By: Bradley Loves


You know…, I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the criminal nature of the Illuminati…, and those connected with Secret Societies.

Of course.., “they” would argue with me on this issue by claiming that they are not really criminals at all…, but instead claim that it is only “natural” that the “smartest” of the species take ALL of the spoils.

The fact is that they don’t see what they do as “crime” per se…, but instead look at what they do as a a form of  “clawing back” the natural benefits and outcomes of their BUSINESS and COMMERCIAL  global scam.

This is a “system” that they created…, and you unfortunately entered into it freely, without knowing what it was!  And so therefore…, since you really don’t “know” what their courts, laws, and statuates really are, or what they are meant to do…, you are being “taken” for everything you have and everything you are!

This being said…, the far deeper truth is that what we are dealing with here is men and women who aren’t really human to begin with.


They may look human…, but it is highly likely that they are quite a bit different from those of us who have things like LOVE, SYMPATHY, EMPATHY, FEELINGS and such.

They do not care about the Earth…, or real humans!

My feeling is that that they are HUMAN HYBRIDS!

I’ve written about this before…, but it bears saying again.

It difficult to understand what is really happening in the world when you are trying to “pocket” or “pigeon hole” things into boxes they do not belong in.

The men and women who are currently “running things” here on Earth DO NOT BELONG HERE!

This is about as honest and as frank as I can be…, and if you don’t believe me…, there is nothing I can do about that.

So who are they really??


They are in the simplest of terms:  MASTERS OF ILLUSION


They are far more versed in the arts of:

  • CONS

They use these methods and these tactics like we breath air!

They are everything that is the opposite of LOVE, FEELINGS, KINDNESS, EMPATHY, SYMPATHY, and ONENESS.

And, unfortuanately…, until YOU PERSONALLY…, come to this realization…, you will be conned, fooled, taken, beaten down…, and steam rolled by each and every one of them within their system.


You may ask youself…, why does Bradley continue to pound on this issue…, why does he continue to beat a dead horse??

The answer is simple…,

I’ve already FIGURED THIS OUT!   I’ve gotten it!  I’ve learned who these people are…, what they are up to…, and HOW they are doing it!

Now.., I’m “trying” to show my Earthly brothers and sisters…, (who I care for) what they are up against!

The trouble for me as a writer is this:

Until you  the reader actually wake up and truly SEE what you are up against…, you will continue to be fooled, conned, taken, decieved, and robbed by these “beings” who are impersonating human beings.

I’ve written that the ENTIRE SYSTEM that we are currently living under…, which includes:

  • Courts
  • Judges
  • Banks
  • Laws
  • Governments
  • Educational Institutions

Has ALL been hijacked (at the top levels) by beings who are not human!  It was hijacked quite a while ago…, and nothing that you’ve been taught as “normal” is really “normal” at all.



So here is where most readers get pissed.., and write comments saying well Bradley… IF YOUR SO SMART…, then please tell us what to do about it!!

And all I can say is this:

If you even have to “ask” me what you should “do” about this situation…, then…, you have still not woken up…, you have still not seen what is going on around you…, and you are still “caught” by the ILLUSION!!

A hungry man…, who KNOWS that he is hungry, does not NEED to ask someone else what he should do with a full plate of food!!

The idea is just stupid!!

A hungry man…, who KNOWS he is hungry…, and has a full plate of food in front of him…, simply starts eating…, since he KNOWS that is what he should do…

So for all of my readers who would write comments to me ASKING for “SOLUTIONS” to this “problem”…, my answer to you is that you still do NOT UNDERSTAND the problem…, period.

You may have thought about “the problem” in theory…, but you are still NOT CONVINCED that this is what is truly happening!

And so, you are looking for ways to both “wake up” and “stay asleep” at the very same time!!

You are looking for ways to turn right and turn left at the SAME TIME!

You want to try to live within the PIRACY SYSTEM that was set up by these “beings” who are not from here…, and yet escape all of it’s problems and difficulties!

You want to PLAY IN THE MUD…, and not get dirty!!


The only viable solution is to WAKE UP FULLY!

Stop thinking that anything you have been handed by these CON ARTISTS is valuable!

There is nothing within our current system that won’t hurt you eventually, because it was all designed…, yes ALL OF IT was designed to FOOL YOU!

Now, I do admit…, that our “school system” did a real number on everyone growing up…, making certain that you honestly “thought” or “felt” that there was “justice” happening on this world…, but again…, you were fooled and you were conned!  We all were!

What you were seeing was the ILLUSION of justice…, and the ILLUSION of an organized world…, when in fact it is anything but ORGANIZED.

In order to help you “think” that all of these horrible and terrible things being created by the ILLUSION MASTERS…, you were given the MEDIA…, (which they own) so that you could be “told” over and over again to “just believe” it was happen stance and not being done purpose fully.

Men like Jordan Maxwell…, David Icke, Micheal Tsarion, John Lamb Lash,  Mark Passio, Jay Parker, have “broken the code” so to speak and have really gotten into the depth of the CON that his being perpetrated on us all.

You see…, what we have here on Earth…, (YES ALL OF IT) is really nothing more than a “stage show”…, with MASTER MAGICIANS at the helm of the show.

They are creating ILLUSIONS one right after the other…, and using the art of “mis-direction” to conceal where the CON is really happening.


That’s all it is…, and that is all that is happening, and if you are living here on Earth…, you have to get this!


And if you think otherwise…, then once again.., you are trying to both wake up and stay asleep at the very same time.

Now for those of you who are of the NEW AGE persuasion…, you really have to start understanding that (some) of what is being placed in front of you as “teachings” of the New Age are PART OF THE CON!

If you have not been able to come to this conclusion.., then once again…, you are not “seeing” the MAGICIANS IN ACTION…, and you are not seeing the STAGE SHOW…, they are operating for your benefit.

You are, once again, trying to WAKE UP and STAY ASLEEP both at the same time.

The only way to “wake up”…, is to WAKE ALL THE WAY UP!

There is a saying that goes like this:

A woman can never be half pregnant!  She is either pregnant…, or she is not…, there is no in between.

Like wise…,  a seeker of truth can either be AWAKE FULLY…, or STILL ALSEEP…, there is no in between, even though so many within the NEW AGE would desperately try to convince you otherwise.

They think that you can be gripped within the world of CONS and ILLUSIONS…, and somehow still be able to have justice, love, sympathy and empathy for the world.

They think there is a way to change a completely posioned and satanic system (one that was created to only be used to hurt people) and somehow change it to help people!

This is not possible!

Now for those of my readers who have understood this perfectly…, then YOU ARE AWAKE.

There is no need for me to give you solutions…, because you already KNOW what to do…, and already know how to deal with your own life!

You KNOW what needs to be done, and are already in the process of doing it.

You’ve seen the depth of the CON…, and are making changes to your own life accordingly.

And for those who are still unclear or unsure…, (forgive me for being frank…), but you are NOT AWAKE!  You will ask others around you for solutions becuase you do not see clearly what we are up against…, who these beings are…, what they are doing.., and how they are doing it.

You’ve still held on to many of the lies and the cons they have created and are still creating…, thinking that they are “truths” when they are not.

Therefore, you are trying to see how you can change what is pure evil into something good…, (which can’t be done).

You are the BLIND trying to lead the BLIND.

And though your “intentions” may be good.., they are doomed to failure because you DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM.

What we are dealing with here on Earth is a group of being who are NOT HUMAN…, SHOULD NOT BE HERE…, AND ARE MASTERS OF ILLUSION!

They have created the ENTIRE SYSTEM on Earth…, and that means all of it…, to CON, DECIEVE, FOOL, and USE US every second of our lives to suit “their goals and agendas”!

There is no way to salvage what they have given us.

The only answer is to scrap ALL OF IT and to start over!

The entire purpose of their system is to PARASITE OFF OF OUR ENERGY and OUR EFFORT.

The deepest secret…, (which I, as well as others) has now exposed is that they do RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE, which is a “magical” and “mystical” way to STEAL the energy and the soul of those whom they murder.

They drink blood…, they make deals with demons and discarnate entites which exist on unseen levels and dimensions…, and their greatest and most desperately SECRET FORM OF CONTROL worldwide is adult/child sex!

This is the very basis of “their magic”!!

And every single one of them particpate in it!   Sex with little childen is one of the most hidden, and yet one of the most wide spread aspects of their ILLUSION CONTROL SYSTEM.


Adult/Child sex is the very CORE of their power here, and is the very CORE of the underbelly of everything they do!!!!!!

It is a form of DARK MAGIC that they use against us!

Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Governments Officials, Priests, Clergy, Police, Sherrifs, Military Generals, Colonels, University Professors, Teachers…, etc (who may look human but are not) and who seem to come from all walks of life…, are united in Human Traffiking…, and Human Compromise.

They see real human beings as nothing more than cattle or fodder to be used, bought and sold.

And…, in their arrogance, they have even written about this and claimed it openly.

They think that real human beings are so stupid and controlable at this point that there is no hope of ever beating them or their SLAVERY SYSTEM.

All my love for now…


3 thoughts on “MASTERS OF ILLUSION

  1. Dear Bradley,

    I have learned that most people are absolutely blind
    to see a CON in a corporate state office working
    on sea law jurisdiction basis.
    There are many young people among them and they
    not know another law system.
    I myself have often trouble with so called officials
    here in Germany.
    Why I am writing you this?
    Well, I am reading the articles from Judge Anna von Reitz
    and I believe she is on the right way.
    I can only suggest to support the Anna in her efforts
    to establish a jurisdiction on land law basis for all 50 states.
    I think, if the people see that there is another jurisdiction
    available than they will see the CON which is implemented
    above them.
    In any case to tell them that there are off world entities in order
    to understand the whole CON is not helpful for them.


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