This is the best short video I’ve ever come across (by the Defense Department no less) on how magnets cause “electricity” by passing across wires.

If you really “get this” you should be able to MAKE your own free energy generator

It’s not that hard!

Remember “electricity” is actually IN THE AIR around us.  The atoms are in the wires…, the magnet simply moves the “electrons” in one direction…,  much like a river flows in it’s bed.


  1. But that movement of Magnet is what is the ‘source’ of the power or the missing link in not allowing a perpetual motion: wind power, hydro and thermal all late used to essentially rotate the turbine which then produces the electricity …

    What is missing is what Tesla Coil did , QEG or something which would create the potential difference from the ‘other side’ directly producing electric current – free power…. From the NoOsphere…

    Many people have claimed to recreate it without proper validation : Professor Dr.Keshe and his foundation made a lot of noise etc but are gone now 😥


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