By: Bradley Loves

Consider this post a continuation of what I wrote yesterday!

In order to put the title of this post into the correct framework…, I am going to ask my readers to please go to the Activist Post website and read this article linked below:

“Like Being Arrested in Iran” — BBC Journalist Detained, Interrogated At US Airport


As I tried to explain in my post yesterday…, we have to LOOK DEEPER and be “smarter” than the average guy and gal on the street…, if we are really going to start “getting it”!

I have a lot of respect for the writers at the “Activist Post”…, and yet this one single article is all the proof that I need to show you just exactly HOW…, we as readers are being “played like fiddles”!

This post is supposed to tug at your heartstrings…, (which it does very well) and every single word in it wants to LEAD YOU (like a sheep) to a certain conclusion!

However…, (and please read the article first…, so that I don’t have to explain what it says)…, I take exception to this article as a whole, because “we” are not being told the entire backstory!

This piece centers around BBC World Service journalist Ali Hamedani, (who just happens to be from Iran) and his “extreme vetting” experience at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

I am completely SUSPECT of this article…, and of it’s possibility of being a “staged” event, or at the very least…, a “set up” meant to sway emotions!


Let’s think clearly here! (A novel idea to be sure).

We know that the BBC has been hammering Donald Trump endlessly on most of his policies ever since he was elected President.  We also know that the BBC has been walking in “lockstep”…, (almost like Nazi’s) with the Globalist “agenda” for years…, and if you read articles there (as I used to) you’ll see this clearly.

But it goes far, far DEEPER than that!   We ALSO KNOW that the Pedophile Jimmy Seville WORKED for the BBC!   He was also very close friends with Prince Charles and the Royals!

We have since learned (after lots of reading and research) that the BBC has actively hidden…, covered up…, and facilitated the sexual abuse of young children for decades.

The BBC has censored…, refused to publish evidence, and even “praised” actual criminals… KNOWINGLY!   So they are not “squeaky clean” as the saying goes!

We also know that the people at the very top…, the Elite…, are into Ritual Child Sacrifice…, Rape of Children…, Kidnapping…., and Child Traffiking!

My “opinion” of the BBC…, as a “News Organization” for this, and many other reasons is at an all time low…, just because I think that the organization is wholly and totally corrupt at the very top of it’s structure.

In addition to it’s leanings toward “protecting” criminal pedophiles…, the BBC is known to support the largest banks in the world (Rothchild’s Banking System) which includes the City of London…, and it’s “agenda” of Globalism!

Almost every article they put out daily has been against the Populist Uprising happening across the world and those who support it.  They hated Brexit…, and they hate Donald Trump.

Okay…, so that being said…, “IF” I were in a position at Chicago O’Hare to pull people off to the side, and then vet them (which I am not)…, I would not have stopped this guy for being Iranian…, I would have stopped the guy for working for the BBC!!

I’m serious…, BUT…, the article linked above suddenly gets even better!

This actually happened!  Read the Headline of the Story!  Someone DID actually stop the guy, and question him about working for the BBC!


Iran…, who knows full well the Globalist agenda…, and also knows that any country who does not actually have a ROTHCHILD’S CENTRAL BANK…, connected to the City of London controlling it…, will soon get invaded and “Regime Changed”!

So Iran…, which is very suspicious of London, and the BBC’s (real) connection to the dark underworld…, pulls this guy off to the side…, who is ONE OF THEIR OWN CITIZENS (an Iranian)…, and questions him!   I get it!

The funny part of this story is that the Iranians “questioned him” for the very same reasons I WOULD HAVE!    (He was working for the BBC).

Sadly…, I see NO PROBLEM with that…, because in my opinion, they’ve got a reason to be concerned given what the Globalists are doing to every country that is not aligned with the City of London Criminal Banking Cartel!

So now fast forward…, you’ve got these guys at O’Hare…, pulling the very same guy off to the side and questioning him (we are told) only because he’s Iranian…, when really, they should have questioned him for working for the BBC!  

(Given what the BBC has been saying and writing about America and Donald Trump ever since Trump got elected!!)

Or…, maybe the incident NEVER HAPPENED the way we are being told it did!

MAYBE…, there is MORE…, to this story…, than just a PURE EMOTION piece that is written totally to pull on our heart strings and get us angry!

Very interestingly…, at the very same time, the Activist Post has written another article saying EXACTLY THAT…, as if they were telling us to be aware of what they themselves are writing!  This is also an important read…, just for background…, and the “comments” at the end are the best part!

Beware The Authoritarian Right And Left


But there really is FAR MORE to the story!!    As I said…, it gets even better!  There are SEVEN (7) countries which are “part” of the extreme vetting process…, and every single one of these countries are the ones that were on the “list” of countries meant to be “invaded” and Regime Changed by the US.

We are being “told” by the whore criminal media at every turn…, that this “vetting” …., and even the REGIME CHANGE that was planned there is all about these people being “MUSLIM”!

What I have since “learned” through honest research…, is that there is a real, honest and very important “war” going on behind the scenes within these countries…, and that the VERY FATE of the entire world hangs in the balance!

All of these “countries” are part of the OLD WORLD!

They are part of the Ancient Babylonian world of the “ANNUNAKI GODS”…, who, if you do not already know were highly technologically advanced…, AND who most likely started great WARS all across the globe…, and ALMOST DESTROYED IT!

This “secret” and “hidden” war that I am talking about is being “fought” between SPY AGENCIES from every country of the world…, and what they are looking for…, and seeking inside of these seven countries is this:


I’ve written about this before…, and first brought this up two full years ago!  I talked about it in a video I did with Lisa Harrison and Dani McKenny.

What are they looking for all over the desert and inside these countries??

REAL WEAPONS…, ANCIENT ONES!   WEAPONS that sadly were used on the Earth before…, and very literally almost destroyed it.  If you read the Indian Epic called:  THE MAHABHARATA…, (as I have)…, you will find that this so-called “myth” talks about the Ancient War that was fought, complete with super advanced weapons and flying Machines, right here on Earth.

The proof of this battle still exists and has been covered up!

Now…, as much as I “loath” George Bush Jr…, and his “weapons of mass destruction”…, it has come to my attention (through deep research) that the entire WAR inside of Iraq…, was to keep Saddam Hussein from getting and “using” these very ANCIENT WEAPONS!  

Weapons which could have destroyed the world!

It is of particular interest that the very first place that the American Soldiers went to when they got into Baghdad…, was the very large Ancient Museums…, where they were “looking for” many things Saddam was supposed to have found.

Let’s do a little video watching for some real support for this “theory” if you don’t think I’m being honest.

I am placing these in no particular order…, and will start with the Ancient Vimana that was found in Afghanistan!  This “flying machine” however is not the ONLY technology that has been found!  Ancient Weapons Systems, and skeletons of GIANTS…,  have been found as well…, and NATURALLY…, this is one of the biggest and most well kept secrets going on as we speak!  These videos are already “old” …, not recent…, but this just goes to show you what the heck has been “happening” on our world for the last 2 decades and why everyone is SO DAMN PARANOID about what is going on in these SEVEN COUNTRIES that used to be part of the Annunaki Kingdom on Earth!

(Hint…, it has NOTHING to do with Muslims!!!)


Then…, there are these videos about the Soldiers “looting” the Museums in Iraq…, but what were they “LOOKING FOR”?

And then there is this:

Once again…, as in the videos above…, they are HIDING the proof that the Annunaki were actually GIANTS!

As we speak…, the entire WORLD in is turmoil…, but this turmoil has absolutely NOTHING to do with Racism (that is only a cover story for the SHEEP)!

The real story has to do with our TRUE HISTORY…, what is really being found inside of these countries…, and the WAR that is going on behind the scenes inside of the intelligence agencies trying to be the first to find these technologies…, (before other countries do)  Keep men who would use these Ancient Weapons to take over the planet…, or worse destroy it…, from doing so….,  AND…., do all of this, without the public ever finding out that any of  it is happening!!

As I said in an earlier article…,

SECRECY IS OUR ONLY PROBLEM…., not what they are telling us in the CRIMINAL MEDIA

I wrote as much in a recent post linked below:


Now…, let me say one final thing.

The ONLY website I even feel good about any longer is MINE!

Sadly…, it’s a real breath of fresh air to come back to my own blog and know that some real truth is being told!

I really should have a million readers…, not just a thousand.

There are times when I feel like I have to take a shower, or a bath after reading some of the trash…, written on most other peoples websites and blogs…, just because I know how badly they are MIND CONTROLLED…, or how I’m being lied to…, or…, just how little they know about what is really going on in the world…, because they DO NOT THINK!!!

Their articles, and the conclusions they draw…, are NOT WELL THOUGHT OUT…, and the Activist Post piece at the beginning of this post is a prime example of more going on than what is written!


They are not LOOKING DEEPLY ENOUGH…, and are therefore simply mis-leading those who go there to read.

And what is worse, to add perfect “insult” to what I do here every day on my blog by telling the TRUTH, and informing my readers…, is having to read something like this:


Where…, it tells me that Megan Kelly (now working at NBC) is getting paid 12 Million dollars a year…, yes…, 12 million…, and all she does every day is LIE to the people of Earth!

Nothing she says is her own…, all she does is read a teleprompter all day long, spewing out corporate garbage…, most of which has no truth in it!

Meanwhile…, I have to be concerned with living off of a few dollars of donations per month…, most of which can not even begin to cover the expenses of what I do in terms of research, and sometimes I wonder if I can afford my next tank of gas!

You see…, I tell the TRUTH…, and get almost nothing for it…, and she LIES all day long…, and gets 12 Million dollars a year to do it!

Where is the Justice in THAT??

That’s where our world is at right now…, And…, no one cares!

(It would be nice to get a little more Financial Support for doing work that will ultimately SAVE the entire world)

At any rate…, the “point” is this:






















LOOK “DEEPER” – and when you’ve done that – LOOK DEEPER

By: Bradley Loves


NOTHING in this world is as it seems!!

No matter how many times I write or say something like this…, the words on the page can’t convey the true meaning of the message…., “IF” those reading the words don’t take the time to LOOK DEEPLY (meaning investigate throughly) their long time held beliefs!!

What we see happening on our global stage…, is the perfect example of (dare I even say it?) …..shallow thinking!!

Nothing “deep” going on there!!

It is just “shoot” from the hip emotions…, being “stimulated” by the “criminal media”…, (no longer just whores)…, who know exactly how to “package” a story in order to “create” an emotional response!

For example:

So many articles (and long videos) have been done about the “TAVISTOCK” Institute…, and it’s incredible “training” methods given to all media personalities (of any consequence) before they are allowed on the airwaves.

Do you realize when you are watching any of the “criminal media” personalities…, that they have been professionally trained by “think tanks” to have the maximum affect upon your SUB-CONSIOUS MIND??

Let that sink in…, they have been “trained” in MIND CONTROL tactics.

What about HOLLYWOOD…, or the MUSIC INDUSTRY??

This one single site right here…, should be a “must visit” at least once a week to keep up with all of the Symbols of MIND CONTROL being placed into movies and music AS WE SPEAK!!


These “symbols” and “signs” are highly “charged” magnetically by those who practice BLACK MAGIC and are meant to have a comprehensive (even if unseen) affect upon the masses.

Isn’t it about time that “we” as ADULTS stopped taking the entire world for granted…, and started looking under the shallow surface of what appears to be “out there” in order to uncover the TRUTH of what is hidden much more deeply?

How can we do that…, if we are “unwilling” to LOOK DEEPER??

Why must “we” only take everything we have been.., and are being “TOLD” by others as gospel??

This is the actual METHOD of our slavery!!

To NOT ask questions…, and question “authority”…, (ALL AUTHORITY”) is to willingly consent to being ENSLAVED!

There is a “series” being put out by Anna Von Reitz – on the “Maine Repubic” website…, and is simply entitled…, “Stop Being Stupid”…

Here is a link to her last installment…, number 28….


I have been downloading each installment only because there is so much information in each one.

Now…, in addition to the need to LOOK DEEPER…, you also have to be careful!


The evil players in positions of power and authority…, have raised the “stakes” in the game “dis-information” and “mis-information” game.

We are no longer sitting at the $5.00 dollar a hand Black Jack table in Vegas…, where all you can loose is a few bucks if you make the wrong bet!!

Those tables have all been closed down!

The only tables operating any longer are the $500.00 dollar a hand tables and higher!  So if you “make” the wrong bet…, by reading misleading articles…, and watching misleading videos…, you are LOSING far more time and energy than you used to 10 years ago!

These EVIL players DO NOT want the truth to come out at any costs…, and they see how the Alternative Media has in fact caused them significant problems.

So, in the words of Anna Von Rietz…, STOP BEING STUPID!

As we speak…, the Alternative Media is now being flooded with new websites and new “players” who for all practical purposes seem to be well meaning and loving people.   People just like you and me!

HOWEVER…, they have “opened up shop” for one reason and one reason only…, and that is to CONFUSE and MIS-INFORM YOU!

And, where have they “opened up shop”??

Right on Alternative Media Mainstreet!

They have opened up brand new “Channeling” websites with a new and really “informed” Channeled entity!

They have opened up brand new “even newer” NEW AGE websites talking about the “BULLSH*T” listed in Mark Passio’s NEW AGE BULLSH*T Video and rebranding it, and repushing it in NEW ways.

Most Noticeably…, they have opened up hundreds of  new “SOURCES”…, each one of whom are talking to “INSIDERS”…, and are handing out “REAL TRUTH” in leaked phone calls…, etc…., and telling us things like “General Dunford” is/was President…, Paul Ryan is/was this or that…., the Galactics…, aka…, Syrians, Andromedans, Pleidians…, Blue Avians (pick your favorite) are doing this or that for humanity BEHIND THE SCENES!  (And we should all just sit like good little human sheep and wait for them to get the job done).


Why are they doing this???

According to the Law of One…, and other ESOTERIC gobbedegook…, there is something called:


This is a so called rule…, where by…, those who have chosen the Left Handed Path…, or the path of the dark…, MUST (read:  are required to)  constantly LIE and DECIEVE all of those who are not on the Left Handed Path!

(That is YOU… By the way!)

Because it’s part of their RELIGIOUS BELIEF SYSTEM…, they take this VERY SERIOUSLY!

The dark thinks that it’s POWER has only been given to them because they adhere to this ridiculous LAW!

TRILLIONS (not billions) of dollars per year are put into creating MAXIUM CONFUSION AND MIS-INFORMATION by these people.

Who is their “target”??


If you have not thought about this…, then I’m sorry…, you are at a huge disadvantage…, and most likely are LOSING BIG at the 500 dollar a hand information table because you are MAKING THE WRONG BETS!

Here is some important information on the LAW OF CONFUSION:

Taken from here:



Once again…, you have to be “smarter” than the average guy or gal on the street!

These Freemasons are playing a long term game!

They say that it is the Logos’ Plan, that we should seek in relative darkness, in order to appreciate the Light. Were it not for this veil of confusion, Importantly, the Plan wouldn’t afford the accelerated Soul advancement that this polarized freewill plane/density offers. We wouldn’t know the spectrum of suffering and sorrow nor joys and teach/learning which freewill and hence duality provides. Nor would we know Faith, since Diety would be obvious, nor the dharmic and karmic struggle, nor the choice of service/polarity, of which principle to serve, the selfish or selfless dynamic, on which the souls grade is supposedly determined, after many incarnations.

It is the sincere “belief” of these Freemasons that NO MAN anywhere, at any time…, should just be “given the truth”!

Instead…, the “real truth” should ONLY come about after a lifetime of intense and burdensome STRUGGLE…, whereby the “seeker” has been fooled, and fooled, and conned and conned…, over and over and over again!!

In this way…, the STRONG are separated from the weak…, and the true seeker is separated from the one who needs to be “gotten rid of”…

Remember this??


Now do you get it??

Now…, do you understand why it is OKAY (for them) to lie to the “seeker”??

Do you now know why what is written on this next slide is ALSO TRUE??


Can you see what this slide above is REALLY SAYING??


Let me fill you in then…

What it is really saying is that the “cultish” Mystery Religions follow the LAW OF CONFUSION to the letter!

They have never thought, nor have they believed that TRUTH (REAL TRUTH) could be handled or should ever be given to ANYONE who was not a very advanced initiate!!

This is the reason that THEY THEMSELVES have created and maintained every false and fake RELIGION…, on the face of the planet!

They create the “mis-information” inside of “religions”, and then spoon feed it to the willing masses who they consider to be the PROFANE…, and the UNDESERVING!


Because they have not STRUGGLED and WORKED HARD for each single scrap of knowledge they obtained.

So they (according to their beliefs) spoon feed ONLY fake religious teachings to the masses.

And now…, through their collectively “owned” MEDIA…, they are spoon feeding “FAKE NEWS” to the masses as well.


Once again…, it boils down to the Law of Cofusion!!!

They believe the ONLY the smartest and brightest should get the TRUTH (at all).  Only those who work and seek really HARD are worthy of it!

Anyone who just sits there and watches what is given freely thusly DESERVES TO BE LIED TO!!

Let me repeat that so it sinks in….

DESERVE…., TO….., BE….., LIED….., TO……….

That is their “belief”…..,  and that…., is where we are as a planet as we speak….

Now…, I personally do NOT follow their religion…, nor it precepts!

I personally believe that anyone who asks should be given the TRUTH!

But I stand quite alone in this thinking!

Now…, can you understand WHY…, Channeled Messages…, which are the “epitome” of EASY (….You know…, like pressing the EASY BUTTON) are therefore a PRIME part of the deception??

It is a perfect parallel to exactly what the MYSTERY RELIGIONS have been doing with the masses all along!

Anyone who is just willing to “sit there” and listen BLINDLY…, without asking questions or doing research…., to a Channeled Message….

DESERVES…., TO…., BE….., LIED….., TO…….

(In their opinion…, not mine….)

Which is why…, they use advanced technologies (at their disposal) to propagate fake teachings directly into the minds of the PROFANE and UNDESERVING MASSES!

Where is my proof??

How many (of the countless, countless messages)  MILLIONS handed out over the last decade have EVER come true or produced results??


Barack Obama was a Saint!   He was going to “give” us Disclosure!  He was going to help mankind and not help the banks!   We were all going to Ascend!  The Galactics were going to land, and do massive arrests!

Blah…, blah…, blah…….

Blah…, blah…, blah….

Let me tell you something VERY honestly know…, because I’m starting to get just a little tired with repeating it.

My blog…, my website…, is ONE of the few places on the planet where you are EVER going to get the real truth!

The only reason that is so…, is that I DO NOT BEIEVE in the LAW OF CONFUSION!

Every Freemason…, lives and dies by this method!   Oh…, and those who “follow” the LAW OF ONE…, also BELIEVE in this method!

How many people remember Disclosure personalities like David Wilcock freely admitting that he HOLDS BACK far more TRUTH than he hands out?


So that he can personally “vet” new sources…, blah…, blah.., blah…,

And that it is very NECESSARY for his survival…, blah, blah, blah…

(I don’t have such problems…..)

David Wilcock also  tells us that the LAW OF ONE…, is a huge benefit to mankind…, never reminding people that the woman who “CHANNELED” this material…, was actually his former “roommate”.

The LAW OF ONE…, talks constantly about the LAW OF CONFUSION…, and it just so happens that the MILTARY also considers the LAW OF ONE to be an important work.

More will be coming….

Consider this a PART ONE….










By: Bradley Loves

The honestly indescribable INSANITY that we have seen coming out of Hollywood, and those who work there after the Donald Trump Inaguration…, only proves to me that they literally are 100 percent MIND CONTROLLED zombots!

The “jury” is no longer out on the issue…, they are very literally auto-controlled and robotic!

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for them…, or to urge others to stay away from them for their own safety!

Hey Trump…, can we please just build a “wall” around California as well??

The tip of the ice-berg is people like Madonna…, who was so desperate to have Hillary Clinton win the election she promised that she would give “blowj*bs” to any man who voted for her.

Next we have a complete spoiled brat in the form of Shia Lebeuf…, running all over the world…, and actually “losing it” by attacking physically and verbally anyone he feels supported Donald Trump.

Then we have Ashley Judd…, (an actress who I will NEVER go out to see in the theaters again) giving one of the most horrible speeches in History.


While I’ve been trying to understand just how “on the edge” humanity really is…, someone with a great sense of humor actually made a video of the insane and (in my opinion) ludicrous speech she gave in Washington DC.

However…, it was done from the point of view of some “very sane” personalities…, i.e.  Captain Kirk and his lovable crew on the Enterprise.

Now…, far from being a complete and total impossibility…, it is far MORE likely that we as human beings ARE BEING WATCHED and RECORDED here on the Earth.

There very well “could be”  OFF WORLDER’S watching what we say and down here…, and in that case…, what exactly would they think of people like Ashley Judd??  What would they think of Humanity?   What would they think of Earth??

Slightly humorous…, but also very sad…, here is the video where Ashley’s mental breakdown gets “noticed”  in space….






Led by corrupt men on strings…aka Barack Obama…, et al…, Terrorism is being done by the “Agencies”…, aka “ORDER FOLLOWERS”

This video says it all, and really is a must view!

Here is a “post script” to this small intro:

I wonder if Donald Trump understands just who it is that created ISIS…, and funds them?  Who trains them?  Who sends them weapons??

He wants to fight them…, but is he even in the loop?  What are his advisors telling him??


By: Bradley Loves


“May the Blessings of Prime Creator, and the true knowledge of Christ, fill our beings with Strength”


“Be at Peace”

This is the message that Christ always brings to those who open up their hearts and minds.

So then, what has changed?

Why have those so called “enlightened” men and women gone down the path of vigorous despondency, so much so…, that they are now moved into violent rebellion?

If you think I’m joking…, I’m going to quote a few lines from 2 articles written by a Gentleman who I consider to have a very “large finger” on the pulse of the NEW AGE!

In other words if you want the “cliff notes” on what a lot of the NEW AGE crowd are thinking…, then read a post or two from his website.

Taken from this article here:


We find this:

Now lightworkers may be challenged as not being strong or strident enough.

Some lightworkers are telling us that we need to resist, disrupt, and rebel.

To my mind, to march to that drum would abandon all we’ve been asked to do: That is, to hold the space for love and peace around the world and not incite the dark, which is what the dark wants us to do.

I’m personally not going to follow the resistant route. I consider it not only unnecessary, given what we know is happening behind the scenes, but also almost-certainly unproductive.

While I applaud Mr. Beckow for “NOT SIDING” with those who wish to (as he puts it) …., RESIST, DISRUPT, and REBEL….

The very fact that he writes about it…, is very significant!

Remember who his audience is!!

The reading audience for the Golden Age of Gaia Website…., are NEW AGE “SPIRITUAL” MEN AND WOMEN…, many of whom are now so despondent that Donald Trump is the President they are ready to:



So suddenly…, what I wrote in my very last post…, (and probably got shoved aside as unrealistic) is not so crazy sounding is it??

This so-called “SPIRITUAL GROUP” …, you know…, the ones who are ready to ASCEND…, and know better than the rest of us…, are ready to start creating havoc and disruptions in order to “get their way”….

Now…, in his defense…, Mr. Beckow is not “choosing” this route…, but he DOES REALIZE that many, many New Agers are…, which is why he is even writing this post.

And yet…, and yet…, when OBAMA was the “President”…, everything in the world was fine and “Hunky Dory”…

  • Nothing happening here was “real”
  • Women and Children in Syria, Yemen, Libya and other countries that were being bombed into oblivion – with weapons and support from the USA…, did not matter…, “Because it’s THEIR KARMA”
  • Obama was a SAVIOR
  • Even if he “lied” to the people of the world (which he often did)…, it was necessary
  • Ritual Child Sacrifice was not to be talked about

Do you see where I’m going with this??’

Maybe…, just MABYE…

Websites like: Golden Age of Gaia…, and many, many others…, who base all of their ideals, and thinking upon CHANNELED MESSAGES…, are wallowing in:


Maybe they can’t really SEE what is happening all around them…, and therefore are the classic definition of what most sane and normal people call:

Brainwashed and Cultish!!

Perspective has been lost…, and they are now “acting” in ways that make no logical and moral sense…, because they have been quite “mentally programmed”…, and can no longer see clearly their own silly behavior!

Something to think about!!

More will be coming….


By: Bradley Loves


I spent about an hour last night in a very powerful meditation.

Mnay things are being made “clear” to me…, and all I can say is that it makes me sad.  The “truth” is that even though there are small (tiny) pockets of human beings who are “waking up”…, the vast majority of humans are still fast asleep.

Which means that those Channelers who make absurd claims that the entire planet is waking…, and on the verge of a MASSIVE ASCENSION…, are all full of “sh*t”.

“Waking Up”…, means being able to SEE what is really happening around you.

“Waking Up”…, means coming into a frame of mind where in all HONESTY…, you are able to assess and observe exactly where you…, and by extension humanity really are in the spiritual journey.

“Waking Up”…, is not simply just another level of delusion or self deception.


Those men and women…, who can NOT SEE…, who refuse to accept “WHAT IS”…, and instead,  continuously claim that nothing here is “real”…, and therefore…,  nothing “matters”…

…..But at the very same time, claim that everyone on the planet is truly waking up and are so spiritual…., they are on the verge of being REWARDED with the gift of moving into a much “higher vibration”…


They are in fact aiding and abetting in continued self-delusion!

Without making huge “generalizations” (and you know how much I love to do it)…, it strikes me that so many people who supported Barack Obama…, and therefore also were willing to support Hillary Clinton…, have very literally LOST ALL PERSPECTIVE!!

How can those men and women…, (many of whom have claimed for 8 long years to be so very, very SPIRITUAL)…, now lash out in anger…, frustration…, bitterness…, and pitiful foot stomping just because Donald Trump has now become “President”?

Aren’t these the very same people who told us constantly that nothing that happens here is real??  Didn’t “they” say that?

Didn’t they tell us that we really should not be “concerned” about very young children being raped or tortured…, or ritual abused by Satanists…, because they “wanted that”??

So…, someone.., PLEASE TELL ME…., (I’m serious)…, what has changed?

How is having Donald Trump as President any more REAL…, than having Barack Obama.., who “lied” to the American People so much…, that he was given the nickname:


What is happening with all of these “SO SPIRITUAL THAT THEY ARE ON THE VERGE OF ASCENSION”…, men and women???

Now…, I don’t know about you…, but I do have two eyes!!

I can read…, I can see all of the crazy, crazy bitterness happening ALL OVER AMERICA…, and yes…, even through out the world!


So…, my question to those who “claim” we are on this “verge” of transformation is this:

Why…, if everyone is so “in tuned” with a higher dimensional reality…, are so many 10’s of millions ACTING SO DISGRACEFULLY?

Could it be that the “idea”…, and yes…, it was never proven to be fact…, but just handed out as an “idea”…, that there was a MASSIVE ASCENSION on the horizon…, was simply just a CON??

I mean…, if it were true…, wouldn’t all of the signs and signals POINT OUT supporting evidence for this idea??

Meaning that men and women world wide would be getting OVER all of issues of separation and devisiveness?

Well…, here is a very simple question…



Well then…, I guess we are NOT…, (collectively and in mass) on the verge of an Ascension then…, ARE WE?

At this “particular moment”…, I do not see those who are traditionally called Conservatives or those polarized to the “right side” going absolutely nuts out there…, but INSTEAD…, what I see is those who are traditionally called Liberals…, or those who are polarized to the “left side” going moronically out of control!

I see millions of “women” marching down the streets of Washington DC wearing Pink “Pu**y” Hats (are you kidding me?)…, because NO ONE can tell them what to do with their “you know what’s”…, but…

Not a single women or man is willing to march down the streets of Washington to save a single child being raped or tortured in a Satanic Ritual!!


I’ll bet there were a lot of men and women who were part of the NEW AGE…, marching with pink hats…, but…, NONE have ever written about or said a thing about the rampant SATANISM happening all around them.


Hey NEW AGER’s…, here’s is a good question for you to think about…


If the world is not real…, then WHY ARE YOU MARCHING??

If the world is not real…, then WHY DID YOU SUPPORT BARACK OBAMA??


More to come….




Here is a link to an article on Jean’s site…, which still (in my opinion) covers everything you really need to know and start to comprehend.

It’s long…, but even though it was written a few years ago…, has not diminished it’s TRUTHFULNESS.

Please refresh your memory!


In addition…, even though I do NOT consider David Wilcock or Corey Goode to be reliable information sources…,  They do sometimes get it right…, which is why I do read many things that are put out by people I don’t agree with most of the time.

Corey Goode…, (in my opinion) is still a government mind controlled Milab, or worse…, an actual agent…, and is only with David Wilcock…, because it SUITS the “agenda” to put out a certain amount of truth into the public at this time…,

(along with some dis-information as well).

This video…, I have watched…, and for the most part, think it holds quite a bit of truthfulness!  So…, when I do see the truth…, even from what I consider to be compromised sources…, I will most certainly acknowledge it!!

It about Channeling and the Dangers of Channeling!

And the “Back-up” or source material for this information (apparently) is the RA/LAW OF ONE MATERIAL.

Which again…, is channeled…, so go figure!

Here is a link to be able to watch the free video which I have watched and can recommend as partially “truthful”…




By:  Bradley Loves


NOTHING…, has really changed!

Let me rephrase that.  Nothing “important” to the Cabal has really changed.

I’ve spent the better part of several days…, being quiet and watching the developing tapestry of “outer activity” and the war of words being passed back and forth in the media.

Sometimes…, ONLY by being “quiet” can a person be capable of accurately discerning what is really happening amid a hurricane of activity.

This hurricane is  just as mental as it is verbal and physical.

That being said…, I don’t see much change!

Let me be very frank and honest!   Our biggest problem in this country…, and in the larger world is STILL SECRECY!

That is problem number one!

No other “problem” among all of the “other countless problems” that we are suddenly being reminded of…, is as big a problem.

Let’s start here!

I like Donald Trump!  I don’t know him personally…, but he has charisma.  I think he “got” the position he’s gotten because he was the “very best man” with the best qualities to clean up a certain amount of “mess” that has been made in the US and in the world.

What mess?

  • The failing economy
  • The lack of jobs in the US
  • The huge trade deficit
  • Health care problems
  • Failling infrastructure
  • Corruption in politics
  • Border security
  • A failing military

All of these things…, and about as many more that I did not care to mention…, are all well within the capacity of Donald Trump (as a builder) to solve.

Obama…, (as a CIA trained asset) could not possibly handle these types of problems…, and in all honesty…, was most likely the CAUSE of making a bad circumstance far worse.

Hillary Clinton was seen as an EPIC failure by those who put people “into power” and was thus “NOT ALLOWED” to win.  It’s as simple as that.

If you really want to know what this reminds me of…, you have to go back to the BRAVEHEART Movie with Mel Gibson.

The people behind the scenes are the very “ugly” and disfigured King…, who placed his very good looking young son out into the world to appear to rule (while he called the shots from behind the scenes).

The biggest part of that movie was the EXTREME betrayal felt by the young son…, who had worked really hard (out in the world) and made what he thought were “deals” that were backed by his own father…, only to find out that while he was making promises and working hard toward one goal…, his father had gone behind his back and made deals to under mine everything he had done.

Something he had NO CLUE was happening…, and was very disturbed to find out in the end.

His father “used him” in the end…, to create what the father thought was the “best” outcome for everyone.

I place Hillary Clinton, Obama, the Bushes, and yes even Donald Trump, on the level of the young son…, who is being put out to make deals and allies on the world stage…, but there is ALWAYS a very “ugly” and “deformed” old entity behind the scenes that NO ONE sees…, who will betray everyone and everything at the drop of a hat if the wind changes directions.

The “forward drive” of the Globalists…, at this point in time…, is no longer “serving” the agenda…, and those who were “told” they were the “chosen ones” to get this done finally.., and who would be greatly rewarded…, JUST GOT THEIR BETRAYAL!

In this case…, Hillary Clinton and Obama….,  are like the young Scottish prince in the movie Braveheart, who clearly sees at the end…, that the PLAN he was told was going forward, is now NOT the plan…, and a deal was cut behind his back!

The “ugly” old man strikes again!!

What does the ugly old man represent??


The ability to manipulate events and shape human destiny from behind the curtain!

You see…, NOTHING has changed!  For all of the glitter and suspense…, we are no closer to exposing the REAL PROBLEMS of the world than before.

I have my opinions!  So do you.   My opinion is that Barack Obama “never” really liked people!

Don’t believe me?  Stop listening to his WORDS…, and watch his ACTIONS!

Actions…, speak louder than words!

In Eight long years…, Obama NEVER acted on behalf of most of the people…, and instead acted on behalf of a very small segment of the population!

The agenda he helped the MOST…, was the LGBT agenda…., which is actually reasonable since he is GAY!

He helped his OWN!  No one else!

He followed the Globalist plans to the letter and exported millions of jobs out of the country, closed 10’s of thousands of factories…, and passed countless Draconian laws (many by executive order) to further the Deep States removal of personal freedoms!   You don’t DO THESE THINGS if you like people!!

I watched Donald Trump for many days now…, and in his ACTIONS (not words) he is doing things to “help people”…, therefore he likes people!! (American People…, American workers…, if we have to get technical, but then THAT is his job!)

It’s simple if you stop listening to soft, slick words and start to look at what a person actually DOES!!


Who are the most upset at Hillary’s loss?  The LGBT community that who!!

Rachael Maddow (Lesbian)…., Chris Matthews (Gay)…, Anderson Cooper (Gay) and countless, countless others in the Media, Hollywood, and the Music Industry , are pissed beyond belief…, because “Hillary” has also been identified to be a Lesbian (and therefore would have advanced their agenda even more).

Is it any wonder that most of the MEDIA have used their positions of power to do anything they could to skew the issues and the dialogue in favor of Hillary?

But let’s be clear here…, LGBT is NOT 90 percent of America!…, it’s maybe 10 to 15 percent of America…., and if you read the polls and the charts very carefully…, THAT is who voted for Hillary. (In addition to millions of illegals, for obvious reasons…, and women who wanted to see the first female president).

The people now being BLAMED for Donald Trump’s victory are “angry white men”…, as if being a man and being white was some sort of cosmic level crime!

What is not being said…, (although you can BET YOUR DAMN BIPPY they are thinking it…, and talking about it in their own communities, quietly among themselves…,) is that in their “opinion”…, it was:

ANGRY, WHITE, HETEROSEXUAL, MEN (i.e.., not gay…, and who did not support the Gay Agenda, who voted Trump in, and Hillary out).

As if being Hetero-sexual in this day and age is ALSO A COSMIC LEVEL CRIME!!

But this is something they could NEVER say publicly, and get away with…, but trust me…, they are thinking it!!

What the LGBT community does NOT realize…, and really in truth…, most of them probably don’t know this…, is that their “community” is being used as the SMOKE SCREEN for much darker and deeper EVIL THINGS!!

Too many of us with eyes to SEE…, now realize this…, and because they are too close to their own agenda…, they have put on blinders to this sad fact.

The Satanic Community, Dark Ritual Magic, Spirit Cooking, Pedophilia, Ritual Torture, Ritual Killings…, are all hidden very nicely under the very LARGE RUG of the LGBT community!!

You see…, IF you are these kinds of people…, (listed above) you HAVE to have a large enough group of relatively normal people to hide inside of!

And the ONLY way you can hide for long…, is IF…, you make it politically incorrect to say ANYTHING (at all) about LGBT’s.

Therefore…, while the main throng of LGBT’s think that their agenda is/was finally being seen as legitimate by those in government…, the ONLY REASON this is/was happening at all is so that the entire community as a whole…, could  be USED as useful idiots!

They are providing the SMOKE SCREEN of cover (legitimacy) under which the SATANISTS and the PEDOPHILES of HOLLYWOOD and the GOVERNMENT are hiding!!

So what happened then??


What happened is that all of the dirty laundry started to come to the surface…, and in my humble opinion…, a very quick “double cross” was done by the “ugly man” behind the curtain.

His interests outweigh…., any promises he’s ever made to anyone…, who he uses.

Who is that ugly man again??

The Dark, Secret, and Satanic Agenda!!     This “ugly man” can NEVER EVER risk real exposure…, and for one moment in eternity…, the Alternative Media Community was very close to exposing this beast for good!

THAT is why we got Trump!!




By: Bradley Loves


Today, I am going to showcase a few kids that I think merit some recognition due to some brilliantly intelligent “thinking”.  William Gaudory is a prime example of a child who thinks “outside the box!”

He  is a 15 year old French Canadian from Quebec who found an ancient city in the thick jungles of Mexico based on his theory that 22 separate constellations match the location of 117 ancient cities the Maya built on the ground.

William received confirmation from the Canadian Space Agency.  Based on his model and his predictions…, he was able to find a “lost city” in the Mexican Jungle which had not yet been discovered, simply by already knowing where the other Mayan cities were located in a single constellation that was incomplete.

He then predicted where the 3rd city would be…, according to Star Constellations…, and his location was then confirmed by Satalite Imaging.

He explains his research here:

Next is this boy…, 13 year old “inventor” Max Loughan…, who built a Free Energy device which pulls electricity from the air for under $15.00.

Here is his video.

Here he is again…



These children…, as with all children are born with love, kindness, and special talents.  They NEED our protection.

They are “just as important”…, IF NOT MORE important…, than cute cats and dogs…, who seem to gain the attention of every “NEW AGER”.  It would be my hope…, that in time…, those who call themselves enlightened…, will start to see the VALUE of our children…, and start to SPEAK OUT against…, the SATANIC TORTURE and RITUAL ABUSE of young kids.

NO ONE has been MORE SILENT on this issue and this subject than those who “claim” the highest spirituality!     I just “wonder” why that is???

Also…, NO ONE has been more silent…, than the “channeled entities”…, who have yet (as far as I’ve seen) to even mention this as a “problem” even ONE SINGLE TIME!  (And I read a lot of channeled messages)!

Thank you for your kind support!

For those who care about finding out about the “ritual abuse” that children can go through if born into a Generation Satanic Family…, I suggest looking up Jay Parker…, and his website at: