By: Bradley Loves

I ofter wonder how many people actually “watch” the videos I put on my blog!  I take great care to pick and choose video’s…, almost all of which I have watched in advance.  Not only that…, but I place them in “order” with the articles that I write…, and if you indeed “read” each and every article…, and watched each and every video…, you would begin to notice how carefully everything “relates”.

Like a seamless tapestry of knowledge being gently spoon fed…, it is a sumptuous meal for those who come here to often to dine.

Today…, I write this because the last video that I posted on Ancient Knowledge deserves to be viewed.

The best knowledge is hidden deep in the middle of it…, and is certainly worth the time you spend getting there.  I know 5 hours is long…, but I’ve posted longer videos!  I think the record for a single video is around 12 hours!

Just know that when I write…, I USE all of the knowledge that I’ve found to back it up.

Watch the video if you can…, take the time!  You’ll be glad you did.




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