This video can be considered an addendum to the newest HOW DEEP DOES THE RABBIT HOLE GO series.

It is all about the Pope and his brand new “Audience Chamber” which is shaped exactly like a huge Reptillian Snake!

Remember how I said the entire NWO is a “Brotherhood”…, well that Brotherhood is called: THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE


I found this on Jean’s site!  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “MUST SEE VIDEO

  1. The monument behind the Pope spooked me. It’s like a vision of hell. People need to open their eyes as well as minds.
    In my line of work I come across people from all backgrounds and cultures and I’m currently teaching a Catholic Nun. I steered the conversation to the American election to see what mindset she would have and you’ve guessed it, totally mainstream. Typical Hillary is good Trump is bad and corrupt. Obama did the best he could.
    When I tried to explain how corrupt Hillary was all I got was, well all politicians are corrupt. I suppose that’s the only glimmer of hope I could get from her.


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