By: Bradley Loves

This is an outstanding interview between Jim Fetzer of Veteran’s Today…., and Richie Allen.

It is clear to me, after listening to this video interview, and checking out some of the links they give that they are telling the truth!  I’ve heard it before…, but never looked into it deeply.

Now…, however…, it is time I helped to expose this LIE and this SCAM!

Almost every damn Politician (including the criminal Hillary Clinton) still claims Sandy Hook was a real event however…, even though they HAVE TO KNOW it was staged.

When will people start getting “fed up” and “indignant” over all these lies being shoved down their throats?

Oh…, and by the way…, Barack Obama…, also has to KNOW this was a staged event!  Why hasn’t he said something?

Did you hear that all you Obama “lovers” out there in the “New Age”.

The man that calls himself President…., (if you can call him that) is LYING to the people!  He is a great “deceiver”!

I am so very “tired” of all of these NEW AGE apologists who still keep post articles saying that Obama is a great “Saint” and here to save the planet!  The man is a buffoon and a Pathological Lier.   STOP IT ALREADY!   IT’S EVIL!

This video is a breath of fresh air…, in a great sea of lies.



By: Bradley Loves

Okay…, so this next article is going to be about the strange inter-connectedness of the Dark Secrect Societies and how they infiltrate and steer our culture.

It has become very clear to me that the VATICAN has been running a Parallel Persona for probably as long as it has been in existence.  It “pretends” to be good, while at the same time doing great evil.  So the “CHURCH” is basically a “deception” and not what it claims to be.


Now…, when you read other websites or blog sites or news sites…, and you see “information” posted there about how the VATICAN has turned over a new leaf…, or is now “helping people”…, you have to realize how much of a LIE that is.

You can not move forward in TRUTH…, and continue to be deceived!

The ONLY WAY that the “CHURCH” could ever convincingly make the case that they are now trying to HELP THE PLANET…, is to expose all that they have done!

This Institution has ENSLAVED all of humanity for 1700 years, or since 325 AD, when the Roman Emperor (and Soldier) Constantine started the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH!

This is not to say that “Christianity” was not already in the world for 300 years…, but that “belief system” certainly did not have the sanction of ROME!

325 AD…, was the year of the Council at Nicea which (believe it or not) did not happen in Rome or in Greece…, but in Turkey!

Nicea was in the Great Ottoman Empire…, and once Constantine created this “Religion”…, he built for ROME a new capital city called CONSTANTINOPLE!

This “brand new” capital city of the Roman Empire thrived for many centuries and still exists today!

Located in modern day TURKEY…, Constantainople is now called:


As we speak…, a great DICTATOR has taken over that country and is in the process of purging all scientists, university professors, and basically ALL KNOWLEDGE…, just like all of the other ADOLF HITLER types of old.

What most people don’t know is that ALL CATHOLICS still repeat (even today)…, at every Sunday “worship service” a prayer called:  THE NICEAN CREED

The original Nicean Creed was written at the first Coucil of Nicea in 325 AD.

What people also can’t seem to fathom…, is that when major “readjustments” come in the form of a BRUTAL DICTATOR like the one now happening in Turkey…, the real purpose behind that event is ALWAYS to DESTROY HISTORY.

It is during these times of great upheaval that documents are burned…, books are burned…, educated people are jailed, all knowledge is censored and then REWRITTEN in order to continue the GREAT DECEPTION.

Never be fooled into thinking that these things are not PLANNED nor interconnected and done with a PURPOSE.

This has taken place all over the world, again and again and again…, and happens still to this day.

Behind the scenes…, those who want to control the world actually CREATE these events so that they can USE THEM to re-organize countries and DUMB DOWN the people and THEN REMOVE any and all knowledge they may have gained in the last 100 years or so since that last great purging.

This is an active and on-going process which must be redone over and over again across all of the countries of the world.  And…, sadly, it will happen in the Untied States “IF” those living here to not WAKE UP and get smart about what is happening in the rest of the world.

Here’s a hint: STOP WATCHIING TV NEWS!  They are paid to lie to you…, and will always give you a false reason for what took place!

This is why humanity never makes any real progress!  It is those men and women…, LUCIFERIANS and sworn SATANISTS…, who do this to us over and over.

Deception and Secrecy are their “primary tools”…, however “MONEY” is their most cherished way of controlling the masses.

They buy, sell, bribe and own everyone and everything!  Without money…, they could not possibly do what they are doing, and have been doing to humanity for thousands of years.

That is why “FIAT MONEY” is called:  Babylonian Money Magick!  It dates all the way back to the SATANISTS of BABYLON…, well over 5000 years ago!

More to come.





By: Bradley Loves


And…, may the love of our CREATOR richly bless you all on this fine day!

This article is starting out on a very “positive” footing because…, some of you may think I am quite incapable of being happy or positive!  NOT SO!

I can be extremely positive…, and also very focused!  It depends upon the task at hand.

I want all of my readers to know just how seriously I take this “task” of bringing TRUTH into the public domain!  This is why many of my posts and articles “seem” to be heavy…, and filled with disturbing information.

What I am attempting to do is to rewrite an entire LIFETIME of faulty “programming” and replace the endless stream of lies that have been placed into their minds with at least a few “basics” of TRUTH that can start them on their journey of “self” EMPOWERMENT!

I am attempting to uncover what is hidden…, and to reveal what has been secreted away!

You see, it is my belief that bad people can not do “bad things” in the open light of day!

No…, what they do is hide in secret rooms and have secret meetings under the cover of night.  They make plans on remote islands while using fake names and passports to get there, so as to hide that they were there!

SECRECY is and always has been our collective greatest enemy!  The second greatest enemy is lack of knowledge or ignorance!

So, instead of my blog site being a NEWS blog site…, which there are already plenty of…, my blog site is more of a “teaching” blog site…, where instead of just getting the “news”…, my readers can get educated with TRUE KNOWLEDGE which as all of the great Saints have told us will lead to WISDOM!

Most adjustments of the mind may seem harsh while being under taken…, but that is due to the bursting of fake reality bubbles…, which had nothing to do with what is real…, and mostly to do with fairy tales and fantasies and outright lies!

My goal and task is to expose the lies…, and to expose the deceptions where ever they occur!

The fact that my posts seem to be heavy or negative is that SO MANY LIES, and SO MANY DECEPTIONS have taken root in the garden of humanities collective MIND…, that the only way to clear the garden is to get very serious and start “pulling the weeds” out by the roots which can seem quite aggressive and harsh!

But the garden at this late stage is over run!

It is only with drastic “weed pulling” efforts that Humanities Collective Mind will survive!

Deceptions…., Lies…, Secrets…, Hidden Things…, are ALL WEEDS in the beautiful garden and WILL BE PULLED until every last falsehood is either exposed or destroyed!

And that is what this blog is all about!

All my love….




By: Bradley Loves

Once more…, this so-called “DISCLOSURE” website…, has posted a Channeled Message which is absolute garbage (in my opinion), and is the second one for today.

This new message comes from the very same lady who brought the entire world the CONTAINMENT meme…, a fake meme which said that every evil or bad person on the surface of planet Earth had been placed into a bubble of CONTAINMENT…, and could therefore no longer do any harm to anyone!

(This included all of the Royals and the Satanists)

I wrote about this idea earlier…, an idea, that was PROVEN BY TIME to not only be a flawed idea…, but to be wholly and totally FALSE!

(Meaning…, it never took place!)

Why channels who carelessly through out such faulty predictions as “CONTAINMENT” … are still being given a podium to speak on…, seems very strange to me given the fact that most of the information that has been channeled by them has NEVER COME TO PASS!

My sincere recommendation for my readers is to simply discount this so called “Disclosure” website completely, and to realize that you will probably not get any real usable information here, since it does NOT in any way “discern” or sort through, what gets posted…, even though it “claims” on it’s front page, to be a TRUTH SITE.

Here is the link…, so that you can read for yourself (if you want to), what she has to say!  I am posting this link for educational purposes only…, as PROOF that these channelers can and do post many messages which are nothing more than pure FANTASY!

If you want me to re-post links to every channeled message she gave talking about CONTAINMENT…, I can…, since they all still exist and anyone can read them.



By: Bradley Loves


These two videos go with the article that I posted yesterday about the “brick people”!

This first one is very deep…, and requires a “clear mind” to put together the lesson Mark is trying to teach.

When he says: TIME IS MONEY…, he is saying:



This next one is how our current system is really a SLAVERY SYSTEM!

If you take the time to watch these 2 videos (approx 30 min each)…, they will explain totally and completely…, the article that I wrote…, in such a way…, that can not be ignored or denied!

HERE IS THE PROOF…, that what I wrote is Truth!

All my love,



By: Bradley Loves


There was a time when “The Alternative Media” could be looked at as a sort of counter balance to the endless lies of the “Main Stream Media”.  Those days are pretty much over!

The Alternative Media has been either infiltrated by Government Shills…, whose only job is to “steer” the conversation, or by greedy human beings who have found a way to promote themselves, their belief systems, and their tiny business enterprises on the web! (Cups, t-shirts, oils, wallets, hats, healings, psychic readings…., etc…)

I know of several Blog sites that post dozens of things daily, not even checking to see if they are true!  While, others are into the “on going posts” and sagas from either Channelers or “RV” sources.

A few of these “sites” have said either publicly or privately that they are not “interested” in worrying about whether what they post is true or not…, since they are “providing” a service by putting things out so people can “sample” them and see if they like it or not.

In other words…, they take NO RESPONSIBILITY for publishing anything…, and place 100 percent of the burden on the Reader to figure out if it’s true or not true.

Those men or women running these same sites have also said that certain “Channelings” or other on-going posts from writers who usually post an update every seven days on their own blogs…, bring in A LOT of  “readers” to their sites if they post them…, so they “post” these articles in order to bring their “readership numbers” UP!

So in this case…, IT SEEMS as if a good readership base is MORE IMPORTANT than the TRUTH of the CONTENT.

Interestingly…, many of these men and women CLAIM (yes “claim”…, since it is quite obvious they are not) to be SPIRITUAL!

When did being SPIRITUAL…, turn into “not caring” about anything?

Could it have been when the Channeling Community at large started to tell everyone that there was NO SUCH THING as “bad”?

Posted above as a link…, is a prime example of some of the ludicrous and ridiculous Channeling “ideas” that I am referring to.  I’d like you to please read it, only so that you can get a taste of what I am referring to when I say FAKE information from Channeled Sources!

Except for a few tiny details missing…, this one “message” holds almost everything inside of it…, that I have railed against for almost two full years.

It is the perfect – DO NOTHING…, SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE – post that is duplicated endlessly, and vomited all over the Internet!

This one message is a Xerox Copy of millions of messages that have been posted over the last 8 or 9 years! All of which are grossly miss leading.

Here are the finer points:

  • We are on the VERGE of great changes
  • Everything is already changing (You just can’t see it)
  • We are taking care of everything
  • Major “arrests” are coming…
  • BLAH…, BLAH…, BLAH….

Remember when we were all being told in 2012 that massive arrests were soon to occur?

You see…, the greatest problem in my opinion…, is that these men and women “channelers” take NO RESPONSIBILITY for what they are blogging and putting on the Internet.

They are just like Hillary Clinton throwing up their hands in front of Congress and going:   WHO CARES…, WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

(Hillary Clinton by the way, is one of the worlds biggest criminals)

These Channelers have no real idea as to whether the information that they “got” in their channeling is true or NOT TRUE!

However…, this is not the issue that bothers me!  There is a much larger issue here, and it is THIS:

They…, (As Spiritual People) say that it is not their “fault” if the information is not true!  They are just the conduit for the information…, and therefore…, if any message they get is faulty…, they just pass the buck and all of the “BLAME” for anything that is untrue…, backward…, up the ladder to the invisible entity who gave them the message!

Have you ever heard of such a ludicrous thing?

Even here on Earth…, if and when a shop keeper sells a broken or bad item to a customer…, he or she takes responsibility for that…, and REFUNDS the customers money!

But our “so called” spiritual people…, who are out there every day and selling bad or broken information…., REFUSE to take any responsibility for that (even though they were the ones selling it) or passing it on…, and instead…, place the FULL BLAME for any errors within the message, on an invisible entity which can not be seen!

This is what “spirituality” has come down to….



If this sounds familiar to you…,

There is one other person who used to say this very same thing!   That man was Alister Crowley…, the now infamous and very unapologetic SATANIST!

However…, for those of us concerned with the TRUTH…, and who have eyes to see…,  this is not a surprise!

THE NEW AGE was started by FREEMASONS and the JESUITS!

So you see…, it is clear to us that the NEW AGE teachings would eventually begin to espouse ideas and ideals that were SATANIC in their origins.

The reason the New Agers can not see that they are really embracing Satanism…, is that they have never “studied” Satanism…, and have NO CLUE…, what Satanism teaches!

However…, this is not a valid excuse because that information is readily available to them!

Mark Passio was a Satanic Priest for 10 years of his life!  He knows exactly what Satanism teaches…, and what it does not teach!  He states clearly in dozens of his long and comprehensive videos that the NEW AGE is teaching SATANIC VALUES!

The New Age is teaching people to NOT CARE about anything!  They are doing this in a very seductive and quiet…, back door sort of approach!

Sadly…, those of us who DO CARE…, and DO WISH TO TEACH THE TRUTH…, are being shouted down by endless bloggers, writers, and website owners from the “Alternative Media” which sadly is more and more, looking exactly like the MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

And why?

Because they DON’T CARE if what they post is the TRUTH.  Apparently…, it’s just the “thing” to be doing now…, once again human ego and greed has taken it’s toll on our collective progression toward love.











In my post this morning…, I talked about how “WE” support systems that enslave us.  I said that all we needed to do was to actually SEE how we are doing things that are not healthy for our Earth and our lives.

In this video…, MARK basically says the same thing!  WE need to stop supporting the completely BLIND way of life we have been taught since childhood.  We need to change how we live.  And teach others to do the same.



By: Bradley Loves


What I have been attempting to do (over the last few days) is to show you in very concrete terms just how “made up” our entire “system” of thinking is.

It is very easy for me to say things like:

“Our entire way of life is run on a Satanic System of thinking…”

But it is a wholly different thing to bring out enough proof, so that even the most hardened skeptic will have to admit to it.

You see…, we ALL (all of us together) are responsible for what we are seeing taking place on Earth!  All of the “bad”…, is happening because we allowed it to take place.

Yet…, as big as a statement as this one is…, it usually gets a “deaf ear”.


Let me give you an “analogy” here so that you can clearly see what I’m talking about.

Let’s say that we all lived on another planet…, a planet where everyone worshiped “THE BRICK”

Let’s also say that from the very moment that a young child was born…, they were TAUGHT how to make bricks.  Big ones, small ones…, medium ones.   They used bricks to trade, and to build with…, but mostly…, they just MADE THEM, because they loved them.  There were bricks everywhere.

Now after a certain amount of time…, the planet came to be over run with bricks…, because THAT IS ALL THE PEOPLE EVER DID ALL DAY LONG WAS  MAKE BRICKS.

So along comes a “holy man” from another planet…, and the “brick people” ask him for help.  Our planet is not beautiful any longer.  There are huge pits everywhere from digging for materials to “make bricks”.  Not only that…, the bricks are everywhere…, we have no room to live any more.

We’ve tried to find ways to organize all of our bricks…, to make them look good…, but we are unable to find a system that will allow us to organize our bricks to we can make more and live happily.

The holy man looks at the problem…, and then says:



Now to you and I…, that solution sounds perfect and simple…, but remember…, these men and women have been taught since the day they were born to WORSHIP BRICKS!  They LOVE BRICKS!  THEY MAKE THEM ALL DAY LONG.

Their entire lives revolve around making bricks.  So to say to them…, stop making bricks SOUNDS CRAZY!

What they actually want the holy man to do…, is show them how to organize their bricks…, or stack them better…, or ANYTHING ELSE BUT STOP MAKING THEM.

Because they want to keep making bricks.


What we need to realize about this “story” or “analogy” above is that it applies to us as well!

Our entire world “structure” or “system” revolves around MONEY! 

It revolves around something that is very much a FICTION…, a “made up” and “pretend” device.  The other side of the coin in our world is that you can’t have “money” without having slavery as well…, they have to go hand in hand.

In fact…, our money system IS at its core a slavery system.   However…, we have been “taught” all of our lives that “money” is a good thing.  Like the brick people worship their bricks…, we worship MONEY!

We do everything with money!  We teach our children all of their lives the “value” of money.  We show them what it can buy.  We teach them at school what they can do to EARN MONEY.  Then we show them how many “THINGS” they can get if they have money.  Then we send them out to get a job so they can GET MONEY!

We are a money consumed PLANET…, and our planet is now being DESTROYED BY MONEY!

Now…, the very same holy man who visited the previous planet comes here to Earth…, and we cry out…, help us!  Our planet is being destroyed!  What can we do to survive?  What will help us?  We are in deep, deep trouble here!

Now…, just like the holy man told the “brick people” to stop making bricks…, he has an answer for our planet as well.  Here is his answer:

Stop worshiping MONEY!  Stop using it!    Your adoration of money is causing all of your problems!  Along with money comes SLAVERY!  So just stop using it totally, and all of your troubles will go away!

Now…, do you see the problem we are having?

Since you do not worship bricks…, or make bricks…, or even care about  bricks…, it was really simple for you to totally agree with me that those silly brick people should STOP MAKING BRICKS!


You, who have lived on this planet all of your life…, and have been taught all of your life to use money…, to respect money…, to even worship money!  YOU are having a hard time with this one.

You see…, those men and women who are our CENTRAL BANKERS are like “gods” to our planet!   Don’t you DARE tell me they are not…, because not one of them ever goes to jail, or gets punished for anything they do!  We don’t allow that.

They are above the law…, and above every other man or women! They are “gods”, and we have come to worship what they do!



“WE” have done this!    It’s us!      (Are you starting to get the picture now?)



Money is all about control…, and with the control of money comes SLAVERY!  It truly is THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL…, and THE ROOT OF ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS!

The Bible was right about this one thing!   It knew!  And yet who has ears to hear?  Who has eyes to see?

My friends…, think on these things!

All my love….



I agree with this man’s take!  Never make deals with SATAN!

Now check this out video out done by THE YOUNG TURKS!

Now after watching this SECOND VIDEO…, ask yourself…, what exactly is being shown here to us?  What is the message?

You can’t possibly miss the fact that during the entire time these two are talking…, right behind them is a huge BILLBOARD which says:


A “subliminal” perhaps???  Or a message?

Remember back to the TIME TRAVEL Movies…, we are always being sent a message!  THINK DEEPER…, LOOK HARDER…, at the symbolism!   Research the OCCULT!