and By: Bradley Loves


I read an article only this morning that shows me clearly one of the greatest and most common sicknesses of our “great awakening”!

For the first time…, (at least in print on my blog)…, I am going to differentiate between what I find as a serious FLAW in NEW AGE THINKING…, and the more common serious flaws in thinking of those who really have nothing to do with the New Age at all.

Anna Von Reitz has really NOTHING to do with what I would consider the New Age Religion… (Channeling.., et. al)…., but she is still a human being going through an awakening…, (and seems to be a good person)…. but…, she is exhibiting a very common sickness that many  AWAKENING MINDS are going through…, and that sickness is DENIAL!!

Not only is she in denial…, she is in SERIOUS DENIAL!

Taken from one of her recent posts…, we find this:

Judge Anna von Reitz
I am not even Catholic. And even if I were, I obviously wouldn’t know a thing about any “Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children” or any other such hyped-up morbid nonsense. Despite years of these ugly rumors circulating first about Jews and then about Catholics and then about Muslims, too, there isn’t a shred of any credible evidence of any such things taking place. It’s all always just rumors and gossipy fear-mongering by people with nothing better to do than let their imaginations run wild.

I myself left my Facebook page open for a solid day and asked any victims who had first-hand knowledge of any such activities to come forward. You know what I got? Nothing. Not a single claim from anyone who had ever witnessed anything or been abused. Zip. Nada. So far as I have ever been able to determine, all this talk of “Satanic Ritual Abuse” is sensationalist garbage being churned out by mindless, irresponsible muckrakers who have no evidence, no first-hand knowledge, and no business spreading all this crap.
Everyone on this planet has to raise their minds and heart up to a point of being able to turn their “Shinola Sensor” on, and know the difference between truth and fan fiction.
Why don’t you arrest the people who are causing you the problems? David Rockefeller, for example, whose family has been undermining America since the 1890’s? Or Hank Paulsen? Former head of the mis-named “Treasury Department” who allowed such egregious trading and “relaxation” of enforcement policy that the SEC has been run like a gambling casino for two decades? Or Bill Clinton, who sold off half your country to private investors under false pretenses?
Why don’t you all wake to #$@$@# up?
Why don’t you focus on the real problems?

Now…, just who the heck is she KIDDING?  I mean…, the proof, the articles and the witnesses are ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!

You’d have to have your head pretty deeply into the sand…, or…, really far up your rear end to have missed it.

Unless…., (are here it comes)


Taken from Veterans Today…, and Preston James latest article…,(posted on September 29, 2016) he writes that “human trafficking”…, and “child sex trafficking” are both rampant around the globe!

“Dr.” Preston James has a PHD. in Psychology for crying out loud…, and Anna Von Reitz…, does not.   Actually…, the debate is still on about whether she is even an actual “judge”.

In his article HERE

Which is called: SEX TRAFFIC TERRORISM IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN AMERICA, Preston James lays out for us a good outline of the entire sordid mess…, and yet, Ms. Von Reitz says that people who are trying to “expose” the TRUTH…, and hopefully SAVE some lives (of innocent young children)…. are chasing their tails:


Americans would rather chase their own tails and worry about their neighbor’s new hair color and nurture morbid bad dreams about “Satanic Rituals” than deal with reality and the results of their own bad choices and apathy?


…….there isn’t a shred of any credible evidence of any such things taking place. It’s all always just rumors and gossipy fear-mongering by people with nothing better to do than let their imaginations run wild.

What Ms. Von Reitz FAILS EPICALLY to do is make the necessary connections between the MOB…, the CHURCH…, the SATANISTS…, the “shadow” Government…, and all that goes off world!

Why does she fail?????

DENIAL…, DENIAL…., DENAIL…., (I don’t want to look at that…, it’s too evil for me to see, and to deal with…)

Maybe living up in the woods of Alaska…, has kept her quite SHELTERED from the reality that WE ARE NOT LIVING IN KANSAS ANY MORE TOTO!

The entire world has changed…, not only did she miss it…, she REFUSES to take an honest look!

Just today…, on RT… (that’s Russia Today) for those who don’t read there…, we can find this article (which yes…, is hard to believe even for me, but has been posted as the Truth, so I’m reposting it….)

Sex robot cafe aims to offer Londoners fellatio (blow jobs) with their morning coffee!

You think I’m kidding right?

Well then…, please READ the article for yourselves HERE!

Here is a quote from the owner of the “establishment”

With opening hours of 6am to 11pm, blow job cafes could soon replace the pub as Britain’s favorite socializing spot.

Charvet believes a trip to the cafe is the best way to start the day.
“Everyone is drinking coffee daily,” he said.

“And nothing is better to start a working day than engaging in sexual action, US research has found.”

“People like to chat before they make love. It makes sense the robots will speak and tease men’s desire,” he added.

The Paddington cafe will be home to eight robots dressed in a variety of costumes.

“Uniforms are going to be worn: nurse, police, student and secretary.”

If the London cafe is a success, Charvet plans to open a 24/7 shop in the heart of Manchester.

I wonder what Anna…, who lives in the woods of Alaska, will have to say about this??

Maybe she needs to get into the “city” once in a while, to see what is actually happening upon the planet!

The above RT article,  is EXACTLY what I was talking about in one of my more recent posts located HERE

Again…, what is this all about?


In my opinion…, this is the most prominent and debilitating AWAKENING SICKNESS that exists…, and those that “lash out”…, at everyone else on the web, and on Facebook…, and in other places for trying to tell the truth…, are doing nothing more than “coughing and puking” their SICKNESS on the rest of humanity which actually does want to WAKE UP…, without going through the disease of: DENIAL.

More to come…..


By: Bradley Loves


Or…, the title for this piece could also be written like this:

The difference between me…, and those who say they are NEW AGERS!   

There really is only ONE difference!

  I am NOT trying to SELL you anything!

My blog…, is up and running for one reason…, and one reason only…, and that reason is to EDUCATE!

I am doing everything I can to bring out the TRUTH…, and to seed that truth into the “minds” of those men and women who come here.

New Age blogs…, on the other hand…, are constantly SELLING something!

Firstly and fore mostly, they are selling you an: ASCENSION

Let’s be “honest” shall we?  They are “selling you” an up and coming:

“….get out of 3d…, and get into 5d…. FREE CARD!”

Or…, at least that was what they were selling their readers in the run up to 2012!…, because you see…, the SALES PITCH has now changed slightly (depending upon which New Age Blog you visit).

And THIS…, is exactly what most New Agers are desperate to get!  They want OFF THE EARTH…, (out of the reincarnation cycle) and are willing to listen to anyone who will tell them there is an EASY WAY to achieve that.

At one point in the run up to 2012…, EVERYONE on Earth was going…, (Good and Bad) and anyone who did not immediately FORGIVE the worst evil atrocities that had been done on the planet for the last 13,000 years…, right by God NOW…, was holding things up!

There were “open letters” being written to the Illuminati and to the CABAL…, to the Draco’s and to even the Archons…, by: “New Agers”…, and being published on various blogs and websites…, (I read many such open letters) telling the above mentioned groups…,  how much “WE ALL” forgave them…, because we all… (wink wink) …knew they were only playing a game…, and it was ALL GOOD!

But isn’t it EASY to do something like that just before you think you’re going to get a HUGE REWARD!

Yep…, that was happening a lot about 3 to 4 years ago!  However…, not so much any more……

Because now…, it appears that NOT EVERYONE…, is going…, or at least…, not all at the same time.  You see…, things have changed at:  ASCENSION CENTRAL!

And really…, it all depends upon “which” channeler you listen to!  And it really does matter which channeler you listen to…, because the “entity” ….,

(Arch Angel Micheal) for example…, can change his tune drastically from one channeler to the next!  One channeler has him saying “abc”…, and another channeler has him saying….”xyz”…, so you really have to decide which “channeler” really represents the REAL Arch Angel Michael!




The weekly circus…, of non corporeal entities who come “into” our living rooms and our homes…, every seven days…, telling us that:


……..good things are going to happen!

But in all honesty…, this is exactly  a “sales pitch”.

What are they selling?

  • HOPE
  • EASE

Like drug dealers, who sell their wares in the back alleys, and in the dark corners of the planet…, the New Age blogs…, SELL their main drug:  HOPIUM…., to the addicted masses in the varied corners of the Internet.

Here’s a sample:

Hey…, pssstttt….

You need some HOPE?  You need some “comfort” and a warm blanket?  You want to hear how you’ll be saved really SOON?

I’ve got the perfect Channeled Message for you!  Easy to take…, easy to read…, and it’ll keep you “FLYING HIGH” for hours……

Just aahh…, don’t “think” about the message too much…


The truth is that on my personal blog…, there is NO SUCH THING!

Sorry…, no “drugs” for sale here!

Instead…, what I will do…, like David Icke…, Mark Passio, Jay Parker…, and others…, is to TEACH YOU what is really going on out there in the world!

No candy coating…, no sugar coating…, and no warm blankets!  Just pure solid information and knowledge…, which if applied…, will lead YOU TO WISDOM.

My blog does not SELL YOU an easy ASCENSION!

What it does is teach you is that YOU are in control of your life…, and that it is by your every THOUGHT…, WORD…, and DEED…, (and choice) that you will either rise up…, or get pushed down.

My blog says that YOU are in control…, and that you have ALWAYS been in control…, but that it is neither easy…, nor SAFE here on Earth. And the ONLY way you move forward is to EARN your way forward through GOOD WORKS.

However…, my blog also says that NO ONE…, is ever going to SAVE YOU…, but YOU.

The spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart…, and those who would tell you differently are there only to EXPLOIT YOU.


And if you do a quick study, and do a sampling of many of the New Age websites…, they are ALL SELLING STUFF besides what they write, and put out as information!

You can get:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Tarot Readings
  • Oils
  • Perfumes
  • Beads
  • Baskets
  • T-Shirts
  • Hand Bags
  • Healing’s
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Future Life Regressions
  • Soul Mate Searches
  • Etc, etc, etc…..

And some of the more “prominent” ones are charging as much as 1,000 dollars per hour for a “conversation”.

Yes…, you heard me correctly…, because I called one thinking that I might like to have a chat…, and the person taking the calls told me the price was 1,000 dollars per hour!

And, if I could not afford that…, I could get a half hour for 500 dollars!  I will not list the person’s name.., but let me tell you something…, NO PERSON BORN ON EARTH has “information” that is worth 1,000 dollars an hour!   It is a CON…, and nothing more!

Needless to say…, my readership is not as high as other blogs…, but that is only because I will NOT LIE to them!

The name of my blog is LOVE TRUTH for a good reason…, and that is because you have to LOVE TRUTH…, in order to see past all of the CONS…, and all of the LIES that are being put into print that make things seem EASY.

I thank those who keep coming here…, for being strong and willing to LEARN.

Like Morpheus said to NEO…,

I am only offering you THE TRUTH…, nothing more…..










By: Bradley Loves


There is probably no one person who has been around the block more than Al Bielek!  His life and memories have been twisted and screwed with MORE than most people.

And yet…, he puts together a very sane and coherent picture of what is really happening behind the scenes with our secretive government…, and talks about MIND CONTROL, TIME TRAVEL, THE ALIEN AGENDA, ALTERNATIVE TIME LINES, SOME OF OUR POSSIBLE FUTURES and MORE….

Below, he talks about Alternative Future Timelines and Time Travel…

Here is the longer (Five Hour Version) of what’s above, if you have lots of time!

And here he is remembering Phil Schneider!









By: Bradley Loves


There does not seem to be too much to smile about…, most of the time…, considering the continued push for the NEW WORLD ORDER…, and the blatant stupidity of the NEW AGE…, which chooses to be blind to it all.

Yet…, there ARE things that I love…, and make me smile!

First off:  The White Lions

This video of the white lions is special…, and I’ve never seen such an elegant animal as an all white lion.

Second: Jesse Pardon

This is a young boy who WON the Dutch “version” of THE VOICE KIDS in 2013, when he WAS only 13…, which is sort of synchronistic.  I’ve never heard a youngster sing with such feeling and such heart as this kid does.  He makes me smile.

Here is Jesse, being interviewed at a Dutch radio station, and singing Bohemian Rhapsody Live!  Jesse makes me smile.

Third:  The Rescue of a baby Elephant

These CARING human beings (unlike New Agers) have decided to take REAL ACTION, in the REAL WORLD and save a life!

No amount of PRAYERS would have gotten this baby out of this hole…, but CARING did!

Human beings who CARE…, enough to ACT…, make me smile!

More will be coming……




























By: Bradley Loves

What has the government of the US done over the last 50 to 60 years with almost every single spare penny (trillions of dollars per year) and why does it SEEM (yes only SEEM) the the USA is now scrapping the bottom of the pit as far as world competitiveness in the market place?

What they did…, what they HAVE DONE…, was made a decision!  A decision that came about in the 1950’s…,  and affects every single living man, woman and child in America.


Faced with the idea of a “potential” WAVE coming, or other such global disaster…, these men and women decided that they were going to SAVE only a hand chosen few…, and that from THAT MOMEMNT ON…, the rest of the surface dwellers were to be treated like they were the WALKING DEAD!

In other words…, they NO LONGER MATTERED.

All of the best minds, money and technology was spent over 6 decades building infrastructure UNDERGROUND…, such that there is an entirely new civilization living under AMERICA.

That civilization is FAR MORE ADVANCED than we on the surface can possibly imagine.   They got the best inventions, discoveries, and technology the last 6 decades had to offer…, and we on the surface got NOTHING.

To many people in the know…, that civilization is now called:


It is called this because they are so much more advanced that we would not really even recognize how they do things any longer.

Controlled completely by the MILITARY…, those men and women who get “assigned” to the underground…, usually go down for 20 years…, and rarely come up to the surface.

I have been told that there are many, many children that have been born underground, and are now in their teens and 20’s and have NEVER even seen the surface!

They live in a super advanced type of society…, and are probably “warned” about the barbaric men and women who live on the Surface…, and why they should not want to interact with us.

Each of these underground bases, or actually rather CITIES, are as big as 5 cubic miles…, but some are as much as 20 miles long

For some “light” reading…, you can start


Then watch this video given by a man who claims to have BUILT the bases.:

Then you can watch this:

Then you can read this article which has a drawing of ONE of the bases called:



And, then you can read a transcript, and watch this video of Kerry Cassidy’s Interview with Captain Mark Richards who actually fought a battle against Aliens at Dulce.


More will be coming……



  1. A group of buffoons (related to baboons) dressed in lab coats, and are most noted by their inability to tell the TRUTH.
  2. Lying…, liars…., who lie.

Although the definition at the top of the page may seem harsh…, it really is not.  Most of what we call mainstream science is filled with grown men and women who have been lying to us for decades now…, AND…, who when presented with real evidence that their theories and tenets are incorrect…, do EVERYTHING they can to cover up the TRUTH…, going so far as to destroy evidence…, cover it up…, steal it…, hide it…, or simply destroy others who talk about it.

It is one of the most SHAMEFUL…., SHAMEFUL parts of our human society.









By: Bradley Loves


In my opinion…, it all starts in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s!

As much as had been going on before that time…, it is my opinion that the FULL COURT PRESS…., and the FULL PUSH for “hiving” the global mind started then.

Well…, what happened then?


The later 1960’s was the “Ronald McDonald, Burger King, Hardee’s, Jack in the Box, etc, etc, etc REVOLUTION!

It was the introduction of the SAME restaurant…, (over and over again) in every city in the United States…, and eventually the entire Planet.

It was a time when “change” or something different…, began to be substituted for “always the same”…., and “always dependable”….

It started with “fast food”…, and moved into every single aspect of our lives!


  • Food Stores became “chains”.
  • Clothing stores became “chains”.
  • Home improvement stores became “chains”.
  • Hair cut places became “chains”
  • Restaurants became “chains”
  • Oil change places became “chains”
  • Coffee shops became “chains”
  • Phone Companies became “chains”
  • Donut shops became “chains”
  • Car Dealerships and auto repair shops became “chains”

Chains…, chains…, everywhere you LOOK today…, there are chains…, but…, what you don’t see…, what you FAIL to see…, is that:



They bind your thinking into “patterns”…, and they bind your thinking into predictable algorithms…, and my friends…., this is EXACTLY what a MACHINE…, both wants and needs from you!


The introduction of:

Non Judgement…, and of Political Correctness…, and of never speaking out about differences…, was in fact a HUGE CON!

It was necessary to get all human beings everywhere to accept…, a very cookie cutter world…, and cookie cutter existence where soon…,  it would ALL BE EXACTLY THE SAME!

However…, this has another name!

It is called:    HIVING!

This is why…, soon…,

Anyone at all…, anywhere…, who thinks differently will be a CRIMINAL

Truth Tellers and Whistle Blowers are now labeled:  TERRORISTS

Why…, pray tell…., WHY?

Because…, as still individual thinking human beings…, they are:


They are “public enemy number one”

News and Media organizations everywhere have stopped reporting the TRUTH permanently now…, and instead only report what is given to them.

AND…., They know full well that this is happening!  Huge, huge numbers of them KNOW they are telling lies…., But guess what?

Just like the New Agers…,

“they don’t want to “judge” what they are being asked to do!”

They see it as politically incorrect to “judge” the idea that they are being asked to LIE directly to the WORLD.

So they say…., NOTHING…, and do what they are being told to do.

And NO…, not every single one of them has had their life threatened!

That is ludicrous…., tens of millions of people would have to have been personally threatened!  There would have to be people walking around…, 24/7…, 365…. doing NOTHING but threatening LIVES,….. ALL DAY LONG…., in order to achieve that.

Who could even do that     ???????????????…….??????……?????……??????? (!)

Hey New Age….,  Hows’ that NON JUDGEMENT working for us now….., when it hurts everything that we are trying to accomplish…., and achieve in order to save the world and save humanity??








By: Bradley Loves


I’ve said countless times…, in countless articles…, that it is my firm belief that the CABAL…, or the world Controllers are trying to create a DARK REALITY here on the Earth.

Well another way that could be said is:

Dark…, Satanic…, or simply Machine-like or “hived”…, take your pick…, they are all talking about the SAME THING!

This is where all of their planning…, and all of their machinations are leading them.

Let’s revisit what Shane said in his article on THE WAVE!

The Singularity: (Side Dark)

They want us to interface with technology. Maintain and enhance our current ways, manners and standards of living.

Machines doing our labor. Biotechnology healing all disease and illness and prolonging lives.

Cybernetic enhancement. Virtual Reality and ownership of Virtual Intelligences.

Nanotechnology rewriting DNA and the environment.

Man becoming machine.

On top (and partially behind) all of this is an Artificial Intelligence controlling it all.

I think you get the picture.


Although THIS may certainly be the goal of the AI…, it is NOT the goal of the CABAL.  Much of the CABAL are Luciferians as I said in other articles as I’ve written…, and, at a certain point in time…, the “goal” of the Luciferians will cease to be the goal of the AI…, and at that time…, AI…, will take out the Luciferians with total and extreme prejudice!

The AI wants a “hived” centralized “electronic mind”!     It does not care about demons or blood sacrifice.

As it is right at this moment however…, the goals of AI…, and the goals of the Satanists do fit in nicely (hand and glove) which is why the Luciferians are CHEM- TRAILING the entire planet with Nano-particles!  The Luciferians want TOTAL MIND CONTROL…, to control the masses…, which they are terrified of!

AI also wants TOTAL MIND CONTROL, but wants to hive the entire human race into a Borg -like machine!

Because the NANO – TECH is already up and running all over the world!  The totality of humanity is ALREADY INFECTED!

I’ve said this before…, many times now.  Humanity does not even know the depth at which their thinking, thought processes, likes and dislikes…, and understanding are ALREADY being manipulated and steered.

You see…, it is perfectly possible to be “infected” and have your MIND steered…, without knowing or being aware that is the case.

Only a “very” powerful and diligent SOUL…, one who USES their mind constantly…, as in puzzle solving….would KNOW that something was trying to control and steer their thinking processes.

(Sorry New Agers…, Faith and Belief does not count…., because that is not USING YOUR MIND…, in a way that you would readily know it had been hacked…, faith and belief is simply taking what someone else says…, and then trusting it.  NO THINKING NECESSARY)

This is exactly what the Nanites or Nano-tech is doing to human beings as we speak!  The results can be seen everywhere…, and are coming on-line day by day in the “unveiling” of the NEW WORLD ORDER PLANS.

What are some of the primary goals of CONTROL…, and therefore MIND CONTROL???

  • The destruction of male/female traditional roles
  • The destruction of gender identity
  • The destruction of good/evil idealism
  • The destruction of CARING
  • The destruction of borders and national identities
  • The destruction of knowledge and eduction

What are the primary goals that the NWO and the AI trying to PROMOTE??

  • No gender (there is no male or female)
  • No such thing as EVIL (is all okay and all good)
  • No such thing as GOD (Satan however is a good thing)
  • No borders between countries…, it’s all one big country
  • No real education (you only NEED to know what you are told to perform your function for the WHOLE)
  • Only one currency…, (controlled by the NWO)
  • Only one government (controlled by the NWO)
  • Only one Police (controlled by the NWO…, and soon robots)
  • Only one Military (controlled by the NWO…, and soon androids, clones and super soldiers…Robotics)
  • Tech implants into your brain and your body to “enhance”… but also to “correct” abhorrent behavior and thoughts.
  • The move toward total SEXUAL openness and expression…, which includes adult/child sex as a normal part of society.
  • The removal of Christian values, norms and modesty…, and a return to the ROMAN types of clothing, where most men and women wore “very little”, and children ran around in the nude!

If you think I’m kidding…, then I’m not the crazy one…, you are…, because the HIVING of our minds has already begun…, and normal people don’t even KNOW how much they’ve changed their thinking over the last few decades.

Here are some of the latest “FASHIONS” for men coming out of London!

Take a good hard LOOK at it!







Not only do these Images show us the direction that our species IS ALREADY GOING…, there is a very BORG LIKE FEEL to what is being presented on the Fashion stage.


Man is woman…, and woman is man!  No difference…, it’s all the same HIVED BEING.

Next we have an article about a “transgender woman (used to be a man), and a transgender man (used to be a woman) having a child in Ecuador.  The press is playing this up, seeing how well it sells!

See Here

Also you can look in this article as well:

See Here

Here’s a picture of the two of them:


And for your information…, the one that LOOKS like a man…, was the one who got pregnant and had the baby!

And then we have this:

Little kids doing sex and strip dances on Youtube in their undies…, (with their mothers encouraging them)


You see…, what we are getting is a totally HIVED MENTALITY in the human mind set that will soon accept and fully allow the BORG LIKE programming of the A.I. Nano Tech!

(A Nano Tech that we are ALL now infected with…..)

It has already started…, and the ONE THING…, that is totally and fully in support of this NEW WORLD ORDER take over is:


It is the Satanic Version of:  “Turn the other cheek”

Only this basically says:  “Look the other way…, and IGNORE EVERYTHING”


There are hundreds of other examples I can give…, but the article would get too long!

More will be coming.



This article linked below…, concerns a subject that I have been considering for a long time!  That question is this!

Just how much of our “DEBT”  has to do with us as a species…, and how much of it has to do with OFF WORLDERS…, who may be fighting Galactic battles…, and “using Humans” as the Galactic Version of BANKING COLATERAL to “finance” their Galactic Operations.

You see…, if there WERE a race out there that actually “claimed” the Earth as their property…, and thus ALL HUMAN BEINGS as their property as well…, then might they not “use” that property as backing in the Galaxy to get loans, equipment, ships and technology…, while “promising” to transfer human DNA and SOULS to their backers to fulfill “loan agreements” (?)

Please read the article below:

Once you’ve read the article…, let me know what you think!

If anyone out there has MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS…, let me know!