By: Bradley Loves


So, the real question in my mind today is how many of my readers “survived” what I wrote yesterday, and can live to tell the tale about it?

I wasn’t subtle…, but instead, it was a very direct way of saying something that needed to be said.

TACT…, was put aside for the moment only because “subtle” was not working at all.

I have decided (I’m sure you’ve noticed) to be VERY clear and open about how I feel on certain issues.  You see, for a long time, I have carefully “hinted” at things that I thought were out of place.  But when you are dealing with a highly programmed public…, subtlety is not a well received antidote to the sickness the public is suffering from.

Hints, and suggestions, get missed so easily in the barrage of the day to day distractions…, that really, the only way a person CAN BE understood anymore is to simply come out and SAY exactly what they mean.

There is nothing more difficult to hear, for someone who has had too much to drink than a blatant statement as to how drunk they really are, given to them by a good friend.

TRUTH is never very easy to hear in cases like that.

However, that being said,  no matter what I write…, and no matter what I say…, there is no malice intended toward anyone.  Instead…, it is the kind of LOVE that a parent would use when their child is hopelessly addicted to drugs.

It is really nothing more than a THIS IS THE WAY IT IS…, sort of approach…, and you’ve got to pull yourself up by your own boot straps kind of thing.

I wish the answers to all of our collective problems were easy…, but they are not!  We are actively being held back by a group of heartless beings who are very skilled in the arts of MIND CONTROL, and want nothing more than our total destruction.

They know exactly what they are doing…, and how they are doing it.  If we are going to ever overcome this…, we have to be fully ENGAGED with it 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

It will never happen otherwise.

I spent my entire life in building and construction!   Guys like me…, and there are many, know EXACTLY what it takes to bring something out of the realm of IDEA or DREAM and into the realm of manifestation.

The mind must be sharp, clear, and unattached to any sacred ideas about HOW something gets done, and just move forward with the task!

The way it gets done…, is the way it WORKS the best.

Along with many others, I have pounded, and willed countless structures into physical manifestation.

The process is never easy…, and each one of them comes with it’s particular problems.  No two are alike…, and many times, exceptional things have to take place for a certain circumstance to be over come.

Most of all, men in the construction business are by and large PROBLEM SOLVERS.  They cut directly to the root of every issue…, and find out what the delay is…, and either overcome it, or get RID of it.

It is never a matter of being unkind…, it is simply a matter of getting the project done and completed.

If there are people on the crew who can not, or will not perform…, they are replaced.

Building taught me many valuable lessons about exactly HOW things come into physical manifestion here on Earth.

I can tell you this.., it is by sheer WILL…, and continuous EFFORT that things happen here on the physical level.

THE CABAL knows this completely…, which is why they plan things decades in advance…, and move to buy companies and corporations they will need 20 years down the road…, today.

They are slow and methodical…, but they are certainly NOT LAZY!   They have a goal…, and they will see that goal BEATEN INTO EXISTENCE…, even if they have to start a war in  every country in the world to do it.

I’m actually quite startled that those who call themselves “spiritual” have not yet made the connection of how things get done here on Earth!

IF YOU WANT TO SEE SOMETHING HAPPEN IN THE PHYSICAL…, then you have to WORK REALLY HARD to see it come into existence.

As I pointed out in a preivious article…, this is NOT THE ASTRAL LEVEL where all that a person has to do is THINK, and then SPEAK an idea…, and then an ENTIRE BUILDING comes into manifestation.

Only a being with a very direct connection to GOD can do that on the physical level…, and that is so extremely rare to see, that it’s almost not worth talking about.

I know there are millions of dreamers out there, who would like to think they are on the verge of that kind of ability of manifestation…, but honestly, that is just not the case.  We’ve got a whole lot of spiritual first graders out there, reading books about really ADVANCED SOULS…, and then dreaming of getting their own PH.D., without ever doing the work required to get it.



I will leave you all with this thought today.


Too many “new Agers” are hung up on “how” the Rowing of the boat happens…, instead of just grabbing the oar and pulling on it!







  1. Steve

    You do realise that were fucked!
    I hear stories of social justice warriors, the world over and i am reminded of a quote by Einstein: “There only two things that are infinite and that is the universe and human stupidity, and i’m not sure about the former”


    1. Steve

      Some of the best football and basketball games were won in the last seconds! Yes…, there is much human stupidity…, however, I and other like me hold out hope that even at the very last second…, they can suddenly come awake. If I did not think they could change…, I would not be doing this!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. The TRUTH hurts. Sugar coating it will just give us cavities and make us fat! It’s time to consume a steady, intellectual diet of sugar-free TRUTH. Come on everyone, get the real skinny on the lovetruthsite! Our survival depends on it.
    Thank you Bradley! We love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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