My apologies for being away…, but I’ve been experiencing a twofold attack.   My internet connection has been either hacked or compromised where I live…, (and I seriously doubt that it was the Russians)…, more like the CIA or NSA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly…, my (used) laptop (only 3 months old) is about as hacked and compromised as it can get and still turn on! (Running extremely slowly now)

It seems that every 3 months like clockwork that this is the case, the consistent time element is to co-incidental not to be connected.

[I’m beginning to wonder if 90 days is some sort of COURT APPROVAL THING with a “waiting period” in it for government permission to “F**K with innocent peoples equipment”]

Virus protection – anti malware – software debugging…, and other programs are no longer having any affect!

Please be patient as this is very frustrating to me because I constantly have to trash nonworking equipment…, and get more…, which is costly.

Hope to have his resolved soon!






2 thoughts on “DIFFICULTIES

  1. These problems would obviously appear if you use windows operating system in the first place. If you still want to clear up the computer out of viruses, see this: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/malware-removal-guide-for-windows/

    If you want to not have any problem with such bad programs called viruses or malware, I suggest you start using a Linux distribution. It can work well in windows in dual boot, but for blog related purposes would work very well. Here’s a top list of them all: http://distrowatch.com/ .
    Out of which you can choose ubuntu(has a MacOS close like interface) or Linux(has a windows close like interface). Link to them:
    As for installation there is this tutorial(like many others):

    If you want clean windows installation anyways(need to run windows software only):
    If you want original windows .iso here are some good links:
    Windows 7 activation forever:


    1. Also feel free to keep that last post on as commentary for anyone else having problems or keep it moderated at your discretion (you should delete this last post). Also the use of free vpn and maybe virtual machines virtualbox(free) should help if you need work compartimentalised.


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