This video deserves a look!  It is made by a man who used to write for the NEW AGE!

Funny how those men and women who fully and wholly support the “NEW AGE LINE OF THINKING”  seem to be so well off financially!

It’s the ones who speak and write counter to these philosophies (myself included) who seem to barely scrape by!


Does this video have merit??

Watch it and see!

All my love



  1. Mia

    Sounds like he’s just swapped one beLIEf ‘system’ for another.
    (Pity he didn’t share what ‘good causes’ he donated the proceeds of his mansion to – ya know, being a newly-converted, born-again Christian n’all.)
    Just got baptised, eh? Well, assuming he has a Birth Certificate, one could say that the Vatican now owns his ass – twice over.
    If Jesus existed as a living being, then Joe Atwill’s work ‘Caesars Messiah’ has no merit, it would appear. [By the way, I’m not saying that JC did NOT exist as we’re told – I just don’t KNOW.]
    If he’s studying from a translated/altered/manipulated version of the original bible, then Shmuel Asher, author of Land of Meat & Honey, would ask this question, “Ask WHICH God!”
    And now he’s set up another website [perhaps read ‘Money Spinner’] to debunk all he spouted previously.
    Awww, well – just my tenpen’orth – for what it’s worth.

    [Love your work, Brad – even tho' I don't comment often 😉 Thanks for all you do.]


    1. Mia…

      Again…, thank you for your comment and participation! I hold each and every reader as dear to me…, and today…, you made my day! I usually am very busy with research, but today, had some time and LOVED your question! It was worthy of my best effort to answer it!
      My best wishes for a most wonderful NEW YEAR!



  2. ilmatar10

    I understood this mans turning away from New Age to Christianity differently.
    I think what he said was , before, when he was into New Age, he didint feel anything positive, personal power or persona to be there for him. to help and take care of him personally.
    After he asked Jesus to enter his life, he for the first time got real, first hand experience about loving presence of Jesus and he found that inner peace and true inner knowing he was lacking before.
    So he changed one belief system into a real knowledge of loving presence of God.
    and for me Jesus is GOD, not human.


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