Here is a newly released video that I’ve been waiting for!  I hope you will all listen to it!


3 thoughts on “MARK PASSIO

  1. Hi Bradley. Can they label truth tellers as satanists? In sanskrit Sat means Truth and ‘an’ means heavens or grace. Therefore “Truth’s Grace”. Shouldn’t we call these trouble makers or evildoers discordians?(Since they serve chaos and disorder). I have no problem calling the ones responsible for what they do as satanists, since that is how they call themselves, and that may be their Truth. Also, what was before the invention of satanism in 1950’s? Was it the freemasons who were behind it? Was it paganists? Please make an article on this theme, if you have time. I think evil spanned a long time ago, and it was given so many names, that people lost track of. Also notice that languages have been changed multiple times. What if the words we use are not considered valid in some cases by evil rulers because, in an ancient language, the words meant a totally different thing? It is said there were ancient languages before latin.


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