This short video is really great!  Tons of information!  The most important thing to note is that NONE…, (and that means all) of the ET races and species had any idea that “ANGELS” really existed.  They thought Angels were simply “made up”.

The way Alex puts it…, Angels are beyond all physicality…, even the slightest amount.  Not only that…, NO ONE…, not even the “highest dimensional” ET’s can see Angels!

No one can see them because it is their WILL not to be seen!

I think this is really important information…, because too many “NEW AGERS” think that 5th dimensional or even 6th dimensional beings ARE ANGELS…, and that is FAR from the TRUTH!


They are still physical beings…, only vibrating at a higher frequency!

Here’s the video…, it’s only about 7 minutes long!   All my love….

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