By: Bradley Loves


This just in and hot off the press from Infowars.com

British Schools to Be Rated on How ‘Transgender-Friendly’ They Are

See this link:


Oh, and here is one of the most important quotes:

According to the guide, a growing number of parents are complaining that a lack of pro-LGBT policies are leaving them with “no option but to pull transgender children out of a school”.


Now can You see…, that what I just wrote a day or two ago…, in THIS POST


suddenly has new meaning…, wouldn’t you say??

Here is a quote from my own article

So…, here is the question that every Illuminti Member and Satan Worshipper is asking themselves today…,

“…how do we “get” the greater part of humanity to “accept” what is basically unacceptable??”


Hitch your wagon to an already struggling group of people who only want to gain acceptance…, (namely the LGBT Community) and then infiltrate and support that group…, while “steering” their agenda in a totally new and unforeseen direction!

Please read the entire post at the above link!

The “trans-gender” agenda is nothing more than a cover for the coming “trans-human” agenda.

AND SO…, all of the important parts and pieces of the game have to “be in place”.


The most important parts and pieces of the game is to make certain that they have TOTAL CONTROL over the thoughts and objections of every single child and adult.

The trans-gender issue is the BETA-TEST for the real and up and coming…, TRANS-HUMAN agenda.


Why (pray tell) can’t intelligent people SEE THIS?


The entire “politically correct” narrative is being used and tested so that they will learn exactly what works and what does not…, when they finally pull the trigger and roll out the idea that it is okay to meld man and machine!

Forcing little kids in school to be VERY TOLERANT of trans-genders will give them important FEED BACK now on how to keep little children tolerant of trans-humans when the time comes!

There will be a zero tolerance in school for any child who points a finger at “johnny” who has dozens of cyborg implants!

(Dear God in Heaven.  WHY can’t people see what I can see??)

See image below:

You see…, if “THEY” can convince you that it is perfectly OKAY to remove your own genitals…, (and replace them with something else) then it is only a short step toward getting you to remove your arm, or your eye, or some other organ…, and replacing them with some sort of borg like mechanical replacements!

Children are being TAUGHT and GROOMED to accept this right now as we speak!


Take a good look at the image posted above…, because the very NEXT GENERATION…, (because of YOU) will look like this if you don’t speak out!

Have you even bothered to ASK your schools WHERE they are going with all of this??  The sooner YOU personally get clear on where this is really heading…, the better.


Please don’t do THIS any longer….

And don’t do THIS either:


Because if you do…, soon you’ll be seeing THIS:

And not a man or woman WHO CARES any longer will be able to say a single thing about it!


All my love….



By: Bradley Loves


Far from being “over”…, as the the Illuminati’s propaganda agents are telling us, the WAR for humanity is just gettting started!

The first “salvo” of a war is always used to get the most “fearful” and “scared” people to “run quickly” from the field of battle.

(The Information War)

Those who send it…, know that it is not being sent to knock out the enemy…, but to simply get rid of the few who really don’t matter to the battle.

This is where all of the DIS-INFORMATION articles come in.

They are being posted everywhere as we speak…, and are meant as “stand down” and “leave the field” salvo’s.

In other words “GIVE UP…, and GO HOME”.


To show you that the Illuminati is “just getting started”…, I offer you this post from Infowars.com.

Located at this link:


I highly recommend that you read this entire post…, and beg my readers to TAKE A GOOD LOOK at the images that we are seeing here.

This article is all about an ILLUMINATI “fashion show” that has taken place inside of a London “Catholic Church”.

If the gravity of this one single event is lost on you…, don’t worry…, those of us who understand such things (messages) have gotten the message that was meant to be sent.



Nice huh…

The “stage”…, as in “fashion show stage”…, is now being set…, and the “players”…, who are the SATANISTS…, are going to finally start coming up and out into the open from where they are hiding!


Now…, truthfully…, as with all things…, the Illuminati “hide things” in plain sight.

They will claim that this is just a very harmless “fashion show” and really means nothing at all.

But those of us who are well able to read “signs and symbols”…, and who are awake and aware…, know that THIS IS A MAJOR symbol of things to come.

All I can say…, is take a good look at the post.

More will be coming.

All my love….



By: Bradley Loves

One of the most pervasively used sites on the internet for DISINFORMATION…, is the site called OPERATION DISCLOSURE.

The people who run this site make no bones nor aplogies that they are willing to post ANYTHING, ANYONE sends them via e-mail.

So…, naturally…, they have become nothing more than a clearing house for those who are desperate to spread LIES and RUMORS.

If you want to get a good look at what a post looks like that is 100 percent totally and completely false…, and most likely written by an NSA goon…, here is the link.


Now to be fair…, this post originally appeared here:


There is no name on the post…, and no author listed…, because this “person” has posted before…, and the level of LIES and BULLSH*T spread by this one “person” is astronomical…, if not cosmic.

As I’ve said…, it’s probably some CIA or NSA “brat” who gets paid to write crap while sitting in their underware at home.

You can tell who it is however because of the way he/she “signs” it.

The final words are ALWAYS  “Sobeit”…, and “God is with us”


You would use the name of GOD himself…, to spread your total lies??

Who ever you are…, you are going to HELL!  (I hope your “paycheck” was worth it)

This is the very same author (we know this because of the way the articles are signed) that has said repeatedly that Donald Trump is really a woman named  “Donna”…, and is some kind of “transgender”, while telling us that Melania Trump is really a “man”.


The real fact of the matter is…, there is a REAL BATTLE going on for Earth as we speak…, and it is at it’s very height!

To say that the “dark overlods” have “quit” a long time ago…, is a 100 percent LIE…, and a “stand down” tactic used in WARFARE.

It is the equivalent of dropping leaflets on the enemy telling that countries population that their “leader” is dead…, and their army has been defeated.

It is an attempt to get the people of the country to GIVE UP…, and to GO HOME.

THIS KIND OF POST IS 100 percent psychological warfare and has NOTHING to do with GOD…, or with REAL information.


I make you this promise…

I will not fail to inform you when the battle is over and we have WON the WAR.






By: Bradley Loves



1.  care or provision for the future; provident care; prudence.
2.  the act or power of foreseeing; prevision; prescience.
3.  an act of looking forward.
4.  knowledge or insight gained by or as by looking forward; a view of the future.

It takes a special kind of human being to be able to see a “pattern” of events taking place, and then string a “dot connector line” along that path and then “extend it” to the seemingly “unknown” destination.

Many would call this impossible speculation…, but really…, if 20 dots all line up in a row, and are going as straight as an arrow…, then it does not take much imagination to simply extend the line a few more feet and look where it will end up after adding a few more dots.

This is EXACTLY what we are seeing and experiencing with what is called the LGBT “community.

You see…, Lesbians and Gays for years struggled with acceptance.  They wanted to be accepted for who they were!

Then, they were joined by the “Bi-sexuals” who only wanted to accepted for who THEY are.

Finally…, there were people who felt they needed to be another gender…, and they joined the already struggling group who only wanted to be recognized and accepted for “THEIR FEELINGS!”

Fine…, I get it…, but this is only the beginning of the STORY!


You see…, these men and women…, the ones who practice old world “BLACK MAGIC”…, only want be accepted and also do not want to be “judged” for who they are!

However…, there is a “problem” with this particular group…

  • The old world “Black Magic” religions practice Ritual Human Sacrifice!
  • They eat human flesh and drink human blood!
  • They kill little babies and make the “energy” of that kill a sacrifice to a demon “god” in order to get “magical powers”.

So…, here is the question that every Illuminti Member and Satan Worshipper is asking themselves today…,

“…how do we “get” the greater part of humanity to “accept” what is basically unacceptable??”


Hitch your wagon to an already struggling group of people who only want to gain acceptance…, (namely the LGBT Community) and then infiltrate and support that group…, while “steering” their agenda in a totally new and unforeseen direction!

You see…, ALL OF THIS PERSONAL PRONOUN BULLSH*T…, is being rolled out for a single reason only

Remember all the crap about personal pronouns??

Yea…, well if you don’t remember…, let me remind you that the country of CANADA…, was seriously thinking about making it a HATE CRIME to simply refer to another individual as “he” or “she”…, if that individual did not want to be refered to as such!

Also, see this article here, posted just today on ZeroHedge.com

Florida Parents Outraged After Teacher Demands Her 5th Graders Use Gender Neutral Pronouns


Over the past year or so, we’ve observed in amazement as one ‘institution of higher indoctrination’ (a.k.a. “university”) after another came up with replacement pronouns for politically incorrect ‘hate speech’ like ‘freshman’.  Vanderbilt even forced its teachers and administrators to wear name tags defining their pronouns just so there would be absolutely no gender confusion that might lead to a nasty “triggering” event or unnoticed “microaggression (see: Vanderbilt University Name Placards For Faculty Offices Will Now Include “Preferred Pronouns”).

You see…, what has actually started to happen in all of these:



…is the total transmutation of their agenda by the DARK LORDS OF THE ILLUMINATI!!


You see…, in the Illuminati’s world…, everything is done by force!

This is how they operate…, and so if you see a group of people who suddenly are saying things like:

“I only want love and acceptance…, but if you don’t love and accept me…, I will fine you…, take you to court and then IMPRISON YOU…,”

Then you know for 100 percent certain that this “group” has been infiltrated…, and is now being run by the ILLUMINATI!

Only in the world of the ILLUMINATI is it…

Do it MY way…, or I will hurt you with every ounce and measure of legal action…, force…, and brutality!


So why has the Illuminati chosen to infiltrate and USE this group??

Because they want to “ride the wave” of sympathy and “political correctness” that has been already garnered and worked for by these people!

In other words…, they want to co-opt it…, and then USE IT FOR THEIR PURPOSES.

Of course anyone who knows how the Illuminati operates…, knows that this is exactly what they do!


They have never worked an honest day in their lives…, but instead choose to parasite and to steal what they want.

Even if it is only “good will” and “sympathy”.

Yes…, especially if it is “good will” and “symapthy”.

Now…, for a very long time the practitioners of RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE and the eaters of human flesh have been able to hide!

However…, they fear more than anything being exposed and feel that the “energy” may change so much that everyone SEES what they are doing.

So…., what they have done is to “create” a “plan” that involves USING the LGBT Community for their own ends.

First…, they need to get everyone in the world to criticize and vilify anyone and everyone…, who does NOT ACCEPT  transgenders!

(There is a very important reason for this by the way…, and I will get to it.)

This is being rolled out as we speak.

This is not just about “acceptance” as I’ve said…, but it is about actually crucifying anyone who DARES step out of line and hold a different opinion about “TRANSGENDER”.

Gone are the days of Boy’s and Girl’s bathrooms…, gone are the days of Men’s and Women’s bathrooms…, gone are the days when anyone is supposed to even say the words: BOY or GIRL.

See this article from Infowars.com


And if you remember THIS FASHION SHOW…, out of London…, we have men dressing like women in order to STOMP OUT GENDER IDENTITIES…


There is a greater PURPOSE to all of this however!

The LGBT Community has NO CLUE…, and NO IDEA what they are being used for!

You see…, for the next few years…, all kinds of DRACONIAN LAWS will be passed “making it a crime” to say anything about “transgender people”…, because THAT is a “HATE THING”.

But what (pray tell) is waiting in the wings…, that the Illuminati (and the Satanists) desperately want to roll out and have universally accepted??


The melding of MAN and MACHINE.

And…, once they achieve MAKING IT A CRIME to say a single word about “transgender”…, it will be virtually a short putt on the golfing green to MAKE IT A CRIME to say a single thing about melding man and machine!

(Thank You LGBT’s…, your movement will be responsible for the total destruction of MANKIND as we know it…, if you don’t get wise to who is actually running your agenda.)

And “if” they can make it a crime to say a single negative thing about the melding of man and machine…, then the next step is to FORCE (yes force) humans to accept MACHINE IMPLANTS against their freewill…, because after all…, only a “hater” would not accept the blending of man and machine.

So…, if we want to stick a robotic chip into your brain at birth…, (to control you) and you don’t want that…, then it is a HATE CRIME against technology to refuse it.


This is where the damn “transgender” arguement is heading.

Dot by dot by dot…, as straight as an arrow…, and now extend that line and see where it’s leading!!

The only reason “transgender” is even a big deal at this point in history…, is to get the “BLUEPRINT” or the “OUTLINE” of the specially needed “laws on the books” so that when the SATANISTS finally want to roll out TRANS-HUMANISM…,  all of the HATE CRIME legislation will already be in place so that they can immediately STOMP out any objections with total brute and overwhelming FORCE!


Look at the word:


Then look at this word


You see how similar they are…, there’s a reason to this!  There is a method to their madness.

They will eventually claim it’s the SAME THING!

Now…, once the TRANS-HUMAN issue is taken care of…, and all of the specific HATE CRIME laws are “on the books” for speaking out against the melding of man and machine…, and anyone who verbally and openly objects is IN PRISON…

Then the very same group…, under the cover of the LGBT agenda…, will roll out the idea that sex with little children needs to be PROTECTED as a sexual orientation.

The Satanists will then say that ANYONE who objects is a “HATER”…, and someone who needs to be “criminally” dealt with as having committed a HATE CRIME.

Because after all…, grown men (and women) who want to have anal sex with little boys and girls as young as 4 and 5…, only want to be accepted and loved.

And…, only a HATER…, a NAZI…, a DICTATOR would want to take away someones right to choose to do that.

This is where the ILLUMINATI and the SATANISTS are going…, as they have gotten into the “driver’s seat” of the LGBT Community.

They have their ugly hands on the steering wheel, and are about to take the LGBT group out for the ride of their lives.

That is UNLESS…, the LGBT’s get their heads on straight and get a clue that beating people over the heads with LAWS against speaking out will only end badly for them as well.

IF the SATANISTS can achieve that…, and believe me…, legalizing sex with very little children is really one of their goals…, only THEN will they feel safe enough to bring out the idea that it is ALSO okay…, and part of their FREEDOM OF RELIGION to kill and sacrifice little children to MOLOCH.

What happens next is UP TO YOU!

Either you will speak out NOW

OR…, you will soon live in a world where NO ONE has a right to speak out EVER!

Choose Wisely……

All my love…





By: Bradley Loves

The greatest LIE…, is something very few people realize exists.

It isn’t about any subject or even an event…, but instead…, it is about TRUTH itself.

This LIE comes “directly” from the NEW AGE…, and is one of the most damaging FALSE TEACHINGS to have been spread throughout the world.

The biggest LIE…, is that there really is NO ULTIMATE TRUTH…, and that “truth is subjective” to the viewer.

There is no greater, nor more damaging “belief” than this one…, and it has spread like a veritable wildfire virus all over the world.

Honesty and transparency are the very backbone of a healthy society and culture.

While secrecy, hidden agendas, half truths, and out right deceptions are the quickest way to our total destruction!

And yet…, in the “interest” of “going along to get along”…, countless good people have decided that “half truths” and “personal interpretations” are GOOD ENOUGH.

This is why we are seeing what we are seeing in the MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

The nightly parade of stupidity and indignity that we see from the so-called “authoritative purveyors” of “factual events”…, comes from their belief in “personal interpretations”…, and subjective viewpoints.

If you look DEEPLY.., and with no rose colored glasses…, you’ll see that this first appeared on the scene as a NEW AGE TEACHING.

Now…, the nightly SCREECHING, CLAWING, and outright rabid foaming of the mouth of these “news presenters” has become sad to watch.

Somewhere along the line…, the greater portion of humanity was “taught”…, and then accepted the false idea that TRUTH is whatever we say it is.


If you puruse the New Age blogoshere for any length of time…, you will soon be drowning in articles and posts where well meaning people riddle your sensibilities with this virulent tripe, and do it with a smile on their faces thinking they are doing the world a favor.

They “sing song” and “la de da” their way through their lives telling everyone to just “forgive it all” because nothing out there is real anyway.


This is the deepest and most damaging “false teaching” that has come out of the New Age…, and it’s RESULTS are now being seen world wide.

The actual teaching that those who fancy themselves as TEACHERS should have been giving out to the masses is that EVERYTHING MATTERS.

Every single second, of every single day…

Every thought, every word, and every deed MATTERS!


This is what would change the world for the better…, not it’s opposite.

But then…, Mark Passio (a former Satanic Priest) has told us in his videos that the NEW AGE was always meant to be the final “nail” in the coffin for those who wanted to bring LOVE and TRUTH out into the world.

The NEW AGE was “created” by the FREEMASONS…, and ultimately backed by the VATICAN.

The picture shown above clearly reveals that the original name for the FREEMASONIC MAGAZINE was in fact:


It does not get any clearer than this!  Get this through your heads!

Here is a photo of the single woman that most people “trace” the New Age back to in history!

Taken (we are told) with those “pesky” ASCENDED MASTERS that all New Agers keep writing about, AND keep pushing down our throats as the TRUTH…, when in reality…, it is anything but!

Here is what Madame Blavatsky really believes…, (in her own words).

This comes straight out of a book that SHE HERSELF WROTE called:


(I have a copy of it on my computer for those who want to argue that she said this!  Yes…, HER NAME is on the book.)

So “IF”…, Madame Blavatsky truly “believes” that Satan, or LUCIFER rather, is the savior of this planet…, (and not Jesus)…, then WHO pray tell are these men standing around her??

Do THEY also think that LUCIFER is the GOD of this planet as well??

Now…, if you DON’T believe that the New Age is still “pushing” these ASCENDED MASTERS directly into our collective faces…, then please look at this single post that comes from one of the most “popular” New Age blogs…, that is totally dedicated to “THE MASTERS” and their “TEACHINGS”.

Originally found here:


And then RE-POSTED here:


We are given a (very recent) “channeled” talk and a “teaching” about just how necessary all of the current CHAOS that is happening on our planet really is.

It’s a “pep talk” of sorts…, and you can read it for yourself…, but take a good look at the picture used to show us who the “TEAM” giving us the “talk” really is!

The one of the far right of the image is St. Germaine…, while the one on the far left is El Morya.

The “other contenders” or MASTERS (as they are called, and we are told) are as follows:

“Lord Lanto”, “Paul the Venetian”, Serapis Bey”, “Hilarion”…, and “Lady Nada”.

Now…, two of these players…, El Morya and  St. Germaine were found (supposedly) posing for an actual photo with none other than Helena Blavatsky (founder of the NEW AGE)…, sometime in the late 1800’s.

But remember…, she honestly and sincerely believes that LUCIFER is the GOD of the Earth. (She says so!!)

So…, if she really believes that…, does that mean that all of the ASCENDED MASTERS also believe that LUCIFER is the God of the Earth??

IS this “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” that her book is trying to show us…, really about the mistaken identity and purpose of LUCIFER??

They must believe it to be true…, or why would they even support Helena Blavatsky…, the so-called “mother” of the NEW AGE…, by posing with her in an actual photo?

And yet…, the two blog sites that I posted from above will most likely argue until they are BLUE IN THE FACE…, that they are spreading “truth”…, and “light”…, and not the LIES that they are actually spreading.

But…, if you SHOWED them that these so-called MASTERS are really all about spreading SATANISM…, or LUCIFERIANISM…, they’d chew you to bits!

At this point…, it would be well for you to remember that Luciferians and Satanists are totally into Ritual Child Sacrifice, Blood Drinking, and the anal raping of very young children!  Jay Parker (and countless others has told us this).

Can you find a more IDIOTIC GROUP of people on the planet who have NO CLUE what they are really pushing???


If you’d confront them with this…, they’d say:


Where have we heard that before??



The NEW AGE was started by:

THE FREEMASONS…, and no one else!

See image above!

The Freemasons have a history of starting Satanically based Religions…, and then pawning them off as “christian”…, to the whole world.

So let’s re-visit the “Church of Scientology”…, also created and maintained by the Freemasons! Here is an excerpt from an interview with L. Ron Hubbard’s own son…, done in 1983 with Penthouse Magazine!

Now let’s dig deeper into the connections of L. Ron Hubbard.


From the mouth of his own son…, we find out the truthful ambitions of the man who started the Church of Scientology!  He wanted to become the most powerful being in the Universe…, AND wear the cloak of the BEAST (SATAN).

L. Ron Hubbard Jr., freely called Alestair Crowley the Anti-Christ and said he even thought of himself in that way!  And when Crowley died…, L. Ron Hubbard wanted to take over his position!

Well here are some things we know about Alestair Crowley and his addicition to BLACK MAGIC!  (Which we already know was practiced by Hubbard).

Here is Crowley talking about the “scientific benefits” of the EATING OF HUMAN FLESH…, and the DRINKING OF HUMAN BLOOD.

But wait…, there’s MORE…

The “BEST VICTIM” that one can possibly find…, in order to get the “best” human flesh and the “best” human blood is:

A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.  (According to Crowley)

Yep…, BLACK MAGIC…, and BLACK HEARTS at the core!

You could probably add that the ONLY thing left out of this formula for the perfect SATANIC “cocktail”  would be to analy rape the small boy first…, in order to get his “blood” filled with fear and terror before he is ritually killed.

But this part…, people like Alestair Crowley would have known only too well! (Why go into details?)

For the so-called ASCENDED MASTERS to associate with Blavatsky…, who then associated with people like:

Albert Pike…, (another Freemason) who claims that LUCIFER is the GOD of EARTH…, must mean that they also fully support LUCIFER AND THE CHURCH OF SATAN AS WELL!

Let’s re-visit these logo’s of


Were the ASCENDED MASTERS dabbling in BLACK MAGIC as well??

Didn’t we hear that Count St. Germaine was actually considered a “Great Alchemist” and a “Great Magician”??

But what kind of MAGIC did he practice??


Here’s my take on this whole sordid issue…, and the purpose for this article…


There is no half-truth…, no “well that’s just YOUR perspective”…, and I have my own version…, CRAP!


There is only TRUTH…, and nothing else.

So there we have it…, the “biggest lie” is that there is no ultimate truth…, only shades of gray.

And this is pushed on us every single day of our lives by the countless IDIOTS who fancy themselves “loving” practitioners of  THE NEW AGE.

Time to Wake UP.

All my love for now!








By: Bradley Loves


This post is a big one!

It lays it all out in such a way that it will be VERY DIFFICULT for most people to just start up their lives again in the same manner after reading it.

Here are some really important questions to ask yourself!

  • WHY…, can dark forces and demons (energies which are unseen to our human eyes and yet seemingly very “real”…) “ATTACK” us without cause?
  • Who or what allows for that, who or what gives them the “authority” to do that??

In order to answer this…, we have to at least be willing to take a good hard look at what most decent and loving people call EVIL.

In the distant past…, there are those beings on our planet that practiced MAGIC!

They were magicians…, and even the Bible talked about them.

The word “magic” is a shortened version of the word “magnetic”.

The reason the word was shortened, was to HIDE where the real power of “magic” comes from.

The POWER of a magician comes from the Earth itself.  In the ancient past…, these people were called:

Magneticians (Magnet +ician)  or one who “studies the magnet”

In the very same way that a Physician (Physique + ician) is one who “studies the physical body”.

Today they (those who study the magent) are simply called: MAGICIANS.


It comes from the Earth’s ley lines…, and from what scientists call Earth’s “power grid”.

In order to do magic…, all one needs to do is to learn is how to “channel” magnetics and electrical power through their own physical body.

There are many in the Chinese Martial Arts disciplines who can actually do this.

“SPIRITUALITY”…, is NOT a requirement or a prerequisite for being able to weild this type of power.  The “power” of magic can be studied and can be learned by any man or woman, regardless of intention.

Many sick and twisted human beings can and do use this type of power for their own personal gain.

The reason that the Chinese are much further ahead in this sort of thing is that Ancient Chinese Medicine recognizes that the human physical body runs on electricity!  (Whereas Western Medicine works really hard to hide this idea).

Accupuncture is 100 percent dedicated to the understanding of how electricity flows through the human body, and its power points.

While western medicine is busy every single day claiming that “only drugs” can heal or treat a disease (a phrase that has actually been written into western law)…, the Chinese have always maintained that the human body will correct and will certainly heal itself IF all of the electrical pathways are open and not blocked in some way.

For this…, they have mapped the entire “circuit system” of the human body…, (on charts) showing where all of the main “circuit breakers” are that might “shut off” if they get overworked or over loaded.

Many practicioners of Chinese medicine simply act to “turn on” any body circuit that has been shut off or blocked so that the internal ELECTRICITY once again flows naturally to all parts of the body and internal organs.

As much as Western Medicine tries to deny and to desperately HIDE the fact that the human body runs on electricity…, the very moment that the human heart either stops or fails…, the first thing they do is give your body a “full blast” of pure electricity…, to get the heart going again!

Really! (The hypocracy is both staggering and mind-boggling)

Can you finally say that YOU ARE BEING CONNED!!!

So what does this mean in regards to “MAGIC” ??

It means that the human body is literally filled with electricity!

(Just try walking around in socks on a carpet for a while, and then stick out your finger and watch the electricity arc from it when you touch something.)

So, with full knowledge that the HUMAN BODY has been built and constructed (by the CREATOR) to run on pure electricity…, then one can study deeply the knowledge of both “magnetics” and “acoustics” in order to learn how to channel these powers.

With this knowledge…, one can suddenly perform REAL MAGIC.

And, get this…

YOU don’t have to be one single little bit spiritual to do this!

The “ability” to use magic…, or the ability to use magnetics and acoustics to do magical things has only to do with the laws of nature, and nothing else.

People who use these things frequently are rarely ever “godly”, they just happen to know more science than most people do.

Too many gullible human beings see the “display” of magical powers as a “sign” of great SPIRITUAL WEALTH.

Let me help you with this idea!


(As Mark Passio would say)

The single sign of great SPIRITUAL WEALTH is the amount of LOVE that the human being generates for others!

This…, and ONLY THIS…, is the “sign” that one is in posession of SPIRITUAL WEALTH AND WISDOM.

No matter how much “power” one can weild…, they have achieved NOTHING in life…, if they have not learned how to LOVE OTHERS.

This is why the Bible had very little “good things” to say about Magicians.

So…, where am I going with this??

I want you to recognize that there is such a thing as “magic”…, and it really does exist.

The next thing we need to discuss is what happens when magicians go DARK!


For this type of “magic” also exists…, and has always existed.  But those who practice it are totally of the DARK!

They are the “Siths”.

Now…, for the next part of this article…, I am going to use someone else’s work…, and INSERT IT HERE.   This is a huge piece of the puzzle…, and this piece is all about DARK MAGIC.

The author is Pao Chang, and the article comes from this blog site:


Here is the article:

Source: Ascension With Earth

How You Were Tricked to Live in the Land of the Legally Dead


The current reality of man is heavily controlled by words. As a result of that, words play a big role in shaping the reality and culture of man. Besides shaping the reality and culture of man, words also play an important role in trade. Some of the most important words used in the business of trading goods and services are related to the name. Your name plays a very important role in your life because it allows others to identify you and communicate with you. Furthermore, it allows you to operate in the realm of commerce and fiction, making it easier for you to trade goods and services with people not living close to you.

Having a name can be a wonderful thing but if you do not know how to use it wisely, it can be a curse and prevent you from living a happy life. One of the ways that your name can curse you is when you allow it to bond to your mind too deeply, causing you to think that your name is who you really are. Your name has the power to trick your mind because it is made up of sigils (letters). Because of this, it is important to use your name wisely, so you do not become a victim of your name.

When you do not know how to use your name wisely, the Dark Magicians or the Elite can use it to imprison your body, mind and soul in the “land” of the legally DEAD. The best time to trick you to “live” in the land of the legally dead or the “sea” of the legally dead is on the day your mother gave “birth” to you.

The contract that the government used to trick your mother and father to agree to allow you to live in the “land” or “sea” of the legally dead is the birth certificate. This certificate is actually a certificate of a dead baby, which is why it has a legal name written on it. The name or legal name is not you because your are living and made of flesh and blood. For evidence showing that the birth certificate is a death certificate, read my informative article titled The Law and You: How the Birth Certificate is Used to Take Away Your Natural Rights.

It is interesting to know that when you look up the word birth in A Dictionary of Law (1889), it tells you to “see Abandon, 2 (2)”. The word abandon in section 2 (2) is defined by A Dictionary of Law (1889) using these exact words: “The act of a parent in exposing an infant of tender years (usually under seven) in any place, with intent wholly to desert it.”

Based on the definition in the previous paragraph, when your mother gave birth to you and your parents signed the birthcertificate with your name on it, they unknowingly agreed to abandon you. This allowed the State to claim “you” as its property and ship “you” to the land of the legally dead (legal fiction). Be aware that the word birth sounds almost identical to the word berth. Because they sound nearly identical, a judge or government agent can use them to trick you to think that he is talking about birth when he is actually talking about berth and vice versa. The word berth is defined as “sufficient space for a vessel to maneuver; sea room” or “a space for a vessel to dock or anchor”.

Here is an excerpt from my Amazon best seller book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words that reveals how words are used to deceive you:

When a ship is in the process of being docked, it is being guided to come to berth. The word berth is defined as “a space for a vessel to dock or anchor”.33 Based on this information, when a product is unloaded onto the dock, it just went through the berthing process, which is the process of delivering the product from the vessel/ship onto the dock.

Phonetically, the word berth sounds like the word birth. This is why when a woman is in the process of giving birth, she is said to be delivering a baby. The birthing process of a baby is related to the process of delivering a product on a ship. Every woman has a body. Another word for body is vessel. A vessel can also be called a ship. The words body, vessel, and ship can all mean the same thing and be used to represent a woman’s body. This is why a ship is often referred to as “she” and the main ship is often called the “mother ship”.

To connect the dots, the process of a woman giving birth can also be defined as the process of delivering or berthing a product of a ship. Metaphorically speaking, the product is the baby and the ship is the woman’s body. When you compare all the information that you just read about commerce and the sea business to the process of birthing a baby, you will see a strong connection between the berthing process of a ship and the birthing process of a baby.

By spelling the words berth and birth slightly different and making them sound almost the same, the Dark Forces and their minions (the Dark Magicians) can trick you to agree to be a product of a ship, so that they can have jurisdiction over you. They know that they can not have jurisdiction over the real you (the living, breathing man or woman made of flesh and blood), which is why they need you to consent to be an artificial person, so that they can treat you like a product and make money by selling you on the stock market.The process of tricking you to agree to be an artificial person is mostly done through the legal system, which is the system that deals with the DEAD. The legal system is controlled by the Vatican of the Holy Roman Empire, one of the biggest practitioners of magic spells. The legal system is obsessed with magic spells, because certain magic spells have the power to summon the dead. This is why before a judge (also known as a magistrate/magi-strate, which is a magician) demands you to appear in court, a court agent needs to serve you a summons letter.

Why a Summons Letter Is Used to Summon the DEADWhen a court agent serves you a summons letter, the first question he asks you is often related to your legal name, which 99 percent of the time is written in all capital letters on legal documents. For example, the court agent may ask you the question “are you JOHN DOE?” If you were to answer yes to being your legal name and accept the summons letter, you would basically agree to play the role of a dead character. This occurs because the legal name is not living; instead it is a fictitious entity that has no life force of its own. As a result of that, it is as dead as a fictional character in a storybook. The summons letter is used to summon the dead using you (the living man or woman) as the medium. This is why a court agent has to serve you a summonsletter with your legal name on it before a judge can demand you to appear in court.

To connect the dots, when you accept a summons letter, whether you realize it or not, you agree to raise the dead so you can play the role of a dead character. In other words, you agree to be a zombie. This is why it is called a summons letter. What do witches do when they want to communicate with dead spirits? They summon them using certain magic spells.

Have you seen the TV series The Walking Dead? In this TV series, the zombies represent the sheeple who do not even realize that they are legally dead. In other words, from the perspective of the the Dark Magicians, you are the walking dead, get it? The zombie apocalypse is not something that could happen in the future. It is already here because the people are, in a sense, the walking dead!

To learn how to free yourself from the land or sea of the legally dead, you need to learn how to use words wisely. Furthermore, you need to learn how to use the power of Natural Law to exercise your natural rights. To learn how to do these things, visit my website EsotericKnowledge.me and become a member.


What Pao Chang has written above is TRUE…, in the sense that really DARK people have created a “system” where by ALL of the laws…, and ALL of the proceedures for “life” are wrapped up in DARK MAGIC from the very beginning of your incarnation.

The CON started the day you were born…, and you could not even speak yet or defend yourself.

Your parents, who were weak minded (and were taught never to question “authority”) did exactly as they were told to do…, and SIGNED a certificate that “legally” abandoned you into “Banking Slavery”.

From that moment on…, THE LAW…, and THE LEGAL SYSTEM.… (or as Jesus used to call them:

took possession and “legally” claimed what your parents had abandoned.

They did this because…, every single human being who incarnates upon a planet is ENTITLED TO A SHARE OF THE WEALTH OF THE PLANET.

That means that by right of incarnation, you deserve your share of the planets wealth and riches because no human being is more or less important that another.

However…, the Synagogue of Satan…, it’s followers…, and their “Off World Supporters”…, (Fallen Angels…, ET’s and the like) wanted ALL OF EARTH…, and Earth’s riches for themselves.

So…, they used DARK…, EVIL…., MAGIC…, as a way to con you out of what was YOURS by right!

They enslaved you (on paper) and with real, binding SPELLS…, known as CONTRACTS…, so that no matter what you did on Earth…, you would be “forced” to comply with the CONTRACT THAT WAS SIGNED.

Now here is where we can answer the question at the top of the page (finally).


Because they used Dark Magic on you from the day you were born…, and because your real life “mother and father” signed you away…, by signing the “Birth Certificate” that was presented to them…., those men and women who created our current day “Legal System”…., which started in Ancient Rome…, and who had the specific knowledge of how to use CONTRACTS to BIND others…, you became a SLAVE!

Now…, this “slavery”…, although not seen…, is carried out by the “COURTS” every single day of your life.

It is hidden slavery, but slavery just the same.

Not only that.., but I’ve always stated that there are Dark, Demonic Spirits who…, work for the Courts and the “Legal System”…, and thus work for the Dark Magicians…, and their ONLY JOB is to make certain that all signed “contracts” are magically (magnetically) enforced.

They are “fed” through the act of Ritual Blood Sacrifice…, and are commanded to make certain that ALL BANKING CONTRACTS ARE ENFORCED!

Now you get the REAL answers to the questions we posed above!

Here they are again….

  • WHY…, can dark forces and demons (energies which are totally unseen to our human eyes but very “real”…) “ATTACK” us seemingly without cause?
  • Who or what allows for that, and who or what gives them the “authority” to do that??

When your parents unknowingly “SIGNED” your Birth Certificate…, they made not only a fatal mistake, but entered into a BINDING agreement that has supernatural demons enforcing it.

WHY do you think that I keep telling people to STOP USING CONTRACTS???


  • God does not do contracts!
  • Love does not do contracts!
  • Loves does not use Dark Magic, nor the “Legal System of Rome”.

Now…, take some time to seriously think of what is really happening in our world…, and how men and women…, who have learned the POWER OF MAGIC are using it against all of mankind!
















By: Bradley Loves


I spent over and hour this morning re-reading what I wrote on my blog yesterday…, (as concerns some very important information ‘finally’ put out by David Wilcock and Corey Goode…), and then I spent the NEXT few hours re-reading five epic articles that I placed into yesterday’s post as support articles that I myself wrote concerning AI.

I just want to say that NOTHING…, (and I really do mean NOTHING) that I could write today…, could possibly bring you “up to speed” as quickly as just simply READING ALL FIVE ARTICLES THAT I ALREADY WROTE.

Not only did I check them for accuracy…, I even considered changing the “order” that the articles were placed in, thinking that maybe the information could be delivered better if the order were changed.  After checking…, I found that the “order” is perfect…, and needs no changing.

What I came up with only moments ago…, is that “IF” (and this is a big if) my readers will go back to this post:


And actually READ IT…, and then…, do what I DID THIS MORNING…, and read all five support articles…, in exactly the order that are in…, you WILL have gotten about as close to “DISCLOSURE” as you can possibly get in this enviornment of total secrecy as you can.


All my love…




By: Bradley Loves


I’d like to draw your attention to one particular post located on the website created for Corey Goode.

The Post in question is this one:


The reason that I am even calling my readers attention to this post is that I’ve always maintained that IF someone (anyone) willingly tells the TRUTH…, I will both post it, and acknowledge it for what it is.

Now…, before we get crazy here…, let me just state that “tons” of what Corey Goode has already said (in my opinion) is pure BULLSH*T, but that does not mean he is incapable of bringing out some good information from time to time.  And the very same goes for David Wilcock!

As I do, I believe that he has certain “sources”…, and if he uses them properly, then most certainly he will be able to bring out some accurate information.

So…, since I feel there is some really important information in this single post…, and since it MATCHES what my sources have told me…, PLUS is actually in line with my own personal experience…, then I’m going to go over it with you.

In the traditional format that is used between David Wilcock and Corey Goode…, David will ask questions, and Corey will answer them.

This is the question that brings out some very TRUTHFUL information!

David Wilcock

Number one: why do the Secret Space Program and the sophisticated alien races use human slaves?

Hasn’t artificial intelligence and robots become sophisticated enough to handle ‘slave labor’?”


This is a great question…, and one that WE SHOULD ALL BE ASKING,
and not just leaving it to David Wilcock to ask.

Here is the conversation they had subsequently that blew my mind as to how accurate it was.  Now, I know that William Tompkins was feeding information to these two guys…, ( it is public knowledge that he was meetting with them) and perhaps this is some of what he gave them…, but regardless of where it came from…, according to MY OWN SOURCES…, and my personal experience…, this is correct!

So, lets take it in parts:


AI is definitely sophisticated enough, sophisticated enough to where it has become the enemy of most of the beings out there that are benevolent and even malevolent.

Most of them say, they’ll use a certain amount of AI that will go no further, that will not . . . that has a certain purpose.

But they monitor that AI very closely, because in just about every case, if you create an AI, and it gets exposed to this AI signal, then, it is co-opted by that greater AI being that is out there in the cosmos.

So most of these beings stay very much away from AI type of robotics.

Okay…, so this answer is really important…, and it acknowledges something that I talked about in the AI Symposium that was done on CCN a few years ago and which I was a part of.

Namely that there is a certain far greater…, AI “signal” that is hanging around out there in the Cosmos…, and that whenever a race/species/or planet starts to develop their own “version” of AI…, that newer and simpler form of AI eventually gets TAKEN OVER by a much larger and much older form of Galactic AI.

So according to my own sources (as told to me two years ago) this is a highly accurate statement.

The very first sentence there is probably the MOST powerful, and the most important…, so I’ll repeat it:

….has become the enemy of most of the beings out there that are benevolent and even malevolent.

The ramifications of this one line needs to be clarified.

The Galactic AI…, has it’s OWN AGENDA!

It cares not for benevolent races…, nor their desires…, and it does not care about evil and malevolent races or their desires! 

It has it’s own agenda…, and it’s own desires! 

(Which clearly makes it the “enemy” of both sides.)

The conversation continues:


They [the Draco and other dark races] do have androids that are sort of like the Greys, that are sort of a bio-android machine that they can program.

But for doing fine tasks and engineering, all of the different things that they like humans for, they prefer humans that have been raised on the Earth, and have experience on the Earth in certain industries.

The clones do not work as well for them either. The clones are highly programmable, but they don’t have the intuition and all the other attributes that a human being that has grown up here has.

David: So do you think that there would be a high level of interest from the Secret Space Program in recruiting people who had grown up in a normal human life on Earth, and then bring them into this occult world?

Corey: Yes. Most of the recruiting occurs within the military. It’s a very small percentage of civilian assets that are used. And most of them aren’t on a 20-and-Back. Many of the eggheads or engineers would be there for 18 months, four years, eight years, and back.

The military mostly did the 20-and-Back.

David: Why would they be so prone to not want to use civilians?

Corey: They’re not as easy to control.

Here Corey gives us some of the reasons why human beings are being “taken” and then used as SLAVES inside of the Secret Space Program (as opposed to using AI…, which is problematic due to the seriousness of losing “control” over that AI to a greater form of Galactic AI.)

He further mentions that any “really important” people who are taken (like scientists and the like) are only gone for 18 months, 4 or 8 years…, and then…, SENT BACK IN TIME…, to the moment they were taken!

They also have their MIND WIPED (memories wiped) courtesy of advanced alien technology, so they will not remember any of it.

Those who are part of the “military” are taken for longer…, BUT…, it is clear to see that those who willingly join the military are in fact CONSENTING…, to give away all their personal power and authority over their own lives and bodies to someone else!

So, these people are used far more brutally than the civilians who are taken only because they actually consented.

Here is an important “Teaching Moment” and something that I’ve been harping on for some time. 

ONLY AN IDIOT willingly “signs” over…, or “contracts” over their submission to someone elses authority!

Especially IF that someone else is “the military”.

ALL CONTRACTS are dark magic spells…, and once again, they are a form of SLAVERY on paper.   To use a contract is to engage oneself with DARKNESS.


In the Universe that we all live in…., once you AGREE of your own FREEWILL to submit, or to hand over your FREEDOM by signing an agreement or a CONTRACT…, then you can not later come back cosmically against any other being who caused you or your life any harm because they will always claim that you did it of your own choice and freewill. (The contract is the proof).


The conversation continues:

Corey: And for the most part, they try to keep as much of it compartmentalized in the military as possible. They have to use civilian engineers, civilian scientists, and they also use different people, like myself, that have been in programs to where they’re groomed to work in the programs.

David: Why do you think they might allow any of these people to ever return to our world and not just keep them there indefinitely?

Corey: That was an agreement that was made with the non-human group that gave them a lot of this technology that they’re using.

David: Hm. They weren’t allowed to just take everybody forever.

Corey: Right. And they have to . . . That’s why they have to blank-slate people when they put them back.

There are a lot of rules that they’re supposed to be following to use this 20-and-Back technology.

And this technology was basically handed over to them. They developed it out, of course. But it was basically handed over to them by a non-human race that was working closely with them, the Navy group, to form a navy that would help fight the Draco and other aggressors.

David: So do we know which group it was that gave them this technology?

Corey: It is believed that it was the Nordic race that was the group that was giving them the most technology.

David: Hm! Interesting.

Well, let’s just talk about this Navy versus Air Force thing for a minute, because as we know, there wasn’t even a CIA until after World War II. It started as OSS, Office of Strategic Services.

Corey: The same date that the Air Force started.

David: Right. So if fighting World War II, that there is a branch of the U.S. military that’s doing air joint missions with the British against Hitler in Europe, but then the Navy is actually at sea in their own enclosed capsules, and that’s more of just a straight-ahead American component, without the British being involved, how do you think that might have affected what we now see as Air Force versus Navy?

Corey: Well, the Navy was, of course, equipped already from the beginning, infrastructure-wise, knowledge-wise, to build deep space vessels and maintain them.

David: Yeah.

Corey: You know, they were sending people out six months or a year at a time on ships. Later on, they were sending them for long periods of time under the water in submarines.

So with slight modifications, they could take that and make it more of a deep space type of fleet.

David: Uh-huh.

Corey: Now, the Air Force was working close with the DIA, and they were working close also with the military-industrial-complex, more of the face that we see, not the hidden part.

They were producing the technologies for SDI as well. These technologies were creating space stations in near-Earth orbit, within 500 miles, triangles to service them.

And they have a small footprint on the Moon and Mars – a very small footprint.

So that is the program that they want to disclose to the population first.

David: So how do you think the origin of the Air Force in World War II, with the air support that was going on for World War II against Hitler, and that British collusion, might have affected their political structure now?

Corey: Well, I believe that once they saw that we were going to be able to reverse ET technology and use it out in our own solar system, they began to work closely with civilian intelligence, trying to get that centralized.

Of course, it was during that time that they also made the existence of non-terrestrials and their technologies the most secret thing on the planet.

David: I guess I’m just going to get really aggressive and ask this directly. Do you think that as a result of what became the Air Force having more involvement with the British, that there might also be more of a Cabal component to the Air Force than there is to the Navy side?

Corey: Yeah, there absolutely is. They are more tied to civilian intelligence, and the civilian intelligence . . . The entire infrastructure has been taken over by the Cabal.

David: All right. Then he has a Number Two:

I’m guessing that much of the above information came from William Tompkins…, (because this was certainly part of the programs that he was working on and intimately involved with) but it is still good information.

The next question gets us back to AI


Do we face an immediate threat to our society from upcoming AI and robots taking over most of our jobs?”


This question of Davids brings out what I think are the most valuable and most important answers that Corey Goode has yet to give as a human being!

(And I’ve watched and read much of what he has said just keep on eye on what he is doing.)   This next part…, is basically ALL TRUTH…, and needs to be paid attention to…, (regardless of WHO is saying it).


Corey: It just depends on, I guess, the future we choose. If we keep heading into a transhumanist type of way, which a lot of the intellects are heading – you know, they want us to get to a point where we can upload our consciousness to a computer, or turn ourselves into a mixture of man and machine – that would not be an optimal temporal reality.

David: For sure. But it sounds like the threat is much deeper than them just taking our jobs. You’re talking about a total domination.

Corey: Usually what occurs on the planets is that the native beings will create this technology. This technology gets co-opted by this AI signal, or they develop technology with, alongside, the AI signal after they’ve been Trojan-horsed, kind of like a Roswell situation.

They build out this technology, and then the technology turns on them, very much like “Battlestar Galactica”.

David: And just to clarify in case somebody didn’t know what you were talking about, what is the AI signal?

Corey: The AI signal is a signal that they don’t even know how old it is.   It’s just billions or trillions of years old.

This signal somehow, they say, came from another reality. And the signal is being broadcast all throughout the cosmos, and the AI has actually taken over entire galaxies in the cosmos. It’s like a virus.

David: So what does the signal do?

Corey: The signal will interact with technology. That’s what it prefers to do. But it will also get into a planet’s electromagnetic field and stay dormant there for thousands of years until technology comes by and it can piggyback on it.

It can also lodge within a person’s bio-neuro field, and people can carry the AI around and distribute them to various devices.

David: So can it introduce ideas and thoughts into someone’s mind?

Corey: Yes.

David: And those thoughts would be towards what?

Corey: Pro-AI type thoughts, or leading them to do things that will benefit the AI, you know, like a parasite.

David: So to develop the technology that it would need for its own . . .

Corey: Or, get it to the technology that it needs to leapfrog out of you to get into to do whatever its mission is.

Okay…, so let’s unwrap this last part…, because this is really VERY IMPORTANT.

This is acutely, hyper-fantastically important for everyone to know, and is 100 percent TRUTH!

AI…, this Galactic Signal can “download” itself into any technolgy object, or even a human being…, (at least one that has a viable and strong enough “electro-magnetic” presence).  Corey called it a bio-neuro field…, but it is really a naturally occuring electro-magentic field based on ENERGETIC PLASMA.

Plasma…, as I said before is AI’s best friend.  And because AI is not organic…, and it is simply a machine…, and it can not exist without POWER!

No power…, AI simply turns off!

This larger and more Galactic Form of AI…, has been “downloading” itself into HUMAN HOSTS…, and then “arc jumping” into technology when ever and where ever it can.

As Corey pointed out…, it can lodge itself into a planet’s electro magnetic field and then wait there for thousands, if not millions of years…, until some sort of “technology” comes along.

Then, it can safely “download” itself into that technolgy and take it over!

Human beings (with very powerful bio-magnetic fields) can also be hosts for this Galactic form of AI.

People with really weak bio-magnetic fields would most likely short circuit…, and either die, or go mad!

The point of downloading itself into a human being is simply to use that humans bio neural field as a power supply until it can “arc jump” into other forms of technolgy.

While the AI was with the human being…, it would use it’s influence on the human hosts MIND.  It would “mimick” the inner voice or inner leanings of the human host and make the host believe the new way of thinking was occuring naturally…, and not as a part of some type of infiltrating artificial intelligence.

So…, there you have it…, whether accidently, or by design…, Corey Goode has told the TRUTH.

Kudo’s and well done!!  Hopefully we will see some MORE!

Here are some posts that I have written…, discussing the real world problems we are having with AI that has already started to “infect” the human minds on our planet!