First Things First…


It is now formally 2017…, and I would like to take this moment to honestly thank everyone who has come to my blog to read in 2016!  It was one heck of a year for learning…, and one heck of a year for exposing what was hidden!

Participating in an awakening…, and participating in disclosure means taking PERSONAL ACTION!

It is an action “sport”…, which requires those who are participating to “do something”!

Actively seeking out MORE information…, then reading that information…, watching those videos…, and most of all “THINKING” about it…, (giving all of it due consideration), and finally, discerning (judging) for yourself which is true and which is not true IS NECESSARY ACTION.

You know…, getting into word magic…, I find it terribly interesting that the NEW AGE replaced the word “judgment” with the word “discernment…, when they basically mean the SAME THING!

To “discern”…, is to “judge”…, that is unless you want to argue about the tiny and subtle nuances of words.

I am very happy to be a small part of bringing out the TRUTH!   And each and every single reader who came here this year helped in that process!!



One thought on “First Things First…

  1. I was just contemplating judgement and the New Age admonition not to be judgemental. I fell for that, hook, line and sinker. We MUST judge otherwise we are merely a patsy. We must question everything and quit accepting what we are told. So sick of lies and deceit.

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