Trump Campaign Chair Charged with Pedophilia & Sex Trafficking


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Final Proof that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is a Criminal with ties to Banking Cartels and NEVER intended anything good for the American population.

Now it may be coming out that TRUMP is involved as well.

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By: Bradley Loves


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You have been warned!     Repeatedly, I might add.   Your penchant for delay, stalling, and time wasting is becoming LEGENDARY!

You may have thought that I was “joking”…, or wasn’t being serious…, when I first wrote my DECLARATION OF FREEDOM AND REMOVAL OF CONSENT…, but this is NOT the case.  Not in the least.

It has been over two full Earth years since this PUBLIC NOTICE was first posted to the Internet!

I will draw your attention specifically to SECTION 17 of the above linked PUBLIC Document.



17.1) The leaders and government officials living on the surface of Earth, or within, or above the Earth, AND all those church officials operating at the VATICAN that you deal with currently or historically, (all of whom are psycho-paths), DO NOT SPEAK for every human being (man or woman) living on this planet. Nor do those who consider themselves “kings” or “queens” speak for every living being…, You should know that!

(They most certainly DO NOT speak for me!)

Acting and/or behaving as if they do speak for every living being incarnated here on the Earth is absurd considering your supposed intelligence level. Many of the beings that they do NOT speak for, including myself, and countless other beings who have taken a legitimate physical incarnation here, choose to speak on our own behalf.


To suggest we can’t speak for ourselves, or to actively engage in a formal Treaty with any of these beings, a treaty which leaves our voices unheard, is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME! You have now been given fair warning!

Correct your mistake by immediately negotiating with MY living being personally and face to face, or come under the Authority of this VALID Notice of Contract for ALL TIME!

Do not ignore the importance of this NOTICE.

17.2) YOU (as Earthly Visitors) are also being specifically NOTICED to both behave yourself while visiting this planet called EARTH, because this is my PLANETARY HOME by right of INCARNATION! Also, make certain that before you personally interact with any Earth Human, each and every individual being has given its CONSCIOUS CONSENT in full transparency, if you choose to affect that being Negatively or in a dark way.

17.3) I specifically RESERVE all “RIGHTS” that are cosmically granted to my living being, by the Higher “Galactic”, and “Universal Councils” which are given to those living beings who are currently taking a physical incarnation on the EARTH, (also known as Gaia, or Terra) and now make NULL AND VOID any and ALL claims historically made by other humans or non-humans, as well as certain Earthly Visitors, that indicate that I may have inadvertently signed away and given up any of my ETERNAL SOULS rights or consent tacitly or unwittingly.


These RIGHTS include the RIGHT to claim reparation, and restitution for any and ALL damages, no matter how tiny as a result of refusing to negotiate with me personally!

17.4) I specifically CHALLENGE, REBUKE, AND MAKE VOID…, every assumption or presumption of having ever given away or surrendered any RESERVED RIGHTS, or given any VALID CONSENT, for all negative actions that are, or have been adversely affecting me, which are/have been caused as a result of any Treaties signed by Earthly Visitors and Earths psychopathic leaders.
17.5) I specifically CHALLENGE all assumptions/presumptions knowing that any such giving away of rights, consent, or freedoms, would have to have been gained through criminal deception, mind control, or trickery, and thus renders any assumed CONSENT, and/or any other thing gained in that way, TOTALLY INVALID.

17.6) Be aware that without first obtaining a current, up to date, (not older than 2 years) signed CONTRACT or TREATY with me personally, “YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY” to do anything here (on Earth) or off of the Earth, that has any, or even MAY HAVE any, measurable negative affect on my living body, mind, or soul, without incurring very heavy cosmic, and long lasting personal consequences.


17.7) NO TREATY made with any human being, or group of humans living on the EARTH, (or non-humans from off the Earth, if they claim ownership, IS VALID, if that Contract or Treaty in any way affects my life, my natural life, or my body, mind, and soul in what I would consider to be a measurably negative and/or dark way!

The only exception to this is to first gain my fully informed, and current, (not more than 2 years old) consent in a separate VALID CONTRACT or Valid Treaty that has been negotiated with me personally, face to face, and signed with a wet ink signature or autograph that is done in PURPLE INK.
NO TREATY made by anyone, anywhere is valid, if it collaterally affects my living and breathing being, my Life, my natural life, my happiness, or my wealth in a dark, or negative way without my full and comprehensive and transparent consent to said or stated Treaty, even if I personally am not party to such a treaty. This includes all corporate treaties and contracts as well as OFF WORLD TREATIES.

17.7.1) A separate contract or treaty with my living and breathing incarnated being is necessary, to be negotiated in person, and signed or autographed by me, if any actions done here on Earth (by Earthly Visitors), which includes military technology transfers, may have the slightest detrimental affects on my life, and in the absence of such a treaty, I reserve the RIGHT TO CLAIM DAMAGES from these beings, entities, or Earthly Visitors, (not only in this life, but the next, and the next) until full payment is received!

17.7.2) While such a TREATY must be negotiated face to face, and autographed, depending upon the nature of the autographed treaty, daily updates may be required.

17.7.6) All treaties historically made, that are destined to affect me in a measurably negative way, must be renegotiated with me as well, or they will be considered under my fully ordained AUTHORITY, bestowed unto me by PRIME CREATOR, to be null and void.

This stands even if they were made before I came here, and even if they were made over a million years ago!

17.7.7) These persons, beings, entities, corporations, secret groups, human or non-human, from Earth, or not from Earth, in making such treaties with Earthly Visitors, and once finding out about my NOTICE OF CONTRACT have the standard allowable amount of earth time (10 business days) to contact me personally and rectify the situation OR they will automatically fall under my contract, since that is how all standard Earth contracts are upheld and made lawful.

17.7.8) If this is not done, then I reserve the right to lay CLAIMS against any and all such agents and beings (as listed above) who made any treaty which had such collateral affects, that my personal life was substantially affected, and to use whatever lawful means are necessary to acquire what ever wealth they have, that I deem is a just reparation for such negative affects.

17.8) I claim the right to ANY AMOUNT of payment and/or reparation I feel is appropriate to compensate me for the hurt, suffering and pain I’ve experienced as a result of any such Contracts or Treaties, which had a negative affect on my natural life, body, mind or spirit (soul) that were made and done by other beings without my valid consent.

17.9) I claim this right, since with the creation of this PUBLICLY POSTED NOTICE, and the posting of it where it can be electronically accessed (with permission), every Earthly Visitor, and/or off worlder, has now been given a fair chance to choose to Contract with me, and/or to enter into a Treaty with me personally, thus circumventing and negating the otherwise un-avoidable consequences of not doing so.


17.10) The internet is capable of reaching technology available to advanced Races, and thus, NO OTHER PUBLIC NOTICE IS NECESSARY!

17.11) Specifically excluded from speaking for me personally, whether in TREATY or CONTRACT are these beings or the following groups:

The Roman Catholic Church and all who claim to hold office there.

Also excluded are ANY of the United States of America Corporation Presidents, but especially:

George Bush Senior, George Bush Jr, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, William Howard Taft, Warring G. Harding, or Harry Truman, which were all Presidents after or during the formation of the Criminal Federal Reserve Bank. All of these are specifically excluded from speaking for me, or making any contracts for me that will have even the slightest affect upon my life.

Donald J. Trump is now added to this list! He can only speak for me with my permission (which could only be given face to face and in person)…, and in no other circumstance. All permission to “speak” for me is removed from Donald Trump from this moment until our first meeting.

Also excluded are any “kings” and “queens” up to and including the current queen of England.

17.13) Since these men, women, or self-styled leaders do not speak for me personally, nor does the Catholic Church speak for me, they CAN NOT NEGOTIATE TREATIES or CONTRACTS that have any measurable negative effect upon my life, my body, my mind, or my soul.

17.14) This means that they (those attempting to speak for me in Treaty without my consent) can be held accountable and be punished for such acts, on a much higher level, and also be held accountable for any and all harm, damage, or disruption to my body, mind, heart and soul that I experience in this life.

This can happen as a result of denying Me my free will! Because they are denying me my FREEWILL CHOICES, they are specifically claiming that free will does not exist, and therefore have no claim to Free Will for themselves.

Definition of Earthly Visitor and Off Worlder: (Those not born on this planet), whether Human or Non-Human, whether from this, or any other dimension, whether from any other alternative or parallel, space and time.
Definition of a living being: Any incarnated man or woman, or any other being that is not machine based…, but in fact lives and breathes in an organic nature.


To all such beings that will be effected by this NOTICE…, my patience is at an END!

You have stalled, delayed, dragged your feet, and moved with such bitter lack of resolve…, that COUNTER ACTIONS on my part have NOW been made necessary!

(ALL consequences will be “doubled” on a daily basis from this day forth!)

You continue to “allow” my Planet to be insulted and assulted day by day and moment by moment…, while you engage in “profitable” trade and commerce with WANTON CRIMINALS.

Remember this…, “EARTH” IS MY PLANET by right of sacred “incarnation”!    The very moment that I agreed to take a legitimate incarnation upon/within the planet…, then ALL OF THE COSMIC LEVEL RIGHTS promised to “incarnates” by PRIME CREATOR were opened to me.

This means that NO OTHER RACE, (not having been born on this planet), has the “right” to cause my natural life (while here) ANY harm or damage whatsoever while I go through the sacred process of personal “incarnation”.

This also means that if any other group (not from Earth) makes Treaties, Contracts or Agreements with the very leaders operating here that I consider to be CRIMINAL…, then they have taken up “arms” against “ME” and my Natural Life…, and have engaged in a “state of war” that will bring down endless consequences upon THEM…, THEIR ENTIRE RACE, AND THEIR PLANET OF ORIGIN!

(If they are acting as representatives of any specific planet or group).

Definition of CRIMINAL:

Leaders are considered to be CRIMINAL…, if they “lead” or “govern” in any way that results in the population they oversee becoming ENSLAVED. (Even in the tinist way).

The “Money System” that is operating upon the Earth…, as well as the “Court System” is running a “SLAVERY SYSTEM” that is being hidden from the eyes of the human beings that are incarnating here.

These “men” are using human beings as “SURETY” for their money and their bonds…., thereby reducing them to “chattel”!  They are “buying” and “selling” LIVES as commodities to be traded!


Any being from ANY PLANET, TIMELINE or DIMENSION that is “recorded” in the OFF WORLD RECORDS as having made CONTRACTS, TREATIES, and AGREEMENTS with those who claim allegiance to…, or claim to be “operating under the authority” of those “leaders” that are running this SLAVERY SYSTEM…, ARE RECORDED AS BEING COMPLICIT WITH THE SLAVERY SYSTEM!

There are numerous “consequences” and “outcomes” for each separate being or individual that is caught “on record” as having KNOWINGLY contracted, engaged in treaty, or made an agreement with any beings who are ENSLAVING AND SUPRESSING other beings!

These “consequences” and “outcomes” will be visited upon ALL entities who (having been recorded as making such contracts, treaties, and agreements) did NOTHING to immediately CORRECT these egregious errors which have NEGATIVELY effected the living beings who innocently incarnated upon the EARTH.

I was hoping to “avoid” such “consequences” by having many of the “beings” or “entites” involved come to me and NEGOTIATE terms and agreements with me personally that would wipe away such problems!


It is now assumed, presumed AND RECORDED…, due to all refusal to contact me personally…, that this DECLARATION is valid, accurate, in good order and in good form…, and is acceptable to ALL BEINGS AND ENTITIES WHO ARE AFFECTED BY IT!

Because I am operating “in good faith”…, and “in full transparancy”…, and have placed these NOTICES in PUBLIC where they can be viewed by “ANYONE”…, even OFF WORLDERS and EARTHLY VISITORS…, then I am now fully supported by the COSMIC JUSTICE SYSTEM!

This Justice System…, (which operates) on a higher level within the SOURCE of ALL THINGS CREATED and has “jurisdiction” over all things made “manifest”…, is fully within my grasp…, and now operating on my behalf!

There is no cheating…, no scamming…, no bribing…, no sorcery nor magic…, that can change how this SYSTEM OPERATES.

AT THIS MOMENT…, NO “CORRECTION” that leaves my “issues” and “complaints” unaddressed will ever be acceptable to me personally.

No behind the scenes meddling to try to “fix” things…, and still operate in secrecy…, will ever be VALID,  or considered (BY ME) to have dealt with what is happening here!

Nor will it get any OFF WORLDERS/EARTHLY VISITORS “off the hook” for the CRIMES I will most certainly “charge” them with using the Universal Justice System!

ONLY…, and I will repeat this so that it is perfectly clear and transparent…, ONLY BY PERSONALLY CONTACTING ME…, and making VALID separate “treaties”, “contracts” and “agreements” with my living being/natural life/incarnated soul being… is considered acceptable from this moment on!

Restitution and Compensation IS REQUIRED!

By IGNORING this PUBLIC NOTICE…, then it can be assumed that ANY and ALL stated “consequences” (within the linked Declaration) are fully acceptable to ALL who have been recorded as having made TREATIES, AGREEMENTS, and CONTRACTS which have had even the slightest effect/affect upon my natural life and my living being!






Here is this incredible story!

It’s July 1954; a hot day. A man arrives at Tokyo airport in Japan. He’s of Caucasian appearance and conventional-looking. But the officials are suspicious.

On checking his passport, they see that he hails from a country called Taured. The passport looked genuine, except for the fact that there is no such country as Taured – well, at least in our dimension.

The man is interrogated, and asked to point out where his country supposedly exists on a map.

He immediately points his finger towards the Principality of Andorra, but becomes angry and confused. He’s never heard of Andorra, and can’t understand why his homeland of Taured isn’t there.

According to him it should have been, for it had existed for more than 1,000 years!

Customs officials found him in possession of money from several different European currencies.

His passport had been stamped by many airports around the globe, including previous visits to Tokyo.

Baffled, they took him to a local hotel and placed him in a room with two guards outside until they could get to the bottom of the mystery.

The company he claimed to work for had no knowledge of him, although he had copious amounts of documentation to prove his point.

The hotel he claimed to have a reservation for had never heard of him either.

The company officials in Tokyo he was there to do business with? Yup, you’ve guessed it – they just shook their heads too.

Later, when the hotel room he was held in was opened, the man had disappeared.

The police established that he could not have escaped out of the window – the room was several floors up, and there was no balcony. ?

He was never seen again, and the mystery was never solved.

Similar happenings to the Taured mystery have occurred before. In 1851, a man wandering Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany claimed he was from a country called “Laxaria”, a state found on the continent of “Sakria”.

Another man, who spoke a completely unrecognizable language, was caught stealing bread in Paris in 1905. He said he was from “Lizbia”, and although the man did not speak Portuguese nor recognize Portugal as his homeland on a map, the authorities assumed he meant Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.



The more I read about this…, the MORE I realize that TIME has been/or is being altered from what it was.

We are no longer in the same timeline we started in…, and therefore CHANGES have been occuring day by day and minute by minute to what we call our world and reality!

See this:

This is the Norma Constellation, does the shape look familiar? Here is the history for the Norma Constellation from Wikipedia:

Norma was introduced in 1751–52 by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille with the French name l’Equerre et la Regle, “the Square and Rule”,[2][3] after he had observed and catalogued 10,000 southern stars during a two-year stay at the Cape of Good Hope. He devised 14 new constellations in uncharted regions of the Southern Celestial Hemisphere not visible from Europe. All but one honored instruments that symbolised the Age of Enlightenment.[4][a] Lacaille portrayed the constellations of Norma, Circinus and Triangulum Australe, respectively, as a set square and ruler, a compass, and a surveyor’s level in a set of draughtsman instruments, in his 1756 map of the southern stars.[5] The level was dangling from the apex of a triangle, leading some astronomers to conclude he was renaming l’Equerre et la Regle to “le Niveau” “the level”.[6] In any case, the constellation’s name had been shortened and Latinised by Lacaille to Norma by 1763.


This can be seen as evidence or direct correlation that the Top 1%, Elites, 33rd degree Freemasons know about or are fully aware of the Norma Constellations and the race/beings/technology associated with Norma Constellation. The Norma beings have technology that’s responsible for the Mandela Effect, according to Byron Preston; no one else seems to be talking about this. The Norma Symbol is everywhere.


See this video:

More will be coming!


By: Bradley Loves


To “LOVE” someone is to KNOW someone…

To love anything…, is to “know” it!

To know…, means to “know the truth about”…., as in “clear knowledge” of the subject.

There really is no room for love, in a world filled with lies.  The men and women of the MAIN STREAM MEDIA are wholly and totally without “love”, because they practice DECEPTION.

No amount of “apologizing” for this behavior can cover up the fact that telling lies and selling them as “truth”.., is a very “unloving” behavior.

But…, just for a moment…, let’s set aside the purely moral and ethical arguments for always telling the truth.

There is a very scientific and “unseen” element in play here that those who are “not enlightened” are missing…, and it is something quite significant.

The very “act” of telling lies…, creates a specific “harmonic” in the infinate wave type enviornment that is our “reality”.  It is a “harmonic” that will draw in a specific result.

The way that it works is quite simple:

It is cosmically correct to say that when you engage in telling lies…, you “open” yourself to “being lied to”.

The more lies that you tell…, the MORE that you will be lied to…, at the hands of others.

This is a recipricol “law of harmonics” which works throughout the entire Universe.

As we speak…, the USA Corporation has become the biggest LIAR on the block…, and through their “agencies” and “departments” and “cutouts”…, have taken to lying and decieving the entire world about countless subjects.

Now…, under the Donald Trump “administration”…, they have continued Barack Obama’s policy to villify men like Julian Assange (and others)…, who really only want to tell the TRUTH.

“SECRETS” are very necessary…, they keep saying…..

This is absolute HOGWASH!

The CIA teaches it’s newest members that LYING is very necessary for “NATIONAL SECURITY”…, not ever considering that each and every man and woman on their staff who does tell lies…, is creating a personal “harmonic” which will in fact result in “opening the door” for that staff member to BE LIED TO…, (even if it is only the members of their own family who do it them.)

This is a Cosmic Law…., and it can’t be broken or ignored.

The sad part of this is that the USA CORPORATION…, and it’s Satantic Leaders…, may even have “guessed” that all of the lies they are now telling to Americans and to the World…, do in fact “cosmically” open the door for “them” to be lied to.

And so…, in grand and ARROGANT fashion…, they have simply placed “technology” all over the world…, which “listens” to everyone…, everywhere…, congratulating themselves on having “out smarted” the COSMIC LAW.


How simply grand…, how positively stunning…, it must be, to be a member of the Illuminati group…, in order to have the luxury of such ARROGANT thoughts.

“Because I’m ME…, I can lie to the entire world…, but THEY can never LIE back to me…, because I’ll use technology to listen to it ALL. (Moo HA HA)

And yet…, just like the tiny children that they are…, (4 year olds) playing in a tiny sand box…, they have no idea that far more exists OUTSIDE the sandbox than they can normally percieve.  And…,  that no matter how much they THINK they can control with their technology…, they are “controlling” only a tiny percent of what is out there.

Even IF…, the Illuminati manages to be able to LIE consistently to every single man woman and child on the Earth…, (which will never happen)…, they STILL will end up being LIED TO…, by other beings “higher” in frequency and technology than they are!


They should NOT be “angry” about this…, because they will have brought each and every LIE told to them…, unto themselves by lying and deceving those who they considered “under them”.

The lies and deceptions that have already been perpetrated upon the entire Planet by these grandiose men and women who think there is NO “consequence” for such things are stringing a “chain” of unbreakable steel around their ankles.  And at some time soon…, THEY will meet the beings who will DO exactly to them…, as they did to others.

These beings may not be from Earth or even this Galaxy.

All I am saying is that you can NOT send out a wave…, without having a “response” to that wave coming back to you personally.


All others must take care to watch what they do.

Oh…, and to all the countless (and there really are countless) men and women who are telling lies each and every day as part of their JOB DESCRIPTION…, just remember that every single LIE you tell…, is a “harmonic” that will draw back to you an “untruth” (disguised as a truth because THAT is what you are doing)…, and at some point in time…, your life will be “ruined” because you “depended” upon what you had been told.

(Just like other peoples lives are being “ruined” because they are depending on what YOU are telling them.)

You will be “getting” exactly what you are “giving”.

Think on these things….





By: Bradley Loves



You know…, I really do believe in telling the truth.  This is not easy, because it takes alot of willingness to be constantly brutally honest with oneself and with others.

In most cases, there is usually a way to show people the truth, or point to it, without ruffling too many feathers (if one is careful).

However, we are coming to a time in our EARTH’S history where simply “pointing” to the truth…, or “alluding to it”…, is not enough any longer

Tip-toeing around the issues are no longer serving us, and we must as a collective, become BRUTALLY HONEST WITH OURSELVES.

I have studied “spirituality” for 35 years…, and in all that time, I have never seen conditions in a free and open society where people would “rather” hear a lie, than be told the “truth”.


More and more good people are running in fear to “Psychics”, “Channelers” and “Spiritualists” than ever before, as the GLOBAL BANKERS roll out the final touches on their NEW WORLD ORDER takeover bid.

They are “afraid” and want “assurances” it will all be “okay”.

Rather than “opening their eyes” and taking a good, hard, look at what is happening around them…, (and calmly thinking what they can do about that), they would rather run to an “out of body” entity…, who only tells them how WONDERFUL THE WORLD HAS BECOME & HOW MUCH IT HAS IMPROVED.

Any savy two year old with glasses could see that this is non-sense…, and yet, a good portion of our society (quite spiritual I might add) are wholly willing to throw TRUTH & COMMON SENSE out the window…, in order to hear a “pleasant sounding lie” rather than face the cold, hard, TRUTH.

I’ve continued to monitor and read NEW AGE BLOGS and WEBSITES as they “debate” the possible coming “ASCENSION”.

Well…, this is a small part of what I’m reading anyway.  Because I also read about Global Politics, technology, science, medicine, physics, robotics, AI, and other things.

If I were to be “brutally honest”…, I would have to say that there are “countless” opinions about what is going to happen to the Earth and it’s inhabitants (soon).

These “opinions” are as varied as they are interesting.

Here are only some of the many examples:

  • All of Humanity is going to Ascend to the 5th Dimension.  (According to certain famous Channeled Entities)
  • All of Humanity is going to Ascend to the 4th Dimension. (According to ET Contactee, and channeled entities.)
  • Some of Humanity Ascends to the 5th Dimension, while others who do not, are moved to planets in the 3rd Dimension, to continue with “progress”.
  • Some of Humanity Ascends to the 4th Dimension, while others who do not, are moved to other planets in the 3rd Dimension for the same reasons.
  • Our “SUN” is going to give out a huge SOLAR BURST…, and the resulting “WAVE” is going to cause “everyone” on Earth to Ascend.
  • Our “SUN” is going to give out a huge SOLAR BURST…, and the resulting “WAVE” is going to cause ONLY THOSE WHO ARE READY to Ascend…, while those who are not ready will DIE.
  • Our “SUN” is going to give out a huge SOLAR BURST…, and the resulting “WAVE” is going to cause ONLY THOSE WHO ARE READY to Ascend…, while those who are not ready, will be removed from Earth and placed on other planets where they can continue to progress.
  • Our “SUN” is NOT going to give out a huge SOLAR BURST…, but there is a “WAVE” coming from the center of the GALAXY which is meant ONLY to change “Planet Earth”…, and if you are IN TUNE with the Earth…, you will then Ascend with her…, while those who are not in tune with her…, will not.
  • There is no Solar Burst or Galatic Wave coming, and we will be saved by “ET’s” who have been here watching us carefully for a long time. They are watching us as we speak…, and are “Arresting” all of the bad people, and have been here for some time. (They are only waiting for the “right” time to make their move.)
  • The ET’S/GALACTICS are watching as we speak and are “helping” with the RV/NESARA.., so that we can get the “FINANCIAL BLESSINGS” that we deserve, and enjoy a new REPUBLIC.
  • The ET’S/GALACTICS have constructed “Crystal Healing Chambers for every single man, woman and child on the Earth…, and once we all get put into those Chambers…, only then will we “regain full consiousness”.
  • The BLUE AVIANS are here now…, and they are “only here” because the “GALACTICS” were not honest with us…, and have come to sort things out.  They are using gigantic SPHERES placed in our Solar System to buffer the huge GALACTIC WAVE (not solar wave) which they say definately IS COMING…,  from the center of the GALAXY, and not the Sun.  However…, the BLUE AVIANS say we must “help ourselves” and no one “out there” who comes here to visit is ever going to save us, because we have to do that for ourselves.
  • None of the above will happen because the Earth’s “timeline” is going to “split” into two parts, sort of like a cell splits during reproduction.  After the split, there will be two timelines…, a “positive” timeline…, and a “negative” timeline…, and those who are/were positive, go with the positive timeline, and those who are/were negative go on the negative timeline.  (Apparently during this “event”…, no one goes anywhere…, and they all “appear” to stay exactly where they are…, and the Universe “magically” sorts people either up or down.)
  • There is going to be a “rapture”…, where those who follow Jesus Christ will be taken up…, and everyone else will be “left behind”.

The above “grouping” is just a small “sample” of what I’ve personally read and heard concerning the “possibilities” for the coming years.

Believe it or not…, I could even write a few dozen MORE quite common ideas and postulations about what is going to happen to humanity SOON!

What’s written above is NOT all of them!

None of these ideas really agree with each other…, and most are just a bunch of HOOEY in my opinion.


My point is this:

Really Spiritul People (generally good men and women) have gone to the “gambling table”…, and “bet the farm” in the last several decades here on Earth!

In other words…, what they have done is to place the ACCUMULATED HISTORY of our civilization, our cultures, and any positive progress we may have made on the “gambling table”…, and are “betting” on the HOPE and the IDEA…, that some “outside” force… is going to swoop down and change everything very “soon”.

Here’s the payoff!

Because some “outside force”…, (what ever that is) is going to sort this out FOR US…, then those men and women who are Spiritual. do NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO BRING ATTENTION TO WHAT THE GLOBALISTS ARE DOING.


How is that for brutal honesty??

You can object to what I’ve written…, but deep inside, you know I’m telling you the TRUTH.

The very men and women that our society needs desperately at this very moment to be speaking up and speaking out against tyranny and injustice… (You know…, the “good” people)…, are AWOL…, and are basically “planning” their great escape from the 3rd dimension.

The very best in “good people” that our planet has to offer…, has decided to “place every last dollar” they have…, on the “BET” that we are all on the verge of some huge EVENT…, and therefore…, there is NO NEED for any of them (or anyone else for that matter) to speak out or to worry about “changing” a single damn thing happening around them.

They huddle in small groups in their own homes, listen to Channelers and Psychics who are telling them one version or another of the many above listed “possibilities”.

Even though countless “predictions” already made,  DID NOT COME TO PASS…, these men and women refuse to give up on their HOPE, and refuse to stop “trusting” these entities.


…, I’m a “Spiritual Person”…,

They think to themselves…,

“I couldn’t possibly be wrong about this…”

“Besides…, who on the higher levels would want to ever “CON” anyone…, it does not make sense to me!”


In the meantime…, the NEW WORLD ORDER types just keep pushing their very “dark” and “Satanic” agenda ever more forward day by day…, and month by month.

The only people who can clearly see this happening, are in fact the very spiritual types…, who have decided not say a single word, since it’s all coming to an END SOON ANYWAY. (So they say).


Simply say nothing (to anyone) and let the “good things” come to pass seems to be the common opinion.


But let me be perfectly clear for all of those who are still uncertain of my point!


This is called  “gambling”…, because there is really NO WAY to know for certain if ANY OF THIS will ever come to pass!

It’s uncertain at best…, and a complete CON at worst.

And…, in my opinion, this is the most irresponsible form of GAMBLING that has ever been seen in the history of our UNIVERSE.

The “Spiritual People” living on a planet are usually the ones who are entrusted to LEAD their younger brothers and sisters on the SPIRITUAL PATH.

On other enlightened planets…, they are very vocal, and very active…, since without them…, the darker and lower forces of other groups will rule the day!

Earth’s “Spiritual People” (as I see it) are GAMBLING that something huge is going to happen in the very near future…, something that will cause an “intervention” in what are most assuredly are very dark and satanic plans for our world.


They only have “hope”…, “belief”…, and some channeled entities, who have “suggested” such things may occur.

(Channeled Entites which have already been proven WRONG).


So now…, here is another dose of brutal honesty.


What if NOTHING on the above list comes to pass in the next 20 to 50 years??

What if…, after all is said and done…, 2o years of time goes by from this date…, and the surface of our Earth is passed into the control of the Globalists/Satanists?

What “excuse” will the 100’s of thousands of “Spiritual People” use to “justify” their silence and their complete in-action during one of the most blantantly EVIL times in the History of our Earth??

In my opinion…, it’s NOT TOO LATE for really good people to gather together and to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in many ways that they have not considered.

STAND UP…, SPEAK OUT…, because there are MANY ISSUES of an impending global takeover which the sleeping masses are as of yet unaware!

If “any” of the things listed on the above list happens…, then it will be a “bonus” to what we already DID FOR OURSELVES!


Something to consider anyway…,

All my love

Hmmm…, Haven’t I heard this somewhere before ??

Source: TheActivistPost

Reuters Poll Reveals Americans Can No Longer Think For Themselves


By Alex Pietrowski

Watching the nation go crazy over the election, jumping on one side of the coin or the other and mindlessly defending their team with total disregard for other perspectives, genuine facts or valid ideas, one has to wonder if the typical American is even capable of thinking for themselves. A recent national poll sheds insight into this question.

A new Reuters’ poll looking at what they call the ‘Trump Effect’ finds that the American people tend to base their opinions about important issues on previously held partisan affiliations and opinions, showing that many DO NOT ENGAGE IN CRITICAL OR LOGICAL THOUGHT WHEN CONSIDERING SUCH ISSUES.


A Reuters/Ipsos poll asked people to consider a series of statements President Donald Trump made on taxes, crime, the news media and a host of other issues. In many instances, the data suggests that people will orient their opinions according to what they think of him. [Source]


As explained further by Annie Holmquist of Intellectual Takeout:

… a recent survey by Reuters casts a bit of doubt on how well people really know their own minds and understand the political principles they say they adhere to.

It appears that many Americans base their views on whether a particular authority figure holds them.
As Reuters explains, surveyors read a variety of political statements which Donald Trump made on the campaign trail to mixed groups of Republicans and Democrats.

One group was told that each statement was made by Trump; the other omitted that important detail. In almost every case, Democrat support for the statement decreased when Trump’s name was attached, while Republican support increased. [Source]







By: Bradley Loves


Only a decade ago…, real time and honest information could still be found!

Whistle-blowers were starting to come out of the wood work…, and a clear “picture” of what was really happening on Earth was starting to come out.

This is not really true today!

If you are a “newbie” at looking for honest information…, there is now a dark cloud hovering over the interent called: INTERNET TROLLS.

These are “paid” dis-information agents…, who earn “six figure” salaries to sit at home and spread dis-information!

They are in possession of NSA/CIA created tools which allow them to have as many as 100 “fake identities” or “avatars” on various blogs, chat rooms and websites.

This “tool” allows them to keep each “fake identity” straight so they can USE THEM to make comments…, and push “agenda driven” ideas and beliefs upon the unsuspecting public…, which thinks that “Johnny Know-it-all” is a real and true human being with a real “opinion”.

In fact…, “Johnny Know-it-all” is a NSA/CIA paid employee with over 100 other on-line persona’s…, and is being PAID lots and lots of money to push the “agenda” of the ELITE.

These men (or women) who are usually quite computer savy…, and mostly quite young (and who have no real ethics or morals they care about) are only too happy to get paid a hundred thousand dollars per year to sit at home in their underwear in front of a computer screen all day long…, and SCREW WITH PEOPLE’S MINDS.

They think it’s a laugh!

This is the “nature” of the “Internet” today!

More and more “articles” are being written…, and more and more “ideas” are being pushed which are clearly bizzare and satanic…, but…, are coming from paid men and women who are the FRONT LINE for the OLIGARCHS in their world wide take over campaign!


Divide and Conquer can not take place until Earth’s population is so mis-informed and so lied to…, that no one knows what the TRUTH actually is any longer!

This is a “stated goal” of the CIA!

From William Casey:

We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

Taken from this Sourc:

This is why…, (as I posted in my very last article)…, that THINKING is more important than ever!

You see…, DISCERNMENT is very important!  But…, and here is where the NEW AGER’s need to just listen, and shut for a moment!

Most young people can not tell the DIFFERENCE between Discernment and Non-Judgement!

They aren’t OLD ENOUGH (I didn’t say not smart enough)…, they are NOT OLD ENOUGH to understand there is a big difference between the two…, and the differences are very subtle.

Instead of taking this into account…, the NEW AGE plods on…, handing out “ideals” which are being wholly mis-understood by countless YOUNG people.

“Discernment”…, means you need to THINK!

You MUST THINK in order to DISCERN.

Discernment is NOT…, and I repeat…, NOT…, something that only happens in your gut.  It is NOT…, something that you just “feel”…, as in whether an idea makes you “feel” happy or “sad”.


This “involves” what some New Agers have broadly labeled as:


Therefore…, the younger generation…, not being “old enough” to really understand there is a difference…, has taken the idea of non-judgement to mean NON THINKING!



Now that they have convinced an entire generation that “THINKING” is bad…, they have put into place (hired) 10’s of thousands of INTERNET TROLLS who have no conscience and no values!

These trolls are pumping out interesting sounding and semi-“feel good” ideas.., which are totally bogus…, and which will lead to the destruction of society!

(Which “pronoun” do you use??)


Men like:

George Soros (A Globalist and a Satanist) who has Billions of dollars at his disposal…, is paying the salaries of these men and women who are doing nothing but telling LIES (and could care less that they are doing it.)

The younger generation…, who has taken the New Age idea of “non-judgement”…, to an illogical extreme, are reading this stuff…, and lapping up every false story and “feel good” idiocy that these trools can come up with.

….Don’t wear purple…, it’s sexist!…. (Etc.)

Every day…, as I read on the internet…, (and I do read from a huge variety of websites)…, you can see this idocy coming to the front and it’s staggering to watch!

If I were to spend all my time only reading in “NEW AGE” circles…, or “SCIENTIFIC” circles…, or “WHISTLE BLOWER” circles…, or “ALT MEDIA” circles…, I would be missing the bigger picture!

That is why I continue to read as much as I can, from ALL SOURCES without “judging” (there you go New Agers) if it is too negative, or too much like FEAR PORN to be read.

However…, because I do read from the entire spectrum…, I get to see that tons of the articles that are being written…, are being written by DIS-INFO agents.

This was not the case only a decade ago!

We as a SOCIETY must “get it together” and start really taking a good hard LOOK at what is out there…, and…, what we are willing to “just believe”.

I’ve been told by many New Agers…, that my “problem” is that I just can’t get past my doubts…, and that I should “just believe”…


With all of the dis-information being put out on a daily basis by the TROLLS?

I should just believe?

Here is a last word of unsolicited advice for the New Agers!

I’ve come to find that many (real time as we speak) New Age blogs & bloggers are ALSO part of the paid dis-information effort!

….They all seem to be “so nice”…, and post such “uplifting New Age” articles…, how could they be paid dis-info agents?

This is the point!

First they gain your trust!  They then post many things that are already floating around out there…, and that you could find anywhere…

And once they’ve been up and running for several months…, (and gained your trust as a valid New Age source) they start posting things (occasionally) which are part and parcel of the NEW WORLD ORDER’S AGENDA.

They “disguise” it however…, under the cloak and blanket of NON JUDGEMENT.

(I’ve seen a few “on the fringe” websites already beta-testing the “idea” of adult/child sex as simply a “personal preference” that should not be “judged”…, to see how well it might gain traction with the NEW AGE people.)

These posts continue on to say that even if you don’t want to “do it yourself” you should NOT judge those who do because “God” does not judge them…(Because we are “ALL ONE”)

This is just the most blatant example…, but there are much more subtle examples of “idea” coming from the NEW WORLD ORDER…, now being pushed toward the public through NEW AGE BLOGS that are being run by their own paid “TROLLS”.


Reading on the Internet is no longer Easy…, and please…remember this: