I’d like to bring your attention to a website that I’ve found which may have some valuable information.  The person (or persons) writing it claim to have been in secret projects…, so there is a ton of technical information as well as some spiritual.

Read very carefully because even points of view on truthful information can be very slanted.

I recommend starting with the:  WHO AM I  section and then moving on to


This is very interesting…, and due to what I have read earlier and heard personally from others…, it seems to be in line with that.

However…, if it was or is being written by someone inside these programs…, expect a slant on it.

Good reading!




  1. z

    Terrific help and suggestion Bradley…… Gratitude arises spontaneously…..

    Also the need to live : hahahahahaha as tears are wiped from cheeks……

    The Human Heart, in the natural progression of expansion, also has a geometric shape through which the Love is ‘transmitted’…..

    Saturnian rape is finished… just a ‘matter of time’ for the realization in plenitude of that little ‘cosmic play’ to to be ‘shut down’, in eternal infinity….. in any and all time-loops…..

    Grizzlybear Hug, Cheerful Love


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