Source: Mark Passio – The Great Work

What happens in a Global Society when people just always DO AS THEY’RE TOLD without ever THINKING for themselves if “doing” what they have been told to do is LOVING and RIGHTEOUS?

What happens when people like cops, judges, lawyers, scientists, etc. blindly “follow orders” without actually thinking for themselves IF that “order” they were given is actually MORAL/ETHICAL – RIGHT or WRONG?

What happens when people sit in church pews, synagogues, temples or mosques across the world and blindly “listen” to every word they are told by clerics (especially when those words move them toward killing and violence) because one person does not believe exactly the same thing as another?

What happens when people sit at the feet of Channelers, or Channeled Entities and “blindly believe” every single word they hear as GOSPEL…, and therefore proceed to DO NOTHING to help a world in deep turmoil because the “teachings” they are hearing tell them that anything “bad” that happens is Karma…, and therefore everything “bad” should be allowed to take place…, and worse…, there is no such thing as GOOD or BAD!

Here is Mark Passio…, talking about the CULT of Order Followers!

Here is MORE from Mark






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