This video was sent to me by a reader… (Thank You)…, and I’ve got to say that you must watch it!  It will really blow your mind and make you think!

What do we really know about our own history?   How much have we been LIED TO???

Here is a Russian Made Video…, which has English over – voicing.

It is amazing, and it is called:  There are NO FORESTS on the Earth

Happy Viewing.


5 thoughts on “ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW

  1. Linda Torgrimson

    This leaves me almost speechless. Near me is a “mountain” called Table Top Mountain. I remember climbing it on a school field trip back in the ’50s. I’ve always been a rock hound and I found awesome rocks there. I’ve been to some of the places shown in this video, and I was awed by their grandeur. I had no reason not to accept the official story on their formation. She asks how anyone can be so blind as to be taken in by the lies. I ask, how could we have known that we should be questioning something geological that we have been taught all of our lives? After seeing this video, however, I realize that probably every single, solitary thing that I think I am seeing, or hearing, or reading, is probable a lie. It is getting tiresome. I shared this video because I think it is so important. I don’t know that it will be watched, but…… I’ve learned that I can speed them up, so it really cuts the viewing time of these long videos.


  2. Harriet

    Hi Bradley,
    Thanks for this post, its amazing.
    Could it be that the earth is so much larger than we think it is.
    And that the part which we cal earth is a place in quarantine to keep humanity enslaved


  3. nateyad

    I’m really happy to see that you posted this Brad. This video rocked my world the first time I watched it. Although it is hard to imagine due to the shear enormity and scale , how anything like this could have taken place , this video and the evidence herein speaks for itself. Truly a must watch.


  4. berniieduggangmailcom


    TRUELY TOUCHING AT THE HEART !!!………………………………………

    This gives Credence to…………… ” THE TREE OF LIFE “………………….. REFERENCES !!

    I’ m Interested to know if there is a follow up Video ?……………… MANY QUESTIONS ??????

    with LOVE AND HARMONY !!! B !


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