Zen Gardner…, a well known Alternative Media blogger has recently admitted to having been a member of  the CHILDREN OF GOD cult in which many of the participants were involved in adult/child sex.

He did a video with Mel Ve of CCN to explain his participation, and explains that not every single member of the cult were doing those types of things.


  1. Linda Torgrimson

    Thank you for posting this. I trust and believe Zen. Those of us who have come out of cults know the mind control and fear used on us, and we can relate to what he is saying. The way his so-called friends and supporters have turned on him does not bode well for the survival of humanity. It seems to me that we have not evolved very far spiritually. I have personally not seen much awakening among the people.


    1. Dummy

      If you believe him, good for you, but i do not from what i have read, seen and feel. The spiritual community needs to realize that survival of humanity will only happen when humanity is given a chance in the light of truth. For your reading please have a look at the open letter describing chain of events by Bernard Gunther , soren dreier and others.

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