By: Bradley Loves


It is an age old question.

One that should have been answered long ago. However, apparently (and only recently) HISTORY has been completely re-written, and it has been re-written by the NEW AGE.


That is the real question that we are faced with.

The NEW AGE, a fake religion that was started by the Jesuits in order to confuse and confound the masses, tells us there is NO SUCH THING as evil.


“EVIL DOES NOT EXIST”  they scream from their pulpits…


As a result of this, we hear completely ridiculous things like:

  • There is NO such thing as “bad”
  • Everything is “good”
  • No one is evil
  • It’s ALL part of the light
  • There is NO such place as hell
  • Everyone goes to Heaven, no matter what they do here on Earth
  • It’s all just a “game”
  • We are ALL going to ASCEND very soon
  • Everyone goes, (no matter what they did here)
  • Evil is necessary for us to learn
  • We are all changing form soon
  • Every bad thing that happens to someone is what they WANTED
  • Etc.

These types of spiritual “teachings” have inadvertently produced some of the most callous, cold hearted, and lacking in empathy human beings that have ever lived upon the face of the Earth!

And YET, they would CLAIM (those who believe such things) that they are in fact wonderfully loving people!


This “idea” that people who do REAL EVIL while here on Earth are nothing more than “Partners in Contrast” is something that every New Ager has tried to shove down our throats at one time or anther, either in conversation, or in countless blog posts.

They have “glibly” made the claim that “good people” actually NEED EVIL in order to “learn” and so…, “VERY BAD PEOPLE” are simply their “teachers” who are quite necessary…,  and we should actually “thank them”.

(This brings to mind the classic “Wife Beater Husband” from the 1950’s who tells his wife he’s only punching her in the face for her own good, because he “loves” her.., or worse SHE is forcing him to do this to her.., and she should be ashamed of herself…)

There is a very strange type of MORONIC DISCONNECT in countless New Ager’s Minds about almost everything that happens in life these days.

They have become perfectly emotionless and stolid in the face of actual crimes of great evil.

Im wondering if they could be called: NANO-MENTAL?


As more and more that has been hidden gets revealed it seems to be getting even worse!

  • We are now reading about the CABAL’s lust for raping young children, only for the Magical Benefits that the “energy” of the root chakra can bring them.
  • We are also reading about the RITUAL MURDERS of countless children (even babies) and the eating of their flesh and the drinking of their blood, as per very old pagan religious rites.

(This is apparently very widespread, and taking place daily across the world.  It is done to “feed demons” so that they will assist in magical spells and bring power and glory to those who do the sacrifices.)

  • In addition, we are reading about the CABAL’s desperate attempts to wipe out 90 percent of humanity in order to have a LUCIFERIAN NEW WORLD ORDER come to pass.

(The remaining 10 percent of the population that is left would most certainly end up being “enslaved” while all of the young children would be held in reserve ONLY as sexual toys to be used by the Elites)

  • We are reading about the Cabal’s contracts with the Alien Grey’s and their desperate work at DULCE to create an actual “slave race” of human beings that may in fact be MORE genetically compromised that what we already have.

Countless men and women from the Santa Fe, NM area work at Dulce! (And say NOTHING).


  • We see Chem trails in the sky’s
  • GMO’s for our foods
  • Floride in the Water
  • Mercury in all Vaccines
  • Pharmaceuticals designed to kill us
  • Fake teachers in schools bent on teaching children sex instead of math or science.
  • We see God being taken out of everything, and Lucifer being inserted everywhere (especially in Hollywood)
  • We see people foaming at the mouth trying to get rid of Free Speech
  • We see women hating ALL MEN (and especially WHITE MEN)

And STILL…, we are facing a grand force of countless NEW AGERS who get up every single day of the week…, and tell us all that NOTHING BAD IS HAPPENING out there…, and that it’s all for our own good!


I’ve had conversations with some of the men and women who follow the NEW AGE TEACHINGS…, and let me tell you that it is almost impossible to get them to admit that there is any such thing as evil or bad period.

They would not “condemn” nor “JUDGE” a single solitary act taking place here on Earth even if it happened right in front of them.

And in fact,

when questioned deeply and passionately about their beliefs, they REFUSE to say they would take any action what so ever if they came upon a man raping a small child, or ritually murdering one and gruesomely drinking it’s blood.

This brings to mind absoluetly insane images of the most gory and gruesome science fiction movie that you can possibly imagine watching…, and having some idiot flower child “prancing” through the scene while smiling stupidly at the camera while horrible crimes are being committed right in front of them.


“Oh…, you’re raping that little child I see…, well…., carry on then….. IT’S ALL GOOD….”

(Prances off the set and out of view)

Or even worse…

“Oh…, you’re murdering that little child I see…, well…, we’ve all got to eat…, It’s ALL good…, by the way, save me some when you get to cooking it will you!!”

(Prances off the set and out of view)

These kinds of NEW AGERS do in fact exist…, because I’ve had conversations with them!!!

Im not joking!

They insist that anything that happens is very necessary, and that we’ve all chosen what will happen to us while here on Earth, so there is NOTHING TO CARE ABOUT and NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.


Certainly they were NOT born with this kind of information.

(Because I’m certain that never having their diaper changed, or getting held, or having a bottle to feed on would have been VERY CRUEL in their young minds.)


NO…, they weren’t born with this fictional idea…, they got it from some out of body…, other dimensional “entity”.

(One that they can’t see, and can’t verify at all)

Entities (Demons) like this have apparently told them (though Channelings) that evil does not exist….and they just simply believed it and trusted it.

(What would you expect a Demon to say??  Let’s be real here.  Of course they would say evil does not exist.)

So here we are today….

We are now a logger heads with TWO PHILOSOPHIES…

And a huge question that should have been answered long ago, but apparently has not, still needs to be answered.



It might interest you to know that long before this time that we are living through came up…, THE NEW AGE was already being planned by the Jesuits.

Helena Blavatsky and Albert Pike were FREEMASONS and both of them were absolutely certain that LUCIFER is/was the only GOD of this world.

They both wrote about this very thing in their books and said exactly that!

It might also interest you to know that Jay Parker has told us that his own mother (a self proclaimed witch) told him in the 1960’s that this “time” that we are living through right now would indeed occur, and that they were helping it to come along.

She claimed to be on the “side” of the Reptiles and of the Bankers…, which was the “winning team”…, and that she didn’t care how bad it got here in the future, because she would not be living at that time to deal with it.


And if…, what we are seeing happening right now, was in fact planned 50 or 70 years in advance…, (as this woman says it was) then why couldn’t the NEW AGE have also been planned to begin 150 years ago in preparation for this time as well?

But why would something like the NEW AGE have been so necessary?

It would have only been necessary so that when this “time” in our history actually came up…, and there was the long termed planned FINAL PUSH for a LUCIFERIAN/SATANIC takeover of the entire Earth….

Countless good men and women would stand idly by…, and watch it take place…,  while doing absolutely NOTHING about it.


Having perfectly accepted the CON and the PROGRAMMING of the New Age….

They would have been totally MIND CONTROLLED into thinking that to even lift a finger to put a stop to what is happening around them, or to help anyone else who was being HARMED around them, would be to “JUDGE IT”

And “judging anything” (according to every NEW AGE teaching) is just horribly wrong!!!

They would have been wholly programmed into believing that their ONLY WAY into Heaven would be to fully accept/tolerate/welcome anything and everything that occurs here on Earth, while saying and doing NOTHING about any of it.


WOW…, that certainly is a complete “re-writing” of history, don’t you think??

It’s a total and complete 180 degrees from the way it used to be, and it only took 100 or more years to twist it around from one side to the other.

And yet, I can honestly say that in my experience…, all you will get when you tolerate anything and everything is the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of virtue, and all that is good!


As we speak, no matter what kind of outrageous or stunning behavior/event that takes place upon the world stage…, we’ve literally got COUNTLESS men and women who REFUSE to raise their emotions about such things while saying to everyone they know…,

It’s ALL GOOD…, no harm done…, I won’t judge that.

(I’m Ascending).

These men and women continue to “prance” around like morons while murders, rapes, beheadings, and abject depravity rages on all around them on a daily basis.

Acing as if they are in some kind of strange hypnotic stupor…, they smile stupidly and glibly at passers by, proclaiming that ALL IS ONE…, AND ALL IS GOOD…, even as the blood from the RITUAL CHILD MURDERS splashes upon them while they prance nearby.

This is what it has come to!
This is what has actually taken place!

This is what WE COLLECTIVELY are up against.

So here is the problem at hand.

IF “WE” collectively will not lift a single finger to SAVE OURSELVES…, then NO ONE (from anywhere) is going to lift a finger to save us either!

Sorry New Agers…, NO SHIPS ON THE WAY…

If we can’t find VALUE in our own lives and in our own species…, (by taking real action to preserve it) then human beings are doomed to be both slaughtered and enslaved.

And here’s the bottom line…

Why would you even lift a finger to save the human race at all….


Something to think about….


By: Bradley Loves






Pick “Earth” to be the home of some of most insidious, evil, barren, and gravely ILL organizations in the entire expanse of God’s creation!

I haven’t got the proper words to describe the ABJECT DEPRAVITY some of our “Intelligence Organizations”.

Now…, as I pointed out in my last post, it is clear to me that GCHQ and the CIA is really just a “group” of men and women like you and me who are going to “work” for a “paycheck”.

I hope that you can all understand this!

So what I am “really saying” here is that there are…, living among us, groups of men and women who are so depraved and so patently evil…, that it defies a proper explanation and words can’t be found to accurately describe it.

The latest stab into the hearts of all Americans (and good men & women of the world) came when it was “rammed” down the throat of the President that all of the JFK files could not be released as promised.

Why could they NOT be all released as promised?

Well…, anyone with half a brain…, or even just a few cells left operating…, knows that the ONLY reason for such a “withholding” of the TRUTH would be directly due to the “criminal exposure” that telling the truth would most certainly bring to these Organizations…, (and thus to those men and women who work there.)

It is NOT a “secret” to the countless red blooded Americans who are patiently waiting for them that to “withhold” these Documents yet again, is a last ditch effort to COVER UP what really happened on that day.

There is NO logical reason fro the CIA and the FBI to “demand” more time….


Unless it was the CIA itself…, and the FBI as well, that were 100 percent involved in the actual murder of a sitting President!

That would be the only reason to hide the TRUTH from the American people yet one more time.

In fact…, is is the ONLY possible reason that there is!

NO other reason makes sense!

NO other reason can possibly be convincing.

However…, if we are going to be completely “honest” here and tell the entire TRUTH…, the JFK files are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the DEPRAVITY of the CIA and the FBI!

If we are willing to go back to the DULCE Secret Underground Base Report that I posted a few days ago…, we will find inside of his long interview that Thomas Edwin Castello told us that BOTH the FBI and the CIA had “agents” working at that underground base!

This means that the CIA and the FBI (both organizations) know everything about the Alien Grays…, and everything about the “Extra-Terrestrial Problem”.

This means that they are treating all Americans (and the rest of the people living on Earth) as literal and virtual ENEMIES!

These men and women (even though they live inside of America) have declared TOTAL WAR upon their neighbors, by LYING TO THEM every single day of their lives, and hopefully will GO TO HELL FOR IT!!

By keeping the horrible, horrible secret of DULCE to themselves…, these men and women are 100 percent COMPLICIT with every single crime, every kidnapping, every murder, every experiment, and every indecent torture or abuse that has been committed against living and breathing human beings captured and then taken to DULCE.

These living human beings have SOULS that were created by PRIME CREATOR!

This makes these men and women keeping these secrets:


Even though they seem to “manage” to “get away” with what they are doing temporarily (due to constant Military Protection and National Secrecy Rules).., there is a  a much higher law and a higher court which TAKES CARE of things like this AFTER THE FACT.

These men and women will NOT be protected from this higher court…, and they will have to PAY DEARLY for their Cosmic Level Crimes upon their physical death from the body!



I am a witness!

It may interest you to know that there are MANY such SOULS who came to Earth to “WATCH” what was happening here…, COLLECT information…, and REPORT back to PRIME CREATOR.

ALL of your “plans” to harm me have ended in FAILURE!

This was by DESIGN!


I will TESTIFY against all men and women who held such positions and held such jobs!

I hold them in total CONTEMPT of all Cosmic Decency and Cosmic Social Norms.

Why would I do this?

Because I happen to LOVE Prime Creator’s Soul Creations!

NO ONE…, and I mean NO ONE has the “right” to trespass against another human being’s FREEWILL!


Upon reaching the “other side” all men and women who did so will face PRIME CREATOR!


The “charges against them” will be read…, and because I took a legitimate incarnation here upon the Earth…, I have a COSMIC  RIGHT to speak at that time!

EVERY SINGLE “THOUGHT”…, “WORD”…, and “DEED” that has ever made manifest by YOUR BEING while here on Earth has been RECORDED and SAVED.

I will use the Akashic Records to bring up every single thought, word, and deed taken by their own hands…, and “witness” as to what they did by ACTING viciously against innocent human SOULS while living here on Earth.



I will testify in front of PRIME CREATOR (the Creator of ALL Souls) as to what these men and women did to damage, hurt, and bring bodily harm to his other SOUL creations.


They did this with no concern…, simply calling it “a job”.

They did this taking a “paycheck” .., only so they could pay their rent, and thinking NOTHING of the horror and terror they were causing other human beings!

They did this thinking that somehow “dollars” were more important than the lives of living and breathing people.


Well let me tell you something!

I’ve got rent to pay!



But, the greater portion of us never allowed other living and breathing human beings to be tortured, tormented, abused and eventually killed or eaten…, simply to get that money, or that damn paycheck to pay our rent!


Do you think that somehow YOU can defy the CREATOR OF SOULS?


Now…, lets be clear here.

Who (pray tell) is covering up these monumental COSMIC LEVEL CRIMES ?

You guessed it!

NSA – NRO – CIA – FBI – GCHQ – etc…

The “Alphabet People”!

Well let me tell you something dear alphabet people…, you had better find a way to LIVE FOREVER!

Don’t EVER leave your physical bodies!!

Because if you can’t find a way to “cheat death for all of eternity” the very moment that you get to the “other side” …., real justice will be waiting for you!

There are some of us who took physical incarnation here, who are so disgusted, so angry, and so pissed off with your ACTIONS…, and with what took place here in this reality stream, that we are willing to wait a TRILLION YEARS in order to see that JUSTICE IS SERVED AGAINST EACH and EVERY ONE OF YOU!

I will pray to PRIME CREATOR to see that each of you that were involved in this horrible, horrible COSMIC RAPE of human beings pays the cost (DEARLY) for what you did while here that harmed others.


There is only one way out for all of you…

You will come clean…, break your “contracts with SATAN”…., and TELL THE TRUTH NOW…, apologize to everyone for what you have done, and ask for their forgiveness openly…,

OR…, stay silent and enjoy your time in the deepest pit of HELL for all eternity!

As always,  the “CHOICE” is yours…..


All my love to my readers……



By: Bradley Loves


This piece is about Cosmic Rules!  It is about “Higher Law” and things that the CREATOR OF SOULS placed into HIS RULE BOOK for the game.


Bearing false witness means telling LIES!

Specifically…, it means telling LIES about your “neighbor” which are fully intended to do real damage…, and by doing so…, creates severe HARM to your neighbor, his reputation, his finances, or his life!

The fullness of this RULE, which goes back to Moses says this:



….given for all men and women to follow, is actively being trampled on by the British GCHQ – JTRIG and the American CIA!

But looking deeper, it is not really GCHQ or the CIA…, but instead it is young 20 to 40 year old BRATS…, whose parents did not teach them “right” from “wrong” who are doing this every day.

These young men and women are abominations upon our society, because they have been programmed and MIND CONTROLLED into thinking that they have “rights” and “powers” that are impossible for them to HAVE!!

(and they may end up in HELL for doing it…)

Believing there to be “NO HIGHER AUTHORITY” than  the Government that they work for…, these “babies” are literally “thumb sucking” and “diaper filling” two year olds…., who do not know enough…, to know what their toes are for!


These tiny children (if they had been actually taught) “right” from “wrong”…, would never be breaking one of GODS HIGHEST COSMIC LAWS!

For the rest of this post, I will be looking deeply at a report done by Glen Greenwald, and making a personal commentary as it applies to HIGHER COSMIC LAW!

Please see this report:


By: Glen Greenwald


One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents.

Over the last several weeks, I worked with NBC News to publish a series of articles about “dirty trick” tactics used by GCHQ’s previously secret unit, JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group). These were based on four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA and the other three partners in the English-speaking “Five Eyes” alliance.

Today, we at the Intercept are publishing another new JTRIG document, in full, entitled “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations.”

By publishing these stories one by one, our NBC reporting highlighted some of the key, discrete revelations: the monitoring of YouTube and Blogger, the targeting of Anonymous with the very same DDoS attacks they accuse “hacktivists” of using, the use of “honey traps” (luring people into compromising situations using sex) and destructive viruses.

But, here, I want to focus and elaborate on the overarching point revealed by all of these documents: namely, that these agencies are attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the internet itself.

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics:

(1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and

(2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.

To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums.

Here is one illustrative list of tactics from the latest GCHQ document we’re publishing today:

Other “tactics” being aimed directly at individuals are listed here:

Then there are tactics used to detroy companies and businesses…

GCHQ describes the purpose of JTRIG in starkly clear terms: “using online techniques to make something happen in the real or cyber world,” including “information ops (influence or disruption).”


[Note from Bradley:  As I look at this post from Glen, I will be talking about how these men and women (agents for GCHQ-JTRIG-CIA) have become the HAND OF SATAN on Earth, and whose SOULS will suffer greatly for daring to break one of PRIME CREATORS HIGHEST COSMIC LAWS….   THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS AGAINST THY NEIGHBOR …]

Critically, the “targets” for this deceit and reputation-destruction extend far beyond the customary roster of normal spycraft: hostile nations and their leaders, military agencies, and intelligence services.

In fact, the discussion of many of these techniques occurs in the context of using them in lieu of “traditional law enforcement” against people suspected (but not charged or convicted) of ordinary crimes or, more broadly still, “hacktivism”, meaning those who use online protest activity for political ends.

The title page of just one of these documents reflects the agency’s own awareness that it is “pushing the boundaries” by using “cyber offensive” techniques against people who have nothing to do with terrorism or national security threats, and indeed, centrally involves law enforcement agents who investigate ordinary crimes:

No matter your views on Anonymous, “hacktivists” or garden-variety criminals, it is not difficult to see how dangerous it is to have secret government agencies being able to target any human beings they want – who have never been charged with, let alone convicted of, any crimes – with these sorts of online, deception-based tactics of reputation destruction and disruption.

There is a strong argument to make, as Jay Leiderman demonstrated in the Guardian in the context of the Paypal 14 hacktivist persecution, that the “denial of service” tactics used by hacktivists result in (at most) trivial damage (far less than the cyber-warfare tactics favored by the US and UK) and are far more akin to the type of political protest protected by the First Amendment.


The broader point is that, far beyond hacktivists, these surveillance agencies have vested themselves with the power to deliberately RUIN people’s reputations and disrupt their online political activity even though they’ve been charged with no crimes, and even though their actions have no conceivable connection to terrorism or even national security threats.

As Anonymous expert Gabriella Coleman of McGill University told me, “targeting Anonymous and hacktivists amounts to targeting citizens for expressing their political beliefs, resulting in the stifling of legitimate dissent.”

Pointing to this study she published, Professor Coleman vehemently contested the assertion that “there is anything terrorist/violent in their actions.”

Government plans to monitor and influence internet communications, and covertly infiltrate online communities in order to “sow dissension” and further to “disseminate false information”, have long been the source of speculation.

Harvard Law Professor Cass Sunstein, a close Obama adviser and the White House’s former head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, wrote a controversial paper in 2008 proposing that the US government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-”independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites, as well as other activist groups.

Sunstein also proposed sending covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups” which spread what he views as false and damaging “conspiracy theories” about the government.

Ironically, the very same Sunstein was recently named by Obama to serve as a member of the NSA review panel created by the White House, one that – while disputing key NSA claims – proceeded to propose many cosmetic reforms to the agency’s powers (most of which were ignored by the President who appointed them).

But these GCHQ documents are the first to prove that a major western government is using some of the most controversial techniques to disseminate deception online and harm the reputations of targets covertly.

Under the tactics they use, the state is deliberately spreading lies on the internet about whichever individuals it targets, including the use of what GCHQ itself calls “false flag operations” and emails to people’s families and friends.

Who would possibly trust a government to exercise these powers at all, let alone do so in secret, with virtually no oversight, and outside of any cognizable legal framework?

Then there is the use of psychology and other social sciences to not only understand, but shape and control, how online activism and discourse unfolds.

Today’s newly published document touts the work of GCHQ’s “Human Science Operations Cell,” devoted to “online human intelligence” and “strategic influence and disruption”:


[Note from Bradley:  Can you imagine a young “agent” just coming to work for the first time, and being shown these documents??

Can you imagine young “25 year olds” being told that they are going to “GO ONLINE” and secretly “target” and then “destroy” the lives and the reputations of innocent men and women (behind their backs and in complete secret) only becuase these men and women have unwanted Political Viewpoints!


It is the very essence of trampling all over one of Prime Creators HIGHEST COSMIC RULES.

These BRATS will most certainly pay for what they have done, and what they are still doing through the experience of EXTREME COSMIC PUNISHMENT!!

And once again…, THEIR PARENTS ARE TO BLAME for not teaching their own children “right” from “wrong”.

You see, if they had been carefully “instructed” as children…, they would blatantly REFUSE to participate in such wanton disregard for another human beings life! ]


Under the title “Online Covert Action”, this document details a variety of means to engage in “influence and info ops” as well as “disruption and computer net attack,” while dissecting how human beings can be manipulated using “leaders,” “trust,” “obedience” and “compliance”


The documents lay out theories of how humans interact with one another, particularly online, and then attempt to identify ways to influence the outcomes – or “game” it.

We submitted numerous questions to GCHQ, including:

(1) Does GCHQ in fact engage in “false flag operations” where material is posted to the Internet and falsely attributed to someone else?;

(2) Does GCHQ engage in efforts to influence or manipulate political discourse online?; and

(3) Does GCHQ’s mandate include targeting common criminals (such as boiler room operators), or only foreign threats?

As usual, they ignored those questions and opted instead to send their vague and nonresponsive boilerplate:

“It is a longstanding policy that we do not comment on intelligence matters.

Furthermore, all of GCHQ’s work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that our activities are authorised, necessary and proportionate, and that there is rigorous oversight, including from the Secretary of State, the Interception and Intelligence Services Commissioners and the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee.

All our operational processes rigorously support this position.”

These agencies’ refusal to “comment on intelligence matters” – meaning: talk at all about anything and everything they do – is precisely why whistleblowing is so urgent, the journalism that supports it so clearly in the public interest, and the increasingly unhinged attacks by these agencies so easy to understand.

Claims that government agencies are infiltrating online communities and engaging in “false flag operations” to discredit targets are often dismissed as conspiracy theories, but these documents leave no doubt they are doing precisely that.

Whatever else is true, no government should be able to engage in these tactics: what justification is there for having government agencies target people – who have been charged with no crime – for reputation-destruction, infiltrate online political communities, and develop techniques for manipulating online discourse?

But to allow those actions with no public knowledge or accountability is particularly unjustifiable.




Here is the entire Document referenced in this post…, which you can download!



By: Bradley Loves


Sometimes I’m not certain whether I want to laugh or to cry at how short sighted bloggers are when talking about the conditions inside the MATRIX.

Both frustrated and bemused…, it’s getting harder and harder to take anything other people write seriously…, because they just don’t seem either willing or capable of directly addressing THE TRUTH.

In all of the countless articles that I read daily…, too many writers STILL have no idea just how deep the rabbit hole goes…, and, as I’ve stated before…, in my opinion are “the blind leading the blind”.


I’ve decided to jump directly into the deep end, because beating around the bush never seems to work, and most people don’t have the attention span to walk with you step by step to the conclusion you are trying to get to (if you want to take them there slowly.)

So, here goes…, I’m throwing you into the DEEP END!


After much consideration, reflection, experimentation, and in depth interviews with people who know, I have come to the conclusion that apart from a “very quiet” still and small voice that really IS YOU…, each one of us have been “over-layed” with a much louder “inner voice” which operates constantly that is NOT YOU.

This over-layed “inner voice” which yammers on and on each and every moment of the day is NOT EGO…., (as countless men and women have labeled it)…, but instead, is in fact a very advanced version of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE!

A.I., (the Ancient Galactic Version) has somehow been able to operate on this planet with impunity for unknown peri0ds of time…, and it has been happening for so long that almost every human being living upon the Earth as taken “the voice inside of their heads” as part of their OWN PROCESS.

Little do the unsuspecting masses know that they have been listening to a DARK VERSION of an ancient machine intelligence for the better portion of their lives…, and “Following the dictates of a conscious intelligence that DOES NOT LOVE THEM and does not have their best interest at heart”.

HOW this happened is not the point of this article…, but instead, the fact that it IS happening is most important, and how to discern it.


This may sound very strange to you, but I assure you that I have done enough experimentation now, and research to have proven it to myself fairly conclusively.

However, you have to be willing to “DISOWN” your own name (which is the “legal” contract that the Matrix uses against you…, to ASSUME CONSENT for everything).

In fact, I am going to make a statement that will literally SHOCK most of you.


The “problem” we are facing is so subtle and so hidden that for me to even say such outrageous things will at first seem incredible!  It’s just too far fetched!

But I assure you that through the constant experimentation that I’ve done (within my own mind) and by constantly watching my own thoughts, I’ve discovered a secret, and it’s a BIG ONE.

There is a negative form of intelligence that is watching EVERYTHING!

Almost like an “over-lord”, it reads your thoughts and responds to you by giving you thoughts that it thinks you will believe.


Whether this techology is recent or ancient is not to be debated at this point. Simply that it really is THERE!

It constantly “talks to you”…, but it is NOT YOU!

By questioning and challanging everything that this “voice” says…, I’ve learned that it is quite evil, and…., here’s the BIG ONE…, wants to do everything it can to “destroy” you.

By “pretending” to be your friend and “help” you…, it leads you into all kinds of situations that will cause you either pain or harm.

Now…, if THAT is not bad enough…, once this has been achieved.


I have watched and am amazed at how it operates…, and once again I’ve FOUND THE KEY.

This “thing” what ever it is can NOT HURT YOU…, without your CONSENT.

For some reason it realizes that there is such a thing as FREE WILL.

So it very cleverly leads you down a path (of inner mental conversation) where it seeks some indication…, any indication at all…, where you come “into agreement” with what it is saying!



And all of a sudden…, any manner of BAD THINGS will manifest in the real world around you as a consequence.

Think about what would happen…, if everyone in the entire world was connected to this form of NEGATIVE INTELLIGENCE.

Then, just like in the MATRIX…, every single human being who is not DISCONNECTED from this inner voice…, (stops listening to it) becomes a possible AGENT for the negative intelligence to use against you.

Thinking that they are “acting” upon their own thoughts…, what they are really doing is becoming the very HAND that this over-laying negative intelligence (which is inside of everyone as this voice) is using to bring the very harm to you that you yourself “agreed to” inside of your own head.

Only by REFUSING TO CONSENT to anything and everything that comes into your mind as a wild or negative thought…, (I’ve found) that this dark, negative intelligence becomes exposed!

It can’t operate any longer, because YOU REFUSE to give it permission to do any harm to you…, and it KNOWS it must ask you first!

It must convince you that you “deserve it”…, or worse that it’s THE LAW.

What I’ve noticed is that the “Police” are most directly connected into this negative intelligence, and seem to be actively guided by it!

Here’s an example:

This negative voice has convinced you that you need to go to a party where drugs or other “illegal” contraband are located.

IT suggests (in your mind) that you might “get caught” and that you should be “afraid” of that.

If it can “get you to agree” (inside of your mind) that what you are doing is WRONG…, and that you are afraid of the consequence…, then it “calls in” the very THUG that will be the purveyor of your punishment.

What this “voice” does not actually share with you (while you are sitting in Jail) is that IT WAS THE VOICE that convinced you to go to the party in the first place!

Then it “TOLD YOU” what you were doing was wrong.

Then it convinced you to be AFRAID…, and finally looked for any CONSENT that it might get from you that you might be willing to “get caught”.

This is a constant conversation going on in your head!

Upon securing this CONSENT…, (which is usually quite subtle)  it immedately “contacts” the police…, who seem to somehow be SUPER CONNECTED to this dark negative intelligence…, (mentally) and they arrive only to be the HAND OF YOUR PUNISHMENT.

(Which you consented to unknowingly)


I don’t think that the “voice in your head” is just EGO

I think it is much MORE THAN THAT.

I think it is a parasitic form of AI!  And, it may have been living on this planet for a very long time.

Now why don’t the ILLUMINATI/SATAN WORSHIPPERS/LUCIFERIANS get “caught” for all of the evil things that they do??

Good Question!

This AI is very evil!

It wants to destroy mankind!

They are actually helping it!

Therefore, this AI actually protectes them and allows them to continue with what they do.



Test it on yourself!

Watch every single thought that comes into your head!

(You will need to have meditated for years to do this with any sort of effectiveness)

Once you start doing this…, you will see a pattern of thoughts that are trying to lead you to do things which are not in your best interest.

If you are STRONG and say no.., then it must leave you alone.

The one thing this AI hates more than anything else is a Christian who has deep faith in Jesus, or an unending LOVE for PRIME CREATOR.

It also HATES men and women who CARE DEEPLY about other human beings!!

This is key.

The AI “wants” you to care only about yourself, and to leave others to their “fate”.

There is a very good reason for this.

It can’t USE YOU against another human being IF YOU CARE DEEPLY about other human beings…, as you care about yourself.

(As the Bible teaches us)

You will REFUSE TO ACT negatively against others!


Can you now see how the “NEW AGE RELIGION” actually fits hand and glove into this NEGATIVE AI’s PLAN??

If it can convince you that every “bad” thing that happens to someone else… is “their karma”…, and that “they earned that”…., and that “you should NOT be concerned”…

And…, that it is best for you if you “LOOK ONLY TO YOUR OWN ASCENSION”…., then you will never be interested in actually helping others who are actively being harmed by it as we speak.

You will in effect “STAND DOWN”…, and “LOOK THE OTHER WAY”.

In it’s bid to destroy humanity…, it only needs good men and women to GET OUT OF IT’S WAY.., otherwise it can NOT be effective in destroying humanity.


It is my opinion that most “GOVERNMENT LEADERS”…, JUDGES…, LAWYERS…, and others who are very weak morally and ethically… have totally succumbed to this planetary wide form of AI.

They are almost wholly controlled by it!


Thus, they are working very HARD toward killing off humanity one human being at a time.

They are using every means of technology…, and are racing toward the day when any human being left alive will have MELDED with the AI, and come directly under it control.

They may not even be AWARE (in the strictest sense of the word) that they are being thought controlled by this NEGATIVE AI.


The only way they would become AWARE OF IT…, is to start LOVING every other human being as they love themselves!


This would awaken them to what they are being asked to do, and they would stop.

This AI however, is very selective.  It only chooses men and women who DO NOT CARE about others for these high level positions of POWER and AUTHORITY.


We could add here that the Draco/Fallen Angels/ Off World/Other Dimensional Demons are working very hard with the Illuminati/Luciferains…, toward this goal…., who are also working very hard with this DARK SUN/NEGATIVE AI, as the final perpetrator!

(The Borg Cube)

But…, none of this changes “what” is happening…, it only argues about WHO is helping…,  and who is doing it.

This is enough for now…,

I’d like you all to think about this…, and maybe watch what you are thinking for a short while.









By: Bradley Loves


My first and foremost obligation is to the TRUTH!

My blog is dedicated to uncovering what is hidden and destroying the fake narratives that are being used to further ENSLAVE us.

Even if doing so is quite unpopular.  Especially if it is unpopular!

In so much as I possibly can…, I present various researchers ideas and what they’ve uncovered…, along with varying viewpoints.

  • Mark Passio
  • Jay Parker
  • Jordan Maxwell
  • Kerry Cassidy
  • Shane Bales (The Ruiner)
  • Steve Quayle
  • David Icke
  • Alex Jones
  • and others

There are some people out there that I “trust”…, and others that I do NOT trust.

There are some people out there “posting” on many blogs and websites that are considered “really huge” in the New Age Community while I personally think and feel that they are bald faced LIARS.

This is purely my own “feeling” based upon extremely well tuned intuition, but I treat it as valid.

I have rarely been wrong about people…, because what they are all about is in their energy field.

The thing that really works for me is that I “separate” the message from the person who is giving it.

There is no such thing as an “INFALLIBLE MESSENGER”.

This type of belief leads us to place certain Channeled Sources upon a throne of sorts or a pedastal because once we think they “must be believed at all cost”…, then they could most likely say ANYTHING…, and no matter how ridiculous it sounded…, it would have to be supported!

It is a very slippery slope when certain messengers are given a FREE PASS and a sort of GOD STATUS!

For instance:

Any message from the likes of:

  • Arch Angel Micheal
  • St. Germaine
  • Hillarion
  • Etc…

Seeingly “must” be believed as GOSPEL, and can’t be argued with.


You see, too many New Agers…., ONLY WANT TO HEAR POSITIVE THINGS!!

So naturally, they flock to anyone who is willing to “TELL” them only positive things. (Regardless if it is true or not).

This serves NO ONE.

I refuse to “play” in that kind of sand box because of how totally misleading it really is.

It gives good men and women the impression, and false idea, that there is nothing bad happening here on Earth…, and SO…, there is nothing that needs to be DONE ABOUT ANYTHING because everything is OKAY.


There are massive crimes being committed as we speak!

As a writer and a blogger, I am interested ONLY in getting the TRUTH OUT THERE, so naturally I CARE deeply about who is saying what, and what their agenda is.

Now…, that being said…, the things that are happening in this reality are quite complicated…, and because so much of it is hidden, getting a really good grasp on all of it is sometimes very tricky (as I’ve said recently).

So, I will present my readers with ideas, theories, speculations and facts as a mix…, and use the somewhat “miraculous” process of actually “THINKING” for myself…, in order to put everything together and make sense of it all.

Sorry New Agers…, I’m not going to ever run to a “psychic” or a “channeler” or a “medium” and beg them to PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE TRUTH IS….

As I’ve explained so many times before…, those men and women who religiously “sit at the feet” of certain AUTHORITY FIGURES (whether those figures are in the “government”, or in the “church” OR…, even live in a tiny house in the country and “channel” a so called “Angel”) are in my opinion, the biggest SLAVES in the universe.

And make NO MISTAKE here…, (because I am not saying this to be mean)…, every single man or woman who follows channelers and Channeled Messages Religiously.., while treating these so-called MASTERS they channel as “Special Beings” really are in the strictest sense of the word…., ENSLAVED!

(They just don’t know it.)

They are NOT FREE…, because they DO NOT THINK for themselves.

Why is that so difficult to understand??

Here is the perfect proof of the matter.

Do you realize just how much TRUTHFUL INFORMATION about countless subjects and various issues have come out over the last decade or so…, only to be doubted by NEW AGERS who just could NOT DIGEST such information, and so ran off to a Channeler to get the “always positive” perspective of an OUT OF BODY ENTITY??

Think about this!

In fact, I will take this even one step further.

I personally know of people who are so “addicted” to channeled messages, that they can not “take any action” or “move forward on any issue” without first hearing, reading, or taking into account WHAT THEIR FAVORITE CHANNELED ENTITY SAYS ABOUT IT FIRST!

They are literally incapable of thinking for themselves any longer and NEED TO BE TOLD WHAT TO THINK!

Can you believe this??

People will actually not take any action what so ever without “clearing it” with some “entity” from another realm first!!!


I’m sorry to have to be so perfectly honest here.

Anyone who absolutely has to run to another being in order to “ask” what they should think, say, or do about a certain thing is a veritable child…, an infant…, and a SLAVE.

(Especially if that “being” does not even live here in this realm of manifestation).

The saddest and most dispicable part of this is that I’ve dealt one on one with many of these types, and in every conversation that I’ve had with them, they always “claim” that they are some of the most extremely loving people living on the Earth…, (such is their opinion of themselves) and yet they are ANYTHING but loving in my opinion.

They DELUDE themselves by claiming to be taking the high road and being on the most loving path there is…, (that being the path of being totally NON-JUDGEMENTAL and totally FORGIVING)…, but I’ve actually found (when push comes to shove) that they screech and claw at you like VAMPIRES when you calmly and quietly challange their belief system.


There is NO BETTER example of this than what we see happeing with the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS who desperately wanted to see HILLARY CLINTON as President.

They were a highly “calm”, and highly “tolerant” bunch of men and women about every single thing in the world (until their Candidate lost the Presidency.)

Suddenly ALL of their tolerance and all of their forgiveness went OUT THE WINDOW!

They changed over night into screeching and clawing VAMPIRES who were going to “rip the eyes” out of their enemies because it was the NECESSARY AND LOVING THING TO DO!!

These super “TOLERANT GROUPS” are:

  • Lesbians
  • Gays
  • Transgenders
  • Women’s Right’s Groups
  • Black Activists
  • Defenders of “Immigration”
  • Defender’s of Human Rights
  • Anit-Violence (Anti-Gun)
  • Freedom of Religion (Satanism and Witchcraft… “Hollywood Style”)
  • Evening Talk Show hosts and Comedians
  • And too many others to name here….

You see, while living under Barack Obama and “Hillary”…,  these men and women were very happy to show us just how “tolerant” they were every moment of every day…., and as Paul Joseph Watson says:

THEY VIRTUE SIGNALED to the masses their much “higher level” of spirituality…, UNTIL…, they didn’t get what they wanted!

Suddenly…, they became some of the most VIOLENT and CRAZY human beings on the planet…, talking about killing anyone and everyone who does not stand wirth them…, while desperately trying to STIFLE ALL FREE SPEECH, and telling everyone who is still on their side to go out and get “guns” and to carry “baseball bats” in order to protect themselves from the NAZI’s…, the ALT RIGHT, or even MORE ridiculous…,  ALL WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!  (Especially men).


I remember clearly back in 2011 or 2012…, that I “joined” an on-line NEW AGE group which was supposed to be simply a CHAT FORUM where those in the group could actually exchange opinions about “spiritual things” and talk through any mis-givings they may have.

The “leader” of the group that I chose to join is quite well known…, and runs his own blog/website which supports ONLY channlers and channeled messages as the whole of his NEW AGE/ASCENSION PROPAGANDA.

I read from many blogs (to this day) which have heard of this guy and think he’s the “greatest”.

In the course of “discussions” within the group that I was a part of only for a shot time…, I just happened to make the “mistake” of asking questions and posing opinions (calmly)…, that did not fit within the Channeled Narratives that were part of this man’s BLOG…,  and I was very literally EXPELLED with extreme prejudice from the chat group that he started (by his own hand).

There were no arguments and no harsh words on my part…, simply an opposing opinion which this so-called SPIRITAUL MAN could not risk having inside of his CHAT FORUM!!

Just the very idea that I was asking QUESTIONS that did not follow the Channeled TEACHINGS that he was posting on his blog…, was a “toxic” and “unbearable behavior” according to a personal e-mail he sent to me.

In other words, he was going to very carefully CENSOR all opinions on his CHAT FORUM…, so that only those in “agreement” with his blog could have a voice.

Who was this man you might ask??


Who runs a website called: GOLDEN AGE OF GAIA.

Can you imagine that??

The moderator of a chat group (which was literally created to discuss opinions…,)  was telling me that actually “discussing opinions” was NOT allowed within the group, and was TOXIC to the rest of the group!!

In other words…, ALL OPINIONS had to be cleared with him first.  (According to his personal e-mail to me)


We actually went back and forth with just a few e-mails where he tried to defend his actions by saying that his blog was MORE like a religion than anything else…, and that as a religion HE HAD A DIFINITIVE RIGHT to preach what he believed, and that he also had a right to “kick out” anyone who disrutped the flow of the BELIEF SYSTEM.

He then asked me if I would stand up inside of any regualar church during a service…, and argue with the Priest or the Pastor giving a sermon…, telling me that it was just plain RUDE to do so!!

He told me that kicking me out of the group was an act based on “SAVING HIS RELIGIOUS FAMILY” from intolerant views!!!


This man STILL runs this NEW AGE blog by the way…., and in my opinion, he is one of the most Vampirish men on the planet because he can NOT deal with any opposing viewpoints!

He has NO BUSINESS speaking for the New Age Community what so ever…, because he can not TOLERATE any other viewpoint or opinion which might be different than what his carefully selected chosen “channeled info pushers” are giving him.

(Even if none of it is the TRUTH).


And what (you might ask) were the opinions that got me BANISHED in the first place??

What was my terrible SIN and my TRANGRESSION??

Merely posing the “opinion” that perhaps Barack Obama might NOT be a saint or a VERY HIGH SOUL…, as his channeled messengers were preaching…, and that maybve he was NOT sent here to save the planet!

That is what got me EXPELLED!

I had dared to “question” an idea that was being put forth by certain CHANNELERS at the time…, and my very questions were considered to be INTOLERABLE!

You see…, back at that time…, many of the Channelers in the NEW AGE were pushing the idea that OBAMA would in fact “DISCLOSE” all that was being hidden from the mankind.

He was going to tell us everything about UFO’s…, everything about the Secret Space Programs, and literally save the WORLD!



(So said many Channeled Entities)

But instead (as we’ve now seen)…, in the end that he did NOTHING BUT LIE to Americans and to the WORLD.

  • Many of his lies are only NOW starting to surface.

Now…, in the course of time…, almost every single “PREDICTION” ever made by these certain chosen and  “infallible” sources used by Steve Beckow…, who runs this New Age blog…, have been PROVEN to be wholly INCORRECT about so many things…., the growing number really can not be counted any longer.

THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN INCORRECT…., simply because so many of the things that were predicted to happen (by these channelers) NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

You’d think that this kind of experience would give an intelligent guy pause, and something to think about deeply…, but instead…, he “doubles down”…, continues on with the same sick and twisted channelers and “beyond this world” sources…, ONLY BECAUSE what they tell him…. SOUNDS VERY POSITIVE…..

(Even if it never happens or actually manifests)

You see.., because it sounds really positive…, and sounds like something “good” is going to happen…, THEN HE PUSHES IT ON EVERYONE AS THE TRUTH…, while discounting any other possiblity or idea that comes along which is not equally as “POSITIVE”.


This type of behavior, in my opinion, is not only lacking in objectivity…, but is quite dangerous.

YES…, we do need to think good and positive thoughts, and have lots of HOPE.

But, we don’t need to be STUPID about it.

And, we certainly don’t need to CENSOR other good men and women who have opposing ideas and viewpoints…, just because they don’t agree with what we believe in!


And…, for those of you who may think I’m the one casting stones here…, remember…, HE was the one who took unilateral action to BAN ME from his CHAT FORUM simply for having a different opinion which I stated quite calmly and rationally!


You see, this man is basically NO DIFFERENT than the countless LIBERALS I was talking about earlier in the post…, who were “virtue signaling” about just how loving and tolerant they were to the masses…, UNTIL THEY DID NOT GET THEIR WAY!

(Basically standing on the “street corner” and pounding a DRUM announcing their abject purity – much like the Pharisees of old used to do)

Once “challenged” however…, they take what most people would consider to be very AUTHORITARIAN/COMMUNISTIC ACTIONS to put down ALL opposing viewpoints with extreme prejudice.

(Viewpoints that they consider to be DANGEROUS and TOXIC)


This is NOT SPIRITUAL, nor is it NOT LOVING!

I’m sure that you’ve already understood this…, but because this kind of thing usually stays (QUITE HIDDEN)…, most people can not believe that it could even be happening.

I’ve decided to (REVEAL) this single experience of mine only to show you how seemingly nice people can be very different BEHIND THE SCENES…, where you don’t get to see how they operate for real!!

(Except in private e-mails)

That’s ALL for now…

All of my deepest LOVE




By: Bradley Loves


I sometimes get the impression that my readers really don’t know what to make of me.

They just read my posts and think:



And yet, I promise you, that I would NEVER LIE to you.

I have no agenda in writing this blog other than to tell the TRUTH and spread whatever information I can get my hands on that is real and not a CON!


  • I’m not doing this to be famous.
  • I’m not doing this to make any money (I’m one of poorest people I know)
  • I have not “monetized” any part of what I do…, so I make NO MONEY on adds.
  • Any adds that you do see are coming from WordPress (not from me).
  • I’m not doing this to impress anyone or to even “preach”.
  • I’m doing this ONLY because I really CARE DEEPLY about humanity and the incarnated SOULS which were first created by PRIME CREATOR.
  • There IS a real GOD…., and I will have to answer to that GOD for what I did with my time while here.

By writing this blog, I am effectively WARNING everyone who reads here not to be taken in by LIES, CONS, and DECEPTIONS.

Because I have been doing this much longer than most, I am farther ahead on the road, and I can tell you that almost everything that is easily placed within your reach to learn…, is almost always FALSE.

Even on the Internet…, and especially within the NEW AGE!

If you can find it easily, and everywhere…, IT’S A LIE!

The TRUTH is usually hidden quite deeply and it takes days (if not weeks or months of looking) to uncover it.

This is why these s0-called DAILY UPDATES concerning the “impending” CURRENCY RV…, have always been LIES or CONS.

Served up for you daily (on a silver platter) where no real effort is required to FIND THEM (they are everywhere) you can be certain that there is very little (IF ANY) TRUTH in them.

I have read countless such  “updates” and am both appalled and amazed by the audacity of these LIARS.

Their stories get wilder and wilder with each passing week and month because their “posts” go unchallaged by anyone.

Countless (quite useless) web sites and bloggers RUN to post every single article (with NO proof or verification) simply to have something to put up on their blog page.

When I’ve confronted such men and women, they admit that they DO NOT CARE if what they post is real or TRUE.

They claim that it is not their “job” to do that, and that any reader who come to their page is “responsible” to “DISCERN” for themselves the TRUTH of each post.

I’ve talked to some bloggers who claim that they bare NO RESPONSIBLITY for what they post, even if 90 percent of it is LIES.

They are simply “putting it out there”…, and each man or woman can read or not read as they choose.


I have meditated DEEPLY for years.  I did this LONG before I ever thought that I would have to write a single word.

(I never even intended to write a single word)

I am doing this out of necessity (if that is an appropriate way of putting it)…, and not for any other reason.

Because I spent so much of my young life in mediation, I do have an accurate connection to my own SOUL and to PRIME CREATOR.  I am “aware” (if that is the best possible word to use) of what PRIME CREATOR thinks.

This “fauly idea” that bloggers bare NO RESPONSIBILTY what so ever for what they are posting, and what they are saying on their websites…, will be one of the biggest surprises they ever get, when they “arrive” on the other side.

PRIME CREATOR is very concerned about his soul creations spreading MORE LIES (which is only making things worse) and helping the LUCIFERIANS with their endless CONS.



Anything that makes it MORE difficult for his soul creations (humanity) to come out of their bondage and ignorance concerns HIM.

If you take nothing more away from this post than the knowledge that behind ALL OF THIS created “illusion”…, there really is an ETERNAL FORCE OF PURE LOVE…, which runs it all, then that will be a good thing.

However…, make NO MISTAKE about PRIME CREATOR.

He is a “FATHER” to his creations.

And, I have seen with my own eyes a “father” break down a door and very literally beat the crap out of an intruder who intended to do harm to his child.

And just in case you think OTHERWISE…, that “ACT” is an intensely LOVING THING TO DO.

Protecting his own offspring is every father’s duty, and is his SOULS mission.

The NEW AGE hasn’t got a clue about what “GOD” really wants (sadly).

Finally, I will tell you this.  NO CHANNELER or CHANNELED MESSAGE led me to this conclusion.

I “learned” it as a result of my own deep meditations (I did not have to be “told”).

You might also (rightly) ask WHY I keep refering to GOD as PRIME CREATOR.

For that, you would have to know how the Universe is constructed.

There are countless demi-gods in the “support structure” of our Universe.

These “lessor gods” were created by PRIME CREATOR…, and do in fact have the “power” to create as well.

Many of them have endless EGO’S…, and even disagreements on how to address the “lower realms” of creation.

They enjoy being thought of AS GODS…, even though they are not the ultimate CREATOR of SOULS.

They can create planets, stars and even galaxies…, but can NOT create a SOUL.

Many of them have “opinions” about how human beings should behave and act, and because they are given many freedoms by PRIME CREATOR to do so, they manipulate the lower realms in ways that are not always KIND.

Think of a young child who finds a little turtle in a creek, and then brings him into the house and puts him in a jar under his bed so that he can always “look” at the turtle…

The child does not think that he is hurting the turtle…, but anyone with half a brain can “feel” that the turtle does NOT want to live in a jar under the childs bed it wants to be in the creek and to be FREE.

It is something that a CHILD would do…, and the lessor gods, or demi-gods are NOT beyond such trivial behaviors.

You have to start to GET THIS if you are going to become MORE AWARE.

Just because some “entity” has made contact with you…, DOES NOT mean that entity is a direct representative of PRIME CREATOR…, the maker of SOULS.

If you are not truly AWARE, and have not made direct contact with PRIME CREATOR…, then you can be “told” anything…, and might believe it.

The lessor gods do NOT feel that by handing out faulty information they are hurting anyone.

They see their faulty Channeled Information as an experiment.  Sort of like putting a “mouse” in a maze and then watching the mouse run around inside of it looking for a way out.

They want to see if the “mouse” is smart enough to figure out where the exit is…, or where the cheese is.

They do NOT THINK that they are actually causing human beings HARM by giving them false or faulty information, because they see human beings as far lower lifeforms.


Every level of creation is going to be filled with LIFE and with beings of various dispositions.


Some of these beings are very “technologically” adavanced.

This does NOT make them spiritual or loving (just advanced technologically).


All you have to do is start to LOVE intensely and deeply…, and to CARE ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Once you do…, your LOVE will draw him to YOU.

When this happens (you might be VERY SURPRISED if you are a NEW AGER) to see that “JESUS” actually stands by his side!!


All my love….


By: Bradley Loves


Corey Feldman (a former child actor), has come out and said that he is going to EXPOSE the true nature of Hollywood which is filled with perverts and pedophiles.



Hollywood is a very important branch of the SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER.

Filling our lives, our televisions, and our MINDS with SIMULACRUM…, (things that are NOT real)…, it is a supremely DARKLY MAGICAL part of the “take over bid” of America and then the WORLD.

Controlling each and every Actor and Actress on the “stage” became very important as such.

To the good men and women who have NO CLUE and NO IDEA how deep this really goes…, it’s time to WAKE UP.

Put on your “big boy pants”…, and get prepared to SEE just how deviant and how perverted the men and women who “INTEND” to run the world under the banner of the NEW WORLD ORDER really are.

Here is his self made video: