By: Bradley Loves

This is a letter written by Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation, and can be located here:

Explanatory Notes by Stan Tenen, written 2 December 2002
I think it would be helpful to fill in some background information, before presenting Mr. Melchizedek’s second letter.

Mr. Winter has tried to excuse his thievery and abuse of my work by claiming that he was only “sharing” information that I was trying to keep secret, because I was some sort of selfish and fanatically religious “Jewish priest keeping the secrets of immortality for the Jews alone.” (Several of Mr. Winter’s outraged and naive followers have self-righteously and innocently screamed this insanity at me personally on the phone.) It serves Mr. Winter when people think I am a fanatically religious Jew. Actually this has never been true.

It is true that I was first motivated to want to help to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict when I was in Jerusalem for the first time, and saw for myself that the situation was serious. I did not plan to be in Jerusalem. I was there on a fluke, because a friend had invited me to visit (in part to visit the world famous Bahai Shrine in Haifa) and because my work situation provided an opportunity for the first vacation I had had in 3-years. I also stopped in London and Paris – this was a vacation. – It was not some lunatic scene from the annals of a deluded person visiting Jerusalem and coming down with the well-known mental condition known as “the Jerusalem syndrome.” (I was offered a job in an optical-electronics start-up in Haifa, but I didn’t take it.)

Until Mr. Winter stole and bastardized my work, it didn’t occur to me that I was researching teachings that had been preserved by the dedicated efforts of people of faith and people of science for thousands of years – without myself giving them adequate credit.

Until Mr. Winter stole from me, it never occurred to me that I had a responsibility to respect the sensibilities and feelings of the communities of faith and science that had preserved the raw data I was working from.

In other words, I’m not a particularly good Jew (and I am not a Jewish priest, as Mr. Winter admitted in his Corrective Notice, even he knew this was untrue), but – because of the Golden Rule – and because Mr. Winter was stealing from me, I decided to “give credit where credit is due.” I decided – in the words of Jesse Jackson – to not just “talk the talk”, but to also “walk the walk.” And I decided to do this by honoring my family’s religion (which I previously paid no attention to) by not working on Saturdays and by eating (almost completely) vegetarian (so I would be honoring the kosher laws and eating healthy at the same time.)

This is the extent of my fanaticism: I take off one day a week and I eat healthy vegetarian food. Many millions of other normal, non-fanatic, believers and unbelievers, saints, sinners, infidels, scientists, agnostics, etc. etc. do the same thing.

I must admit that as a careful and skeptical scientist I am strict with the truth and integrity of my data and findings. It is just not possible to do good science that has real value in the world without telling the truth and standing up for the truth. All religions teach truthfulness, but this is not my reason for sticking to the truth, providing full and honest findings in context (that is the whole truth), and standing up for it. In science, misrepresentation and sloppiness with regard to the truth destroys credibility.

Because I went to the New York City public schools and did not have a religious education, I never paid much attention to religion and I knew nothing about theology. I studied just enough of the Hebrew alphabet to be able to read at my Bar Mitzvah, and then I had no other connection to anything religious – and I never looked back – until Mr. Winter’s thievery reminded me to “give credit where credit is due.”

There were more Native Americans from the Mohawk Nation and religious Catholics (who left school early on Wednesdays so they could go to parochial school) in my classes, than there were religious Jews.

Interestingly, Mr. Winter’s only education was in theology and psychology. Mr. Winter had a full religious education (and little other education.) Mr. Winter attended Catholic parochial schools and got his B.A. in Psychology – his only credential – at the Catholic University of Detroit. (Mr. Winter admitted under oath that he was lying when he claimed he did graduate work for Prof. Al Ax at U. Detroit, and he confessed that he did not do any other undergraduate or graduate work either.)

In contrast, I was educated to be a honest skeptic, I had no exposure to theology, and I had no training in the use of psychological techniques and pseudo-scientific jargon like the sort of clever double-talk that Mr. Winter (and Mr. Melchizedek) use to get people to believe. I have a B.S. in Physics (minor in Mathematics) from the decidedly non-religious, mechanistic, techno-nerd, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (now the Polytechnic University of New York in Brooklyn.) My work is published in peer-reviewed science and consciousness journals, and I serve on the editorial advisory board of the Science and the Primacy of Consciousness series, along with highly respected “name brand” scholars and scientists with more Ph.D.s than I have fingers and toes.

If I had known something about theology – if I had heard about Satanism, Lucifer, the “dark side”, angelology, messianism, prophecy, miracles, and the like, I might not have been taken by surprise by Mr. Melchizedek’s wild response when I telephoned him. “All hell broke loose”, so to speak, when I asked Mr. Melchizedek to help to rein in Mr. Winter as he had promised, and as he wrote in his April 1992 letter to Mr. Winter.

Because I was not well educated in Judaism (which puts no emphasis on these things) and because I was not educated at all about Christianity or Islam (which apparently take Satan and the “dark side” more seriously than does Judaism), I was not at all prepared for Mr. Melchizedek’s weird theological arguments. I was certainly not prepared for Mr. Melchizedek’s threats and his intervention to prevent Meru Foundation from defending the integrity (and usefulness) of our original work from Mr. Winter and his abuses and misrepresentations of it.

I was not at all prepared when Mr. Melchizedek told me that he would not rein in Mr. Winter unless I joined with him and his multi-millionaire benefactor, Jirka Rysavy in “channeling Lucifer.” I had previously heard that Mr. Winter was involved in satanism, but I had not taken it seriously or tried to confirm this. (Mr. Rysavy was then CEO of Corporate Express and Transecon in Broomfield, Colorado, and he is now CEO of Gaiam, the health food and exercise equipment mega-corporation that is currently taking over numerous independent businesses. As we know from the transcript of Mr. Winter’s first “confession” (posted at <;) Mr. Winter later worked for Transecon, under a “front” company, set up by Mr. Rysavy, until Mr. Rysavy fired him for refusing to end his plagiarism of my work.)

What followed was like a grade “B” horror or gangster movie. Mr. Melchizedek not only told me that he and Mr. Rysavy were channeling Lucifer, but that now that he had told me this, if I did not go alone with him and if I did not turn my work over to Mr. Winter, “they (I assume he and/or his Lucifer-channeling friends) would ‘get’ me.”

I was taken completely by surprise. I expected Mr. Melchizedek to be reasonable and caring and to help me to rein in Mr. Winter. Instead I was told about something really sick and dangerous, and I was told if I did not acquiesce, he and/or the others involved with him in channeling Lucifer would actively try to destroy my work and my credibility, and see to it that Mr. Winter got the credit – and that they would support Mr. Winter’s wildly untrue version of events.

At this point, completely blind-sided, I lost it and I got angry. I wish I had a recording of what I actually said, because that would put the lie to what Mr. Melchizedek went on to claim I said – but I don’t. (It was incidents such as this that later prompted us to videotape Mr. Winter’s first confession.) I am sure I told him “to go to hell.” I am sure I yelled something to the effect that it would be more effective to hire someone to get him and Mr. Winter than to use the courts. I was really angry.

But, it never occurred to me (and obviously it could not be true) that Mr. Melchizedek, on hearing me tell him to “go to hell”, actually, somehow, thought I had the power to make this so.

Mr. Melchizedek then went on to fulfill his threat to harm me. This takes us to Mr. Melchizedek’s letter to Mr. Winter and Mr. Winter’s attorney, Stephen Salai, Esq., and to Meru Foundation’s attorney, Brian Coyne, Esq.

If anyone has questions or comments, or would like to see more evidence or whatever, please send your email to

Yours truly,
Stan Tenen
Director of Research,
Meru Foundation



Bradley Loves

This video…, done by Dark Journalist…, speaks to an issue which I have done some research into myself.  I offer it only for your consideration.

Most of my research was done not into Corey Goode, or David Wilcock…, but instead was done into Jirka Rysavy…, (owner of Gaia TV) who was alleged to have claimed that he was into “Channeling” Lucifer!

There are actual Court Documents (Depositions from a Lawsuit) which make this very claim…, (that both Jirka Rysavy and Drunvelo Melchezidek have been known to “channel” Lucifer)…, so if it is being “made up”…, then the “legal depostion” which was given by Dan Winter in the lawsuit of “Winter vs. Stanley Tenen” is incorrect!

You can find the Deposition done by Dan Winter at:

Listed under this heading:

I have done far more extensive research into this subject…, (Jirka Rysavy) but have held onto it…, for quite some time becuase no one else was coming forth with any information!




This was sent to me by one of my AWAKE READERS.

Thank You Barbara!

(I do not agree that most of our Government Officials are being controlled accidently by Archons.   Most, in my opinion, have very willingly gone along with the Agenda of Off Worlders and either for money, power, or status given themselves over to being “taken over” or “possessed” by discarnate entites.)

Try to get into this as a form of research for your own information…, but do not “write in stone” that this is all totally corrrect!



By: Bradley Loves


You know…, I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the criminal nature of the Illuminati…, and those connected with Secret Societies.

Of course.., “they” would argue with me on this issue by claiming that they are not really criminals at all…, but instead claim that it is only “natural” that the “smartest” of the species take ALL of the spoils.

The fact is that they don’t see what they do as “crime” per se…, but instead look at what they do as a a form of  “clawing back” the natural benefits and outcomes of their BUSINESS and COMMERCIAL  global scam.

This is a “system” that they created…, and you unfortunately entered into it freely, without knowing what it was!  And so therefore…, since you really don’t “know” what their courts, laws, and statuates really are, or what they are meant to do…, you are being “taken” for everything you have and everything you are!

This being said…, the far deeper truth is that what we are dealing with here is men and women who aren’t really human to begin with.


They may look human…, but it is highly likely that they are quite a bit different from those of us who have things like LOVE, SYMPATHY, EMPATHY, FEELINGS and such.

They do not care about the Earth…, or real humans!

My feeling is that that they are HUMAN HYBRIDS!

I’ve written about this before…, but it bears saying again.

It difficult to understand what is really happening in the world when you are trying to “pocket” or “pigeon hole” things into boxes they do not belong in.

The men and women who are currently “running things” here on Earth DO NOT BELONG HERE!

This is about as honest and as frank as I can be…, and if you don’t believe me…, there is nothing I can do about that.

So who are they really??


They are in the simplest of terms:  MASTERS OF ILLUSION


They are far more versed in the arts of:

  • CONS

They use these methods and these tactics like we breath air!

They are everything that is the opposite of LOVE, FEELINGS, KINDNESS, EMPATHY, SYMPATHY, and ONENESS.

And, unfortuanately…, until YOU PERSONALLY…, come to this realization…, you will be conned, fooled, taken, beaten down…, and steam rolled by each and every one of them within their system.


You may ask youself…, why does Bradley continue to pound on this issue…, why does he continue to beat a dead horse??

The answer is simple…,

I’ve already FIGURED THIS OUT!   I’ve gotten it!  I’ve learned who these people are…, what they are up to…, and HOW they are doing it!

Now.., I’m “trying” to show my Earthly brothers and sisters…, (who I care for) what they are up against!

The trouble for me as a writer is this:

Until you  the reader actually wake up and truly SEE what you are up against…, you will continue to be fooled, conned, taken, decieved, and robbed by these “beings” who are impersonating human beings.

I’ve written that the ENTIRE SYSTEM that we are currently living under…, which includes:

  • Courts
  • Judges
  • Banks
  • Laws
  • Governments
  • Educational Institutions

Has ALL been hijacked (at the top levels) by beings who are not human!  It was hijacked quite a while ago…, and nothing that you’ve been taught as “normal” is really “normal” at all.



So here is where most readers get pissed.., and write comments saying well Bradley… IF YOUR SO SMART…, then please tell us what to do about it!!

And all I can say is this:

If you even have to “ask” me what you should “do” about this situation…, then…, you have still not woken up…, you have still not seen what is going on around you…, and you are still “caught” by the ILLUSION!!

A hungry man…, who KNOWS that he is hungry, does not NEED to ask someone else what he should do with a full plate of food!!

The idea is just stupid!!

A hungry man…, who KNOWS he is hungry…, and has a full plate of food in front of him…, simply starts eating…, since he KNOWS that is what he should do…

So for all of my readers who would write comments to me ASKING for “SOLUTIONS” to this “problem”…, my answer to you is that you still do NOT UNDERSTAND the problem…, period.

You may have thought about “the problem” in theory…, but you are still NOT CONVINCED that this is what is truly happening!

And so, you are looking for ways to both “wake up” and “stay asleep” at the very same time!!

You are looking for ways to turn right and turn left at the SAME TIME!

You want to try to live within the PIRACY SYSTEM that was set up by these “beings” who are not from here…, and yet escape all of it’s problems and difficulties!

You want to PLAY IN THE MUD…, and not get dirty!!


The only viable solution is to WAKE UP FULLY!

Stop thinking that anything you have been handed by these CON ARTISTS is valuable!

There is nothing within our current system that won’t hurt you eventually, because it was all designed…, yes ALL OF IT was designed to FOOL YOU!

Now, I do admit…, that our “school system” did a real number on everyone growing up…, making certain that you honestly “thought” or “felt” that there was “justice” happening on this world…, but again…, you were fooled and you were conned!  We all were!

What you were seeing was the ILLUSION of justice…, and the ILLUSION of an organized world…, when in fact it is anything but ORGANIZED.

In order to help you “think” that all of these horrible and terrible things being created by the ILLUSION MASTERS…, you were given the MEDIA…, (which they own) so that you could be “told” over and over again to “just believe” it was happen stance and not being done purpose fully.

Men like Jordan Maxwell…, David Icke, Micheal Tsarion, John Lamb Lash,  Mark Passio, Jay Parker, have “broken the code” so to speak and have really gotten into the depth of the CON that his being perpetrated on us all.

You see…, what we have here on Earth…, (YES ALL OF IT) is really nothing more than a “stage show”…, with MASTER MAGICIANS at the helm of the show.

They are creating ILLUSIONS one right after the other…, and using the art of “mis-direction” to conceal where the CON is really happening.


That’s all it is…, and that is all that is happening, and if you are living here on Earth…, you have to get this!


And if you think otherwise…, then once again.., you are trying to both wake up and stay asleep at the very same time.

Now for those of you who are of the NEW AGE persuasion…, you really have to start understanding that (some) of what is being placed in front of you as “teachings” of the New Age are PART OF THE CON!

If you have not been able to come to this conclusion.., then once again…, you are not “seeing” the MAGICIANS IN ACTION…, and you are not seeing the STAGE SHOW…, they are operating for your benefit.

You are, once again, trying to WAKE UP and STAY ASLEEP both at the same time.

The only way to “wake up”…, is to WAKE ALL THE WAY UP!

There is a saying that goes like this:

A woman can never be half pregnant!  She is either pregnant…, or she is not…, there is no in between.

Like wise…,  a seeker of truth can either be AWAKE FULLY…, or STILL ALSEEP…, there is no in between, even though so many within the NEW AGE would desperately try to convince you otherwise.

They think that you can be gripped within the world of CONS and ILLUSIONS…, and somehow still be able to have justice, love, sympathy and empathy for the world.

They think there is a way to change a completely posioned and satanic system (one that was created to only be used to hurt people) and somehow change it to help people!

This is not possible!

Now for those of my readers who have understood this perfectly…, then YOU ARE AWAKE.

There is no need for me to give you solutions…, because you already KNOW what to do…, and already know how to deal with your own life!

You KNOW what needs to be done, and are already in the process of doing it.

You’ve seen the depth of the CON…, and are making changes to your own life accordingly.

And for those who are still unclear or unsure…, (forgive me for being frank…), but you are NOT AWAKE!  You will ask others around you for solutions becuase you do not see clearly what we are up against…, who these beings are…, what they are doing.., and how they are doing it.

You’ve still held on to many of the lies and the cons they have created and are still creating…, thinking that they are “truths” when they are not.

Therefore, you are trying to see how you can change what is pure evil into something good…, (which can’t be done).

You are the BLIND trying to lead the BLIND.

And though your “intentions” may be good.., they are doomed to failure because you DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM.

What we are dealing with here on Earth is a group of being who are NOT HUMAN…, SHOULD NOT BE HERE…, AND ARE MASTERS OF ILLUSION!

They have created the ENTIRE SYSTEM on Earth…, and that means all of it…, to CON, DECIEVE, FOOL, and USE US every second of our lives to suit “their goals and agendas”!

There is no way to salvage what they have given us.

The only answer is to scrap ALL OF IT and to start over!

The entire purpose of their system is to PARASITE OFF OF OUR ENERGY and OUR EFFORT.

The deepest secret…, (which I, as well as others) has now exposed is that they do RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE, which is a “magical” and “mystical” way to STEAL the energy and the soul of those whom they murder.

They drink blood…, they make deals with demons and discarnate entites which exist on unseen levels and dimensions…, and their greatest and most desperately SECRET FORM OF CONTROL worldwide is adult/child sex!

This is the very basis of “their magic”!!

And every single one of them particpate in it!   Sex with little childen is one of the most hidden, and yet one of the most wide spread aspects of their ILLUSION CONTROL SYSTEM.


Adult/Child sex is the very CORE of their power here, and is the very CORE of the underbelly of everything they do!!!!!!

It is a form of DARK MAGIC that they use against us!

Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Governments Officials, Priests, Clergy, Police, Sherrifs, Military Generals, Colonels, University Professors, Teachers…, etc (who may look human but are not) and who seem to come from all walks of life…, are united in Human Traffiking…, and Human Compromise.

They see real human beings as nothing more than cattle or fodder to be used, bought and sold.

And…, in their arrogance, they have even written about this and claimed it openly.

They think that real human beings are so stupid and controlable at this point that there is no hope of ever beating them or their SLAVERY SYSTEM.

All my love for now…



By: Bradley Loves


You have been conned!  You have been had!

There is no other way to put it.  At one time.., I also “thought” that those who were in positions of “authority” were working in our favor.

Boy…, was I wrong!

I’m not a million miles ahead of anyone here…, only a few miles ahead…, but the difference is that I don’t sugar coat or candy coat…, what is really happening.

I refuse to take up the mantle for apologizing for what was done…, and for what IS STILL being done in “our” NAMES.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH (at least in the last 150 years) is 100 percent totally AT FAULT…, and knows what it has done.  The fact that they have neither admitted, nor corrected what they are doing, tells us all they have no intention to do ANYTHING diffierently.

Judge Anna Von Reitz sums it up fairly well in this straight forward post called: Re-flagging Yours Vessels

Re-flagging Your “Vessels”


If you read what she has written carefully…, what you will discover is that everything that you have ever been told about the way life (and Business) works…, has been a deliberate CON!

It was done to defraud you right from the beginning!


There are many people in the world who DO KNOW this is happening and have NEVER said a word to anyone to try to help or correct them,

I’m appalled and ashamed of the human beings who have “knowingly” taken part in this deliberate con.

Most of them have simply done this for “money” or a “paycheck”.

As I am a “witness” for PRIME CREATOR…, every single thing that every human being has ever said, thought, and done…, is being recorded in the higher records which can never be erased, amended or changed…, and I will be using those records to show our CREATOR exactly WHO willingly participated in this monumental con against their brothers and sisters.

Remember that where GOD is concerned…, there are NO SECRETS!

No one “gets away” with anything!

This is fair warning to those men and women who operate daily inside of  “GOVERNMENT” offices and institutions and choose to continue to perpetrate this monumental CON.

You may “think” that your actions have gone unnoticed!


I’ve seen what has gone on here…, and I’ve seen exactly how you’ve operated.

The names of the players are easy to retrieve…, and all that they’ve done to hurt others in thought, word, and deed, has been recorded.

No secret meeting behind closed doors has ever gone un-recorded.

How interesting do you think it will be for you when the shoe is on the other foot?

What do you think happens when you’ve left your physical body and you no longer have the “protection” of great evil in the form of corrupt bankers, police, judges, and lawyers??

Do you imagine that you don’t continue?

Do you imagine that everything you’ve done is forgotten?

Do you imagine that every single action (in thought, word, and deed) does not come with a very REAL “COST”??

Who do you suppose PAYS THE BILL??

What kind of “credit card” do you think you can pull out of your pocket on the “other side” of this veil…, on the Multi-Dimensional levels (where you are certain to go) that will ERASE the “cost” of your personal actions??


(Someone who has been gravely hurt or damaged by your actions)

No man on Earth can forgive or take away the scars or the pain that you have “inflicted” upon other men and women except the men and women that you’ve damaged!

There is NO PRIEST…, or CHURCH that can ever “grant” you forgiveness for what you have done to someone else…, without YOUR GOING TO THAT VERY PERSON YOU’VE HARMED AND GETTING FORGIVENESS FROM THEM PERSONALLY!

To think otherwise is a FOLLY of stupidity!

By your actions…, you’ve caused the damage…, and YOU PERSONALLY are thusly required to PAY THE DEBT and PAY THE COST!

No man in a “dress” and wearing a funny “hat” can grant you that forgiveness…, and NO AMOUNT OF MONEY GIVEN TO THE CHURCH will make up for crimes you’ve done to others!

ONLY THEY (The ones you’ve hurt) CAN GIVE YOU THAT FORGIVENESS…, and it is their “choice” to do so or NOT.

More will be coming…..









By: Bradley Loves


This article is not being written lightly…, nor does it come without great forethought before the ideas spill out onto the page.

Many of the “religious” sensibilities that have been “programmed” into the mind of mankind will have to be “over ridden” if what I’m about to say will make any kind of dent (sense).

The TRUTH of the matter is that humanity (for thousands, if not millions of years) has been experimented on, used, tormented, abused, bought, sold, and tortured much more than can possibly be imagined in a single man’s mind.

This is due to the abject “secrecy” that is constantly operating around the leadership structure of our world…, and thus the abuse of humanity is being allowed to continue unabated.


The so-called “spiritual ones” among us…, (New Ager’s) would have you “believe” that there is no such thing as any kind of crime, trespass, or a transgression in real terms, (it is all an illusion they say) and that only by FORGIVING everything…, can you as a seeker ever hope to move forward in your spiritual “progression”.

They further add (in order to justify this questionable position) that we have ALL done exceptionally horrible things (in past lives) and therefore we have no right to judge anyone for anything they are doing now.

I have just one thing to say about this dubious teaching:



You see…, what has been propogated as NEW AGE DOGMA…, is a perfectly closed loop of non-logical nonsense that uses completely UNPROVABLE DATA to support a very “satanic” position…, which allows for countless hidden behaviors that are inherently EVIL, to continue without question!




The “data” or “input”  being used by the New Age Community to support this belief that EVERYONE has done horrible EVIL (in a past life) does not come from verifiable sources or RECORDS that anyone can easily research and peruse at their leisure, but instead comes from dubiously indentified “entities” (in channeling circles) which only use very weak minded, human beings as MOUTH PIECES for what appears to be PROPAGANDA!

More over, this data or input…, which the ENTIRE SYSTEM of NEW AGE “belief” is based on…, REQUIRES 100 PERCENT BLIND FAITH in it’s “truthfulness”…, and a naive’ willingness to just TRUST IMPLICITLY any and all unseen beings or entities who send these channeled messages.

Without ANY proof to back up what they say…, these “entities” dare to tell us that WE HAVE ALL DONE “GREAT” EVIL in the past…, and so therefore, we should just accept that “countless others” who are now living within our midst, also have the “right” to do great evil without our “judgement” or our “censure” as to what they are doing!!



The kind of logic that the New Age espouses is about as ludicrous and bizarre, as it is damaging to our species…, and has to be re-examined!



Now…, “IF”…, and this is a very big “IF” to be sure…, Anything that these channelers and channeled entities ever PREDICTED had actually come true in exactly the way it was predicted to happen…, then maybe we’d have something to talk about!!

But the REAL TRUTH of the matter is that NOT ONE…, (yes that’s right my dear friends, none) of the major predications that have been made by these beings or entities (through channelers) and then posted all over the internet have ever come to pass!


Predications and prognostications have been made as far back as 30 years ago talking about what was going to happen here or what was going to happen there…, and “when” these things were going to happen.., and yet all of these predictions have failed to manifest.


And yet, in spite of a perfect record of non performing predictions…,  and in a bizzare twist of mindless faith…, those who follow the NEW AGE RELIGION claim that we all must “just believe” whether things that were predicted actually happen or NOT!

100 Percent FAITH is necessary…, but NOT thinking apparantly!





We have to be clear that almost ALL of the greatest EVIL that is taking place upon the planet at this time is being at least partly supported, condoned, and “protected” by those who practice the Religion of the New Age!


You see…, the:

“Don’t You Ever Judge Anyone, Anything They Ever Do Crowd”

is the very same crowd that is pushing the all of the Politically Correct – Socially Acceptable wordings, phrases and issues that are a “must” …, (so as not to be offensive to anyone) as well as the LGBT agenda which wants men to become women or women to become men…, children to become whatever…, and EVERYONE to just go along with EVERYTHING without ever judging it.

However…, the men and women across the globe who are doing all of the real research…, and who are spending time in the “trenches” (so to speak) investigating the NWO Satanist’s Activities.., have discovered that the New Age idea of “non-judgement” has provided a sanctuary space to some of the most HARD CORE PEDOPHILES who sincerely enjoy raping little girls and boys by allowing them to HIDE their kind among the LGBT Community… which is being protected by “political correctness” and the “Don’t Judge” community!




The LGBT’s don’t want to be judged…, and hate what they have experienced…, so they (as an entire group) are MORE THAN WILLING to extend non-judgement to far darker men and women who enjoy sex with very little kids…, as well as extending “non-judgement” to men and women with sincerely EVIL and Satanic tastes!

These darker “tastes” include tying up and painfully abusing naked children…, torturing them…, or as in the case of the higher Illuminati…, Ritually Killing Them and Drinking their Blood in order to “extend” their lives!

You see…,  the LGBT’s are so desperate to “NOT BE JUDGED” for what “they” want to do…, that they have lost all sensibility or concern about what is truly right and truly wrong…, have convinced themselves that “not judging” other men and women who have sadistic and EVIL desires is appropriate.


….Is what I’ve heard personally on Youtube videos…


And once again…, if you’ve noticed…, ALL OF THIS type of thinking is based upon a New Age “teaching” of NON-JUDGEMENT!!

Can you say:  GLOBAL Collateral Damage??



As I’ve written about before…, what we now have in our politically correct structure of New Agey and Feel Goody people on the internet is a collective of human beings who REFUSE TO THINK!

They refuse to look at what is happening right in front of them…, and instead…, defer to “predictions” and “prognostications” about what will be “happening soon”…, (but just has not come about yet) for any number of a million excuses and reasons.

In the meantime…,

GREAT EVIL is being allowed to happen all around us, because human beings have been “told” by unseen beings that it is imperative to their SALVATION to allow all of it to happen…, and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.

Instead of “Forgiving It All”…, we need as a collective to hold these men and women ACCOUNTABLE for what they have done to the world and to all of the innocent children on our world!

We need to hold them ACCOUNTABLE for the endless crimes they have committed.., and the LIES they have told!

Whether in the Military…, the Government…, or in the New Age…, we need to hold people ACCOUNTABLE for any and all DAMAGES they have caused by their “careless” and “callous” approach to dealing EVIL THINGS that are hurting us all!

More will being coming on this…, consider this a Part One…