By: Bradley Loves


The Millennial Generation…, by far…, is the most outrageously “programmed” generation to have been born onto US soil.

The violent protests that we are seeing against “perceived” injustice…, (which is a far cry from real injustice)  is equal to the “Drive Through” mentality that has poisoned the minds of the 20 – 30 somethings all over the USA.

The “idea” (and yes…, it’s just an idea) that happiness comes from somewhere OUTSIDE of yourself…, and that somehow…, all of the people “around you” need to adjust to your “feelings”…, is about as “FAKE NEWS”…, as FAKE NEWS can get.

I’m sorry Dear Hearts…, maybe your “parents” never told you this…, but HAPPINESS…, does not come in a can!

Just so we are clear, listen up (if you are a millennial)…

You can’t buy happiness with your cool i-phone apps…, your trendy “swipe-cards”…, or your “thumb-print”!   Happiness…, can NOT be purchased…, arranged…, selected with “browser”…, or “group organized”.

Happiness comes from deep within you…, and comes from your willingness to BE LOVING…, and BE HAPPY…, regardless of what is happening outside of you!

Maybe this article should be called:


You see…, you’ve been lied to all your lives by men and women who claimed to be “teaching you” a better way to live…, but they were WRONG!

You see…, you grew up getting “participation ribbons”…, and never having to go  without a “trophy”.  You grew up with “safe spaces” “teddy bears” and “time outs”.

Your feelings were always taken into consideration…, and now that you are adults…, when things  happen in the world that you don’t like…, you get “triggered”, ….upset…, and unable to cope.

This is NOT the world’s fault!

This is NOT “injustice”…, and it is not the end of the world…, just because you didn’t get what you want!

Happiness…., does not come in a can! 

It can not be gotten at the drive through…, and your Visa Card can’t purchase it!

Happiness comes from inside YOU!   You “choose it”…., in spite of what is happening around you!

It’s a decision you make…, when you see that things did not go your way…, or turn out as planned!

The extreme violence that we are seeing happening across University Campuses…, and in the streets of our cities is absurd…, and is a childish “acting out” of the need to be supplied external HAPPINESS…, from your surroundings!

Guess what…, happiness does not come from outside of you!

You choose to be either happy, or not happy…, and  it’s a choice MADE IN THE MIND!

Getting anything…, having anything…, or experiencing anything…, can NOT make you truly happy!   Only by choosing happiness…, regardless of externals…, can one guarantee happiness consistently.

Life is about “COURAGE”!   It is about learning to grow through both success, and disappointment equally!

And…, since no one ever told you this…, NOW…, YOU KNOW!











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