By: Bradley Loves

The “Agenda” for our world…, i.e., the agenda for the NEW WORLD ORDER is still very much on the table.  And just because Donald Trump won the Presidency…, does not mean the Satanists have stopped moving toward their goal!!

Taken from this article posted today on


This is the height of absolute TRASH on television…, and the very fact that Fox Network has placed this in Prime Time is very revealing!

Now…, before we go any further…, I am going to get VERY GRAPHIC…, so fair warning for those with soft stomachs!  

Do not read if you are easily offended!

The “device” that the boy is wearing in the picture above is a WELL KNOWN BONDAGE TOOL!

It is a tool placed on young children (by sadistic adults) AFTER their hands are tied up, in order to keep their mouths “open” so their mouths can be urinated into!

It is called:  A “piss gag”…, and it is EXACTLY what the young boy is wearing in the image above.  It is an atrocious back handed “wink” to both rapists and pedophiles who use this type of tool on a regular basis!

Meanwhile…, the unsuspecting “public” is not supposed to know what they are seeing!

Now for those who do not believe that this is a real TV show aired in Prime Time (On Fox)…, here is a You-tube clip from Episode Two…


I TOLD YOU…, two years ago they were going to try to NORMALIZE this type of behavior!  The agenda is to desensitize humanity against torture, bondage, inhumane treatment…, and pedophilia!!

Here is it in Prime Time!    Fox should be ashamed of itself for airing this…, which they KNOW is doing exactly what I’ve stated.

Not only that…, they have the poor boy dressing up in girls dress…, and claiming he feels a breeze on his “vagina”.



Where are the Christians??   Where are the so-called New Ager’s who think they are so spiritual??

Who is willing to stand up for GOODNESS and LOVE for crying out loud??

Here is a link to the article that I wrote on December 9, 2014…, OVER two years ago…, telling you this was coming!!

NOW do you believe me??

Or…, are you still going to run back to your favorite Channeler…, who says NOTHING bad is happening??

PLEASE for Heaven’s sake…, READ the article I wrote (linked above) once again!









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  2. They are discordians. They create discord and conflict into humanity. They are corrupt at their core. They infiltrate all religions. They have a Zen like mentality.
    I don’t know what they are. They call themselves satanists maybe, but they are known to consider themselves ‘zen like’. For them, to be zen, means to be truly ignorant, and it’s all fine, just to teach a lesson. This is how they think. Read this:
    It’s a long post, pretty much considering who is really behind all this crap, and what are their real values.


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