To my Readers

I have decided to take a short, and much needed break.   The computer that I am using has most likely been hacked…, and there is far to much EMF coming off of the screen.  It almost hurts to look at it.

The only way I can continue to do this is with good health…, and so I need to take some positive action in that regard.

All of my love for a few days.

5 thoughts on “To my Readers

  1. herb4brad

    Remember people even though Bradley may be taking a break, it’s just from posting new and amazing materials. Those who have a few spare dollars please send him a few. An honest man always needs more than he asks for. And right now I think Bradley could use a new computer. Meanwhile I do believe that he will not be idle and will be engaged in some very important work. He also needs to deflect some serious shit that is being thrown at him. Bradley you are much loved by your audience and for many, one of the very few voices of sanity and good sense. Waves of love and good intentions flowing your way….

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  2. All soldiers need a reprieve, Bradley. It is a must to continue the good fight. Thank you for all you do!!! I do think people are waking up and they will come to your site for the answers they seek. You are awesome!! Hang in there and have a sip of colloidal silver to keep you strong. Many heavenly blessings, :))

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