By: Bradley Loves

This video…, in my opinion, is a VERY important video to watch.  However that being said…, Scott Bennett (being called a “patriot” truth warrior by those who made this video) for what he is telling us, seems a little over the top!

This man was involved in Military Psychological Operations (which means using LIES and DECEPTIONS to further an agenda)…, as well as being deep in the intelligence community and belonging to many of the NEW WORLD ORDER clubs (The Heritage Foundation).

You have to ask yourself just what his REAL PURPOSE IS!!

Is he really revealing “everything” ??

Or, is he telling us just enough to “justify” that people like him are out there…, and that we NEED people who willingly lie and decieve??

Please watch the video first…, and then I will do a commentary!

By the way…, it was found inside this new article from Preston James.., located at Veteran’s Today.





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