If you know anyone in your family who is a cop…, or works for the police…, TELL THEM…, their eternal souls are in danger of damnation!

There is no excuse for this…, and it is the FAULT of every family member who has not talked to their relatives…, and personally tried to dissuade them from this type of egregious behavior that we are living in a police tyranny.

If you have any family members who are part of the POLICE then it is YOUR DUTY to talk to them.

Why?  Because YOU are living on this planet…, and they are YOUR FAMILY!

Oh…, and by the way…, I REMOVE ALL CONSENT FOR THIS TYPE OF ACTION. (See my Declaration for details)





One thought on “ABSOLUTE EVIL….

  1. Linda Torgrimson

    I was going to share this, but……He made such an error when he said that if you live in TX, NY, NJ, FL, CA get out now! The problem is he threw CA in there, and CA is one of the better states according to the map, with a C+. He didn’t mention ND with their F. I’m looking at the states that have a B or B+, and I’m thinking, you couldn’t pay me to live in those states. And, every state on this map, regardless of their rating, has problems of one kind or another. Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, the states that I would happily move to, all have a D-. The best is NM, with an A-, but they have their share of problems. It’s a beautiful state but too close to the Mexican border. So, going by this map, there is really no place in the states that is safe to live, especially when you take into consideration all of the different problems all of the states are having. In my state of CA, we have such big problems, that this forfeiture problem, which I have not heard of happening here, is not even on the radar. Choosing a state to live in is a case of choosing your poison.


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