By: Bradley Loves


As we speak…, the biggest problem facing mankind on Earth is it’s wonton willingness to ALLOW SECRECY to continue!

…The “government” needs to keep secrets in order to “protect us”!

This is the standard reply from every sleepwalking “zombot” who hasn’t ever looked into the Hegalian Dialectic…, more commonly known as:


If one paused just long enough to open a book or read an article…, one would know that almost ALL of the biggest problems that we collectively are facing ARE BEING FICTICIOUSLY CREATED…, by the very same governments and “authorities” that are claiming the need for secrecy in order to protect us.

Certain Billionaires have made the public statement that after the need for “money”  has been totally satisfied…, and will never be a problem again…, the only other logical pursuit is the pursuit of POWER!

Power over others!

Not satisfied with the ease of life that money can buy for them…, the wretched human egos of wealthy Luciferian men who have every material thing possible, and need something else to occupy their time, leads them into the business of human slavery and debauchery.

This is their “hobby” or their “pastime” of choosing.  This is what very “rich” people have decided to do with the blessings of wealth.

Now…, here’s the real problem which I’ve so eloquently pointed out in previous posts and articles.



It is the corporate born, and fully MIND CONTROLLED idea of “National Security” which keeps mankind from finding out whether or not there are “players” operating within our midst which are trying to bring about a NEW WORLD ORDER…, and are actively trying to either kill off, or enslave 90 percent of humanity on this planet!!


When is mankind going to finally realize that they have been “programmed” by what they have read, been taught, or hear on a daily basis which very literally leads them to DEFEND THE UNDEFENDABLE??

Mark Passio is very clear in his videos and his writings that we are in deep doo doo here in America as a result of “lack of knowledge”…, and I happen to agree!

The purpose of “secrecy” is to keep the population ignorant!

When anyone who has done little to NO RESEARCH enters into a complex conversation and brings up the idea that we absolutely NEED to have a government that is allowed to keep secrets at it’s own will…, (in order to “protect” us all)…, then sadly…, that person is quite literally talking from parts of their anatomy which normally are reserved for other operations.


How many people really “get” or realize what it means to have Satanists or Luciferians “running the show” here on Earth?

How many have even thought of what kind of solutions would have to be put into place in order to counter this planetary wide problem??

You see…, it’s quite simple really…, in order to “kill” the bed bugs and parasites living inside mattresses…, the home is totally SEALED OFF…, and the heat is brought up to 160 degrees inside the home for 24 to 48 hours and then slowly returned to normal.

Satanists and Luciferians ARE PARASITES!!

Bringing EVERYTHING out into the open and ending all secrecy is like turning up the heat and thus kills off the parasites!

Sadly…, it seems that no amount of writing…, and no amount of exposing is really enough to convince people that something on Earth is amiss.

For the newcomers to my blog…, (people who have not been following what I’ve written over the last 3 years) here is just one single video interview, done by Jay Parker, which lays it out!

Now, if you’ve listened to the above video…, (and next, done the required MATH) 10 percent of the population of the USA alone is 32 million people.

10 percent of the population of the entire planet (of 6.8 million) is 680 million people who still practice the “old world” form of religion.

The “old world” form of religion is:


It is the worship of demon gods…, and the offering of BLOOD SACRIFICE to these demon gods.

This is why much of the world’s elites are involved with RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE and RITUAL CHILD ABUSE…, both of which are forms worship, or actual sacraments to Satan!

N0w…, when “money” was not being used by these Elites to control everything and everyone…., it was easy to keep these Satanits in check, and at least keep them in the shadows.

Now…, due to CONSTANT SECRECY (yes secrecy is to BLAME for this) these men and women have been able to use their enormous money and power to move ALL OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE into the highest positions of power in the world.


And…., what’s worse than that…, is that almost all of humanity is absolutely convinced that secrecy is not only necessary…, but “imperative” to protect them.


The “wars” the “battles” and many of the “problems” we as a world community are facing are actually CREATED by the very same people who say we need protection from these wars and battles.

The ONLY way to sort out all of our problems is GET RID OF SECRECY!

You must make a choice and say:



There is no room for secrecy in the world if we are going to sort out all of the problems that we are facing collectively!

All of my love…


3 thoughts on “DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ??

  1. Jeff

    This is a hard point you are trying to get across & I understand. You keep writing about it and it takes time to sink in (from my perspective). As we live our normal daily lives we read this to learn, but as time goes on and I’m driving around I realize more & more that this is the secret hidden stuff we do not see on a normal daily basis – because it is hidden purposely. That is the way “they” intend it so we do not notice. Truly trippy.

    If you would, please check out “Brice Taylor” “Thanks for the memories”. A free pdf book found online (unfortunately I could not attach it here). It is a great story that explains a lot about how the secrecy works. Her story is very similar to Cathy O’Briens (Trance – Formation of America) about mind controlled sex slaves plus many more revelations about actors, politicians, musicians. I am reading this now and have about 15 pages left and it is amazing.

    As a side note, I want to say I have read both of Cathy’s books & they mention each other (Cathy & Brice) in each of their books, but their are some discrepancies which i find questionable. Other than that, the information these 2 women provide from the experiences they went through, it provides some crucial information.

    Peace & Love,


    1. Jeff

      Well I just read “Right on Cue”. Both of the books i mentioned above are basically and completely written about “National Security”. It is mentioned in both books many times and these books were written in the 90’s. This is not new (but new to me) info but it does appear to be coming out in the open now.


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