For those of you who thought that in all your years of school you were actually “taught” the TRUTH.  I’m sorry…, you were NOT.  Most of what you “learned” was a lie!

However…, if you wish to change that…, there is so much information coming out now in (certain) video’s on the web…, you CAN learn what is really happening, if you wish to spend the time!

This video is a compilation of many video’s (some of which I’ve posted already)…, but all blended together like a university lecture, and is 5 hours long.

Only THIS university lecture has ACTUAL TRUTH IN IT.

Thanks to whoever put it together.

Here is the video called:  ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE



  1. Emm Jay

    Wow! I’ve only watched 15 minutes of this video and I am so looking forward to the next five hours of it … joy! It has lifted my heart already. Thank you so much for sharing xx


  2. Emm Jay

    Thank you for sharing this excellent video. Really good to see Bruce Lipton in there too. So looking forward to the next four and a half hours of it … joy! xx


    1. Emm Jay

      Yes, me too tom C. I am very happy to have mentioned these fabulous videos to the excellent Dublinsmick blog, whom I am delighted to say, has chosen to put them up on his vast, much visited and respected website … joy!

      Liked by 1 person

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