new age has conned people into hating judgement, and into loving discernment, when both words describe the very same thing.

To “discern” is to “judge”.

Once discernment, or judgment, has taken place…, the very next step is to take action.

The “action” we need to take is to CLEAN UP OUR WORLD…, and that starts with the “weeds” in Government!

It starts with the weeds in every other institution upon the Earth that have become CORRUPTED…, and are no longer healthy!

As it stands now (I know you can see it) the WEEDS are killing off everything that is good on the Earth.

If you can’t see this…, then I’m really sorry…, I have to wonder why you are even reading on my blog.

Being a “GALACTIC HUMAN” means you take responsibility for your own corner of creation…., and you CLEAN IT UP!

I don’t know how many (so called) New Age people I have met who live in homes over run by weeds…, and whose homes are so messy inside that you can’t walk from room to room without tripping!


They are lazy…, and have no clue who, what or even where, GOD IS!


Many a wise man has said that cleanliness is next to Godliness…, and this is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

A young Buddhist Monk once asked a ZEN MASTER what he needed to do to realize GOD.  They were both out walking in a pasture behind the Monastery…, and the Master pointed to an old rusting tea pot laying in the grass and said:

Take that pot…, get the rust off of it…, scour it clean…, and then paint it.

What the Master was telling the monk was to CLEAN UP his own part of the world.  He was told to take what he could see (within his own short range of vision) and make it better.  He was told to TAKE POSITIVE ACTION IN THE WORLD.

The young monk did not think that the rusty tea pot laying in the grass had anything to do with him.  The Master’s message was just the opposite.

That rusty tea pot is in the world…, and so are you.  Your job is to bring LOVE, CARE, CONCERN, and ORDER to the world through dedicated and conscious ACTION.

This message the Master gave his young student is NO DIFFERENT from what I’ve just written telling you that IT IS YOUR JOB TO PULL OUT THE WEEDS!

When you see a real mess growing in the world that YOU LIVE IN…,  in the from of tyranny, dictatorship, oppression, and other things…, these are all “weeds” that will kill anything that is loving and good if allowed to stay.

A truely spiritual person immediately “DISCERNS” (JUDGES) where these weeds are, discerns that they are in fact BAD FOR CONTINUED LIFE…, and pulls them out!


Any other message, no matter how loving it sounds…, is a CON!

It is only “after” this kind of continued action and demonstration of “quality of spirit” that those who are HIGHER BEINGS will want anything to do with Earth Humans.

Don’t think for a moment that HIGHER BEINGS do not CLEAN UP the space around them!

Do you think that the level they “exist” on, is CLEAN without their daily EFFORT?

These beings are constantly CLEANING UP the energy around them…, and making it better through their OWN EFFORT!


Why would they “let us” come there (to the higher levels) with them…, if we can’t even clean up our our own homes and yards…, much less clean up the corruption that exists all around us in the GOVERNMENTS around the world!

It’s absurd…, it does not even make sense!

Learn what “spiritual means” before you start blogging about it…., or channeling weekly messages.


Ultimately FREEDOM…, is something that YOU HAVE TO MAKE HAPPEN around you everyday.  It is a CHOICE…, and it is an ACTION!

It is the highest expression of GOD, made manifest upon the physical plain of consciousness.




Freedom is direct result of what you think, and do on a daily basis.  And the moment you stop thinking, acting and doing on the highest level of LOVE…, your FREEDOM will disappear instantly.  There is no such thing as standing still on a spiritual path.  You are either moving forward…, OR…,  going backward!

My brothers and sisters…, on this day of (so called) FREEDOM…, I lovingly ask you to THINK on these things.

All my love,




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