I AM FORVER GRATEFUL (For your love Donations)

By: Bradley Loves


I am truly forever grateful to each and every one of those readers who continue to support my work with their loving donations!

At the beginning of the summer, I tried to run a fund raising campaign setting a very reachable goal of only 4,500 dollars that would help me keep going with my research for many months to come.

Like all of the rest of my requests for financial support for this blog…, and my previous one…, for the most part (except for a very select and loyal few who always are willing to help)…, it ended in abysmal failure, given that I took in a total of only about 800 dollars.

That was 4 months ago…, and so, (once again) I’d like to ask that anyone who is willing…,  please help with some loving donations.  I get about 1,000 readers coming to my blog daily and would like to ask that more than 15 people send some help (if they can).

One thing that I can certainly assure you of is this!  There is NO MONEY being made by those of us who are in the Alternative Media…, and certainly no one is “getting rich” by spending the better part of their day doing research, watching videos, and desperately trying to pick through all of the chaff being put out on the internet by PAID SHILLS and PAID TROLLS…, many of whom have a direct line of credit coming from the CIA or the NSA.

All I can say is this:

“The powers that should not be”…. are willing to PAY millions if not billions of dollars to keep you in ignorance by LYING to you in any way they possibly can.  If you are not willing to help those who have the sincere courage, and the inclination to tell the TRUTH…, then it is clear that you are basically CONSENTING to whatever is put in front of you, by those who would deceive you. And whatever you get…, is what you wanted.

This is just the way the Universe works.

If you can help…, please send a loving donation to my Paypal account address which is:


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Zen Gardner…, a well known Alternative Media blogger has recently admitted to having been a member of  the CHILDREN OF GOD cult in which many of the participants were involved in adult/child sex.

He did a video with Mel Ve of CCN to explain his participation, and explains that not every single member of the cult were doing those types of things.


By: Bradley Loves


By now…, some of you must be wondering where all of these really in depth articles that I said I would write have been put!

“Where is all of the stuff on Magnetics and where is all of the stuff on Harmonics…, and all of the other stuff of great importance?”   …you might be thinking.

Well, it still here in my head…, and is still waiting for a humanity that is ready for it.

I’ve got to tell you…, and I’m going to be brutally honest here…,

We’ve got bigger fish to fry at this moment than writing about super advanced spiritual knowledge


You might be wondering just what the heck I’m talking about here, but from what I’ve seen over the last 9 months…, in all honesty…, is that most people are not ready for KINDERGARTEN SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE.

And THAT is really saying something.


My friends…, it’s not that difficult!   Before we can advance as a race…, we’ve got to get people to CARE!

Let’s repeat that…, we’ve got to CARE about one another!

Why is this so blasted hard to understand??

CARING…, is first grade level stuff…, and if we can’t handle that much.., then nothing about magnetics, harmonics, waves, frequencies and the like matter in the tiniest bit.

What we are seeing taking place is a public that is being slowly and totally NUMBED to anything and everything that is harsh, dark, unfair, unjust or simply down right cruel.


This is stuff that we as a species worked on for hundreds of years…, and now…, just before the end are we going to let ourselves backslide down the hill  ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM AGAIN?

I get it!

There is a New Age “teaching” circulating out there that is currently boggling the minds of every man, woman and child who might WANT TO CARE!

That teaching is called:  Non-judgement!

Now…, that “teaching” alone causes only minor HARM to people who might want to make real spiritual progress because it totally ignores balance.

But, when you add that teaching to an “impending” ASCENSION, (ingredient number two), which every desperate soul who is living on the planet at this time wants in order to ESCAPE from here,  and then mix those two ingredients with a third “teaching” which is:

 all souls living on Earth “contracted” for everything  happening to them…, even Ritual Child Sacrfice, Torture, Mind Kontrol, or Murder… (A Channeled Teaching)

Then you start to get a very nasty witches brew which has NO OTHER POSSIBLE AFFECT but to compel people to NOT CARE about anything or anyone! (Because they want to get OUT of here…, and they’ve been told this is how to do it!)

People begin to look at this world as unimportant…., they begin to see the people around them who are suffering horribly as unimportant…, and sadly…, yes sadly, they even see their OWN LIVES as unimportant!

This is where “judging nothing” has brought us to as a species.

This single teaching has done anything…, and everything but make us more FREE!

It has in fact placed an invisible PRISON around each and everyone of us where NO ONE will act any longer!  Make no mistakes here, if you are unwilling to ACT due to a certain teaching or idea…, then that teaching has you in a PRISON.

And…, let me add just one more thing:


We stopped becoming “more free”…, the very day and the very moment we stopped CARING!

That is why ALL…, and I repeat with very real and very sincere emphasis here…,



So…, instead of writing articles about SUPER ADVANCED IDEAS…, I bounced back and started writing about first grade level things like caring about each other…, and having courage…, and learning how to TELL THE TRUTH.

I’m really sorry dear readers…, but it seems that guys like me are not getting ANY TRACTION with the people out there because the NEW AGE has literally poisoned their thinking so badly…, their minds are no longer salvageable.


Because every article I write trying to get peoples minds right…, the CHANNELERS post hundreds of New Messages “repeating” just like a Hypnotist does…, the same message over and over and over…, until that is the only thing their minds can think.

I’m hoping that maybe I can save some that are not that far gone.


And there is no such thing…, as:

no matter what happens on Earth to anyone….,  they wanted that…….


All my love….




By: Bradley Loves


I took the time a day or so ago…, which is something I usually do NOT do…, and decided to check up on David Wilcock and Corey Goode.

I read Goodes entire post on his “trip” to VENUS…, which he CLAIMS that he made with a person from the “Inner Earth”.   After visiting VENUS…, he next visited SATURN!  Those are the only planets he went to (supposedly).

The purpose of the journey was to go a SUPER ANCIENT facility put on Venus by what is called the ANCIENT BUILDER RACE.  (A super advanced race of beings that lived in our solar system millions and millions of years ago.

I’ve posted the article for you so you can read it…, and what I personally want to call your attention to is the fact that in our own Ancient Past, the planet “Venus” was actually known as: LUCIFER


Above is a link to the post I’m talking about…., but I want to be clear that I do not BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD OF IT.

The video that I posted only a day or so ago…, the interview with JORDAN MAXWELL…, makes it clear to all of us that VENUS symbolically was the personification of LUCIFER to the ancients.

They called that planet:  THE DAY STAR…, or the BRINGER OF THE DAWN.

The reason they did so…, is that if you watched the night sky…, the planet Venus always came into view on the horizon just BEFORE the sunrise!

That’s why those people knew that once they could see VENUS, or LUCIFER…, rising in the night sky…, the SUN was soon to follow.

Therefore VENUS is “intimately” tied into the NEW WORLD ORDERS “LUCIFERIAN” mythology…, as is the planet SATURN.  SATURN worship is blatantly all over over our world in hidden ways…, and mixed in with our holy days and Holidays especially within the Catholic Church.   Saturnalia…, is actually Christmas.

Now…, for those of us who can actually THINK for ourselves…, and are not easily led around on a leash like a dog…., Ask yourself this.

WHY was Corey’s Goodes little “trip” around the Solar System (IF it even happened) to the ONLY TWO PLANETS in our system that are intimately connected to LUCIFER…., and the dark occult mythos of the NEW WORLD ORDER????

I’m not making this up!  You’ve got to be smarter and look deeper!

For those who are smart enough to ask these types of questions…, then much of what he wrote in his latest post is highly suspect…, and has SERIOUS OCCULT connotations to it.

Something is NOT RIGHT with this story!  It stinks to high heaven.

It is my OPINION (which I am allowed to have) that much of what he wrote is SYMBOLIC, and has everything to do with the LUCIFERIAN agenda.

I’ve NEVER believed a word he has said…, and DAVID WILCOCK has simply been duped…, (IN MY OPINION).

In addition to all of this…, there is a possible LUCIFER connection between Jirka Rysavy (the man who owns GIAM TV…,) which is the Network that puts out all of David Wilcock’s televised Material, and the New World Order itself.

It involves some of the biggest names in the New Age and needs to be looked into.

WATCH the Jordan Maxwell Video again!   Then read the Corey post and you will see something VERY WRONG about the deep LUCIFERIAN connections of VENUS and SATURN.



By: Bradley Loves


The “oculus” is a very interesting geometric shape.  Found literally everywhere in the Ancient World…, it can be found MOST abundantly today on churches and cathedrals.

The “oculus” is literally “AN EYE”…, and has all sorts of OCCULT connotations.

However…, in the tradition of my NEW writing style I am going to speak plainly and simply about the Oculus.

I am CONVINCED that the oculus or “the eye” is really the Ancient Symbol used for a “gateway” or a “portal”.

So what we are talking about here is “other dimensions.”

Having said that…, I am going to go one step further here and say that I am also CONVINCED that the “elite” powers that should not be are very actively involved in worshipping (and working with) beings or entities from OTHER DIMENSIONS.

Now…, just to be very clear…, so as not to be misunderstood.  I did NOT say they are engaged with beings from HIGHER dimensions…, but simply OTHER dimensions.

Is everyone on the same page?

The oculus or the EYE therefore in MY OPINION is the symbol of GATEWAY TRAVEL or PORTAL TRAVEL to other realms and other dimensions.

Even the New Agers would probably have to agree with me that “other” dimensions of consciousness are possible in theory.

What I am suggesting here is that the ANCIENTS had broken the barrier of dimensions and opened gateways to physically move into areas where only consciousness was supposed to go.

Dimensions are probably SEPARATED for a very good reason…, and physically traversing them without a good reason is like playing with matches near a gas pump.

But WHY is the oculus so prevalent only on churches and cathedrals in these modern times?

Well…, I’m convinced as I said above that the Catholic Chruch…, (which claims to own the entire world) is really in LEAGUE with, or at the very top even worshipping beings and entities from other dimensions.

So forget about ET’s from this dimension…, I think there is a whole level of things about those men and women who are at the very top of our planet that even the MILITARY does not know about (unless they’ve been read in to it).

I will be doing more on this subject in future articles.

Suffice it to say that there is SO MUCH happening in our world…, that really has nothing to DO with our world…, but instead has to do with psychopaths at the very top of our society who are SO DISCONNECTED from the rest of us, that for them to dabble in ANCIENT SCIENCES which open portals and gateways is right up their alley.

What do you think CERN is really all about?


By: Bradley Loves


Ever since I’ve started writing, I’ve been cognizant that most people do not know the things that I know.  I’ve been careful to say things in ways that were suggestive…, I gave hints…, and hopefully pointed others in the right direction.

But due to the outrageous content that is being posted daily in the Alternative Media, there is really no way to carefully tiptoe around subjects and still be heard.

“Subtlety” doesn’t even get read, much less understood.

I get it…, there is an active “push back” by the powers that should not be, who are orchestrating an on going operation to literally DROWN OUT the truth tellers by flooding the Internet with thousands of ridiculous and impossible ideas.

These ideas are being put there by PAID TROLLS and PAID SHILLS.

I’m sad.  I hope so much for the world and for those trapped here.

There are still too many people who have no morals or ethics and really don’t CARE about anything.  So, when offered money to write lies and fictions…., they take the money because MONEY is all they care about.

So…, what I’m going to have to do (out of necessity) is to start writing in a style that is FAR MORE CLEAR.

However, fair warning!

TOTAL HONESTY is not really something that is valued anymore in this environment of political correctness.

What I see happening is a real separation here.

There are those that really want something new…, and there are those who are happy and content with what they’ve got…, which is the FAKE HOLLYWOOD style world that has been designed for them.

I don’t think therefore that it is even possible to have such a thing as a “MASS ASCENSION”… Simply because so many people on Earth would  NOT WANT THAT.

And where is FREEWILL…, if they were pushed to “buy” something they were not ready for, or did not want.

Most of these NEW AGERS writing articles on the Internet are delusional…, and simply have not got their feet on the ground enough to realize that an ENTIRE WORLD can not ASCEND without everyone ON that world being in tune with that idea and that goal.

We are a very long way from that.

So if you still want to read what I write…, my style is going to change slightly to be MORE PLAIN and MORE DIRECT.

Keep your toes out of the way if they are sensitive!