By: Bradley Loves

Many people have come to the conclusion that the USA Corporations involvement in Syria has to do with protecting oil pipelines, and even though that is a single contributing factor…, it is far MORE about POWER and MONEY!

Ultimately things are far more complicated than what we are being told on the surface!

This article, from, talks about the larger issues at hand, and I highly recommend reading it:

Here is what I consider to be the real “meat” of this article…

If it’s not a pipeline war, then why is the US intervening in Syria? The US decision to support Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in their ill-conceived plan to overthrow the Assad regime was primarily a function of the primordial interest of the US permanent war state in its regional alliances. The three Sunni allies control US access to the key US military bases in the region, and the Pentagon, the CIA, the State Department and the Obama White House were all concerned, above all, with protecting the existing arrangements for the US military posture in the region.

(It is) ….The massive, direct and immediate power interests of the US war state — not the determination to ensure that a pipeline would carry Qatar’s natural gas to Europe — (that) drove the US policy of participation in the war against the Syrian regime.

The “players” in this “war  state”…, are NOT who you would think they are!  It goes far deeper that just politics…, and it points out severe and “systemic problems” with our entire civilization!

The Military, Industrial Complex…, (that Eisenhower warned us about) is an enormous “money making”…, and “profit taking” conglomeration of CORPORATIONS…, who have grown so big…, that they need to continuously fund their gargantuan operations with more, and more MONEY!

Wars need to be “fought” nowadays…, only to JUSTIFY the expenditures of huge amounts of dollars worldwide on the endless MILITARY PRESENCE AND INFRASTRUCTURE!

The “War on Terror” (TM*)  *trademark, was invented because the enormous military industrial complex NEEDS to be fighting an enemy (constantly), in order to continue to justify more and more investment in it’s world wide operations!

It is common knowledge that certain Firemen and Firefighters in the state of California were “known” to have set some of the largest fires in their areas (only because financial support was getting cut for their equipment and salaries).  They did this only to “shock” those who were making those cuts into ADDING more money to their operations and not taking it away!

In the meantime…, hundreds of homes were lost, and peoples lives were destroyed.

The “War in Syria” (TM) is the very same thing as the “War on Terror” (TM)…, on a Global Scale…, and on Steroids!

It is the “vehicle” by which the “planet sized blob” of the Military Industrial Complex can continue to justify its need (read: addiction) to a constant and almost “intervenes” supply of dollars, directly into its main artery.

It is all about MONEY AND POWER!

Regardless of the collateral damage or the fallout to humanity…, there are countless corporations in the United States and across the world who DEPEND upon the constant purchases of new military hardware, weapons systems, and upgrades.

Please see these before and after pictures of Alleppo!–24–2008

This “happened” on OUR WATCH people! 

We must take responsibility for doing NOTHING while those that we call or tolerated as our leaders DID THIS!

And for you “New Agers”…, this was BARACK OBAMA, your own very “high soul”…, who did this!  He knew very well that ISIS was being created!   He knew very well what they would do.  Don’t you dare say “you” are not responsible…, because anyone who tried (like me) to speak out against him…, YOU shouted down in print with your articles and channeled messages, repeatedly telling everyone how good he was, and how much help he was giving to the world!!

The amount of money we are ultimately talking about is FAR MORE than most people can possibly imagine…, and is in the TRILLIONS of dollars per year (not billions).

Add to this that each and every one of these “corporations” are also involved with making MILITARY HARDWARE for the “Off World” operations…, and now you will know why all governments on Earth are desperate to continue to fund these CORPORATIONS!

Are we really in a “spat” with Russia??   Or…, could this entire thing simply be Smoke and Mirrors…, (A CON) and a reason to sabre rattle so that infinitely more MONEY can be funneled into the very CORPORATIONS who have to exist and thrive at all costs??

Here is an even deeper thought.  The CABAL and all of their “think tanks” claim that one should never let a good Crises go to waste!

The “War in Syria” TM…, could also be “cover” for Top Secret Operations that are recovering ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY!

Remember that Syria is smack in the middle of what used to be Ancient World of Babylon, Akkad, and Sumer.  It is also known that these civilizations were the successors of FAR MORE ADVANCED civilizations which had super powerful technology that came before them!

The world (in every country) is full of underground tunnels, caverns, bases and cities…, some of which are ANCIENT!

There is a real world battle going on as we speak…, between not just governments…, but also differing world Militaries (and the “Corporations” that are behind them) to find as much ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY as they can!

Syria…, would be one of the countries that would be FILLED with Ancient Tech…, and underground facilities of an Ancient Nature.

Ultimately…, the “race” for Ancient Tech…, is still about MONEY…, because that part of the equation is all about POWER…, and POWER = MONEY!

Haven’t they said that “All Wars are Bankers Wars”

No matter what you see on TELEVISION…, or in Newsprint…,  no matter what “the corporate paid whores” tell you…, they are ONLY telling you what they are told to tell you (which is NOT THE TRUTH).

It will not be long before the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is “running” the MEDIA.  In fact, here is Alex Jones saying Obama just signed a Bill making that one step closer to reality.

What can you do about this??

You must become “informed”!  You must at all costs do your own research, and make it your duty to LEARN as much of the TRUTH as you possibly can…, (every day) before all of the ways that you can do that, are removed from you.

We do not have the luxury of “time” where we can sit on our hands and indulge in the FALSE HOPE…, that someone from outside of us…, is going to swoop down and SAVE US!     That is what little children do!

We are the ones that we are waiting for!





By: Bradley Loves


An education obtained with money…, is worse than no education at all

The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing



I can not teach anybody anything…, I can only make them think



Socrates was arguably one of the worlds greatest philosophers and thinkers.  He spent his days in discussion, and sometimes even debate.  He was born around 470 BC, in Athens, Greece.

We know of his life through the writings of his students, including Plato and Xenophon. His “Socratic method,” laid the groundwork for Western systems of logic and philosophy.

He was most well known for his brilliant debates and penetrating thought. Socrates always emphasized the importance of the mind over the relative unimportance of the human body. This credo inspired Plato’s philosophy of dividing reality into two separate realms, the world of the senses, and the world of ideas.

However…, it is HOW he arrived at his ideas that was his most famous and legendary achievement.


Socrates never took anything for granted…, and made a “mockery” of men who would come from the far corners of Greece to “challenge” him in debate!

His method was simple.  He would first get the person who was his “challanger” to state clearly, and for the record, what his BELIEF or conviction on the subject they were about to discuss was.

He would make the person even “repeat” what he believed by asking him a second time:

Are you sure… that is exactly what you believe?

From then on…, Socrates would only ASK QUESTIONS

He would simply say this:

IF what you say that you believe is true…, then this must also be true am I correct?

In the matter of an afternoon…, he would follow all of the logical or “illogical steps” and the RAMIFICATIONS of what a person said they believed, and showed them all of the problems of holding onto that belief IN REAL AND PROBABLE TERMS.

His brilliance was not in disputing what a person said they believed…, but in “showing” them the “outcome” of those beliefs…, IF THEY WERE TRUE!

He did this, by asking them honest questions, and  having them give him honest answers to those questions!

Over the course of an afternoon…, after dozens or even hundreds of questions…, every one of his challengers went away admitting that they did NOT really believe what they had said they did.

Through his questions…, SOCRATES was able to show them (in public) that they held dozens of beliefs that were exactly opposite of their original stated belief.

(Thus opening their eyes to their own hypocrisy and stupidity!)

Socrates was eventually put to death (naturally)…., by the government (so what else is new)…, for teaching the youth of Athens “how to think”.

(Crime of crimes…, how dare he!)


Socrates NEVER lost a debate…, and his skills in logic were legendary in all of Greece.  People came from all over the country to meet him in debate…, and ALL of them left Athens with their tail between their legs!

People then tried to “label” him as the smartest man that ever lived…, and told him so.  Instead of accepting this label…, he refused it.

He said:

I am NOT the smartest man who ever lived.  In fact…, I know very little.  The reason I keep winning debates is that unlike other men…, I do not deceive myself into thinking that I know MORE…, than I do.



His most important tool in discussion was looking at what other men believed…, and then asking them… to describe what would “happen” if what they believed were really true!


“IF that were true…,” he used to say…, “then this must also be true…,”  because one can not be true without the other!

His questions were usually very simple…, and could rarely be argued with!

His “challengers” had NO CHOICE but to agree with him because of those men who were present at the time, and watching the debate.  It may have taken  Socrates many types of questions over a long period of time, all leading in an circuitous arc…, but eventually he would have the man saying exactly the OPPOSITE of what he had originally said…. by his own admission…, and by his own agreement with every other statement that led him there!


He did not care about beliefs…, because he recognized the folly of holding onto “sacred cows” and “sacred ideas”…, in the face of proof otherwise.

Now let’s shift gears…, shall we?



The ENTIRE  New Age community is flawed BECAUSE every “tenet” of their philosophy has been “given” to them from an Unseen Entity…, and then taken as “truth” without a single QUESTION ever being asked!

Not one of the people who “sit at the feet” of Channeled Entities…, and who listen to their words EVER QUESTIONS what the “result” would be…. IF WHAT HAS JUST BEEN SAID WERE TRUE!

Those who listen to channeled messages have totally 100 percent ABDICATED their own minds…, and refuse to “think” about what is being said to them…, or to question it by saying:


If the New Age community actually took time to “think” about what the Channelers are actually telling them…, and QUESTIONED EVERYTHING…, they would see the huge flaws in the teachings…, and in what is being said.

But they don’t do this!

They don’t want to think.., and in fact have abdicated their own mind and their own personal responsibility to think for themselves!


It’s the same old pig…, in a new party dress…, with a different color of lipstick!

Almost everything the Channeling Community is putting out there can NOT be true…, because IF IT WERE…, then many other things that are in fact happening as we speak…., would NOT BE HAPPENING!

It’s that simple!













By: Bradley Loves


This post is a fictional debate!  It is written by me, and meant only to stimulate THINKING. 

While written by my hand…, I will be playing the roles of BOTH Socrates…, and of the New Ager.   There will be NO favoritism…, I will be “fair” to both sides.

In both roles…, I will be honest and frank!  I will not lie!  If something is a “belief”…, then I will say so!   The “outcome” of the debate will be for YOU the reader to decide!   I will make no commentary after the fact!


Socrates:  Tell me, as a New Ager…, do you “believe” everything that is printed concerning the New Age?

New Ager:  Honestly…, I don’t know.  Probably not.

Socrates:  Fair enough.  Do you think that an “Ascension” is coming?

New Ager:  Yes, I do!

Socrates:  Why do you believe that?

New Ager:  Well…, it’s been written about…, and talked about, and it seems like most people agree that it is coming!  So yes…, I do believe it.

Socrates:  I see…, so it is your position that as long as something has been written about, and talked about…, and most people agree on it…, then it is the truth?

New Ager:   No, not necessarily!

Socrates:  Ah…, then it is only certain things that have been written about, talked about and agreed upon that are true…, while other things with the same type of foundations could be untrue.   Is that a fair assessment of your position?

New Ager:   Yes…, that’s fair.

Socrates:  Tell me then…, how is it that you decide which is true, and which is not?

New Ager:  I look for people that I can trust to help me decide!

Socrates:  Fair enough…, so your decisions about what is true, and what is not true is based on what “others” tell you…, is that a fair assessment?

New Ager:  Certainly not!  I do my own thinking!

Socrates:  I see…, so it is your position that YOU ALONE decide what is true, and what is not!

New Ager:  Well…, no…, what I do…, is listen to all sides…, and THEN make my own decision!  So it’s kind of both actually.

Socrates:  I see…, so it is your position that when making decisions about what is true and what is untrue…, you first listen to many different people…, and then decide on your own…, which is true and which is false!  Is that a fair statement?

New Ager:   Yes…, that is fair.  I think actually that this is how I do it!

Socrates:  So it is your position that when making decisions about what is true and what is false…, it is a process of listening to many different people…, and then deciding on your own…, what is true…, am I correct?

New Ager:   Well…, partly…, I also meditate and “go within”.  And it depends how I “feel” about information…, before I completely trust it.

Socrates:  Hmmm…, so let me get this straight.  You FIRST, listen to many people to find out what they believe.  Then, you decide for YOURSELF…, what is true and what is not true…, BUT…, you also go within…, to see how it feels…, as a last precaution.  Is that a fair assessment?

New Ager:   (hesitation) Uh…, I think so…..

Socrates:  (smiles)  There is no wrong answer…, I’m just trying to find out how you decide what it is that you believe.  Have I made a fair statement?

New Ager:   Yes…, it’s fair!

Socrates:  Do you do any research as part of your decision making process?

New Ager:   Oh…, yea…, I forgot that part.  Of course I do!

Socrates:  So let me get this straight.  You FIRST, listen to many people to find out what they believe.  Then, you decide for YOURSELF…, what is true and what is not true…, BUT…, you also go within…, to see how it feels…, as a final precaution, but ONLY after doing “research”!     Is this a fair assessment of your entire process?

New Ager:  (Long Pause)    I think so…….

Socrates:  Do you listen to Channelers, or read the things they write?

New Ager:  Of course!

Socrates:  Do you believe everything they say, or write?

New Ager:  Certainly NOT!

Socrates:  So it is your position that not all of them are being truthful?

New Ager:  I didn’t say that…

Socrates:  So you DO believe everything they say and everything they write then?  Is that fair?

New Ager:  Not at all.

Socrates:  So, if you don’t believe everything they say and write…, then some of them…, or at least a part of what some of them say or write is NOT truthful.  Is that a fair statement?

New Ager:  (very long pause)  Yes…, I guess that is a fair statement, kind of…

Socrates:  Tell me…, how do you “know” or decide which ones are telling you the truth…, and which ones are not?

New Ager:  (cricket…., cricket…., only the sound of crickets are heard)

Socrates:  (smiles)  Would it be fair to say that you use the same method we discussed earlier?  First you listen to many of them…, then, you decide for yourself which ones are telling the truth…, and which ones are not…, but before doing that…, you “go within” as a final precaution…, but only AFTER doing research?

New Ager:   (pause) Well…, I may have over exaggerated the “research” part just a little bit.  I usually just only read what they say, I don’t really check into it!   It’s more of a “belief” kind of thing.

Socrates:  So let me get this part straight then.  In your process for finding out the truth…, you first listen to many people, but you make your own decision about what is true.  You go within to see how it feels, but ONLY after doing research.  When it comes to Channeling, or Channeled Material…, the process changes to more of a “faith” based process?  You just have to believe?  Is that fair?

New Ager:  Well…, sort of…, I’m not really sure…

Socrates:  You did tell me that NOT ALL channelers are telling the truth, did you not?  So how then do you decide which are truthful and which are not?

New Ager:  Well…, truthfully…, I just usually read the ones that are posted on websites that I like!  I read those because I trust the person running it.

Socrates:  Okay…, so when it comes to Channeling, and Channeled Material…, you trust and believe only the ones that are posted on your favorite website?  Is that your process and how you decide which are telling the truth?

New Ager:  No…, I don’t trust all of them…, just the messages that are given by Jesus and Arch Angel Micheal…, and a few others like that…

Socrates: So let me see if I can grasp your process.  The messages given out by Arch Angel Micheal, Jesus, and a few others are truthful because they are given out by important sounding people from history and the Bible?

New Ager:  Well…, no…, like I said.., it’s more of a matter of Belief…, you just don’t understand!

Socrates:  It’s not about me understanding anything!  It’s about YOU understanding why you believe what you do…, and learning how you come to decide the TRUTH!

Socrates:  Tell me…, is it “possible” to believe something that is NOT TRUE?

New Ager:  What do you mean?

Socrates:  Can people “believe” things…, while at the same time…, they are not true?

New Ager:  (frustrated and nasty) I suppose they could, but what does that have to do with our discussion?

Socrates:  (smiles) Listen friend…, it was YOU who said that deciding the truth about channeled messages was a matter of belief…, NOT ME!  I’m just trying to get to the bottom of how you operate.  For example…, a child sincerely believes in Santa Claus because he has been told to by his parents.  Does the child’s belief in Santa Claus make it real or true?

New Ager:  No…, of course not…, but that is different!  Santa Claus is fiction…, these beings are REAL!

Socrates:  (pause)  But, not all of them tell the truth…., at least according to you.

New Ager:  (cricket, cricket)

Socrates:  So again…, the question is:  How do you decide which ones are telling you the truth?

New Ager:  Well…, you just kind of have to listen to what they say…, and then decide!

Socrates:  AH…., so it’s the message they are giving out that tells you if it’s truthful or not!

New Ager:  (relieved)   Yes…, that’s it!  It’s the message.

Socrates:  So then tell me friend…, what KIND of message would lead you to decide that the entity giving it was being truthful, and thus earns the right to be believed?

New Ager:  (nervous again)   Well…, it would have to be very loving!  And, give lot’s of good information!

Socrates:  Truthful information?

New Ager:  Of course truthful!

Socates:  Which would be more important…, Lovingness…, or the truthfulness of the information?

New Ager:  I’m not sure what you are getting at.

Socrates:  Well, a message could be given lovingly…, AND not hold any truth in it…, couldn’t it?

New Ager:  (very hesitantly)  Well…, I suppose it’s possible…, but not likely.

Socrates:  Really?   But didn’t you just say that some channeled messages are not true?  And, that you did not believe every “message” that is said or written?  You did say that right?

New Ager:  Well…, yea…., but….

Socrates:  AND..., even those messages which are NOT TRUE…, were given out in a loving sounding way…, were they not?

New Ager:   (cricket, cricket)

Socrates:  Would you say then that it is the “truthfulness” of the given information which is MORE important to believing it, than how lovingly the message is delivered?

New Ager:  I suppose so…

Socrates:  And so, if it had been demonstrated that a particular Channeled Entity had NOT BEEN TRUTHFUL…, or had given certain predictions which had not come true…, would you then say that “believing” in them would be inadvisable?

New Ager:  (long sigh)  I’m not sure.

Socrates:  This is your process we are discussing…, if YOU don’t know…, who does?

New Ager:  Okay then…, yes…, if they’ve missed predictions…, and have said things that did not come to pass…, then believing them is probably not advisable! 

Socrates:  Even if the “message” was delivered lovingly?

New Ager:  (short tempered) Yes…, we’ve already discussed that…, move on!

Socrates:  Are there any channelers that you are reading and listening to currently?

New Ager:  A few….

Socrates:  Did ANY of those Channeled Entities say in the few years running up to December 21, 2012…, that ALL of humanity…, the good and the bad…, were going to ASCEND in a matter of moments on that date?

New Ager:  A few did yes….

Socrates:  A few?

New Ager:  Okay…, many did!

Socrates:  Did that happen?

New Ager:  NO…, of course not.

Socrates:  Do you still read and listen to some of those channeled entities who made that faulty prediction?

New Ager: (very slowly)  One or two…..

Socrates:  So then…, truthfulness of the message IS NOT important to you in deciding whether or not to “believe”…, is that what you are saying?

New Ager:  To be perfectly honest…, at this point.., I don’t know WHAT I’m saying!

Socrates: (pause)  We are talking about how you decide what is TRUTH…, and what is not!

New Ager:  (exasperated)   Look buddy…, with me…, it’s a matter of HOPE!  I don’t care anymore.  I just want out of here!  I don’t like this place…., IT SUCKS!  If someone is telling me there is a way out…, then that’s what I want!

Socrates:  Ah…, I see.  TRUTH is what “sounds good”…., and, what sounds like something that you want to see?  Is that it?

New Ager:  (breathing hard…., cricket, cricket)

Socrates:  So then truth for you… is based on if it makes you feel good or not…, but not necessarily about whether it is based in fact.  Am I stating your position correctly?

Socrates:  Would you also agree that the idea of Santa Claus…, while making children feel good…, and filling them with hope…, is STILL an untruth?

New Ager:  Look…, I’m tired…, I don’t want to talk about it anymore…, you could be right…, but I still want to hope!  There’s nothing wrong with hope is there?

Socrates:  Not a thing.  But hoping is not deciding about somethings truthfulness!

It is merely the unenviable position of desiring an outcome which may, or may never occur!  It is a drug (of sorts).  It numbs the mind, and distracts it from the reality of the present moment!  It makes you feel good…, if only for awhile…, before you have to once again return to the stark reality of what IS.






















By: Bradley Loves

Here is the article that goes along with a comment I posted to a reader who asked: How’s does all of this “fit” together…, how does it all really work??

I wrote this two years ago…, and it can still be found here on Jean Haines website.  Here is the post, with an introduction from Jean…


By: Bradley Loves

Posted on November 21, 2014

If we have any intention of freeing ourselves from the enslavement in which we find ourselves, I believe that finding the courage to read this article is totally necessary! For me, it created an ah-ha! moment. Now, it all finally makes sense. Bradley, with the greatest of love has been leading us towards this information. Of course, since this is a free will planet, it is your choice to accept this information. I know it will be extremely difficult for many of you, so prepare yourselves, please. I will not be publishing anything else today, but will be here to field comments and discussion.

Remember, I have told you repeatedly to give yourselves time to adjust – when your reality is almost totally upset. I’m suggesting that this this could take a couple of weeks or more, and I think to a greater or lesser degree this will upset most of our realities.

Much love to everyone!

This piece is about to “bust” the doors wide open on the Occult World and all that is hidden there. Far, far deeper and far more creepy than almost any one of us can fathom, it is the “worship” – the “feeding off of” – and the harnessing of the HUMAN SEXUAL ENERGY, that not only helps the MAGICIANS TO ENSLAVE US – but is the “power” or the “juice” that runs their batteries – so to speak.

When I say batteries, what I mean is that it takes an awful lot of raw energy to create and to “maintain” a dark fictitious REALITY within the confines of the magnetic hologram.

In physical terms – “energy” is: CURRENCY – JUICE – OIL & GAS…,  which is then tied back to CURRENCY, so that the two are almost inseparable!

Ask yourself.., why is something that talks about something ELECTRIC.., also tied to BANKING AND MONEY…, and then most specifically ENERGY??

(see more on currency below *)

This piece is going to be long – in depth – and super “graphic” in both it’s detail and descriptions, so get ready for that! No more skipping around the topic, without taking a good, hard look at it! No more taking it easy on everyone who still wants to “lay in bed and not wake up” to what’s going on out there. Out come the pots and pans and the cymbals, (symbols) – and jumping up and down on the mattress until you have NO CHOICE but to get your butt out of the bed!


Everything I’m going to talk about goes back to the “grid” or the “lines” around the Earth! You need to keep that in mind! These lines, or “ley-lines” actually run in tandem! There are “earth-lines” which skirt the surface of the Earth, and then again are re-created at about 60 miles above the Earth – they are duplicates of the grid lines at the surface. (as above – so below).

They are mirror images of each other!

The layer or area of space about 60 miles high is known as the Ionosphere, but is also known by scientists to be the “collective human consciousness”, or “the collective mind”! This is the place where all of our minds connect as one! It is the “grid” which not only allows us to communicate telepathically and psychically, but also to know and remember who we are as a species. (Where does the Secret Technology HAARP focus it’s beam?) Have they not said they are using HAARP to “heat up” and to bend the Ionoshpere? Why are they doing THAT?

The Magicians have known for thousands of years that whatever they “do” to one of the grids – will have an immediate affect on the other grid as well, since both grids work in tandem and respond to one another.

As I have written previously, we “live” in a magnetic hologram, and it is these two grids working in tandem with one another that actually helps to “produce” the visual experience of our daily lives, the visual (but necessarily REAL) experience of Earth’s prison-like Construct!

I was told personally that the Secret Military are deep into Occult MAGIC! I was also told that the Catholic Church is deep into Occult Magic. I was also told that the Freemasons (Illuminati/Cabal) are deep into Occult Magic!

Having been told this personally (over and over again) by people who are working in these separate fields – can anyone then “fault” me for thinking that “Occult Magic” must have something to do with what they are doing to us?

Call me crazy here, but am I just making too much of an unscientific LEAP for some of you out there? Is my logical brain just working too hard in the overdrive position and maybe spinning out of control to come up with THAT CONCLUSION?

(*) Currency is “electrical” – and the control of the “currency” is how our entire reality is being hi-jacked – enslaved – maintained – controlled! It is the path by which the Dark Magicians (Central Bankers) OCCULTLY & MAGICALLY (magnetically) control all of us! But “CURRENCY” is not only money! It is base energy! It is base CONSCIOUSNESS!

Currency is simply the descriptive word they use as (a symbol) to telegraph to us what they are doing to us – which they are cosmically compelled to do BY COSMIC LAW!

As above-so below (as below-so above) What ever they do here on the ground level – will be duplicated exactly 60 miles high, in the tandem grid which is the common mind of humanity, or the psychic grid – which we are all – each and every one of us – connected to.

So, it is with this KNOWLEDGE, that I started to read about, study about, and try to understand all about “Occult Magic”. What I found out was that this was the very foundation of what they are doing to us, and HOW they are using VERY OLD, ANCIENT ESOTERIC TECHNOLOGY – BLACK MAGIC to literally “create” a low consciousness and bastard-ized version of reality all around us that is not only far removed from what we used to have, but it is actually helping to keep us all enslaved in such a way that we may NEVER GET FREE!

You are going to have to keep your mind open for this information to be able to connect all of the dots! You are also going to have to be ready to LEARN that everything you’ve ever been taught or told was a LIE – (usually by those you trusted the most) – in order to train you to be complicit in your own enslavement.

SEX is NOT what you think it is! A more proper description of that “idea” is:

SSEK-SSSSSSSSS, or sssek-sssssssssss! And when you say that word, think of a evil lizard with a slithering tongue flapping up and down as he (the lizard) speaks the word of our enslavement.

Sssek-sssssssss is the base “energy” that they (the reptilian hybrids) are using – creating – harvesting – and feeding off of, each and every day of our lives in THEIR REALITY to assist them in maintaining their strangle hold on our ability to escape this “magically” (magnetically) created prison, which we call OUR REALITY.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH was not the start of it all, but has been the “modern purveyor” of the worship of “sex” into our material (illusionary) world. This of course has been HIDDEN in every way possible from the masses. This is why those who are into the Occult (that which is hidden) have both a PUBLIC MASS(ES)- and then a HIDDEN MASS(ES).

That which is Public – is publicly available to the masses. That which is hidden – is hidden from the masses.

In the public mass – it is all allegory – symbolism and wink – wink -nod – nod. No one in the public is supposed to know what’s really happening – they are just spoon fed a “story”, which they are told they “must” believe.

So in the Catholic Public Mass, you participate in “celebrating” a ritualistic blood sacrifice each and every weekend (so that the public can then be weakened) and their energy of focus (consciousness ) can be easily siphoned off and redirected by those who are the practitioners of the Catholic Mass down into the Earth grid (the ley lines), which then transport that consciousness energy to the VATICAN. Every major Catholic Church – Government Building or University sits on top of Major Intersecting Points along the “ley-lines” or the Earth grid. I was shown a “map” of this.

The words – take this, my “body” and eat of it – take this my “blood”, and drink of it- are so totally creepy to the max, that anyone who is still sane must be having second thoughts when they first hear it!

Oh – but the “cover story” that they hand out to you is that the participant is eating and drinking the body and blood of CHRIST – which makes it okay??? The Christ is actually “the christos” which means “oil”, and what part of the planet are we sacrificing every day? THE OIL.

I told you this was NOT going to be easy! Don’t get all upset because I am finally “DECODING” for you what they have been required to show to you – at least symbolically – by the Cosmic Intelligence.

The RULES say they must tell you (in some form) of what they intend to do here – lest they be cast down by Prime Creator himself – for not showing you what they are attempting to do.

But it goes far, far deeper, and in order to walk through all of this you are going to need a very strong stomach indeed, because the LIE IS SO BIG – that it will be difficult to assimilate at first.

The hidden Mass, where the ACTUAL mass happens, is usually held in sub-sub basements under major churches or major cathedrals, and this is where there is a true and real BLOOD SACRIFICE! It is the occult version of what they are doing above ground! (as above-so below – as below-so above).

In that “hidden mass” – which is the true and real reason for the allegorical blood sacrifice that the mass(es) are participating in above ground – they actually do lay out young, helpless, and naked little children on a large stone alter – both boys and girls – usually between the age of 2 years to 6 years old, and then first sexually rape them to produce within that child the thoughts, the ideas, and the strong emotions of “sex” (sssek -sssssssss) – just before those unfortunate kids are ritualistically sacrificed!

At this time, the participants of this “hidden” MASS, are allowed (or perhaps even required) once again, to “eat of the body” and “drink of the blood”! However this is not imaginary body and blood – it is all TOO REAL.

THIS body and blood they are consuming, are the body and blood of innocent young children who PRODUCE huge quantities of the needed dark psychic energy, which is then channeled directly into the EARTH GRID (as below) and the into 60 mile high grid (as above) – which helps our controllers in their ability to maintain the illusionary prison reality that we all find ourselves in. You could call this prison reality either “THE MATRIX” or simply what it truly is: A MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM.

See everything written here to learn about the church and blood sacrifice:

So, the tandem grid – the Earth grid and the grid 60 miles above the Earth are both receiving duplicates (positive/negative) of this psychic energy and information which then goes into the mass consciousness of all of humanity, which filters down into our subconscious mind as TRAUMA – and remember how I wrote in this article —

— that the spilt in a persons mind (subconscious mind) creates “alters” – and that “alters” are created though the process of TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL! (Please watch the video in this article again.)

It was the NAZI’s who studied this in the 1930s and 1940s, but then as a result of the CIA’s “Project Paper Clip”- those very same NAZI’s were brought back to the USA – (Especially Dr. Death himself – Joseph Mengele) and were allowed to continue doing their research into trauma based Mind Control using mostly young children.

Now under the control of the CIA, the NAZI’s worked both in the USA and in Canada – (McGill University in Canada is one of the foremost and leading Universities which were sponsoring research on young children in this regard), They have continued the study of both MIND CONTROL and CONSCIOUSNESS CONTROL, in order to learn more more effective ways in which they could change or control both the lower Earth grid and the higher Ionosphere grid! Thus, they were and are working on “scientific ways” that they could more permanently affect our individual and collective MINDS using not only dark occult or BLACK MAGIC methods, but also using new advanced “technologies” which are and were constantly being developed and then immediately studied to see how these technologies could be integrated into the MIND CONTROL of all of humanity!

See and read this article:

However, before it was the NAZI’s it was the Catholic Church (in the form of the Inquisition) that studied Trauma Based Mind Control in their research into consciousness and how it affected their control of the masses.

(It was written in the diary of Joseph Bonaparte “Napoleon’s Brother” that when his army reached SPAIN – the home of the Catholic Inquisition – that when the dungeons were finally emptied of over 50,000 prisoners of the Catholic Church – EVERY MANNER OF DEVICES CONCEIVABLE TO THE IMAGINATION WERE FOUND IN THEM WITH WHICH TO TORTURE THE HUMAN BODY! It was the Priests that were DOING THIS! Not only that – they kept meticulous records of each torture and who it was given to – to observe the result! Over 300 wagon loads of bound books were taken from Spain back to Paris! When the Pope’s army once again marched on France to defeat Napoleon, it was said that the one and only thing that MUST BE RETRIEVED at all costs – were the torture records stolen from Spain!

(Only 30 wagon loads were ever recovered!)

No matter WHAT you’ve been told, or taught, or shown to be the so called truth, it’s ALL BEEN A LIE! ALL OF IT! In order to mislead, beguile, and throw you off the track!

This stuff is old! It is very old and has been going on for a very long time.

— You must unlearn what you have learned — (Yoda)

Because everything that you have learned is a lie! In the mental prison we live in (where everything is wink, wink, and nod, nod) by those BLACK MAGIC Occultists who rule over us — everything has a double or triple meaning! No matter what meaning they tell you – it’s a lie – and the real meaning is still hidden. These days the television is their TOOL OF DECEPTION — and you can bet that NO ONE THING you are ever told is the truth! Whatever happens in this world — there is the real meaning — and the meaning they tell us, the masses, over the television!

This one is going to be especially hard to digest and here I must apologize in advance. It is truly graphic — and even perverse! However if I did not tell you this – how would you know the real truth? Remember who is running this world!

The BELL is not of symbol of liberty – but it is in truth a symbol of enslavement!

When a young boy child is naked on his hands and knees and about to get anally accosted by a Priest or Practitioner of Dark Magic – the view of his genitals from behind make the exact shape of a Bell!

Unable to provide a picture or a drawing of what is obvious — you have to use your understanding of anatomy to realize that this is completely true. With most of his penis hidden, and just the leading end visible and hanging below – it gives you the “ringer” of the bells! And thus the SYMBOL of a “BELL” to the occultists symbolize the genitals of a young male child before he is about to be ritualistically “had” by one of them.

Continuing with the anatomical construction of almost all of the “buildings” which we call CHURCHES — and even early government buildings — they have both a “steeple” which represents the fully erect male phallus (just as does an Egyptian Obelisk) and just below the steeple (on a church) you have the “bell tower” or the “ball tower” where the BELLS (BALLS) are kept – which is the laughable wink, wink, nod, nod of the occultists as they giggle at our willingness to believe EVERYTHING THEY TELL US WITHOUT QUESTION!


In the old days – human beings were called to “worship” each and every Sunday, by the “ringing of the bells” (the ringing of the balls) which was our “signal” (symbol) to immediately come running to the Church to worship along with the satanic “controllers” of the BELLS (the balls) – where our SEX energy (consciousness energy) would then be “harvested” from us – by the focusing of our mental intentions and our prayers directed toward the “ALTER” – the above ground symbol of ritual for the masses – where the allegorical blood sacrifice – the eating of the body – and the drinking of the blood — took place. This “MASS” consciousness energy now collected – and thus harvested ritualistically – (and very freely given up, by the way, by all of the participants involved) – would then be re-directed and sent magically (magnetically) into both the Earth Grid (the ley-lines) and into the Ionospheric Grid (the psychic consciousness grid) in order to help BLACK MAGICIANS stabilize and to POWER UP (with OUR OWN Juice/electricity/currency) – the illusionary reality of the MATRIX or the magnetic hologram that is both entrapping and enslaving us all.

[In the days of Babylon – The “dark magicians” worshipped their pagan god “Baal” or “ba-al” or “ba-el” where “EL” literally means “pagan god”. Thus you have the words “EL- der” or “El – dar” which represents those who are the chosen ones of the pagan god – BA-AL! (Babylonian).

In all government offices, you have the “el-ect” or those who are “el-ected” and thus who are in service to the pagan god “ba-al” or “ba-el” Those who are the “el-ect” are chosen by the process of an “el-ection” which is the way that all who are in service to the pagan god “ba-el” are chosen for their positions of AUTHORITY!

Or, “election” is the process where by those who are the enforcers of the edicts of “ba-el” are placed into positions of their authority!

All those who are “el-ected” by means of an “el-ection” are then placed in charge of the COLLECTION of the “juice”, or the collection of the “el-lectricity” – or the collection of the “currency” which belongs to the pagan god “ba-el” and is truly necessary to have or COLLECT – in order for those who are the “el-lites” (elites) to maintain the illusion of our 3-D holographic MATRIX and keep us totally enslaved and imprisoned to it.

Please watch this video:


and this one:

SO THIS is why BELLS are made in the shape of little boys testicles, (as seen from behind, when they are on their hands and knees) and why in slang terms kids seem literally compelled to call them their “balls”. In ritual sacrifice, the Satanic Priest or Practitioner who anally rapes a boy is literally “ringing the boys bells” or “ringing his balls” from a very graphic and visual and quite perverse standpoint when he practices forced anal inter-course with the boy.

Remember also this is ANCIENT, ANCIENT stuff! It goes all the way back to BABYLON! Long before the “Bell” was invented!

Using the Babylonian terms – You could say that his “ba-els” are being rung, or his “ba-als” are being rung. AND AGAIN FORGIVE ME – THIS IS ALL VERY SATANIC AND PERVERSE! But tell me, how are you going to know this stuff if someone, somewhere does not point it out to you, so that you can finally see the wink, wink and the nod, nod of the hidden symbolic meanings we are faced with in our world everyday, and FAIL TO SEE?

Don’t you wonder why – and this is very important to know – ALL MEN (and women) WHO ARE PLACED INTO POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY – are either required to participate in, or are at least be intimately exposed to CHILD SEX?

This includes: Popes, Cardinals-Bishops/Clergy, Government leaders/ including Presidents, and Prime Ministers as well as leading members of Congress – High Ranking Military Officers – High Ranking Judges which includes those sitting on National and Inter-national Courts, as well as many District Attorneys – High Ranking Officials within Police and Law Enforcement Organizations – CEO’s of large multi-national corporations – and Leading Scholars with Major Universities – and owners and operators within News Organizations – and finally agents within all levels of the CIA/FBI/DHS and in England MI-5 and MI-6 – and in Israel the Mossad, and in Russia – KGB/FSB – while in China who knows what they are called.

BUT THEY ALL DO PARTICIPATE IN THIS! IT IS REQUIRED! How do you think that “we” are ever going to uncover all of this if we refuse to look at it straight on?


Now are you starting to get it? As the boy said to the “Terminator” in the movie – “ARE WE LEARNING ANYTHING YET?”

I can only show you the truth here – I can not make you understand or believe it – digging out the truth of this is YOUR JOB!


By: Bradley Loves

Merry Christmas!!

What a blessing this year has been!

We have walked (together) down the rabbit hole.., and with our eyes WDE OPEN…, we have looked at what it is that makes our world tick!

We have held no “sacred cows” and have investigated everything that we were told could not be questioned or looked at!  This has led us to a much better understanding of what we are up against!!

I wrote two years ago that it was the “sexual energies” that were the most coveted “commodity” of our world…, (most specifically the sexual energy of young children) because it was these energies that were being HARVESTED…, and being used in MAGICAL (magnetic) RITUALS…, inside of Satanic/Luciferian Proceedings.

We found out that almost every single “puppet leader” of the free world KNOWS FULL WELL about the rampant child sacrifice and pedophilia going on in the world…, and is “required” to either watch, or to actively participate in pedophilia…,  because “sex with children” is a HUGE PART of the control system that we are all under for reasons which are not readily apparent if you do not understand the underlying “magic” and “hidden knowledge” that is behind it all.

I also wrote that this is all very “esoteric” stuff…, that comes straight out of the Secret Mystery Schools of Babylon and of Egypt!  It is known as: BLACK MAGIC.

I wrote that by using sacred geometry…, the Earth’s magnetics, and the ley lines…, all of this “harvested” energy could be…, and was being collected, used and manipulated in order to continue to prop up a FALSE REALITY…, which is being used to enslave mankind into a perpetual cycle of being used as “BATTERIES” for certain nefarious groups or entities…, who actually fed off of and lived on that energy!

I wrote that ONLY by facing up to this…, and REALISING that we are under the thumbs of those who would USE our bodies, our minds, and even our lives as “commodities” and who really do claim to OWN us…, would we be able to COLLECTIVELY free ourselves from their control.

One single living man or woman can NOT break this cycle alone…, but only together can we do it…

This is how the construct we are living inside of has been designed!!

This is also why so much effort and trouble is constantly put into maintaining the “illusion”.., and the deception of our “WORLD”.

This is why you are now seeing claims of FAKE NEWS.., because the “MEDIA” is the “MEDIUM” they are using to control our minds and our lives…, and compel us to act, think, and behave in certain ways that prop up an ILLUSION.

They know very well that once enough minds and souls wake up to what is happening…, the “construct” will unravel!

All of the highest levels of “Authority” is involved in the coverup and the sellout of mankind…, and there are NO leaders who we can look to and say:  THEY HAVE OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.

We have been lied to…, controlled, subjugated, used, and the very energy of our lives has been HARVESTED.

The only way out is to FACE UP TO THIS COLLECTIVELY.

We “outnumber” them!

All my love on this most wonderful DAY!

More will be coming.




By: Bradley Loves


Many people, who are reveling in idea of a New World Order, seemingly have no value for the Truth!  This is a “CON” of course…, because I KNOW for a fact that the  managers of the NWO value “truth” and “information” above all else!

They know that knowledge = POWER

For this reason, in their own circles, lying and deception is unwelcome!

Here is the rub…, they give the “appearance” or the “perception” that TRUTH is over rated and therefore CON those who work for them to spread lies and propaganda to everyone under them.

The explaination for this is also simple.  It becomes very difficult to achieve any kind of parity with someone who has MORE “information” than you do.

Does this give you a better idea as to why the SECRET VATICAN LIBRARY…, (which is underground) is actually a series of warehouses that stretches for 18 miles, with a single road connecting them all.

This one single “LIBRARY” of knowledge contains all of the secrets of Earth’s past and is “hidden” or “occulted” from mankind.

Now…, those men and women (God Bless them) who really don’t understand things (and I’m being honest here) think that because they are being “told” by persons of “authority” that DECEPTION is necessary…, or that LYING is not really a “bad” thing…, that this is actually the TRUTH!

Not only in the Main Stream Media…, in the Cabal…, in the Fraternity of the Freemasons…, in the Government…, in the Vatican…, and all things considered “negative”…., but most SURPRISINGLY inside of the NEW AGE as well, you can find countless people who have been CONNED into thinking that lying and deceptions are sometimes necessary.

This has been propagated most efficiently inside the Channeling Community who apparently have become quite fond of the motto:  THE END “JUSTIFIES” THE MEANS

Case in point is Barack Obama.., who for 8 long years has lied consistently and constantly about almost EVERYTHING that was important for a normal human being to know…, to actually make informed choices!

And since I’m not feeling in a particularly challenging mood…, I will not dare people to post comments telling me I’m wrong…, but instead simply point to the most obvious example (out of 10’s of thousands I could post)…, and that example is Edward Snowden.

Obama has clearly stated that he would hold Snowden responsible for espionage and treason…, even though all he did was try to tell the TRUTH.

He has stated that Snowden deserves to be jailed and revoked his passport forcing him to seek asylum in Russia.

Here is a man (and I don’t think he deserves that title or respect) who the Channeling Community has held up as someone who is a HIGH SOUL…, or someone who is worthy of note just because they say he is “good”, and yet…, his record shows us that he has LIED about almost everything and HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE from mankind.

Linked Below is a Channeling Website which has consistently defended Barack Obama and told it’s readers that he is a HIGH SOUL who is protected by Christ Light and only does the best for humanity!!

This website has monthly channelings going all the way back to his first election.., and has unapologetically “prostituted” his greatness…, to the public no matter how many lies he told…, secrets he failed to reveal…, or how many people DIED under his continuation of war is Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Here is one of the first ones.

How is this in any way loving, enlightening, spiritual, or kind??

And yet…, just like the blog above…,  a LEGION of apologists have filled the blogosphere for 8 long years telling everyone how “necessary” or “unavoidable” it is to LIE at certain times…, and that DECEPTION is very necessary to unite people!

So tell me…, how can hiding knowledge, or hiding TRUTH…, unite people?  How can living a LIE, and telling constant lies…, fix the world?  How can hiding all of the knowledge of former great civilizations of our Earth be good for us??

However…, let’s move on and look at Obama’s life…, and not what “crazy” people are saying about him.  If the TRUTH were to be told…, Obama’s entire LIFE IS A LIE!

In this linked article from Jon Rappoport, it talks about how the CIA (and other intelligence agencies) make their living by doing NOTHING BUT LYING!

His name is not really even Barack Obama…, but instead it is Barry Soetoro!  His mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) worked for the CIA under George Bush Senior…, and “Barry” entered the CIA before he was 18 years old.  He has been a “company” man all his life…, and has been TRAINED to lie and to deceive!

It is his second nature.

You know what tires me MORE than LIES?

It is men and women who are still stuck right SMACK in the middle of RELIGIOUS FANATICISM…, but think they have over come it, or are FAR beyond it.

Believeing every word a “Channeled Entity” says is religious fanaticism!  It is so, because it does not give room for examination.., or for investigation…, or for questions!


Last time I looked this is exactly what the Catholic Church was all about!

Followers of the Channeling Movement and of certain Channeled Entites in particular, are BY DEFINITION fanatics.., because they “BELIEVE” without any room for verification, argument, or other views.

Not only to they just take on faith what they have been told…, they DEMAND that all others who enter into their small circles do so as WELL!

Here is a website that is supposedly dedicated to the “enlightenment” of humanity…, but it’s owner or “creator”  bases almost everything that he relays to the public as “truth”…, on CHANNELED MATERIAL…, and does so unapologetically.

If you go there to read…, all of the major questions that have to do with politics, world problems.., current events and other issues…, will be “explained” through the filter of Channeled Materail only!

It has consistently been this way…, (I’ve been checking this website for many years) and if you don’t believe me…, you can go there yourself and look!

Here is a link:

No matter what is happening in the world…, this web master will use “channeled” material to explain it all…, with no apology.

This in and of itself would not be so terrible (if it was only added as simply one possible opinion, and others were also looked into…), but with this website (as with many others out there that are like it) this is not how it is done.  On this site…, the “channeled” opinion becomes the LAST WORD, and no other word is really considered as valid.

There is one “CHANNELER” in particular that has countless things that have been PROVEN inaccurate or false…, and yet…, “SHE” is the most admired channel of them all.  (Interestingly…, every “channeled” message she gives must be PAID for)

Any opposing viewpoints…, to what she has said…, comes under fire.., and will be met with long articles, written by the sites owner, that will “quote” a dozen channeled messages as proof that he or she is correct, and the viewpoint is valid.

This is the classic definition of FANATICISM!   No other source for information seems necessary, or gets heeded…, and this site (along with many others) as a result has become exceedingly OUT OF BALANCE.

Now…, just as with my blog…, everyone is entitled to write what they want…, and to have their opinion.  However…, I’m pointing out a serious FLAW in the flow of information to the public if it comes from CHANNELINGS.

If the article is based on Channeled Knowledge or Channeled Teachings or Channeled Understandings…, then…, that article SHOULD be labeled:

Channeled Material.  In addition.., any viewpoints or commentary about the Channeled Material…, (if based on other channeled material) should ALSO be labeled channeled material!!

If this was done…, soon…, people would begin to see that 95 percent of what the New Age bloggers hold dear and think is true, has come directly from “unseen”…, and “unverified” ASTRAL ENTITIES which in no way have been vetted as being TRUTHFUL.   (We are just supposed to believe….)

They are simply sending a “message”…, and that “message” could be a LIE…, just as easily as it could be the TRUTH.

So…, this “tires” me.

It’s difficult to run a TRUTH BLOG when you’ve got hundreds of competing blogs and websites basing most of their “MATERIAL” on messages that have come from ASTRAL ENTITIES!

I know it is only a matter of time…, but it is time wasted!

Here is my prediction…, and one which will come to pass:

The greatest surprise the NEW AGE COMMUNITY will ever get…, is the day they finally realize that almost all of the so-called “truths” they hold most dear, are based upon LUCIFERIAN TEACHINGS!

“Lucifer…, the LIGHT BRINGER”…



By: Bradley Loves

This is just a pre-Christmas “Best Wishes” kind of post!

I want you to know that every single person who comes here to read is precious to me!

There are no words I can say that will convey how much I do appreciate your attention and your interest in what I have to say and what I post here on this blog!

YOU as a reader are just as important as I am as the “writer”…, because we are both doing a service to the world!

Your willingness to read and to open your mind…, and my willingness to write and to ask questions are BOTH necessary and needed!

So…, for the Holidays (HOLLY DAYS) coming up…, where we are reminded by the “media”…, to stay “magical” and “enjoy the magic”….

I am THANKING my readers for their CARE, their CONCERN…, and for their attention to my blog…, a blog whose ONLY REAL PURPOSE is to tell the TRUTH!



By: Bradley Loves


How much can we “trust” our Main Stream Media??

Then again…, how much can we “trust” our alternative media??   Or, can we even call it media?  What is the “meaning” of the word “media”?

Media – (noun – plural)

1) A plural form of medium…

Medium – (noun)

3) An intervening substance, as air, through which a force acts, or an effect is produced.

Hmmm.   This seems to suggest that “Media”…, is nothing more than a “medium” through which a “force” can act…, and an “effect” can be produced!

This says NOTHING about telling the TRUTH…, or even about “informing” people about what is happening in the world.  The very word seems to suggest that “media” is a TOOL.

It is a medium though which an effect can be “produced”.

So, if you take all of the “mediums” out there, and put them together (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Movies, Radio)…, and call it a “Media”…(plural form of “mediums”)  you’ve got the TOOL with which those who run and own it are using to create an “effect”.


Who else do we know that used tools (on stage) to create an “effect”?


They use props…, they use distractions…, AND….,  they use pretty girls in bikini’s…, who point one direction…, while all of the action on the stage, is happening in the other!!

By the way…, have you watched TV NEWS lately?    (CNN – MSNBC – and even Fox) Where do they get all of these women??  They are “clones” of each other.  Each and every one of them as dumb as the other…, and ONLY THERE because they have “hired on” for their looks.  Their job…, is to point in one direction…, while all of the action happens in another!

The election coverage was a perfect example of this…, and I DARE YOU to tell me I’m wrong!!


Okay…, so… Look these two words up…, I used DICTIONARY.COM online…, which is usually very good.

In my (balanced) expose’ of this phenom…, let’s start with the alternative “media”.

There were literally countless articles and posts this summer talking about how General “Dunford” had somehow become “President” of the Republic…, and that Paul Ryan had become his VP.  (We were told “in June” that “announcements” would be coming soon!)

Well…, we are still waiting for those stupid announcements..

Then, we were “told” (in the Alt. Media) that Paul Ryan was now “President”of the Republic and Dunford was the VP.

We were told months ago…, that Obama was now ineffective…, and would “soon” move out of the White House!

Then we were “told” (by Ben Fulford – no less) that the election would NEVER take place!   We were told that Trump would never be President.

Then…, Trump got elected!   Then the “electors” actually  went and sealed the deal!

Now…, we are only waiting on the inauguration!

But this is not the end of what we have been “TOLD” on the Alternative side!

We were “told” for SEVERAL YEARS…, in the run up to 2012 (by the Channeling Community) that a massive Ascension was coming…, and that EVERYONE…, including every criminal and dark human being who ever committed a heinous crime…, was going to “Ascend” as well.

We were “told”…, that it had all been just a “game”…, and that these men and women had just being playing “roles”…, and that the PROPER way to look at this now, was to FORGIVE every sick, demented, and torturous thing the CABAL had ever done…, and to over look it all.

We were “told” if we did not do this…, we were being JUDGMENTAL!  We were made to feel (by the channeling community) that WE were being the “bad people” for having thought that there was actually a DIFFERENCE between good and evil!

WE were the idiots and the slow ones…, for thinking “wrongly”!

Well…, here we are going into 2017 now…, and  NO ASCENSION has EVER HAPPENED!

We are five years down the road people!!  And let me tell you something…, there has NEVER been a word of apology from the Channelers about the agregeious acts of deception and mis-leading they perpetrated upon those who read their articles and messages!

In fact…, in the greatest tradition of the cabal and the Illuminati…, those men and women I have confronted have said (in a round about way) THEY JUST DON’T CARE…, and take NO responsibility for anyone who read what they wrote…, or for what those people chose to believe.

And THESE are supposed to be “spiritual people”!

Let me tell you something…, they are ANYTHING…, but spiritual!

As Mark Passio has said:


The most important ceremony that the men who go to Bohemian Grove (as Satanists/Luciferians) participate in is the ceremony called:



It is a ceremony that is specifically tailored to demonstrate and to show that they are willing to “burn in the fire”…, ALL CARE and CONCERN about anything they will have to do in the coming year.

They “burn” an effigy in front of MOLOCH (a pagan deity) to prove that no matter how much murder, and killing, and war…, they will create with their politics and policies…, THEY WILL NOT CARE ABOUT IT!

The “cremation” of ALL CARE is a SATANIC IDEAL.

And the Channeling Community has fully and whole heartedly “embraced” this Satanic Ideal when they say they do NOT CARE that the messages they channeled were faulty, incorrect, and totally inaccurate!!

The Channeling Community also “told” us that Barack Obama…, was a very “high soul”…, and a “chosen one”…, who was going to “disclose” all of the secrets of the Secret Space Program…, and ANYONE who challanged that idea (in writing like myself) was shouted down in print…, (by the New Age no less) and I was made to look less than spiritual for even questioning what the Channelers were saying!

HOW DARE I…, even ask these questions…, when “Channelers A, B, C, and D” all say he is a very high soul??


Barack Obama was President for 8 long years…, and he did not disclose ANYTHING!  He’s done now…, it’s OVER!  He did NOTHING for our country!!

In fact…, it is proven that he LIED about Osama bin Laden…, he lied about Bengazi (along with Clinton)…, he LIED about 9/11…, he LIED about Sandy Hook…, etc, etc, etc….., HE LIED, HE LIED, and HE LIED!

Now…, I DARE ANY CHANNELER to post a comment under this post…, and address these issues!  Not only did Obama LIE about many countless things (far more than I’ve posted) but…, he supported Hillary Clinton for President!

She is a known Criminal…, and according to the leaked e-mails from Wiki-leaks…, her campaign manager John Podesta is a PEDOPHILE!

There is NO WAY that Obama could not have known this…, since he also had fund raisers done for him at COMET PING PONG…, (the PIZZA PARLOR of PIZZA-GATE fame).

Here is what these useless and brain washed New Agers need to know!  Obama himself may very well have used “Jimmy Comets”  (James Alifantis) services and engaged in sexual acts with boys.

The tell tale signs are there…, it is just that the smoking gun has not appeared yet because all of the evidence is being held back from Anthony Wieners LapTop by the NYPD!!

Remember this photo taken at the White House:


Here is just one of Jimmy Comets Instagrams taken at the White House of Obama playing Ping Pong with what appears to be a young boy of about 10 years old.

The “Rumors” that have been going around ever since he was elected…, is that Obama is gay!  Countless people have come forward and said that he used to spend time at High End Chicago Bath Houses…, where men get together to have sex.

Oh…, and then there is THIS VIDEO of Joan Rivers (done only 7 days before she “died”)

Are we starting to get the picture??

Whether it is MAIN STREAM MEDIA…, or ALTERNATIVE MEDIA…, just what the heck is the real “purpose” of MEDIA/MEDIUM??

It’s a TOOL of force, that is put into play that will “cause” an “effect”.

That is the ACTUAL DEFINITION OF THE WORD…, look it up!

More will be coming…, I’m just getting started!  I will next focus on the lies of the Main Stream Media…


Oh…,and by the way…, I am now operating with out any laptop…, so please forgive the many more spelling errors that you might see (all due to spell check…, and auto correct) which is part of the downside of Apple technology.

All my love….



Dr. Steven Greer- Video


This is the last video for today…, AND…, I think it is a very important (and fair) balancing post to what I just put out for William Tompkins!

I think it is really important to look at ALL SIDES of the information we are being “spoon fed”…, so we can think about all aspects.  And this video does that!

In addition…, Dr. Greer calls attention to something the I have believed WHOLE HEARTEDLY since the very beginning of his appearance on the scene, and that is that “Corey Goode” is a Milab…, who’s mind and whose memories have been implanted and messed with. (He thinks they are real…, but they could just as easily be implants).

I think that David Wilcock has “used” Corey for his own ends…, and is basically feeding into the hands of the Military Industrial Complex…, who want to “do things their own way”…, which is to CONTROL (over many long decades) how disclosure rolls out.

There are more videos than this one put out by Dr. Steven Greer which are recent…, and I ask you to seek them out!