Now…, AFTER (only after you watch the entire video above…, I ask you to watch THIS video below!  You see…, what is being talked about ABOVE ^…, only makes sense when you watch was is being talked about BELOW v!


Because as I’ve written about many, many times… there is a very deep connection between: the Illuminati – The Military – Dark Magicians – And Satanists!

Watch the testimony of the man below…, and listen closely to how he talks about the “marriage” of the Military – Satanists  (he was forced to be a child sex slave and also tortured…, as well as forced to eat a scarified human child)  ALL BEFORE HE WAS PLACED INTO THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM!!!!!


Of course, I personally have written about this many times…, but:

  1. No one believes me…., and
  2. I always get SHOUTED DOWN…, by the new age…, who refuses to use their own eyes to look at this stuff…..

More will be coming…















By: Bradley Loves


If the leaked “document” from BENENSON STRATEGY GROUP, which talks about a “suggested” fake invasion is even remotely true…, then there would HAVE TO BE…., thousands and thousands of regular people willing to implement, moderate, and oversee such a task!

This of course (as I’ve said all along) is regular people willing to do ANYTHING for a paycheck!

This COULT NOT be achieved by one or two people alone…, and would require the participation of countless THOUSANDS…, if not tens of thousands of people around the country!

This is what I am talking about in the title of the piece.

It has already been proven that Hillary Clinton was behind the “Donald Duck” disturbances at the Trump rallies, and many of the “disturbances” he faced…, but here is something even MORE important than that…

She apparently told her own staff…, that if she loses the election…, “WE ALL HANG!”

(Apparently…, she was talking about everyone who has been in government for the last 30 years!)

She probably feels that Trump with blow the whistle on all of the crime…, and therefore…, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can the election be lost, or the entire “elite” structure of the country goes down!  The “stakes” are very high indeed.

So this is what we are up against…, and this leaked document, which was done by a real POLLING COMPANY…, you can find their actual website HERE

This document sounds about as REAL as it gets…, and we now know what may be coming the day of the election!

See document again HERE

What is interesting about the document…, is not only does it suggest what it calls a:

SALVAGE STRATEGY for Hillary Clinton, it also lists several salvage strategies it does “not recommend”…, including something called: RED DAWN and many others.

An while all of the “new agers” sit on their hands and sing Kumbaya…, and tell us how close we all are to ASCENSION….,  the real truth (as opposed to what the new agers are telling us) is that there are tens of thousands (if not millions) of Americans who are still willing to take a paycheck for doing almost ANYTHING…

Including helping to fool the entire population with a fake – holographic – projection of flying saucers and aliens!

See THIS video:

As I’ve already said…, this may or may not happen…,  but maybe if enough of us talk about it…, they won’t be able to do it!

Now…, as for those people who believe they have “NO POWER” to change anything…, just for inspiration…, I offer you this:

More will be coming….


By: Bradley Loves

This video was apparently part of Preston James latest article.  I missed that fact.  While reading on another Alt. Media Blog I picked up on this.  (Thanks to KP)

Here it is…, and you can find other info about this video located here:

PS…, For all those “New Agers”  (dr. evil air quotes used intentionally)…  who think and believe that the Catholic Church is squeaky clean in all of this NEW WORLD ORDER STUFF…., watch this video and THINK AGAIN!

It is right in the middle of total world control!



By: Bradley Loves


This post (hopefully) is going to demonstrate just how easy it is to FOOL perception!  It shows us how just because we “SEE” something does not mean we should always BELIEVE it!

Below I’ve posted two very good videos that concern how perception (and therefore “reality”) can be manipulated through fake visual imagery and propaganda!

Instead of the axiom: LET THE BUYER BEWARE….., these videos tell us…


Not all is as it seems…, and we are certainly NOT living in Kansas any more Toto!

TRUTH is the greatest thing we can possibly ever have!  It really is our ONLY protection!  Those that willingly destroy the TRUTH are in fact destroying EVERYTHING that means ANYTHING.

To say there is no such thing as TRUTH…, is to become the very minion of SATAN!

Fair Warning:  The video entitled Government Secrets Revealed is actually a “Flat Earth” video…, and even though I personally do not think this is the case…, I am presenting the video because it brings up some good points.




PRESTON JAMES – The City of London’s ReColonization of America

This article – by Preston James…, is quite important…, and I am posting it in full today!  Keep re-reading it until you finally get it.  Also know that the “NEW AGE” is just another arm of the Jesuits! ~ Bradley

The City of London’s ReColonization of America
By Preston James, Ph.D on October 21, 2016
Secret Slavery has never been so well camouflaged!
By: Preston James


As many Intel insiders know, it’s a fact of life that the world power structure is divided into three main action agents, the City of London, the Vatican and Washington DC.


Each are controlled by a Luciferian pedophile network many call the Old Black Nobility, the Olympiads or the Illuminati. This small number of men prefer to work in the darkness and maintain a low public profile — instead directing these three control structures to do their bidding.

The Vatican has been infiltrated by this satanic network and, instead of providing sound Christian doctrine, provides spiritual misdirection designed to use unbiblical traditions to lead believers away from truth.

Washington DC was set up as an illegal, unconstitutional secret Illuminati independent nation by High Freemasons of the Crown to transform America the Republic into the financial engine and secret military arm of the RKM Banksters who run the City of London.


Yes, the real power to control America and the western world lies in the City of London, which is a separate financial district and an independent nation-state inside London, UK, comprising about one square mile in area.

The City of London (COL) is where the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) private Fiat Banking with pernicious usury system is Centered.

This COL/RKM Bankster system was able to hijack the American monetary creation and distribution in 1913. The purpose of this was to begin the process of recolonizing America.

And yes, by now you probably realize that the most powerful structure in the world has been the COL/RKM private Banksters, who specialize in creating debt-slaves all over the world by making money from nothing that is backed by nothing, and by charging the public pernicious compounding interest in order to use what should have been theirs in the first place.

The American Colonies were nothing more than an expansion of the corporate enterprise known as the City of London and the RKM Banksters who own it and run it.

At the time of the American Revolution in 1776, the American Colonies had been making them a lot of money, but this served as a major wake up call and sent the COL/RKM into a serious planning session on how to recolonize America.


However, when the City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) Banksters finally realized they had lost the American Colonies, they developed and deployed a very crafty 200 year plan. This was a secret plan to recolonize America and was deployed covertly in order to prevent We The People realizing it was being done.

The overall purpose of the COL’s long term plan was to recolonize America in order to transform Americans into COL/RKM Bankster owned “debt slaves”, but also Serfs of the Queen of England and the Illuminati (the secret Satanic network of RKM Bloodline families that owned and controlled the COL).

Yes, when the American Colonies were lost because of the Revolutionary War, the COL/RKM were furious and felt that they had been robbed of a personal possession given to them by Satan, their secret master, who is the god they worshipped with their strange and evil Baal-type child sacrifices and pedophile rituals.

The RKM Banksters felt deep-seated hatred for the colonies’ rebellion, especially because the colonists were for the most part Christians or Deists, whereas the Illuminati worship Satan as their god and hate Christianity and Christians and desired to eradicate their Christian beliefs.

Even today these COL/RKM families still harbor a great deal of intergenerational anger at America the Republic for the Revolutionary war and Andrew Jackson’s routing out of the COL/RKM Banksters at the Battle of New Orleans.


A plan based on private RKM money power, human degradation and secret slavery of We The People was deployed to recolonize America. And sad to say it has succeeded. But now as in 1776, many Americans are waking up to this hijacking of their government by a totalitarian Cabal of oligarchs and plutocrats and are working to once again break free.

One of the trademarks of any successful colonization by the RKM/COL is to disarm the masses. This was attempted in the American Colonies and led to the Revolutionary War as the colonists decided they would die fighting rather than be disarmed.

Right now this same process is being re-instituted in America to get the guns by the COL/RKM Banksters and it too is being heavily resisted and will once again lead to another Revolutionary War against the City of London and the RKM.

What exactly has been the COL/RKM plan to recolonize America?

This plan to recolonize America consisted of infiltrating, hijacking America, and deploying America as their financial and military engine, so they could take over the world for their banking operations and to obtain cheap natural resources and markets for their international corporations.

This plan was based on a secret age-old Satanic inter-generational Agenda of Evil, one which tracked back all the way to ancient Babylonia and to secret societies and their babylonian Black Arts through their “Bloodline” families.

The COL/RKM Banksters come from thirteen plutocratic Euro-pean “Bloodline families” who have claimed to be the Earthly “chosen ones” of Satan and believe they have been specially anointed with Satanic power needed to take over the whole world step by step and rule it.

It is also their belief that, if they are obedient and properly deploy their “end justifies the means” tactics while keeping their intent secret from the masses, they will be rewarded by being transformed into “gods” with eternal life. They believe this transformation into gods will take place when they are able to seat their own Globalist NWO Ruler as Satanic World King and Messiah in Jerusalem. That is why the COL/TKM have always been obsessed with occupying Palestine, and especially Jerusalem.

The COL/RKM have always infiltrated societies by seeking out the organized crime underworld and threatening it with eradication, while offering a partnership for growth as an alternative, which the criminal underworld always accepts.

The COL/RKM philosophy is that there are enough spoils for both groups, so they can share them with organized crime. But the COL/RKM have always had a secret agenda to rule over organized crime, to keep it weakened using their police powers and the military if necessary, and to keep them on a short leash as their serfs.

This gives the COL/RKM a ready-made crime network through which they can control communities, collect Intel and murder opponents. Because the COL/RKM are themselves the world’s biggest criminals and soulless psychopaths, it has never been difficult for them to work closely with organized crime.


And like the COL/RKM, organized crime in general is nothing less than the use of thuggery, force and manipulated fear and terror to acquire power, corrupt LE and the courts, in order to gain more money and power.

That is why it is so easy for the Intel agencies like the CIA and Mossad (which are totally controlled by the COL/RKM) to create and arm a secret mercenary army like ISIS, and to deploy terror that includes blowing up, raping, torturing and beheading innocent men, women and children; and all the torturing and murder at Abu Ghraib and the numerous other CIA black prison ships and torture sites.

These torture methods (“enhanced interrogation”!) were developed by two APA Psychologists helping the CIA is itself a byproduct of the evil mindset of the COL/RKM, which permeates all its Cutouts. There is no statute of limitations for these war crimes and crimes against humanity, so eventually these men will likely be sued and brought to justice.

Some conservative Christian critics of the Satanic Network know of their plans to seat a Globalist NWO Satanic ruler will be the anti-Christ. It is expected that this will be a man with extraordinary spiritual and physical powers, able to do many miracles, and will set up a novel money system that solves a lot of current problems. But they also believe that this False Messiah will have a short reign, and will then be staunchly defeated by the real Messiah, Jesus Christ, when He returns to take complete dominion over Planet Earth and defeat all evil.

According to these conservative Christians, the anti-Christ will come as an angel of light and will pretend to be good. With his powers, he will heal the sick and impersonate Jesus Christ, and will announce that he is the Messiah. Many will be deceived.

But what the COL/RKM foks will not understand is that, in order to appear as good as Jesus Christ to fool the people into believing he is Jesus Christ, he will clean out the COL/RKM and deconstruct all their organizations. The COL/RKM will be bushwhacked, and will have great difficulty understanding this sudden turning against them and stripping of all their power, wealth and status.

It will then be bye-bye COL/RKM-time, and their whole satanic pedophile network will be exposed publicly and deep-sixed. These COL/RKM do not understand that Satan is not loyal to them at all, but has assisted and supported them only until he needs them no more. How stupid to ever trust the Devil to keep any promises, for he is a cosmic parasite feeding off human suffering and death.


In order to attain this agenda of evil, the COL/RKM knew they would need to take over the whole world step by step and would be best served by raising up a secret world oligarchy of these bloodline families.


Such a desire had driven so many rulers before including the Roman Caesars, the Vikings, the Huns and so many more warrior Kings.

Illegal Taxation and pernicious usury for using what should have been their own money would be used to transform the American People into secret serfs of the RKM/COL Banksters.

Once America had been used to Globalize the world its borders, language and culture would be destroyed by massive immigration, legal and illegal, political correctness, diversity and destruction of sovereignty, normal sex roles, the family, and basic religious and moral values that made America strong at first.

Once America the Republic was thus destroyed, the remains would be folded into the COL/RKM’s Globalist NWO of nations. And by that time the COL/RKM would have built up a worldwide network of 140 wealthy corporations to provide all their needed wealth, power and status.

Those who have studied the covert re-colonization of America by the City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters understand that the extreme power behind their secret two-hundred year war against “We The People” is the COL’s deployment of Babylonian Talmudic “money from nothing” perniciously usurious, Luciferian black-magick Money Power.

The COL’s war against the American People has been a well-coordinated effort to transform America into their secret colony, their personal bitch, their endless supply of labor, military might and markets for the industries they control and profit from.

The COL/RKM recolonization effort has been a long term effort to manipulate Americans into serfs, deploy them in their illegal aggressive wars of acquisition to steal natural resources of other nations, to gain more power, and for extreme profits for themselves and their associated corporations.

Unless the Congress and the President of the United States of America had been bribed, compromised and blackmailed into submission to allow the illegal unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 which has facilitated the COL’s hijacking of America, such a hijacking would not have ensued.

After the American Colonies were lost in the Revolutionary War, the COL/RKM Banksters held numerous strategy meetings on how to retake the colonies

The War of 1812 was a British Invasion and a failed attempt to retake America by force as was the later Civil war which the COL RKM Banksters spent years preparing and provoking but still failed.


President Abe Lincoln, like President John F. Kennedy was assassinated upon the orders of the COL/RKM Banksters because he decided to print US Notes and use them as money without charging the American People interest, all done outside of the Federal Reserve System.

These actions like the actions of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi to set up a gold backed real monetary system so incensed the COL/RKM Banksters that they ordered The US Administration to attack Libya and assassinate Khadafy.

How interesting it is that when interviewed by BBC at an earlier time and ask if he had any recommendations how to defeat world terrorism, Gaddafi had replied that if one sent a nuclear-tipped cruise missile into the City of London that would end it all.

When you take what the COL/RLM Banksters feels Lucifer has given them because they are his “chosen ones” destined to become eternal gods (much like those of the Parthenon of Roman times) these folks will deploy whatever means they feel is necessary to get it back and that means covert and overt murders, a wide variety of other sophisticated covert operations including engineered recessions and depressions, war, engineered diseases and plagues, false-flag terror and major psychotronic and psychological operations.

A very crafty solution was chosen by the COL/RKM Banksters to their loss of the American Colonies.

They decided the solution they would deploy was the same solution they were going to deploy to correct for their loss of other colonies and the obvious decline of the British Empire which they controlled.

A secret plan would be deployed to secret infiltrate America with COL/RKM Banksters enriched and empowered Cutouts as stooges.

These stooges would serve as secret agents for the COL/RKM Banksters and would consolidate American industry into large monopolistic corporate conglomerates that would serve as Cutouts and puppets of the COL/RKM Banksters.

After America was successfully recolonized in 1913, these COL/RKM stooges the new industrial corporate elites who often shared numerous Boards of Directors proceeded to consolidate all industry into various monopolies. This was done in order to make them easy to control by the new American Oligarchy, best known as the Establishment Hierarchy (EH), which was the secret, hidden hand of the COL/RKM Banksters.


A central part of the COL/RKM’s plan to recolonize America and transform it into their personal slave state was to infiltrate, hijack and then consolidate all American Mass Media and major news “Talking Heads”. This was all done successfully under the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird and they were able for form a virtual media and news monopoly best called the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

It is important to note that all American Intel Agencies as well as the FBI and Federal LE were originally set up by agents of the RKM/COL Banksters. But they were programmed to play a two-faced role like all of their owned politicians and USG officials which they were able to capture by either bribery, human compromise ops or outright lethal threats such as the “take the silver or receive our lead” gambit.


The RKM/COL Banksters’ Globalist NWO plan was to be completed by the year 2,000. But numerous unforeseen problems have arisen along the way and now it is unraveling by the minute thanks to the massive truth disclosures of the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg press.

Looks like the massive worldwide populism that has spontaneously emerged from the immense communication of cell phones and the vast availability and diffusion of truth nuggets is truly eroding the previous strength and power of the RKM COL Banksters.

And it looks like any anointing for special power from their supposed evil god Lucifer is now rapidly eroding.

Such power cannot exist without near complete abject secrecy of their two-faced existence, a secret evil nature on the inside, coupled to a nice face and fake public face and a presentation that they care about humanity (which they don’t).

These RKM COL Banksters face another problem, too. Their current policies developed in the 1850’s and 60’s inside their associated secret societies related to High Freemasonry and their worldwide satanic pedophile network require them to reduce the world’s population by 90%.

In their discussions that have followed, they have concluded that war no longer kills off enough humans, and they have to deploy other means, such as a major war based on ICBM nuclear exchanges between the super-powers, and such as mass plagues from the US Army lab at Fort Detrick.


Some of the members of the ruling council of the RKM COL Banksters have recommended such a full scale ICBM-based nuclear war to rapidly reduce the human population down to their goal.

Some factions believe that the extensive cell phone communications, Internet and technology advances itself are the causes of the actual failure to attain their Globalist NWO Agenda by the year 2,000.
How interesting it is that their own lust to spy on We The People and track our every thought and movement led them into this massive trap of immediate, extensive communication they did not understand would be their undoing.

Certain RKM COL Bankster factions believe that knocking most of mankind back into a primitive existence will make it much easier to control those that survive. They believe that this will allow a return to the old Lord Serf system of earlier times in England and Europe.


Meanwhile the facts diffuse around the Western world, in America and in Russia at an astounding rate, and the RKM COL Banksters become exposed for their abject evil more and more each day. It is reaching the point where the curtain is being ripped back and the Wizard of Oz is being revealed for what he is two-faced, evil beyond imagination, selfish, self-serving, and murderous.

Just as the COL/RKM Banksters tried to maintain their power of America by starting to disarm the colonists, the COL/RKM police state that has been set up in a now recolonized America is attempting to do the same.

They realize that unless they get the guns like they did in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, America will once again break free and will become a sovereign republic once again.

That is why they set up DHS and have been working to disarm America in Fabian-style baby steps which involves the numerous deployment of false-flag terror such as mass-shootings in gun free zones — some real, others completely imaginary, like at Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

Don’t ever count Americans out until the Fat Lady Sings. There is a sleeping giant in America that is now arising, and when fully awake, these satanic enemies within our gates – these foreign COL/RKM infiltrators and hijackers – will pay for what they have done in spades!

In an upcoming article soon to be published here at VT, you will be even more fully briefed on the hidden world of mass psychotronics which have been deployed by the COL/RKM to keep We The People asleep at the wheel so they can stay in power. But, that, too, is now in the process of being incrementally exposed and derailed.

There is more…



This post, taken from the incredible “ONION”…, a Satire website…, put a smile on my face today!  I found myself saying…, man if this could only be TRUE!

See Article HERE

PARADISE, NV—Materializing through a dimensional portal in front of a stunned audience at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, intergalactic law enforcement officers reportedly appeared onstage during Wednesday night’s presidential debate and placed a pair of glowing blue energy shackles on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “Secretary Clinton, you have been found in violation of interstellar law and have been called to stand trial before the Galactic Conclave,” said the justice official from the Centaurus System while a pair of uniformed extraterrestrial enforcers grabbed the former first lady’s shoulders with their forelimbs and pincers and escorted her toward the rippling space-time rift from which they had entered. “By order of the Nebulon Federation, you will depart with us at once to the Halls of Justice on Axio Prime, where you will await judgment for your crimes. If convicted, you face up to 900 cycles of hard labor within the comet mines of Zorlon B.” At press time, Clinton’s campaign team had issued a press statement referring to the criminal charges as “more baseless accusations” and assuring voters that the candidate has always complied with all transcosmic protocols.


By: Bradley Loves


This article is going to be based on many excerpts from this article below with the same name. It is going to be interspersed with my own PERSONAL experiences which fully support and verify the experiences that were had by Greg Calise.

This article also ends with information that could be called: BASICS OF THE WORSHIP ENERGY MATRIX….

Located here:

Just as it was with the author of this piece…, it was MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE that you can NOT trust beings on the inner realms!  He starts out his article this way.

I first realized that there was something seriously wrong in the later 1980s when I found the doorways into the inner realms. Fortunately I was blessed with two guides that took me to specific places to observe. One time I was taken to just outside the hellish worlds.

It was completely dark and there was a huge sprawling fortified metropolis. It was glowing red. It looked like burning coals of a fire in a pitch dark night. The combination of red and black are the colors of the demons. I began feeling a lusty pull connected to my second chakra. I told my guide that I wanted to leave. I understood the energy. That is one example of many.

Each place I was taken I would observe deceptions. You really cannot trust anyone in those realms. There is so much impersonation. A young pretty girl could turn into an ogre. A light being could be a serpent. These are the things I observed. As above, so below. Once free from the earthly matrix, one lands into the cosmic matrix.


I don’t know how many times…, I have been “approached” while in deep meditations or during “prayers” on the inner realms by what looked like an innocent child…, or a pretty woman…, ONLY to get me to lower my defenses.

At the very moment that the entity got close enough to touch me…, it would change forms to some sort of ugly troll or demon like creature, and use some sort of “energy disruption” technique to seriously screw up my chakra system!

I would come out of my meditation feeling ill and with my Chakra’s wobbling seriously. This could take hours to recover from…, and I would not feel right for days.

This “tactic” was of course TOTAL DECEPTION!  I would be moving around on the inner realms and would see what looked like or appeared to be very “innocent” beings that might seem to be “in trouble” and calling for help, which would draw me to that spot.

The “FORM” the entity would take was usually one that they KNEW for a fact that I would have sympathy for and come to help.

Since I can not stand to see young children in trouble…, and am a real sap for pretty girls…, it is a guarantee that the rouse would usually work!

Now…, for those of you who HAVE NO CLUE about the inner realms, and how WE as multi-dimensional beings can travel there…, and there are a real beings there…, I’m sorry but I just can’t help you!


The proof of just how real it is of course comes from the very PHYSICAL AFFECTS that one can get through out the bodies entire ENERGETIC SYSTEM when one of these “trickster” beings uses some sort of “ethereal magic” to shock you…., and mess with your system.

After this had happened many times over the course of a few years…, I came to sad realization that I COULD NOT TRUST ANY BEING on the inner realms…, because I did not know if they were actually what or who they appeared to be.

Next Greg goes on to “talk” about normal people who can not actually travel to the inner realms but instead “channel beings from there without knowing who they are”.

Therefore, I stay away from anyone who works with other dimensional entities, such as channelers, psychics, and anyone who claims to be a shaman (A real shaman never claims he is), light workers, energy workers, psychic healers, reiki, etc.

Anyone who works with inner realm entities is not only being duped, but they are caught within the clutches of those entities and become their minions!

Yes, that pretty much includes all of the new age circus. People have no idea how trapped we are in this mess.

“I do not concern myself with gods and spirits either good or evil nor do I serve any.” – Lao Tzu

Now…, the next thing Greg talks about is his experience of finally “waking up” from the MATRIX…, and how he found that waking up…, was only the beginning of his struggle…, because the “FALSE LIGHT” construct wanted him back desperately.


Then in 1991, while living in San Diego, I was meditating. Within moments I was pulled out of my body, as I watched the atoms spinning and then dissolving. Eventually my mind dissolved. My last thought was a prayer of protection to Narasingha, the lion god. Then my perception and very existence dissolved. I no longer existed. I was gone……………

Eventually(?) I awoke in a golden light. My Beingness was spread out throughout what seemed like infinity. I was homogenized. I immediately thought (it was beyond thought. It was awareness) I AM. At that moment, all of my Beingness contracted out of the light and into an infinitesimal point of consciousness. I had awakened from the stasis; I existed again. I AM. The fact that I was conscious of my I Am presence created the gravity needed to fall out of the light.

What I had not written before was that I not only escaped, but was on the run. Whoever owned that light wanted me back. I went through lifetimes hiding in various ways, always to eventually be found. And again on the run, battling with this golden light. Eventually I returned to my present body. I had been gone for only a few hours, yet it seemed like lifetimes.

That light, the very thing that so many spiritual aspirants are striving to reach, I found to be the very thing I never wanted to experience again. It is spiritual death. I really don’t think people think about what it means to reach what they consider as their spiritual goal. It is death to the Self. Once captured by the light, one is lost in stasis for a very long time.


It seems to me that our EXPERIENCE OF GOD…, is supposed to happen right HERE…, and wherever we find ourselves!  We are to become the loving “extension” of the TRUE SUPREME BEING in each moment.  We are NOT supposed to be trying to escape from where we are!  In this…, the NEW AGE has it totally wrong.

ALL RELIGIONS…, even those who teach us to “run” toward the light…, are “selling” something…, and is probably not what we are meant to be doing.

Greg continues:

I could not fully understand what had happened until early 2010, when I heard George Kavassilas describe his many travels through the cosmos over the duration of his entire life. He spoke of the false light constructs. Those three words were like a cosmic key that unlocked a huge memory bank of these realms and what they are. I feel that it is very important for this information to be known, because it explains all of the pseudo spirituality and religions on this planet. We are immersed in it.

It is not something that can be easily explained in linear thought forms. It is a huge network of various false light structures stretching through all of the dimensions of the cosmos. There are many of them, each constructed by a god or goddess to trap souls. They seem to be concentrated in this small part of the galaxy, especially in the Milky Way. If you read my article, The Great Compression, you will understand why.

What had captured me in 1991 was the upper dimension of one such false light construct. But they expand through all of the dimensions and manifest according to the dimension it exists in. I will be discussing the various manifestations and how they capture souls.

Greg Continues with even MORE profound information:


The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, by Drunvalo Melchizedek, he describes how organic structures are created according to sacred geometry, called the flower of life. Various devious gods and goddesses found that by changing the sacred geometry in the early stages, they could create these false light structures. They are like a net that overlays the natural world. They are nets of illusions that not only create false light constructs, but also condition the mind to perceive a very different world from the organic reality they cover. These gods and goddesses then throw out their nets, capture souls and feed off of them.


The earthly matrix is part of one such false light construct. It is an illusion that is placed over the true organic natural world. It works by conditioning the mind from many generations. The distorted mind then created agriculture, animal husbandry and civilization. Of course the gods personally came to begin these things. The evidence is in the archeology and legends. In this way the external manifestation of the matrix is produced. They enter the minds of humanity and distort them with negativity. Ever since the beginning of civilization in our recorded history, there has been war, slavery, the subjugation of the people and corruption and deceit.


What they also brought was flesh and blood sacrifices to feed the gods. The gods feed off of mankind through such sacrifices, worship, and pain and suffering, especially war, torture and violence. They also feed off of our negative emotions. David Icke speaks of this. So yes, we are deeply entrapped within the matrix.

But beyond the earthly matrix is the cosmic matrix. George Kavassilas has explained these various gods and their false light structures in detail. Each religion has its own pantheon with the various gods and goddesses. We have Judea and Christian pantheon, the Hindus have many, then of course there were the ancient Greeks, Egyptian, Roman, Norse, Mayan, Aztec, etc. Each of them is a false light construct. Depending on your belief system, as you look up into the heavens, you will see that particular false light structure. Each structure includes several, if not all, of the dimensions.


We see that these gods and goddesses have their abodes in the heavens. When you leave your mortal coil, if you are “qualified,” you may attain entrance to the god’s abode, where you will worship him and become his slave. Of course it is also “heavenly” in the sense that you get a larger playing field of enjoyment as well. But instead of iron chains, you are now bound in golden chains, but you are still a slave to a passive aggressive god. Now many people are hoping to arrive in one of these abodes and, under the illusion of the matrix, will be quite happy there. But they are temporary illusions, and the soul could never truly be happy in such illusions. They become food for the gods.


Above these realms are the realms of light, such as the one I entered. In these realms there is no longer perception. You are in complete stasis. The god then feeds off of your entire life force. What people consider the uppermost heaven is actually a hell. And we see so many spiritual aspirants yearning to reach these. I wonder if any of them actually considered what fate awaits them?

More will be coming…