By: Bradley Loves

This interview of Jay Parker is done by someone who is Catholic…, has their own radio show…, and follows that Religion.  HOWEVER…, don’t let that stop you from listening to this video.  The interviewer is quite awake…, and the Interview is really great!  It holds a lot of good information.

Within this video…, two huge things pop up!

  1. The NEW AGE was started by the Illuminati! (Period)
  2. Much of the Channeled Entities are Dark Spirits
  3. The Satanists always “hide” in free spirit communities that promote arts and crafts, pottery and weaving, drama and acting and so forth! (Arden, Delaware was such a community)

And…, if you go back to the RT article on the new Satanic Temple in Salem…, that I posted…


It’s an ART GALLERY BUILDING just like Jay said.



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