For those who still doubt…, please read this long article located HERE:







  1. nateyad

    You know I have to say that I agree with almost everything that you write / post on your blog. But when it comes to the theory of the globe I have to say after hours and hours of open minded sceptical research I just don’t see the spinning ball theory holds any water (as in so called “gravity” holding the oceans in place while the earth is spinning 1000mph on its axis!) There is just so much evidence in favour of a flat earth plane and very little for the globe that I can’t help but feel that the later is the ultimate fallacy. Why you may ask would the ruling class want us to belive that we are accidental meaningless evolved apes hurling through an infinite universe at speeds of millions of mph amongst billions of other stars and countless planets all of which exploded from absolutely nothing which they magically call the “big bang”? In my opinion it is to spread atheism and social darwinism to separate us from our Creator and our fellow man so as to divide and conquer us, so we all become apathetic because life has become meaningless and mundane. I understand it can be a hard pill to swallow ( I used to mock flat earthers up until 6 months ago). And I know there is a lot of disinformation getting thrown around everywhere you turn, but I have to say I’m very glad I took the time to do my homework and didn’t let the globe earth be the sacred cow that was keeping me from truly expanding my consciousness to the next level.
    Much love

    P.s. the above video really didn’t put anything to rest. 2 min of one side of the story isn’t what I would call definitive proof. Maybe this video will answer some questions for those who are truly open minded.


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