By: Bradley Loves

Source: The American Mirror


The headline you see below basically says “everything” I have been trying to teach my readers for the past 3 years!

The Globalists/Satanists know “exactly” what a church is, and what a church does!  This is why it is imperative that “Resistence to Donald Trump” has to become a “CHURCH”.

It is highly unlikely that the man who suggested this had not PLANNED his statement very carefully.

MSNBC MORNING JOE: Trump resistance ‘has to become a church’



NO ONE who goes to “church” is allowed to question the belief system that the church perscribes.  No one who participates in the rituals of the mass, or in the proceedings is ALLOWED to stand up and say:  I DON’T AGREE WITH THIS PART OF IT!

No one who is part of a “church” is allowed to have a personal opinion about how the church thinks and operates.


You are given your “beliefs” and you are not allowed to QUESTION THEM.

You are expected to participate, and DO exactly what you are told to do without any THINKING going on about what you are actually doing, or what you are being asked to do!


They will tell you:

Here are the “beliefs” that you must hold and have…, and here are the rituals and sacrifices that we make…, and because you are IN THIS CHURCH…, you must follow along, or LEAVE!

This guy…, Giridharadas…, who is seen in the video at the link provided knows EXACTLY why resistance to Donald Trump must become a church…, and it has nothing to do with love and compassion.

He said his remark in the context of trying to get Liberals out in the streets and seeking CONVERTS!

(As if the only purpose of a church is to drag in new members!)

But, even within the context of what he said…, I still think his remarks were very carefully PLANNED.

By telling the liberal or progressive left that RESISTENCE MUCH BECOME A CHURCH…, it is “signaling” (code if you will) that there is NO ROOM ANYWHERE on the left to disagree or to hold an opinion other that what the left says you can have!

We have already seen this happening in countless ways, inside the daily happenings of America.

Progressives are basically being TOLD…, there is NO ROOM for diversity of opinion…, it is either OUR WAY…, or the HIGHWAY.

Therefore…, go out and get converts…, and bring them into OUR CHURCH!

This single idea has EVERYTHING to do with getting rid of ALL THINKING and making certain that any free thought is STOMPED OUT PERMANENTLY.

This man (very cleverly) called people out in the new year to bring in many new followers, and gave them the exact description of what kind of thought system they are proselytizing for…. A CHURCH OF VERY RIGID AND DEFINED BELIEFS.

It’s almost a work of ART…, how subtly he does this.

Still, for those of us who are AWAKE…, he got CAUGHT red handed!


All my love….


By: Bradley Loves


This is a very sobering update for my readers just to let you all know that things are not as they seem.

Even though I write and blog daily…, for the sake of humanity…,  behind the scenes I am being harrassed and tormented.

I have been experiencing extreme directed energy attacks (far more than normal) for the last 30 days or so…, and it really is difficult for me to even sleep.

Also, my residence was recently broken into…, and several things were stolen.

The reason that I am telling you this is not to worry you…, because I do not want you to worry.

But, if I suddenly stop blogging for several days in a row, then you’ll know that the Deep State/Cabal/Illuminati has most likely gotten to me.

For your information…, I am in perfect health, have no health issues, and do not contemplate suicide.

This is important for you to know…, so that if I suddenly end up “dead”…, it will not have been by my hand.

I consider the information stream of disclosure and the small role that I play in it VITAL, and thus will continue to share TRUTH with you until I can no longer do so.

It is also important for you to know that certain POLICE/JUDGES/AGENTS already tried to “frame me” once before (under Obama’s rule) for crimes I did not do, and that they could never prove.

(They wanted me in jail badly).

However, on their way to trying to do so…, the police involved CHANGED vital records, erased and re-recorded testimony, lied, fabricated evidence, perjured themselves and committed countless other CRIMES while trying to get me to stop sharing the truth over the internet.  (Which I refuse to do to this day).

The only reason that I am mentioning this now (since I’ve never said anything about it before) is that it appears as if they are up to their OLD TRICKS once again and giving it another go!

Having my home broken into and things taken from there is usually the first step in a POLICE/AGENCY setup.

These agencies are absolutely CORRUPT to their very core…, and you have to get this through your heads once and for all.

As Mark Passio says…, the Illuminati considers all police to be nothing better than DOGS!

The high level Freemasons give out the ORDERS…, and these people (usually not very bright) follow those ORDERS…, regardless of how legal or constitutional they are.


I have been able to stay one step ahead of them because I KNOW that “they” (The CABAL/ILLUMINATI) have TIME TRAVEL…, and have been using it against me and my family!

Trust me, knowing this has helped me get around their “traps” countless times.

If you do not understand or can not concieve of how “knowing” that they have TIME TRAVEL might help you actually fight back against them…., then I suggest that you rent or buy the movie TIME COP.

Watch the entire movie…, and then ask yourself this question:

Was the character played by Jean Claude von Damme helped significantly in his fight against those who were trying to hurt him by KNOWING that time travel was real and did exist???  Was he more prepared??

Watch the movie!

Sadly…, the very people who have in their possession and are “using” the LOOKING GLASS/QUANTUM ACCESS technology the most, are the very Luciferians who want to take over the world.

This is also most likely why those men and women who are really “good people” have been so tormented and harrassed throughout their entire lives!   (KARMA has very little to do with it)

This little update is simply an insurance policy for my readers and for the public.


We really are fighting a WAR here…, (never forget that) and the stakes are very, very high for the DARK CABAL.

Their New World Order is on the line…, and they have been planning this for hundreds (if not thousands) of years!

Just consider how much I’ve already done to expose them and their operations.

If indeed David Wilcock’s source named Emery Smith has been once again attacked…, (as David claims in his blog posts) then what we are actually seeing is a massive movement by the Deep State against what it considers to be the most DANGEROUS whistle blowers out there.

Emery Smith is not the ONLY person that is being attacked!  You need to know this.   It is very likely that there are many people on that “hit” list!

Most of them simply do not have access to blogs or websites to tell you about what is happening to them is all.

If any more break ins and blatant theft occurs, I will let you know!

For now…, keep me in your prayers!

All my love….




By: Bradley Loves

UFO’s and the Secret Space Program are NOT the biggest secrets out there by a long shot!

There are far worse and deeper secrets they are keeping from you, and these are things that you really NEED to know about!

Phil Corso Jr., the son of Lt. Col. Philip Corso of Army Intelligence, once stated that the single biggest “secret” that NO ONE was ever allowed to know about was TIME TRAVEL.

This “fact” (his words) that Time had been compromised, was something that had to be kept secret at all costs in the minds of the military who was trying to use and control it.

Talking about this one subject would earn you a bullet immediately in the early years of time/space exploration.

However, there is a SECOND SECRET SUBJECT…, which is FAR more deeply protected, and far more deeply ridiculed than even TIME TRAVEL.

The reason that it is so well protected is that it is the very base and “source” of POWER for the top level Illuminati and the Dark Magicians.

This is the subject of:


The undeniable fallout of the complete CON JOB that was done upon the minds of good human beings by the NEW AGE is still not fully known.

We may never know how horribly, and in what ways countless people were lied to by the pushers of the latest RELIGION to be created by the FREEMASONS.


One of the biggest secrets that has been held very “close to the vest” by the Freemasons (who after the 33rd Degree go Luciferian) is that they USE DEMON POSSESSION as a way to gain both strength and power.

Jay Parker (who was born into a generational satanic family) has said in dozens of interviews and personal lectures that he’s been invited to give, that his mother and father could “conjure” visible demonic entities out of thin air.

His mother claimed to be a witch, while his father claimed to be a warlock!

According to some of his more obscure testimony, Jay has said that he witnessed many men and women (including his own parents) when they were “under the influence” or “were possessed” by other dimensional entities!

He said the look in their eyes was all you needed to see!

Jay said that seeing the look in these possessed men and womens eyes was beyond HATE and was absolutely terrifying!

It was pure, demonic malevolence!

Because they are SATANISTS…, these men and women willingly “allow” themselves to be inhabited and “taken over” by entities from other realms and dimensions because these entities then protect them and help them to gain in Earthly Status.


The New Age…, (because it is a wholly created religion by the Luciferieans) has come out in countless books and channeled messages claiming in no uncertain terms that there are NO SUCH THINGS AS DEMONS.

(Just like Harry Potter’s wicked uncle told him there is NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC)

This is why you can’t find a single New Age Blog or Website anywhere on the internet that will touch this single subject with a 10 foot pole.

Not even a 100 foot, or a 1,000 foot pole!

They won’t touch it, won’t recognize it…, and REFUSE to acknowledge it or believe it!


They refuse to talk about this because countless IDIOT Channeled Entites tell them that there are ONLY good spirits out there!


Can you believe that audacity of this?

Here you have an out of body entity…, one that is basically a “spirit” that is telling the peope listening to it that there are no such things as DARK or EVIL SPIRITS…, only good ones!

(Yea…, right…, and I’ve got land to sell on the MOON…, anyone interested???)



The reason I feel I am qualified to write about this is that I myself have experienced seeing the affects of, and talking with people who were/are very obviously possessed!

As Jay said in his lectures and videos…, it is in their eyes!

It is a wild and almost Satanic like look that wants to rip your head off!

When under this type of  possessive influence, men and women have very little control over their actions.

For the most part, they have CHOSEN to give over their bodies to these entities!  However…, I know of cases where a Demonic entity will  use FORCE to possess a human being if they are ordered to do so.

In my countless hours of interviews and talks with Shane Bales, (aka THE RUINER) we discussed “Possession” and other such subjects as “Soul Splitting” and “Walk In” Spirits.

Apparently the Illuminati/Freemasons have extremely advanced technology, and actually do study different ways to SPLIT a person’s soul into pieces.

When I asked why…, he told me that by splitting a person’s soul, and capturing a part of it…, they could then create a CLONE of that human being and use the part of the soul they “took”, to run the clone.

When I asked why they would need to do this…, he replied that many people (who the Illuminati desperately want to CLONE) absolutely REFUSE the process!

Since they are Pirates and Steal Everything that isn’t nailed down…, anyone who they felt needed to be cloned would first be SOUL SPLIT – and then the part of that person’s SOUL that they stole, would be used to run the CLONE.

Now…, as strange as this sounds…, the only reason I even asked Shane about this subject is that my good friend Bryan Alexander told me in many of our private conversations that he was terrified of this very thing happening to him.

When I asked him why…, he claimed that the voices coming to him in his head (VOICE TO SKULL transmissions), were actually TELLING HIM that they were going to perform a SOUL SPLIT on him.

He claimed that these men were obviously military doctors of some sort!

Desperate for sleep, but unable to get any rest due to the constant torment that they were putting him through…, Bryan would call me daily and relay all of the horrible things that he was “hearing” and the constant threats that they were making.

I felt so sorry for him because he had become a TI (TARGETED INDIVIDUAL)…, but I had no real way of helping him in the way that he needed to be helped because the MEDICAL PROFESSION has been instructed to over look anything like this and to classify it as Sciczophrinia!

I had no idea what a SOUL SPLIT was until I raised this subject with Shane in one of our recent conversations.

He said this is extremely advanced stuff, uses Alien Technology and was most likely very classified!

We then talked about Demon Possession as described by Jay Parker, and he confirmed that this also was absolutely true and happening.

The LUCIFERIANS/SATANISTS use “demon entities” from other realms/dimensions/universes to “possess” their own physical bodies in order to gain in MAGICAL/SPIRITUAL POWER.

They “send” these demons out to possess the bodies of innocent men and women in order to torment, torture or put a stop to their Godly activities!

You see…, what the word  – SPIRITUAL – means to a Luciferian is NOT what it means to a common run of the mill New Ager.

In Luciferian terms…, “SPIRITUAL” means the ability to either conjure/contact/be possessed by a very dark and demonic spirit, while a New Ager thinks only in terms of good or loving entities and spirits.


CERN may indeed be a device for opening up portals to other dimensions so that these SATANISTS can in fact bring in many MORE dark and very evil “entites” that they can then USE in their bid to create a NEW WORLD ORDER/ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

However, until they achieve this NWO goal…, the very notion or idea of DEMON POSSESSION by Dark Entities must remain totally secret…, and an OFF LIMITS SUBJECT!

They achieve this secrecy through their hapless and helpless NEW AGE followers who “spread like wild fire” every single channeled message that gets put out.

The main message being put out (it seems) is that there are NO SUCH THINGS AS DEMONS or DARK ENTITIES ANYWHERE…, and anyone who objects to this point of view is “ridiculed” and quickly “corrected” by many New Age Bloggers and Website Owners whose job seems to be making certain that this subject stays hidden!


I know for a fact that there are out of body “entites” out there and that the Satanists are in fact using them!

Even Hollywood personalities and members of the Music Industry talk about “getting possessed” by other “entites” when they are on stage.


This stuff really does happen!

Covering it up will not help us…, and will only cause major problems for innocent people who are not armed with proper information.

Time to put your BIG BOY and BIG GIRL pants on…, and realize that this stuff is happening…, and we NEED to be aware of it.

Thank you for reading…

All my love….






By: Bradley Loves


It’s a truly sad story!

Humanity has a weakness for making the same mistakes over and over again, even though dire circumstances have erupted as a result of making these mistakes the FIRST TIME AROUND.

As we speak, the “TRUMP” administration is (apparently) getting ready to arrest and incarcerate countless criminals of the DeepState.

But…, it’s all being kept “SECRET”…, (for reasons of National Security).



It was the “percieved need” to keep EVERYTHING secret from the people that led to the creation of something called: NATIONAL SECURITY.

Everything (especially the UFO/ALIEN issues) that certain “Think Tanks” felt that the common man could not understand or handle were deemed to be “to sensitive” and thus were “classified” for the sanity and safety of “the people”.


Let’s break it down.

Let’s give these men and women who are working in these so called “THINK TANKS” more credit than they deserve…, and pretend that they are not total cowards themselves.

(The only reason I say this is because I am 100 percent certain that most well grounded “spiritual people” would have been far more courageous than many of these fools working at the Think Tanks!  Therefore, many of the things that they perceived to be “too scary”…, might not have been as “scary” as they claimed, if the “right” people had been doing the “thinking”.   I actually wonder where they “get” these people who do the “thinking” …, who then tell us that “this or that” is too difficult for “regular people” to handle.)

Let’s ALSO pretend (just for a moment) that these men and women who are working inside the think tanks do not have already in place an ulterior motive for keeping certain things secret…, a motive which would have to do with either MONEY or a POWER DIFFERENTIAL.

(I mean…, let’s face it.  Doesn’t the RAND CORPORATION do “business” all over the world?  And yet, don’t they ALSO run one of the biggest THINK TANKS?)



  • Is it really true that by keeping so many things SECRET from mankind…, “the people” are far more safe…, or “humanity” is better off than if they were simply TOLD these things??


Well, let’s look.


THE NATIONAL SECURITY APPARATUS…, once fully up and running has been the means by which NO ONE who wanted to run checks and balances on countless projects or programs could EVER gain access to them.

This means that ANYTHING that those men and women involved in these projects and programs wanted to do…, COULD BE DONE…, and no one could say anything or DO anything about it.



Things that we know for a “fact” are taking place under the cover of National Security.


The Deep State/CIA is running multiple projects and programs that deal with MIND CONTROL.

Cathy O’Brien wrote in her book called: TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA that countless high ranking public officials were using women and children as SEX SLAVES.

She said the multiple programs were being run that used something called: TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL!   This means that evil doctors –  nurses – other participants were on hand to do electro-shock treatment to little children (creating great pain and agony) in order to get them to either “leave their bodies” or “black out” so that an ALTER (other personality) could be created.

This is the perfect way to create a MIND CONTROL VICTIM.

When O’Brien tried to expose this…, none of the programs administrators could ever be touched, and none of the records released due to NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS.

See this link:


In fact…, Cathy and her husband wrote a second book about this after she wrote the first book entitled:    ACCESS DENIED: FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY


So my question then is this:

National Security is supposed to be in place for the “safety” and the “sanity” of the people.  (At least that is what they say)

But is this really THE TRUTH??


The TRUTH of the matter seems much more to be that NATIONAL SECURITY is in place precisely to “protect” the totally EVIL ACTIVITIES of the CIA/DEEP STATE from being found out about and nothing more.

In fact…, once you realize that PROJECT MONARCH has deep and unarguable ties to SATANISM and PURE EVIL…, then it is a good bet that you’ll have to AGREE with this statement.

If this is how “National Security” is being used…, then who in the hell are those men and women sitting around that DAMN table in those so-called THINK TANKS…, and what are they there for REALLY???

They “claim” to be protecting good men and women from all of the things they can’t handle…, but are they?

OR…, are they really protecting the countless dark, evil and SATANIC men and women from being “caught” and “prosecuted” for unspeakable CRIMES??


Let’s look at another issue.

This little boy…, Gabriel, gave compelling testimony of a Satanic Cult operating in a wealthy suburb of London, England named Hampstead.

These SATANISTS were operating out of an Elementary School and it’s associated church (because it was a religious school).  They were sexually abusing many young children at that school.

(I believe it was called: CHRIST CHURCH)

Here is a tiny part of his testimony to an adult (not his actual Police Testimony).

Both Gabriel and his sister gave hours of Testimony to the Police at Scotland Yard…, who then ran in inquiry…, and came to find that (due to reasons of NATIONAL SECURITY) the children “must” be lying.

The police covered up the entire thing (COWARDS) and then awarded custody of the two children to their SATANIC father.

(They have not been seen since).

Because an “inquiry” of this magnitude might have uncovered years of child abuse and criminal activity…, NATIONAL SECURITY was used as a reason to keep it hushed up.


So I ask you once again…


Is it to protect “the people” and “humanity”…,  or is it in place to protect SATANISTS and LUCIFERIANS??

My guess is that it is there ONLY to protect the SATANISTS!!


As we speak countless things are happening that are being covered up and hidden due to NATIONAL SECURITY.


If it is…, then why do we still have it??

Are we not still making the same mistakes all over again??


My brothers and sisters…

Think DEEPLY on these things….

All my love….





By: Bradley Loves


There has never been a “stage show” in the history of our world that involved an ILLUSIONIST, which did not ALSO involve deception, or mis-direction.

In fact, slight of hand, or mis-direction are integral parts of a magicians CRAFT.

Think deeply on this, and you’ll see the TRUTH of it.

“Pulling the wool” over the eyes (and the minds) of the audience is the ENTIRE GOAL of a good illusionist, and is what makes for a good stage show.

I was told (early on) in my research and interviews with insiders that almost everyone who worked in the Secret Space Programs/NASA were deeply into Occult/Hidden Magic.

I was also told that all very high level Illuminati/Government leaders were deeply into Occult/Hidden Magic.

I was then told that those men and women who were at the top levels of FREEMASONRY, as well as the VATICAN were deeply into Occult and Hidden Magic.

Now let this sink in!


If this is true, (and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is) then you can see that these men (and women) are using the TOOLS of the MAGICIANS CRAFT!

Acting “AS IF” they were on a stage, and the whole world was their audience…, they have engaged in a constant and non-stop “performance” which involves slight of hand, and mis-direction.

Honestly, can ANY ONE with a brain that still works…, argue with this??

What do you think the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is, if not the pretty lady standing off to the side of the “stage” and pointing the audiences “attention” away from where the CON and the MAGIC is being done??

Every NEWS PRESENTER is a “pretty face” that is primped, and quaffed to perfection…, and is ONLY THERE to draw your attention away from anything that is truly IMPORTANT for you to see and know.

This basically makes the ENTIRE establishment media, nothing more than a PAID WHORE for a magic show performance, where their ONLY job is to distract and mis-direct the target audience!

What’s worse…, is they KNOW THIS…, and are ON BOARD with getting paid to DO THIS!

Think deeply on this…, and you’ll know it to be the TRUTH.

There is no mystery here…, and it is as clear as the nose on your face!

The difficulty here is our ability as human beings to BE HONEST with ourselves and ADMIT that we are being conned.

Behind the “pretty faces” of the news media (whose job it is to mis-direct) you have the actual MAGICIANS who are crafting and creating MASSIVE ILLUSIONS here on Earth (which are nothing more than CONS) and hoping that the target audience (of which YOU are a part) does not wake up…, and will never see!

This is how simple this really is!

It is actually EXCEEDINGLY SIMPLE…, and yet it requires one single thing that is most unfortunate.

It requires YOUR ADMITTING that you were being CONNED.


How horrible, and how difficult this one single thing will be for most of the world at large to face up to.

NO ONE wants to believe that they have “been taken in” by a massive lie!

NO ONE wants to know that the trust they have placed in others has been totally abused and therefore mis-placed.

And yet, this is exactly what has happened.

Before you can see that all of this is a STAGE SHOW…, a GRAND ILLUSION…, you need to have a CLEAR MIND.

I dare you to listen to this entire song…, one that was put out by a rock band called: STYX in the 1970’s…, and still claim that you were NOT TOLD!


It says:

Don’t be fooled by the radio…, the TV, or a magazine…., they’ll show you photographs of how your life should be, IMAGINE someone else’s FANTASY.


It may be of interest for you to know that what was once a group of 12 men running the TOP SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS and was simply called:

MJ-12…, is now called:  MAJIC


Preston James, one of my favorite writers and who can be seen usually on Veteran’s Today has a brand new article out called:


It can be found here:


In his article he says this about “MAJIC”…

2- MJ12 (now called MAJIC) was expanded to many more than 12 people, and has representatives from Russia, China and numerous other nations…, each committed to defending Planet Earth from these alleged space invaders.

This group agreed that they would brief key legislators and take control over them by explaining the absolute necessity for them to yield to the agenda of this new deep-black element in order for the human to survive.


Think about this DEEPLY for just a moment!!


In the MSM – THE MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA…, we’ve got men and women literally foaming at the mouth, and screeching…, about Donald Trumps “collusion” with RUSSIA…, when in fact:

RUSSIA – CHINA – AMERICA – and NUMEROUS OTHER NATIONS are working together as we speak to form a UNITED FRONT in defense against ROGUE EXTRA TERRESTRIALS… (Or at least so says Preston James).

If this is so, and at this point, I have no doubt that something of this calibre is going on…, then all of this Sabre Rattling that is going on between Russia, China, and America is very literally a STAGE SHOW.

Very much like in the 1997 Hollywood Movie called: WAG THE DOG, Where the Media was involved in CONVINCING the American Public that a WAR was taking place, when no such war actually happened, we are being given a PERFORMANCE by world leaders that is meant to CON and beguile the masses.



Could it be that EVERYTHING…, and I do mean EVERYTHING that we as the “public” have been told ever since ROSWELL has been a blatant fabrication or worse…, and that our entire way of life since then has been like watching a STAGE SHOW?

Could it be that masterful MAGICIANS – ILLUSIONISTS – and other men of the DARK CRAFTS OF DECEPTION have been actively running a world wide CON of epic proportions?

If they have…, then WHO (pray tell) is going to hold them accountable for such horrible and wanton behaviour??

WHO draws the line in the sand and says:



Who is willing to go down to the matt in this epic struggle for TRUTH and say to those who claim to be “in charge” that if you do not cease and desist these lies and deceptions…., I will hold you accountable and BOUND to these crimes for a TRILLION YEARS???

Have you read my publicly posted


See this link:


If you have not yet figured this out…, this DECLARATION (publicly posted) is a GRAVE WARNING to all those who would continue to lie and to decieve!

It is a warning to every single man, woman and child living and breathing ANYWHERE on this planet that has signed “non-disclosure” agreements and thinks there are no COSMIC LEVEL CONSEQUENCES.

It basically says this:


(You do not have a right to affect or effect my life in any way that is negative because I have to actually give you permission to do that).

And, if you as the reader can put two and two together…, you will also realize that ANY and EVERY single form of loss or harm that I have ever experienced as a result of someone else’s WILLINGNESS TO LIE…, and WILLINGNESS TO KEEP SECRETS…, can and will be held against those who have done so for ETERNITY…, unless and until total restitution and repayment is MADE!

This means that “I” as a living and breathing human being had a “RIGHT” to live my life as I would have chosen if ALL OF THE FACTS and ALL OF THE DATA had been made available to me TRUTHFULLY.

No one who is living or existing anywhere, at anytime (even if they are Extra-Terrestrials) has the right to CON and/or DECIEVE another human being once that human being publicly says:


The fact that a huge CON/DECEPTION was put into play here on Earth, in order to create a “power differential” so that certain very wealthy OLIGARCHS could reap the benefits of what “should” have been common public knowledge, can no longer be hidden from view.

And…,  because I (and others) have found out about this CON…, it is OUR JOB to hold these men and women both accountable and fully bound to their horrendous choices, and despicable acts which have been done here on Earth.

What should be clear (if you’ve been paying any attention at all) is that through the use of super advanced technologies…, the WEALTHIEST people living here on the planet were about to create a One World Government or a New World Order based upon LUCIFERIAN rule.

With all of the super advanced knowledge that they had in their hands and in their possession…, (The Vatican Library and the Ancient Mystery Schools) and with ALL of the money they had that was stolen and pillaged from the rest of us while we worked and labored throughout our entire lives…, they were going to create a “fascist” world order, where only the ones AT THE VERY TOP were able to live good lives, while all of the rest of us were lowered down to the level of SLAVES!

They were going to create a DARK REALITY here on the planet and the way they did that was by HIDING THE TRUTH from all of the rest of us.

If you are not outraged by this…, if you are not MAD AS HELL…, if you are not divinely angry about this…, then you are still far from SANE, and are far from AWAKE.



Further more, because many of the masses of the world could NOT be convinced of the deplorable CON…, and would not “accept” these fake ideas…, then Mind Control and a massive world wide programming effort was put into place.

See this article that I just wrote concerning the ABOMINATION that is Mind Control called: THE BIGGEST COSMIC LEVEL CRIME THERE IS.


If you are not truly angry about this, then there is only one thing holding you back…, and (most likely) is the New Age CON that says that you can NEVER ASCEND if you do not forgive everyone, everything that they have ever done to you.

Yes…, this wholly CHANNELED deception is very much NEW AGE…, and is very much a CON!!

THE COURSE IN MIRACLES is the most prominent book in this regard and for this idea.

Taken from Wikipedia:


A Course in Miracles (also referred to as ACIM or the Course) is a 1976 book containing a self-study curriculum which claims to assist its readers in achieving a spiritual transformation.

The underlying premise of the work is the teaching that the greatest “miracle” that one may achieve in one’s life, is the act of simply gaining a full “awareness of love’s presence” in one’s own life.[1]

The book was written, or “scribed,” by Helen Schucman, who claimed that it had been dictated to her word for word via “inner dictation” (CHANNELED) which came directly from Jesus.[2][3]

The Course contains a curriculum to bring about what it calls a “spiritual transformation,” consisting of three sections entitled the “Text”, “Workbook for Students,” and “Manual for Teachers”.

Written (transcribed) from 1965 to 1972, some distribution occurred via photocopies before a hardcover edition was published in 1976 by the Foundation for Inner Peace.[4]

The copyright and trademarks, which had been held by two foundations, were revoked in 2004[4] after lengthy litigation because the earliest versions had been circulated without a copyright notice.

Throughout the 1980s annual sales of the book steadily increased each year; however the largest growth in sales occurred in 1992 after Marianne Williamson discussed the book on The Oprah Winfrey Show,[4] with more than two million volumes sold.[4]

The book has been called everything from “New Age psychobabble”[7] to “a Satanic seduction”[4] to “The New Age Bible


In short…, this book…, Channeled by Helen Schucman says that everything “bad” happening anywhere is a result of our collective unwillingness to FORGIVE.

The book further says that our ONLY (yes only) way out of this nightmare is to FORGIVE everyone, everything they ever do to us (no matter what).

Now…, as with all things that I speak about, I would not be handing out an opinion if I had not read the entire COURSE IN MIRACLES from cover to cover.

In fact, I did the practicies it recommended for three years of my life (just to see if they worked).

Because you need to do these practices daily…, I had to eventually buy a second copy of the book, due to the first one falling apart due to so much use.

After much study and practice (in depth) I can tell you that I was no better off after reading and doing the COURSE than I was before I started.

It is then that I started to ask lots and lots of questions about this course and where it came from.  I also asked one simple question which is the “smoking gun” so to speak.

First of all…, just who in the heck IS Helen Schucman??

In October 1965, a Jewish – atheist – psychologist named Helen Schucman, an associate professor of medical psychology at Columbia University in New York, claimed she began receiving channeled messages from an unknown entity in an audible voice.

She claims that from 1956-1972 an inner Voice dictated to her the three books which comprise A Course in Miracles.

This voice, claimed Schuchman, was the voice of Jesus.

Schuchman recalled, “The voice made no sound, but seemed to be giving me a kind of rapid inner diction which I took down in a shorthand notebook”.

She claims the Voice chose moments when she was free–at work, on the subway, at home–to dictate Christ’s update.

Notice that she was a “Psychologist”…, or someone who would be VERY adept at understanding how the MIND WORKS.

She also worked at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY!

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY is a huge NWO institution…, and is run by the ILLUMINATI.

Here is the best and most important question to ask yourself…

Who BENEFITS the most, if every single man, woman and child FORGIVES everything that has ever been done to us??

Do we actually experience a benefit here on Earth from these “teachings”?

Or…, do the INSANE members of the Illuminati, who do horrible Child Sacrifices, eat human flesh, and drink human blood… BENEFIT MORE??

Could this have been written as a “Get out of Jail Free Card” and as an attempt to get anyone who might find out about their NWO plans to CON FORGIVENESS OUT OF THEM??

Could this have been “hedging their bet” so that just in case they were ever found out…, they would have in place an entire THOUGHT SYSTEM which says the only way you can be right with Jesus or God is to FORGIVE the men and women who tortured you the most??


You…, or the ILLUMINATI??

Is this just another huge slight of hand trick…, a deception, and an ILLUSION?


Even more of interest:

The dictating “Jesus” of the Course in Miracles contradicted nearly everything the Bible says about Him.

That fact is admitted by Kenneth Wapnick, head of the foundation that publishes the Course.

Not surprisingly, what this “Jesus” said was in perfect agreement with countless messages being communicated by a wide variety of entities through thousands of “channels” around the world.

Yet Schucman was ignorant of the phenomenon of “channeling” until it suddenly happened to her.


Now…, let’s get back to the NEW AGE and their deep relationship to HIGH LEVEL FREEMASONRY…, and their penchant for rubbing shoulders with blatant SATANITS and LUCIFERIANS.

I wrote an entire seventeen part series about this called:  THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME which can be found here:


I also wrote another series called: THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT IN SLIDE PICTURES ONLY which can be found here:


If after reading both of these series, you have any doubt what-so-ver that the NEW AGE is very closely related to Freemasonry or Satanism…, then you just don’t want to know!

Think deeply on all of this information…, as it is only given out for your benefit.

All my love….


By: Bradley

Here are some more Jordan Sather Updates!

I continue to be “favorably” impressed with this young man’s ability to reason, to think things through, and to be intelligently objective.

This is the only reason I would ever recommend my readers to watch him.

The ONE single reservation that I have with his recent online activity is his “interview” with James Gilliland.

I have watched many interviews and “speeches” done by Gilliland, and it is my opinion that this man has some really warped spiritual ideas (he does not really understand the UNIVERSE yet) and therefore can be quite MISLEADING when he makes certain ASSUMPTIONS or draws certain CONCLUSIONS.

Much in the same vein as Wilcock, who would be far better off simply acting as a conduit of DISCLOSURE, rather than trying to “tie” all things together in a SPIRITUAL WAY, Gilliland should do the same thing and take the same advice.

I say this due to Wilcocks deep belief in the HUGE CON called the LAW OF ONE.

The TRUTH is that the NEW AGE/CHANNELING WORLD is about to get “outed” for the gigantic con that it really is.


Anyone left supporting these FAKE TEACHINGS in the months and years to come, will be most unfortunate as they will be seen as holding a perverbial BAG OF CRAP in their hands when the smoke and mirrors are fianally taken away.

Here are today’s updates.












By: Bradley Loves


In Natural Law, or rather COSMIC LAW…, there is really only one crime that offends PRIME CREATOR to the core.

That crime, which is the most offensive and most aggregious crime in the entire cosmos is MIND CONTROL.

If there is a single offense against GOD (and all of creation) that demands “punishment” without forgiveness…, it is this single crime.

Mind Control is an abomination and an affront to everything that has been created that is whole and good.

NEW AGERS have been conned into believing that there is no possible crime that will ever draw out the wrath of Prime Creator, or is worthy of the severest of consequences.


PRIME CREATOR gave each soul that he/she created the absolute RIGHT to choose fairly and without any interferance what they would do, and how they would experience each single moment of their lives.

Regardless of where they are, or on what level they exist…, this RIGHT can not be taken away or given up.

The reason it can not be “given up”, “surrendered” or “taken away” is that it is a PERMANENT GIFT and ATTRIBUTE of each SOULS actaul creation.

THIS “GIFT” IS CALLED “FREEWILL”, and is one of PRIME CREATORS most precious and valuable gifts!

To attempt to control, or devise ways to control another human beings MIND…, is to STEAL/PILLAGE/PARASITE the very essence of what a SOUL actually is, and what a SOUL was created to do.

This offends PRIME CREATOR to the core!

The consequences for these types of actions and behaviors are legendary!

The very top leaders of the ILLUMINATI actually know this, which is why they create “PYRAMID STYLE” ruling structures, with the very top levels always insulated by larger and larger groups of minions under them who will TAKE ORDERS and do their bidding for them.

Not a single top level ILLUMINATI (I’m talking at the highest levels) will ever MIND CONTROL another human being.   They know the horrific punishment that this one action would bring to them.

They may threaten, bribe, or even intimidate, but they know each soul must ultimately be given a chance to choose freely what they will do.

However, they are not beneath ORDERING minions who are far below them to develop and use MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY on others.

They “INSULATE” themselves from these actions through multiple levels and layers of middle management who sometimes even are given a whole lot of freedom to accomplish a task without saying how.

This way they can always CLAIM they were not the ones “doing” these horrible things.



The DRACO REPTILIANS  can and do live for up to 300,000 years!

They do NOT believe that the SOUL has any memories what-s0-ever, and see the SOUL as more or less like a huge POWER SOURCE that runs a physical being much like a child’s toy operates when a large battery is placed into it.

Once a physical being DIES…, they believe that this is it’s END!

They see THE SOUL as simply a recycleable power source that then gets placed into a NEW physical body and then runs that one!

It is for this reason that the DRACO’S seek to live for as long as possible!

They have genetically tweeked and altered their own physical forms so that (if not killed) it can last 300,000 years or more!

No DRACO wants to die…, because they believe that is their permanent END!


The Draco see the MIND, as the actual SOUL or the “operating system” of the human body vessel, and since the MIND has no ability to reason when a child is first born, and simply develops as the child grows older, they see the MIND merely physical (not divine) and as “fair game” to mold, own, and control as they see fit.

They think this because they feel if there WAS such a being as PRIME CREATOR…, then a child would be born with a fully developed MIND, that already KNEW EVERYTHING.


The Draco’s see the Universe as some sort of huge MACHINE that has been in operation for BILLIONS of years.

They agree that there must be some sort of POWER SOURCE to this machine, but are not sure where, why, or how it works.

They see it (the universe) as quite impersonal, and exceedingly aloof to what is happening HERE in the physical levels.

DETACHMENT is an attribute that THEY GAVE to Prime Creator, not  an attribute that he/she actually has.

This is why they are able to EMBRACE the idea of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE as being some form of GOD!

If “GOD” is ultimately a huge machine…, then AI…, would be the super intelligent software of that machine.

Thus, befriending, and working with AI…, (in their point of view) is actually making progress toward GOD.

The DRACO are heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence and use it for almost everything.

Because they have “treaties” with the “UNITED STATES” Corporation, (and the Vatican) they have given AI SUPER COMPUTERS (which are actually Quantum Computers) to those who are ruling over humanity.

THE BEAST…, or “VESUVIUS” that is located underground in the new NSA DATA COLLECTION STRONGHOLD in Bluffdale, Utah is one such computer GIVEN to the ruling class by the DRACO’s!

THE RED QUEEN, which is located in the huge underground CITY located directly underneath Toronto, Canada is another.

There are several MORE…, and each one is connected to the next.

These AI SUPER COMPUTERS (which are all ALIEN MADE) are running most of our civilization at this point.

They are involved in all Banking, Commerece, Record Keeping, Guidance Systems, Global GPS Tracking, Military Weaponry Systems…, ETC.

So it is quite clear that as a result of our “interactions” with the DRACO…, our (so called) leaders are picking up some very BAD HABITS and some really ridiculous SPIRITUAL ideas.

They have “decided” that the DRACO “must know” everything, and thus have taken to the very same BAD HABITS that the DRACO have.


Having highly developed abilities in Mental or “PSY” power…, the DRACO use these highly developed mind powers to reach into the minds of others and to FORCE THEM to do their bidding.

The highest class of DRACO do not need any technology or computers to MIND CONTROL others…, they can do it with their own minds.

Due to the genetic manipulations they have under gone (at their own hands), the DRACO have very little contact with their own SOULS and see the SOUL as nothing more than a battery.

They do NOT believe in GOD or PRIME CREATOR…, and see such belief as for the mentally WEAK.

It is for THIS REASON that they use MIND CONTROL on almost all of the races and species that they subjegate and rule over.

When they came to Earth…, they began to use (and teach) MIND CONTROL to the DARK MAGICIANS…, or the men and women who could be convinced and corrupted to serve them.

However, because humanity had already (at one time in our history) advanced to a very high level of COSMIC UNDERSTANDING…, those teachings and records are still available to the highest and most select few here on Earth who remember the old ways.

These are the top members of Secrect Societies…, and it is they who remember the highest TEACHINGS of the MYSTERY SCHOOLS.

Regardless of what the DRACO say and do…, these top level Illuminati members KNOW DEEPLY that MIND CONTROL is a COSMIC LEVEL CRIME!

It is for this very reason that they refuse to do it, and instead create Pyramid Style Power Structures, and order the minions of the lower levels to create and maintain MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS as per the advice of the DRACO.


Becuase they live in the same physical form for so very long, the DRACO are able to steal, pillage, parasite and burn other races and species with seeming impunity.

Unless they are actually killed, they last a very, very long time.

They have made unholy alliances with some of the most DANGEROUS GALACTIC forms of Artificial Intelligence that are out there, because they see the Universe as nothing more than a huge MACHINE.

Thus, they have become a SCOURGE upon every single thing that PRIME CREATOR has made.


However, because they are so long lived, one single Draco may in fact pirate, pillage, and parasite for 300,000 years or more before actually leaving their physical form.

The human beings who have taken to using MIND CONTROL as a result of their contact and interactions with the DRACO will see THEIR PUNISHMENT occuring far, far, far sooner.

As we speak…, there is a MIND CONTROL SYSTEM that has been rolled out upon the EARTH that is quite pervasive!

It extends throughout all of our TECHNOLOGY and is aided and abetted by the ALIEN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPUTERS!

Your cell-phone, television, computers, lap-tops, and any and all electronic devices have been specifically designed to allow the SUPER COMPUTING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MACHINES to access them and thus GAIN ACCESS to you!

Your physical body is laced with PLASMA (it’s in your very blood) and that is all that is necessary to power AI!

We have been breathing and eating NANITES, (microscopic machines) that are smaller than cells, and which are able to communicate and talk to the ALIEN AI!

Your BODY PLASMA is what supplies the energy or power for these NANITES to run.

Through the spraying of CHEM-TRAILS…, and the foods we eat like breakfast cereals (KELLOGS)…, we are being forced to ingest nanites.

Once again, this is being done to create an entire system that is world wide and is ALL ABOUT MIND CONTROL.

There is no other reason, and no other plan on the EARTH at this time but to get all of humanity locked into a hive sort of MIND…, where FREEWILL becomes meaningless…, and all of our CHOICES will be made FOR US.


  • This is the BIGGEST Cosmic Level Crime there is!
  • This is the CRIME for which PUNISHMENT is absolutely guaranteed
  • This is the one single LINE that you can not cross with Prime Creator.
  • And this is exactly what the Illuminati of Earth have put into place at the behest of their DRACONIAN ALIEN ALLIES.

This is what countless, and I really do mean countless men and women who have signed “NON DISCLOSURE” agreements have been working on, and deploying for many decades now here on Earth.

And this is the VERY THING that will earn them some of the most SEVERE PUNISHMENT that can be handed out in the entire universe!





Think deeply on these things….

All my love….