By: Bradley Loves

For those of you who still “don’t believe” that Pizza Gate is telling the truth, or that all of this is somehow being made up…, then here is a simple piece of the puzzle for you!

Many people do not believe that the symbol below actually means:  BOY LOVE, even though the FBI itself has told us it is a KNOWN SYMBOL used by pedophiles!

imagesWell,  here is a link that you can go to…, where you can see this very symbol being used…, and YES,  it is a website that supports adults who are in love with young BOYS!

The website can be found here:


I’ve done some research and have found that this website has been active for over two decades…, and goes back as far in time as the INTERNET ARCHIVES  


will allow you to look!

Make this go viral!!!

All my love!


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