This article…, and many others like it are making the rounds!  I think it is wise to be prepared! I will post three examples.

This next one is important for the video of Arizona Wilder.



  1. col

    yournewswire isnt a credible site brad. its a clickbait site and some of the stories are fabricated. i dont read it any more. the bloke that runs the site follows me on twitter for some reason. so i would take their stories with a pinch of salt. the other ones are ok though 😎👍 .
    im starting to think that even the reptillians arent completely top dogs, theres mention of THE CHIMERA on certain sites like cobras 2012portal, prepare for change etc

    the taking down of the chimera part 1 and 2

    its all a bit star wars but what isnt these days 😄


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